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Emily Waymire (class of 2022)

I was uninspired by the online courses I saw and not motivated to create the ones I had lined up, for YEARS. I needed direction and an approach that matched the new highly experiential models of therapy I was offering. I joined EPM and IMMEDIATELY felt uplifted. By Module 2 my course was out of the gate and within the first week of my launch I went from zero program and only 1:1 clients to 20 people in a 4 month hybrid training. They are already asking for the next one.

I was stuck in 1:1 mode and just not moving forward, in spite of having proprietary therapeutic models gaining interest. I joined EPM and JUST DID IT. I set the date, followed the very well described path and my first hybrid training got 20 people, with new people asking to join almost daily.

My clients have been waiting years for me to create trainings. I just couldn't find the right path. With EPM I found EXACTLY what I needed especially because it is written for people at any level of business. The ongoing encouragement and set by step process inspired me to simply set a date and offer a training (that I did not even have written). 3 clients registered the first day.

Using a survey early on in my process showed me immediately that people wanted what I have. It also showed ME I have what they want! EPM was what boosted my confidence enough to meet my clients needs. Only halfway through the program my course filled and I had to tell people to sign up for future dates.

BY the end of EPM my online hybrid training was up and running and I went from $0-$25,000 I simply went for it! And people are asking about my next training.

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Peter Gonzalez (class of 2022)

" For about 7 years, I've been writing a book about a new paradigm of reality which takes into account epigenetics and recent neurological discoveries and provides a new frame through which we can understand ourselves, our behavior and especially our suffering. Through this frame and the process I developed one can remove decades of layers of fear, anxiety, stress, loneliness, and suffering…in minutes. My editor suggested I explain the process in the book, and that thought led me to decide to do a course. Imagine how excited I was to have the opportunity to join the Experience Product Masterclass and be guided by Marisa. It was a beautiful, empowering experience to be coached by her.
My biggest challenge was figuring out my avatar, my niche. I've been challenged with this question for years and even in these 12 weeks I have taken full advantage of one of Marisa's brilliant concepts, the 15 Degree Pivot. I pivoted so often I felt like a spinning top!
A couple of remarkable things happened. The consistent exposure to inspiring ideas from ""side coaching"", the weekly classes with Marisa, Coach Mark, and Coaches Mathew and Emily with insights, encouragement, repetition, and the emphasis on the product being the ""minimum viable product"" sunk in. I took it to heart and started completing one module after the other. I just committed that would finish and ...DID IT!
Yes, it's true that I pivoted twice even in this process! And what I discovered is that the more I kept working, the more I enjoyed it.The more I enjoyed it, the more confident and sure I became about what I wanted to express. I am complete, and not yet through. I have a MVP ready to chat and converse about and a few sales to close, because there are people waiting to enjoy what I have created. Thank you for all your support.

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Monica Dumitriu-Henderson (class of 2022)

During 2022, I was longing to share my passion, personal results and extensive science-backed knowledge with individuals seeking quick and simplified answers in the newly viral/trending carnivore way of eating space. I had already sat through hours of free webinars, as well as signed up for a handful of various courses, all without remedy. I was still spinning like a top with many ideas but unable to focus on any of them. I joined EPM following completion of Crack Your Course Idea Challenge (CYCIC). Two drivers got me to whip my credit card out for EPM: Marisa and the success (and pure fun!) I experienced in the gamified CYCIC. In the last 12 weeks, I was able to build and complete a blueprint to my course that I'm currently working on. I'm so confident in my first offer, my MVP, because I was guided by my amazing coach every step of the way. Only 12 weeks ago, before EPM, I believed I'd never be able to turn my ideas and desire to help others into an actual commodity which could bring in money. Today, as I create my first course, I feel in my heart and mind that I was able to counteract failure, inertia and discouragement by completing EPM with Marisa, and I couldn't be happier for it.

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Karen McGlashan (class of 2022)

For 4 years I have wanted to create online courses and masterminds from my years of being a functional medicine doctor. I knew I had the material in my mind and able to offer it to my patients. My dilemma was taking the information out of my head in a way that could create a profitable and tangible product. Although I attended many free courses in how to... I even signed up with another platform company which provided the how-to modules, but I was stuck in over thinking and over preparing the information and never able to move forward and actually create a course. I joined Experience Product Masterclass and Wow! in 12 weeks I have a profitable tangible course! The difference I experienced was the community support and step by step accountability. There was plenty of information as to what to do and how but also the personal feedback from the coach and students as well as learning from other students was invaluable. I now am ready to market and profit from my first of many products using the Experiencify methods.

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Sherryn Bowers (class of 2022)

I had a wealth of experience and knowledge but was struggling to define and launch a program that others clearly knew what I was delivering in a tangible and effective way (so they could opt-in, or not). I joined EPM and learnt how to explore the core problem my audience is experiencing, how to create a program based on that ONE element, and to define a powerful marketing message focused on what they WANT (while filling the program with what they NEED ... and no more... avoiding overwhelm and increasing engagement)

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Dominique Oyston (class of 2022)

I'm a former opera singer and lifetime lover of mythology, ancient wisdom, and healing. When I ended my operatic career I was drawn to creating a business to support other women to discover the power of the voice - by learning to speak with confidence and/or unlock their healing voice. I love creating and when I joined EPM I had already created a suite of courses in a 'create by doing' way by offering live calls, gathering information and bringing intuitive downloads through as I went. While the people who joined loved my work, I never sold enough spots on these courses to have a consistent income. And then I'd move onto creating the next program because I couldn't figure out how to build the last ones so they became selling magnets. After 5 years of struggling with inconsistent income, I knew it was time to address my marketing deficiencies. I also knew that the training I needed HAD to be relevant to the kind of course creation that taught me how to build a course from the ground up with marketing success built in every step of the way (rather than the throwing spaghetti at the wall method in the hope it would stick). This is exactly what EPM does. I realised that my sticking point for all my previous course builds had been that I never named the problem I solved really for any of them clearly, so I never built my courses around that problem. They were full of 'information' to compensate from not honing in on the specific problem they were solving. And while I offered sound healings inside them (an experience), and lots of conversations and personal attention, I never named the problems so they were never focused enough from the ground up. So although I was getting results, they were random. That also meant I was charging less than I could. So now I'm going to rework my programs and figure out the exact problems I solve for each course and rebuild them all. I'm at the beginning of this but I can feel the magic that is on the other side of this work to be done. EPM has given me the tools to re-create my entire suite of programs so they sell. Warrior Goddess Voice - Priestess Voice Training - SongHealer - Heart Chakra Makeover - Feminine Frequency Receiving. I am at the gateway to a new and beautiful beginning for my work. Thank you

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Kimberly Dominick-Luret (class of 2022)

"When Marisa offered EPM, it was going to straddle the Christmas holiday period. As my family would be visiting from Europe during that time, I knew there would be stretches of time that I would be putting everything else on hold--including EPM. I bought the program anyway.

I'm really glad I did! Even though there was a gap in my attention to it of a few weeks, I did a full-court press to finish the MVP track in the required time. I was blessed to have such a wonderful coach, Coach Melanie. She was very patient and encouraging and her insights and input were always brilliant.

So, I graduated on time! I'm proud of the work I did and of the product I've created. And I'm very impressed with all that Marisa and her team deliver in EPM. It is beyond amazing. I mean this sincerely.

I purchased the program, despite it not being the best timing for me, because I was right at the threshold of developing my own course, but I had no idea where to begin. Somehow, I was led to Marisa's offer. I didn't know anything about Marisa, but I attended her free workshop. She seemed honest and authentic. What I didn't know was whether her program would be of value to me or not.

I took a chance and I am SO glad I did!! I can honestly say it hugely exceeded my expectations. It gives me everything I could think of wanting to know about creating a course -- and so much more that I didn't think of!

Plus, having the personal help and attention from an expert coach was such added value! Not to mention the other coaching calls twice a week! One with Marisa herself and another with two coaches to train on and answer questions about tech and marketing. Really such a high level of delivery to us, the students.

For anyone looking for a paint-by-numbers system to create and bring to market your own course in a fun and relatively fast way, look no further!

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Yvonne Shepherd (class of 2022)

For over 5 years I had an idea for a course but could not figure out just how to get it out there. My business was hit hard by the pandemic and I knew I needed diversification in my business. I joined EPM on the recommendation of a friend and haven't looked back. Not only did it help me launch the course, the elements spill over into other parts of my business. I finally launched and got sales off the first email (which I sent the night before I went on a 2 week holiday)

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Melanie Jacobs (class of 2022)

I was having thoughts about a change in career, I wasn't sure what to do since the covid shutdown made all of our workers go away and our business (tradeshow services) was basically cancelled. Business began to come back, then in March of 2022, the unthinkable happened. On the way to a show, my husband, who was driving one of our straight trucks (26 foot box), passed out for no reason and hit an overpass bridge at oh 70 miles an hour. He lived, yay. I no longer want to do that business, it's been so hard lately. I had joined EPM in 2021 and not finished, still had the idea. When it came back around, I joined 2022 EPM and worked the lessons, participated, and gave it a chance. I threw out a facebook post and got a client before I was ready. ( I am always getting ready to be ready) Having all of the milestones done in detail with Coach Lucas's help, I am supporting her apparently successfully. Wow! Still chatting and seeing where and when the next one will come from.

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Donald Back (class of 2022)

I was having problems of overwhelmed and perfectionism, I wasn’t sure what to do because it seemed like there was a never-ending list of things that I had to do. I joined EPM22 and got almost immediate clarity on the few essential things that I needed to do. I focussed exclusively on creating my MVP and got the step-by-step game plan I needed to get my course ready and launched.

I was having problems figuring out how to pivot from conversation to asking for the sale, I wasn’t sure what to do particularly where to look for the sales signals to confidently present the offer. I joined EPM22 and learned the step-by-step of starting with Chatterbox, moving to Conversation, and Pivoting through to making an Offer. I followed exactly the steps laid out by Marisa and refined in collaboration with Coach Melanie and the first conversation resulted in my first sale. It was almost effortless.

My biggest challenge is marketing and connecting with my audience (University graduate students). I have been preparing for a life/career transition from consulting & executive management into teaching & coaching. I knew producing courses the way I had as a university prof was not going to work. The effective experience-based teaching and step-by-step EPM process shone a light on the path forward. I now know how to do it and I've taken steps to wind down my consulting work and transition into teaching and coaching starting with my MVP. Now planning for how to do a whole lot more. Finding experts and following their guidance removes the "Im" from the impossible, cuts through the fog, and removes years from the process. I can move to the next phase of my career and self-actualization part of my life. I've participated in several high-ticket programs. They were all good, but pale in comparison to the enormous value offered by EPM. Thank you!

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