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Elaine Gibson (class of 2018)

Mission Accomplished! $13,000!!! Celebrating surpassing my target goal of $8,000 by reaching $10,000?? 2 new private 4 months clients. Using the conversations and trainings and the group has not launched yet. So much to work in going through the Extraordinary program.

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Deborah N Hurwitz (class of 2018)

Celebrating a major win: I have officially closed the doors of my Jan-June 2019 program launch with a total contract value of $160,000+ and December cash in the door of over $30,000! It was my intention to use EPM to "iterate my way to awesome" in this relatively new 6-month group coaching program (first launched Jan 2018 - this will be my 3rd round), and I can honestly say that the training I've received in EPM so far - especially crafting a renewal program that re-enrolled 2/3 of my current group - greatly informed my positioning, messaging and sales of the new program.

Further, my confidence in what I am now creating for delivery over the next six months (and beyond) through EPM is through the roof and I am truly excited to be serving this growing tribe of clients! Interestingly enough, the name of my program is Mission Accomplished (TM application filed - and named well before working with Marisa;)) and I'm happy to declare Mission Accomplished in EPM! Thank you Marisa, Murray, Don, Christine, coach Devin and the whole Live Your Message team! Next stop, Jump contest T-Shirt.

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Phyllis Horner (class of 2018)

YAY!! Mission accomplished! $ 2700 and though the course opened yesterday, as Marisa Murgatroyd said in the "rant" from heaven!!, turn over every stone. I'm still marketing for the next few days with 1-1 reach outs to those who are on the fence. Career Contentment by Design, a living thing! Thanks team!

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Daniel Rial (class of 2018)

kaaaaaBOOOM - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! ????????????

I’m in the core track and I have been falling waaaay behind with all the tech stuff. I’ve also been going back and forth between two products - a Dating program and a Confidence program - and I’ve ended up with two almost complete programs that, if I may say so myself, are super awesome! ????

Haven’t had any other campaigns going (yet) other than ”Chatterboxing” but thanks to the Bird’s Eye view I been able to up-sell two clients from my normal ”organic coaching” into my programs (both Dating and Confidence) and where I normally would have made $5500 I now made $9500 instead, a 4k ”profit” which technically would be my target goal for EPM but I’ve had this thing where it felt like ”cheating” since they weren’t new clients.

Today I finally signed up a brand new client putting me at a grand total of $10500 and I’m hitting the button feeling pretty darn good about it!

I MASSIVE thanks to everyone in this group for your willingness to support and give feedback, you rock! ???? I will focus the reminder of EPM on delivering and developing my programs but also try to get more of my tech ready (domain email and sales pages mainly) so I’m hoping for your continuous support, which I also hope we can keep going in this group long after EPM has finished - I’ve begun to see this group as a ”virtual team” and I’d hate to lose it.

A special thanks to Debra Lindegren for your relentless willingness to support and find solutions to any challenge - it’s been GREATLY appreciated and you are a FREAKING ROCKSTAR! ???? #coachdebra

Keep going guys, stay confident and focus on your strengths - y’all got this! ??????????

PS Murray and Marisa - can’t thank you guys enough for Heroic, first time I’ve felt that I may be able to turn my achilles heel of technology into an advantage.

Stay epic!

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Jeff V Poole (class of 2018) works! I just landed a big chatterbox gig for coaching, training, and 1:1 sessions in Ukraine which involve 36 people. All expenses are paid since they are flying me in for 16 days! Six people will be part of a group social program because of financial considerations. 20 people will have 1:1 sessions and 10 people will be part of my VIP program for special training and coaching.

Total revenue for that 16 days will be over $12,500! It's part of a special program I created with a worldwide spiritual organization interested in the work I do, based on my new book that pre-sold on Amazon as a #1 seller due out in a few weeks.

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Mariko Hirakawa (class of 2018)

WooHoo! Looking at the cover image of this group, I have to CELEBRATE! I've already hit my LEAP Goal of $10K and I haven't even created my program yet! I enrolled one client into a 3-month program at $2500 about 3 weeks ago, then another client into a 6-month program at $7500! Both of them are so invested in their work and taking action.

I learned from having many Discovery Sessions that the more I TRUST that I can't say the wrong thing to the right person, and stop pushing, and focus on purely being of service, that ALIGNMENT is what magnetizes ideal clients to me. It frees me from any attachment, and I literally feel high after such a conversation. That's how I know I'm living my message, and Living my Yoga;)!

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Holly Gillen (class of 2018)

•• MISSION ACCOMPLISHED •• YAY YAY YAY! I think this counts (Marisa) correct me if I am wrong. But my Financial Goals for this program are:

Min - $2,000

Target - $5,000

Stretch - $10,000

Using techniques I learned in the Sales for Superheros Bonus I was able to close a one on one client for $3,500. Boom Minimum goal met and I am now only $1,500 away from my Target goal and I haven't even started marketing my new experience product yet.

To say I am happy with everything I have learned and everyone I have met so far would be an understatement. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am in awe of what I've been able to accomplish so far.

I can not wait to bring the Video Marketing Master Plan to the market. I am so passionate about what I do and so excited about what I am creating. I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt I will be able to help so many people and in return, I will hit or double my stretch goal.

Thank you, Marisa and team, for being a breath of fresh air & actually delivering on what you promised and all the other EPMers you got this!

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Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian (class of 2018)

I have achieved it. What do I mean by 'it'? A big shift towards having a location independent, laptop lifestyle. And also a lot of movement towards being more valuable for my tribe. I am getting more superheros along. Focusing on creating more leaders. The clarity in terms of messaging has vastly improved. All this is putting me in a unique situation which will help me big time to increase my revenue and profits and grow every month.

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Pamela Moss (class of 2018)

Whoo hoo!! I am celebrating signing up the first of 12 participants in my new program, "From Playing Small to Answering the Call: 90 Days to Wonderful Clients and Earning More Than Ever Before" via Chatterbox campaign (which is the only campaign I'm using). Her $2500 pays for EPM. ???? Much gratitude to Natalie Hill for her valuable help in clarifying my offer!

Since I found it VERY helpful to see examples of how others structured their offers -- product name, mission, modules, bonuses, urgency etc -- I am attaching a pdf of mine. May it support you on your journey to Mission Accomplished! elebrating with my cat... Oops, pdf didn't attach, posting it again

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Inga Lightley (class of 2018)

Well, it just HAPPENED - I got my first client enrolled into my Weight Loss Unlocked group coaching program and collected the payment!...????????????????I know it's only $197 but it's a START! My program will be $297 but this week I decided to do an Early Bird pricing and it helped the potential client who was still sitting on the fence about it after our Zoom call to take the plunge ????

I was really happy and dancing around the house on the high of the emotion, but then in dawned on me - I will have to run the program now, ready or not!! No going back! ???? So much to do still! ????But I know that deadlines really motivate me to get myself into gear

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