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Experience Product Masterclass Reviews from the class of 2016

Agnes Knowles

I've been online for 5 years now. I've paid for some pretty expensive coaching and I've been fairly focused on what I wanted to offer. Then I turned 60. I didn't do so well with that... which came as a complete surprise because birthdays had never phased me before.

I kept showing up in my business but my focus was down, I felt muddled - I wasn't organizing, I wasn't sorting, I was stirring. It didn't help that my expensive trainer seemed to think I was slack-assing off. I turned to my favourite big-name online inspirational leaders for help. I read their books, I watched their videos... and slowly but surely their words became louder than the voices in my head.

Then one day I received an email from a trainer I had followed for a while and he recommended a training series a colleague of his was organizing. I checked it out, and that's how I met Marisa.

Her personality was mesmerizing and I knew instantly I had found the trainer I had been waiting for. I hung on every word of her webinar and, at the end, when she offered a special deal for her upcoming training I didn't hesitate for a moment.That training was focused and effective and I was hooked.

Next she offered 2 tickets to her Live event in L.A. I called a friend/colleague who was struggling in her business too and told her she had to come with me, no ifs, ands or buts! That was February 2016. Of course an amazing Mentorship Program was show-cased at the live event. I was struggling with the expenses of a large house I hadn't been able to sell the year before so there was no way I could afford it. My friend did.

For months I listened with mixed emotions to the direction my friend was gaining in her business. She had found her true calling, the business that fit her like a glove... and I was so excited for her... but the longing inside me was tangible.

And then the email I was dreading finally arrived. Marisa was offering a new course. And it was everything I was worried it might be. By then I had sold my house but wouldn't be closing for another month. The expenses around moving were looming and I was concerned about affording them, let alone Marisa's course. I felt sick, I wanted it so badly. I even emailed Murray with a convoluted plan that was probably the longest shot I had ever attempted in my life. Which made me feel slightly sicker because I'm not "that person".

Pulling out all the stops I called my financial advisor. She was out of town. I asked to speak with her assistant. She was out of town with her boss. The woman on the phone must have heard my desperation because she offered her assistance. I told her I needed some money. She said she would do what she could but by the time it would be processed it would be Monday.

Monday was too late for Marisa's course: it was open for registration until end of webinar on Friday. I accepted the Monday money realizing it would at least remove the stress of moving expenses. I guess I'm a bit of a "bugger for punishment" because I was on just about every sales webinar Marisa offered that week. She'd finish, I'd shut down... and look longingly at the wine bottle!

Then it was Friday. I could taste my disappointment. I went on the webinar yet again. Ever the optimist I opened my banking platform. The webinar ended. Marisa answered questions. The clock ticked down. I tried Paypal one more time but the don't-pay-for-6-months option still wasn't available for Canadians.

I went back over to my banking tab to shut down...AND THERE IT WAS!! The transfer had completed mere minutes before. My hand was shaking as I transferred a chunk of cash into my Paypal linked account, clicked through on Marisa's Buy Now button, and sent one more email to Murray rejoicing in my new SuperPower: finding money at the nth moment before the clock wound down to zero.

I realize that lead-in is about the longest one ever. I think it sets the scene appropriately. Now EPM is over. It was everything I was hoping it would be. It was the Connect-The-Dots training I needed. After 5 years online I had finally decided on my dream business but after a year and some of muddling, I couldn't find the focus I needed.

Training after training, week after week, I pulled my scattered thoughts into the blueprint I needed to have an organized, well thought out course. Marisa's hook said $2000 in 8 weeks but the guarantee was moot for me. I had a move to get through, I was caring for my young grandson for 10 days, I was house- and critter-sitting for a friend for 2 weeks.

The guarantee didn't matter a bit to me because I got what I wanted: The Experience Product Masterclass. It is a Master Class! My organization has returned. Hurdles I couldn't see over before now tumble as solutions present themselves. I have clarity, I have excitement, I have confidence.

Did I make any money in 8 weeks? Not from my business. I didn't expect to. My master plan will unfold at my behest... based on my personality and design. That design is coming together though. It's coming together thanks to Marisa's training and guidance. Everything I had hoped Marisa's training would be, it is. Every expectation I had of Marisa as a trainer has been lived up to. My big picture life plan continues to grow and gain clarity. I am eternally grateful the stars aligned again and again.

Thank you, Danny Iny!

Ashby Underwood

17 years experience in yoga. Doing online programs for 2 years. $1000 client immediately. From Naive and Nervous, to New Horizons! I arrived on the scene to EPM with total baggage around my 17 year career as a yoga teacher and massage therapist, with a dead list of subscribers but a budding 1:1 practice.

What I have to offer, my experience, my insight, my talent are all at their peak, and I am truly ready to get my message out. I have been investing in programs for about 2 years, hoping to give myself a degree in online marketing.

When I first heard Marisa's voice on an evergreen webinar, I was immediately excited. I bought her program Message to Money which fell short of my expectations, however Marisa & Murray stood behind their product and won my trust. When Call to Adventure was launched I jumped on it. The interaction and engagement level of CTA resonated with me so deeply, I wanted to re-create it.

When Experience Product Masterclass was born, I started a journey to create not only a program, or product, but a more meaningful business. See, what I have learned is that if you don't have a way to communicate with the people that you are meant to help, then stifle begets stagnation. And that's where I was, for sure.

What I have learned here at EPM is the Art of Revealing. I am an introvert, that is why I chose to work in the "introspective" healing arts. But messages don't live when kept inside you. They need to breathe, just like a living being. Marisa has taught us how to exchange with others, reciprocal and relevant communication.

SO. Mission Accomplish-ing. In Progress. Status: Hell Yeah, I've got this! This program has been a total jam! Out of all of the training calls, coaching calls, and laser coaching calls, I have only missed one! And I have gained confidence, so much so that I manifested my first $1000 package client!

Last night I had a dream, literally, where I fell into a peaceful, blissed out deep dive into my psyche. And in this dream...integration arrived! I saw the light: my business was creating itself out of the needs of my people.

So....I woke up this morning and created a product, a coaching program, fast-action, let-me-follow-that-up-with-a freebie, product. Not the BIG BIG Product. The one I was working on through the course that, honestly, had me a little choked.

I launched a 3-Week Source Your Self-Care into 2017 Coaching Package with only 4 Seats Open. (A coaching program that can easily lead into the BIG BIG program by Jan called Deeply Nourished). I did so without fear of rejection (well, it's trying to stick it's head up a little). I did so with curiosity to see what my list wants. And I did so, knowing that if this list was truly "dead", then I can create another list, or another, or another.

What I learned is that my momentum is not defined by any one experience. And I learned to be confident in my revealing my vulnerability, my "im-perfectionism", and my honesty. I learned that I am NOT my business, which sure does take the pressure off. And as we speak, emails are flowing into inboxes with my offer! And I know what to do next. No more naive and nervous. Thank you for everything.

Christie Wild

I first "met" Marisa online in 2014. I signed up for her Hidden Story Power. That was the first time I purchased any kind of online course. The next 2 and a half years, I took countless webinars and signed up for more courses.

When I stumbled upon Marisa's EPM (probably through email since I was on her list), I was in the middle of designing an online course of my own. I was really intrigued by the ways I could design my course in such a way to make it more of an experience product and less of an information product, and with the guarantee Marisa offered, I HAD to find a way to make it work!

I'm the founder of Writers Who Run and launched my first "experience product" (though I didn't call it that) this past August - a live, in-person 1:1 retreat, with 12 attendees, called the Writers Who Run Retreat, but I LOST MONEY.

Despite having lost thousands of dollars (seriously, NO PROFIT), I learned a lot and I am already planning my second one, for June 2017. Also, one person who attended in 2016 already signed up for 2017.

My online course was the idea I had to feed into my retreat to create a funnel and "make money while I sleep." Kind of hard to do when you don't have the course built out and no idea how to market it. So I signed up for EPM! Marisa says you have to learn to make money while awake first. I totally agree.

The idea is so that I can quit my day job and have more time to write. This has been my goal for the last 7 years. And it's going to happen! The thing is, if I never make money, I'll never be able to quit my day job. So, I knew I had to take the plunge and do this because I'm worth it. I have every expectation in the universe that I'll be successful.

While taking this course, I have had so many insights and breakthroughs. Lots of ways to implement my course, Run With Your Writing, an 8-week online course, and experiencify it. I'm even creating a SECOND course, Write Like An Author. It's going to be awesome!!! My coach says I have a GREAT funnel. That gave me confidence to keep going.

I have 21 hours and 30 minutes left until the countdown timer ends. I have 2 webinars scheduled this week, even though it's Thanksgiving, and 33 people signed up to attend. I haven't made any money yet, but I WILL! Still feeling hopeful. Will update more results later.

Mission accomplished? Still being fulfilled. Keep on keepin' on...

Bonnie Groessl

I didn’t really plan to sign up for the EPM Masterclass, but something happened. I had watched the launch videos, felt inspired and excited but didn’t have the money. While I knew I would be missing a great opportunity, I had put it out of my mind.

I think it may have been the day the cart closed, and I got another email from Marisa with another video. Something caused me to watch it and all of a sudden something made me physically jump off my chair (seriously) and knew I had to find a way.

It was one of those moments that you don’t know why you do something. Whether you call it divine guidance, God or the Universe…it was something greater than myself. I am still not sure exactly what happened, but something did.

My husband has always been supportive of my continuing education and I guess he could see the look on my face when I told him about it. We borrowed the money and took the leap. I have taken many courses before, more than I care to admit. I have never experienced a course like this one. It was like a college class on steroids and I loved it. (I am sort of a nerd.)

The FB community has been AWESOME and I am so blessed to be a part of this group. I admit I had a bit of the “imposter syndrome” as I was developing my experience product and wondered if I could really teach this. There are so many others who teach podcasting. I was struggling to identify social proof.

Coach Christine asked me how many people listened to my podcast. She encouraged me to actually take a look at my stats. I had not paid too much attention to stats in the past so I didn’t realize a million people have been listening in over 50 countries in the past 2 years. I was surprised, grateful and honored and to say the least. I had found social proof, thank you Coach Christine!

After having trouble with the timeline for my 4 week program during the holidays, I decided to create a “save your spot” campaign (something I just made up). On Monday, November 21st, I reached mission accomplished by 6:30 pm CT, so I missed the deadline. I surpassed mission accomplished by 9:30 pm CT that night! I am able to pay back what I had borrowed :-)

"Expand Your Reach with Podcasting” masterclass does not begin until January 2, so I am still hoping to get more students and working on the marketing strategies Marisa taught us.

I am forever grateful for this experience! Much gratitude!

D’vorah Lansky

Yeah - I did it!!!! I spent weeks and weeks debating and deliberating about what product I should bring to market and my target audience was changing. My awesome coach Samara pinned me to the wall, lovingly, and suggested that I stop vacillating and just pick a product to run with as I could always use the strategies in future products.

My experience product is called, "Get Heard, Get Seen, Get Sales." It is a 4 week hands-on program that focuses on teaching authors how to get comfortable and gain experience in online speaking.

One of the biggest joys of this program is to see how much interaction and how many deep friendships have been made between the participants. I believe that many of these friendships will continue to grow into the future.

To promote the program I primarily crafted an email campaign and offered killer bonuses. My previous course was promoted via six, two hour webinars, over the course of two months. The interesting thing is, we had the exact same number of registrations (53) in that program as in this new experience program - and I'll tell you it was a whole lot easier sending out 5 emails than it was to conduct six webinars, each one requiring 1/2 dozen follow up emails.

I believe that Marisa has discovered the secret sauce and I'm SO glad she's shared it with us.

Here are my numbers...

A. 53 people enrolled in the level one of the course yielding: $4,553 in sales.

B. Two people enrolled at level two, yielding: $4,697 in sales


My sales goal - big step goal - was $12,500 and I am well on my way. THANK YOU Marisa, Samara, and Team!

My biggest takeaway from this program is the incredible power of infusing FUN into the mix. Being part of the joy and fun that Marisa and the coaches experienced while giving so much has helped me become a better teacher and coach.

Cindy Wagman

I knew what my mission was coming into the Experience Product Masterclass - I want to help charities realize their dreams by teaching them to fundraise. I know what the charities need to do, but I was completely lost on how to deliver a program that would get them enrolled and engaged.

Marisa's Experience Product Masterclass sold me right away. I knew I wanted my information product to be engaging and meaningful, exactly what she created with her EXPERIENCE PRODUCT. She and her team walked me through step by step on how to turn my idea into reality, focusing only on the things that were important.

I had some major crisis of confidence throughout the program and my coach was there to talk me through them and refocus me on moving forward and not getting stuck. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes get bogged down in the little details, slowing and sometimes halting my progress.

With EPM, I really internalized that done is better than perfect (and is still really good) and to iterate my way to success. Things really became real for my on my webinar. I thought I would be calm and collected but I was a nervous wreck.

I have a small list of about 200 people and I had 70 sign up for my webinar - most of whom were new to my list. Of those 70, 30 showed up LIVE! I couldn't believe it. I was literally shaking the entire webinar (it was my first), but followed everything Marisa taught us. I got through it with incredible feedback.

One customer said she does a ton of webinars but this was the only one she actually paid attention to! In the follow up emails, I sold 10 registrations, double my goal of 5! I earned $3,500 and have people lined up for my next launch.

Reaching my mission accomplished OF $3,500 was so exciting! But what's more exciting is that I have the tools to deliver real, meaningful content to charities to teach them to fundraise, in a way that can change their organizations and the communities they serve.

Claes Jonasson

I’ve had my business for almost 10 years. The typical creative deal: pitch projects, meet deadlines, convince clients they need to pay for quality and that the teen kid down the street can’t do the same thing for way much less. It’s all trading time for money.

For several years, I’ve felt there had to be a better way to go about this. I picked up some courses on building an audience business online, but never made it through them. Lots of trainings on building a blog or email list or social media engagement. All very much little pieces here and there.

Summer a year ago, I determined something had to change. At the same time I got an email from Marisa about early bird registration for Message to Money. It was the following February. Of course schedules are clear that far in advance, so I signed up. Registration wasn’t that much, so I figured I wasn’t out much if I ended up not going. But I went.

February 2016 I was in LA for Message to Money. I knew it was going to be good from the previews Marisa had provided. No, it was way better. I took notes like crazy, seeing a new direction for my business unfold.

At the closing, when we all shared what the weekend had meant to us, I said that I came to try to fix a business I didn’t like anymore and left with excitement and feeling like I finally really am an entrepreneur.

Back home, I formulated a plan to pivot the business. It felt like changing the course of an aircraft carrier. I have ongoing client commitments that need to continue, so can’t mess with those at this point. I put together a curriculum of things I needed to do to get from here to there over the next year. It felt like being in grad school again.

One of the big action steps in the curriculum was to develop an online product for my refocused business. Just at the time I was ready for that step, Marisa sent out an announcement that she was launching something called Experience Products Masterclass. It was all I could hope for.

The 8 weeks promised to be grueling on top of my regular client work. Yet, I knew that this was the opportunity of a lifetime. Actually, if I didn’t take the EPM class, I’d still have to do all the work there on my own because I was committed to get to the end result of launching my own online product.

So I took a deep breath and jumped in. The class has been busy, very busy. I went in thinking I would productize my main offering: done-for-you website in 90 days. Talking with my coach, I pivoted to offering a course to go before the full website deal: A 4 week course to create a blueprint for your next website. That tied in with the feedback I got from my survey and from talking with clients. My course would allow people to cut through the confusion, get to know me, and build confidence in what they need in a website, all before committing to a full website project.

In EPM, Marisa has walked us all through the process, start to finish, hammered in that done is better than perfect (yes, I’m a perfectionist and would keep fiddling to get it better and probably never launch). The pace has been quick. All reminding me of being film production classes in college where all students invariably would take incompletes (because we couldn’t get the film done in the 14 or 16 weeks of the semester, but we would be able to finish it on top of another semester’s schedule).

Back then, our film professor would just shake his head at our youthful folly. I figure that’s how Marisa feels about us poor EPM students and I know the 2nd and 3rd and 4th time around, developing an online product will be so much faster. I learned so much. It changed my whole perspective on what I deliver and I want to productize and experiencify everything I do going forward.

I’m behind schedule and just about to open registration for my course. I’m excited about the course and its potential. Since it is at the start of a customer journey, I see how it can easily provide a very significant cash flow into the business that will keep going for years to come.

I’ve also taken what I learned in EPM into other areas of my business. I recently talked with a client about me providing content management services for their website. New was that I presented it entirely in terms from EPM, asking the client “What if you knew that content on your website was being taken care of for you in a timely manner…”, focusing on the transformation and not the “here’s all the great stuff I’m going to do for you”. The client said ‘yes’.

At $2200, it’s not a huge contract, but it’s the start of productizing what I previously offered as totally custom services (and never very successfully). And at $2200, it exceeds the minimum goal for EPM, even before registration for the actual course has started.

Would I recommend EPM to someone else? If you are serious about launching a product online, this is the way to do it. Marisa delivered so much value, and kept adding more value as the course went on. I know I will be using these materials again. Yes, I need to launch and deliver my first course first. But then there will be another online product and another…

Carolyn Messere

The moment I heard about the Experience Product Masterclass, I knew I had to do it. It was like Marisa was whispering into my ear, through all the marketing she did, this is the future. This is how everything you do from here on out will change.

When I first started, it was my intention to create a one day virtual intensive for physicians who love their job, but are frustrated with the bureaucracy. I have experienced this personally, and had done a lot of work to create a happier, more fulfilling career. And it went along beautifully, I kept up in class, I did all the homework, I outlined and designed and wrote.

And then I got stuck. I couldn't decide on a logo. I spent a week trying to figure it out. This, of course, wasn't really where I was stuck. I was stuck because I had stopped really wanting to do the virtual intensive. I had fallen so in love with the idea of experience products themselves that I began to see that I wanted to do more than just a weekend intensive.

I happened to be talking to a health coach who was putting together a 12 module course for health coaches, to help them understand hormone balance better (a complicated, technical problem). She had just lost her copywriter after 2 modules, and she was looking for someone else to take over.

We started talking about ways she could experiencify the course, and she asked me if I would just do it for her - she didn't have time. Next thing I knew, cha-ching, I had a $12,000 contract to complete the course using the experiencify techniques!

And then I was talking to a client I was doing some editing for. He wanted a new platform, a more exciting website, a more interactive marketing process for his work. And he hired me to create it for him, again using the techniques I learned in the EPM. Cha-ching, another $1400!

And lastly, a woman reached out to me after being referred by a previous client to help her with her sales page. Using the incredible copywriting techniques I learned in this course, I negotiated to re-write her entire sales page and her Facebook ads. Cha-ching, another $150!

So, I might still do the Intensive, but I've been a little too busy with these other experience products to get it completely off the ground. There's always January!

So, mission accomplished - in a completely unexpected way!

Kalen Hammann

OK, Marisa, this catapults you into the ranks of the major thought leaders of history. I'm serious!

This is a civilization-changing series of insights. A whole new model for how "educators" will structure education so people will learn quickly, easily, and happily anywhere people need to learn ANYTHING (and which, by the way, because of your clear SEQUENCE of positive experiences to structure in and negative experiences to structure out, goes way beyond "experiential education"). Brilliant!

Do you know Jane McGonnegal's work on taking the principles that make video games work and building them in to society?

Kelly Morgan

Over the last four years, I'd spent $40,000.00 on many different programs to build my brand and reimagine my business.. All of what I learned has been valuable, but I have really struggled to implement the training much less earn back what I'd invested.

I credit EPM as the tipping point. FINALLY, I've been able to earn more than I spent on a class. Four weeks into this Masterclass I used what I'd learned in this program to sell out a new class I would not have offered otherwise.

I earned back my initial $2000 investment. FIRST GOAL ACCOMPLISHED. Plus I earned $500 for a private coaching session with someone I met on the EPM Facebook page. SECOND GOAL ACCOMPLISHED.

One of the new students in my new mini class signed up for a discovery session for a private $3000 coaching package. I am also using what I learned to set up my winter schedule and will be able to charge more because of what I've learned about copywriting and marketing.

What worked? I AM ON MY WAY TO ACCOMPLISHING MY “GO-FOR-IT GOALS” AND BEYOND within the next two months. Thank you.

Jeannine Kenworthy

I'm an artist and I've been going to Italy personally and professionally for 17 years. I've been wanting to take other women to Tuscany for years. Last year I reserved a space but ended up cancelling it. I just didn't know how to get started.

I followed my intuition and signed up for the Experience Product Masterclass. Within just a few weeks, I adjusted the way I was speaking about it to my circle of friends (establishing myself as an authority and speaking to important basic needs instead of just luxury.)

I put a few apartments on hold and shared an opportunity to go to Italy with me in one Facebook group. Two women said YES, paid $2800, and before the program was even over, I was in Italy with them, and, I got to stay for a whole month. (I actually came home a few days after the completion of our course.)

I also got 2 exhibition invitations while I was here, and made an important business contact. I've got 6 women interested in going with me next year and am already planning 2 trips for next year. I am so happy I am finally living this dream.

Danilo Tambone

The mission I've accomplished by the end of the Masterclass has been much different than the one I had forecast when I enrolled in, and it also had different metrics. I set for myself and my experience product a goal even higher than the minimum suggested in the course - my subject was very ambitious and I wanted to target high-paying customers. From a business perspective, it made sense.

I put all of myself into the Masterclass, showed up to every single webinar, coaching, and complimentary calls (incl. Don's ones), despite of my "difficult" Time Zone (very late night) here in Europe, from day one to final day. Took an active part to the EBM FB Group and made all the suggested exercises through the Strategy Section.

And then - BOOM - I hit the market. With a "thud" on my head. The FB and LinkedIn survey I did had brought in too few potential leads, much less than I expected, and that event triggered past fears and hidden shouting voices within myself.

Maybe I was competing in a niche already saturated by established instructors and companies with their following and reputation. Maybe I had to meet much higher expectations than I had initially thought of (yes, I'm damned self-critic and perfectionist, even though I beat myself much less today than just a few years ago. Call it "slow evolution"). Maybe I wasn't ready for that, yet.

On top of that, I realized that I needed to buy some additional tools in order to provide a meaningful experience to my audience, and I simply didn't have the funding for them. My Higher Self tried to tell me "Step Up! Own Your Power!" - but the thousands shouting voices in my head kept me down and brought me back to the fears I had already experienced in the past few years. I gave up.

While still taking part in the webinars and reading all the material, I didn't do my campaigns. I kept myself busy (and somehow distracted) with a short job assignment, and finally reached the end of the Masterclass... with sand in my hands. Probably I didn't even complete my course assignments because I wanted an alibi NOT to claim my guarantee by the end of the Masterclass.

Marisa's job had been fantastic, beyond any imagination. Mindset, Tools, Personal Power... Marisa has not simply taught them, she has embodied them throughout the course, and has surrounded herself with a Squadron of Superheroes better than Marvel's! So it would have been not fair passing on her my responsibility. I simply wasn't ready, and I had to own it. And so, this is the dark side of the story. But there's a bright side, also.

When I entered the EBM FB Group, in my first post I described myself as a shy guy and not a "FB animal". I used to like, love, repost other people's posts, give them advice whenever I had something worth saying. But no "putting myself on the spot".

Yet, as we entered the course, I felt the power of the Masterclass community, something that I had missed in my previous online instructor experience (I've been online for two years now, on a popular e-learning platform), and a parallel space started populating my mind.

Sounds ("cha-ching!"), expressions ("Building Momentum!"), roles ("FB Community Magic Maker") became a shared alphabet and language within the community, and the creative source compelled me to give them structure and dignity into a cohesive whole.

That's the way the "Experience Product Master RAP" flowed out of my pen (and keyboard). As it was taking shape, I clearly saw that it was my way to express gratitude to Marisa, her wide Team, and the whole 400+ members' community for the precious melting pot of experiences that was being created and shared all around me.

So I stepped up, got into creative mode, and put together something I had never done before. I found a rhythmic base, modified it, recorded my voice, crafted a slide, put everything together, uploaded on YouTube and then on the FB Group.

BOOM. Again, but this time with a different (and laughing) sound. I received dozens of messages of appreciation and love. I had painted our common universe, and took the courage to show up against my shyness! I had taken a step forward towards gathering a community with no expectations, just around our "tribal" world.

I had made a shift of mindset, that has propelled me to a different level of consciousness, that will come in useful with the Experience Product that I'll create, especially for the international audience that I'm targeting. And without the Masterclass, that wouldn't have been possible.

By the way, thanks to that crazy and funny Rap (that Marisa even asked me to replay live on the last day of the course, with my great amazement and King Rono's beatbox!) I've had the opportunity to get in touch with all those people who have been working behind the scenes (namely Donna, Shireen, Murray) to silently complement Marisa's amazing work, that I would have missed otherwise, and the other coaches beyond my beloved Christine, too - and I'm so grateful to the Creative Source for having allowed me to do that!

Besides, in the short job assignment that I mentioned above - where I've been a Scrum Project Management instructor for two days in front of fifteen IT and Software Development professionals from a large Consulting Company in Milan - I've implemented many of the techniques that Marisa has taught us. Pattern Interrupts, Normalizing Challenges, Bird's Eye View, Mission, Future Self, Constant Wins...

I had already somehow used some of them with my previous classes, but now I had been able to apply them with more focus and deliberately in order to keep high attention, involvement, and retention.

The results? At the end of the two days, each of them told me goodbye with a big smile and "Congratulations for the course"! Not a simple "Thank you", but "Congrats". I stared at them, unbelievingly. I then realized that I had made a vibe shift, and I was really embodying the principles that I had learnt during the Masterclass.

So maybe I didn't feel ready for the Marketing and Delivery parts of my Experience Product, but I had already taken so many steps from where I had started. Not the metrics that I was supposed to meet and that so many have already met until now, but a different metric - probably more meaningful for me right now, for the place where I stand.

I'm still fighting against and within myself to shut up those naughty voices, and maybe that will take some time. But, as I envision my Future Self with his Experience Product, and as I nurture the precious relationships that I've been blessed with in the course, I feel I've already accomplished a somehow "Personal Mission".

For this, I'll always be grateful to this Masterclass and to all the Superheroes (Marisa, Team, and the other 400+ from their homes) that have accompanied me on this Path through this some 10 weeks' journey. Hey Tribe - Congrats ;)

Davina Detrik

My husband & business partner Galen and I are both dentists who had just made two life choices: The first was to engineer and deliver an info product to other dentists, teaching them about our revolutionary business model. The second was to no longer tolerate a crappy nights sleep and buy a new mattress.

No more than a day after these decisions were made, I got a message in my inbox… it claimed that info products were a thing of the past; the future is an experience!! I LOVED the message.

Now that I had a spunky woman telling me we could apply this to the info course we had decided to create, I HAD to know more. I signed up for the webinar. When it ended, I knew using the Experience Product Master Class was going to be the secret sauce we needed to launch our course in a big, bold way.

I had also just ordered our mattress, which was the same cost as the investment for EPMC. Our budget would only allow for one. So I called the mattress company and cancelled the order, then immediately invested in EPMC. I believed that if I did exactly as Marisa said, it would be worth it. I wasn't wrong.

I was forever the bright, shiny-object girl, and that hadn't worked out too well for me. It was time to change the way I did things, all chips in. As a company, we are committed to implementing everything Marisa taught. As she puts it, "close your escape hatch." Because the program was only 8 weeks, honoring that commitment was doable, even for me.

Being an excitable person, I love learning. The problem is that I love learning so much, I often forget to implement. Marisa shifted this mentality too. She set up a system within EPM that gave us points for every action we took! This was a complete game changer for our business: not only were we learning, but we had a system to make things happen.

EXECUTION became the new name of the game. We started by creating a mission statement for our experience product: “Dentists will learn, sell, deliver, and market their first direct resin veneer smile transformation and make back their course investment within 12 weeks.”

Then we got super clear on exactly how we were going to get our tribe to mission accomplished and began marketing through Facebook, pre-existing dental relationships and seriously bold asks. One of those bold asks turned into a partnership with one of the largest, most reputable dental companies in the world! They love our experience product almost as much as we do and have backed us fully! They’re coining it, “The Future of Dental Continuing Education.”

That shift and rapid change in our reality only happened because we asked with clarity and with purpose. Watching how Marisa, Murray, and the LYM Team delivered EPM was an education in and of itself as well. They over-delivered at every stage, setting the standard for blowing expectations out of the water. We knew we wanted to create that for our tribe too.

Within the 8 week EPM, we worked insanely hard, often clocking 16-20 hour days. We built a website with no design background using Heroik; we designed and built virtual modules for our THRIVExperience Masterclass; we got on the phone with complete strangers (even internationally) and had sales conversations; we committed, got comfortable being uncomfortable, and accomplished what we’d never accomplished before.

All said and done, we generated $47,413.46 in revenue through our new product in just a few short weeks, and our launch still has 2 weeks to decision day on December 6th! Oh and yes, we were able to get our new mattress too!

EPM has drastically changed the way we think about commitment… it’s proven to us that a “burning the ships” mentality is terribly essential to extracting the best parts of yourself you didn't know existed. EPM has also given us the confidence to show up unapologetically, as the new face of dentistry.

We’re receiving loads of attention for being trail blazers in our industry, and it all traces back to choosing experience over education. Nothing about our lives looks like it did a short 8 weeks ago.

Debbie Burton

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to recognize the subtle negative thoughts that are plaguing you at every step you take, and learn what to do to quench them.

You will practice the hidden secrets on how to get through the cravings that make you crazy, experience and contribute to the support from this group, learn and practice new coping skills and come out on the other side a confident, grateful non-smoker.

You will also discover: what it feels like to be a non-smoker again how to utilize positive actions that will allow you to postpone lighting up for just an hour (maybe even a minute) at a time. How life feels when a cigarette is not in charge.

How to stop smoke-related illnesses the true wonderful taste of food again how to let go of the guilt of poisoning others with second-hand smoke. How it feels to have fresh breath and enjoy the fragrance of your cologne.

How to replace the feeling of a cigarette without your mind even realizing it. How to stop burning up your hard earned money. How to stop feeling like a 2nd class citizen with people giving you dirty looks and ostracizing you outside to smoke and much, much more!

Des Coroy

When I published my book, 21st Century Relationship Guide, two years ago, I knew I had to educate myself as to the most effective ways to market it online... So over the course of a year I spent close to $15,000 on three different educational products from various sources which I thought would bring me up to speed in honing my ability to get my product out into the world… It didn’t happen as I planned.

Initially I was pumped up about the possibilities however it wasn’t long before my initial enthusiasm cooled off… You see I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of systems and information that was available to me since I purchased the products... I consider myself a disciplined person when it comes to working alone however I didn’t have any interaction with the creators of the product as I was on my own and I found it hard for me to keep myself interested and motivated…

So after one year of dabbling with the products, I just put them aside and abandoned the marketing of my book until I discovered a better way… I am a businessman, so I’m not in the habit of throwing away $15,000… It’s not that the information wasn’t valuable or helpful, it’s just that it was so boring for me to plow through and implement the tons of knowledge I would have to learn…

In the course of the next eight months there were many offerings of marketing courses that crossed my path however I did not purchase any… My intuition was looking for something different and I knew I would find it so I waited…

And then one day I opened an email to a video presentation from an intelligent, vibrant woman named, Marisa, who was talking about how we are in information overload and that she had developed a method in how to create experiences throughout an information course which would engage the student with constant wins, multimedia, peak experiences and much, much more…

I immediately saw the truth of what she was saying and the incredible value that was before me… I could also see that she was coming totally from her heart and really cared about supporting individuals in getting their message out into the world…

From that moment I was totally hooked on the concept of an experience product and reached in my pocket and purchased the course… Additionally, I invested in a two day participation event called the Lab at Marisa’s home where 20 of us were to immerse ourselves in fine-tuning the product that we had already developed within the masterclass… She totally had my attention in the first email...

We have just completed the eight week Experience Product Masterclass and the process for me has been the single most engaging educational event I have ever experienced in my life… Marisa over delivered on the knowledge and information she so generously shared with us but more importantly I was able to assimilate and engage my mind on a daily basis for eight weeks because of the way she structured her information into an actual engaging experience product…

The support was outstanding from Coach Mike and everyone on her staff and at no time did I feel left alone to weave my way through the course… The way she structured it did not at all seem like work as I never had so much fun studying…

One of the greatest satisfactions for me during the course was to begin to get clarity about my product and watch it form as we went along and to experience exciting step-by-step wins all along the path… What a great modeling for us to see what an experience product would actually look like as we were totally engaged in it and I thought to myself that if I could do this with my product then everything was going to be just fine…

The results for me has been nothing short of amazing as I have created an online coaching program for couples that I am about to launch in the coming weeks and I could not be more excited about finally creating an experience product which I trust will make a real difference in people’s lives…

The thing I’m most excited about is that even though I’d love to generate ever- increasing income through sales of the course over time, the most important thing for me is for couples to actually participate, do the work and implement the techniques and concepts that I will share with them… Now I am confident that I have an experience product, The Intimacy Solution, which will keep couples engaged in the process and ultimately make a positive impact on their relationship…

During the course, one of our exercises was to create a feedback loop by sending out a questionnaire related to our product, and I had an outstanding result of over 200 questionnaires were completed and returned… Even though I haven’t started my marketing yet, five couples who participated in the questionnaire have committed to my upcoming offering...

I reached my minimum goal and surpassed it with $2485! Yea! I am so excited to see how just one marketing campaign generated my five couples without even trying so what will happen when I implement in the coming weeks two other marketing campaigns which Marisa has taught us…

Bottom line...I am absolutely thrilled that I participated in the Experience Product Masterclass… Most definitely, this has been one of those life altering experiences which bless our path from time to time…Yes, I will be able to assist others who are attracted to my work and yes, I will generate substantial prosperity because of what I’ve learned from Marisa however there is another level of her work which has to do with something you cannot put a price on… The level of Truth, Sincerity and Service that is transmitted through Marisa, Murray and the team is outstanding and it touched us all in ways we are not even conscious of…

However, the most important gift that was shared with us and was totally suffused throughout the course, was Love…Thank you, Marisa )

Elaine Chui

I enrolled in several online business trainings in the last 2 years. I learned a lot but there were no fun in those trainings. Most importantly, I made $0 and served no one with all those trainings.

In April 2016, I paid $6000 for a course by a famous guru. Hoping I could fine tune my business idea so I could serve more people and make some money. It was the most time consuming online class I had ever taken. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

However, the structure and delivery of the course by the owner did not justify $6000 and our time investment. 100% of students agree that the course was overpriced. Result: I’m not the only one in that class who made $0 and served no one! Discouraged, disappointed, dissatisfied… I felt like a failure! When I chatted with one of my best friends in Hong Kong, she suggested me to get a stable job.

I forgot how did I find out about Marisa. No way I would buy another course!! I went to her webinar anyway. Marisa presented it perfectly! I like the live Q & A afterward. She was the business ninja that answered all questions professionally (including mine.) I honestly did not get the essence of what she described as “experience product.”

I had a gut feeling that this course is different from all my previous courses because of Marisa. Her approach sounds more fun. Wish I had found this 4 weeks ago! I bought 2 other online courses within the last 4 weeks. I knew that I could not benefit from these 3 online courses if I tried to attend all classes and finish all homework. After a few days of struggle; I bought this EPM at the last day before the cart closed. I made $2663 before the deadline.

For the first few weeks, I was behind on the homework. When Marisa offered the “Jump Contest”, I determined that I better catch up. I invested all my time to this course, attended all trainings live and finished all assignments. I would like to apologise that I did not engage in the FB group as much as I would like to since I needed to watch the classes & do homework for the other 2 courses.

These 2 phrases helped me to breakthrough:

“Done is better than perfect”

“Iterate your way to awesome”

I went out to get clients despite the fact that I had not created all the details of my course. I had a framework only.My biggest challenge were the lack of title and a compelling origin story. Who would want to join my weight loss program since I’m not a doctor or nutritionist. To make it worse; I was never obese.

One of the biggest takeaway for Marisa’s EPM is mindset shift. Instead of focusing on what am I lacking; I focus on my strength. I genuinely care about the well being of my friends. I want them to be happy, healthy, productive and enjoying lives.

Emily Lopez

I was scared of failing again, alone in my entrepreneurship pursuit and in tons of debt from past attempts to share my message, but I had a dream which no one understood. Until I joined the Experience Product Masterclass!

I joined EPM after listening to one of Marisa heartfelt videos of her journey how she created her 1st online product. Like her I knew I was smart, outgoing and had a desire to help others but questioned myself over and over because I kept hitting a cement wall at each attempt to launch my business.

Here are three major take-away I learned from her program:

1) I had a dream put in my heart and I get to Live My Message Every Day! I am Powerful no matter how my business does. Businesses have their peaks and valleys but that’s not a reflection of who I am. I am not my business! Yes, my goal is to make money but the money doesn’t define me, it’s just a part of me and a part that I have been scared to explore. Money!

I’ve tried for 3 years with my business but I have always been scared to ask for money. By putting a price tag on my program meant someone would have to pay me. And that brought me to a very sensitive period of my childhood when my family had no money. I am thankful because somehow through this program I was able to make the connection that I didn’t want to ask for money, because it made me feel childlike again and powerless.

I had attached shame and embarrassment to “Asking for Money”. When I realized this, I had a lightbulb experience!! I realized WHY I wasn’t making money in my business. For so many years I had suppressed this feeling and through acknowledging it I am able to create a new story about receiving money.

Process, Commitment and Creativity allowed me to build amazing results. In 8 weeks I pushed hard with all my strength to create and launch a program that I had dreamed about for years. It was amazing to share my message and see that it encouraged and inspired others.

Mission accomplished. I learned a solid process and foundation to create online programs. I joined an amazing community that was helpful, loving and as passionate as me to live their message. It’s been a beautiful experience to bring awareness of healing to migraine sufferers because it is my authentic voice and that makes me happy to serve others. Thank You EPM

Margherita Crystal Lotus

I just followed Marisa's teaching, making myself a flow fountain going up towards my goal, (instead of the funnel that goes into a hole). I reached $3000, which is 50% above the goal of the Experience Master Class. I am happy!

Gia Parsons

Something irrevocably flipped in me this Summer. It was almost like my heart had declared my readiness to step up, step out and share my message. No more waiting in the wings. After far too many years of journaling, practicing, planning, course taking and playing-it-safe making – EPM was just the intervention I needed. And what a welcome surprise it was!

Why was it so right for me? I needed a structured framework to help me ground all my years of ideas and skills, and to re-connect with the value I had to share. The contents inside of EPM were the answer to my declaration to make 2017 a year to remember, by drawing a line under the old me, the stuck me, the fearful me. (Major visibility fears held me back for far too long - I was done) And even more important than that, share my message with the women who needed it.

Through Marisa’s genius process of going step-by-step through each element, I was able to speed - tick-by-tick - through the exercises (like discovering my biggest value, writing my story, defining my niche and so much more) 10 times faster than any previous course I have taken. I created a 1:1 Transformational Intensive to “Liberate and Launch your Life after Breast Cancer” – called Create Your RoBust Life. I am sooo proud of it.

Being clear and confident on the contents of my programme, and finally being able to write and share my story with everyone (and give back to those who helped me on my recovery journey), has been beyond healing for me personally too. Ironically, it was almost like the missing piece of my own life launch platform.

Discovering my Super Power – Polish Potential Until It Shines Back – has had me see myself in a different light, and recognise the power within me to polish and nurture that potential in others. This “big game” experience had me really dig deep to uncover the parts that were holding me back, and stopping me being visible. That has been such a blessing to discover and flip upside down to a strength – something I would not have done in the comfort of a lonely D.I.Y course module!

Half way through the EPM course, I realised that I could not rush or push as much as I had been – and I made peace with that, knowing that if I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, I would get there. “Iterate to Awesome” as Marisa says. And I will. In my heart I will succeed in actually launching this time, because now, I have my unique recipe that I trust and believe in.

The difference with this course, has been the level of live interaction, momentum and connection created by Marisa’s team, coaches and supportive community members. It’s been epic and intense! This in particular was the reason I am so proud of how much progress I made; which was more in the last 8 weeks than the last 4 years. I couldn’t have gotten this far had it not been for the level EPM invited me to play at. It’s Big, Bold and Scary – but it catalysed me to the next level of my life, and business. The excellent processes and technical trainings were the cherry on top. Genius indeed.

It’s not just the progress I made from being inside the EPM experience that has helped me so much – it’s also how EPM has helped me on the outside too. I even finished a fundraising song about my story, that had been in the pipeline for years! And have reached out to people that had been wondering where I had been all this time, and who are now more than happy and ready to support me going forward. So no more hiding on my part! What a gift.

So this was MY VERY OWN MISSION ACCOMPLISHED; Confidence to launch my product (life!) in the coming months, 100% more capable in understanding and implementing the technology (that used to block me) and without a doubt – so ready and able to go out there, and Live My Message! Thank you Marisa and Team, from the bottom of my grateful happy heart xox

James Mayfield Smith

I began my Experience Product Mastermind in the middle of my first online product seed launch. My BreakThrough Circle program trains heart-centered entrepreneurs to nurture breakthroughs in their emotional lives so that they can serve the world in a bigger way. My cart was initially scheduled to close in late Sep, but in order to pay for EPM, I kept my cart open until Oct 3. Yet even with keeping my cart open an extra week, I still had only 4 paying clients totaling $3,889.

I was short of my goals and needed to figure out a way to enroll more clients so that I would have good video footage from the course to use for creating the next iteration of my Experience Product. I also needed to earn more revenue to keep my cash flow from drying up before my next launch. I wasn't sure what I needed to do to enroll more clients.

Then in 10X Strategy Module 1, I heard Marisa say that “In 99.99% of the time, Information-based products, programs, and courses don’t take enough time to paint the most detailed picture possible of their customer’s future selves and it’s a big reason why they struggle to enroll people in buying.” I realized that I needed to get clearer on the mission and specificity of my offering.

Then Marisa taught us the “Give Them What They Want” campaign and the power of asking my clients what they wanted. I took this idea and went back to my prospects who didn’t buy. I gave them a clearer picture of the benefits of the program and also walked them through a baseline data survey that rated the major strategies of the BreakThrough Circle program that they were already using.

Scores were very low, as I anticipated. Then I helped them connect the dots to what would be possible for them if they began to consistently use these strategies. This opened their eyes to the future self possibility of joining the program. I enrolled 3 more paying customers for an extra $1,494 (and $149 Superbux) that I would not have earned otherwise. By following up again with my non-buying prospects and employing an adaption of Marisa’s survey-oriented strategy, my post-cart close telephone campaign was a success.

I was busy delivering my 7 week program during EPM and chose not to participate in most of the Experience Points motivational contests, but I did watch most of the live trainings and coaching calls. The Experience Product Masterclass is the most comprehensive course strategy, design, and launch program that I have ever seen. Marisa really has a knack for bringing the teaching down to the very practical level in ways that other teachers I’ve studied with were unable to do.

I am re-launching in January and expect to earn $15K-$20K for this second launch. Thank you Marisa and team!

Janae Bower

My heart and my desire for my business flat lined. Too many heartbreaks while trying for 14 years to get my lucky break with my products stopped me from taking any action for months. I felt dead inside as I ran out of money, time (as my three boys are now all in school full-time) and all excuses that I created around sales and marketing. I had to make a pivotal decision to either finish strong or be finished.

A sign of life fluttered in my heart when I heard about Marisa’s Experience Product Masterclass. She broke the barrier from her flat-lined product sales to skyrocketing them with her new experience products. Could this happen to me? It felt like this could be divine intervention because it was exactly what I needed and it was launching on my birthday.

My mom made the decision for me by gifting me with this class for my birthday in hopes that I would once again give birth to my dreams. As my heart beat with hope and hands trembled with fear, I hit the register button.

From the moment I entered the EPM race, I wholeheartedly committed to SPRINT toward mission accomplished and do my best NO MATTER WHAT. As this class finishes, I’ll be 1/3 of the way FINISHED with DELIVERING my first experience product hosted on a membership site! I’ve trained hard for 8 weeks with many set-backs along the way, but with the help of Marisa’s expertise, my success coach Kataka’s encouragement and the EPM team and members support, I am proud of these gold-medal moments on my way to mission accomplished:

- Going from zero (no marketing to my email list for a year) to superhero (by the end of the year I’ll have created 100 marketing, sales and content videos in just one quarter).

- Getting over my artistic tendency to create what I love over and over again to developing a product that my audience really needs based on the “give them what they want campaign.”

- Designing a valuable freebie on my time-bending formula that is a magnet for opt-ins.

- Sprinting ahead of the class’s schedule to market and launch on Nov. 9 so that I could finish delivering my experience product, a 45-day Breakthru to Inspired U Sprint (to achieve your #1 goal), before the holidays.

- Breaking through the resistance of wanting to quit due to only having a week to market and sell, competing with the political races during the final days of my launch and all the other fears and excuses that resurfaced.

- Getting over the hurdle of disappointment from trying so hard, yet only reaching ½ of the financial goal ($1K) for my first run at this.

- Iterating my way to awesome by already designing my next marketing campaign using what I learned from EPM and relaunching another product I’ve created one week after this class ends.

- Envisioning plans for my future Finding IT Institute suite of experience products.

- Seeing the power of my students sprinting toward their own mission accomplished just like I did! ^^^^^^^^^

Thank you for reviving my future dreams! Once again my MY HEART BEATS FROM THE FEAT that I accomplished from this class.

Joyce Dias

There is something about Marisa!

I had been dabbling in various programs on how to create a course and taken a few high priced courses from some notable instructors without having lifted a finger to actually do the work. Many thousands of dollars later and nothing to justify the expense, I pleaded with my husband to let me invest in the Experience Product Masterclass. He sighed “THAT sigh” and gave me THAT resigned look as if to say, “there she goes again looking for the next shiny new course” to solve the problem of procrastination. Guilty as charged – until now!

But then something strange happened as I began to enter into the Experiment of the Experience. I learned not to worry about getting it perfectly right, realizing I never would. The experience of the contests and fun prizes and the support of my fellow students suddenly gripped me, like a child trying to be good to earn presents from Santa Claus.

By the third week I realized that this was a completely different experience from the other courses I had taken. I was gripped by a fever to complete watching the videos and taking action every step of the way, however uncertain I felt and sat on my perfectionist dictator while I took incremental imperfect actions.

It was the mission and future self statement exercise that got me talking in a more cohesive focused way at networking events, that got people to sit up and take notice (and I thought I was developing a headline for my sales page). I began to tell my Origin story that had brought me from where I was (a very unfulfilled compartmentalized existence as an employee) to where I am today (a flourishing expanded business owner who is able to share herself, heart and soul with the world).

Having developed a more coherent system to take my clients through discovering their gifts, identifying with clarity what they were looking for and then transforming their lives, career and business choices to be in harmony with what they have to uniquely offer the world, I gained the confidence to tell my story from stage and captivate the audience sufficiently into getting 3 sales at $3000 (third sale happened today) each for my 3 month Coaching program , “ Born to Shine” that I begin in January 2017.

That is a freaking $9000 without having got all my perfect little ducks in a row, but flying in formation! I always knew I could do it, but was very slow in taking action, until I did. Thanks Marisa, I jumped and took the leap, and thank you for helping me build my wings on the way up!

Jennifer Peake

I have been working as a paediatric dietitian for over 12 years now and I love what I do. Since having my kids, I realised that no matter how fulfilling this job was, I wanted to be able to spend some time at home with my kids, which was not going to always be possible with the job I had. I have worked doing 1:1 consults with parents of kids over the past 6 years but not only felt that this was not necessarily going to give me the ability to leverage my time but I always felt that I never had enough time with the parents to really help them with their kids nutrition and feeding issues.

For this reason I decided to start my own online nutrition business with the ultimate aim to develop online nutrition programs for families. I have spent the last 12 months learning wordpress and social media and lead magnets and email lists....the list goes on and on. I have invested in courses over the time which have greatly helped me to move my business forward.

The next stop was going to be to invest in a course about designing online programs. I had almost signed up to a couple of different ones, but something stopped me. Not sure if this was fear or concerns about money, but there was something holding me back from moving my business forward.

I must confess, I had never heard of Live your Message before and it was an affiliate email that caught my attention and I signed up for the 3 part video series that Marisa had created. I was hooked right from the start and even though I had not planned on spending much money on a course about courses, once I sat through the first webinar that Marisa ran I was in.

I was one of the first 20 people to sign up and I NEVER had any doubts about what I could learn from EPM. I cannot even begin to explain the amount of work I have achieved in the past 10 weeks. I have designed my whole program and have even had a few people sign up for it. Without EPM there is NO WAY I would be this far along with my online program.

If I had signed up for other programs it is likely I would have watched a few videos and then gotten discouraged. EPM has been different, the EP points and the support from Marisa, Murray and the Coaches as well as the other EPM members has been amazing and has really helped me to work the hardest I have in a long time to enable me to complete my course.

Did I reach "Mission Accomplished"? Not yet, but I don't care, I am starting the beta version of my program with real people next week and I truly know that the next time I launch this course I will well and truly achieve my stretch goals. I also know that I will now have the ability to successfully help many more struggling families with their kids eating and allow their kids to grow up to be healthy and happy.

Juliet Le Breton

Did I accomplish my mission? Not yet. Do I feel certain that I'm on the road to success? Yes, yes, yes.

Confession time. I've been a wannapreneur for two years. Two long years on that emotional rollercoaster. Two years of hoping, praying, needing, pushing like hell to get to success, of relentless enthusiasm, of exhaustion, of burnout, of desperation, of fear - and at the end of it, all I have is a five figure debt and a broken heart.

For days now I have got up - full of bubbly excitement, rushed to my desk to begin to have an impact - make sales, share my message and genius with the world. Some days I have succeeded in doing this. Most days I've allowed myself to get pulled off track.

And there have been many, many days when I have been furious with myself - I know I can do it. I want to do it, I can help people, I have helped people before, all I need to do is figure out how to do a tiny shift of what I was so successful at before and I'll find my tribe, my genius, my success. And there have been days when I've felt so bleak I didn't want to get out of bed. Or so excited as I invest another crazy sum of money I don't have and am secretly not sure I can make - on the latest magic bullet solution to all my problems.

Each time my hopes spiral to the stratosphere as I think I have found "the answer". And the irony is, that I've known the answer all along. "The answer is within," so the gurus say, as many of them (not Marisa) gleefully extract charge another 4 figure sum from credit card.

"You know what to do, I'm just breaking it down for you - making it easy. All you need is my super duper wooper secret success formula which hypnotises your clients into buying your service and gets them screaming for more." The crazy thing is, in my heart, I knew most of them wouldn't work. I don't want to hypnotise anyone into buying my service or product, nor do I want a formulaic business in a box.

Actually, all I want is impact. And when I say impact, I don't mean a million dollars in the bank. I'd much rather make a difference to a million lives - help lift people out of poverty and despair. You see, I'm lucky. I may have a five figure debt, I may be living on the edge of burnout, I may be frustrated and stuck - but I have a house, and food on the table, a beautiful garden, and my health. And I live in a country where over 90% of people don't. And they are the ones I want to help.

So then one of those days when I was so frustrated with myself, and my choices and fed up with not making an impact, and not having success and not being able to make ends me - it struck me. I'd actually rather go broke than that run a business with the same morals as many I have seen around me. I have no desire to feed off people's fears and bamboozle them into parting with their hard won last resources. If that's what it takes to run a successful business, screw that, I'd rather go broke. And so that's exactly what I'd done. Oh crap.

And the worst thing was - I'd been a success in the past. Go back one more year to three years ago-- I was making 6 figures a year as an independent international development consultant, working with the United Nations and governments to help their citizens make good healthcare decisions so that they wouldn't put themselves at risk of diseases such as HIV. cholera, malaria etc.

I'd invest 20 years and worked in 26 countries trying to make a difference, and had got disillusioned when so much of my best work had been mired down in government bureaucracy, or political wrangling, and very little of it implemented. And I realised that the best way to develop a country is to empower women entrepreneurs - people with a small business are already striving to improve their lives and development data shows that women invest 90% of their income in their families, communities and nations which leads to an upward spiral of development and growth.

So that's how I identified my target niche for my new social enterprise two years back. It had an incredible vision of working with mid level women entrepreneurs, helping them to develop their enterprises beyond subsistence to sustainability and growth, and then empowering them to turn around and mentor/coach their peers to follow in their footsteps. I wasn't just going to change a few lives. By the time I'd mapped out my vision trained women entrepreneurs were supporting each other, consumer campaigns where urging the public to buy products and services that were made by women-owned companies, even the governments were coming on board to support the plan.

In my head, at least! I couldn't just change a few lives, or even a country, I could revolutionise women's lives all across Africa. And perhaps even beyond. OMG. This became my new raison d'etre. And even though I am incredibly shy and loathe the public eye, I realised I was going to have to be a leader. And leaders are visible. So I screwed up my courage and did a TEDx talk - it was the first public speech I'd ever done. In for a penny, in for a pound, right? If I've got to make a leap, it might as well be a huge one.

So I started with a TED talk and I was made a Global Ambassador for Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 the week before and I was so excited to launch my new business on Women's Entrepreneurship Day, two days after my TED talk, with a fanfare of pride and delight. Hundreds of people signed up to come to the opening workshop. I worked all night to perfect the training materials, and rushed to the venue early to set up.

Long story short, not a single person showed up. Apart from the caterer, with a bill for $400 and lunch for 20 people. On the way home, I got stopped by a police officer who fined me erroneously for not stopping at a Stop sign - I did but the line was so far back from the corner of the road that I then had to creep forward to see if the road was clear before making my turn. That was the great and glorious start to my new enterprise.

And two years later, as I learned about the Experience Product Masterclass, my enterprise had held a number of training events, which barely broke even, given away a lot of useful training material and advice, consumed every waking hour, and was still not able to make ends meet. A business-to-business company I consulted for through my husband's company had just increased their revenue by a factor of ten based on some marketing advice I'd given them - so I knew how to do it. I just wasn't doing the right things in my enterprise.

In my head that made me a fraud, a fool, and the world's worst entrepreneur. And so I'd kept searching for the answer, kept signing up for webinars to see what I could find. I'm on about 400 mailing lists. I was drowning in good intentions, half completed projects, and debt. Despite my big smile to the world. I was miserable.

And then EPM came along. And it made so much sense. A revolutionary way of teaching, to make it fun and motivating to students so that they will actually watch all the training and a way of incentivising them with fun rewards so that they keep on showing up and doing the homework. I'd done a course with Marisa before - Call to Adventure - and had been deeply impressed with the quality of her training, depth of her insight, and her ability to make things fun. And this offer, well it cut through my cynicism. This was something different - not run of the mill internet marketing hype. This was a new way of learning, of teaching, of sharing and of helping confused and stuck entrepreneurs (like me) break through, get results and finally, finally shine.

And there was a no-brainer guarantee. Make your money back or we'll give it back! Who offers that?! Only someone with deep integrity, someone who totally believes I can get the result she's promised. No switch and bait here, no phoney claims of incredible results, no default option to blame me if I don't get the results even if I had done the work. Finally, a person of integrity. Offering something of huge value, with all the extra support I needed.

I signed up and committed fully to the course. The classes ran til 1am my time, but I was doing them anyway. I did what it took. And yes I procrastinated, and got sucked into fear and perfectionism and distraction. But I kept showing up. Kept doing the work. Did my best. Emailed the coach, even though I hate asking for help (I used to say I was culturally impaired to ask for help - I think it’s true, but if you don't ask for it, you won't get it. I had to get over that as much as possible. And I had a great coach who instantly got the measure of me and made me feel comfortable - thanks Mike!)

Nine weeks later, here I am - an impact entrepreneur. I finally have confidence, direction and momentum. I honestly have more progress in 8 weeks than I have during the last two years. I have tested an offer, developed an opt-in, done a high ticket offer to potential clients - something that I know they will love, and I'm so thrilled to deliver. And the biggest difference is in my mindset. I've always known I can do it - I can make a difference - and I can have this huge world changing impact I've dreamed of. I've never been afraid of hard work, and I love to work all night to meet a deadline and then feel proud of myself for not compromising my exacting standards doing it. (Excellence drives me - another reason I was attracted to work with Marisa!).

But now I believe I can do it. I've figured out how I can offer something of incredible value to people I already know - and use that to help the people I want to help who can't afford me. I had an idea of how to do this before - but now I'm actually doing it. I have practical strategies that I can follow - and adapt - and the clarity and confidence of knowing how long to keep going and what criteria to evaluate whether a new service or offer is going to work or not a good fit with my new market segments. It has a been a long journey to get here but I know success is within sight. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

The biggest lesson for me is that I can't change the world on my own. I knew this of course, which is why I'd worked with UN, and governments and aid agencies for so long - I thought they were the best lever for eradicating poverty and bringing about sustainable development. But for me they take too long. The best lever is through working with entrepreneurs. And the irony is that I get to combine my two weirdly disconnected worlds that I can expertly navigate and bring them together to create a revolutionary new kind of service and to make revolutionary changes to people's businesses, and lives around the world. I get to work with high level entrepreneurs - women I love and look up to -who have successful 6-8 figure businesses, and I get to link them with women back home in Africa who are trying to get by, trying to survive an incredibly hostile business and social environment - trying to take their business to the next level.

And through this process I get to help business leaders around the world to discover how to tap into their long held dreams of changing the world - of making their own huge world changing impact for a social or environmental cause they love. And this makes my impact so much more than I could ever do - ever dream of - this is way beyond little old me. It's a revolution. for business. For lives. For social change. For the world. And it all began with the EPM.

You'll laugh because "Oh crap!" has become my new rally cry. I say it every time I go into the fray, as all my excuses fall away and I know I'm going to have to do whatever it was I've been worrying about and putting off. If I want to make a difference, and make a dollar, if I want to increase my impact, my influence and my impact. I'd better get on with it then. And every time it gets a little easier. I just smile, saddle up the war charger, shout my rally cry and off I gallop, superhero cape streaming behind me and my clients, coaches and entrepreneur besties (BFs) beside me. Or so I'd like to think. We're allowed to have fun when changing the world, right?

Jennifer Holbus

Today, I issued my first ever invoice - $4,000 for my first week as a Lean Transformation Coach!! And I feel GREAT!! It is what I am here to do ... my purpose .. my super power!! My Story ...... How I won my first corporate contract ~$100k (6 months) .. doing "ME" 😊

So .. I went through a period of high stress and depression which lead me to take a sabbatical from corporate (GE) ~18 months ago. I walked away from a very successful career to start my lean six sigma training business where the "big" money is really in working with corporate clients. While, I have sold several individual training products ... I haven't been able to win a corporate contract till now.

I totally credit this program for boosting my confidence to be able to do this. I realized I was focusing on the wrong thing ... I really don't like core six sigma due to it being such a rigid methodology nor do I really enjoy implementing financial systems and I think prospective clients were able to pick up on that. I was always drawn to the common sense process improvement approach and the team based problem solving side of work. That's why I was successful at GE. I would do my day Job during the day and then at night.. I would focus on improving all the processes and consistently exceeded my managers expectations.

With Marisa's program, I discovered my true superpower which is "turning chaos into greatness" using a common sense approach. So, my new (5 times pivoted) product is now "KaizenProductivity" - Learn How to kickstart your process improvement efforts, know which problems to fix first & continuously change for the better.

I help individuals and businesses become masters of their process improvement efforts and help them to continuously change for the better by teaching them to plan and launch process improvement workshops, generate improvement ideas that everyone believes in so they can start fixing them.

This is where the story gets great ..... After joining the EPM program, I flew to Virginia to interview for a permanent job with one of the largest software companies in the world. My job was going to be a presales consultant that would present the functionality of the software to finance managers with the goal of closing a sale. After spending most of my career implementing financial systems, one would think this is the greatest opportunity in the world ... but why was I so nervous and why did the interview feel so forced.

I realized that I was interviewing only because I needed the money ... after 18 months of being an entrepreneur, I certainly did not want to go back to full time corporate work. And I sure did not want to do financial systems sales for that matter. That was only one of several interviews for permanent roles where I was just going through the motions with no offers (except the one I turned down because I was being underpaid ... and now I know I probably would have said no even if it paid what I was asking. I was just not getting excited about these roles).

While away for that pre-sales consultant interview, I logged into Live Your Message Academy and I watched Marisa's training on finding your Niche and your Super Power. I was so convicted by this lesson. Following the lesson, I updated my Linked in profile - my headline now reads : "Become a Master of you process improvement efforts and continuously change for the better" and I updated the summary section with my new product mission. I changed my current title from "Oracle Functional Consultant" to "Lean Transformation Coach". Since I had done a little of each type of work, I wanted my profile to reflect the type of work I was interested in.

Upon returning home ... my phone rang. It was a consulting firm that wanted to place me with a potential client as a Process Improvement Consultant to to do Lean Transformation Deployment & Coaching. He came across my LinkedIn profile ... he told me. While talking to the recruiter, I spoke openly about my newly discovered super power, I even told them about my new upcoming product launch. We laughed on the phone ... they could feel my excitement and my passion in my voice. They fell in love 😀!!

They liked me so much, they decided ... instead of placing me with the firm ... they would hire me directly to come in and "kick start" their own internal improvement efforts!! And I said "YES!" Start date November 14th. Hopefully, I can turn this around from 1:1 to 1:Few soon!! Feeling so blessed!! Thanks for reading 😊

Note: I literally spent my last 2k on Marisa's program and crossed my fingers. (Teary eyed) Today, I issued my first ever invoice - $4,000 for my first week as a Lean Transformation Coach!! And I feel GREAT!! It is what I am here to do ... my purpose .. my super power!! Thank you Marissa ... the last 18 months of feeling defeated and going through the motion brought me to an email from Josh Turner which led me to your program and now I am right where I should be!! I remember opening that email and watching the interview between you and Josh and me saying to myself ... I think my prayers have been answered!! ====

Jennifer Holbus

OK. My name is Jennifer Holbus. I'm from Atlanta Georgia. My business is Professional Edge Training and Consulting and my product is Kaizen Productivity.

What was your inspiration going into business?

My inspiration for going into business was to get out of corporate. I worked with GE for 12 years. And I was really passionate about my work but it would never promote me to management because they thought I didn't have executive presence but I realized that they just did not want to get me out of doing because I was so passionate I was good at what I do. They wanted to keep me doing. So I decided I would start my own business and do my own thing. And have more impact working with, you know many different clients. So there's one employer. [37.4]

So why does your work matter to you?

Having an impact--that's the biggest part for me. I value that more than money. Just being able to go into an organization and change what they do so much that they can see immediate impact.

So what was your business like before EPM?

Before EPM I had a training business that was primarily training videos and you know, it was not experienced type training. And it was just blah. 80% of my students did not make it through my training. And I was looking for a way to actually make more students complete the program. And then I came into--I came upon Marisa's program and she was talking about the experience product and I was like oh my goodness this is what I've been waiting for. That is the reason that I joined EPM. It was to create an experienced training product for my students.

So were you concerned about investing in EPM?

I was, only because I had just spent 18 months trying every training out there and 90 percent of them I did not complete. So yeah I was skeptical. I did literally give Marisa my last $2000 and crossed my fingers.

So tell me about your experience in going through EPM.

It was good for me. I liked the collaboration. I like the fact that Marisa did not leave any students behind. She rewarded those people that participated. She motivated you to want to complete the program. So I did like it. My favorite part was discovering my super powers and I went through the process that she used to help us figure out what our ikigai was and mine turned out to be transforming chaos into greatness.

What was your biggest break down in EPM?

The program was just really fast paced and I wasn't able to keep up. But I did get through it because I just developed my own pace and I just went at my own pace. So I didn't try to do what everybody else was doing. And it was OK to go at my own pace.

What was your biggest breakthrough?

My biggest breakthrough was finding my niche, finding my tribe and discovering, you know, my story, my wounds and base on my wounds discovering the tribe that I wanted to work with because I want to work with people who had the same wounds like I did. And so you know I was thinking back to when I was nine years old when I had a lot of abandonment in my life and that came through my life as making me feel like I was stupid all the time like I wasn't smart enough. And I realized that there are people out there that are just like me who experienced the same type of wounds. And those are the people that I want to work with. You know the people when you talk to them and tell them your story and they're like, "oh my gosh where did you come from? You're just like me." So I discovered my story and through that, the tribe that I wanted to serve.

So how did you like working with Marisa?

I love Marisa. She is a powerhouse. She knows her stuff. She cares about her students and she always over delivers, you know? And she always comes up with more and she doesn't just put a program together and go lockstep through the program. As she's going through the program, she surveying the students seeing what's needed and she's adding and changing the program as she goes along. And it's just great.

So what is your business like after EPM?

After EPM my business just took off. Essentially, I went from you know not making any money to having clients that, you know, respect me and want to work with me. I'm not afraid to show up to work, I'm not afraid to speak up, I do have leadership skills even though my company didn't think I did. You know I'm coaching executives and they respect me and listen to what I have to offer. So it's beautiful.

So how has your mindset changed after EPM? [8.7]

After EPM, you know, going through EPM I discovered that my self didn't matter. Nobody cares that I have an MBA and that I'm a lean Six Sigma massive black belt and you know nobody cares. They just want to know what can you do for me. And so that was a big turnaround for me because I spent a lot of time talking about myself and how good I am at what I do. But I never focused on what I can do for the client you know. And that's really all they care about. You know what can I get for my $2000 eventually.

How much money did you make during EPM?

During EPM, four weeks in and I signed my first client and that was $100,000 for six months.

And after EPM?

After EPM, I was able to get that up to one year and added another $150,000. So from zero to six months, a quarter mill.

And how do you feel about that?

I feel great. I love it.

Cool. So what was the most incredible thing about having an online business?

The most incredible thing about having an online business is that the world is my market. You know there are so many people online every single day and every single one of those are a potential client. There are many people on the internet who have similar businesses like mine or they're going through the same struggles as mine. Having the groups that Marisa put together the camaraderie and everybody supporting each other, it's just a great place to do business. And you know there are no walls.

Can you describe your lifestyle a little bit?

My days are pretty uneventful. I work a lot and even though I have my own business now, I still put a lot of hours in. You know when I was working in GE, I worked nonstop for 12 hours every day. I didn't see my child and my husband had to take him to his doctor's appointments, my husband took him to all his parent-teacher conferences, soccer games--I didn't see him at all. And now, you know. I'm able to--I can take him to a soccer games, if I can take him to doctor's appointments and make my own calendar and we're able to do a lot of things that we couldn't do before. You know so we like going out to eat, taking long road trips, going on vacations. So, yeah. I need to answer this--her kids are supposed to be with my--let's see if she's messaged me. Let me see if this is urgent because I think Nate's with her kids.

The next question was how's your family supports you?

My family is very supportive. My husband's--Okay. So my husband is very supportive, very supportive. When I have to travel for business he jumps right in. He picks up the slack and he's just very supportive. And my son, I mean he's maturing, by me not being home. You know, when I was home I was beating him a lot. So I mean he's also benefiting from from me not being home he's stepping up and making dinner and doing things. And they support me, just moral support and telling me how great I am and you know, keep up the good work and stuff and they're proud of me. My son I think they forgot I'm shooting.

Tell me about the impact you have with your clients.

My clients. It's just amazing. You know, right now my client is like for 400 million dollars in revenue. And coming from a company like GE that has, you know, close to 200 billion in revenue. I bring a lot of experience that they've never seen, a lot of things that they, you know, most people in that firm has been with the firm for 20 years and they have never experienced the things that I have. So I'm able to bring a lot of value and a lot of tools that I've used over the years and I'm able to have an immediate impact with them.

How do you feel about that?

I feel great. I feel good knowing that I am having such an impact, that my customers are happy, I'm happy.

Last time you mentioned something like--you mentioned something you know that you are happy to do. You want to see your customers happy, if only you don't have to pay bills--

I'm having, you know, a lot of impact. Like quick wins you know they're they're just little things that I do that can turn things around for them real quickly. And to me it's nothing big but to them, it's huge. And I really love what I do--so I'll do even if I don't have the experience in it, I'll do a lot of research and I'll find the answer for them and they just love it. My clients love me. I love what I do. And yes, I'll do it for free if I didn't have to pay my bills and you know, if my husband would let me, I'd do it for free.

That's wonderful. So what would you say to someone who's considering EPM. [4.4]

Go for it. It changed my life. You know it gives you everything you need from beginning to end to launch a product. Tools that you can apply, you know, you're applying as you're learning and you can earn as you learn. So I say go for it.

Karen Musson

In 2015 I ran my first on-line course for conscious horse-owners 3 times. I received excellent feedback, yet struggled with the follow-on offering. I dedicated months to it. It was hard, a grind and I had that feeling of no traction. I wondered if I should throw in the towel.

In the EPM launch, Marisa spoke to several insights I had during that struggle, yet offered so much more too - and a clear strategy about how to weave them together. Marisa talks about living in our “genius zone” and clearly with EPM, she is. I took the leap.

Genius Zone, Flow State and Why We Truly Must Deliver

As I watched Marisa breezing through hours of live Q & A, I found myself oddly resonating with her state of flow – odd because, as her student, I was in border-line overwhelm! It dawned on me that I recognized it from my own work with clients. It was a moment of clarity. What if she hadn’t followed through and delivered? I’d have missed finding this vein of gold I was seeking. Not delivering due to the dulling force of overwhelm leads only to holding back answers sought by others.

Aha! The Problem

EPM helped me see that my first course, or “front door” offering -which had proved to be a transcending experience, as hoped – was not grounded in a lower layer in Maslow’s hierarchy. My follow-on course had been a challenge because the first course also did not have a clear enough pathway to a predictable, tangible and measurable outcome to follow on from!

Sometimes Seeing is Believing

I smiled as Marisa showed us her unruly mind map of EPM and how that evolved into the course it is today. I had a similarly unruly one, sitting stagnant on my hard drive. I dusted mine off along with a Venn type model I had also set aside, with renewed faith as I shared it with some closer students.

“The last thing you learn is the first thing you need to know” (Ray Hunt)

Eventually it became clear that the follow-up offer I had been planning was too big to do within the 8 week time-line – and probably just too big. I was getting stuck, falling behind on the course and sliding into overwhelm. What could I do… right now to kick back up into a clear path forward?

And... Action!

I upped the EPM Factor in a video-coaching program I was already running. It was FUN. Surprise! This led to clearer feedback and accelerated my understanding of the specifics students really needed.

Next, I decided to offer a small group program in person. I’ve done many, but this felt like The Right Product at the Right Time. My goal was to exercise the EPM factor to better nurture these clients, meet my income goal and test-drive my Bird’s Eye Framework in a One to Few setting, live with the horses. This was the surest way to observe how it was received, how easy it was to DO and tune it up on the fly.

Mission Accomplished!

After a short email campaign to a regional group of students, five students signed up to bring their horses on November 4-6th for $495.00 for a total of $2475.00.

The Proof and Truth is in the Pudding

I “boldly” ran the whole event from my (newly dusted off and revised) Framework and coached my students with Mission, Future Self, Constant Wins, Feedback Loops and Community in mind. For 3 days solid. It was Fun and recorded on video. I used rough cut (done is better) clips from the clinic to better serve existing clients in my video coaching program. Then in a live webinar, I shared more insights in an EPM inspired format. The recording of that is now ready to split into 10 min nuggets for future use.

The Final Impact

Marisa delivers, in volumes and through an experience that has a way of staying with you ;) I accomplished the EPM Mission as well as gaining clarity about what and how to implement my next offering – and I have yet to complete the last module! I am stoked to discover what gems I will find.

Karol Clark

I have been an implementer all my life...BUT as an employee or helping others. However, I have always dreamed of "doing my own thing" and spent a great amount of time creating my goals, my logos, my plan and creating content. However, I was always p a r a l y z e d when it came to committing to MYSELF and launching...so I just kept thinking, planning and creating but never taking the MOST important step (we are talking for over 10 years).

In addition, I always want to HELP so I never want to charge what I am worth...I am committed to getting results for clients but hesitant when it comes to pricing...enter Marisa and her dream 8 week program that spoke directly to me and challenged (FORCED) me to further clarify, create and confidently act so I could launch not 1 but TWO new programs in 8 weeks…

The clarity of the trainings, coaching and support was second to none and the content delivered just as I have dreamed of doing myself - providing a serious challenge and yet a safety net for "no one left behind" mentality. I have risen to the occasion and have a new found confidence, clarity of action and efficiency about me and best yet - I feel great!!!

I have two campaigns running for programs to launch January, 2017. Although I haven't made a lot of money yet (although I do have a new consulting gig), I am not afraid because I know not only my goals, but how to attain them. I have a clarity that will carry me through to additional breakthroughs and a knowledge base that is ACTIONABLE. The sky's the limit.

So...here are my 2 programs:

https://cfwls.clickfunnels.com/optin10814337 for a course offered by myself and Liz Lawless for our company Your Best Seller Book – selling our new course $1,997 called 30 Day Publishing Accountability Course https://yourbestsellerbook.mykajabi.com/store/ufmEFgWy

https://cfwls.clickfunnels.com/optin10814337 for my Weight Loss Practice Builder consulting business. The course is called 90 Day Profit Plan to Add 96K to Your Bariatric Program. Cost $7,997

I am over my fear of action, my fear of charging what I am worth (almost) and ready for this new chapter in my life. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Kat Kim

I had been sitting on my program for years. I was confident that I have good content and I desperately wanted to share my message to the world. However, I had become overwhelmed with the increasingly high number of programs that seem to be out there these days. I have purchased many of them, and either never finished them or did not receive value from them.

I didn't want to create a product that would just sit in someone's inbox, never touched. I didn't want to add to the overwhelm that I know my clients are already feeling. I wanted to make a real change in their lives!

When I heard about the Experience Product Masterclass, I instantly knew this class was for me. It spoke to all my concerns and desires for wanting to create something that was really meaningful and impactful.

This program is beyond any program I have ever taken. I have learned so much, and YES I reached and surpassed my goal! I made $3,900 during the program, and I've only just started!

Kate Wan

With just one product and one client I made more than ever before on a package in over 10 years of business.

It sounds so easy when I write it in one sentence, the truth is it really was a turbulent ride. I started the EPM journey full of hope and ambitions - actually so much so that I decided not to only make one product but my whole product suite, Marisa had advised us to focus on just one.

As much as I know she is the expert I also had people asking for different products so I decided to buck the system and try to create two. Throughout the process my brain felt scrambled. I had post it's all over my office walls focusing on 1 product one day and the other product the next all whilst still working with existing clients on another program. PLUS I am a mother of 3 young children and I only work during school hours.

This program, my existing business, school volunteering, grocery shopping, my exercise and general life needed to fit into less than 25 hours a week. I'll be honest - creating the programs was overwhelming, time consuming and confusing. Thankfully we had the guidance of a coach - Kataka was amazing at helping me keep focused and in line. Any time I felt I was on the verge of giving up I would have a coaching session with her and get straight back on track.

To be 110% transparent i should also let you know I am in Marisa's mentorship program so I felt I had a good head start on this project as well. Just when I got to the point of having 2 birds eye views, product names, program stories and logos being created on 2 programs I had a potential client contact me and ask to set up a meeting to work with one of his employees.

The big problem I faced was that I could not manage to get him to tell me what work they needed before we had the meeting - I did not know what program I needed to complete before speaking to them. The meeting was in 2 days time, I was anxious yet also had a feeling of inner confidence that I had enough information on both of these programs that I could go to the meeting and feel I could answer any questions and offer a service... and that I did!

The most interesting part of the meeting was the senior leader wanted one program and the potential client wanted the other. After discussing their needs in detail and answering all of their questions I went home and called them back in an hour with a proposal of a VIP package that included both of the original packages content and cut out the parts they did not require. I was able to act fast and fill the clients needs plus upgrade my offer. They said "yes" on the spot and arranged to pay $7400 in full immediately.

I like the quote by Zig Ziglar, "You can have everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want." With Marisa's genius guidance and listening to what the client truly wants, I believe there is no reason this can not continue to grow beyond my wildest dreams.

Mission Accomplished!!

Kat Walters

When my friend told me about EPM I had just spent the last 3 years trying to grow a product based business. It had been hard going and I had not been making ends meet at all. I had invested in LOTS of courses and coaching and none of it was really making any difference. I even just spend £2500 doing a trade show in July with NO sales at the end of it!!

I was super hesitant to do "another" course. My savings were nearly at rock bottom and I decided that this would be the last thing I would try. If this failed, I don't know what I would do. I know I have lots to offer and had always had lots of ideas of businesses and courses I could teach but as a creative I found it hard to decide what to do.

Well I can tell you that EPM has changed my life completely.... As soon as we started, I knew this was something special and different to everything I had done before. Marisa's teaching really resonated with me and I just lapped up every training, going back through each video several times to make sure I had got everything she was trying to get across.... and I followed her instructions to the letter.

The first couple of trainings were incredible.... I now FINALLY knew EXACTLY what I needed to do. EXACTLY what I should be offering as my first product and EXACTLY what my new business was going to be. I am so excited about the future, this business is actually something people NEED and WANT and I LOVE doing it!!! Because of Marisa's trainings I have now created a product and business that is EASY to sell..........

It's just so much more fun and enjoyable to be working on this and I feel like I can finally start making a difference and supporting my children properly and everything is going to be OK. I mean it wasn't that I wasn't working hard, I was working my butt off for 3 years with no results. And now I can work hard and get AMAZING results....

I don't have a website, I don't have a list, I am starting from scratch and I now have a new business and I have literally just made $2500 in a week from just posting a couple of posts on facebook in different groups..... it's insane the amount of response I am having. I love the fact that EPM teaches you to start making money straight away and iterate your way to awesome and do your website later once you are making money, it's just so clever....

Yesterday I just put one post in 2 groups on facebook and got 46 people onto my email list in 24 hours!! And this is all because I now have all the elements of a great business in place and that is ALL thanks to Marisa's EPM..... seriously I'm blown away. Things are looking so positive right now I'm very excited.... :)

And I am ONLY just beginning, wait until I have a website and more products in my suite. Now I don't have to say no to the kids every time they ask me if we can do something. We can start to have a life again. Thanks Marisa you have changed my life in 8 weeks.

Kat x


My name's Kat Walters. I'm from lincolnshire in the UK and I'm doing Instagram makeovers.

Well my work matters because I love creating things and being an entrepreneur hour I get to create stuff every day and really enjoy what I do. So that's that's really cool. I get to make a difference by you know helping people better bettering their businesses which gives me a lot of satisfaction. I'm actually making a difference to people.

Our issue is for you. Promoting. Have you been trying to start a business group. Did you use. Well I've been in business for about three years already before I started doing epm and I had a product based business.

And it was getting really really hard going. So I wasn't really making ends meet. And I was really struggling. I had invested a lot of time and money into other courses and coaching. And that it just hasn't really got me anywhere. It was like yeah I was almost thinking should I even stop doing this and just go and get a job. You know well I wasn't really thinking that but you know it was almost at that point.

Well actually a friend of mine found epm and she told me about her. But I was. When she first showed me I was like, “There's no way I'm doing another course. Absolutely not.” As I've just actually even just the year before that I had just been doing a course for a whole year that cost me four thousand dollars and it had made no difference in my business at all. And this is from a really top person out there that you know the course so yeah I'd done a lot of causes already now was a bit feeling a bit burnt out and I was just wasn't really happy to do another course. But and also I had did have hardly any savings left. And so I didn't have much money so I was really worried about spending. The money on the course. But you know.

Well the thing that drew me to it was the fact that it was going to be creating it was going to help me create a product that was going to really stand out in the marketplace and be something different. And I liked the fact that he was a guy that I was going to make back the money by the end of it. But I had invested in. Which was important to me. It was going to be practical it was going to get me going to make money straight away which is what I needed to do because my financial position wasn't good at that time.

Well epm was brilliant as soon as it began for me. I just love the way Marissa teaches her all her modules are just so easy to follow it's all laid out step by step is just you know if you just geeky like me and you just follow things to the letter then you're going to just it's going to be so easy. But so even at the beginning Marissa has this amazing training that helps you figure out what she should do and what your business should be about.

Which I absolutely loved and it helped me so much because I'd spent the previous three years doing this other business plus kind of pivoting now to a new business but not quite knowing where to focus on because I'm a creative and I have loads of ideas so it was hard to choose which one to do. And this changed everything for me when I did this training of Marissa at the beginning and I have picked the perfect thing to focus on and to do. And since then things have been going so well for me even getting I would have even done epm just to do that bit.

Another great thing is that Marie's just gets you doing the things that you need to do in your business. Now it's going to make you start making money and start actually having a business that is a functioning business.

Well my biggest breakthrough in epm is the fact that I now have a business that is functioning that is earning money and I have the potential to do amazing things we can do so well and I didn't before epm like epm has changed my life so much.

Yeah. Well my faith that the products I created during epm I got five people signed up during the eight weeks and I made 3000 dollars because I had it at a cheaper price just to be to test it and launch it at that first which I was really happy about. So I made back all the money plus a little bit more that I'd invested in epm which I was really happy about. And since then I have been doing minimal marketing really because I've got such an amazing product. All I have to do now is post in groups about it and I get people signing up to work with me and to go on to my.

So I've actually done any proper marketing yet I've just been doing very very low key marketing and that's meant I've actually earned sixteen thousand dollars since I did epm which I'm really happy about which is believe me a lot more from my end of the year before when I was doing my other big and as well as being able to earn enough money to support my family pay the bills and do all that.

I've already been I've been featured on podcasts I've been interviewed by people and I've probably about three or four times and this is just within a few months and I haven't even been hardly doing that much marketing yet. But my business is massive potential because I'm totally on the right track and my product is isn't really really good and I'm actually creating V2 of my experience products at the moment which I'm launching in August which I'm really excited about.

Well the best thing about having an online business for me is the fact that I can work around my kids so I can I can be fully present with them when they're home from school and they got homework or whatever with them and I don't work when they're around. I'm focussed on them. And then when they're not there I focus on work so it means I can live my life how I want to and I get to do really cool stuff every day.

Yes. Well my kids love what I'm doing they're really proud of it. And they tell all their friends and they are actually a little mini marketing department for me so they are like because I told them what I was doing when I was doing epm and they would help me come up with headlines. Mommy you should market it like this or you should do this so it's really cool. Yeah. They get involved as well. They're very supportive.

And since epm I am so confident in what I'm doing my business has got so much potential because I'm on the right track and I just know what I'm doing now. So I think epm gives you so much more than you think it's going to give you. It teaches you what to do. It teaches you how to do it to a really high standard and it teaches you how to function in your business and what to focus on.

I'm so excited. Yeah. Every time I every time I do anything like I tell anyone about my product is just like wild. It's like it's just like sparks going off because I've got such a great product now and people are really into it. So it's just such a joy for me because I'm doing something that I'm getting such a great reaction from.

No question worth. What would you say. To them. I would say don't don't hesitate just do it because if you want if you're somebody that wants their business to actually start making money and wants to create an online product.

That people are going to really enjoy and that's going to be one of the best out there then there's no other choice really for me. Are they all the courses I've done. Hands down. Epm has been the best thing I've ever done.

Kim Marie

2016 started with a declaration and commitment that I was going to put myself 100% into my business. I started out by hiring a business coach and joining a mastermind group in my hometown. While the idea of being held accountable helped me to make some progress, I wasn't really stepping out fully.

I say "idea" of being held accountable because I realized I was making progress because I was holding myself accountable. I wasn't really getting that much out of the program or the coach I'd connected with. I felt I'd wasted money.. .money I didn't have.. .and wasn't making progress. I'd tried another online course a couple of years ago, and also didn't make the progress I was hoping for.

When I saw Marisa's videos introducing the Experience Product Masterclass, I was hesitant. Yet she was articulating exactly what I'd been feeling. I've been interested for some time in expanding my work to reach more people, and while the internet is a great place to do that, I've never liked that typical online products don't offer real connection or soul to soul interaction. Marisa's promise of a true experience that would feed, engage and sustain me drew me in. Murray was also really helpful in being super clear about what I could expect in the program. I took the leap and signed up.

I still can't believe the quality and potency of the content and learning! I feel like I accomplished more in my business over the 8 weeks of the course than I have in 7 years of (sort of) being in business! While I didn't reach mission accomplished in terms of dollars (though I did get over halfway there), my personal mission of really stepping into my work fully, and putting it out there in the world in a bigger way was accomplished 100 fold!

I'm a lifestyle and empowerment coach, and my biggest passion is connecting people with the power of the Sacred Feminine within. I have a deep longing to bring balance and healing to a sorely out of balance masculine world, and a strong belief that it is women who will bring this balance and healing.

I'd been feeling hesitant to stand behind my work out of fear of seeming too "woo woo" or "fluffy" for a long time. With the EPM program, I was encouraged to really own who I am and what I'm here to share. Out of that was born Mother's Medicine: Awaken the Sacred Feminine Within. My program focuses on supporting mothers to feel nurtured, connected and empowered so they can step into the lives they were born to live.

I finally feel that I can be an advocate for women who struggle to advocate for themselves. I now have a platform to support women to take charge of their lives, and step into their roles as powerful, wise, far sighted leaders. While I'm still growing my list and outreach, I know I'll get there, and I'm more confident than ever that my work will support thousands of women to awaken and embody the power of the Sacred Feminine within themselves!

Marisa and her team are top notch. The care and love they put into the program is unparalleled, and never have I been surrounded by such a powerful, supportive and encouraging community. So, as far as I'm concerned....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

Update as of February 2017 (2 months after launching my 6 week program): My Mother's Medicine: Awaken the Sacred Feminine Within program was such a huge success that all of the women, plus one more that really wanted to get in on the action, asked to start my planned 9 month deeper dive program, Wisdom Rising: Embody the Sacred Feminine. I wasn't planning to do this until September, but the women insisted!

I couldn't be more grateful or feel more blessed!!! I'll be offering a new Mother's Medicine 6 week program in April 2017, and still launch another 9 month Wisdom Rising program in September. I feel like this program has set me up for a future of phenomenal success, and more importantly, I'm putting the work into the world I care so much about, and serving the women who need it! What a gift!!!

Linda Vorthman

Five years ago I retired from a career in administrative and computer support for a university. I left behind my ginormous community of friends and moved to a tiny, quiet town to start life over with my new husband. It was the culmination of a sleeping beauty love story that began when we were 14 years old, interrupted by 42 years apart and reawakened with a 2-week whirlwind engagement after he located me on Facebook.

I felt a veil lift, reminding me of our innocent soul love, revealing him as my authentic soul mate. Bill was my first kiss, and now my last. If you ever meet him, please do yourself a favor and ask for the details of how he openly carried a flame for me his whole life. I’ve witnessed many happy tears in response to hearing our love story.

By all standards, I should have been happy and content. I had 60+ years of living tumultuous stories in my personal life, set against the backdrop of always having a steady career as an overachiever. I was a super Mom to two beautiful children, three grandsons and my first great grandchild. On Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs I was now nested strongly on the top rung.

I presented at my naturopath as she described just “barely present”. She told others I lived on the couch surfing TV shows with a bit of drool spilling over the corner of my lip. Not a pretty picture. She didn’t realize I was severely addicted to Candy Crush video games, and active in the online community helping others struggling to level up. She weaned me off a long list of psychoactive medications and I began to reawaken.

She cried a tear as I shared the short version of haunting memories, including the night I was held hostage by a serial murderer on the run while he shared the minutia of his current crime spree. She applauded my victory as a courageous survivor of incest, since my perpetrator spent years in prison and we subsequently reconciled through unconditional forgiveness.

I didn’t have any money to call my own. I was feeling a tiny bit more like myself again, so I spontaneously registered for a Hell Yeah business builder conference in Vegas. Thud. My loving hubby’s jaw dropped and we had an abrupt “come to Jesus” meeting with my doctor. Flipping from depression into mania was NOT welcomed with open arms. I started getting twinges of entrepreneurial feelings, exciting possibilities and difficulty narrowing to a niche or taking any action towards business. I stayed safe in ninja stealth mode, which meant my ideas didn’t see the light of day.

Slouched on my couch, Marisa rode a ray of sunshine onto my laptop screen and a new day dawned in my existence. She looked me right in the eye and promised she would take a stand for me to be a winner. Cupid’s arrow struck. When “perfect daughter syndrome” held me hostage with inaction. Fight, flight or freeze. Marisa’s “iterate to awesome” mantra arose my secret energy.

EPM awakened my college student memories. Studying, engaging, exploring, dreaming & connecting. The intensity drowned out my gaming addiction overnight. I was hooked on ChaChing points now. I lay awake contemplating the success of my new EPM tribe friends. I raced around studying, hand holding, researching ideas to share. To spread the love, I gave honest feedback to other budding entrepreneurs, putting my fears aside. “Um, respectfully, your product sucks and you have typos. Will you still love me?”

If I had known the personal development power of becoming an entrepreneur, I swear I would have started eons ago. Psychiatrists, medications, counseling, crying on friends’ shoulders held little transformative power when compared to the 8-week EPM pressure cooker. As I awoke to my deepest superhero powers through EPM training & friends, I gained a brilliant new clarity about my purpose on Earth.

The EPM Ikinomics revealed I’m an ambivert. My extravert social butterfly flits around in support of others’ success. My introvert keeps my emotionally tender business aspirations safely secret, behind the proverbial smile to mask the pain. This is an old worn out coping mechanism of incest. While you abuse my body and murder my soul, my inner sanctum keeps my true essence a secret.

EPM shifted this cognitive dissonance through constant, loving interactions among 400 people with a shared goal. Surprise! It’s nonviable to build my business in secret. My first experience product is a culmination of my life, my being, one of my superpowers – supporting others in sharing their memoirs (or even confessions). Life is uncertain. Don’t die with your story secret inside.

Did I create a website, a large public marketing campaign, an autoresponder and squeeze page for a large list? Nope, not yet and I will thanks to extensive tools from Marisa, Coach Kataka and bonus mentors (especially Don Crowther).

October saw the death of a family member and a couple gatherings where I openly shared with close friends how I’d swapped my gaming addiction for an experience product learning addiction. With my business no longer secret, I earned $3,500 through this informal Chatterbox campaign. Four customers have my signature on the back of a napkin promising to fulfill my sales after Christmas. Mission Accomplished (though I do feel a couple may have been a pity payment). Oh well. ;-)

[Hint: Now I need Marisa’s Hidden Story Power program]

Lizete Morais

I can not tell you the leaps and bounds I am making through your program. After spending easily over 100K, in the last 2 years, learning how to market my presence online with the likes of Lisa Sasevich, Callan Rush, Eben Pagan … I have never ever made such progress and had such confidence that I can really do this. You are changing lives sweety!

I just wanted you to know that. You are changing my life! I know that you want us to focus on 1 product, but my other products and process are getting a boost from this training too. I can't help to start applying some of these core concepts to my other brands too. It's making total sense why what I was doing was either not compelling enough, not complete enough and not selling!

This is the BEST €2000.00 I have ever spent, TRULY!!! You know … I almost didn't do it. Thankfully I have a six figure business that I've grown over the last 4 years through word of mouth alone in corporate businesses and with all the training I've done, I haven't made a single dollar on the net. Not 1! Either there were too many other pieces missing or it was so exhausting I couldn't complete the product. But that's all about to change!

I would love to join you in Marina del Rey but I'm already giving training those days and they were booked for 6 months already. Wishing you every success and thank you, thank you, thank you … for all you have done! Big Love, Lizete

Maharaja Sivasubramanian N

Your biggest external result or shift (with specific numbers or examples, including how much money you make and how long it took you to make that). Got some great news. Based on the insights from my first call with Coach Matthew on Nov 17 2016, I could sell to another 250$ of therapy consulting. And pre-sold for another 150$. And incidentally, within the past 3 days, have also pre-sold for 2000$ of business coaching and training which is happening over this weekend.

That takes my pre-sales (I will be getting paid once the product is ready and I deliver them beginning over the next few months till March 2018 ) to close to 10,000$, sales for this upcoming weekend to 2000$ and past sales throughout the program to 1500$. This business has come from (and will be coming from) two domains of experience products; one to one hypnotherapy and one to one business coaching.

Your biggest internal result or shift (demonstrated through a specific example) I could have a lot of emotional closure. Yes, the I'm powerful series had a great impact. Some emails with Matthew helped me in acknowledging and letting go of certain emotional limitations. The growth throughout the program gave the courage and confidence to have a lot more closure with my mother (who died 6 years back) and also with few relationships.

And yes, the program could help me stand as I lost my maternal uncle a couple of weeks back, and could help me find an inner meaning to serve and contribute along with the love and joyful remembrance I have of my mother and maternal uncle.

With a lot of peace happening, I am now able to experience availability of lots of choice and yes, with Matthew's guidance today on the 2nd call Nov 21, 2016, my focus is now on what action could have the biggest impact on my business and life? (It took me 10 minutes of repeating the sentence to understand the quintessence of the same). What you did and how you felt about it (what’s your experience product, how did you promote it, what specifically did you do get from where you were to mission accomplished)

My experience products are: Hypnotherapy (one-to-one) and a Business growth coaching program (one to small group). A mere change in the way of stating the key benefit/s and explaining the progression and nominalizing the problems could help a huge shift in terms of the results.

The promotion happened through follow-ups one-to-one through phone and Whatsapp and group postings through email/Whatsapp. Found the above working with one client and just repeated it over and over. (yes! need to go through the other modules too and also implement them too. Will do that completely in December).

What you accomplished and the impact it had on your life and business. More courage that I could go and tell my father that I care about him. Yes, he sensed that I am becoming more responsible, more secure and more focused, and even though he did not tell it to me, he had been telling it to some of his other family members and friends which I got to hear about.

A lot more completion with the past. I am looking at going through the I'm powerful series few more times, a little more often. And the more I complete, the more I embrace the future. A hope and a new dream to be able to help make a lot more dreams of other people possible. A clear possibility and certainty that I am now in a position to make somewhere like 10 to 50,000 $ in the next 18 months.

A clear permission to experience myself. And the more I am able to experience myself, the more I have the clarity that even if others can give and are giving similar services like mine, I have a unique experience to offer which only I can offer my clients. Thinking how does it get better than this.

And also a little bit of overwhelm since evening as to how I am going to manage and deliver all projects of pre-sales and drive more sales through the next 18 months. Yes, a new mission to start getting to work sometime next week to get my passport and other papers required to make it to the event (hopefully 2018). That will be my 1st international travel. And yes, a bigger mission to really grow to the top in my work and set myself into that path. And, yes, yes, yes, a much bigger mission to add a million dollar plus profits to my business coaching clients over the next 18 months.

And one more thing. To go through all the materials clearly twice in December and reflect within myself to look at setting up a mission if I can make a dollar six figure business next year !!! :) (Marisa do you have any resources recommendations for the same, especially to plan through multiple projects and time allotment. Your last couple of emails did give me some insights.)

Maria Kellis

I got into this class to make money from my *online* experience product and somehow I also opened other new avenues of revenue that were closed to me before. This is not only a class about a product, it is a class about building a whole new business. There is so much depth to what Marisa is teaching I feel that it is so far the best class I have ever taken and I am already recommending it to all my friends.

I had been saying that I will teach internet classes for a few years but it seemed such an impossible task that I simply was avoiding it. Then a few months ago I decided that I had to do it. So I started taking classes that people were saying were the best out there. I spent thousands of $ and I was feeling that I was getting nowhere fast. I was spending endless hours working on stuff that people promised was doable and I was getting really confused and discouraged.

Then one day I was working late at night and I got into a webinar Marisa was giving to take a break. In about 30 sec I started waking up. Who was this woman? What was she talking about? She gave an iron clad guarantee: $2K or your money back. I had already taken so many classes I decided to take it simply because of the warranty - how bad could it be?

Then the first week of the class I realized that I was taking a different kind of class. The team was so involved in my success it felt that they actually cared. Was that even possible? Every step of the way was drawn out. There was no longer the guesswork of what to do. Everything was there. Marisa was starting her teachings at level 1 going all the way to level 10 or 100 and somehow all was possible with a lot of hard work.

The steps were clear, the path drawn out and all I had to do was walk. I was so impressed that I made this class my full time job and my work became what I do in between. I wanted with all my heart to create a new revenue stream and I was ready to work as hard as was needed to create that. I had worked hard before with no results. I realized that if I followed the steps that Marisa was highlighting then I was getting amazing results.

Marisa kept repeating “good enough” and “iterate your way to perfect” and I started repeating this as a mantra in my head. I am so impressed, truly impressed at everything I have accomplished in such a short time. I have worked hard. Yes, I truly have worked hard. I have gone through the entire program 3-4 times already as the class was happening and I plan to continue until it is a real part of me. I feel that Marisa has a magic way to help us navigate the complex world of internet business. I am truly happy that I got to be a part of this journey.

Marina Dean (aka MarieAngili Dean, based in Sacramento)

I literally sprinted into my MISSION ACCOMPLISHED finished line at 11:59! So I am going to call it my 11:59 response moment... It was truly significant … I did it through the CHATTER BOX and EMAIL. As I was following up my email to a few people this morning, one of then had been trying to call me to follow up with what she called my "weird email." I sent them my sales campaign letter last Friday with the subject line : "I need your help very badly .... please read attached document and respond asap."

In the body of the email I just said: "Will explain the details later ..." Where Marisa's letter that she sent to her list few years ago was sweet and long sweet, mine was as brief as a few lines. Not Not because I write that way but because of fear and not knowing what to say in such situation --- when you are pressed to sell, to ask for that sales, even knowing I had something amazing to share with them...

I expected my emails to be ignored and I actually consigned myself to the group needing a longer time to set their carts up and themselves to Mission Accompli$hed. But I must have aligned my energies with that of the universe than I realized because I asked and it delivered. I am so happy and grateful. it brought me to the MA line!

I cried later when I realized the great trust and patience of the people who respond to me in the way they did. I will continue the writing of this later after I am physically rested and assimilated and celebrated all the things that brought me to this point. in the EPM journey. What a journey it was ...

Congratulations to all those that reached the MA line too, who had sold more, earlier and faster....will be adding my stories to yours in the coming two day :)

Marla Evans

I really don't remember how I stumbled across Marisa and the Experience Product Mastermind, but somewhere along my Internet travels I saw an ad for her introductory webinar on the class and decided I'd listen in. And I'm SO glad I did!

I recently graduated from nutrition school and am just launching my practice. I had an idea for a class I wanted to develop and eventually take online, but I had no clue how to do it. My “plan” was to go all-out and develop beautiful, professionally designed materials then talk to everyone I know and get folks sign up. Yeah! That’ll work. I hope.. After all, if you build it they will come. Right?

After taking the Experience Product Masterclass I now know what a DISASTER that would have been! I would have spent weeks, even months, developing a class that did not meet the needs of my audience. The likelihood of getting anyone to sign up would have been slim and those who did try it probably would have been disappointed. And on top of not meeting the needs of my clients, my “guru on the mountain” approach likely would not have resulted in transformed lives.

Now I understand how to create unstoppable momentum in my classes. I understand the importance of developing and reinforcing the Future Self Vision in order to keep clients focused on their goal. I’m making a conscious effort to include constant wins in every class. And I’m incorporating all the other positive escalation techniques into my classes.

So far I’ve only delivered my bonus pre-module and first live class. Before the course even started I received the following note from a participant: “I received the bonus module and I am working on it. I was surprised at how Activity 2 ‘Your Future Self’ is really helping me to clarify the changes I want to make.” So using the techniques I learned here, lives are already changing and class hasn’t even started!

I have not yet made it to my “Mission Accomplished” goal of $2000, but I did earn $600 by the time the class ended and another $450 about a week later. I implemented several of Marisa’s marketing strategies and had very good luck with them, given the very tiny reach of a brand-new business: Emailed my list: I only have 68 subscribers on my list. The first time I emailed about my course I got 1 signup. Industry standard is about 1% if I remember the lesson correctly, so my 1 sign-up is actually above average.

Public Talk: Gave a 1 hour talk at Natural Grocers. Only 6 people attended, but 1 signed up. That's about a 20% conversion. Right about industry average.

I'm posting on Facebook: I'm posting pictures and videos. I even did 2 longer 20 min FB Live broadcasts to my personal page, business page and 2 nutrition group. My first ever FB Live has nearly 300 views since Sat. WOW! I don't even have that many friends/followers so that really surprised me.

Freebie Campaign: All this posting/chatterboxing/emailing I've been doing has resulted in 19 sign-ups for my report. My audience is growing.

Newsletter sign-ups: I haven't been promoting my main business/site, but I had 3 new subscribers this week (normally only 1 every few months)

Web Site Traffic: According to Google Analytics, visitors are staying on my sales page for about 1 minute. That's enough to give it more than just a quick skim so it seems they’re interested in the content.

Thanks to the skills I learned in the Experience Product Mastermind I'm on track to a very successful practice. Even more important, I now have the techniques necessary to truly have an impact on my clients’ health, both through group classes and in private consults.

Thanks, Marisa and team!

Maureen Edgecomb

Mission Still Being Accomplished!!

When I first saw Marisa's EPM Master Class, I had just scheduled my first Teleseminar. I got so excited, I took notes like crazy, not missing a video. My telephone get-together was scheduled just a week out, so I decided to implement and "experiencify" the whole thing! 8 attendees out of the 26 total signed up for discovery calls--1 rescheduled for another time, 1 was a no show, 1 was a "no," and 5 became my Beta Creatives for my first 8-week, online course!

I was so excited about what I had learned in Marisa's Master Class, that I jumped ahead and scheduled my 8-week Beta course, which began on September 26. So, I've been swamped creating this as I go, sending my weekly emails to my peeps, while trying to keep up with this amazing EPM course that I haven't even finished! I've received wonderful, useful feedback from my students that I can apply to the real deal, which is scheduled to begin January 9!

I've had 3 recent discovery calls scheduled from just my weekly emails (still no announcement about the course! LOL). One person has already enrolled, 2 calls are scheduled for today (I will be late to the celebration!), and my Betas have already asked how they can continue with me. I'm blown away--I haven't even announced the January course, and I'm way behind in our EPM course!!!

So far, I've only made $1,300 of my $2,000 goal, but just one more sign-up for January should do it. I'm still naming my business, haven't created a Web site (let alone a sales page), I'm behind in the course, and I feel SO CONFIDENT that I'm well on my way to helping so many creatives realize their goals in 2017!!

Thank You, Marisa & Matthew!!! You are beyond awesome!

Melissa Mccreery

I’ve been online for a while and was very excited by Marisa’s marketing for the program and the idea of experiencecifying my existing programs and products - that alone would have made me very happy. I never imagined that in eight weeks I’d have created a NEW one-to-many offering, completed all the sales and marketing materials, AND be midway through a beta launch to my list. Oh, and that I’d also be feeling very prepared to transition this program to an evergreen offering with a sales funnel that is also 90% created. Bam!

Best of all, I’m feeling energized and not exhausted. Even with a very short, soft launch (coming into the holidays), I surpassed $11,000 in sales this weekend – and still have the final 48 hour push to go. Given what I’m seeing, I’m very optimistic about how this new program will be received when we scale things in 2017, and I’m excited to begin program delivery, because I know this program is going to have a much stronger completion and perceived win rate for my customers.

Michelle Bongiorno

EPM arrived in my life as "exactly what I needed and was waiting for" -- but definitely at the "wrong time". How many times has that happened? And how many times have I made the wrong choice, either by jumping in or holding back. I'd wanted to work with Marisa for a long time and here was the chance. In my own work I hold the same belief-- that people are looking for experiences in life and my passion is creating those experiences, especially in live events. To hone my abilities through EPM and to learn further how to 'experiencify' all aspects of my programs, I knew Marisa was onto something.

At the same time I was really overscheduled with way too much on my calendar than any one person can reasonably create or pull off with any degree of quality. I didn't need one more thing begging for my time and attention. On top of this I had been in an accident and was suffering from a concussion. It was taking a long time to return to normal. In fact the symptoms were getting worse, not better. Part of that included having ZERO energy--ZERO! This was something I've never experienced before. I was trying something novel when I committed to taking care of myself and rather than overriding my own needs--a rare focus for me. My spirits were high, my creativity active, but I was running on empty as my body healed.

Then along came EPM. I could feel the pull of wanting to do this perfect-fit program and feeling like I wasn't in shape to do even begin. At this point I had an epiphany moment. It didn't have to be either/or. I could say YES, and enter with my fullest possible YES given the realities of my life at this time. I could give it my all, even if my all might not be what my all might be 6 months from now. I could say YES, and accept that I might miss some beats along the way, I could say YES and accept that my performance might not be stellar in every moment. I could give a whole-hearted YES, and be willing to embrace the program without having to do it 'perfectly' or create the first time round the most wonderfully effective experience product. I could just say...YES! Free of all those constraining conditions. And so...I did, and in that YES, so MUCH happened!

I rearranged my schedule to be able to attend the EPM events that took place daily. I missed some of the team coaching sessions which took place only one day of the week and on my heaviest client day. But I showed up, and listened to recordings, and went through the program.......with such a satisfaction that I was showing up. I watched myself feeling I couldn't ask questions because I hadn't done x or y, and saw how 'off' that kind of thinking was, raised my hand and asked a question during the Q&A and got so much authentic support and encouragement from Marisa. I took the week off to really catch up. I allowed all the efforts to motivate me to do just that! I watched myself take care of myself AND show up for the course....so beautifully and satisfyingly...IMPERFECT. This was a huge one for me....great learning and even with that...I reached mission accomplished.

At the close of the EPM program 1PM I'd made $8,000. Mission Accomplished on that front and so much more to come! At this point I have made $14K More to come but it's midnight

Lilah Valentine

This is the story of how I learned to be visible. There are probably not very many mind-blowing plot peaks in this story. I didn’t reach mission accomplished, but I achieved something so much more valuable. You have to be truly invisible to really understand what I’ve accomplished.

The beginning …

This program came at a very inconvenient time in my life. Every part of logic screamed for me not to invest. The course dates meant that I would miss the first 2 weeks of the program; I had absolutely no savings left (from spending too much money on other courses); I had at least 3 other courses that I hadn't even started, let alone completed; I had promised my partner that I wouldn't spend any more money on courses. I changed my mind about enrolling over 20 times throughout the launch. I kept convincing myself that I already knew pretty much everything that would be covered in the program, then I’d be drawn back to those beautiful launch videos and start craving the program all over again.

In the end, the doors were closing and I literally had to make a decision. I got that ‘knowing’ look from my partner as she handed over her credit card. There’s only so supportive you can expect someone to be and I had pushed beyond the realms of ‘one more chance’ and into ‘I love you but this has to stop.’ I enrolled.

The middle …

I’ll start by saying that I didn’t show up live to a single lesson. I was too afraid that I’d accidentally hit ‘un-mute’ and be mortally humiliated. It wasn't until the celebration that I joined live and realised that I could have seen Marisa’s face and been even more drawn into the work if I’d only been brave enough. Despite not attending the live lessons, the videos were still so much more interactive than any other course I’ve taken. Marisa’s enthusiasm was infectious, even in the recordings. Every single lesson had a purpose. Every single lesson contained everything we needed to know. No more. No less.

Gently, kindly, Marisa led us down a path to success. Not by overwhelming us with information. Not by showing off how much she knew and how much we didn’t. But by systematically breaking every challenge into digestible actions. She managed to take us, a group of people more diverse in both lifestyle and business stage and niche than I’ve ever been a part of, and perfectly explain things in a way that felt as though she was teaching directly for me.

The group coaching calls were also an incredible opportunity to learn from Marisa. Her ability to work with words is inspirational. This gift clearly comes so naturally to her - we were all blown away by the way she could take a confused and overly long statement or heading and transform it into the succinct and compelling message - right there, live, in front of all of us. In addition to group coaching, we were given office hours with an individual coach.

As far as I could, I reverse engineered getting Rono as my coach. I looked at the photo of the coaches before completing the questionnaire at the start and I saw him and thought, “You’re not gonna take any bulls**t from me.” Because I knew that things need to change. I needed to change. Things weren't working in my business - it wasn't even a business - more of an expensive hobby. I had a website, and ESP, all the gadgets. But I had no clients and in truth, I was trying not to get any. I was hiding out behind my computer doing ‘busy work’ that made me feel like I was achieving something.

Anyway, back to the coaches. If I’d been playing by my normal rulebook, I’d have tried really hard to get Christine to be my coach. She just looked so kind and so friendly (not that the rest of the coaches didn’t!!) and I was pretty sure I’d be totally in my comfort zone. It turns out I was wrong anyway - Rono was not as scary as I thought. His calls were full of personalised attention and information. And he’s kind and funny too. Although I ‘hid’ with my video turned off, I was still there, lurking! And the one-on-one sessions - priceless. (More about that later!)

The Facebook group for this program was unlike any other I’ve experienced. I felt safe. I started commenting and even sharing. I asked for feedback when normally I would have struggled alone. The support and interaction in this group has been so incredibly valuable to me. And it was fantastic to have so many team members give their feedback - so many different strengths in one incredibly effective team. Watching their feedback is like having a ‘fly on the wall’ view to answers to so many scenarios, worries and confusions, many of which I shared with the people asking the questions. As well as the general posts, I totally loved Christine’s wonderful, and always timely, videos. Like a warm hug, they popped up in my newsfeed and reassured me that I was going to be ok. That I could do this. That we all could. Sometimes it’s the little things that help the most.

The end …

A game-changing part of the course for me was the one-on-one call with my coach. Although it very nearly didn’t happen at all. You’ve probably guessed by now that I’ve been more than a little bit shy and lacking in confidence recently. To be honest, this program occurred right in the middle of one of the most anxious times of my life. When I signed up for the program, I questioned whether I’d be able to ‘make myself’ have a one-to-one call with my coach.

By the end of Week 7, the answer was glaringly clear. I had no intention of booking my coaching call by this point. I’d let myself down but I was safe. I don't know what changed. I think I simply realised the value of what I was passing up. By the end of Week 7, I was becoming more confident and willing to be more visible. I booked the call while I was waiting to be served in a cafe. It literally took 30 seconds, and for about 45 minutes I was very pleased with myself.

But then the panic sank in. I put 6 reminders in my phone in case I missed the appointment. I made lists of what to ask. I checked the meeting link numerous times. I drove my partner crazy with my frantic ramblings. I worried about it from that moment onwards. By half an hour before the call, I’d sent my partner out of the house so she couldn't hear what I was saying and banned my teenage daughter from exiting her room while I was on the call. I counted down the seconds until exactly 5.30pm. Then I left it 10 seconds - in case my clock was wrong. I was so panicked by the time we connected that I forgot to put my headphones on. So there was Rono, waving through my computer screen and I couldn't hear a thing …

The meeting was fantastic. I learned loads right there and then and Rono also gave me so much advice for how to move forward. But here’s the thing. I got more from that coaching call than the information. I got to listen to someone who has knowledge and experience in the business and who believed in me - he believed that my idea was good.

He believed I could make money. He did some quick math and we talked about figures. And I suddenly realised that this thing could actually be real. I might just actually succeed. Everything changed for me after that call. I had a plan that I trusted. I had motivation and confidence to go for it. I felt like I was, it’s hard to explain, I felt … real. My business felt real. Validated. Worth fighting for.

Epilogue …

This program has been so much more than the sum of its parts. I truly believe that I could not have gotten these results, this confidence and this clarity from anyone else. I needed to hear Marisa’s message, from her. I’ve never connected with a mentor who is so far advanced from where I am but still able to hold that space to show the clear path ahead. I’ve taken so many courses. I’ve ridden the emotional rollercoaster of the thrill of the promise followed by the desperation of my failures.

But this program was different. I was never alone. And I never failed. I achieved more in this 8 weeks that in years of business before. I did not reach mission accomplished during the time frame because I chose not to. I reached for something far more valuable. I reached for the opportunity to grow myself, and to lay the foundations for a successful, sustainable business.

I fully intend to reach mission accomplished. In fact, I’ll be launching early next year. I have booked a ticket to Message to Money Live and will use the income from my launch to pay off my credit card. Even while I write this, I cannot believe these words are mine. This is the first time I have ever dared to expect to earn an income. I always hoped. I always dreamt. But now, my business future is non-negotiable. Not only do I expect it of myself. I demand it.

Of all the things Marisa and her team taught me, this was by far the most valuable lesson: “I am capable of this, right now.” Their most valuable message: “We believe in you.” In 8 weeks, I am transformed. I grew out of myself and started growing into the person I want to be. I have gone from business-dreamer to committed. From lost to excited. From wimpy to brave. From invisible to visible. From alone to supported and championed.

I am alive. My business is alive. And my future is alive.

Ed Oakley

When I signed up for Experience Business Mastermind, my intention was to make sure I created the optimum experience for my clients. That certainly would be worth the $2k investment. One good referral from one of my delighted clients would cover that!

What surprised me is all the aspects of marketing we were given long before talking about what makes our products a great experience. I knew this was very important, so I engaged big time. I experienced the training, got some personal coaching from Marisa, utilized the Facebook Group wholeheartedly, both giving and receiving great feedback, and got some team coaching.

I really had fun using my energy measurement abilities to give people feedback. I even cleared a few stuck people of their key blocks in private FB Message sessions. I’ve never had more fun just giving for the sake of giving.

The greatest breakthroughs for me in using Experience Products came very early, though there have been many more. The early breakthroughs were the clarity of who my ideal client is and what I do for them – my product mission and promise. My ideal client is the 2nd Career Entrepreneur who wants to make a difference and is a bit stuck. I get them unstuck and in the FLOW in 7 weeks or less. And they get a one-minute tool for keeping them there.

That clarity alone changed the game as I traveled to a conference and got to share what I do with several dozens of people, as well as followed up with some old prospects with the new context. And when I started talking to prospective clients with this terminology, it resonated with their needs. With that clarity and connection, I closed $23,964 of business in about two weeks.

To say the least, that gave me breathing room to implement other EPM strategies in the delivery side. The result is a rock-solid experience for the client and my ability to sell it through Experience Sessions. I’ve closed substantially more business since then, at least twice that, and I’m now writing the book: 2nd Career Entrepreneur: 5 Steps to Assure Your Success, Freedom and Health

Blessings to Marisa and the whole team! You rock!

Hi I'm Ed Oakley, St. Petersburg Florida

I wrote the book Enlightened Leadership decades ago. Sold two hundred ninety five thousand copies and developed leaders from 67 different countries and now I'm doing the serious work of my life and what that is is unleashing the Second Career Entrepreneur.

What I what I do is take them from struggling to thriving in what they're doing within 12 weeks. There's a tremendous amount of stress in their lives and because of all of that, their relationships tend to be affected. They're struggling in their relationships. And as some of that--I'm trying to think what to pick back up--and sometimes, particularly with the second career entrepreneurs has some age on them. They've been working in the corporate world for a couple of decades or maybe even longer and they are starting to have even some health issues potentially.

So I help them deal with the emotional baggage, the belief systems, the mindset, the thoughts that they're having and the consciousness, all of those three things impact who they are and what I do is within 12 weeks. Get them to who they were intended to be to begin with when they came on this planet. When they were born, they had a purpose. And I get them ready to live into that purpose. That's what I do. That's wonderful. That's really great.

So what was your inspiration in going into the business?

I had to get really sick and in the process of getting sick, I was so sick--first of all, medical doctors couldn't tell me what was wrong with me. It was just an autoimmune disease they said and what you need to do is you need to take cortisone shots so that you will just ease the pain and the itching that you're having from this autoimmune disease. Well I knew if I did that, that was it would be a decision to just kind of have my life you know get worse and worse and worse until I was gone.

So that didn't make any sense for me. And so I challenged that situation and had a tremendous spiritual experience which told me that I had a tremendous opportunity at this point in my life. That this was a wakeup call.

When I started seeing the launch of EPM, it fascinated me. First of all, I was attracted to Marisa and who she is and where she comes from and I knew there was something special about her. I knew it wasn't just about marketing. I knew it was more about who she is and I knew it was the kind of person that I wanted to work with.

And so I started watching the launch videos and what appealed to me is I realized it was true from all of my leadership development years, I knew that the experience you provide the client is critical to the effectiveness of the work you're doing. And so I said OK that's that's an area I haven't focused on in this online environment so much and so I'd probably have to pay some attention to that.

And you know what if it just a couple of people that goes through my work, because I've made it a great experience, if just a couple more people referred me to other people. They would easily pay for this work with Marisa, so why not. So I never questioned it, jumped into it and haven't looked back. It was a phenomenal experience. I bought the course and the experience because I wanted to be sure that I gave my clients a good experience as they went through my work.

But that was that was very powerful when we got to that part, but what I didn't realize is the first whole half of the course, I think it was like 12 weeks long something like that, the first five or six weeks were not about the experience. The first five or six weeks were helping me get crystal clear about who my ideal client was and what their needs and what their desires are. And that was hugely powerful.

I am sure I went through entrepreneur, old entrepreneur, mature entrepreneur and then second career entrepreneur. Now let me tell you how I knew that was the one because within two weeks I had closed twenty four thousand dollars worth of business out of that clarity and out of talking to the right people.

So wasted a lot less time and I'm getting to the right people. And it's also taking me to the right conferences where these people are. The right meetings, the right ups and so forth. And so I did a little 20 minute presentation at a meetup just the other day and I've already gotten clients out of it. Out of clarity of who I'm talking with that.

My favorite part about EPM is the breakthroughs. However, I think if I look back at it, think through it, after I had done sort of my homework and went on to live sessions to get specific coaching from Marisa and the other coaches, to get feedback because when I get the feedback it was always another lightbulb came on.

Oh another subtle shift, another subtle change and a better understanding of who I am and what I'm really all about. And so I think it was that was probably the ideal that either getting clarity and then being able to talk to live to someone and get that feedback.

The business after EPM has been it's just kind of easy to find clients and close clients. I thought that it was going to take me a couple of months to pay for the course after the course was over. Well in the third or fourth week I got crystal clear on who my client was that second career entrepreneur. So my conversations were different, I was going to different meetings and conferences and I was closing business easily. And so it paid for itself right away.

This is like, three or four weeks and probably two more weeks. That's when I had closed twenty four thousand dollars in probably six weeks from the time it began. So it paid for itself before it was even over. That's never happened in any other marketing course that I've ever had. [49.6] Having an online business is very exciting to me because at this stage of my life I want flexibility. Here's my vision, I want to be able to market online to people say, in Barcelona Spain area because Barcelona is where I'd like to spend some more time.

All right. So I market to them and we plan a three day event and I go to Barcelona and do a three day event and Mary, my life partner goes with me, so we're going to make this a whole life experience, we don't just spend three days, in that three days we find out of these hundred people how many of you would like to work with me over the next month and fundamentally transform your life and business? Okay let's say 20 people raised their hand.

Then we stay another month or six weeks, we transform their lives, they become our new best friends. Some of them even become certified in the work that I'm doing so that they get to have a bigger impact, a leveraged impact on the world. And we just have a great time and we will get to experience the fullness of Barcelona which is a phenomenal city. I already know.

And then you know what? Maybe we take a break and come home and just relax a bit and go spend some time by the water which we enjoy and the concerts around, all the many arts, the festivals that go on in St. Petersburg, we just enjoy life here again and we decide, well where do we want to go next? Do we want to go to Thailand maybe? Let's do the same thing. So the online environment offers that opportunity.

You know, I am so proud to have served some amazing people who are my clients and are having huge breakthroughs. Phil originally called me because he was afraid that he had destroyed the relationship with his wife. He was really upset. Well we had handled that within a week or so. He was backed into the relationship with his wife within a week. And so then we switched to work in his business.

And so now it's several months later and he calls me says Ed since I've been working with you my business has doubled, I've got better quality clients, the relationships I had with the clients are awesome. And he said and there's tremendous more opportunity even within these clients without even having to do any more marketing. And he said Ed you know the relationship with my wife is awesome. And he said Life is good in general.

He said that there's just one issue and if you could fix this, you'll be my hero for life. And I said, what is it Phil? And he says well my right knee and my right hip are killing me. A pain of like six or seven on a scale of 10. Wow. He says it's hard to get in and out of the car, if I sit more than 30 minutes, it's hard to get up, it's very painful and can you help me with it? I said, Phil look, you know I'm not a medical professional in any way, I do not diagnose anything. The only thing I can do is let's take a look and perhaps release any emotional issues and beliefs and if there's any consciousness issues we can deal with those. And let's just see what happens.

So 20 minutes later we had figured it out and done the process. And I said get up and walk around. He gets up he walks around, he comes back, he's on Skype and he is chuckling as he goes back to the computer and he says OK the pain is now two or three, I can't believe it. In that period of time. And I said look this is a physical issue, all we're doing is releasing the emotional stuff. So it might take some time, let's see what happens over the next few days. Text me any change you have.

The next day I got a text that said one to two. The next day zero point five to one. Three days later he said the last three days in a row zero pain. I talked to him the other day, six seven months later, no pain. So that is tremendously satisfying to me. To see someone's entire life, their business, their relationships their health all turned around.

My days are a little bit varied. I wake up and I usually wake up with some new insights and I right away got to get on capturing these insights. I'm also during the day at different times, I am also doing the work that I do with my clients. And so I do that in a period of time. I just do it when it's appropriate to do it because I don't have to be talking with them on the phone.

So I didn't do office hours right? I don't have to be on Skype or had a zoom. I just do it and they know that I'm doing it for a period of time. And so I do that kind of work. And I do a lot of creative work because I'm just getting more and more insights all along on what we can do to really impact the world in a major way.

But meanwhile, you know maybe it may have rained yesterday and I was stuck inside. And today it's a beautiful day, so I might say Mary, let's take a bike ride. And we'll take off and do an hour or hour and a half bike ride or something. And along the way, we might run across something interesting to do and we might do that for a couple of hours and come back and all right, it's time to get to work again. But getting to work might be sitting on a park bench at the marina. You know, I love to watch the birds and the boats around the marina.

OK. What would you say to someone who is considering EPM?

You know if someone is considering EPM, I would say simply, if you've got a pretty good idea of what your talent is and how you're going to make a difference in the world and there's any question about who you should be working with and how to address them how to approach them how to market to them and once you've marketed to them how to deliver the services in the most powerful ways, then you absolutely should work with Marisa and EPM.

Rachel Bagby

Poppa-Bear Care Yanked My Career Off Rails

Back in 2006, three years of increasing responsibilities to care for my ailing Poppa Bear had yanked my career off the rails and made it almost impossible for me to carry on with my creative work. Years of living with him in ICU waiting rooms and extensive care facilities were harrowing experiences that taught me how to navigate crisis care for a near-fatally stubborn parent while holding on to my sanity. Desperate for sisterly company and income, I fantasized about translating those experiences into online "Care and Carry On" programs that I could create and offer anywhere. I imagined creating programs that would be lifelines that similarly desperate, on-call-'round-the-clock, creative daughters could access anytime.

T-Totally Turned Off by PUSH Programs. So I bought a mess of programs that promised me bits of what I sensed I needed to know to make my fantasy come true. Problem was, each program that I purchased only gave me some of the puzzle pieces needed to move from idea to beta online offering. And none of them did it in a whole, supported way that matched my values or yearning, learning and earning styles. I often felt capital T-totally turned off by what I perceived to be manipulative marketing messages or techniques. Sometimes the trainings advocated using language and methods calculated to flat-out "control" or "puppet master" potential clients. YUCK!

The EPM Difference: Excellence, Compassionate Care & Beauty Through-and-Through What I needed--and am so grateful that Marisa provides with her team via the Experience Product Masterclass--was a strategically integrated business and learning model that resonated with my values of excellence, compassionate service and beauty through-and-through.

One that also offered ample FUN time for learning-in-community. One that included stories about the concerns and strategies of successful social/conscious entrepreneurs in the mix. And one that framed completion of the program as a MISSION aligned with my life-purpose. YES!

Before EPM: No Experience Escalation Plan

Before EPM, I created "DaughterWise Eldercare: How to Care for Your Ailing Parent While Carrying On with Your Creative Life," as a live workshop featured by the DC-located National Cathedral's Sacred Circles for Women Conference. It was a wild success. More women packed the room than there was ample seating for. But I didn't know how to structure an experience that offered members of my audience (who gave DaughterWise Eldercare rave reviews) value-packed ways to become clients who continued to work with me. I didn't have any experience escalation plan in place for following up with participants and continuing to serve them.

During EPM: Earning While Learning & Loving the Flub!

By contrast, soon after signing up for EPM, I agreed to be part of an hour-long teleseminar to support TreeSisters.org's Million Trees Campaign to crowdsource planting 1 million trees per year. Thanks to EPM's "Give Them What They Want" survey, (which was completed by several Tree Sisters) and coaching with Samara and Marisa, I was able to deliver an abundance of value to TreeSisters.org's founder, Clare Dakin, as she interviewed me during the call.

As a devoted Tree Sister, I coached Clare to "care and carry on"-- to strengthen her voice as a daughter of & for Earth while reclaiming a deeply nourishing practice of singing that she had abandoned years ago. We worked together with such passion, with Clare giving clear feedback about how the experience was benefiting her breath-by-breath, that listeners reached out to sign up for my $497 EPM project, "Voicing Your Power," before its sales page or content was even complete. It looked like I might reach MISSION ACCOMPLISHED before we were halfway through EPM's eight weeks!

I set up a Calendly account and began scheduling 30-minute discovery calls. Everyone said they were delicious! But when only one person committed to the five session program, I SO wished that the 10xDelivery training had been offered sooner. I flubbed the discovery calls, big-time. My biggest flub: not asking for payment and providing a link to a check-out page right there on the calls. But I took Marisa's message to "Love the flub and KEEP GOING!" to heart...Reaching Out with Heart Resonates

Before EPM, I've never conducted consistent mailings to the 1700 souls who have given me permission to contact them via MailChimp. But after learning about the perfect 4-email campaign, I outlined the first email in a 4-part sequence that would conclude with offering my Tribe the chance to join me in a world-changing adventure: "Voicing Your Power." I was in the midst of uploading everything for the email campaign into my MailChimp account when the election results of Nov 8th sent shock-waves throughout the USA and the world.

Scrapping the note that I intended to send, I reached out instead from my heart with a simple message, summed up in the subject line: "Here for You." I asked, "How are you? How are your children?" I asked about relations with family and friends stressed by political differences. I offered my heartful ears if someone needed them. I shared Perseverance, by Margaret Wheatley--a book that I found especially supportive during the 48hrs immediately following the elections. I encouraged my readers to care and carry on, together, with love.

Implementing lessons that I'd learned in the course on writing copy, and the language insights gleaned from my survey, I kept the note resonantly authentic, short and sweet. My open and click rates on that email were through the roof.

A woman unknown to me (my ideal client incarnate!) asked for help powering up her voice in a new role as the President and COO of a SaaS company that supports Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professionals. She'd joined my list after seeing me create vocal community throughout a Wisdom 2.0 event in 2013

After our first discovery call, I was so inspired by her and her work that I offered her a second free session. After call #2 she invited me to integrate elements of my "Voicing Your Power" program into one of the premiere CSR conferences that her company is hosting. I'd never even considered CSR folks as a "niche" when thinking about my perfect client. Yet many are: mostly women, passionate about justice and longing to be deeply heard as they inspire communities of people (employees of the corporations they work for) to take world-changing action.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED inside an out! I'm listening to former and current clients more intently and intelligently. Establishing systems of experience escalation and streamlining product creation processes. $7997 earned: $7,500 contract to design and deliver fabulous "Voicing Your Power, Together" conference experiences. And I'm exploring how to offer my work to other corporate attendees. (Signed up for additional consulting time to help me think THAT through!) $497 working 1-on-1 with a client secured after TreeSisters.org teleseminar. Will conduct my first paid Voicing Your Power 1-on-1 retreat at Singing Farm.

Deeply, deeply grateful to you, Marisa, to Coach Samara and to the whole Live Your Message team!

Raglan Tribe

The CEO Growth Club helps mid-size technology corporations get back into growth again.

There are 3 tiers of membership:

• “done-for-you” strategy development

• a coaching club

• training only and monthly conference calls

(Level 1) is priced on a time and material basis, (Level 2) is $10K per month and (Level 3) is $2K per month. I've now won three Level 2 customers at $360K per year and have stopped the marketing to get the right focus on delivery and development of teaching resources.

Mission Accomplished! I thought it would be useful to share my experience with you on how I fell behind and then miraculously pulled through to mission accomplished just days before the 21st November deadline. In fact, I cleared the hurdle by miles with $120,000, but I'll get into the details later.

In late October, I was steaming ahead with 83 points which put me in the top 10 at the time. However, it was getting increasingly hard to keep up as the exercises were proving to me again and again that my proposition was just not going to fly.

The EPM market tests were valuable as they prevented me from making a big mistake. Therefore, once I realized it was hopeless, I went back to the start with a new proposition in a different market. However, this major pivot was only a few weeks before the mission accomplished deadline.

My original concept was to do business model training for high growth technology start-ups to help them get funding. I wanted to charge a high fee and so I needed high-potential start-ups that were attractive to Venture Capitalists. The income was going to consist of a modest upfront fee with a larger back-end that was dependent on funding success.

The survey results were promising, I got 290 respondents and over half were interested in starting a business. However, most respondents wanted to start a lifestyle business and had no interest in raising funds from Venture Capitalists. Analysis of the survey results demonstrated that I was never going to cover my advertising costs.

Therefore, I had to quickly resort to Plan B which was closer to my existing business model. Currently, I do Management Consulting for large corporations. However, I personally deliver each assignment on a "done-for-you" basis. Really, I am a glorified freelancer whose earnings have maxed out because I can only do one job at a time and the client has strict limits on acceptable day rates.

I had overcome these limits in the past by recruiting my own consulting associates, but I caught a cold in the recession with high staff overheads and now I prefer the freedom of acting alone. I had often tried to offer my clients online training courses so that I could generate a residual income, but there was no interest in my information products

So here comes the twist that was inspired by Marisa's approach: I ran through the EPM course with my new proposition which was a mix of business strategy training + coaching for mid-sized corporations. I didn't have time to go through all the marketing sections of the course because of the looming deadline.

Instead, I took the outline and EPM approach to one of my past Automotive clients and they signed up straight away for $120,000 per year for me to coach and train their staff through their annual strategy cycle. The experience focus is what clinched the deal. I have now taken the same concept to the head of a division of an even larger $30 billion company in the defense sector and they would also like to start a program.

So, thank you Marissa for inspiring my new strategy service that hopefully will disrupt the consulting market!

Richard Medcalf

Although enjoying a successful corporate career, I've wanted for some time to grow my impact and use my experience and skills to serve a broader audience. I'd been blogging for a while and had built a small following, but had no product or service to offer. Without a product, there was no money to invest in growing the blog, no mechanism to deeply impact my readers, and no accountability or focus to my blog-building. But the idea of going from zero revenues to ANYTHING meaningful seemed incredibly daunting. I set myself a goal and a deadline but wasn't sure how I was going to achieve it.

Just at the right time, I came across the Experience Product Masterclass. There was a great deal of material, but delivered in a gradual and progressive way that wasn't overwhelming. And it was a lot of work, but there was a real sense of momentum and excitement from day 1 onwards and a great sense of camaraderie and support in the Facebook community.

Having purchased courses that turned out to be a set of pre-recorded videos to watch, I really appreciated the personal interaction that was a hallmark of the process. Marisa was pretty accessible, in Q&A sessions, live coaching and the private Facebook community. And I was thrilled to be able to email my own Experience Coach as much as I needed, for encouragement and ideas - as well as hopping on weekly coaching calls too!

By the end of the program, I had made back way more than my original cost. I made $3814, had my first product, my first customers, and a roadmap to deliver a fantastic experience! Most importantly, I had a sustainable way to serve new people!

My achievement program, Rocket Results (rocketresults.co) helps people bring a new level of strategy, focus and discipline to their business, non-profit, or passion project.... so they achieve more in the next 12 weeks than they did in the last 12 months, and have the results and impact they truly deserve.

And the techniques the Experience Product Masterclass have both taught and demonstrated are allowing me to deeply engage with my customers and get them the outcomes they need.

EPM got me out of the endless cycle of "growing my list" and into action, forward movement, and concrete business results.

Hi I'm Richard Metcalf.

I'm an Englishman in Paris and I run a business called X quadrant. We help business owners and leaders multiply their impact by first of all becoming leaders truly worth following. And then we help them build high performing and healthy teams and organizations. I'm an experienced consultant with 20 years worth of experience in face to face consulting however translating my consulting knowledge into an online product and program was an entirely new endeavour.

I've been blogging for a while and built a small following but had zero revenues online and to go from zero to anything seems pretty daunting. It was a new challenge. I felt I was stalled. But on the other hand, the idea of going from zero to anything meaningful seemed a real challenge.

I came across EPM and was immediately attracted by Marisa's professionalism. But I also love the way that the course was structured bringing not just a bunch of online videos and modules which many online programs do have but it also brought a lot of face to face interaction with Marisa on Q&A's but also with coaches and other support which I felt was really going to help me take action on the material.Having bought a number of online programs which didn't always deliver what they promised I clearly had to think before going and making the investment.

On the other hand the promise of EPM was very clear: make back the cost of your original investment. However the promise of EPM was very clear make back your original investment in revenues in selling your new program or they would work with you until you make that money or eventually give you your money back. So I felt the guarantee was rock solid that I was pretty much set up to win.

There's a real sense of momentum in the program and camaraderie amongst the students. There's also a lot of support not only from Marisa and from the coaches but also from the whole tribe in the Facebook community. One key aspect of the course which was really foundational for me was getting crystal clear on the exact transformation that I wanted to see in my customers. In my case it was helping them achieve in 12 weeks what they had been unable to achieve in 12 months. Well if I had that clear everything else made a lot more sense.

My favourite part of the program was the coaching relationship. It was so great to have somebody available by email and during coaching hours to really brainstorm ideas and bounce ideas off and to validate my thinking and ensure that I was making progress in the right direction.

[00:08:52] Probably the hardest point in the program was the day I actually went live with my product launch. I opened up the sales page, opened up the sales carts and wondered would anybody come. Would anybody look at my what I'd prepared would anybody put out their credit card and make a purchase.

At that point. Marisa was great she reminded me that this feeling never goes away and you actually have to push through the feeling of doubt and uncertainty and just do the actions and trust the process. That really helped me knuckle down and be as active as I could to get customers on board with the program and it worked.

I think my biggest breakthrough with EPM was quite frankly taking action and getting the results. I had a successful launch with my pilot group of rocket results members and whilst I beat my financial targets made way more than my money back from the program. What was most satisfying was seeing my students get the results that they wanted in their businesses.

What I like most about working with Marisa was first of all she's extremely professional. Secondly, she's able to get people results pretty fast on those coaching calls which is really important. It was great to see people getting those breakthroughs. And thirdly she's firm and very approachable.

Epm taught me a sustainable way to serve new people and the tools and techniques that the Experience Product Masterclass has taught me have really enabled me to--and the techniques around building experience products are really enabling me to build my online and my physical business in such a way that customers really get the transformation that they need.

Its not just about transmitting information. I have one more line up where I want EPM got me out of the endless cycle of growing my email list and into action taking results and growing my business. I was really happy about the results of my EPM launch. I was hoping for around four or five customers in the end I got an initial cohort of around about 10 which brought in around 5000 dollars of revenue more than paying for the course.

But more than the money I've been most excited about the transformation that I've seen in my students they've gone in many cases from strangers to friends I've seen their progress some of them have come back to me on following EPM to ask me for additional services. And one of my students even invited me out for lunch when I was in his hometown. So it's been great to see both the relationships develop with students and also the transformation that they've seen in their lives and in their businesses.

Yeah. EPM has given me the confidence to build a true hybrid business which is consulting face to face with business executives but also rolling out online programs to employees in the organizations I serve and also to individual leaders and individual entrepreneurs or founders.

This has given me the ability to scale. There's only so many hours in the week, so whilst consulting is great to truly build something bigger and more sustainable I think the online component is essential and the experience product formula that Marisa taught me I'm able to use in both my physical business and in my online business.

Yeah. Okay. Yes and one of the things that I love about having my own business is the ability to be flexible in my schedule so that I can make time for both my family and my clients. And the online component allows me to be more location independent than I could be than if I was having to be physically present with customers every single day.

Yes. My my rocket result students are spread around multiple countries. When I was in London a few weeks ago I happened to let one of my students know that I was in town and he jumped at the chance to actually invite me out for fancy lunch in one of the nice restaurants in London which was great because before rocket results I don't really know the guy. And now we've become friends and I've become a trusted adviser.

My rocket results students have amazed me with their clarity of thought and the action that they've taken since the course. For example Robin who is the CEO of a software company after only a small part of the course, decided to make quite a radical change in his whole pricing model and his business model which is since implemented.

Another student Martin who is extremely accomplished professional as a freelancer and as a consultant has really changed again his whole portfolio of business to make something which is more sustainable for him and focus more on the outcomes that he truly wants to achieve in his life.

And then Ingrid who recently changed into a new corporate role has had a really flying start into that role. As a result of the rocket results methodology. Yeah. So yes, good point. Ingrid is one person who had been on my relatively small email list for a few months and who found that rocket results came just at the right time for her as she moved into a new corporate role. So she decided to jump in as a way to really give her a flying start into that new position. I think she was one of the great students in the course.

She really understood this idea of getting clear on your purpose your plan getting your productivity sorted out and then working on the people aspects of the influence around you. And as she worked on that, it was great to see the progress that she made she really established herself in her new role.

She never gave you some tricky relationships that she had to deal with as she came into that company. And since then she's reached out to me for some specific coaching and consulting and other topics that have come along since. So again another great example of somebody moving from a stranger or perhaps an acquaintance to somebody who's a real friend and with whom I now have a good long standing relationship.

I'm extremely proud of my rocket results clients. It's great to actually see them go through the process and apply it. I think thanks to some of the experience product techniques and actually get the transformation that they wanted to get more done than they ever thought possible. So it's been really satisfying to see them put that into practice.

Well it is hard work and you are going to have to hustle. At the end of the day to get customers in and make things happen there's no two ways around it. But it is a fantastic way to actually go about building a product getting a real business and forcing yourself to take the actions that you need to do that. And as my rocket results students will attest it does actually help you create a program that results in genuine transformation in your students.

Richard Zultner

Before: I have taught live/online/hybrid graduate-level project management courses for my university for ten years. But I never did any marketing, nor set up my own course delivery portal. I am now retired from academia, so I am a solo edu-preneur. My prior revenue for direct marketing teaching was $0.

For this program, I wanted to take the content I developed and taught academically, and streamline it into a powerful, practical offering that anyone in the world could take, online, on their own schedule. I wanted to remove the academic BS and experencify my material into a true experience product, and teach using the Socratic Method -- so my students are led to discover powerful insights, by themselves.

My EPM product is an online workshop: Critical Chain Project Management Breakthrough Bootcamp -- the next level in project management, and a new paradigm for consistently finishing projects early. The ideal customer is a project manager facing an impossible deadline. I have modeled my workshop directly on EPM in terms of the duration (8 weeks of content, 10 weeks elapsed), with 3 presentations, a coaching session, and a Q&A session each week. I especially appreciated the volume of content in this course -- everyone online seems to be so scared of OVERWHELM that they cut back their content to the minimum. I prefer to deliver mastery level material, and coach people how to handle it and apply it.

I have done many live/online/hybrid presentations -- but never to SELL. So the messaging and marketing material in this course is invaluable to me. To accomplish my mission, I did one live/recorded conference presentation (30 minutes) and one live/recorded webinar (90 minutes) following the plan for the Captive Audience and Reverse Webinar campaigns.

Because these were sponsored by a professional society that includes project managers, I could not make my offer directly/explicitly during the sessions. So I made two tweaks:

(1) I presented my offer as a specific example of what all/other experts in specific areas in the profession should be doing as "service to the profession". I told people: "this is what needs to happen, and this is what I'm doing, and you should be doing something just like this, because we need to grow, and that means people must be able to learn. So offer a course like this in your own specialty."

(2) I collected emails at the end of both sessions, and used the Website ATM campaign to actually sell and get money for my pilot course and a bonus one-day live workshop I'm doing December 17 in New York. [The idea for that came from my first Get Them What They Want campaign.]

I held an online semi-sales webinar on 11/20 at noon (to reach West Coast to Europe) and made $2K (two people signed up). Mission Accomplished! I am now using the Reverse Webinar campaign to leverage that for additional sales.

Update: Reverse Webinar Campaign kicks ass! Double Mission Accomplished! My pilot course is 6 weeks at $997 (half of the $1997 for my full course starting in Jan 2017). The bonus live one-day workshop is also $997 including meals. As of the end of EPM today (11/21), I have a total of five people signed up for $4985 and more are in process.

P.S. I want to especially thank Don Crowther for his tech tips and advice. The combination of Marisa's strategy and Don's how-to teaching (and the delightful contrast in their styles) was a very synergistic combination. Definitely retain this part of the course for the future. I love the techie stuff, and Marisa + Don is a powerful and unique combination

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Experience products vs info products how to market online courses, campaigns & tactics How did EPM help you become successful? Marketing! a strong message is key.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I now know how to refine great content to a marketable product, and how to incrementally refine that marketing to ramp up success.

What has been the biggest change in your business?


What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I can bring high powered corporate "new product development" methods to solo entrepreneurs -- they don't have to go on the "pivot merry go round" to find their success

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Experience products vs info products is a game changer -- more people need to understand this difference

Robyn Landis

I have included 2 Facebook posts below this story, one that I shared the morning of the final course day when I reached Mission Accomplished, and the other from a couple days ago when I joyfully delivered my first session of my first Experience Product! In some ways, I think they tell the story real-time, better than any narrative…

But the background is that when I showed up for one of the live webinars during the EPM launch, actually registering for a program was the furthest thing from my mind. I only went because I liked some of Marisa’s other live hangouts—one on websites I remembered that I got value from.

I like free events that actually give you real value and learning, and Marisa’s are some of the few that do. I signed up for a lot of these things because I WANT to learn everything I can for my business, am hungry for knowledge, but most of them are so disappointing, so salesy or poorly done or formulaic that I turn them off with a sigh two minutes in. And then I get super burned out on all the emails I keep getting, even though I know I'm the one who signed up for them!

But Marisa’s emails are irresistible to open and fun to read so I opened them and the webinar sounded intriguing, so I hopped on. And stayed on. For two hours. Till the end. I took 13 pages of notes. I got excited. I got jazzed. I got giddy about my own business possibilities. And by the time I was over I had signed up for the course. Eve though I didn't have the time and was feeling burned about courses and money.

Part of me thought I ought to wait till made back the money I had lost on this other program. Part of me knew I couldn't wait. Knew that this was THE ONE. I had been looking for over a year for a course that would fill the gaps and bridge me from where I was to offering something online—in a way that felt authentic to me. And because it was so easy to see that Marisa was DEMONSTRATING what she was going to teach right there on the call—and I could SEE it working on me—and the value seemed huge, the bonus sounded juicy and the guarantee was a no-brainer—I wanted in.

I had been slowly building my way back into a business I left behind over 20 years ago, and I felt like it was “go time.” In the 90s when I was just in my 20s I had two bestselling books with Warner books, teaching people how to fuel their bodies—and how to THINK about food and health.

I taught my own live workshop for a few years…and then I stopped. I don't like to say I “quit” but I just didn't, in that era, and at that age, see a path forward for myself. There was no social media or online marketing and I had no mentor. So I pursued other interests, becoming moderately successful as a performing songwriter and always quite comfortable and successful as a freelance marketing-communications pro.

My approach to healthy living continued to deepen and evolve, however, and was probably the most important part of my life even though I wasn’t doing it professionally for about 20 years. People still looked at me like this was my superpower—to live it and explain it—and as the gap between my real age and “guessed age” widened people really wanted to know what I was doing.

Most of all, I saw as much suffering as I had 25 years earlier, and I couldn't stand by and do nothing, just enjoying my own ease and peace and clarity and happiness and health, while other people continued to be so confused, overwhelmed, stuck and struggling.

So in early 2015 I made a commitment to bring my voice back into this arena. I wasn't sure in what capacity. Teacher, speaker, blogger, coach. I felt daunted by it. The space had EXPLODED since I was a young health author. Gurus, books, programs. Social media, marketing. Science and technology. I felt unsure how to give my gift, how to get heard or seen, how to differentiate myself in a vast sea of Instagram stars and wellness moguls. I felt resistance to the new methods of marketing—ironically, even though I made a good living helping others with their writing and design in that area.

The idea of doing 3 launch videos and a sales page made me want to go to sleep. I wanted to share my approach and my material, I felt deeply called and certain there was some place for me, but there seemed to be so many options and steps, I didn't know what would make sense or be the right way to make it a business. I tried things. I got a website built and started blogging, started building my social presence, making small inroads.

I was feeling my way forward. I knew there was a place for me and my voice, my approach. I was making some progress, slowly. I just knew that I needed some guidance to do some basic building blocks to get myself and product out there. I took a few different courses, some by very respected teachers (including Bill Baren) and all moved me a bit forward (I got some health coaching clients, speaking engagements etc).

But most were either too focused on one area, or not focused enough, or meant for someone who was further along than me in business, or personal development that felt remedial.

When I watched the EPM webinar, I knew that this was it. And the cool thing was, it ACTUALLY WAS. It didn't disappoint. It was brilliant the way, through the process of moving us toward that one very specific mission statement goal, it filled in so many key business foundations along the way.

At least for me. It was both specific AND general in all the right ways. It was the exact right blend of expertise/experience, focus, structure, support—the EXACT kind of direction I had been looking for for two years to guide me in my next steps, and not finding in any other course. Also the right balance of content and personal development.

I can’t say that I had any particularly dramatic breakdowns and then breakthroughs during the course. I loved it, I grooved on it, I blabbed about it to everyone. I had some moments where I felt a little stuck or unsure or a little abandoned or envious or fearful or whatever, but it never lasted long, and I never stopped regardless and that was the key. (I probably redid my Future Self Mission statement about 45 times; I was like a dog with a bone.)

And the community was ALWAYS amazing and supportive. I also loved that the course actually MODELED what it was teaching all the way through. And that I just LEARNED *SO* much and created so much stuff. To me it seemed really that it was set up so you could not lose. You learn and create boatloads of stuff and then if it works, awesome; if not, you've learned and can pivot, so awesome too.

I think the most interesting and dramatic thing in my case is how incredibly well the experiencification worked on me. I SAW it working on me and I loved that. I didn't mind that I felt kind of addicted to it — as addictions go, this seemed like a reasonably healthy one.

Engagement is probably a better word—I'm always pretty driven, but I became even more so. I was “addicted” to working on my business and product, to creating the best material I could, to supporting the community, to the games, to the word crafting… and it was all FUN. (Okay, the tech stuff near the end wasn’t so fun. ;) But the rest of it was. It stoked creative fire.

Even though I was studying for my personal trainer certification the entire time (I passed, near the end of the program!), juggling private health coaching clients and freelance writing clients, and a book Indiegogo, and traveling between Seattle and Tucson—I STILL managed to attend all but one training live, and all but one coaching call. That’s INSANE.

And then near the end, I added in running several marketing campaigns including a full email campaign with a free opt-in gift, new Heroik pages and nurturing + sales. And, I still cannot BELIEVE it did it! I mean, I’ll take a little credit. ;) But EPM gets a lot of the credit.

I had taken a program right before this one where the teacher was perfectly lovely and the launch videos polished and inspiring, but once inside there was just nothing engaging. Meh materials, 5 meh modules and zero Facebook activity. Even though I am more likely to engage, I just couldn't go get it.

So, I had made $2200 as of that last Monday morning 5 a.m. With 5 people in at that time. I ended up with 7 people and my target goal, and one committed to February cohort. Two came from my perfect email campaign to a list of nearly 100 that was built with a Fast Action Campaign.

The rest: I had 2 people in about midway through EPM, and three came as I soft-launched my sale page just sharing personally and on social media—I had been nurturing the opt-ins list and had not yet done sales emails.

It was all a bit rushed and imperfect, juggling all the technology and learning and intensity of new campaigns in the crunch before the course was scheduled or start. Yet I still feel I did well, and can only imagine when I've had more time to integrate and plan.

In 8 weeks I've brought into being a new product I've dreamed of offering; gotten the pieces in place to market it online; and put into place so many important foundations for my business along with way—like spackling holes in the foundation that I knew were there and just didn't know quite how to fill.

I know that I have a lot more to learn but this model of “earn while you learn” and “iterate your way to awesome” seems like a smart, practical way to grow your business solidly, and with the heart and love and authenticity that are SO important to me.

And I love how I can use all this knowledge and this process over and over on new products and to keep iterating this one. I remain SO excited about my business and its possibilities, and about the authentic way that business and my call to service do NOT need to be separate things.

Facebook Nov 29

I delivered the first module of my experience product (the nine-week Nourish U), tonight on Zoom and I have to say it felt SO freaking awesome! (Even though I was on 2 hours sleep—total freak thing, nothing to do with the course), I was still so uplifted. I had a total blast and am so happy with how it went! And so excited for the whole thing to unfold! Four of the 7 who were there live, and were absolutely lovely.

It feels AMAZING to have actually not only created and started to deliver an online product but to have run a whole marketing campaign at the same time (actually several campaigns, but I am especially pleased that I actually ran a whole email campaign from nurture to sales—although i've actually done that for others as a copywriter, there was something about doing it for myself that was super powerful).

I am so grateful for the structure, expertise, insight, accountability and experiencification (I love that word) that moved me through SO much creative work and content development to produce so much tangible stuff in so short a time!

And allowed me to express my gifts and use my skills—CHANNEL them, focus them—in the way I was yearning to. It's incredible that in early September this course wasn't even a glimmer in my eye (and the idea of taking something else on seemed insane), and here a couple months later I have a free gift, opt-in page, sales page, emails (and integration!), two Facebook groups, a (small but real) new email list, my course ONLINE, and participants! (And one already committed to my February cohort!) (And about 100 pages of other copy ;) ) Wowza! THANK YOU <3 (P.S. I made target goal! But that's so pale honestly compared to the joy of "creating and shipping" as Seth Godin puts it...)

11/21/16 - Monday morning—MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I feel exactly like a kid at Christmas. That's what this whole weekend felt like, two days before Christmas and then I get up on Mission Accomplished Day and it's like Santa came! The whole weekend was magical. I worked like 30 hours but it didn't feel like work.

So much FUN sharing my flawed/work-in-progress yet (I came to realize) still beautiful sales page, which is imperfect yet is enough. Sharing the page on social. Making personal invitations to people that felt so natural and authentic. Writing and sending nurture mails, and welcome emails. Planning delivery, corralling ideas. (While juggling holiday visitors and other clients!)

I felt such a natural rush of love and authenticity sharing this stuff I've created. Marketing has NEVER felt so...NOT like marketing. DEF not like "sales." I was like: this is what it can be like! Light and joyful. Sparkling with the extra buzzy energy of "the final push" weekend (which to some outsiders I guess could sound weird, like "salespeople making quota"—but it wasn’t like that at ALL, as we know, just in fun, gamifying, and look how well it worked...win win win because "making" us do things we probably wouldn't have otherwise, pushing us off our butts—but pushing us to what? To share what we love and want to give. That's the best.

I got to 3 people on Saturday (10 mins after my first page share!), 4 on Sunday, and as of Monday a.m. my 5th! Which feels like a perfect little group (think I'll cap this beta at 10 anyway as that's as much as I'd want to handle first time). My head is swimming with details and ideas and to-dos for delivery (while still in marketing—I haven't even STARTED my "perfect email" sales sequence yet which was to run Nov 25-28!) And the little cherry on top was Sun eve I got invited to a speaking engagement I applied for months ago and forgot about.

There are always ups and downs—always, always will be. I know not to take circumstances too seriously—it's what we DO, no matter how we feel or what circumstances are, that counts in my book. That doesn't mean it isn't lovely when nice things do happen. :) Relishing! Mostly I feel SO....loved. And appreciated. By all my various communities, in here and the other ones I've reached out to. It's like...seeing my passion and work reflected back to me. I feel supported, lucky, excited, blessed, privileged.

This has been an amazing course, process, journey, group. To palpably see so much come to fruition from taking step after step is so gratifying. And this community has such heart. I felt the power of everyone's genuine care and encouragement of one another pulsing here all weekend. It's remarkable. Thank you!

Yowzers is there lots to do but isn't it fun when it's fun to work! OMG, I so need to chill out and sleep though. 8)

Darlene Rojas

I had been struggling with the question "What do you want to do when you're done with school?" Before that, it was "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I never knew the answer. I did many exercises (in class and out) to try to figure out what type of work would fill my needs. With both of my parents being entrepreneurs and working in their area of passion, I knew I didn't want to settle for just any old job. I wanted to LOVE my work. And I wanted to be my own boss.

Taking Spanish classes in high school was fun, I enjoyed learning Spanish, but it was just a class, I never thought it could bring in income for me. I wasn't good enough. I love snowboarding. I liked having a horse, trying to train it and bring my friends out for trail rides. I took a sign language class in high school also, which I really had fun with, but again, didn't think

I could be good enough to where I could work in that area. My hobbies are sewing, crocheting, drawing, and doing other crafty things. But I couldn't figure out a way that any one of these things would become what I do for a living. I kept hoping I would just wake up one day and it would come to me. No luck there.

I let the flow of life just tumble me along, not especially liking any of the work I did. I moved to Nicaragua in August of 2016, working as a Virtual Assistant for two graphic designers. One day in a work meeting with one of those graphic designers, she told me about this Experience Product Masterclass that was going to be launching soon.

I wasn't very interested until we talked about it a little further. Since I had only a 5-10 hour workweek and was getting bored doing nothing while my husband worked 12-14 hour shifts, I finally realized this class would be the perfect thing for me. It was starting at just the right time.

I joined the class, and just going through the pre-module Choosing and Validating Your Niche had a huuuge value for me. I know now how I can be my own boss and work with a passion. I learned that sitting around doing nothing is not going to bring me places.

Being in the class made me take action. I've sent out several surveys, made phone calls and sent emails, perfecting my sales pitch as I learn. And I'm still going. I have not earned any money from my product yet, but I am on my way to a wonderful creation. I'm very excited about my future.

The Experience Product Masterclass has given me a very special gift. I know what to do to live the life I want. I can finally answer the question of what my career will be. I no longer have to worry about the possibility of working at jobs for the rest of my life that are just bearable. Now my future is on a roll and I'm sure I'll be letting you know very soon that my Experience Product is out there and "bringing in the bucks."

Thank you Marisa and the rest of the team!

Susan Barry

Driving home on Jan. 8, 2013, I found it hard to take a deep breath and I was certain that, at age 55, I would never work again in corporate America. I had just been made a casualty of the Affordable Care Act and lost my executive level marketing position in a Fortune 25 insurance company. It was literally the first time in my 30 year career that I was involuntarily unemployed.

The next morning, as I looked at the unscheduled days ahead of me, I realized that the internet had not yet been invented the last time I looked for work. Not that I was a techno-phone or unfamiliar with indeed.com, Monster, CareerBuilders and even LinkedIn, but my use of those channels was from the other side of the equation - an employer looking to hire.

After emailing my contacts and sharing my ridiculously long resume (hey! I'm worth every one of those 4 pages!), registering on all the job boards and at Ladders.com, and filling out unemployment compensation forms, I noticed my separation package included a 6 month stint at an executive career counseling group.

It sounded like Unemployment Anonymous, but I decided to go to their new client orientation the next day and see what they had to offer. At the very least, I was hoping for doughnuts and sympathy! Instead I got a canned presentation of LinkedIn (LI) and its role in job searches.

I had parked a sparse profile on LI a few years prior and hadn't looked at it since, but even I knew that deck was as stale as last week's tortilla chips! But, I was very clear that LinkedIn was now required as part of a job search.

So, I researched LinkedIn on my own for the next six weeks, soaking up everything I could on how the site worked, what profiles were the most impactful, how to use boolean indicators in google to search inside LinkedIn groups.

I took every class, read every ebook, read every article and the entire LinkedIn Help Center....and then put together my own deck and presented it to the career counseling folks. Presto! They 💗 it, 💗 me and I instantly become their LinkedIn trainer, for absolutely no money. Ugh. But, I embrace it and develop a business model similar to competitors that were around at the time (i.e., Be Found Jobs).

Basically, share specifically what to do, but do it so quickly and exaggerate the difficulty, that a value stacked do-it-for-you offering seems like a dream. I branch out and start presenting at church-based career events, at the state's unemployment support office, at women's business meetings. LinkedIn TuneUp was born. 🎊🎉🙏

I was very busy over the next few months- presenting, training, pitching, consulting and applying for full time work. But - I wasn't making a cent on my LI work. I'm also applying for positions, trying to work my contacts and grow my network. I'm getting zero response from the online applications, including LinkedIn's online process. I'm getting interviews through networking on LinkedIn, but few second interviews.

My checking account balance was declining rapidly (I was newly single at the time, supporting an underwater, 4 bedroom pool home in Tampa/St. Petersburg) and I was starting to feel the panic as I found myself eyeing my 401K three months into being unemployed.

I kicked it up a notch and joined the local Business Networking International group and started concentrating on tuning up my obviously failing business model. I developed additional training for entrepreneurs and salespeople. I expanded my presentations to include local business meet ups, I took on a few 1:1 clients, but my conversion rate on my group trainings didn't improve.

By June 2013, 6 months into being unemployed, I decided to put the house on the market and take the loss. I was thoroughly in love with a woman 450 miles away and I decided that being out from under the house would let me put my heart first. Once more into the breach!

I stopped teaching and training, sold my house day 1 to person 1 and found an entry level sales role 4 miles from my new zip code. I told myself it was just temporary and I would pick up my LinkedIn business in the new place, once I had found my way around the area...I kept my hand in it, taking on a client or two every now and then, training my organization's sales teams in using LinkedIn for social selling and lead generation, but I stopped pursuing my business.

I continued to plug away at my MBA during all this upheaval and, come Capstone time in Dec. 2014, I used my LinkedIn consulting business as my topic. I produced a lovely, A+ business plan. Soup to nuts, including financials and a full marketing plan. My MBA diploma came, and I hung it up. My business plan curled up on a flash drive and made itself comfortable for the long sleep ahead....

Time is river though, right? Suddenly, holy shitcakes, it's 2016 and I'm 58 and hating my temporary entry level job that's now three years old. EPM's nurture campaign caught me with the vision of Future Self. Getting an email from Future Susan, who was so much happier than Current Susan was more than I could resist.

I gave myself fully to the first four to six weeks, loving the support, the community and feeling like I was learning new things every day - despite my 30 years in marketing and my newly minted MBA. I began to get excited about my product again, and I came to believe in it again and in me!

More importantly, the concepts Marisa has strung together like pretty sparkling beads on a chain clearly underscored why I failed before. Rather than kicking my beautiful Capstone project awake though, I realized it will slumber forever because EPM and its concepts have drastically changed my product - not only its mission, its color palette, its language and structure - but its delivery, and even the way I develop future iterations of the product. No need for a five year plan - I'm embracing the flub, allowing the flow, iterating to awesome and truly embracing done is better than perfect.

The change was so exciting to me that I started a premature chatterbox campaign in week 4 or 5 that netted me a 1:1 client for $1,200. Exciting! I kept on with EPM and started applying my learnings to my full time gig.

My enthusiasm ramped up, the way I look at the products and the way I communicate benefits was impacted by EPM, I began to get excited about marketing. I kept up the chatterbox campaign because I had no choice! I got a promotion last month (see below) that really cramped my EPM style and I had zero time for sales pages, perfect email campaigns, reverse webinars, etc.

Then, a huge opportunity showed up in my inbox the week before last: a 1 to many training at one of the largest companies in the world, LinkedIn training their elite sales executives, on site. And, follow up coaching and pre modules and.....a pricing challenge that I met. Booked the initial gig for on site coaching for $5,000 plus expenses!

Then, just yesterday morning a former client called and asked if I would be available to train their sales force and, oh, could I redo his profile while I'm at it? Mission accomplished and it feels incredible after living with this possibility for three years and never having the road map, the secret sauce, the community push, the team accountability, everything that EPM provided.

I've made friends and will continue to engage the EPM group, asking for and offering help. I'll see you all online in December and I'll see you in February. 2017 is my year to stop working for corporate America!


Last month, I was approached for two positions. Both were market strategy positions for almost twice my salary. I went through the interview process for both during the EPM course. My enthusiasm must have overshadowed my age because for the first time since I was laid off in 2013, I had employers fighting over me, my experience and my ideas. The result was two six figure offers in one day! Thanks, EPM!

(2017 is my year for breaking free of corporate America - determined to make Link In>Tune Up work and confident that it will! At least I don't have to worry about keeping the lights on this time around!)


Sarah Madras

Marisa Murgatroyd was a stranger to me. Until this past September, I didn't know who she was or her mission through Live Your Message. She was a stranger to me because I had yet to step fully into my purpose. I had spent the last 5-years of my life being a full-time stay at home mom while running a successful mental health private counseling center during naptimes and evenings.

I had been a business woman for the past 9-years and created a company that survived not one but two 4-month maternity leaves. The business was like the little engine that could and kept plugging away as if on auto pilot. What a blessing and how grateful I am for that. Yet I felt empty and like I was standing still.

Stuck in the stillness of always waiting. Waiting for my husband to make more money so I could reinvest into growing the business. Waiting for my 2-children to grow older and enter kindergarten and preschool so that I would then have the hours in a day to devote to build a new business more aligned with my true calling. Waiting for my turn to start living my dreams.

Staying at home with our children was a choice and a core belief that I have had since before I even found my husband. Yet, 3-years into being at home and 2 kids later and I ached for more. That small whisper that started 2-years ago---telling me that my purpose in this lifetime is to help empower others to speak their truth and reclaim their self worth as the birthright that it is---had grown into a booming megaphone echoing in my ears. My body, soul, and mind ached. I ached and yearned for more. I ached to step fully into my purpose. I ached to be set free to grow.

That's when I met Marisa and the Experience Product Masterclass. It was then that I took a calculated risk to leap. I took the leap by fully committing to the 8-weeks of the masterclass, but what I was really doing was committing to my true purpose and to stop waiting because by waiting I was doing a disservice to myself, my children, and the women I am meant to serve. So

I sat my husband down, told him what I was doing, and from that moment forward every Sunday night we would sit down after the boys went to bed and we would map out our schedules for the week so that I could create the time and space to live my message instead of waiting for the time and space to come to me.

The 8-weeks in the EPM was INTENSE in every glorious, intimidating, exhilarating, and overwhelming sense of the word. From the pre-training modules of niching. Lord, how I hated that word and had such resistance to the concept of niching down.

Yet, with the help of Christine and Marisa and the lesson in front door and back door I realized that combining my core value of connection through relationships with my core value of self worth that it birthed the niche of Relationship Empowerment Coaching.

The concept of combining my skills as a couples therapist with my superpower of believing in and empowering people was so simple yet I needed EPM to get there. From that moment, it all clicked and the pieces dropped into place. I could see the mission and the vision with such clarity that I became empowered myself. I dove head first into product creation. The ideas and excitement flowed like a raging waterfall.

Then, the marketing model came and I was no longer the flowing waterfall but was being tossed around in the raging rapids down below. Learning how to "sell" the value of self love in relationships and myself as a brand was completely uncharted territory to me. Boy oh boy did the uncertainty and insecurities rise. Where there are insecurities the overwhelm is soon to follow.

But like the good little type-A student I am I diligently pushed through even when I wanted to crawl in my bed and binge watch movies instead. I even put my own flare and fun into it when I decided to do a Halloween chatterbox campaign while handing out candy at a local church. That is a story fit for a sitcom episode in and of itself.

I did what I have done my whole life and I fought through the uncertainty by doing---by staying in action--by fighting---by hustling my ass off to the next check mark--by pushing myself until the finish line.

I fought through the insecurities by venting my frustrations to Christine, by allowing myself to cry tears of frustration and fear of failure, and then I picked myself back up and kept moving forward. Because if I fight hard enough and if I have done everything on the checklist then I will have earned the reward at the end. I will have earned mission accomplished.

You see, what I learned through these 8-weeks, actually came as a result of me NOT achieving mission accomplished despite my fight and perfect checklist. I owe this most valuable takeaway (and honestly life changing) aha moment to this course and the I'm Powerful bonus with Jeffrey Van Dyk. Jeffrey spoke about how there are people that live in fight and there are people that live in flow.

My story (actually my family's history modeled, labeled, and talked about as the family curse handed down through generations) is that life hands me shitty cards and I have to fight to get what I want because when I fight only then have I actually earned it. He goes on to say that people that live in fight believe the universe is against them. That when you shift your mindset to the universe is with you and you live in the flow of action then that is where you can truly find peace, fulfillment, and success.

That truth bomb unlocked my deep rooted limiting beliefs that I have to fight for everything because the universe is against me. My pattern of fighting for what I want on the timeline I want it only causes me pain, burnout, and resentment. Holy shit!!!!! I realized from this experience that the real truth is that the universe protects me (and has been my whole life) from choices/outcomes that do not serve my best self at that moment.

I realized I haven't been fighting external obstacles, but I have been fighting against the universe. Holy shit!!! The universe just keeps taking my punches, kicks, screams, and curse words because the Big U can handle it and it knows it can take the beating to protect me and until I learn the lesson of TRUST. Trust and patience that I will fulfill my purpose, I will serve others, and I will have financial abundance in divine timing. Life changing new truth and fits my soul like the key to a lock.

In the end, I invested in something bigger than the version of me I am right now. I invested in my future self. I invested in the people I am here to serve and assist. I invested in my children's future by modeling for them what it means to live your dreams. I invested in my marriage by fulfilling my needs instead of looking to my husband to do it for me or to grant me permission.

I invested in the person I am destined to be. I invested in my growth. I invested in uprooting limiting beliefs. I invested in learning to live my life in flow, to have faith, to trust the universe always protects me, and that I AM UNSTOPPABLE!!! I will be forever grateful for this experience for my business and self.

My name is Sarah Madras from Raleigh North Carolina

I'm the owner of an Esteem Builder's Coaching, where I help couples to free themselves from unfulfilling relationships and cultivate fulfilling relationships based on self love, communication and getting their needs met without all the arguing. My inspiration for going and starting Esteem Builders Coaching was that I had already been doing private practice work as a licensed relationship therapist and so I had been doing the one on one work and I just kept seeing the same patterns over and over again. Couples were coming to me because the thing they crave the most was connection. They just wanted to feel connected in their relationships and they wanted their partner to understand them.

And for them to be able to say, "they get me", and to have that exhale moment and throughout the process of seeing all this I realized that same theme and what was stopping them from having that true connection was that feeling that they are not enough. That they weren't smart enough that they you know weren't successful enough to please their partner and to get that connection and get that understanding that they couldn't communicate well enough or they couldn't, like, fight fair and so that whole feeling of I'm not enough and that there's something must be wrong with me is what was stopping them from really having that authentic connection with their partner.

So that's why I decided I wanted to have a greater reach by creating programs that were easily accessible to people around the world not just one on one like a couple coming into my office. And so that's when I started Esteemed Builders Coaching and was creating programs in it to have more of a global impact.

Why does my work matter. Oh my work matters to me because it allows me that freedom within my own family and the freedom to be able to stay home with my boys as well as be able to live my passion and my calling. So it's the best of both worlds. So I struggled a lot with the dilemma of this feeling, this need to have to choose between one or the other of either being a mom or being an entrepreneur and a business owner.

And I always felt like I have to put it off or I'll have to keep waiting or I'll wait for them to be in school. And it felt like I was having to put my life on hold and that was creating that resentment inside me that restlessness and was actually making me not as efficient and loving as a mother.

And so when I realized that the two things didn't have to compete with each other anymore and that they could be collaborative and exist at the same time, that is when I realized, okay this matters to me and I can both have a fulfilling career and and help serve people and change lives and change other families and I could also change my own family by having my needs met as well as meeting the needs of my children.

So why do I think it matters to couples that I work with it is because it's a game changer of instead of coming home and having a spouse where you feel like it's more of a roommate situation where two people are just kind of going through life like this rather than going through life connecting as a team, it shifts the dynamic within a family and so when you grow up in a family where there is a team and when they are connected and when they have healthy boundaries and when they feel like they can speak their truth and say how they feel and what they think and have it be a loving place to do that, that has ripple effects throughout the whole family.

It changes the way that the parents interact with the kids, it changes the way that the kids interact with each other and it's modelling that for those children so that when they have relationships of their own and get married they have healthy relationships as well where they feel fulfilled and they feel understood and appreciated.

What was your business like before taking EPM?

So before I signed up for EPM, everything felt like a struggle. I felt like I had to fight for everything that I had. I felt like I was always hustling or always behind the eight ball because I was trying to juggle being at home full time with the boys. I was trying to juggle the private practice and I was trying to create this fulfilling business you know to create that larger global impact. And so I just felt like I'm fighting fighting fighting and I'm a hamster in a wheel rather than getting somewhere.

And so with EPM I learned the language to use I learned how to find my--what they call niche--and so find my niche and I had been resisting that so much I had been resisting this whole niche down and make it smaller because my heart's desire was to help free everybody I wanted to help free everyone and so why would I turn someone away if they weren't a couple.

And I realized through EPM the importance of knowing what your message is and knowing where your super powers lie because that's where you can have the greatest impact in people's lives. And so that's what EPM taught me is not just the marketing and the product creation but it taught me to really step into my own truth so that I can tap in to those core super powers at helping people feel, seen, heard understood and valued and being able to use that to help the couples that I work with.

Why did you decide to join EPM?

So I decided to join EPM honestly because I was ready. I knew I wanted to create a product. I knew that what I had been using in my private practice for the last 12 years I knew it worked because I saw the evidence through all the, you know, hundreds of clients that I had worked with. So I knew the techniques that I was using worked.

And I thought well if I just packaged these same exact techniques and package them up and then deliver them out to the world, it could help the masses versus waiting for that one couple to come into my office and we go through all the techniques together and things like that. I knew hey I have something that works because it's worked with couples for the last 12 years. So why not package that in a way that makes it accessible to everyone and it can have a greater impact.

Were you concerned, were you worried about in investing in EPM?

Honestly I was not concerned about investing in EPM. One because the person who recommended it to me I trusted completely and I had taken courses and I had taken a class with her and met her. And so I trusted her recommendation and also in full disclosure I wasn't concerned because EPM offered a guarantee.

And so I felt like hey if I take this leap and I put myself out there and I do all the work, I still have a safety net at the end. And if something happens and it doesn't go the way that I had planned that guarantee was my safety net. And so with that thinking and that place, I didn't have any concerns.

Tell me about your experience in going through EPM.

So my experience of going through EPM was intense. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions. And one second I was up riding the high of I found my message and I have my, you know, my mission statement and then it was the the the lull and the crash of oh my god it's time for the marketing component because to be honest with you and the marketing component scaring me to death.

In social work school and grad school we weren't taught how to run a business or how to market like I had never taken any marketing classes. And so that was such an entirely new concept to me. And so it was intimidating and it was overwhelming.

But the beauty of EPM is that. They honor that space and they say to you, I know this is new. I know this is overwhelming and I know this can be intimidating and that's ok, it doesn't have to be perfect you just have to be present. You just have to be present and keep taking action.

So abundant action, after abundant action; inspired courage after inspired courage. And that's what you do to keep building on the program. And so that's what I love about it is the support that you got along the way. And they didn't minimize, you know, your experience they didn't minimize the intensity, they honored the intensity of it, while offering you that space of support and encouragement.

What was your favorite part through EPM?

What was my favorite part through EPM? It was fun. Like Marisa is, she's a little quirky and funny and like she'll be playful and so with that with overwhelm you have to balance it out with playful energy and so that was a great mix. And so we were allowed to play and have fun and you know where silly hats or glasses or you know just be silly in the zoom and have those moments or there's something about earning those wins and earning that chaching that is motivating of like I want to earn the next one and the next one.

And so it was fun because you were creating connections with the fellow people in EPM. You were getting to know their stories you were getting to know their products and why it was important to them. And so it drew you in on not just your product but you were cheering for each other, like you were interested in their mission just like they were interested in yours and so it created that balance of that fun community with the intensity because you guys were all going through the same thing at the same time.

What was your biggest break down in EPM?

My biggest break down in EPM was probably trying to balance it all because EPM was right around the holidays and managing two children and just trying to keep all the balls in the air, that was probably the biggest breakdown is maintaining the intensity of the workload and the schedule.

It was so packed full of knowledge and information that you wanted to take it all in. And so it was kind of like, like if you're floating down a river and then all of a sudden the river opens up 10 times and now the river is like these raging rapids and you're like but I still want to catch all the gems while I'm going down the raging rapids.

And so you're reaching out of your boat and you're like I want to catch this gem and I want to catch this and you're just trying to get them all even though the water is going faster and there's ten times bigger of a river for you to go through. And so it was that exhilaration of am I going to catch all the gems along the way.

But the beauty was like we kept forgetting that EPM is with you forever. And so even if you missed one of the gems while you're wading through the river I can jump back in the EPM website and I can listen to any one of the trainings a hundred times if I want to. I have all the worksheets like everything's on there for you forever.

And so you can always start back up at the top of the river and start floating back down and pick up more gems every time you're going down. Every time you create a new product you just go back through the system and you're like, oh that's something that I missed the first time around and I want to use that to make my product even better.

What was your biggest breakthrough in EPM?

I had two big breakthroughs. So the first one was the realization that I didn't have to fight anymore that I could actually just take that leap of faith and I could jump into the flow. And then when I stopped fighting is actually when things started to flow towards me. And so I think I had been fighting and hustling for so long that I was somehow created this cycle of repelling things to come to me.

And once I just released that and took the leap of faith that it was going to be okay and it was going to work out and like as long as I stayed true to my calling like I know this will be okay. Then opportunities started flowing to me and it opened up that space and allowed that to happen.

So for me that was a huge breakthrough because I have spent my life being a fighter, like I've had to fight for all the things that I've gotten successes or you know these benchmark places that you check off, I've always had a fight to get there. And so that was a life changing breakthrough for me. Realizing that you don't have to fight or hustle that you can just be in the flow and be open to those opportunities that come to you and that when they come, receive them and then take that courageous action towards them.

The second breakthrough would probably be in regards to my niche and really embracing that calling and knowing that this has been who I am throughout my whole life and that growing up when my parents would punish me for being friends with all the kids instead of you know just the kids who are making good grades, like that was my superpower because I value everyone equally and I didn't say oh I can't be friends with them because they don't make good grades or I can't be friends with them because they don't live in as big as house as we do or their parents don't make as much money, that I value everyone equally.

And so instead of seeing that as being something to change and alter, that it was something to embrace and to use with working with couples and to value each couple that came into the office and value each story and value each truth that they spoke to me is to give that value and hold space for them.

So being able to embrace that niche of working with couples and helping them to speak their truth and embrace their power so that they can connect with their partner in that more that deeper fulfilling way, rather than the surface because we go through life trying to please people. We want people to like us, that's natural.

And people in relationships, they especially want their husband or wife to like them. And so they end up pleasing that person. And when you're pleasing that person rather than being truthful about your thoughts and your feelings and your needs, eventually it starts to erode the relationship and it creates that disconnect because you're not being honest with who you are or what your needs are or what your thoughts are.

And so it brings you further and further apart. And then that's where they start to feel like strangers again. Or when the resentment builds up, I'm tired of saying yes all the time when this whole time I wanted to say no. And so it's giving them permission to speak their truth kindly and unapologetically about what they think, feel and need in their relationships. And so being able to embrace that niche, opened the floodgates of possibilities.

So tell me how did you feel when you went through those breakthroughs.

So honestly the first one when I realized oh I don't have to fight, I kind of felt like, 'Yeah this must be crap', like this is that woo woo stuff that all these successful people are talking about and preach but they don't know my life, they never had my experience and that's not going to work for me.

Like honestly that's what I thought was going to happen. And I was like but I'll give this a try. I've been doing it this way for so long and it hasn't gotten me the results I wanted. Might as well give something else a try. And so I released and I took the leap and I was like, let's see what flows to me.

And then I was like oh my god there is all this evidence of gratitude and of things flowing to me and of the universe having my back and of opportunities and successes like that's flowing to me now. So when I was able to shift my mindset to find the evidence to support that it was happening, that's when I felt relief. It felt like freedom. It felt peaceful like I'm so much less stressed and having so much more fun now like I enjoy it now. I'm having fun. I'm not yelling at my kids as often because I'm stressed out about trying to make the business work and wanting it so bad it's not happening.

I'm letting it flow so that I can be more present when I'm with them so that I can be more present when I'm working with my clients and trusting that this is going to happen. It just may not be on my timetable or in the way that I envisioned it and that's the big key as I always envisioned it in this one little constrictive way and when I let go of that picture and realized and open myself up to it can be whatever way it wants, then speaking opportunity came to me, then the opportunity to be a published author came to me.

I never thought that after EPM I would be a published author and speaking on stages but those things happened because I stopped fighting and took the leap and opened up to the flow and trusted that okay we'll see what happens. And it happened.

So how did you like working with Marisa?

So what I love about her is she's kind of a kindred spirit in that she walks like what if she is going to say something, she's going to walk it too. Like she's not the chick who's going to talk the talk and not walk the walk, if she talks the talk she walks the walk. And I love that she will call you out. Like she's not going to BS you. And she'll do it in a way that shows love and nurturing but she's not going to let you get away with excuses. And so that keeps you focused and that keeps you in line with your mission. And I appreciate that.

Like if I am getting distracted by the next shiny thing and it's taking me off my mission I want somebody to say, you don't need to worry about that now, get back on track. And she is that person that will do that. And she also is playful and funny and she's willing to put herself out there and be goofy and I appreciate that vulnerability. So when somebody is being goofy and silly and showing themselves that is their vulnerable part. And to me that's a gift. Vulnerability is a gift. And so I feel honored that she's willing to give that to her students. And I appreciate that.

So what is your business like after EPM, you kind of already said that but you might have more.

So my business after EPM is fulfilling. It is enjoyable. It is fun. It is passionate. That is how I feel about my business after EPM it has a direction. It's just it's more calm and peaceful and there's less struggle. There's no need for struggle. And so my business after EPM, like those are the intangibles, like the internal ways of how I feel about it.

And then the tangible things is that now I'm an international best selling author. That now I'm out there speaking on stages and getting my message out there to the masses. That now I am more courageous in my message, I'm more confident and concrete about who I am in my destiny and purpose in this world because of the direction of EPM and how it just really is so concrete that it bears it down, like here it is.

And so that's where my business is now. It's full of direction, full of passion, full of purpose, full of emergence and expansion like this everything that lights me up, so it's lit up. Fierce and on fire. It's lit up it's fierce and on fire right now.

How have your mindset changed after EPM?

So my mindset has changed after EPM that it's not in a fighter mindset anymore it's in a flow mindset and so trusting that success will come and not trying to plan the exact how, when, where and exactly how it will look like but being open to all the possibilities that come and knowing that success can look many different ways and that success can come at the time you never thought that they would.

So instead of being like oh it's the holidays so don't run a program then, you know, that's putting limitations on your business. And from EPM I learned don't put limitations on your business. Don't put limitations on your success and just trust that if you open yourself up to the possibilities that you can find the evidence of it coming back to you.

So I have always grown up as a fighter, like it has been passed down to us. We have this whole what everybody calls the family curse that literally has been passed down from generation to generation, where things don't just come easily, you have to fight for what you get.

And that the family curse, if it's going to happen to anybody that's going to happen to us to the point. Let me give you an example. The house that we're in, it took us three years to find this house and three other homes fell through. And we were working with a realtor the same realtor and we looked at one house and I was like, can you believe that this happened again? And she was like, yeah because if it's going to happen to somebody it's going to happen to you. And that felt like it was perpetuating that family curse again.

At that I have to fight for my dreams to come true. I have to fight for my dream home and not give up and be persistent and resilient and work at it for three years rather than giving up after the first two houses fell through. And so I just decided I don't want that to be my story anymore. I don't want that to be my truth anymore. There is no curse. And I realized that what I had been thinking was a curse was actually a blessing and was actually the universe protecting me.

And so the first house that falls through the 540 highway is going through the backyard. So the universe is protecting me from living in that house and having a highway in my backyard. The second house that fell through, we found out that there--we lost a house by $100 mind you, we found out that there was something wrong with the house afterwards.

So the universe was protecting me from that. Where I thought the universe was like against me and was like ha ha ha you have to fight for everything you get. And then I realized, no the universe is protecting me from all these things.

And so each time I've been battling and fighting the universe saying give me what I want, give it to me when I want it and exactly how I have it pictured in my head and the universe was like you can keep yelling at me you can keep swinging and kicking and punching. I can take it. I'm the universe, I can take it because I know what's best for you and I'm actually protecting you. I'm steering you and making you have a dream deferred because this dream that I have for you waiting for you Sarah is even better than you could have ever imagined.

And the same thing happened with EPM. As I was fighting through EPM and I thought I have to fight and struggle to get my program out there, I have to fight and struggle to get people to sign up for my program. And success is only going to look like mission accomplished in the timeline of the seven weeks and if it's not that then it's a failure.

And so throughout EPM I was fighting fighting fighting until I had that aha moment of wait a minute, I don't have to fight because the universe has had my back this whole time, it's not a family curse, it's been freaking protecting me from stuff and I just have never realized it.

And it was protecting me during EPM because it was saying you know I have this other different dream for you. I have a different dream of you being on stages, of you doing you know group sessions through your happily ever after program. I have dreams of you being an author and doing book tours. That's our dream for you Sarah.

And so that is the big mindset shift that I had in EPM, that it wasn't that I had to fight or that the universe was against me. It was that the universe was protecting me the whole time. And if I just trusted it released and jumped into the flow and let the river of the universe take me to where I was supposed to be going that that destination was going to be far more fulfilling, magical, just spectacular than I could have envisioned for myself.

And so now I just kind enjoy like laying in the raft in the river and be like okay universe, I'm open, what do you have for me next? And so each day I just take action inspired action and I'm open to that.

How much money you have made during the EPM?

So during EPM, I was one of the ones who did not meet mission accomplished. And so I was one of the ones who checked all the boxes and got all my chaching chachings and had all my XP points by the end of it and didn't have the zeros in my bank account to match it. And so what happens when that happens and EPM is again like I looked for the evidence of what did I receive from this and what I received from the program is a crap ton of knowledge that I never would have gotten anywhere else.

And I receive continued support from EPM in order to help me reach that goal. And so even though my bank account within the program didn't change, my intangibles of my bank account with my brain, my bank account within my heart and the support system that I continue to receive after EPM to help me get to that goal, that to me has been priceless.

What's the most incredible thing about having an online business or experience product.

So to me the most incredible thing is the freedom and flexibility that it provides. The freedom to be able to be in every one of my kids functions, to not have to miss, you know, any basketball games or any T-ball games. To be that person in their life that is creating that foundation and it provides me the ability to support them financially and the ability to support my family emotionally. So to me that's the perfect combination.

Tell me about the impact that you're having on your clients or customers through your work.

The impact that I'm having on my customers or clients through my work. So I'm making them or I'm helping them make themselves stronger. So and it kind of makes me giggle like the example that just popped into my head is that I had a client say to me, she was like my husband said I've been seeing you too much and I was like oh really why is that? And she said because he says I'm getting stronger and I'm not saying yes all the time like I used to.

And it made me giggle because people become stronger and they become more confident in who they are and what they want. And so they're more likely to speak their truth and say hey no wait that's not OK with me; hey wait that is a boundary for me. And so they're changing the rules of engagement. And so the other people are lives like, wait a minute, this used to be so easy. I used to just get my way all the time. I used to be such a pushover. And now you're stronger and now you're telling me how you really feel.

And honestly, at first, there's resistance to that. Like people don't like change. They like having what they want when they want it. Like who would want that system of change? But then when it changes and they realized, oh but now, I get to connect with you more. Now our sex is better because you're actually attracted to me because you like me and you like yourself like,

Awesome! And so they start to see the benefits of, wait, when my partner is strong that inspires me to be strong and then we can be strong together. And that makes us a stronger power couple. Like that to me is what a power couple is. It's when you have two strong individuals who are standing within their truth and who are being honest about who they are and who are maintaining their boundaries and showing you how best to love them? That's a power couple right there. That's when you have that true deep connection.

And you know, everything gets better when life gets easier. When you know the rules of engagement. Then it's just easier. You don't have to second guess it. When you say something to your wife, is she going to yell at you? Or for men, if they express how they truly feel, is your wife then going to say you know suck it up be a man.

Like it creates that space for both individuals to be who they are, to be vulnerable because in order to have connection you have to have vulnerability. And so it allows that vulnerability to have that connection. And so it just makes life easier. They're happier, they're more fulfilled, they're arguing less. They're enjoying each other's company more, they're having more fun, they're having better sex.

Like they just feel, like I had a client tell me once, here's a great example: He had been coming to me for a few months and you know it was just not feeling very confident and wanted to work on himself and wanted to create that foundation of self-love.

And through our work together, he went to a bachelor party and before he said I would have been really nervous of like, you know am I going to get along with everybody, am I going to be one of the guys, is every bit, you know, with that whole nervousness of are they going to like me. And he said I went there, I had a great time, I never worried about that crap, and he was like and never once did I think about cheating on my wife. He's like even though you're in this atmosphere of bachelor parties and wooh!

That he no longer had even the temptation or the desire to do anything that would jeopardize the relationship with his wife. Because through his growth and it made him closer to his wife. And so it decreases the probability of infidelity. It decreases the probability of betrayals, decreases the probability of divorces.

So what are the benefits? Not getting cheated on. What are the benefits? Not getting a divorce. What are the benefits? Actually liking your spouse and having fun and enjoying them and wanting to be around them. Because a lot of couples out there go through life just existing with their partner.

You know once the magic fades and life gets real and it's about paying bills and raising children and you know figuring out finances like sometimes the magic starts to fade when you're dealing with real life stuff and so it's being able to reconnect and get that spark of magic.

That's why the program is called Happily Ever After formula. It's because it's the formula to get back to your happily ever after rather than two roommates simply existing and just getting along. Everybody wants a deeper connection than that. I mean you're with this person forever. You might as well have a deep connection and enjoy the time that you're with them.

What kind of lifestyle you have right now?

I feel so bored. I was like amazing jet setter who was like traveling the world. No I'm at home. I know--I'm at home. Damn Facebook envy. So my lifestyle is I get up. I take care of the kids--well actually that's not true. I get up, I take care of myself first. I do my meditation and I do my morning rituals of my Oracle Cards stuff like that. I take care of the kids get them ready and then I work on my business when they're sleeping or at a, you know, a grandparent's house or on the weekends when my husband's here and I serve clients in the evenings or via zoom or Skype during time.

So my lifestyle feels a little mundane when I think of it that way. Is my lifestyle important to me? Yeah. Honestly, sometimes I feel like a frickin bad ass. Like I'm like Jesus Christ. I'm raising two small children, I'm keeping them alive, which some days that's all you can do.

So I'm keeping them alive. I'm teaching them and moulding them to be socially and emotionally skilled because to me that's the most important. And I have to teach them their educational stuff. Kids you can't send them off to kindergarten unless they have those skills.

And so part of me is like damn I'm a badass! I'm doing that, I'm running another business and I'm running two friggin' businesses while I'm doing that. So sometimes I feel like, oh I'm lame and mundane and like this is what I do. And other times I feel like I'm a freakin' bad ass look at what I'm doing. So I guess it all depends on the day. So in all honesty that's my lifestyle.

So did your lifestyle changed after EPM?

So my lifestyle has changed after EPM in that I'm much more easygoing less stressed more relaxed. The way, the image that comes to my mind when I think about it, is literally before EPM I felt like I was like this. And I was like white knuckling it all the time like run from this task to this task and get this to do list and check this off and did it. And it was like this all the time.

And after EPM I just feel like I'm kind of like OK we'll get done what can get done. And we're doing the best that we can and that's okay. And trust in that it's all going to work out. And so it makes me a more patient parent. It makes me more patient with myself. And it makes me serve my clients better because I can be more present with them in the moment rather than thinking of the 10,000 things that I have to do in order to achieve X Y Z goal. By the end of the day.

What would you say to someone who is considering EPM?

I would say it was definitely worth it. Totally worth it. I would say to trust your intuition and if you feel like you're ready to take the leap, then do it that you won't regret it. I would say if you're half-assing it, then don't do it because what's the point of that.

So if you're going to do it, be all in and be committed to not just your business but be committed to you because as entrepreneurs, like we're not our business but we are a business because our business doesn't make us but our business is an extension of us and so if you're going to half-ass it, like don't put half-assed work out there because then that's just a reflection on you.

And so if you're going to be in it, take the leap, do it and you won't regret that you did. But be committed to it. Be committed to yourself.

Troika Saint Germain

I have been "out there" as a Spiritual Teacher, giving lectures, holding annual retreats, and offering other products for over 15 years. I just tried my best to figure out how to do all of this by myself. I achieved success of sorts, meaning that I developed a small following and made money.

In May of 2012, I was discovered by a prominent Internet Radio host and began the entry into tele-summit shows. I never even knew that world existed. I had a huge learning curve on how these events worked and that a "special offer" needed to be presented for sale during the show. I knew nothing about these things, or how to create them. I had less than 3 weeks to figure it out and live on a broadcast. GULP!

I listened to a bazillion speakers and looked over their special offers for my education. I did the best I could with limited equipment, resources, and zero experience. To my grand surprise, I made around $5,000 on my first interview! I was then asked to be on a larger audience summit.

I used the same special offer and this time made $15,000 in ONE hour! Man, I was flying high, doing the Happy Dance and running to the dock because I knew that my ship had just come in. I knew I would become a millionaire with these summits, not to mention being able to reach millions of people with my message.

Beginner's Luck didn't last very long. In the past 4 1/2 years, I have been on too many summits to remember and never brought in sales like the first two. Every show since has brought me less sales than the one before. I figured I needed new stuff and created new downloads for special offers, that didn't help much.

I was making from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand at best. I am an incredible teacher. I have changed the lives of thousands of people. IT HAD TO BE ME!! What was wrong? Why didn't I sell any more? Did I need to be more professional? need training? need a gimmick? WHAT do I need? I didn't know.

The "Get My Act Together" Quest begins . . . three years of one expert after another - all the famous names at $1997 a pop. The Queen of Sales Conversion, the Hell Yes Lady, the Belly Dancer, JVX, Message to Millions (he was the worst!), and others I have forgotten, or don't want to mention. NONE of them had what I NEEDED to learn. NONE of them helped me at all! Most of them spend my time trying to up-sell me during my paid course. I just became more frustrated, and that soon turned to anger because I felt ripped off by these so-called Gurus. I wasted 3 years and over $25,000!

During the same time, I got an Instant Teleseminar account. Live Webinars were added to my business. I tried to use the tips and instructions from the "experts". I muddled along. I enjoyed being able to present my teachings and activations with an inter-active format. At 4 per year, I now have 13 under my belt. Attendance varies from 10-20 per series and promotion starts 2 months prior. I have not been able to reach higher attendance - even with the experts' systems.

Marisa was my last attempt! I don't even know why I gave EXPERIENCE PRODUCT MASTERCLASS a try . . . . but OMG . . . . I am so glad I did! I can not begin to tell you how truly amazing this course has been for me. It is EVERYTHING I ever wanted to know . . . and MORE! As the saying goes, you don't know what you don't know, and Marisa gives us even what we don't know to ask.

EPM leaves no stone upturned. All you need to know is in this course, plus the downloads are priceless. My very jaded, disappointed mind has been totally blown away. EPM more than makes up for all the crappy courses I took. The product I selected to create will be delivered as a live webinar.

Now I have done 13 of these before in my own way. I set all of that aside, as if this was my first webinar, to do it the way Marisa has taught me. She gives sooooo much information and techniques that I have not been able to implement everything yet - but let me tell you - what I have been able to do made a tremendous difference!!

I named my product with Marisa's formula, wrote copy as she instructed, planned my modules based upon her system and created an email sequence, too. My product starts on Jan 20, 2017. I offered a Beta price to the first 25 participants and have 22 so far at $297 each! That's over $6,500! Official promotion starts Dec 26 and the product will be $497.

I can't believe that I made $6534 and the real promotion hasn't even started. Already I have the high end of my usual attendance. My goal is for 100!! I know that I will make it :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much Marisa, Murray and all the coaches. YOU GUYS ROCK!!

I bow to the Goddess Marisa!

Eternal Blessings!

Sunny Rose

I had one group training product that I made a little money on last year with no support, just relying on my intuition. I was in the middle of running the same program I ran last year but I wasn’t sure where to go with it, how to make it better, or most importantly, what to create next.

Then someone sent me the link to the Experience Product Masterclass sales page. I had never heard of Marisa or Live Your Message, but when she told me my information was worth $0 my eyes just popped out of my head! I was like whaaaat!?

Oh my god she's totally right! So I had to learn what I could offer that WOULD BE worth the money. That was worth not only some money, but enough money to support myself and my family, and that I would be PASSIONATE about offering.

I joined the Experience Product Masterclass even though I couldn't technically afford it (I had also just had a baby!) - because I also knew I couldn't afford NOT to do it. I knew that if I didn't make the leap now, I might be forever banging my head against this question with no solution.

The morning after I joined I woke up to a world of support. There were people in the Facebook group writing every minute with ideas, questions, and feedback for ME. There was a coach assigned to me that I could ask any questions I had.

And then there was Marisa, who is phenomenally talented in what she offers. Plus we got the bonus of Murray who helps with all things copywriting and tech. I still can't really believe just how much support and information I've had in this program and how much I'll continue to have access to going forward, with the Facebook group and the ability to watch all the trainings and Q & A again and again.

I got right to work figuring out my super power, narrowing my niche (holistic fertility), getting really clear about who I wanted to serve (parents-to-be and pregnant moms) and how. I wrote my mission statement, positioned my offering in my mind, took the advice to increase my price point (several times!) and got to work on my marketing. I am now in the midst of running a "give them what they want" and crafting my "perfect email" campaign for the Bija Fertility Program.

My product launches in a couple weeks and I am really optimistic about the success in store there. But what's really amazing to me right now, is that through listening to other EPMers and coaches I was inspired to create 3 1:1 coaching programs. Because I had the experience of writing mission statements, busting out quick and beautiful logos, and pricing programs under my belt already, I was able to create and list these programs on my website in one day.

So when I got a referral from a colleague, I was able to immediately send a potential client to my Ayurveda for Pregnancy coaching program page and sold $1300 in 1:1 coaching the same day! I'm so excited about this success and I know that if it was that easy to sell this program (and by the way, I sold the program to EXACTLY the kind of client I'm fired up about working with) that more successes like this one are coming my way. I expect to reach my stretch goal for the Fertility Program, at least. But I'll post the actuals here!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

This is my second time, and it was totally worth it. I have NOT closed my cart yet, so I may still reach MA, but I'm in the major marketing mind fuck right now and it's excruciating! I hope my message is right, we shall see.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I feel I've gotten all the tools I need to be successful, in every way, honestly. Now it's just a matter of trying it out and iterating.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I will fill this in later, when I see how close to my goals I've actually gotten. Can't count my chickens yet.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Understanding where to focus my attention for my current stage of business.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Not getting excited just yet. Hope I'll get to write here later...it's exciting if I get enough clients to run the program, but not so exciting if I don't, of course.

Tara Gesling

EPM has been so motivating and has helped me to move from stuck... to having my first online workshop series ready to deliver! I know what it's like to experience disability and all of the restrictions that come with it. I want an endless possibility, not disability! I want a business that I love, can be successful in and that allows me to feel good. I also want to deliver experiences, not boring info.

When I saw Marisa's videos I absolutely knew that I needed to find a way to join her 8-week class. I have a best-selling, top-rated book on Amazon, "The 180 Degree Wellness REvolution", am a Functional Nutrition & Health Practitioner with many, many years of personal experience in health and wellness, yet I was having so much trouble putting together a group program that I could deliver online.

I spent years in a wheelchair and reversed illnesses that are considered irreversible, I got out of the wheelchair and learned to walk again, not easy stuff... yet I was overwhelmed just thinking about what I needed to learn to deliver an online group program. STUCK...is what I was experiencing. I didn't have the tools and I had no idea how to begin to move forward.

One of my missions is to teach others how to discover their healing opportunities. This message that I carry is important and can really help others... it's way bigger than me. I'm simply the vehicle for the message... and it needs to get out. Deep inside, I knew that when I was absolutely ready, the teacher will appear.

I recognized that Marisa was that teacher and I am so glad I did. I committed to the class, took lots of notes, and I did the work. Marisa knows marketing and she definitely has a gift. I was given the opportunity to participate in the live 10x Laser Strategy call.

During that call, while talking with Marisa, I had an "ah ha" moment that changed everything! There were days that were tough, frustrating and challenging, but I optimistically showed up and worked through it all.

She gave us tools...lots of tools and support. The coaches were great. I loved that she was always the example for us, we watched and learned as she put a program together with us. Wow! I was inspired. I shifted my thoughts about the online program from one of overwhelm and perfection, to one of perfectly imperfect and "get r done". LOL...What a relief and an incredible confidence builder.

My experience product is Healthy Holidays, www.HealthyHolidays.club and the response has been awesome. I'm totally excited about it! Other people are excited too! I was having major tech problems during the weeks prior and also right when we came to our deadline and I am happy to say that I made my goal for mission accomplished. Yaaayyy!

I used the chatter campaign and two speaking events that I already had scheduled along with follow-up emails. The program and a new VIP client brought the numbers to $6500 at deadline. I am continuing to market my Healthy Holidays program and more people are signing up. I will begin delivering the first live workshop on Dec 11.

Thank you so much Marisa for doing what you are doing! You have been a true blessing in my life and a blessing for my business, Cultivating Health, LLC.

Uwe Dockhorn

What is success?

I asked myself on my last birthday October 2nd when an old friend of mine said to me: "I wish you much success because I think that’s what you wish the most now…" And I knew she meant it in a bittersweet way because I just didn't have enough time for her.

Therefore I answered her: "Basically I only want to help as many people as possible to bring them facilitation, contentment, and fulfillment in their daily lives like I sense and live for over 10 years."

Waking up and knowing that I can do what I love to do again, get paid for exactly that, and what I have always loved doing: To help people around me, get them insights and deeper meaning. And now, I have over 30.000 hours and counting, of turning crisis into success stories by enabling breakthroughs.

I am currently in the middle of the EPM, and the timer in the membership site says 2 Days 12 Hours 24 Mins and 19 Secs while I’m writing this. I feel no pressure, except the one that I could make myself to push me to the class’s official Mission Accomplished upcoming Monday, and hit the 2.000 mark.

Today is Saturday. I know I can do it. But it wasn’t always like that. Shortly after my friend wished me success for my birthday, I was able to write this open letter to Sir Ken Robinson. And thanks to the EPM I finally could say publicly what I was hoping to say some day.

Here it is:

In one point you were wrong, Sir Ken Robinson! You didn’t convince me that there is not more to the concept of "Finding Your Element". And I can prove it. Let me quickly tell you a story about a boy, who was sexually abused at the age of 10. He didn’t tell his parents and it took him 20 years to find out what went wrong with him. He was convinced that he cannot feel anything. He drank, used drugs, to fill that whole inside of him, but he lost everything.

He didn’t give up because his deepest wish was to feel and experience the world like it is without dependent making substances. In his family, there was the saying that someone is in his element and others aren’t. But he never experienced his very own element.

Therefore he lived his everyday life and work, and hoped that one day, somehow it would be possible to find his element to have the meaning he craved so long for.

10 years later he discovered your book after he watched your 2006 TED Talk "Do Schools Kill Creativity?". He was in his 40-ies and eagerly read every line twice as soon as he was holding it in his hands to find out how he can find his own element.

He was thankful because finally someone was writing and talking about this concept of finding your element. So many beautiful and heartwarming stories about people who are living in their element inspired him deeply. But there was still no specific answer for him how to find his element.

He loves this book until today. The boy was me. I’m 52 years old and I have a professional coaching business offering breakthrough experiences since 8 years because I went on my journey to find out my very own element, and luckily I found mine finally.

Since then and 30.000 coaching hours later I am helping people finding their meaning in their lives with my own coaching programs.

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart to your 10 year anniversary. This anniversary will always remind me how thankful I am having read your book, so I can live in my element helping others on the way to their brilliance. Thank you very much, Sir Ken Robinson, for being wrong in this one point not being able to convince me. "Mission Accomplished!" you could say.

But challenging tech issues arose. I had to bring my whole online presence to another server. Then there are Murray’s words in my ears to write better copy. You know like a 12-year-old from 5th grade in English… Well, I’m German.

While juggling my writing skills my mother had to be brought into the hospital again. The 5th time this year. I help her daily. I even moved into her house because she started to get dizzy and falling on her 75-year-old knees 3 years ago.

Friday, one week ago, another old friend of mine phoned me. She was in tears after 16 years in her relationship and at the end of it. A bumpy one with drug abuse and physical abuse, too, and 2 almost adult kids.

I decided to drive the 2 hours to pick her up and give her the space to get out of her situation and help her finding to herself again. In only 3 days I used my coaching skills to bring her back on track so that she is currently planning a fresh restart.

My now co-coach and former client Stefan has had another breakthrough. He sends me this message:

"…I finally went to the Toastmaster Club, and although I was there for the first time, I won the prize for being the best. I was absolutely in my element. I had a headache during the whole day and became a little grumpy. But somehow today was the day I had to go to the Toastmaster Club, and all lead to that…. My way will and must lead to being a speaker. That’s what I checked today! You had such a big part in that. And I want to thank you again most dearly. I hope you will accompany me for a very long time!“

I cried. One of my current clients is having a crisis and I brought her back on track, too. All that was happening in the last 7 days. Mission Accomplished!“ you could say… again. Or simply the life I chose 10 years ago is happening.

And I love it because I live my true purpose. It’s not juggling life. It is deciding where and when I can use my coaching skills for the better. In the last week, it was my old friend who needed a breakthrough. And of course I could have charged her, but I am in a financial position where I can decide to help her for free. And for me, success is just that. To be able to decide when and where I can help. Mission Accomplished!“ you could say again …

… But there are still the $2.000 to hit the goal of the EPM!? It’s Saturday and the timer says 2 Days 11 Hours 27 Mins 5 Secs… We’ll see… Then when“ is coming when it’s mature because I learned a long time ago that time is relative.

I am so thankful to Marisa and her awesome team, my coach Matthew, and proud to be among all you wonderful peer experiencifiers who gave me feedback, shared your heart with me, when I finally closed another important cycle in my life and business by sharing my open letter to SKR.

I am content and satisfied that I did my assignments and currently tweaking them to awesome. I listened to Marisa’s final words in the last training, and both of my two hearts are still jumping. One I will give my future clients and coachees this new kind of experience. And two I got this even when I don’t hit the $2.000 mark within the next 2 days.

I made so much progress and I can help so many people more than before the EPM. I will make definitely more than $2.000 and I will be able to help more than 2.000 people in the future because I learned so much in this program.

Thank you again, Marisa! Mission Accomplished!“ you could say, again.

Or ongoing… You decide.

Now, back to iterate to awesome, live my true purpose, and get paid for exactly that. Update: It’s Saturday and the timer says 2 Days 5 Hours 51 Mins 25 Secs…

I just had a follow-up call with a lead about my personal 1:1 coaching program called Live Your True Purpose™, and I showed her the new, but still unpublished version of my Call Me site according to the EPM. And she says that she wants to become my client to experience the 2nd most important day in her life.

Ka-Ching € 4.997. Starting January 2017. And after I showed her my current version of the sales page of The 8-Week Burnout Cure™, she wants me on board for her new start-up to be part of the board as a strategic advisor.

Ka-Ching Shares in another start-up, starting December 15th, 2016. Only by showing what I had learned in the EPM, I earned. And I didn't even open the cart for the Experience Product I'm still working on.

Well, “Mission Accomplished!“ you could say.

You decide.

Vanesa Gallego

If I tell you how I get to EPM, you won’t believe it: I saw a Facebook Ad, clicked, enrolled and saw the webinar. I bought it right away. It was 1:00 a.m. (I live in Spain) and I woke up my husband and told him: "I have to do this. This is it."

The funny thing —besides walking someone at 1:00 a.m. to tell him that you are drawing 2.000 dollars from the joint account— is that I had never invested in any online course that amount.

I’m a journalist and an online marketer. I’m from a country that has a dictatorship. Pregnant with my second child, we decided to move to Spain. Eight years later we have a good life. We pay our bills, our kids are healthy and happy. My husband and I have a job.

For anyone, it should be enough, but I want more. And it’s not just about money (that would help to minimize month by month stress), it’s about to teach, to help and to use my superpower (that I just define) to make the world a better place. Perhaps that sentence sounds like the response of a contestant in a beauty pageant, but the truth is that is a really meditated purpose of life.

So, that night, Marisa came into my life, and I found something that I have been looking for since a long time: someone who can teach me how to really teach and engage people, and also processes that I can replicate and escalate. Since the very beginning, I became Marisa’s groupie. I just couldn’t stop thinking about EPM.

I committed myself not missing any session and do the work. I think this was one of the keys to achieve Mission Accomplished: Show up, do the work, no matter what your “ego” tells you. Just surrender and let Marisa guide you with all the processes around. Every class had an impact on my business.

And as many of us, I have had big ups and big downs. And actually, in a specific moment, I just paralyzed because I didn’t feel that I could do it. But then, something happened… I had to deal with an old friend. I had this thick, big, tall wall, that I have ignored for so long. That wall just kept saying to me that I shouldn’t do it, that I was not -never was going to be- ready to launch anything, that I wasn’t good enough to get paid for teaching.

Little by little, I energized my Thor hammer and torn up that wall, thanks to Marisa’s masterclasses, answers and advice; all the comments and support in the Facebook group, and coach Kataka direct and accurate tips. This change of energy was enough to connect with the possibility and possibility is all that I needed.

Therefore, I decided to focus on doing my ATMs and used The Perfect Email Campaign to send emails to my current list. It had 350 people, and 60% of them got into the list by a Facebook Ads Webinar that I did several months ago.

It worked and I had four sales. Enough to let the pressure go and focus on doing a better launch at my pace. I made 1.998€ (around 2.188$) and I’m really happy for it. It was a good beginning and not the end.

I decided to use a Reverse Webinar Campaign, repeat the Webinar that I did before, once by my own and a second time with a partner that has a big list but never has monetized it. It’s a big experiment for all of us, but we are willing to take it, because the worst thing that can happen is that no one buys, and that is ok.

I want my 497€, 1:FEW product, to get more than -literally- a few people ;) The mission of my students, if they choose to accept it, is to bring the management of their Facebook to another level through the Social Media MAGNET Method -that includes Facebook Ads- in 8 weeks, so they can raise their expert status, improve the results they offer and charge more for their work. It is in Spanish.

EPM has been a lot of work, a lot of writing, a lot of thinking. The hardest one, besides overcome my limiting beliefs, was the technical stuff (Heroik is easy, but as everything, it has a learning curve) and doing Copywriting (doing the texts for the landing pages and for my emails has been really hard).

I would repeat the experience a hundred times and I’m grateful that I woke up my husband that night.

Victoria Orielly (San Diego)

My biggest external shift has been the 4 pivots done within the Experience Masterclass. I started out with a spiritual/relationship retreat and under Marisa’s guidance pivoted to the Health and Wellness niche- which is where I have my actual business. My second product idea was Dr. O’s Anti-Inflammatory Blueprint, based on my husband’s work as a holistic dentist with healing gum problems.

Then he and I decided we would do webinars to introduce alternative practitioners to holistic dentistry, as it seemed more promising. 4th pivot: update to Anti-Inflammatory Blueprint once again, as this is simpler for us to deliver. That whole process has taken from the first day of EPM until last Monday, 11/28!

My biggest internal shift is that I feel that we are seriously launching an online business that will allow us to switch from exchanging dollars for hours to another income source. This gives me a lot of hope for the future and for my ability to create new and exciting opportunities. Also that my husband can actually retire at some point and stop working quite as hard.

Additionally all this online engagement has been challenging for me as I am something of a technophobe and don't even own a cell phone. So even coming on a Zoom Q&A was a big shift for me.

Our Experience product, Dr. O’s Anti-Inflammatory Blueprint and online Program will be a free download from our landing page leading to a $7 product and a $49 product. The $7 product will be a simple home care program, along with a bonus video on proper hygiene for the gums and a report on the relationship between gum inflammation, intestinal inflammation and diet. We plan to over deliver.

The $49 product will be a webinar (that will become evergreen) to further educate on the gum/gut relationship along with a bonus ebook of gluten free recipes. There will also be a 6-month membership to a private Facebook page where my husband will do monthly Q & A’s. At some point we will probably translate the $7 product into Spanish and deliver it in other countries. Eventually we will look at designing a Lifestyle/Health Retreat.

We plan to promote it using Facebook live videos, surveys on Linked In. We are members of several huge Health and Wellness groups on LinkedIn. We have Youtube video with over half a million hits and will be putting an overlay with a link on that and getting more active on our Youtube channel.

We also have a relationship with a Gluten Free Singles site of 6,000 members where we have been invited to do blog posting. We have numerous articles already written on the ‘leaky gut/leaky gums’ connection. And will be creating a funnel to that and JVing with other gluten free sites/bloggers.

Okay…so we haven’t actually made any money because we just finished our landing page, finally, today! Check it out, os.myholisticdentist.com. I am truly jazzed! We also have Kajabi in the works to deliver our products. We have the web name AntiInflammatoryBlueprint.com.

Thanks to EPM we finally have a direction and some actual steps we have taken to create our online business. While this may seem like very little to show for our participation, this is the furthest we’ve gotten down the path since our first Marlon Sanders course in 2005! And we’ve been in 3 other programs since then that have gotten us nowhere.

So thank you Marisa and Murray for all your efforts. We are certain to have hard numbers to report to you when we see you at the event in February!

Mary Schiller

I'm very happy to say that I already made back the cost of this program -- in one day -- using just one thing I learned here: the mission statement. Thank you! Let me know if you want me to share details of what I did, in case it's helpful.

For some more encouragement to everyone here, I just hit my stretch goal today of $6,000 for a 1:1 coaching program I set up and launched in basically a day using the pricing model and mission statement from EPM. I have *never* done anything like that before, nor have I made that kind of cash from one program or even in one month. Not even close!

Very, very grateful for what I've learned here so far, and I will continue to adopt what works for me and for my audience. Thank you, Marisa Murgatroyd and team, and much gratitude to the people in this group for the amazing energy and support.

Yesterday, I woke up with an idea for a one-month, 1:1 coaching program on a topic that I know is of interest to my audience. Because of some time constraints in my life right now, I decided to make it only for the month of October, which means I had zero time to market it. So I wrote a rather lengthy email, used a mission statement, said the program was limited to 4 people, included a PayPal link for $997, and clicked "send" to my MailChimp list of 300 people.

Basically, I ignored every thought that said, "This will never work, Mary!" I had one signup immediately and another a short time later. I have a third person who is probably going to say "yes" (he asked for a 2-payment plan), and another who is considering it, as well. Pretty fun, especially since I've never charged more than $700/month for 1:1 coaching and have always had a complimentary call with people first.

This time, the price was higher and people bought without even talking to me. I attribute that to the fact that I'm very visible in my tiny niche, so people have been exposed to me quite a bit this year. Many lessons learned here. If I can do this, anyone can. I'm about as far away from an entrepreneurial business person as you can get!

Maria Kellis

I got some exciting news - i am about to get on a contract for my first 1,000 euros on my topic for a workshop in China. I have barely started putting the material together and I get to teach it. How cool is that!?! I have been compiling the answers for my 72 surveys, doing my bird's eye view, my mission statement, writing my story.

So when they got in touch with me a couple of days ago to ask me if I would be willing to get on the list to replace a teacher (they have already 40 participants and they needed a replacement teacher) and the topic was "couples" I was laughing (perfect I am ready).

I said "yes", sent them the stuff I already had (hoping that it is good enough), and they just confirmed that it is a go. :) Excited - this is my first time working in China. :) I have always wanted to go there. :)

Kasandrea Sereno

This video might be one of the most valuable ways I've spent an hour in the last year (and I'm in grad school!) So much serious information and tips, I keep pausing and taking notes and writing thoughts. I'm beyond impressed! :)

Kat Tansey

Author, Educator, Founder at Unshakable Self-Compassion

I was dreading the huge job of marketing my course, because I knew in my heart that it would be an uphill climb. And I knew in my heart that what I had created, while I got some good feedback in the beta testing, was not going to have the impact I wanted it to. It was not going to help people accomplish their mission, which is: to understand and absorb the process of the Hero's Journey and use it to create your own Hero's Journey — and to feel confident in your ability to repeat this process and share it with others.

I was feeling stressed and tired because I knew what I was doing was not going to work, but I didn't want to give up on my dream. You have helped me see that I'm stuck, not because I am fenced in with only one gate to move through -- but because I am so focused on that gate that I failed to see there really is no fenced in enclosure.

I feel excited, and truth be told, a bit overwhelmed by all this right now. But I know that you're demonstrating a process that will pull me forward through this overwhelm and help me believe that I can do this. And this is exactly what I want to help my learners do. This is the solution I've been waiting for . . .

Kat Tansey


Author, Educator, Founder at Unshakable Self-Compassion

I have been testing my online course with the goal of learning how to make the experience one that draws the learners to it like bees to honey. I've picked up a few ideas, but nothing like what I'm watching now.

This is what I've been looking for. I see my Future Self engaging with people around the world as they complete their journeys and share what they've learned with their family and friends.

I see many thousands of people taking my course, transforming the way they see their life, learning how to be their own heroes, and using what they've learned to help change the world. I am beyond excited!

Donna Sanchez



Its amazing how when you ask for something that you've needed for so long and your at the point of giving up, God says here you are your patience and faith has been rewarded. I am so excited by this, I finally realize it wasn't me, It was my method. Here's to the future!!!!

Christine Alexander-Smith

Director at The Diversity Coaching Initiative Ltd

Wow Marisa thank you so much. I was about to give up on designing and delivering programmes and then this video happened and yes I so get it because I respond to the things you talk about so my clients will also respond. Thank you so much. You are so generous.

Daniel Barber


Owner-operator at I Am Sound

It's like I got brainwashed by the info product industry. I've known for years that good education is experiential, but I kind of forgot over the past year or two as I've been developing my product. Duh! It's about the experience, Daniel! Loved that wall hanging that you're not a Teacher, but an Awakener. That resonates more deeply.

Valentin Streicher

Vice President at MAP Coaching Institute

I resonated most with the Clear Mission experience and the Constant Wins experience! I was basically missing ALL of the core experiences HAHA, and i am honestly excited about learning more about birds eye view and normalizing challenges along the way!

This is absolutely genius and I am so excited to implement these into my products and serve my clients even more now!

Jan Sugar

Works at Founder and CEO at Jan Sugar

So many takeaways. One is that I've been doing a little of this for years, like patchwork, without calling it anything or understanding or conveying its value. These videos are helping me step into it, expand it and are spurring me to think of more experiences to offer because I now know it's a real thing in my one-on-one programs.

When I thought about creating group programs as a next step, it was with tedium and dread. But not this way. I'm excited and can see how we can each offer experiences in ways that are reflective of who we are. That's another takeaway.

Bruce Walker · Montgomery, Texas

This is the "IT" we have all been waiting for to have the "Everything" you have been seeking.

Veronica Beukes

Life and Relationship Coach at Love Life - Live Life

Just finished working through this video (#2). Wow, WOW, W-O-W!! I felt like Atlas (carrying the world on my shoulders) but now that the burden and myth of having to be the Guru have been tossed (thanks again Marisa, because I really don't think that I'll ever feel like a Guru)

I feel like I can go and awaken the world! I have been paralyzed by the need to have it all perfect before I step out. Everything else out there seems so…well…perfect… So here: “I do not need to know it all and I might not have it perfect, but I can give you an unforgettable experience that will blow you away and bless your socks off!”

Andre Edwards

This is great information thanks for sharing I've been wanting for years to get into a online information business, but most of the how to information I read or watch doesn't connect with me so I think maybe it's not for me.

Well I listen to your video all the way through and it connected enough for me to write this to you which I've never done before. Your presentation was a breakthrough for me and has given me a new outlook and started a new thought process for me thanks. This is a blessing and I look forward to what is to come.

Debra Lynn Dadd

Owner at Debra Lynn Dadd - The Queen of Green

Watching your videos feels like the most important thing I can do right now.

Jack Hollingsworth

Marisa, wow amazing. I watched the whole video. You are such a great presenter-warm, inviting, humble, engaging. It was the best hour I spent today:)

Carol Brusegar

Founder (company) at Baby Boomers Over 50-Fabulous Fifties Forward

This is incredible! My view of creating products has been transformed already! Looking forward to more! Thanks!

Phil Deem

A pivotal moment. Your information has opened up my awareness. I have a membership site, providing coaching and personal development for startup and small businesses. I have been providing too much content and not enough experience.

Thanks to your very timely and insightful information, I will now begin to make the changes you suggest and look forward to your next steps.

Donna Marie Hockley

Universal Career Institute

Really enjoying this so far. As a trained counsellor and a natural health consultant, I can understand how important these core experiences will be. Funny, I have been thinking recently about how to create a program that was not just information, but fun and engaging. If it is not fun, I don't want to do it (or for very long).

I am in group #2. I have a huge desire to create an online program and thought it was going to be about sharing how to get well from cancer the natural way. (as I had cancer as a child and then again in my late 40's), but more and more as I look back on who I truly am, I am an encourager especially for people to recognize that life's lemon can be turned into lemonade.

I love the words from a song "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". So I think it is much bigger than just cancer recovery, of embracing that they have survived other things in life, so to not let cancer stop them now. I love the concept of constant wins.

I know that my biggest challenge will be to not overload, so the small chunks spoke to me. Sure glad that even though I have felt antsy of not having "Launched", or even created the program as yet…

I am now glad that I don't have to start over, so that I can do it in a manner that is fun, engaging, and inspirational. (which is the way I have always strived to create and facilitate my live workshops.) I see now that my favorite workshops that I facilitate have those components in them, and the ones I get bored with easily, do not!

My vision for myself is to have both online and live programs, where the partipants come away with a sense of "I can do this". My husband and I will live the Spring - Fall on some secluded, tranquil acreage in a log cabin, steps away from a lake that he can kayak in and I can swim in. The atmosphere will be conducive for both of us to write. The winter months will be spent facilitating live events in a warm climate, and to offer 1 or 2 times a year, the online program.

Kim Harris

Dallas, Texas

Experience products work...I've experienced them, but never knew there was a formula. The psychological triggers in the doing kept me intrigued. I'm eager to learn more.

Tai Ward-Holmes

Artist/Designer at Self Employed

Marisa...I am listening! I was blown away

Richard Greaney

I couldn't have stumbled across this video series at a better time. I am literally in the process of getting clear on the philosophy behind my future online program. I know exactly what the program will be about, and have a process that I will teach. But the approach is what still needs work. I didn't want to rush in and develop something that I knew wasn't the best angle it could possibly be. If I didn't think it was great, then customers definitely wouldn't.

I want to launch something I absolutely know will help people. I want them to quote me in conversation as one of those people who helped them realise something huge that helped them change their lives.

You know what's interesting is that one of the only online courses I've ever followed through to completion followed the exact formula you are talking about! It got me hooked on day one, and I just had to come back each subsequent day to find out what was around the corner.

Acland Brierty

Just want to say that I've been a long time lurker of liveyourmessage and this has got to be the BEST thing I've ever seen from you guys! We do food tours to India and while the tours are fun and exciting it got me thinking about the EXPERIENCE we give through our emails and website etc. which is kind of boring.

To cut a long story short, I re-wrote an email this morning to a few customers who I thought were keen but not convinced about travelling with us but this time cut down the text and tried to capture the fun and exciting Indian experience and make the email part of that.

Well, I have just received a reply from one couple who I thought were travelling on their own but it turns out they were making plans for a small group of friends who often travel together and while they can't join us in February, they now want to book in to our Oct-Nov 2017 tour which I haven't even been released yet - that's 8 people paying just under $4,000 per person. A very welcome $30,000.

So, even though I don't sell an information product which seems to be your target market, I realise now that I kind of do when I send info about our tours out to people and the big Ah Ha moment came about when I acknowledged that our marketing doesn't even begin to reflect the experience we have on tour.

Jennifer Holbus

Happy Friday everyone! True story .... I asked my client for what I think I am truly worth ... 40% higher rate today!! 😳

BACK STORY... I took a sabbatical after 12 years with GE ... for 18 months and started a process improvement training business. In November last year, I had spent all of my 401k savings. I spent my last $2,000 on Marisa Murgatroyd's 8 week EPM and crossed my fingers. Little did I know this would change my life forever!!

A few weeks into EPM I discovered my superpower .. my ikigai .. and decided to change the type of projects I was pursuing from tools based on process and people based. I was approached by a recruiter who loved me so much.. they decided to hire me instead of placing me at a client site.

This was after 6 months of casually interviewing and zero hits. This interview was different .. I now knew my super power and was so passionate and energetic about it they fell in love with my energy. I talked about my super power during the interview and about the process and breakthrough I just had with EPM. With no experience in recruiting or consulting .. I took the assignment knowing that "I Can turn any kinda chaos into greatness." 😜

And so I did. I became the Change Management Coach/Consultant for the recruiting firm. I spent my nights over the last 6 months researching and reading and everyday I went in and KICKED ASS! OK .. HERE'S THE FUN PART...

Today, I had lunch with my client engagement manager. I took him to a nice upscale Jamaican restaurant (White American dude .. this doesn't matter except that "Jamaican" is what I am and a Jamaican restaurant is a bit different). I made sure he was really comfortable 😜. Here goes ... I told him .. "back in November I doubted myself and underpriced my service (plus the scope of the project has changed, there's a lot more risk involved, the impact and benefit to the company is a lot greater and so on and so forth).

Also, I just realized that I am DARN good at what I do!! The whole time I was thinking about our lesson on premier pricing and charging our worth. He said "what's your long term plan"? I said "I just hired a mentor and coach and in 12 months I plan to launch a full blown coaching practice with many "Jennifer's" all over working with companies like yours.

I also plan to coach executives like yourself on a one to one basis". He said " that's really powerful Jennifer .. so what exactly does this mentor do?" I said ... she is teaching me to get out of my own way and to believe that I am AWESOME! She is also teaching me how to build a professional business" He said "I think you are truly amazing and we couldn't do this project without you! How much would you charge to coach an executive like myself privately?"

I thought to myself "YES!!!" He's said that to me many times before but in this conversation ... I wanted him saying "you're amazing" multiple times. I said .. "Hhhmm I'm thinking $20k and up". I also told him that I have been approached by other executives within his company for coaching but I'm not sure how that would work but my mentor will help me figure it out. 😜 He's said "sweet .. let me think about that rate increase". We walked out .. I gave him a hug and said .. "have a fabulous weekend".

Now .. even though my fingers and toes are crossed I am not even nervous. You know why .. I am FREAKIN AWESOME!! can you tell I've been listening to coach Rono?? Note to self ... If I get this .. my stretch goals are met. I'll be able to pay for mentorship several times!!! Stay tuned …

Julie Anne Jones

Blogger at Love Trumps Cancer

Holy cow! Mind, BLOWN! I'm an information marketer and have bought into the "Thud" formula you mentioned. It worked well five years ago but my results have been dwindling over the past few years. And from the beginning, even when I had hundreds of people buying my information programs, I know their consumption and success rates were very low. NOW I understand why.

Your training resonates so deeply with me I was in tears watching this today. I want to start giving my clients those experiences through my valuable information that will create the RESULTS they crave. Your free content videos are amazing and I've gotten so much out of this first 80+ minutes of training.

Honestly, I rarely (I might even go so far as to say NEVER) watch a free video series all the way from start to finish, especially if it's over about 15 minutes long. I'm so glad you encouraged me to watch all the way to the end on video #1. That was great advice.

I'm excited about the long list of things I've already committed to change based on what I learned so far and can't wait for the next two videos and next steps. Let's do this!

Tere Taborda

Small Business Consultant at Lead Me To Profit

Thank you Marisa. Watching your video, I was able to express in words what my mission is. I went to so many marketing seminars and never ever found anybody or any program able to help me to define my mission. I have been helping my clients as part of my services but now I want to expand my services into this area. I have seen businesses closing because of productivity problems, and bad management habits, causing to close the business and losing everything.

As I said before, my Mission: To help my small business clients to have productive and profitable businesses by improving their businesses control and management skills

Bob Forrester

Based on the information in your first video and the e-book on "Experience Product Phenomenon" I have begun scripting a revised initial marketing to do in person, on stage or in a webinar.

It had already become clear to me why people are not even enrolling in my coaching. (fear and intimacy) You have provided the solution of experiencing simple easy win, win, momentum so they will want to have more of the results from their experience. Your approach is going to make coaching entrepreneurs winners along with many more clients.

Congratulations for your insight.

Vanessa Gallego

My name is Vanessa Gallego, I was born in Venezuela but I have been living in Spain for 10 years now. I'm a journalist but I work as a marketing expert that does publicity. I'm like a superwoman. I have two works. One, I work in an agency that works in the pharmaceutical sector doing campaigns and so I have marketing boutique and I help startups and entrepreneurs to do their business in a better way.

First, I knew that I didn't want a job 9-5 or 9-7. And that was it. I want to do something that was really meaningful to me. And in some way I wanted to help people. So I decided to do marketing that is something that I love to do. I can help these entrepreneurs and these business startups to develop their business in a soulful and really meaningful way.

When I worked with the start ups and freelance and I saw in the agency that I work I knew that people need to learn more about marketing. And I thought in many ways to do it but none of them felt right or felt complete. I just didn't want to do an online course so people paid me money and just do if they actually did the course. So I was with this idea for a long time but just let it be there.

And then Marisa came into my life and the way that she came was really funny because I was just looking around on the internet and I saw a Facebook ad and I just click it and I enrolled in the webinar that she had and the webinar was that day actually and I saw webinar and I woke up my husband at 2:00 in the morning to tell him that I wanted to take money from the joint account to do EPM.

And I just knew this was the thing that I was waiting for. And that if I wanted to teach I wanted to teach that way. I didn't want to teach in another way. Yes. I was concerned too, yes, because I know that the money that EPM costs in the United States is very well for a course like that.

But in Spain is the same money that you can buy a master degree. So I was really concerned because my mind was like, do you want to do another master's degree or do you want to do this. And I decided to do this. I knew that that was the thing that I needed to learn in that moment.

I became Marisa's groupie and it was the first time that I just felt like a fan for someone, like I was really a fan. First of all, I decided to do it and to do it well. And my experience was phenomenal. What I learned is that EPM is taught in a way that you can surrender. Do what they tell you to do and just wait for the results. And for me it was really big step because I have to let go and I always try to control so things can be done in the way that I want them to be done. So I did it and it worked.

EPM is really a course to teach you how to do online courses but for me was more for me was a way to do business, because you learn so much about yourself. You learn so much about your own business and you learn so much about how to do things to really impact on other people that I felt that I needed to change the way that I did business.

One of my favorite parts of the Experience Product Masterclass was being in a community that helps each other when you feel down. Because sometimes you feel down and it's a great community to celebrate your wins. So I felt part of something and something bigger than me. And it was people that was working on the same thing that I wanted to work on. So it was a really really good. And actually I made a really good friends that I still talk.

My biggest breakthrough was that nothing has to be actually perfect. And it was a big one. The second one surrender. Understand that you can surrender and do the things that you have to do without thinking or over thinking. That was a breakthrough too.

The third one was that I could do it. That it was OK. It was OK to go online and do it just do what and see what happens. Maybe no one's going to buy from you. Maybe someone is going to buy from you. So don't wait anymore and just do it. And that was a breakthrough too because I think most of the people that has online businesses are a little bit afraid of success. And I was, like, I can do it.

And the fourth one or five I don't know how many, was the idea of marketing. So that was a really important for me because as I told you I was thinking about it. And but I haven't given words and she gave it words. Now you can use marketing to help others to achieve what they need to achieve. And it was really important for me.

Marisa is such very professional that I really enjoyed to work with her. I'm really honoured to be around her and her community. She just really really really committed to her every students that asked for help.

And well that was one thing for me was determined to actually invest in the program because I felt at that moment when I invested and during the course during the master class that actually when I need her help was her or her team or someone from the community to help you to get through what you need to get through.

The real impact in my business after EPM was not only that I'm making more money but that I'm helping my clients in a better way. And actually I dare to go online. I work in marketing online but I mean I never needed to go online to find clients. Right now I'm just enjoying it and it's working really really well.

Before EPM, I was making enough income to support my family. Basically that was it. And after EPM I'm changing the way that I do business and I almost doubled my income month to month. And I'm using that extra money to grow my business in a more professional way.

The incredible thing about having an online business is that I can have Spanish speaking clients all over the world. Actually I have two clients in the states and some in Latin America. And the other great thing is that I can work from whatever I want. Actually past Tuesday I was at the beach near my house just working there. And that was fabulous.

What I knew from 10 years ago is that I didn't want a life that began at nine o'clock and finished at 7 o'clock. And I also wanted to raise my kids. I was sure that you wouldn't want someone else to raise them for me. So an online business has allowed me to be with them when they need me.

To have the life that I actually want. I know that I can sound like an infomercial but that's true. I can be with them when they need me and I can work from everywhere if I need to travel. I can learn a lot. I can take my Wednesday afternoon to learn. That's what I do and I know if I had a normal office job I couldn't do that. So I don't know another way to leave and I would never come back to my life. That means to be in one place all the time.

Oh, I feel like I'm a super woman every day of my life. Every day of my life in practically every moment. I love to be a woman to be a mom and I really really enjoy that part of me and I think we all women that helped to raise kids are superwoman in some way or another.

My kids just love the way they work and they feel like they want to work like me when they grow up. I don't see them in an office. And my husband is very supportive because actually he let me do what I want. So, that's how it is.

Impact on my clients? They love me. They actually love me and our relationship is more, it's a business relationship that becomes a friendship because I help them to be more of who they are, helping their business to grow. Some way we finally have a deeper relationship that will have a client to another person. If they were my clients. So I think the impact it's not just the impact I made to their business but how they they made my life because they fulfilled my life in the same way that I help them to grow.

If you are thinking about doing it and you feel it's right just do it. Don't overthink it, just to it. Experience Product Masterclass Reviews from the class of 2017

Batsheva Schreiner

I was very impressed by how thorough and valuable the content Marisa shared in EPM was. Although I had to pause the EPM product I was working on because of my regular job, I found that by applying the sales advice and the methods taught in EPM to my work, I was able to close more sales than I had in months and reached Mission Accomplished through the "side door".

I know the content is waiting for me to pick up where I left off for my EPM product and that all the work I put in during the 10 week program is going to pay off once I apply what I learned from Marisa.

Thank you for a fantastic experience, especially the beautiful community that blossomed over these 10 weeks under your guidance. I hope this is the beginning of great things for all of us.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Giving your clients clarity about what you can offer, how you are going to do it and supporting them along their journey.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Our business went through a huge slump. I spoke to plenty of prospects but sales were few and far between, usually not for our full price program. EPM helped me restructure the way I presented our program and how to speak to prospects and in one month we signed on 5 new clients for the full program and 3 others for prevention.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I have more confidence in my ability to carry our program forward, despite the huge challenges we faced. Thanks to the guidance from EPM, our business will continue (the possibility of closing was very close to happening). This is especially close to my heart because it was my father's business that he built from the ground up and he passed away last October.

So continuing his legacy is a very big part of what drives us. I had planned on using EPM to start something new, but thanks to what I learned, it's like we breathed new life into our existing business.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

We changed how we onboard our clients, making sure they are confident going forward and set up for success. Before we were emailing a whole bunch of information for them to go through and then they could ask us questions, now we are implementing a more supported, step by step approach.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

This is just the beginning! We are set to launch a new EPM product to help people improve their health before they get sick, called a Daily Dose of Health. We have our campaigns almost set to go and then we can also launch our original idea for our EPM product called Beyond Seminary.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The potential to create any product going forward just using the program from step one and going through it and implementing it makes the lifetime value of EPM huge. As a very busy mother of a large family, the ability to work from home is essential for me.

Pamela Washington

I was doing OK (not great) and one of the things bothering me was how many people purchased my programs, then didn't do the work- and of course got no results! It was frustrating and really disheartening! So Marisa's program of giving people 'experiences' instead of just more info really appealed to me. I dove in 100% and have never looked back. Sales are up, and my confidence is sky-high because now I know people will actual do the work and change their lives! Its so gratifying. Thank you Marise, Murray, Don, Will, and Christine!

Adrienne Gabriel

Having written the book and created the program in 2011, I was excited to finally find a way of getting it out of my computer and into the world to serve. It is based on my own transformation from near death to healing myself from a severe autoimune disease and although

I have been teaching and coaching in person, I never thought of putting it out there as an online program until I was inspired by Marisa and her promise to make just about anything that offered an expeirence, a product that works!

I dived into the course whole heartedly and sadly half way through, injured myself badly enough to not be able to produce the 20 videos I need for the 20 days as there is a physical instruction part to the course. However, this was yet another sign from the universe to say - SLOW down and SIMPLIFY!

I learned that I was trying to give people 22 years of transformational tools in 20 days - too much too soon! I realised that I was in fact designing version 3. So no I did not reach mission accomplished but will as soon as I have simplified!

Another BIG learning is that I have not told MY story and I think that I will have to re address my marketing approach to some extent by telling my story which is quite unique. I have been too busy trying to give them the answers but was not letting them into me - online is a new medium for me and I have a way to go to become familiar enough with it so I can be as authentic online as I am in person!

SOO much learning, so much content and soo much value through Marisa's course! I can not recommend her and her team and work highly enough - SUCH VALUE. I have huge gratitude for all , so thank you!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Just keep going. Don't give up and stop doubting yourself. HOWEVER - LISTEN to those you trust and listen to your intuition that never lies. If you are doing it for the wrong reasons, you will consistently come up with blocks. Walk your talk.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It helped me drop the I need to be PERFECT before I can share what I am offering to the world.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has given me more clarity on my weaknesses and urged me to let go of self doubt .

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I have realised that I need to simplify and I realise I need others to support me. Before I was doing it all alone and online is a new platform for me to reach my audience so I need help

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Getting it out there and creating the value I know I am here to serve many with

Anne Ducroquetz

I created my website, www.viesurmesure.com, about 10 years ago. I had started to become successful (but never sold a product) but I got scared and backed away.

Deep inside, I felt like Houdini : bound in chains, locked in a trunk and submerged in a water tank, trying desperately to get out! I knew I still had something to create and I wanted to get back out there, but I would overthink and change my mind, over and over again. And do... nothing.

Back in May, I decided to take another info course, and immediately started falling into the 'Deadly Death Spiral'. By the second week, I wasn't even attending the coaching calls, because, even though the information was pertinent, it was lackluster and hard to digest, and I felt disgusted with myself for having once again spent money on a course that I knew I wouldn't even finish.

Several months later, I received an email in my inbox and opened it (miracle in itself!) and was intrigued by what I read. I had never heard of Marisa Murgatroyd, but what she said, struck a cord in me. Somehow I knew that what she was saying was true, and although I kept trying to talk myself out of it (what? buy ANOTHER product??), I ended up clicking the button and signing up for EPM. I was excited and scared... but I was reassured immediately.

First off, EPM was FUN! The videos are great, not too long, and really hit home! I loved coming home from my day job and watching my assignments, and attending the live calls and being able to participate with the others in the group.

The support is great... where else do you get all of this information, as well as your own personal coach??? There was technical support, moral support, and new-found friend support from the other EPMers on our FB group. What a great group! We helped each other through thick and thin, creating our product, asking questions... it really made me understand how to present MY course and the importance of group support.

My greatest takeaway has been that I don't have to be perfect to get out there and do it! In the past, I would have weighed the pros and cons, overthinking everything, and finally ending up saying to myself, 'oh well, I'll do this next year!' I had never heard that I could just go out there and sell, find new customers, and THEN create my product. But it is really the best way to go!

I have 10 new customers (and I haven't even started my internet campaign) and they have all inspired me to create a great experience product! I can't let them down, and that is great motivation, believe me! Can't wait to let you all know how it goes, but I feel confident that I've got this, and that this is just the beginning of my new career.

My goal was to be able to quit my day job by the end of 2018... we shall see. But no matter : what I have learned in EPM has been priceless, and I know I will be coming back again and again to all the points that I have learned.

Thanks y'all : you've given me a whole new start. I can't wait to see what the future brings!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My biggest takeaway from EPM? Stop overthinking and wanting to be the perfect (presenter, coach, course designer... you name it!) before getting paying clients.

How did EPM help you become successful?

The fact that the videos were short, the support incredible, and the fact that I really had to do it!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm excited about creating my EPM product! And have more money in the bank ;-)

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Just getting out there and DOING IT after years of thinking about it

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am excited to help the people who have signed up... they have inspired me to make the BEST COURSE EVER! They are depending on me, and I will come through

Somer Skys

DID NOT REACH MISSION ACCOMPLISHED but Even though I had a massive brain hemorrhage which caused lots of mental and physical disabilities I wanted to prove to myself I could return to the GENIUS I WAS BEFORE THE STROKE which completely destroyed my right temporal lobe, IT HAD TO BE REMOVED, SO i do not have a temporal lobe NO BRAIN MATTER THERE MRI SHOW ITS JUST SPACE, A HOLE, which by the way is the CREATIVE SIDE OF THE BRAIN I wanted to prove to myself I can create and succeed at developing and designing a product of product that clients would say WOW To!!!


Anne Whitehouse

I'd been stuck at a plateau in my healing business for some years, wanting to move away from one-to-one sessions and reach more people. Although successful, I was maxed out, exhausted and frustrated. What I lacked was a 'front door' that could bring people in. I knew I needed this, but didn't know how to shift the way I presented my work to achieve it.

I wanted to launch a group programme using my years of experience in helping women overcome their traumas and negative conditioning, but didn't know how to produce something people would want to invest in - I knew I was focusing on the very deep stuff, and that most people don't realise my work even exists, let alone that they need it!

EPM looked to be exactly what I was looking for to translate my expertise into something which people could understand and want to buy!

Coming from an academic scientist background, I was well aware that I spoke too much through the 'how' and always explained exactly how all the theory worked, but I didn't know how else to approach things.

EPM flagged up the weaknesses in what I'd been creating before and gave me the tools to start thinking in a completely different way. It soooo did not come naturally to me, but after a while I began to get the hang of it.

Big changes I made were to shift from 'personal development' niche to 'love and relationships' - I'm doing the same work, but under a different banner. My coach, Domonique, was fabulous and patiently explained why this step was essential, several times!!

I thought of a great name 'Cinderella Bootcamp' and totally ditched the 'how' of what I was doing. It was very much a leap of faith for me to take such a radically different approach but I decided to follow Marisa's process through exactly.

The marketing was an even bigger challenge for me, as I had all the usual blocks around sales, talking about money, combined with a phone phobia, and worries about sending too many emails, but I decided to take the bull by the horns and just do it.

I still have a way to go, but I've made big progress in simply being able to promote what I'm doing at all! You could not have met anyone more reticent and shy about promoting herself and her work than me.

On my first day of launch I reached mission accomplished, and at the end of launch I'd signed up an amazing 23 people, and had sales totalling $11974. I never imagined I'd be so successful.

What's worth noting here is that a number of the women who signed up had been on my list for years and hadn't been tempted by my previous creations, but they were ready to invest in my Cinderella Bootcamp.

This shows that what I produced on EPM was vastly more attractive than what I'd done in the past. Hopefully this is the start of major expansion for my business and I'm already planning where to take it next.

I do feel that EPM has given me the tools I need to fulfil my mission of empowering women by enabling me to reach the people I'm meant to help. It's very exciting to have reached this point, and I'm looking forward to the next steps!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Biggest takeaway forget the 'how' and done is better than perfect!

How did EPM help you become successful?

Helped me choose a great title, my downfall in the past! Got me out of my academic's scientist brain (which loves the how!). Also, I stopped promoting myself as personal development, and shifted to love and relationships.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I've been wanting to launch a group programme for several years. Now it's out there, with 20 students signed up....hopefully the start of great things!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

It's too early to say as delivery doesn't start until next week, but I see this as the start of really doing my own thing and being free of teaching other people's modalities and being tied to other people's trademarks! HURRAY!!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

My mission has always been to reach women who are ready to be empowered, and this is the way to achieve that goal.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Really enjoyed the course. It flagged up several things I had been approaching in the wrong way in the past. Definitely worth the investment. I actually needed some of the information sooner than it was given. For example, I had already launched and got all my people signed up a week before the module 5 training was available, so I didn't have the welcome email sequence information when I actually needed it which was a bit frustrating.

Pretty much everything else in the training was very good though. Domonique was brilliant.

Ashby Underwood

I have a can-do attitude by nature. But that had quickly been squashed by the burnout I had been feeling for years in the holistic health business. I felt uninspired and paralysed. When I first "met" Marisa, I knew she would be my teacher. I was sitting up late at night, scheming a way to make extra money while being a mom.

As a crafts-person in a healing business, in a small town no less, I felt strapped by the notion that all of my customers are limited to the people I interact with on a daily basis. I had no idea how to write copy or speak to sell. I thought that being in the empowerment business, any credit for new healthy decisions and successful positive change belongs to client and I was not supposed to convince or make claims.

I think that is why many excellent healers struggle to market themselves. I knew that I had to learn to create online, learn to market, and to use the internet as a resource. EPM was the answer.

As a return graduate from last year, the integration of Marisa's encouragement and teachings have impacted me at a profound level. Everytime I re-listen to a module I hear new layers and and new applications.

My "A-Ha" moment happened when Rono talked about ease in sales. It's this EASE that turned things up for me. I was able to drop my stress and be authentic. Through chatterboxing with my current list, my partner and I grossed $70,800 for our retreat this year, the same retreat grossed $14,000 last year.

I am the mom I want to be with money in the bank. I am happy to have been both support and supported in this community. I have found my tribe, the people who are committed in every way and moment to keep evolving themselves and their life circumstances. Business, the way Marisa teaches it, is a wonderful tool for personal development.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Confidence, confidence, confidence.... To leave no resource left untapped. When I feel like I am at the upper limit of an idea, or feel at the edge of not knowing what to do next with my business, then it's time to look at the client base that I already have and see what it is I can offer them, and then create it. People who have experienced my work and find value, will appreciate when I create more value.

How did EPM help you become successful?

What started last year in EPM, and has integrated in EPM the Sequel, is a feeling of standing on the leading edge of a whole new way of doing business. Visibility is the biggest success, showing up bigger in my larger online community for one. I've been communicating with other professionals in my field more freely.

I am also allowing my vulnerability and transparency to lead the way to develop a more positive and productive relationships. I am reaching out to joint venture partners to grow my business with the ability to be just real and myself.

My mentors have told me, "By supporting others work, we will receive support." Being in a community like EPM, has taken the opportunity to support and be supported to another level. I have expanded my capacity for receiving money, by 10x, and that is a feeling, sense, taste of the new way of doing business for me!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Because of our seasonal business, the winter tends to be slower with less revenue. This winter was different. I started this year with 10x in my bank account, from $3,000 in the past to 30,000 this year. I have been able to spend precious time with my 5 year old son and I hired a personal trainer. I haven't felt this healthy or prosperous in a long time.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before EPM, I felt burnout and in caught in a competitive market that was draining the my mental health and my ability to create. I knew that I had more to offer, but I was caught in a spin cycle of negativity. I was in a rut and felt like changing professions.

After starting this winter with 10x more money in my bank account after EPM, I have a much needed renewed enthusiasm for my business. Product creation and sales are now exciting to me. I am able to seed offers during a live event in total integrity and I get results. Success is feeling so natural and that makes me happy for the future.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am most excited about taking my premium retreats to Health Professionals in the guise of "burnout" but in truth I see the value for the health care system as a whole. I have Networking with people I respect from University of Virginia (my alma mater) Medical School and other top hospitals.

I see myself leading more education opportunities of Certified Yoga Therapy for the public. Perhaps I can create new programs that integrate further ancient, practical wisdom and modern health practices to nourish future generations. I have moved beyond my fear of speaking in front of groups when talking about my topic, because I know I am being of service.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I love you people :) Looking forward to taking a break, a short one, and getting back to creating and growing things.

Belinda Griffin

I quit my job to start my own business a year before I found Marisa and in that year I achieved a grand total of nothing. I had launched my website, written some great guest posts that helped me make some relationships in the industry and gather a few email subscribers, and those few good things made me feel like I was on the right track.

But after a chance conversation, I realised my "business" was going nowhere fast. It wasn't a business, it was nothing more than a hobby, a fantasy even, and it was unsustainable. I was funding it with savings and there was no real plan for making money any time soon. I was heartbroken, thinking I was going to have to give up on my business before it had even started.

The video Marisa shared from EPM - Right Product, Right Time came at exactly the right moment for me and made total sense. Watching that, everything fell into place and I knew that I had to get 1:1 clients to kick start my business, rather than dreaming about enrolling 50+ students into a high ticket course right out of the gate.

In EPM I was able to follow one simple step at a time to put together my offer, my messaging and reach out to people to speak to one on one. It was hard work, but at the same time it was easy, because everything I needed was right there, I just had to follow the process.

I am quiet, reserved and an introvert. I didn't think it would ever be possible for me to have enrollment conversations with people, let alone sell through those conversations. EPM gave me everything I needed to go into those conversations full of confidence and belief in my offer and I was thrilled to make sales. After a year of fumbling about, in just 10 weeks of EPM I was finally seeing money in my bank account!

Now I can see that I can continue to enrol clients to generate a consistent income, while I'm excited thinking about other new products I can create. Knowing I have the beginnings of a viable business is fantastic, but the excitement and confidence I now have for my business and my future is truly incredible!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Taking consistent action and making get started choices will prevent you from getting stuck.

Done is better than perfect. I wasn't always certain if I was doing the right thing or if I was sure about a particular decision, but I checked the box and moved on. I trusted the process and kept putting one foot in front of the other.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Coming into the program I knew my niche and that I wanted to get 1:1 clients, but I had no idea how to get started. EPM gave me clarity around my offer and gave me actionable steps to take in order to get my offer in front of my target market. The marketing campaigns and the sales for superhero training were probably the most impactful for me.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Besides having money in my account :) I have so much more confidence and self-belief. I never thought I could enjoy enrolment conversations or sell successfully on the phone but now I actually find it fun. My family has a bit more respect for what I'm doing now that they can see it is working.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was spending hours and hours on my business but going nowhere, it was a hobby and I had a dream. I spent a lot of time guest blogging for free, doing things that weren't a total waste of time, but weren't bringing money in either.

It was unsustainable. Now it is something viable that can genuinely generate revenue. I have validated not just my ideas, but also that I can do this. I am so excited to see what else I can achieve.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am excited to have my first clients and to give them an incredible experience and help them achieve the results they hope for, so that I can get some great testimonials and case studies. From there it should only get easier to enrol future clients and in time raise my prices. With money coming in, I can fund other ideas develop more products.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

This is not the first product building program I have done, but it has had by far the biggest impact. The trainings have been so detailed and the coaching absolutely brilliant - the whole team is amazing and totally invested in our success.

The Facebook community has been brilliant, but there has been a little bit of downward death spiral going on in there as quite a number of people felt overwhelmed at times and encouraged each other into greater depths of negativity. It was interesting to observe the psychology as some people gave in to pressure and gave up while others thrived on it.

Carol Walsh

When I came across Marisa's program I was skeptical. I have taken sooo many programs that promise they'll put me on the path to 6 or 7 figures and all they did was take my hard earned money. I was either inundated with information that was confusing and overwheming or received NO results from their "proven methods." I've wanted to create a 1:Few program for the last 2 years and each time I tried on my own (or with these other so called experts) they were epic fails. So, I was done.

Enter Marissa and the Experience Product Masterclass.

The first thing that intrigued me about her program was the $2,000 product creation guarantee. I've never seen that before. The other thing I noticed was that Marisa wasn't promoting the "make 7 figures fast" crap, she was talking about how to serve your clients and customers with the highest form of integreity and value.

She focused on identifying my zone of genius so that I could be wanted and needed by my tribe. That it was time I "lived my message." I was moved by her genuiness, her no BS attitude, and her committment to MY success.

Even with all of that I was still a bit skeptical (having been burned in the past), but the gurantee got me over the edge, so I signed up. And boy I'm over the moon glad I did.

The Experience Product Masterclass is hands down THE BEST PROGRAM on the market! I was hooked from the first XP point I earned. I found the program engaging and it's the FIRST program I fully participated in from beginning to end. The Facebook community was fun and supportive.

The EPMer's helped me to fine tune my work, and the EPM coaching team were the best cheerleaders someone going through the rigor of creating an online program could have. Add to that end, having my own private coach within this program provided the perfect formual for success.

In 10 weeks I created an amazing product, fine tuned my message, and made over $6,000 launch (well over the $2,000 Marisa promised) launcing my product!! I see now it's easy when you have the right tools to bring out your brilliance and share it with world.

I learned so much about myself, my superpowers and how I could serve my clients in ways no one else out there can do. The marketing (I learned 6 different campaigns) and branding skills (created my own logo, sales page and branded materials)

I've learned, along with the XP course design methodology, is better than anything I could have received in a MBA program. Even though I learned 6 different marketing campaigns I only needed to use a couple to get me to mission accomplished.

In addition the extra $6K+ in my pocket, my email list grew by almost 200. That's 200 interested and potentially new buying tribe members because I was able to craft the right message that music to MY tribes ears.

Thank you Marisa. Because of you and this program, after being in business for 4 years, I FINALLY see myself as a true, viable, and successful business owner. This program not only changed me and my business...it's going to help me change the lives of my clients!

My course JUST opened and her's what one raving new fan had to say as a result building an experience product:

"You are one-of-kind Carol!!! You leave no stone unturned! I have never worked with a coach/consultant that matches your detailed approach. I am not giving compliments just to give them, but you are AMAZING!!! I told my husband this is going to be so life changing for me!! Exactly what I need!! And your energy is through the roof! :-) Love it! Qiana"

Mission Accomplished!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Give them something they want. It was a big aha to create something that wasn't just fluff but provided value. To make sure that even with personal development it has to meet those most basic and important needs people have.

How did EPM help you become successful?

This program was beautifully mapped out to move me from one stage to the next and each previous training prepared me for the next level. It also gently pushed me out of my comfort zone but I felt like there was enough support to make it easy to do that.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I can't believe I can say that I had a $6,000 launch!! That has boosted my belief (and confidence) in my business and myself that I can truly build a business that will not only sustain me but position me to build a 6 to 7-figures business.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Communicating my message in a way that will make people want to buy. Trained as an academic and lawyer it was heard for me to write in a way for people to hear. But this program helped me think deeply about my business and myself, what I offer and how to articulate that. I received SOOO much positive feedback on my sales page and emails that it was not only clear but impactful!!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Iterating to awesome!! I plan to keep tweaking it and improving it and rolling it out every year (or maybe 2x a year) to really position this program as he premier program of it's kind. It's nice to know that I've created a money generator and now I can build on it!!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I had to save the best for last. The added coaching sessions have been amazing and Coach Domonique in particular was a key factor in my success. Having her to bounce ideas off of, to let me know if I was on track or not clearly showing my passion, and reinforcing that I had something of value to offer, was soooo helpful. I had to get up at 5am for our coaching calls, but I never missed one because her wisdom was worth it!

Caroline Hoeffgen

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Narrowing your message works. I was targeting body conscious, successfull women who are already eating pretty well but are going through hormonal changes that are thickening their waistline. That's exactly who I got: they have 5 to 10 pounds to loose each.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I grew beyond my fears. It gave me the courage to get something out there and try it out, to stop procrastinating, which I'm really good at! EPM's enthousiasm was like a bulldozer shoving me to the finish line-beyond my relunctance, I felt I had no choice: it was fun and terrifying all at the same time!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I feel more confident that my program will be a big success down the road and that I can finally start making more money with what I love: helping women over 40 become who they want to be and kick ass!

I wasn't aggressive about marketing at all but yet reached missions accomplished and now know that the message reaches exactly who I want it to reach, so I can now iterate my way to awesome!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I have a targeted message and a goal.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Making it more pro as I go along. Excited to see how it will unfold over the next 3 months! I'll need to get help with technology as I'd love to have slides and more pro videos...but for now, I'm good where I am! Doing a beta version took that perfectionist pressure out for me, so now I can focus on content more!

Is there anything else you would like to add?


Christopher Pickard

I made a last minute decision to join EPM, and I'm sooo very glad I did.

In 2016 I took a course that taught me how to identify my niche, and build a course they needed. I was happy with the results, launching in January 2017 and knew that each time you run a course, you learn, to make the next one better.

By September 2017 I knew what I wanted to do. I realised that although I was happy, and the people who took my course were happy (18 out of 20 anyway), only 1 in 20 got the results that I wanted them too. ....and then in October I came across the Experience Formula and EPM.

It all became clear. Even though I had been taught how to build and sell a course, I had not been taught how to build a course that could deliver transformation. Delivering the change is not about teaching facts, but providing experiences.

Marisa and her team not only provided us with the knowledge of how to build an Experience Course but also lead us through the experience of actually building it right. Starting with one simple step, then leading us further and further until there it was - a new and better course.

And EPM didn't stop there, it showed us what to next - to iterate our way to awesome.

Not only did I reach Mission Accomplished $6,235 so far , I did it with ease, and without building a website, sales page or anything fancy or technical at all.

...but now I know exactly what branding and appearance actually means, and how to do it, so when I finish delivering this course, I'll be branding it to scale it. I know have the confidence to approach people for joint ventures and can see this turning into a business that really does transform people’s lives.

Thankyou Marissa, Christine, Rono, Murray, and the whole team. (and my fellow EPM'ers). And to Christine again as she was responsible for an extra $10,000 idea.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

To keep things simple. And to gradually build the difficulty.

How did EPM help you become successful?

By helping build my message and brand image, to future pace to the next level.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Much more clarity on the way forward.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I was already building a course, having gone through Danny Iny's Course Building Lab. EPM taught me much more about how to craft the message,and how to build the course so.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? Scaling!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

It's a pity LYM live is on the West Coast of the USA when I'm here in the UK!

Claire Brett

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My program is important and needed and my work can make a difference in the world.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Structure and guidance and amazing business training - something I was lacking

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has given me confidence in my product and niche and has driven me to spread my own mission far and wide.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Direction and structure. Previously, my program structure was a little lackluster, but EPM has brought massive clarity and direction to my program and my business too.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Experiencifying everything in my business model. I'm sold! I'm excited because I know my clients will love the life that has been breathed into this program.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Marisa and her team are amazing. This masterclass is the most thorough, smart and authentic business training I've ever seen.

Mike Hubicki

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

PPP, this business that I am passionate about and that I can implement within the security of my current employment, and leverage into something bigger when the time is right.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM provides the structure to manage my time, the questions to make me think the perspective to make me decide and the people and tools to execute my idea. EPM also stresses critical mindsets such as earn while you learn, done is better than perfect, take small steps, iterate your way to awesome, and the creating your Minimum Viable Product.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Once my PPP is being implemented at my company I am going to further reduce my daily hours and begin to plan the evolution of the PPP into a public program. I am enthusiastic and energized by the confidence and clarity that I’ve attained progressing through EPM.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Leveraging my professional consulting expertise and experience with my coaching practice to develop a brand new and very valuable project that I am passionate about…and believe that will bring out the best in me.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Helping all of the people who, like me, sabotage their creativity and confidence by sticking within a narrow, predisposed mindset. Using a familiar project based system to deliver life changing support will hopefully gain acceptance and popularity…and generate massive value for my clients and myself.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Special thank you to my coach Devin, who recommended that I focus on the opportunity right in front of me, best aligned with my talents, passion and big why.

Cc Righetti

I had been taking a few online courses in pursuit of a direction for another idea I had. However, as I took those courses, I realized that my Relationship Marketing experience from my previous business life could be a very viable online product and resource. But I hesitated - the question that came in to my head was: how do I create a package of my skills so that it not only sells but fits my personality?

The saying goes that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear... and wouldn't you know that within days of me asking that question I received an email about the Experience Product Masterclass!!

Although I admittedly loved the goofiness of Marisa in zebra ears and Murray parading in various costumes, I was hooked by the the promise of an aggressive results-oriented course that would kick my butt into gear quickly. I was hooked by the promise of five-day-a-week coaching support. I was hooked by Marisa and by a very clear mission that promised to help me find my mission.

And unlike so many other courses that I have seen (or heard of from others), EPM met its promises... and more. Despite my having unexpected surgery in the second week of the course followed by complications and health issues, I was still able to follow the lessons.

I wasn't one for clicking on all the XPs but I am a great observer of process, thereby gleaning great joy from Marisa's detail and brilliance. She not only gave us every tool we will ever need to produce our own product(s) - now and in the future - Marisa also gave us, in the form of the EPM course, a concise example of how an amazing course should be created.

Like many, I appreciated Marisa's transparency in showing her journey in creating the course, including mistakes she had made. Many other instructors talk about transparency and generosity but Marisa demonstrated both with enthusiasm and unprecedented honesty.

My thanks not only to Marisa for "over delivering" and pouring her heart and soul in to EPM but also a big thank you for the support of Don, Matthew, Murray, Christine and the rest of the coaches.

EPM has helped me understand the clarity needed in presenting a mission, a clear "bird's eye view" while giving me the tools to create core experiences while avoiding the "downward death spiral"! My chatterbox is taking me on my way back to success.

I look forward to using all the tools learned in EPM to make a difference in the lives of many businesses and entrepreneurs in helping them build a stronger future by creating intentional Relationship Building Practices and Customers for Life.


As I have mentioned previously-- an added bonus for me was that Marisa is also a great example of my belief that the strength in the fabric of great business is in the threads of Relationship Marketing being skillfully woven in to every facet.

You are indeed a marketing ninja Marisa. You are an inspiration as a coach and mentor. You are an inspiration as someone who wears goofy headwear! You are an inspiration as I continue to pivot toward my best niche. You are an inspiration as I iterate my way to awesome as I lead my "Relationship Marketing Revolution".

Cynthia Zhai

I had stopped doing online programs before starting EPM. The last online program I had done before EPM was 2 years ago. I was discouraged by the fact that most students stopped half way through the program and lost their motivation. I thought that was how online programs were supposed to be, ineffective.

When I heard Marisa's marketing message on EPM, light bulbs were turned on! Online programs can be successful and now I know why!

During EPM, I was all in. The program was rigorous, but looking back I could see that I had expanded my capacity of doing more and being more. My experience product started to get students engaged and motivated. I'm also confident that my students will stick through the program and accomplish their mission.

Thank you Marisa and the team!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

1. Learning can be fun. It has changed my way of teaching to help my students stick through the entire program with motivation. 2. Shift my approach from my sole responsibility for student's success to shared responsibility.

How did EPM help you become successful?

As Marisa shared in the beginning of the program, through achieving this goal, we are expanding our capacity to do more, be more and have more. It has been a rigorous process filled with sweat and tears. When looking back, I do feel that I've expanded my capacity, on top of accomplishing my mission.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Same as above. As Marisa shared in the beginning of the program, through achieving this goal, we are expanding our capacity to do more, be more and have more. It has been a rigorous process filled with sweat and tears. When looking back, I do feel that I've expanded my capacity, on top of accomplishing my mission.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

1. Learning can be fun. My old teaching approach was similar to most online products. Marisa talked about. Most students didn't finish half of the program and were on a downward spiral. EPM has changed my way of teaching to help my students stick through the entire program with internal motivation.

2. Shift my approach from my sole responsibility for student's success to shared responsibility.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

To add in more internal motivation and excitement for my students.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

No. Thank you Marisa and the team!

Baruch Dagan

Since 1963, as a young boy, I was astonished of the NATURE CYCLE OF LIFE, and I take this to the next step by establishing a FIELD SCHOOL, at the dead sea in Israel. Later as an industrial engineer, I started to consult with Industry and municipalities in environmental subjects, especially in solid waste and transforming it to clean energy..(electricity and synthetic fuels).

The EPM brought me to combine the two subjects and to look for the way to enlarge the activity for better environment and income. I want to build a global community based on economic benefit while environmental keeping.. It will be my donation for the better life to all of us.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The intensive study of product accomplishes in the digital format.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It keeps me on the right direction without to leave it.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Not yet, maybe in the future.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

There was no change, it took all my time during the last 10 weeks. Before I was busy with marketing my consulting services, after I am busy with EPM full time, but without any results, yet.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I love the target , but less they to it.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, your program is excellent and well established, but your service is poor. I send more than 5 emails with questions without any single answer.

Debbie Moore

I was totally stuck. I kept starting my online program and never finishing it. I was totally frustrated and didn't know what to do. Then I came across Marisa's videos about EPM, and I was drawn in immediately. It was a HELL YES moment. I was nervous and scared still, but I knew if I didn't do this, nothing was going to change in my business.

WOW. I made the best decision ever by joining EPM. Marisa over delivered from day 1. THANK YOU! Marisa, and all of the coaches, gave me all of the tools that I needed to finally FINISH what I started. The course is amazing. And the support from Marisa, all of the coaches....and the EPM Group was more than I ever expected.

I now have a system to continue to use over and over in my business. No regrets on this what so ever!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I didn't have to have the program built out to deliver it...I can do it LIVE the first time

How did EPM help you become successful?

Gave me the tools and structure to make this figureoutable. And the coaching and training calls were invaluable

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I have the confidence to creating more online products. And have the structure/material to go back to for all future work

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was afraid to put myself and my message out there to the world, now I have the confidence and clarity along with the method of how to LIVE MY MESSAGE

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I can't wait to deliver it LIVE to my group!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Best Investment I've made in years!

Debra Greene, PhD


I'd been teaching self-transformation programs online for several years but was dependent on affiliates to market my programs. Sometimes they said no. Sometimes they demanded more and more commission. It was a struggle to find new affiliates.

I wanted to be able to promote the classes myself and not be dependent on affiliates.I needed ways to build my own list and to market my own classes. I had hired a personal marketing coach and paid him big bucks but that turned out to be a very expensive mistake. And it happened at a time when I could not afford to make such a mistake....

Then along came Marisa. Despite having just been "burned" I signed up for her EPM class in a flash, on a clear intuitive impulse. At least that's what it felt like, because when I learned what she had to offer there was immediate resonance. It was as if she had read my mind and was offering everything I ever wanted and needed. Little did I know it was actually Marisa's marketing genius that made the decision so darn easy. It was the shape of things to come.

I learned so much so quickly in the EPM program! It is a goldmine of valuable information. Within the first week I was telling everyone who would listen "I've learned more in the first 7 days of EPM than I learned in 7 months with a personal business coach!"

I learned what I was doing wrong and exactly how to make it right. I learned how to build on what I was doing right in very specific ways. I gained confidence and "know-how" in many aspects of my business. More specifically, my Inner Clarity masterclass went from a prior $500 launch to $3000 by following Marisa's guidance.

EPM is extremely thorough and detailed. It has breadth and it has depth. I will revisit the program over and over in the years to come and continue to reap great benefits. I am filled with gratitude and admiration for Marisa. Her gifts and talents are pure genius. Her desire and ability to share those for the benefit of others is profoundly human.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I learned the importance of, and how to go about, crafting a powerful mission statement.

How did EPM help you become successful?

The "psychology of pricing" Marisa shared gave me confidence to increase pricing on 2 of my products. The pain points and future self concepts helped me craft a magnetic mission statement. Learning about headlines on a sales page was really good too! Also the email templates and subject line suggestions. Direct coaching and side door coaching as well for sure. Also having access to my Coach Paul. The list goes on and on!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Mostly in the "marketing confidence" department. And since I am marketing me, I suppose that translates into self-confidence. Which is priceless.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was flying by the seat of my pants, randomly trying different things to see what would work or not. Now I have a clear path with a variety of tried and true options, enough to keep me busy for a good long time. I promoted my online course before this class and made less than $500. By implementing Marissa's strategies I brought in $3000.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Replicating the process with other classes I have to offer.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Marisa is a marketing genius--and I don't say that lightly. But unlike a lot of other geniuses, she explains everything in a clear and detailed way to make it easy to understand and follow.

The program is packed with valuable information. Well worth the investment. I have recommended it, with confidence, to many people and will continue to do so. I am grateful to have been a part of it.

Domonique Forand

Hey! I'm the French Girl, I will need a little help fo make this text readable!!!

I’ve changed my topic Experience Product - 5 weeks before the end. I was desperate and very sad. But it was the right decision. I’ve finally got crystal clear about my mission statement on January 27th. (Thanks to Christine)

From there, I’ve stick to it and did my best, until the end, convinced that I was not going to make it to mission accomplished because it was too late already. No more pressure, which was great to me!

I’ve used chatterbox campaign and get in touch with people that was interested in my product. I was word less when my first client enrolled. I was halfway to Mission Accomplished already. A couple days after, that same client enrolled his core team (for a pilot in his department) as a result: I’ve made 7000$ in 5 weeks

Plus, a possibility for me to enroll the entire team, if the experience is successful. I feel energize and confident about the journey that is starting to me now.

ELITE Your Expertise – Masterclass ™ is the door for my clients to start working with me. And it’s also the path for me, to give back to the community, share my experience with my tribe and together create a better world for people.

I’ve enrolled 7 people total and my course is starting tomorrow. I feel confident and totally equip to deliver a powerful experience following the EPM framework. I see my dream comes to reality after 5 years of hard work, perseverance and consistent effort.

Thank you so much Marisa, Thank you EPM!!!

Dominique Forand, The French Girl!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I can enroll all program with just using the chatterbox campaign. Which is what I did. I've enrolled 7 people in my program with just Chatterbox campaign and we are starting on Tuesday Feb 13th.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I found the confidence and that I can trust myself. My mission and capacity to make it happen. was good enough. I discovered in the Monday coaching call with Marisa and how she coached everyone and the issues that people had that I was doing pretty well and not as bad as I thought.

EPM made me gain confidence and believe that YES it was possible for me too. All the examples, case studies and real life trial, errors, failure and successes make this program totally different than all the other one I have enrolled in the past.

This is the first time since 2012 and after spending 250,000 dollars that I have actually completed a program and achieved the promise of the program!! (Yes I've invested multiple hundreds thousands of dollars in other courses, training, coaching, etc. but I have to say that no one of them really deliver the promise.

Marisa showed up each time and ALL THE TIME. The course was a real experience for me and that's exactly what I want to my clients. Experience product is THE new way for success. It was all new, all different and all very engaging and powerful.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

This achievement has made all the difference for me because I did it and I’ve been working on it since 2012 while everyone around me didn’t believe I would get there. This experience with Marisa and EPM — gave me a system I can trust, use and implement successfully. I trust myself and I see myself an expert. I no longer feel I need to do more and more and much more.

I've implemented EPM and it's works, Yes, I did it! in less than 5 weeks

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The biggest change is that I am no longer saying “I'll do it”, because “I did it.” My course is starting tomorrow, and 7 people enrolled! Now I can do it over and over again knowing the Experience Product system, works. I got my first enrolment and it won't stop here. The sky is the limit for me and my business.

I’ve been trying to launch my online business since 2012 and I’ve been taking multiple courses since that. Traveling across the world, from Australia, USA, Canada, etc. to find the best guru, mentor, coach, expert, to help me launch my course and my online business. I’ve created my website.

I’ve spent years in developing and overthinking great courses and content, but I’ve never felt good enough to launch a course. Something was missing inside me. I had always new ideas to work on… As a result, I’ve never launched any course.

In November, I was working on my copywriting, when a friend told me about a girl that had a different way of teaching how to launch a product. Curious, I asked her name. After our call, I googled Marisa and watch her video. BOOM! She got me, right away. I was very impressed by her message and how it resonates with me. Her voice, mission, energy, inspired me…. I still hear my little voice telling me: Oh no! PLEASE, not another course! I was frustrated, very disappointed and disillusioned with all the money I’ve spent without real result.

Oh well! Crazy, or not! I signed up for EPM, although I was really scared. What a relieve when I got in the program and watch the Welcome video. I knew it was the right decision.

Marisa and EPM made all the difference for me. It gave me a system I can trust, use and implement successfully. I trust myself now have the freedom of being the expert I’ve always meant to be.

I no longer feeling the need to do more and more. I've implemented EPM and it's works, Yes, rushing to the end, I’ve finally did it in less than 5 weeks. If I did it as a French Canadian, everybody can do it too.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I’m so excited that I can share my program because it works! The most exciting thing for me is that I can tweak my system and experiencify and change the world, exactly how the EPM system changed my world.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

My Superhero here is Christine Dunn. I’d like to honor her and how much she saved my life in this program at lease twice and maybe more then that. I've started the program with a product I've been trying to launch for years, convinced that it was the perfect product for people to buy.

After a while I've finally changed my mind understanding that my product was too big to start with. I needed something smaller to get people onboard with me and my business. However, early January I decided to change my entire product idea. Totally aware that it was too late for me to make it to mission accomplished. So I decided to stay in action and do my best through the end of EPM.

At some point during the program, spinning my wheels and struggling with my mission statement, I was completely desperate. I've shared my sadness on FB and had some encouragement from my peers. But it did not solve my problem. I was embarrassed and too shy to ask Marisa about my mission statement. I was convinced that it was too late (I was far behind everyone).

In the same time, I had this deep desire to move on with my new idea. However, Friday night, almost 11h pm EST, I wrote a message to Christine: Objet: I need help, please does anyone can help me please... The day after, turning on my computer... What a surprise!!!

Christine have sent me the magic answer that got me unstuck right away. She gave me exactly what I needed to go further. I had my mission statement! Since that moment, nothing stopped me, I started reaching to people with the chatter box campaign and in a couple weeks I reached out to mission accomplished. She made a huge difference for me and I want to honor her for that.

Not only did she understand how to help me craft my message, she also understood my distress. She perceived my vulnerability. There was only a few weeks left. She responded to my panic and I am so grateful. Finally the last thing I would like to add is that I hope, one day I will get access to the behind the scene courses/bonuses because, I have so much to give to the world.

All together we create a better world. Thank you very much Marisa and Christine for this amazing experience! Cheers, Dominique

Dagwin Camby

Marisa's effective EPM launch prompted me to buy the course, as I am always on the search for new innovations to grow my businesses to stay ahead of other competition and grow my veterinary business. My biggest aha moment came from a growth mindset of fun and to focus on the customer's experience, instead of the service you provide by giving them other insights in their life's problems and not just focussing on your speciality for which they pay you.

I feel good now to help my staff, customers and other vets with handling work and life. Every business owner must realise that their journey of success is directly proportional to the coaching value they provide to their staff. Become a teacher to become a leader. I'm now implementing and testing new ideas to build an online course for vets and their staff.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Focus on a growth mindset with fun and love in mind, to grow the business which leads to less burnout and stress.

How did EPM help you become successful?

The EPM modules are well structured to lead from mixed thoughts to a product with a purpose.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm more excited to help people and happier in my life and the turnover is increasing.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Everybody including the staff and customers are happier, whereas before, we often had to deal with unhappy customers.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I could help more vets to help animals better.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Keep up your mission to coach more EPMers

Ellen Eatough

As "The Soulful Sex Coach," I founded Extatica.com, The Way to an Erotic, Ecstatic Love Life, years ago. I've tried a lot of marketing strategies and created a number of products over this time, and yet was really struggling financially.

I've also been through a lot of marketing training programs, but the EPM approach feels like the best fit for me. I feel for the first time that I have the foundations of serving more people really well (and profitably) through the marketing and product delivery methods I've learned from Marisa. It's hard to put my finger on one thing, but the entire EPM program has been pivotal.

First, I conducted a different kind of survey than I have in the past. Marisa's questions lead me to tune into a very targeted group to form the first tier of my marketing campaign. In fact, a result, I learned so much about what my subscribers need and want that I pivoted and am producing my next program for men, when my initial intention was to create one for women.

At the 11th hour, on the last day of the EPM program I conducted my first "discovery session" for my new program, which is a 1:Few hybrid of group training plus 1-on-1 private coaching. But my marketing is so well-targeted that the first person registered (resulting in "Mission Accomplished"), and I'm confident I'll reach my goals. (Marisa is a genius at motivating action.)

Almost as much as Marisa's delivered experiences and content (which is impressively deep and comprehensive), I have learned how to deliver experiences in new ways by experiencing the "Experience Product Masterclass." Marisa is briliant and a true inspiration. This is partly because she's authentic and self-revealing.

I feel renewed and reinvigorated in moving my business forward and excited to develop and deliver more and more programs to serve my market in the deeper, more specific ways they need.

Thank you Marisa, coach Matthew, Christine, Don, and the entire EPM team!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I've done surveys before, but Marisa's recommendations on how to conduct one that is more targeted to a potential product was super helpful. I actually did parallel men's and women's surveys. I expected to start with a program for women, but pivoted when I discovered twice as man men responded and had a lot more pain and interest in investing.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I'm assuming I'll be successful with this program. I think it gave me a much higher level skill set, especially with marketing. This will prove out over the course of the year and years ahead as I continue to implement what I've learned.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Well, it definitely forced me to put almost everything else on the back burner. I'm feeling a lot of promise that this program will be successful as will eventually a parallel program for women. I'm seeing the way to eventually re-structure these programs for a lower priced 1:Many program.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

At this point, it's been a huge infusion of energy. I have conducted "experience" programs, but this has taken the potential to a whole new level. I can't give a before and after, because so far, I've registered my first participant (during 1st discover session). I love the "your mission should you choose to accept it" approach. It's been valuable in "framing" my offer.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm feeling infused with new energy and a vision for actually making my business work after years of barely hanging on in spite of serving people who are very happy with my work.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The EPM content is a resource I'll continue to use as I finish creating the program I'm marketing now and as I develop new programs in the future.

I love the fact that Marisa didn't offer just one solution, like Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula (which is great). She offers a lot of options for people with different strengths and at different stages in their business development. And Don's implementation Friday's were really helpful.

Fabian Vizcaino

I was in a repetitive cycle. I was losing my creativity and effectiveness in coaching. I was tired of always seeing the same lack of strategy mistake tear people and businesses down.

I heard Marisa’s message about creating a coaching experience that my clients and I would love, a business that shows my True potential. I instantly decided to join Marisa and her team.

I committed to the program as if my life depended on it. The day I signed up I had finished working with 30 clients, and I decided not to sign any more clients until I complete the program.

It was all or nothing for me. I practically closed my business on Friday and started a brand new company on Monday with a whole different business model, and looking for entirely different clients. I saw the value in this program, but I also saw Marisa had created the right learning experience for me.

Now I have crafted a clear and compelling message for entrepreneurs on how to build million-dollar businesses by learning to make strategic decisions, so they can create the life they always dreamed and get paid what they are worth.

Thanks, Marisa, Domonique and LYM Team for assisting me in putting my knowledge and experience on an entirely different platform.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I learned to rely mostly on customer feedback To maximize value when creating my coaching products and services. I used to create the product all by myself and then launch it only to find out I had missed the mark. Now, I take 70% of the creation from customer feedback and 30% on my own observations and analysis to design a product.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It showed me a clear, simple and faster path from idea development to profit.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It allowed me to pull back from working 50 hours a week to working 2 days a week and have more time to enjoy my success and do more with my time to help others. I love teaching and coaching.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

My biggest challenged was taking my experience and knowledge from of my head and laying it down in front of people to see it, learn it and implement it in their own businesses. I needed to create an experience and "productize" it. ;)

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

My ability to have more time for personal development and to scale my business to help more people.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you Marisa, Christine, Don, and my coach Dominique for creating a successful course and experience that delivers the results you promised in your offer if people do the work of course. Your dedication to excellence and quality shows in every sentence, paragraph, lecture and session. Thank you

Gabi Taylor

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Earn while you learn: testing (surveying, talking to people, beta test) something before spending time, money and energy into something into something that my market doesn't even want

How did EPM help you become successful?

It taught me a process that I can use over and over again

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It taught me a process that I can use over and over again

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Not a big change yet but I'm confident I have have all the tools needed to move forward

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Applying everything I learned and looking forward to seeing the results of my next experiential product launch.

Gabriele Sogka

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I was most impressed with Marisa sharing her vulnerability, not only from her personal life, but from her business "flubs", guiding us to BE with our clients rather then just have information for them.

The coaches were insightful and compassionate as well as great 'reframers.' I also enjoyed the community being so generous with their feedback and that it will continue. Thank you so very much, all of you! Gabriele Reign

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have never participated in a program that was so committed to my success and that of my peers. All the information provided was experiential, engaging and shone a light on how to actually create the path I know I'm meant to forge to guide others to do the same.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I feel professional now (wow)! I have been coaching on and off and wanting to provide a great experience for my clients and not knowing the 'how' of it. Now I have the how. I am so impressed and grateful for EPM generosity!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before, I was like a deer stunned by headlights when even thinking of what to do technically. Now, I'm taking the tech stuff one tiny piece at a time without being overwhelmed, I have a more relaxed feeling/attitude about it, which relieves the "perfect" pressure.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I have a real experience for my clients to enjoy as they discover more about themselves. Being able to provide a fun, informative systematized product is just amazing.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I'm just really grateful Marisa created EPM... truly, it feels so good to have an expression of my superpower "Transforming Chaos to Clarity" to give to the world. I'm still a bit floored I created it (in a great way) !

Ghandolff the Grateful and the entire XpanZion team

I have been in internet marketing and sales for 17 years and have launched a number of successful expereince products myself. Unfortunately, with the advent of mobile devices the way users consume products has changed and so must the software and the marketing. It's one thing to be able to conform a software product to function on mobile devices but it's a completely different problem to understand the evolving psychology of the consumer as the technology changes.

Being the visionary behind XpanZion, a modern software company It's my challenge to consolidate not only the psychology into the way the software works but also in the way the marketing represents how the software works to the potential client.

Marisa's program, EPM could not have come at a better time. My company was in momentum getting ready to roll-out our software product to a massive market but I myself, was fully immersed in researching the best market and the best way to communicate the innovative nature of my product to that ideal market.

When I was introduced to EPM, I was completely releived because I knew that it would eliminate my need to consolidate all my research into a marketing program. EPM fully supported all of the marketing details into a dynamic system.

Marisa is a mad genius perfectionist and her obsession of perfectionism and attention to detail left no stone un-turned. This complete marketing and product development system enabled us to bring our product to market in the fastest time because it gave my team the tools they needed to build the marketing for our product and allowed me to focus on more essentail administrative tasks and overall quality control.

By navigating through her course and doing all of the exercises, in 10 weeks my team was able to design and organize all of the necessary marketing components we needed to bring our experience software product to market.

Thanks to Marisa, her team and EPM we can now serve the Heart-Centered Coaching and Entrepreneurial community with EZ Funnel Formula, a completely done-for-you automated marketing funnel and product delivery system, enabling them to give their clients the best possible online experience.

This saves our clients huge amounts of time and frustration, so they don't have to get all frustrated with the tech and they can focus on gathering their tribes, serving their clients and building the lives of their dreams.

Thanks so much Marisa and the entire LYM team for EPM. You're my new superheroes!

Michele Newport

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Seeing how quickly this process can be implemented by so many people. It is a credit to your teaching.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Well, although it appeared at a time when I had literally blocked my time out for other high priority actions in preparation for branding and re-launching my work, even just getting through the videos and hundreds of pages of worksheets I managed to, really helped me acknowledge the principles I have always lived by in all the courses and trainings I have created to date.

So going through this process has helped me to rekindle even deeper levels of trust in all that I know really does work and gave me great inspiration and more ideas for future technology based methodologies for applying these principles far more thoroughly, in virtually run trainings as well.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I’ll tell you in 6 months once I’ve done my BETA, website and revise your training in FULL. I am planning to schedule in redoing it in order, like I like to when doing someone’s training for the first time because I simply did not get through it this first run. I started well but missed all the coaching calls and the last half of the main training too really.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Again, I’ll need to send you this once I do the next round. I promise I will. My word is solid. I say this because my business has not actually ‘changed’ in any tangible way yet because I’ve not yet managed to action all the delegation I am planning etc. Also, because it is not really EPM that has helped me make the money for my Beta programs because I sold those pretty much by mid-December, before I had done much of the course.

But I feel certain that the value of EPM will come shining through once I use it to fine-tune my next level launches. It will definitely help me Fast-track so many aspects and also help with the delegation process too which is very exciting! So after that, I will give you the kind of testimonial that will make you proud!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Just knowing it is the beginning of many more to come!! You have really nailed the principles beautifully I feel Marissa. Thank you so much for creating the EPM structure and packaged wisdom!

One thing I have been particularly excited about for a while now and actually it is the core reason I knew I needed to buy the EPM product in the first place, is a World Synergy Summit project I that I envisioned 2 years ago now as the perfect next evolution/extension of my work to date.

So I had already then started brainstorming for bringing as much of the kind of experiences I have always done in my live trainings in to the virtual arena. So this is what excites me most moving forward.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I also have 5 more master students(Japanese) who have booked in for my first ‘Group’ beta test of this core Identity Matrix process and I have tentatively said I will offer that in May/June.

And I have a half day intro Program to my work that really helps people to start auctioning daily habits that shift the needle for their health and well-being that I have designed (but not yet fully completed) by request and am launching on tour in Japan in April.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that I do realise I haven’t been able to provide you with an ideal testimonial in the form that is practical and useful to you, but I always keep my word – not always confident in the ‘timing’ but I always come through in the end, so please just know that I will be in touch when I can honestly give you one in that format! I am also beginning the journey with Heroic too so will be in touch anyway…

All the best to you and your lovely team and I look forward to meeting you in person at 2019 EPM live! RE: Pic upload below: I haven’t finished my branding yet so would rather not send a photo in yet thanks.

Heidi Andersen

I had known for at least 5 years I wanted to have an online class as I wanted to live my values of being at home with my kids in the evenings, and the classes I taught were in the evenings. I made an e class but didnt market it and it sold some but not much. I have taken 3 other programs about marketing and making online business, but still I was frustrated and stuck and nothing happened.

When I heard about experience based product it felt so right for me as I had Dislexia and ADHD as a kid and have always had to learn by doing and I figured that if Marissa teaches us to do this for others then she has to use the same method to teach us, and just maybe it could work for me too!

I had tons of resistance and got stuck in my niching and stuck in feeling like I couldn't find a pain point I felt authentic in addressing. Then I listened over and over again to iterate your way to awesome and just pick something for now, so knowing it wasn't going to be exactly right or maybe work at all I started and ended up with a class I love.

Made marketing, had 2 webinars tons of well written email... it needs to be tweaked and perhaps pivoted to a clearer pain point but I am so proud of myself for actually doing it. And instead of feeling like a failure at 3 sales ( 2 of which were already my private clients ) I have celebrated myself and that fact that I did it and I am doing it and it isn't over.......

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Making an online program is a huge project, that I have to be willing to just jump in and try even if I know it is not perfect. If I had waited till I had figured out my niche perfectly I still wouldn't have created something.

Now I know I can! I have seen that wanting to please the tribe I already have just because I have them doesn't mean they will buy, better to pivot or dare go for something new. Iterate my way to awesome is the only way. It may take me a few more programs but eventually.. I will have a company to wrap my heart around, make a huge impact and a huge income. I am unstoppable! ( although humbly knowing who I want to serve and how may take time)

How did EPM help you become successful?

Taught me to dare anyway, very clear what to do, group for support

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Sooo proud that I actually made the sales page, and got it out there. Have been teaching the class for years but wanted to go online and just couldn't get myself to do it. Now I did it!! even if it still needs tweaking and addressing the pain point better at least I love what I have made and so do at least 3 other people!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Nothing yet but it will!!!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Teaching it online, getting clearer so I can serve more Making my next product with a super clear niche and pain point!!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Its been hard, painful, 4 of 5 kids got influenza as well as myself and my husband. Lots of resistance. Luckily got help with actually doing some of the sales page nice looking stuff. Some stuff Im good at, some stuff I sux at and it's ok.

Jennifer Brown

Before EPM, I would sit at home alone with my computer attempting to put together the "perfect program". And the thought of marketing before something was finished would have made me extremely anxious. With the in-depth support and resources that make up the EPM program, I was inspired to take action in a way, and at a speed, that I wouldn't have dreamt possible before. I was capable of so much more than I believed, and it was helpful to be held in a container of a supportive community, with great coaches cheering me on to mission accomplished.

Now I have the confidence to move forward in my business, rather than getting in my own way and feeling stuck in an isolated creation cave. I now understand the value of engagement with my audience before, during, and after program creation, and I understand that with each iteration, it just gets better and better, which means now is the perfect time to start.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Throw out the idea of perfection and that things need to be perfect before you offer it. We learn from the people that we work with and it only gets better and better as we iterate to success.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Supportive community and system with checkpoints to stay on track.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

More confidence to show up as myself in my business and to claim my value. EPM also gave me the opportunity to dive into my own superpower and to connect to my core gifts and, with Marisa's assistance, put words to it that I hadn't been able to do before.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Realizing the value of what I have to offer now and to be excited to offer that rather than putting it off for one day when it is "perfect".

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I feel I have the tools to be able to provide value to more people, and to feel authentically aligned with my business. I'm excited about the possibility of the supportive community I can create as I move from 1:1 to groups.

Amore Vera

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Following a solid methodology, I create a defined structure advancing consistently in various fronts and embedding experiences along the way.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It shifted simultaneously my entrepreneurial "Mind Set" and my entrepreneurial "modus operandi."

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

The satisfaction of arriving to Mission Accomplished in the exact time, manner and amount that I set myself up to do initially is HUGE! I finally overcame paralysis, procrastination, and more than anything "fear of giving birth" to my new creations (as my shaman said).

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Me! I feel more of a business woman that I have ever before. I feel more confident and competent in my business creations. Creating a "program package" and "getting well paid" for all of it...Feels so good! Now I have this cellular memory deep into my bones. And I know I can replicate it in the future.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I have a proven method...or rather an "infallible formula" to create "any product" I want in the future. Is that empowering or what?

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Recently, Marisa, you said that it doesn't matter how many projects you start but how many you finish" Somehow that resonated deep in my consciousness and it was a kind of "marching order" to my mind to move into action. And so I did! Like this, you gave us SO many gems of wisdom -business wise, mindset wise, personally wise, soul wise, best-practices wise. And that is the most precious of the generous gifts you gave us!

An "integral transformation!" a "simultaneous advancement in all fronts!" Only then we can really grow personally and as entrepreneurs. In our life and in our business! Now I know it cannot be otherwise. And I promise to myself that I will do the same with my clients and students! And I promise it to you, for I know you will be so happy! Because your deeply care for all and each one of us! Thank you, Marisa, from my heart & soul!

Bob Frissell

I was having problems marketing myself. Marketing was completely new to me, previously, all my clients came to me as a result of a best-selling book I had written. However, that well began to dry up about 3-4 years ago. I tried other programs, only to get lost in the confusion of it all., I wasn’t sure what to do, it all seemed so overwhelming..

I joined EPM because everything Marisa said about it in her promos rang true to me. I learned more about marketing and about putting myself out there than I ever believed possible in such a short amount of time. I am only a beginner, however, I have much more to learn. Having made $8700 so far, lets me know that I'm on the right track.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Clarity replaced confusion in a number of ways, especially whan it comes to marketing myself

How did EPM help you become successful?

I am learning how to be more effective in my strategy sessions, as well as learning how to market myself in general

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I am gaining in confidence with respect to my ability to generate clients

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was making around $2000/month. Now I have made $8700 in 3 weeks

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Being able to create my ideal clients with more confidence

Jasmin Kettenbach


I've learned so much by going through this program and am very thankful for Marisas awesome way to help you to iterate your way to awesome ;-)

A few weeks before this program started I've set an intent that I would like to take my business to the next level. I've already written 3 bestselling books, Onlineprograms and sold beautiful feng shui paintings to start up businesses. But something was missing, because I felt that I would like to work in a more personal and intense.

When Ive got Marisas Email I didn't even know how I've got in her Email list ;-) But when I saw her salespage in the middle of the night - I just decided to buy - just because of the guarantee *laugh* I felt right away: THIS IS THE NEXT STEP I'VE ASKED FOR

After 10 weeks I can say WOW BÄM AMAZING BOOM BANG - !das war der Hammer! ;-) I made more than 20.000€ in exact 8,5 weeks (and the campaign is not over yet!) but even more I want to say: now I have a more profound basis to create programs that transform my even yet great customers into the best I could ever imagine!


What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Changing my price point

How did EPM help you become successful?

Getting to know my products and serve only what helps people only create a program when it already sold! make beta versions

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Self trust

What has been the biggest change in your business?

More trust in what I do. SEeing how easy it can be to make money fast and also help people in a GREAT way!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? creating all the beautiful online programs ;-)

Is there anything else you would like to add?


Mary Ann

Being a successful Sales training & development business owner for over 17 years, was awesome allowing me to create an amazing life for myself and for my family. Two years ago I met my partner, through my radio show Enlightenment of Change. We decided to start a business together (a second business for us both) but not sure what our product should look like. I am from the corporate world, where I teach live sales, service & coaching skills classes, with clients sales teams. My partner, Dr. Mary Ann Pellegrino, came through the University ranks holding various positions including Dean.

We are both communication experts and both teach how to communicate more effectively with our clients. We teach that how we communicate directly correlates to our level of success.

With this foundational expertise, we worked with a programmer and developed and amazing free Communication Style Assessment (CSA) (available at www.wisdomdecoded.com) that our clients were able to take on line and bring to life during our training & coaching sessions. Beyond this amazing online tool, we had no idea how to market or create a program using the CSA.

Most people in their late 50’s are scaling down, Mary Ann & I are scaling up! Our energy and passion can’t be controlled. We really do love what we do and love teaching. We bring a wealth of experience and a whole lot of knowledge and fun to helping organizations ignite their employees and business success!

As we strategize about this new business, Wisdom De-Coded, LLC we realized we needed to shift gears from live training to create an online digital product that could be shared all over the world. We also realized that constant travel, across the United States, would become increasingly difficult as we age. So, we decided to create a digital online product, that we would be able to manage and maintain well into our retirement (although we don't ever use that word).

Here is where it gets interesting. Two middle aged women, who have no idea how to create an online experience product seems daunting! As always happens, the Universe reared her beautiful head and sent an email to my inbox, with a very interesting video from Marisa.

I watched it, was totally onboard! I sent the video to Mary Ann and after watching the video together we knew that this was the missing ingredient needed for us to create this magical experience product.

During the challenging 10 week Live Your Message Masterclass we felt like we needed to pivot and shift gears more than we thought possible. Throughout the entire experience we did feel excited, challenged, exahausted, and exhilarated all at the same time. We hit mission accomplished by the end of the 10 week period, although at times we thought it impossible.

We made over $4,000 in sales during our first marketing effort and have a ton of new clients ready to sign up for the second round of our Masterclass. By the end, using Marisa's proven plan and guidance throughout the Masterclass we realized that her step by step formula worked.

We had created our own Experience Masterclass, we had figured out our target niche (which isn't what we originally thought it would be), and are ready to launch our first Masterclass on March 5th. We are already working on our second experience product to help digital marketers close more sales. We plan on launching that third quarter of 2018 so stay tuned.

The journey was amazing and well worth the lack of sleep (smile). The amount of knowledge and support Marisa and her coaching team (Rono) provides is well worth the investment and then some!

Thank you Marisa and the rest of her team for making two middle aged women find a new path ad revenue stream of income, that is more profitable than we could have ever imagined possible! We feel we can continue to be two ordinary women doing extraordinary things using our new found knowledge!

Iris Stallworth

I love supporting women's transformation. But the fact that I had to learn & master marketing to have a successful business sent me screaming into the night with shivers up my spine. I had been in many business programs & nothing seemed to click.T

Then Marisa's videos appeared in my inbox & I honestly knew in the first 5 minutes this way of approaching marketing was something unique & a cut above. I had to be a part of it.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

This is the hardest question..Where do I begin? I love the concept: Iterate to Awesome! Keep moving forward; keep the content focused, relevant, and fun to learn. Clients prosper with the big picture & step by step..Keep it lively & engaging & of value AND our brains are wired to win... create consistent, clear goals & set our clients up to win & succeed w lots of doable steps!!! I could go on & on…

How did EPM help you become successful?

Each module, bonus, coaching experience was designed to help me create the building blocks so I could construct a coaching program that addressed the needs of my avatar & excited me to facilitate, highly transformational & fun. I am going to rock my program & my women will get tremendous relevant support & value.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I am thrilled to offer a program that I can stand behind to support my women to experience foundational transformation. I also have a level of clarity about the gifts I bring to my community. I feel confident and more secure that I can follow the appropriate marketing campaigns to grow my list, attract the right clients This bring me JOY!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

My price point reflects my level of credibility & expertise. I probably need to increase the price again. I am articulate and clear about my direction & focus for 2018. I'm looking forward to filling in the details at M2MLive. I am offering my 1st on-line program on Feb 21, 2018 YaHoo!! I REALLY HAVING FUN WITH MARKETING! This is a miracle.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I can't wait to see the results that my women will experience.

Jim Brown

Having been a Real Estate Broker for over 40 years, I have experienced the "rewards" of the up and down marketplace with both great success and excruciating failure. Still working the business when a couple of strokes took me down at 74, my wife convinced me to retire and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

We traveled the world for the next six years until she quickly and quietly passed away from brain cancer. Now 80, having lived longer than I anticipated and with diminished savings and income, I decided to re-ignite my real estate career in Hawaii in a new relationship. I studied and received my Hawaii broker license but neither the business nor the relationship were getting off the ground smoothly.

I returned to the mainland in San Diego, my old stomping grounds, and initiated my studies of on-line business oriented to the real estate field. Since I had gone through the "retirement" process myself, I anticipated and planned this would be my niche. My last 10 years of active real estate prior to retirement had been mostly with investment properties and I was finding that the residential real estate business had changed dramatically in the ensuing 18 years.

I was struggling with the machinations of on-line gurus with successful programs that could lead to my real estate success and nothing was producing the necessary results. I was now broke and deeply in debt with a minimal Social Security check when I came across one more program that excited me enough to deepen my debt and dive in. It was the Experience Product Masterclass with Marisa!

This was different! There was still the enthusiasm of our leader in spades but there was also daily hand-holding, weekly coaching sessions, feedback through the Checkpoints, extremely well-outlined progress metrics and a guarantee that could only come from one who was convinced of her program.

Although I did structure my program with a "product" and anticipate it's future manifestations will lead to a steady stream of clients, the zero dollars collected in the 10 weeks is not a true measure of my success. I have three committed clients and hereby declare my Mission Accomplished.

I can already see avenues of assistance that I can provide to the modern retiree that will enhance their lives meaningfully and add to my streams of revenue. My Last Hurrah has begun!

John Needham

Although I have been successful I have never really had to market myself and I was afraid of that. Before EPM my story and what I had to offer were known to me, but EPM gave me the confidence to tell my story and what I have to offer to my potential clients.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The need to have a purpose in life which is aligned with the program I am delivering

How did EPM help you become successful?

It gave me the confidence to implement the chatterbox program

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I realise that I really need to nail down my purpose in life before further growing my business

What has been the biggest change in your business?

A reduction in my fear of marketing from before the program to after the program

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

All the fabulous training from Don Crowther who has considerably enhanced my knowledge of how to implement the use of digital technology

Justin King

I had a mountain of ideas, information, and possibilities weighing down on my shoulders for years. I've been curious about online courses and coaching and so I've purchased at least 10 info-marketing and online business programs over the past 10 years.

I've applied concepts from those programs to my other businesses, but none of those courses inspired me or led me to take action as a whole on what I was learning and actually create what was promised. I never wanted to be an expert or sell a $2000 course that wasn't as valuable as a $15 business book or a free youtube video. And that mountain on my shoulders was preventing me from moving forward within this business model.

I signed up for Experience Product Masterclass because the marketing around the launch was so powerful and I wanted to see if I could apply that to an eCommerce business. But I was thinking of starting a new business and I had a course idea that I thought could work alongside it.

During the 10 weeks, my idea completely changed and then changed again. And then again. And I ended up serving a completely different niche. The entire experience was structured in a way that motivated me to keep moving forward and experiment. It was familiar but new and my points of view on certain ideas shifted and were expanded. As I embraced the experience, I was able to let go of my ego and my "know how" and resistance to the process and my need for perfection.

Finally, everything came together and I had a way to start where I was. The mountain was lifted off my shoulders.

As a result of EPM, I am now taking my first steps in exploring coaching as a business. And I'm excited and confident to be able to actually help my clients get the results they are after.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I got my first paid coaching client.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before EPM I had purchased no less than 10 info marketing and course creation programs. I applied info from those courses to my physical products businesses, but I never moved forward in creating a course or coaching program. I never felt the value I received from those courses was more than a free course or the value of a $30 book on the same subject. And I never felt comfortable launching a huge course just to see if it was something I enjoyed. After EPM I was able to see how experiencing coaching and courses can have a greater impact on delivering results to the client and I've found a way that I can experiment with the process to see if I want to move forward in this business space.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Potential impact and helping clients actually get results.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Although it wasn't from my "official" EPM product. I also made $97 from a product I scrapped that I ended up tabling for now. And I have a commitment for $24000 from a marketing client as a result of EPM.

Juan Sanguesa

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

This is a lot of work, and it can be a LOT of FUN too! Also I have to iterate my way to awesome :-)

How did EPM help you become successful?

The video about the pricing was super helpful for me... Following what Marissa taught there, I just went from $397 to $497, and that way I was able to make $4970 instead of $3970 since I sold 10 spots for my course. I was afraid to go any higher on the price, because I thought people would not buy, but after trying this out I found my conversions stayed the same :-)

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm feeling more confident about my ability to create products that really deliver the goods, which in turn will help me keep increasing my revenue.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I'm thinking about and strategizing my product creation process in a very different way now. Before I was making around 6k a month, and last month I made $8960! And that was the result of only partially applying Marisa's teachings... I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next when I finish experiencifying my products.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

My people getting real results and coming back for more :-)

Julie Moran

I have been messing around with various business concepts for years, and for years have come up against a brick wall called 'marketing'. I really had no idea about the 'how to' of marketing. And for years I've talked about needing to do a course or find a coach who could help me.

I've searched for marketing courses but nothing resonated with me until I watched Marisa's video clips that were part of her EPM marketing campaign. As I watched the videos I found myself repeatedly nodding along with the things she talked about and I was fascinated by the fact that these (rather long) videos held my attention and that I became excited about the course.

I attended a launch webinar and was fascinated to watch as 1000 people rapidly became 300 people; Marisa had made some changes to her webinar format and approach and the result was devastating to witness. She invited us back to another webinar. And, still fascinated, I watched as she regrouped and presented a much better version of the webinar. I remember thinking, 'wow what a gutsy, courageous woman; that cannot have been an easy thing to do'.

The first webinar must have been devastating for her and yet she's quickly refocused, put on her most professional front and delivered the goods just a few short hours later. It was Marisa's show of courage and professionalism in the 'face of defeat' that hooked me. I signed up. And I'm so glad that I did.

I needed to learn how to focus and find my micro niche and I'm happy to report that I did. And it feels so great to have this focus. I needed to learn how to position myself in my clients' shoes and identify pain points and visions of future self so that I could build a product that was on point.

And I did. As a result of this, I identified a huge potential client group that I hadn't previously even considered. I needed to learn how to create a systematic marketing campaign. And I did. I learned so much; the step by step how to's.

I learned these things in the very short space of just 10 weeks. And I feel confident that I can continue to apply those learnings in my business. I took on board lots of new knowledge and practised applying this new knowledge, step by step. Alongside this transactional part of the learning process there was of course a whole lot of inner learning going on as well.

The biggest internal shift for me was switching negative 'what if....' into positive 'what if...' For example, 'what if no-one wants to purchase my product? became 'what if a whole lot more people than I imagined purchase my product?' or 'what if I can't get the next piece of the program developed in time' became 'what if you lay out the steps and just do it?'

And the next biggest personal shift is that I now, very consciously, move forward in steps; one step at a time, I just keep moving forward, instead of allowing myself to become stuck and bogged down in the overwhelm that can emerge from thinking in leaps and focusing on the big picture all the time. My new personal mantra, particularly when feeling overwhelmed or fatigued is 'just one step at a time Julie, that's all, what's the next step you can take right now?'

My specific and tangible wins from participating in EPM include: I have designed a birds eye view of a program called 'design 4 knowhow'; it's 6 short, stand alone courses. I have had a very positive response to my market survey (88 email addresses from 100 survey respondents) and now plan to send out similar surveys to my industry.

I have a client who wants to purchase my first short course for 12-15 of his staff and depending on how that goes, he may purchase the whole program for his staff. I have a list of 35 people who want to be part of a beta product that has emerged as I've been designing my EPM product.

It's been an intense 10 week journey. It's been rigorous and challenging. And it's exactly what I needed; my results speak of my learning. EPM has positioned me to move forward with confidence. I believe I now have some strategies to achieve my business goals. And a lovely side bonus is that I have a new group of peers who all speak the same EPM language, so we can support and challenge each other as we continue on our business journeys.

Kit Volcano

At the beginning of the program Marisa said focus on 1 thing at a time. I didn't listen.

I raised those stakes and tried to create 3 different programs in 10 weeks or less. I had this fear that if I didn't say yes to everything I would miss out on the rewards coming to me. I was running myself ragged and kicking up a dust storm of stress, and time scarcity chasing multiple rabbit holes.

It was December 27th, and I was set to go into surgery at 5am the next morning. This was a last minute surgery with 4-6 weeks of recovery time. This is when I finally listened to her wisdom.

I scratched all three programs doubled down, and focused on 1 thing. That one decision helped me narrow my focus and quintupled our income.

Before EPM my biggest launch was under $20,000. I was scraping by from launch to launch. I was always rushed and in scarcity mode.

After making just a few tweaks I learned from EPM we had our first $100,000 launch. I removed unnecessary stress from my life, and healed from surgery in less than 2 weeks. (Using the same vision process I learned from Marisa for my business)

Now I'm able to reinvest big into my business this year and turn 2018 into a million dollar year. Yesterday I bought a $1600 bike, before that I was riding a single speed bike with crappy back pedal brakes that I bought of craigslist. I'm able to afford consistent healthy food, and I've already lost 6 pounds. I'm created more time freedom in my business. My wife and I have monthly vision meetings at Disneyland. I have something that is duplicatable that I can scale and turn into a million dollar business.

The biggest lesson I've learned from this program is how to say NO to the rabbit holes and focus on that one thing that is most important to you.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Marisa kept repeating $2,000 in 10 weeks or less. Every time she did that I would replace it with $50,000. I credit this one mindset tweak to most of my success.

How did EPM help you become successful?

At the beginning of the challenge Marisa said focus on 1 thing at a time. I raised those stakes to try and create 3 different programs in 10 weeks or less. It was December 27th, and I was set to go into surgery at 5am the next morning when I finally listened to her wisdom. I scratched all three programs doubled down, and focused on 1 thing.

Made those 3 programs into 3 different modules of 1 program that was 6 months long and $5000. I've been parceling myself out to multiple things to have a fall back if one thing didn't work.

I learned that when I double down on the thing that is working the best, and cut out the extra rabbit holes, I get the best results. That one decision helped me narrow my focus so much that we created quintupled our income.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Yesterday I bought a $1600 bike, before that I was riding a single speed bike with crappy back pedal brakes that I bought of craigslist. I'm able to afford consistent healthy food, and I've already lost 6 pounds. I have created more time freedom in my business. My wife and I have monthly vision meetings at Disneyland. I have something that is duplicatable that I can scale and turn into a million dollar business.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before EPM my biggest launch was under $20,000. I was scraping by from launch to launch. After making just a few tweaks that I learned in EPM we had our first $100,000 launch that was planned and achieved in less than 8 weeks. Now I'm able to reinvest big into my business this year and turn 2018 into a million dollar year.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I have something that is duplicatable that I can scale and turn into a million dollar business. I can continue to go through the program and refine my product.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Most of my results I got by copying what EPM does. I actually didn't finish all the modules, but I picked them up from Marisa by watching what she does. She is very clear and intentional and easy to model. She doesn't just teach you what to do, she is a living example of what to do, and that is why it was so easy for me to be successful following her guidance.

Kat Mitsopoulos

Before EPM I was feeling stuck with how to market myself and my services online in an efficient way that didn't require living 24/7 online. Plus, for a few years now, I have had a strong desire to move away from the word-of-mouth approach (it is far too time - and life - consuming!).

I've been looking for a balanced online and offline approach that integrates well with who I am and my lifestyle. And, I had an idea for a live online program I wanted to market, but I wasn't certain how to go about it, mostly in regards to the marketing aspect of it. I knew I had some missing pieces, like the super duper written copy skills :) and marketing online effectively without taking up all my time and/or money!

EPM came to my attention via a FB Ad. I was attracted to the word "Experience" as I love living life through experiences. So I asked for a call to see if it would provide what I needed to grow my business in the direction I had in mind.

I did come out with a live online program for 12 to 16 women to be delivered in March, 2018. I'm very happy with what I'm offering and I have sold some spots already. However, the second half of what I wanted did not come through as I was told it was possible (to market myself effectively without depending solely on the 1:1 approach).

So, I have now spent countless hours trying to keep up with all the content and bonuses offered to us (I did the required videos and homework, but didn't get to the bonuses). I stressed out day and night, lost sleep big time, and my partner wasn't happy that it impacted the quality of our life. He warned me that another program would most likely have this outcome.

Anyway, still looking to quickly sort out the tech stuff and the online systems to put in place so that my business and life can be more streamlined and leveraged, plus that I can then be able to grow without trading away all my time - every day! "Convincing" people 1:1 has not been an avenue that I want to continue to pursue as being the exclusive strategy.

I've been doing it this way for years, it's effective, but it is no longer the lifestyle I want to have. I want to enjoy time with my partner and friends when I go out without talking about what I do all the time!

So ultimately, what I wanted to accomplish out of taking this program was only partially achieved. It doesn't feel like a win, as I was super clear as to what I wanted out of this program... I am left with still having to figure out how to get myself online quickly and efficiently so that I don't have to keep facing this vicious cycle between having offers > getting clients for a season > and then having to start from zero every time I'm ready for new clients...

And the clients that I have already attracted were enrolled into my program through 1:1 conversations, which I feel is not sustainable to get to my goal of 12 to 16 students. It's just a very time consuming approach; this way doesn't allow me to grow my business and at the same time also have the time to enjoy my life!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Specificity... and the challenge and resistance of that! I do wholeheartedly now accept it, yet I still struggle with it. And the gap is marketing! Word-of-mouth is effective (which I have done for years, but it is not leveraged, can not scale yourself, and it gets tiring running around and talking about what you've got to every living soul.

I don't consider that to be a lifestyle. Can't enjoy your time ever, if always looking to sell yourself when you go out). So I also believe - more than ever - that in this day and age, an online presence is critical and urgent (no matter what anyone tells you)... and being confident with your tech, to some degree, in order to have freedom with plugging your "voice" in at any time!

How did EPM help you become successful?

It just got me to put everything in a compact and sellable format for 1:few... Step 1 of 3... Actually I mapped out all 3 steps (programs) of a one year journey!... And i'm delivering Step 1 in March. It's a lifestyle and creating new habits doesn't happen overnight, so being consistent requires discipline and support if you have never known yourself to have that muscle in a specific area of life.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I don't exactly feel the success... I wanted to get online in order to market my offer, not to continue doing what I've been doing for years (word-of-mouth)... there wasn't enough time to keep up with all the videos and homework, plus integrate new systems in place to support growth via online channels.

Without having a list (no matter small or medium or large) already saved within an email autoresponder platform, it's not easy to reach out to many... Therefore, constantly doing 1:1 conversations is not a sustainable strategy (our loved ones also suffer, as they also don't get to have any time with us!)

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I wasn't tenacious with solving my online presence issue and no I am... My number driver now is to get that sorted, as I have loads to share and offer on a larger scale. Which also means, that I also see the urgency of owning my own writing copy voice, so that I can be consistent across all platforms. A different world when talking 1:1 to people versus being super specific on black and white copy it really "forces" you to get super specific.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Delivering it has always been the part that excites me the most. I know this stuff inside out. It's pretty much a process that I have been living and developing from the age of 13, out of necessity. So my program is an extension of me offered to more people!

Being 43.5 now, i actually feel the deep urgency to get this out to more people, it's so much simpler and sustainable then people think. I don't do "no pain, no gain". I don't exercise every day. I don't feel like I'm avoiding or withholding from food. It's a lifestyle that I love and my body feels great for it. So my wish is that more people get to relate to their body and health with that level of ease and freedom!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I came in to EPM with a different expectation, so although I got to spend more time on knowledge (great content of course), I wanted something different as a result. I had enquired if this was a program that would help me achieve that. Half of it i did get. I got a deliverable program. But the other half was to market it in a more efficient and leveraged way.

Brooke Diaz

I really appreciate the help and support that I got from EPM. It can be so overwhelming trying to figure out all the tech stuff as well as writing your own copy and knowing what to say that will make people want to buy from you.

EPM was helpful with that for me. I now have the confidence to not only create quality programs in the future but I know how to market them effectively to other people in a way that is aligned with me.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My biggest takeaway from EPM- your clients will become raving fans and succeed more when you offer them an experience that exceeds their expectations.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I think EPM was very wonderful with regards to the support and encouragement that they gave along the way. Having the coaches, the checkpoint document, the tech help on Fridays. All of that was very helpful.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It's helped me to keep moving forward without being afraid that I don't have what it takes or have enough resources to move forward.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before, I really didn't know where to start with regards to marketing and writing, but EPM provided so many examples as well as step by step processes to get me moving forward.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

The fact that I can use and implement these lessons with any product I want.

Kirk Tompkins

Really out priced myself to just a few select clients who could only get the experience if they were willing to pay 100,000 to 500,000.00 USD for a product. Now I will offer pieces of the same program and expand my universe. I don't know if this is right however willing to give it a try. Thanks for the program. A lot of this wasn't new however delivered in a way that stuck thank you for that. Great Program.

Koreen Clements

I love my yoga studio, but it's felt like we've been spinning our wheels for several years now. We had students who said they wanted more, but what we were offering wasn't resonating and we weren't seeing the interest or uptake in anything beyond our regular classes.

I had decided that I wasn't going to buy EPM until I watched the webinar, and in it I was won over by Marisa's enthusiasm and devotion to seeing us succeed. And I was struck with the realisation that that I could do nothing and we'd still be at this same point next year.

10 short weeks later and we have another service, another revenue stream and very happy students. A day long event that our students loved and were begging for more. We've got a second date scheduled and I have the tools and mindset to make it an even bigger success. All of which, wouldn't have happened without EPM.

Thank you Marisa and Team EPM.

Lauren Williams

I had a product that was being developed very slowly and I wondered if I'd ever finish it or get it out there. I knew something was off but couldn't put my finger on what that "thing" was. When I first heard about Marissa, I wasn't ready to take yet another course on how to sell something online but I decided to give it a try.

I joined EPM and finally found what was missing and was able to recraft my product/offer to be cleaner and clearer for my customers. I learned a new way to narrow down my focus and be a lot more specific than I thought I needed to be. I was able to utilize research in a new way and build a model that helps take me from just 'creating a product' and the 'pieces that go with it' to having a cohesive system that simplifies the way I needed to look at the entire process.

Marissa has an unusual ability to understand not only business, but also consumers/customers and, more importantly, the most effective way to combine the two. Her advice and guidance is practical, actionable and easy to understand. I'll continue to use the information and review the modules as I move ahead with my existing course (and future ones) and am certain I'll learn something new each time I dig in!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The extent of drilled down detail needed for multiple areas of launching an online product/course/offering and the narrowness of focus in messaging

How did EPM help you become successful?

By helping me understand what I mentioned in the biggest takeaway from EPM

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I was certain I had a very clear picture of my target audience and the messaging I needed to market to them but EPM gave me a different perspective on how to clarify my focus and tailor every element (concept, product details, emails, marketing etc) with that very specific focus…

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

It gave me a new look at how to use my customer research results and I'm looking forward to altering and adjusting my other products as I move forward... but to use all the new knowledge in a more realistic time frame for delivery.

Lisa Brown

As an empowerment coach for women, I knew I already had a good program for my clients. Women raved about the paradigm shifting ideas & information they learned from me, and recommended me to their friends.

Despite this positive feedback, however, I secretly felt very disappointed with the results of my work. The truth is, my program was good, but it was not great. In my heart I knew that my program introduced women to valuable information, but fell short of being a catalyst for true and lasting transformation. There is a big difference between knowing something at a conceptual level and actually being able to translate that knowing into new ways of being and doing.

My coaching programs were good at giving women a vision of what was possible if they learned how to make themselves a priority, but fell short when it came to actually providing the deep level of support they needed to break the chronic pattern of putting everyone else above their own needs and desires.

So my clients stayed stuck, not able to actually implement or sustain many of the empowering principles and practices that would lead to a real breakthrough in their lives. And I felt unfulfilled, both as a transformational coach and as a business owner, losing confidence in my ability to actually deliver what my programs promised to offer. I wasn’t exactly sure how to solve the problem, but I intuitively sensed that I needed to step back and take a totally new look at the way I was designing and delivering my programs. I

In a moment of great synchronicity, this is when I first learned about Marisa’s Experience Product Masterclass. From the moment I joined EPM, I knew I had found the answer to making my own programs go from good to great. The most valuable shift in mindset that I gained from EPM is to place transformational experiences, rather than information overload, at the heart of my program design.

From this core starting point, EPM then gave me a complete system, including practical, step-by-step instructions for how to design, market and deliver a new kind of experience for my clients - one that goes beyond information by creating all of the necessary conditions for real and lasting transformation to take place.

As a result of joining EPM, I am now poised to launch a totally redesigned 7- week group coaching program to my first group of 12 lucky women. At an initial price point of $3,000 per person, that’s a total revenue of $36,000. It feels great to fully trust in the design of my program and the outcomes it promises to deliver. It also feels great to feel completely confident charging what my services are truly worth.

Even more exciting is the fact that this is just the beginning. Since the skills I learned in EPM are repeatable, I can look forward to continuing to improve and refine this program while increasing its price point, making it a signature, cornerstone offering in my business.

As my business grows and develops, I can then just as easily apply the EPM principles to the creation of new, experience-based offerings as the needs of my clients arise. For all of these reasons and more, I can honestly say that EPM was one of the best investments I have made in myself, as both a business owner and transformation coach committed to her craft! Many thanks to Marisa and her entire team for walking their talk and showing me the way to take my own work from good to great!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My single most powerful take-away from the program is to organize my product around a single, very concrete and specific “Mission,” and designing EVERYTHING in my program to help my clients get from mission to mission accomplished.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It is a hallmark of Marisa’s programs to provide both a grand, bird’s eye view framework, combined with the “deep in the weeds” details you need to actually build that framework in real life. I feel like EPM’s big picture framework, combined with all the amazing step-by-step, very detailed exercises and tools, has given me everything I need to create life-changing experience products for my clients for years to come.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I already had a good program for my clients. After EPM I feel like I have designed an exceptionally great program for my clients. This is going to translate into even more powerful transformational results for the people I serve, which will in turn increase my own fulfillment and financial success.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before EPM I was feeling very frustrated that the concepts and information I was sharing with my clients was very valuable and well-received, but they were still finding it challenging to put the information into action.

EPM has taught me very concrete principles and practices of program design that now allow me to create a client experience which actually results in real and lasting change. My client’s success translates into my own greater fulfillment and confidence to actually deliver on the promises of my program. As a result, I feel more fully empowered to charge what I am worth for my services.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

It’s clear that the knowledge I gained in EPM can continue to be used and mastered over the years to come. I am most excited to “Iterate My Way To Awesome” with the creation of my signature program, which will become the foundation cornerstone for the success of my business.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like it to be known that my accumulated XP’s as tallied on your website is not a true reflection of my commitment or participation in the program. While I must say it was really fun to hear the Ka-Ching sound after completing an exercise, on a practical level it did not work for me to track my progress in this way.

I decided to track all of my complete and incomplete exercises inside of Omnifocus, my own task management software, so that I could more easily view and track everything I needed to do. I checked off XP’s after I watched a video, but left most of the Completed Action steps left unchecked to avoid having 2 different systems for tracking my progress. I plan to go through EPM a second time when I create the next iteration of my program, and perhaps will decide to have the satisfaction of hearing all of those Ka-Chings the next go-around. :)

Laura Eaton

I was stuck. I wanted to create an online product that would be transformative for my clients, but never quite knew how or where to start. The story was always the same, I would purchase a new information program that promised to be “the answer” but which in the end left me frustrated, disheartened, poorer, and no closer to my goal of building my product. The only thing I learned was that I didn’t want to build an information product like the one I had just taken!

After much deliberation, I decided to take one last chance and join EPM. I am so glad I did. Marisa’s program gave me exactly what I needed to move forward. Her message about giving people “an experience” rather than just information and building a business that reflected “who and why I am” resonated with me completely.

Each lesson in her program was filled with easy to understand actionable steps and constantly inspired me to continue until I reached mission accomplished. Before I knew it, I had built my first program and had my first customers. Thanks, Marisa.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

1) How important it is to experiencify and to not just deliver another information product if you want your clients to succeed and reach mission accomplished 2) Done is better than perfect. This is my new mantra. 3) Figuring out my superpower. 4) Aligning my business with who I am, why I do what I do, and what I am meant to do.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Taught me the skills, techniques and tools I needed to build a transformational product and a business that represents me.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I now have a business that allows me to do what I want when I want, get up when I want, work on the projects I want to work with the people I want, live where I want, and ultimately live a life that reflects who I am and what I am meant to do.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I now have a new business that represents who am I and a new transformational product that will help my clients achieve their goals. I also now have a plan to grow my business.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am eager to continue creating new products and building my business using all the marketing and experiencifying techniques I learned in EPM

Lydia Lightman

EPM resonated right away and had me believe I might finally make a longstanding dream come true. I kept up with the Program and earned a tee shirt. But then realized the product I was working on would be my second and not the first.

While working through EPM, I saw a thread running through all I do. And I knew it would in some way be part of any product I create. While professionally, my income is generated elsewhere, I was always drawn to life coaching. It's what the world asks me for.

So, I restarted halfway, deciding not to over think this as usual. Instead, encouraged by words from a Facebook Group member, I went for what feels right. At this late stage, it was impossible to execute all the modules. So I decided to create the Sales Page, which forced me to work with the end in mind. I had to think through each section.

Now that the Sales Page nears completion, I can build the Product, while working 1:1 till it's ready. Chatterboxing was the only campaign I had time for. I spoke to quite a few people to get a feel for what my product strengths might look like.

EPM is just what I needed to push me forward. Marisa's over delivery and involvement, are amazing. Having a personal coach has been a gift.

Mission Accomplished feels good!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

EPM structure kept me on track. The early stages of the course helped me become completely focused on my unique abilities. I pivoted to a different product half way through the course.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Being in touch with my true strengths gives me the courage to push forward 100%. All the doubts fell away.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

This is only the beginning. But I'm focused on what I want to do "when I grow up.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Too early to tell. I'm optimistic.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Getting paid for what I happily did for free. Reaching more people.

Maharaja Sivasubramanian

My goal in repeating the whole program was with the intent of how do I breakthrough to the next level. Yes, I have hit it, and now my target is to go to the next level. which also includes maintaining my growth at a more consistent level than as a one-off factor. And that is what I have been able to achieve big time. The mindset is set, the momentum created, and now it is all about keeping the flow.

Maureen Whitehouse

I am a miracle mentor and so I wanted nothing less than a miracle when I found Marisa. I had been working on a product, The Miracle Meeting Place for over two years and although the membership site itself was awesome and my small beta community was thriving I didn't know how to effectively get the word out about it.

The funnel leading to the membership site was broken and after continual IT challenges, I was losing my enthusiasm for the project. I was beginning to resign myself to helping just a handful of people become miracle workers. Not very miraculous! :)

Then EPM came along, at exactly the right time... I have to say, it is near impossible to lose hope in or enthusiasm for any online project you are engaged in while you are anywhere near Marisa Murgatroyd.

She and her team know exactly how to cut through any online inertia and don't let you forget it! Day after day we were offered not only valuable insights but the step-by-step details needed to implement it all. During the EPM course I regained my self-confidence to put myself out there in a big way...

I far surpassed my initial monetary goal just two weeks into the class using Marissa's "Chatterbox" strategy and so then could relax and begin to implement what I felt was most specifically valuable to me from the unbelievably generous amount of information that was imparted in EPM each and every day. My membership site is now on firm footing and I am attracting a steady stream of new clients into a forum where "we expect miracles so miracles happen."

Melanie Gow

There was a time back there that I had no way forward. I had everything a girl could wish for, a transforming life experience, a book, a Tedx Talk and a national sold-out speaking tour, but nothing underpinning it I could build a future on. Now I have absolute clarity on who I am, what I can do and why I want to do it. I understand the terrain I have to cross, and know I can do that one step at a time from here on in, and build the way as I walk it.

Throughout the 10 weeks I was exhaustingly ill, and found completing the course modules impossible to keep up at the rate delivered alongside my life as it is currently. I realised this was a personal pattern, a focus on working hard that resulted in burnout; and so I reassessed my approach, and habits, and, instead of copying the program, I modelled the thinking.

This wasn't just enough to get me to mission accomplished, with three products being tested out and in the process, it profoundly changed my mindset, my self-confidence, and my ability to convey my worth. It also impacted my knowledge of how much value I bring to others' lives, I am excited by that. I don’t think I’ve begun to feel the full impact yet, I look forward to letting this year transform me.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

That power of a community for feedback and encouragement. The power of observing other difficulties and using them to understand what to give to give them what they want.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I didn't make as much use of the training and the coach as I would like but, EPM is an intense, motivating and engaging program that really keeps you accountable and holds your attention. It gave me and end-to-end picture and the thinking to model.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I wanted, and needed, proof of concept. I have never sold a service product or structured a course, I now have the foundation to do this. I tried other courses on my journey to learn this, and none have set the foundation for the end-to-end process the way EPM has. From here I can move forward, and always come back to it to iterate. I am one of those people who need to see the big picture and then I can apply it to my thinking.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I have gone from stuck, in the dark and unschooled to having a way forward, and clients paying me what I am worth. I have gone from not having any framework for a service business, underpinning my inspirational and motivational platform, to having one - it is as simple as that.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am excited to make a real difference in other people's lives, people who I want to be empowered to shape the kind of world I want to live in and, I am excited to grow my worth.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I love the knowing. The knowing that I have the foundation for a way forward. The knowing that I can do it.

Michael Namkung

I knew I wanted to use my unique gifts as an artist and a teacher to help other artists find their authentic voice so they can share their art with the world wholeheartedly—but I was stuck in thinking within the narrow confines of what I’ve already done as a university teacher. I knew I wanted to start a business, but never having done this before, I was simply floating around the internet trying to understand how to go about it.

EPM helped me understand how to create an inspiring, impactful and successful product. But I also learned the much deeper lesson that when you create something that helps people transform their lives, your life transforms too.

I’m on a mission to help artists quiet all the external noise so they can step up into their power and make art that comes from their soul. In the process, I learned how to claim my own empowerment. Moving forward, I’m eager to discover how I can serve even more deeply, so that I can help others unleash their creative gifts, and help them manifest the vision of what they want to create in the world.

How did EPM help you become successful?

By continually reinforcing a success mindset, and by giving me a comprehensive set of tools to understand how much my own success is a product of my own energy and effort.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It's really helped me rewire my thinking about how I show up in the world. It's helped me understand my true value and how I can claim it, and how deeply serving others is the true path to creating the changes I desire in my own life.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Um, the fact that I AM in business! (This is my first entrepreneurial adventure!)

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm excited by what I'll learn from delivering it. I know what I learn will be invaluable in helping me determine the next best steps for new products to add to my customer journey.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

But my biggest, most humongous, ginormous takeaway is that I now know that I can serve and inspire in a much more empowered and empowering way after witnessing Marisa do it with us for 10 weeks.

She truly lives her message in everything she does and it's so evident in the way she shows up in the world. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to learn how to be in the world from such a beautiful, inspired and inspiring human being.

Michele Delima

Holy cow. For two years I'd been trying to create a group program to leverage my copywriting business. TWO years! I spent so much time trying to figure it out, getting lost in the little details, keeping fingers crossed I'd pull off a masterpiece. I had my head stuck in product creation mode and never really got anywhere with it. Sure a handful of students who loved it, but that's it. Meanwhile, my copywriting business was languishing because of my devotion to creating my program. It was getting a bit hairy. Ugh.

I absolutely believed I was capable of creating something great but how? HOW?! It was making me nuts. I wanted this sooo bad! I could see it and taste it! I knew emphatically offering a one-to-few program was the right path. But OMG I couldn't make the connections. I couldn't make my promise clear. I couldn't infuse it with excitement. I couldn't get any buzz.

All this, despite having invested hundreds and hundreds of hours (I don't dare examine THAT # too carefully). No liftoff. Meanwhile, I'd been putting tons of effort into learning marketing tactics to rev up my business, hoping that in the meanwhile, the clarity would come for my program. That somehow, the stars would line up and I'd have a winner.


When I Marisa's Experience Product Masterclass come into my inbox...everything dropped into place. Well, after getting over the inital fears. I'd been in several other programs with other top xperts--and little to show for it. EPM looked so good but really?!?? Could I finally do it? And ahhhhghhh, another $2,000? What if I flatlined with this too? So I waited and waited. Spoke with an enrollment coach. Then jumped.

It was the lifechanging program I hoped for.

THE BEST experience, most valuable and incredible implementation, the most over the moon happy, firehose, action-taking program I've ever taken. Ever. Undergrad, grad school, corporate banking training, other big guru programs and masterminds....nope. They can't compare.

Within the first two weeks I got my first client for my Best Clients Ever program! Then two more! AND, using the sales bonus training, a $5,000 VIP website writing client, which builds on the foundation of my program!!

I got the COMPLETE program creation and marketing training I needed. Plus the encouragement--from Marisa and the FB group--that have set me up for a life-changing, kickass year.

Moreover, as a copywriter since 2010 and before that, helping start-ups to Fortune 500 corporate clients access funding they needed to grow and thrive--I've spent my entire career doing research, organizing ideas and, through the written word, shaping vision, desire, values, expertise, energy, passion and personality into story. Into a transformative piece with the goal of helping the reader--whether a credit committee or ideal clients--transform their feelings, their thinking. And come aboard.

Having done EPM, I can say it's a masterpiece. Every step has been fun, filled with uplifting energy, beautifully organized (how that sings out to me!!), encouraging, and absolutely doable. For ten weeks, I felt like a kid given the keys to the castle--and every treasure box ;) And there's still so much to unpack and enjoy and revisit. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you so, so much, Marisa, for changing my world this year and always. xoxo"

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

How EXCITING my program can be! How FUN!!! And that I can create this!!! I'm so over the moon about creating a program people will love. It's not enough for me to put all my effort into marketing and selling my program, I want the experience to be WILD and WONDERFUL!!!

I want people to say THAT’S THE BEST THING I EVER DID!! And I feel SO confident because of EPM that I've achieved that! AND that I'll continue to evolve my program and make it better and better. AND having my mission and "You know when..." as the foundation of my chatterbox conversations. HUGE for me.

How did EPM help you become successful?

BIG leap in confidence about what I was offering and that it's valuable and exciting. This is the only way I can go all out in marketing and selling it! Being so On Fire about it!! And that I'm so CLEAR about what I'm offering. Over the ten weeks, my program has really evolved AND jelled into something remarkable. People are really excited about it!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I've been wanting to do this, create a group program, for three years now. I've always had a central idea (help entrepreneurs write their own website), but through a series of fortunate events, that idea evolved into Best Clients Ever. It's so much more fun for me! And solves a much more "immediately accessible" urgent problem for people--attracting clients they love.

This is the foundatinal work for my website program, so (wow!) people can graduate to that as a next step. Because of EPM, I can shape my business around this, my ONE thing, and GO FOR IT this year. Plus I have the toolbox of just right marketing techniques and understanding I need to market my program. I can keep it simple, stick to these , and build my momentum.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before EPM, I had an idea for my program, I had much of the stuff, but I didn't have a clear pathway. I was concerned that I would hustle to sell it and it might fall flat, or people might not finish it, or that it would simply be "ordinary". I was in a place of I didn't know what I didn't know.

After EPM, I'm feeling 100% EXCITED and CONFIDENT and CLEAR about what I'm offering...and that I have a fun and valuable path for entrepreneurs to follow to their awesome. And that my program is solving a real need, as evidenced by students so eager to jump in.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

My beta program begins Valentine's Day! Eqipped with some awesome preliminary feedback (from my first student who started a little while ago), I'm really excited to go forth in this journey with my students, and uplevel again Big Time. And gain their testimonials to weave into my marketing. And build my confidence MORE.

My intention is to bump the price of my program from $497 to $997 later this year. I'll be excited and ready to do that after my beta launch (in fact, my first student expected to pay $1,497!!)

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Marisa, this has been THE BEST experience, most valuable and incredible implementation, the most over the moon happy, firehose, action-taking program I've ever taken. Ever. Undergrad, grad school, corporate banking training, other big guru programs and masterminds....nope.

I got the COMPLETE training and encouragement--from you and friends in the FB group--that have set me up for a life-changing, kickass year. As a copywriter since 2010 and before that, helping start-ups to Fortune 500 corporate clients access funding they needed to grow and thrive--I've spent my entire career doing research, organizing ideas and, through the written word, shaping vision, desire, values, expertise, energy, passion and personality into story. Into a transformative piece with the goal of helping the reader--whether a credit committee or ideal clients--transform their feelings, their thinking. And come aboard.

EPM is a masterpiece. Every step has been fun, filled with uplifting energy, beautifully organized (how that sings out to me!!), encouraging, and absolutely doable. For ten weeks I felt like a kid given the keys to the castle--and every treasure box ;) And there's still so much to unpack and enjoy and revisit. Wow. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you so, so much for changing my world this year and always. With love, Michele xoxo

Moneeka Sawyer

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Stay focused and create in bite sized pieces!

How did EPM help you become successful?

Best coursework I've Ebert taken. Clear actionable steps.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

More confidence and excitement about my business.

What has been the biggest change in your business?


What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Actually delivering my program in the new format.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank u!

Njideka Olatunde

When I first heard Marisa speak online, I was immediately drawn to her. I knew she was sharing information that would help me revive my healthcare training program. The message that kept floating in my head was, this is another person promoting her online business. You have been down this road before, along with a track record of money spent and nothing to show for it.

I came to EPM with an established business in place that was operating manually in a technological world. But there was something about Marisa’s message that was driving me. I then started doing my due diligence on her and the EPM program.

I made contact with people who had gone through her program, I listen to all the promotional videos and read the emails. I knew my business needed something and what Marisa was saying about how to present your business was my missing link.

Before EPM I did not have a system or a marketing plan, which had been holding me back and stopping my success for years. I had taught my program successfully off line for about 17 years. Entering the online world with my business was difficult and challenging because I didn’t understand the language or the process.

Despite not knowing how to market online, I had a website and the right key words that allowed people to find me and enroll in my program. This is the only online promotion I did for the past 9 years, which will soon change because of EPM.

I also had a personal struggle and challenge of limited income because I didn’t know how to market online to generate students for a steady revenue. To add to that I didn’t know how to price my program to get the right students I really wanted to teach. My price was on the low end giving away too much information and resources that literally was given to students for free because I didn’t know how to price my course.

Having gone through EPM I now know how to price my course and how to give information relevant to the existing training so you can expand the training to offer additional supportive course training programs for a fee. Giving less but transformational material creates your tribe, who support and promote you.

Another major problem I had in relationship to having an online business was being overwhelmed with all the shinny objects of tools and programs you need for your online business. This had been a money drainer for me in the past that caused me to be more suspicious of online programs and products that had good sales hype and didn’t produce stated results.

Thanks to Don Crowther and his training I was pleased to find out that I did have most of the programs he suggested and truly appreciated the free and low cost tools you could use to get started. His suggestion of starting with the basic as you build your financial base before getting more advance tools was valuable advice. Just this training alone helped me to expand my limited self-taught internet skills into being able to operate a cost effective and efficiently running online training program.

The fact that my funds were limited and in my mind I didn’t have the funds to enroll in EPM. There was something about EPM that I needed, so I listened to the inner voice that said, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”.

Marisa was my teacher and I was ready to learn and accept the mission of earning while I learn. This was the best business decision I have made despite all my fears and anxiety. I started with a skeleton business framework and EPM put the skin on my business by giving me a workable system with resources, a promotion and marketing strategy I can identify with and feel good about in addition to being able to price my programs to create a “win-win” opportunity for everyone.

Monika Czyzewska

I've just finished my first online course, when I've heard about the EPM... and it clicked :) I knew I didn't have much experience in the field of online courses, but my first course showed me that despite how great the content is and how much can help other people there is still the missing piece causing the lost of student's motivation. I didn't know at that time what it could be but I knew I had to find it before I release another online course. Otherwise putting my effort into a course that can benefically serve only a few percentages of students, has no sense for me.

So for me it was the best time for EPM and I'm glad I found your program at this stage of my online adventure ;)

I was in the good position because I've already had a whole list of people waiting for second edition of my course so I didn't have to do a lot of marketing - the simple information was enough :)

But I've changed alot when it comes to my program structure, I've rethinked the whole process and added many things to create an engaging experience for my students and I'm really exited about the second edition of my course. Although the name of the course and the content are the same I feel it's totally different course - a lot better! I cant wait to see how people react on that kind of experience! :)

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

1. the course creation methodology 2. marketing attitude and a model of experienced product marketing campains - for my next courses

How did EPM help you become successful?

After my first online course I knew there's something wrong and I didn't know what to do to fix it. Now I have a lot more clarity in this field and I believe that online courses are the way for my cooperation with others.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm not sure right now... we will see :)

What has been the biggest change in your business?

After my first online experience I didn't know whether I still wont to create online courses. I was demotivated. I knew by my head that it is a great opportunity and that by online courses I can help a lot of people.

But my heart felt it has no sens, because many people didn't finish my first course. So it seemed like my work didn't have a lot of sense. Now I know what to do to make an online course engaging and I have a lot of ideas for next courses :)

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I can't wait to see students' reaction and their successes :D

Nicole Coutts

As a naturopath and mind-body practitioner in private practice for over 16 years I was struggling with burnout from delivering a 1-on-1 service. I had tried several times to create an online program to create leverage in my business so that I had more time and location freedom.

The frustration was that each time I created a new program I would only get a few people register and then would have to create and deliver a program for the. This was very time consuming and just created more stress for me.

Joining EPM allowed me to get way more clarity about my program offer (mission), how to create marketing content that spoke to my potential clients frustration and pain. And clear marketing strategies to help me get the clients.

The result was that I enrolled 9 brand new clients into my beta 1:few program totalling over $8,000 AUD in product sales. The really exciting thing is my biggest take away from doing EPM is that I may not get the result I want the first time I deliver the program and that is ok. In the past I would give up after the first attempt.

My first intake of my Holistic Weight Loss Masterclass has well and truly given me a proof of concept and I'm so excited to see the results as I continue to roll out new intakes of the program in the future.

Thanks Marisa for creating such a complete program from program concept, marketing and delivery. No other program I have purchased in the past has covered everything you need to be successful. THANK YOU

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Creating a mission statement and future vision really helped me to be specific in what I was going to help people to achieve. Letting go of doing things perfectly the first time. I fell short of my goal and was really beating myself up, then I realized what I had actually achieved through the 10 weeks was huge.

This is only the first time marketing this program and I can see that overtime I will be able to enroll many people into it. I have just started delivering my EP and really need to focus much attention to this now that I've finished marketing the program. Although I have 1 more email to send out, final registration closes in 6 hours. :-)

How did EPM help you become successful?

Gained lots of clarity for marketing communication. I made the decision to run my program at a beta price point. They actually only paid for the physical products required over the 3 months (supplements). Once the program is finished I will decide if I continue the same way (hoping that I will have created long term product users and will still make money from them in the future and ongoing). Or I may add an actual program fee also. Before EPM I would never have considered only charging for products.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Hopefully I have created something that is easy to scale and leverage. More location and time freedom

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Previously when I had created group programs I would only have 2-3 participants and would end up having to create an entire program without making any money. Whilst this time I haven't made a profit I had 9 full registrations as well as another couple people who were already product users join the program and purchase more products. Plus this program will lead to ongoing product sales with the participants even after the 3 months finishes. Rather than just a 1 off sale

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Fine tuning creating the experiences within the delivery of the program so that people get the results and then recommend to their friends and family.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for such an inclusive program. All the pieces that I needed to do this were included which I've NEVER received in previous programs. And I've done a lot of them.

Patricia Lemieux

I was laid off from my 9 to 5 job last September with no intention of ever going back to a regular "corporate" job again, however, I wasn't sure what I was going to do in place of that.

When I saw a webinar for Experience Product Masterclass, I was intrigued. I signed up on the very last day! It was seeing Marisa and feeling her energy during that last day's pajama party that convinced me!

EPM has changed my life. My blog's niche is about finding balance and calm in the middle age so my first product idea was something that would mesh with that. When my first survey results came back with the disappointing news that no one wanted my product, I pivoted and then pivoted again and then a third time.

From a retirement planning course, I pivoted into teaching and consulting on technical computing! It took almost 7 weeks to realize that I should have been playing to my Engineer strengths all along!

I found new confidence in myself and my abilities. I'm not only creating a class that has a small tribe waiting for me to launch, I have a BUSINESS! In the past 10 weeks, my confidence level has gone through the roof because I CAN DO THIS! I can build a business, I can create courses that will help people, I can market without feeling sleazy because people want to hear my message. This has been an empowering 10 weeks.

Now I've created a consulting business. Have a small business client that I love. I'm feeding my inner Engineer all the technical stuff it can handle there are more projects and business opportunities than I ever thought possible when I was laid off. I'm really excited to take my business to the next level!

I'm in control of my life, I'm confident and happy and I owe it all to Marisa and EPM!!!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Iterating my way to awesome! I worry less now about the first draft or the first experience that I have with anything. I always felt like I'd failed if I didn't get something right on the first try and now it normal not to be perfect or to even have a good grasp. It was also good to learn that awesome doesn't need to be perfect. Iterate your way to done and fabulous rather than not done. Nothing is ever going to be completely perfect.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM taught me to have confidence in myself. I was laid off from my 9 to 5 job last September. I've always had a 9 to 5. So, it was a new world. I'd just started thinking about creating a class and signed up for Thinkific which offered one of Marisa's EPM webinars. I waffled until the last night and it was Marisa's pajama party that convinced me. The fact that she stayed up for us and made it so fun was the final push because she's so real and approachable.

Learning to market my ideas, stretch my comfort zone, engage with people who have like values and goals has been an incredible experience. Look at me! I'm launching a business with confidence that I can make this work and I can make money and have a life free from the corporate grind!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM and the success I found here has made me more confident in my interactions with people. It has taught me that stretching my boundaries is scary in a good way. I feel like I'm living my life instead of my life living me. I know that I can do anything I want to do with the right mindset and the right attitude. I'm free and I'm me and I'm loving it!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The biggest change is that I HAVE A BUSINESS!! :) I had a 9 to 5 job and a blog. I was bored with the job but it paid well and I had great benefits. The blog was a creative outlet, not boring at all but wasn't paying the bills and frankly sometimes I wasn't sure what to write because the blog is Woo and after taking EPM, I've come to realize that I am SO an Engineer so I've been fighting me nature with what I thought I should be instead of what I am.

Now, I've created a consulting business. Have a small business client that I love. I'm feeding my inner Engineer all the technical stuff it can handle. There are more projects and business opportunities than I ever thought possible when I was laid off. EPM was not easy but it was so amazingly worth it in terms of personal growth.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm most excited about helping people not be afraid of their computers or the technology behind them. There's so much unnecessary fear out there about the technical side of computing and the internet.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Even if I hadn't made Mission Accomplished, I wouldn't have taken the money back guarantee. I gained SO much value from the first two modules that I felt I'd already gotten my money's worth after the first two weeks of the program.

Patricia Cove

I have been trying since 2000 to find a format that would allow me to deliver essential wellness to people who desired it outside of my career job. I have tried for the last 6 years to use different modalities, at a great expense of time and money that nearly bankrupted me, but they had not resulted in any monetary returns for my efforts.

As I continued to change my life with acquiring more information on functional health, I became more urgent about my need to fill the gap between the fabulous Functional Dr.'s authentic scientific and accurate information, to the people who need the information (some are suffering or will soon suffer, even though they do not know they need the information).

I knew instantly that Marisa was offering me what I really needed. I renegotiated my finances and eagerly committed to Live Your Message. Before EPM, I felt like I was in jail and it broke my heart to not give this vital information to people that I knew would make a significant difference in their lives and health.

After I found EPM, I gave a 3 month exit notice. EPM allowed me to begin to be able to be out there in a way that I had never accomplished before. I did struggle because of lack of time, the nature of my topic, my learning and technical challenges, my self doubt, but I persevered by repeating the steps (that I should have followed in the first place), never wanting to give up.

I believe that working through my own obstacles (like following the clear directions, not skipping steps, being shy about presenting) can help me assist others to work through theirs. I am relieved to know that the course is there for me to follow for my next projects, so I can "iterate my way to awesome". I am excited that I can now visualize my business expanding as I increase my skills.

I am relieved that I have made an initial monetary amount, which is allowing me to continue this learning journey and put more information out there in the next few weeks, and hopeful to affect more lives.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My biggest takeaway from EPM is the whole process of Living Attraction - to be aware of where the client is in their process, join them in their process (BIG - separating my need for them to get the information from their process), reflect their feelings and process back to them, ask questions about what that means for them, ask questions about what they would like different or better, offer invitations to explore if they want to consider options, suggest options, repeat.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I was able to begin to learn how to format a program in bite size digestible ways to increase the possibility of those who need the information, but have normal resistance to change, hear it as a possibility. I was introduced to how to use online media with much information to develop me to continue to learn, develop, and apply these skills. I increased my confidence, that still gets challenged, and decreasing self-doubt (in all areas).

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I feel more confident and capable in using my new found skills in helping others (personally, and developing groups that want to help others).

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before EPM, I was working for a Government Agency that restricted what I was allowed to say to clients, no matter what they needed (because of upper and exterior mandates - often defensive, political, system regimented, etc.).

I have been trying since 2000 to look for a format to deliver essential wellness to people who desired it. I have tried for the last 6 years to use different modalities, at a great expense of time and money that nearly bankrupted me, but they had not resulted in any monetary returns for my efforts.

As I continued to change my life with acquiring more information on functional health, I became more urgent about my need to fill the gap between the Functional Dr's and the people who need the information, as some are suffering or will soon suffer, even though they do not know they need the information. As I quit the job that held me back, I really need to make a living wage as well as delivering life altering information.

EPM allowed me to begin to be able to be out there! I can visualize my business expanding as I increase my skills. I have made an initial monetary amount, which is allowing me to continue this learning journey and put more information out there in the next few weeks.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Not only can I use this valuable information for this chosen Beta topic to assist others in owning their life and their health, but on many other valuable topics that can address people's and society needs, and make enough funds for me to survive.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I appreciate Marisa, Don, Christine, Mike, and other member’s contributions. With their words, and voices in my head, I did achieve Mission Accomplished today – even with my website not completed. I am so excited and humbled to being on this journey – with developing and growing as I go. Yesterday, I became a Chairperson for a struggling group in my community called Tapestry of Women with a mandate for intercultural interaction.

I am looking forward to practicing what I am learning to support the people in this Town (and surrounding area) that I live in, plus many online. I appreciate you all from my whole heart ~ especially to you Marisa, for stepping out there and Living Your Message!, being there and being available, and for showing others how to do the same.

Penny Grimes

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Wonderful program, wonderful coach Devin, wonderful (and inspiring) Marisa - the biggest takeaway is probably the framework for focus ie keeping me on track and moving toward mission accomplished.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Work in progress but I know the framework of focus for me will ensure that I achieve success with my website and digital marketing business and into my big dream of helping horses.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Health issues have prevented this happening... yet!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Work in progress

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Marketing and then delivering my EP

Patrick Johnson

For over 10 years I've been serving church leaders in creating cultures of generosity. I've done big events & sold tons of resources. I also developed a successful 1:1 coaching model.

Althougth I was seeing good fruit coaching I couldn't see a way to scale all the learnings with thousands of churches IN THE RIGHT WAY. If I wrote a book I didnt' feel like leaders could execute what needed to be done. Same for big inspirational events without backend help.

EPM has solved this problem for me! With the team's help I put together The 5 Generosity Seasons Masterclass and have rolled it out in my first city...soon to be 3 more in the next 90 days. We saw a 50% conversion rate in our first city and I am projecting $50,000 in revenue across all 4 cities within the next 4 months. And these are my four beta groups where we will learn together!

What feels awesome is the opportunity to scale my knowlege using the EPM formula to get churches to mission accomplished! I have a vision for 20,000 churches going through our Masterclass. If that happens we can make a HUGE IMPACT as generosity flourishes.

One big thing I realized through EPM is how much of my challenge is in my head. Marisa teaches deep issues on how to get out of your own way and iterate your way to awesome. She models it too. Be authentic and stretch yourself! These are big takeaways for me.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Lots of what I learned I do naturally. EPM allowed me to put a framework around it and gave me confidence.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Greatly expanded my thinking of what is possible. Watching how Marisa operates is a great model of the content in action. It also helped me to iterate to awesome as I create things - I don't have to have it all figured out.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm excited about my work again. Easy to get discouraged, lose vision and passion. But I feel energy and enthusiasm to scale this great knowledge I've got to serve 20,000+ churches over the next 10 years in the right way and to create a revolution of generosity. I feel like this is possible now.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Moving out of a 1:1 mindset to a 1:Few and 1:Many to serve more leaders, make a greater impact and get my revenue moving back in the right direction. I'm projecting close to $600K in revenue for our organization this year and I count EPM as a big reason for why we are going to make it.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

The opportunity to scale our learnings through the 5 Generosity Seasons Masterclass. I see 20K churches being impacted in the right way in the future. Right now we are serving 15!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

What a great experience! When I watched the launch video I knew within 5 minutes that this was aligned with who I was. And I was right. Funny story. I saw the launch video after the deadline for US signups but international was still open. So I "borrowed" a friends address in Africa and registered under it. I was not going to be stopped and I'm sure glad.

Kevin Daly

I had created a successful 2 & 3 Day Marriage Live Intensive Programs, but I had nothing as a more affordable digital option.

When I heard about Marisa's Experience Product Masterclass, her introductory training was incredible and I thought if her intro. videos are this good, imagine what she's got in the inside...

So I joined her Experience Product Masterclass and I created my product which I ended up delivering LIVE before the program was over and made thousands more than my initial investment.

I went from analysis paralysis to having a process to follow, from frustration to freedom, and from angst to excitement. I knew if nothing changes then nothing will change, so I made a change and invested in Marisa's Experience Product Masterclass, and I can't wait to see what I use it to create next...

If you're on the fence, jump, the net will appear and you'll be glad you did!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Gamification is so much fun and one of the elements that increases completion stats.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It added to my knowledge in the areas of creativity, creation, marketing, sales, and delivery.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has equipped me with the tools to do this over and over again.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I'm ready to repeat and better what I already have created.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? making it even better through gamification and marketing it better also.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

You may have spoken this but FOCUS was a huge battle for me and it's an absolute must to be successful at pulling the mission off!

Rita Hickman

When I ran into Marisa, I was an experiential education teacher for 25 years with no idea how to create an experience online. I had finally found someone who could lead the way to the type of program I knew I wanted to create. The quick and simple wins gave me the confidence to stick with it even when life got super busy. Or I felt like a loser. Or I compared myself to Marisa.

On the outside, it gave my tribe of followers from all over the world, a reason to engage with me on a new level. I already did FB livestreams but didn't have a way to really work with the women who were following my videos. It felt helpless.

Through the process, I recognized that a good program starts with good marketing. I know my process of helping women clear up their triggers and find a more balanced perspective was really needed, but without knowing how to help women join and stay with the process, I felt stuck.

I felt inspired to get outside my comfort zone and finish the process. I mainly used my fb livestreams which directed women to set up one on one calls. Those were new for me and very scary. As a massage therapist, I work much better in person and convincing people to join the process using my bodywork and how good it makes them feel.

I got it done! And I'm aleady looking forward to applying the lessons I've learned to the next version of my online coaching program. This process let me touch more women, create many current and future clients and feel confident promoting what I know!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

How to feel good about offering an online program.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Gave me the training and validation I needed to get started.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Many more connections and more confidence in marketing.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was hit or miss with how much I communicated with my audience...Now I livestream every day, send out emails every day and have lots of great touch points with the women who love what I do…

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

The next time I create one :)

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you. You did an amazing job making this process very do-able.

Rochelle Kalisch

I always thought that an online or coaching business was made up of hundreds of people and that if you didn't have a big long list of clients and email addresses you couldn't have a business. I am tired of running a regular brick and mortar business and wanted to transition into a different more flexible type of business where I could use my 29 years of design experience and really help other designers!

My biggest shift is my realization that a pretty nice business can be built up with a small group...a few at a time. This can be pretty lucrative, too. I hadn't realized that! I have not gotten to mission accomplished yet..but I believe I will get there shortly Without Marisa's tutelage and incredible information and practical tips I never would have gotten anything off the ground. I believe I will be very successful and help many people in the process. That excites me very much! Thank you so much for everything!

Rachel Romaine

Upon graduation in June 2016, I was due to hang my shingle and did. Well, sort of. I tried to explain my services to potential clients. Mostly their eyes glazed over, furrows appeared between their brows, and the conversation essentially stopped. Or I was met with great resistance about how they were perfectly fine without any of my offerings. My message was flat.

The few clients that I managed to recruit and take through my coaching experienced results but I had little idea how to reach out to others or scale any of my services. I was definitely failing to create more interest. I read articles and books, listened to podcasts, took courses and still nothing moved the needle. I was simply building knowledge but I had no idea how to implement it in a strategic, progressive manner.

When I heard Marisa's Experience Product masterclass mission to design and market my coaching services in a way that would land for people. In a way that was really going to market for me and create the message I was so longing to get out to deliver, I was definitely in for the challenge.

I joined EPM mid week and set about the first module that very weekend. When my husband and I reviewed what I had written, we both agreed it was more effective than anything I had written in the last year! Imagine that, a couple of hours of presentation, a few exercises and voila, I had more in front of me than the hours, days and whole year I had spent working on it before!

As the course went on, I kept improving and clarifying my own voice and chosen product. EPM over delivered in comparison to any other course I had taken before: organization, exercises from simple to complex, direct coaching time, and education and support with the tech tools to deliver both the message and the product.

Today, I feel much more confident on not only how to describe what services I provide and how to deliver them effectively but also how I can grow my business with additional programs. The skills I learned in EPM, I can repeat, improve, be creative with, and never struggle as I was before.

With EPM, I have reaped the benefits of all of Marisa's hard work on how to excel in delivery of one's services and how to make more impact in my client's lives and in my own business. Well done LYM, thank you!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

This one is a toughie to answer - so many things really, understanding and writing copy, more tech knowledge, the coaching calls, the authenticity and caring in the community. I suppose the biggest one might be that there is a way to change the thud factor and how to do it. By having us experience the experience framework was definitely metta.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM was the best structure I have seen in any online course. I was able to quickly and clearly know what action was needed each week. Even down to how the videos and files were named, somehow no one has seemed to ever get that right! It specifically introduced me to what to do about creating an experience course because I knew the thud factor all too well.

It helped me get over my perfectionist streak and start implementing the changes needed to my business. It also gave me the confidence to start with what I had and not wait until the entire marketing funnel and material was created, as in years from now knowing me!

The amount of coaching time was definitely key. I want to keep the above comments but when reviewing this form, I believe I should say that is how it helped me become successful. I learned so much from the coaching calls - all of them.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM has give me the confidence I needed to become more visible and truly deliver a unique experience for my clients. The success of chatterbox impacted my bottom line and my ability to pursue further progression with my business dream. Plus it has connected me with several terrific individuals committed to their own dreams!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I understand the online space much more clearly now than ever before. It has healed any online course PTSD! As I look to improve my life, my business and the lives of others, I know now how to identify and make possible those changes through a variety of skillful experience tactics. My marketing was woeful before EPM, I did not understand copy at all and how to create different kinds of campaigns. I read it online, I saw it on webpages, but I had no idea how to articulate my own.

EPM took me, step by step, through simple yet a masterful process, to create copy. Copy for my discovery call page, my sales page, in emails, while on sales calls, when simply just chatting to the person in the supermarket. Now I can communicate my coaching business and how it applies to people's problems with clarity and confidence!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

That I can repeat the product I created, expand the product, apply the course to another idea and so on! I also think it's great that people will begin to see such a positive impact on their lives through experience programs rather than simply consuming another piece of information that gathers dust but doesn't make a difference in the world. It's time to change that and I am part of that momentum, awesome!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanks again for curing any online course PTSD! Like many here, so many courses have been purchased and completed only to be left with a feeling of disappointment in delivery. I am happy to say it was a worthwhile investment through and through, thank you for you and your team's hard work and efforts.

Robert Turner

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

So many.....put myself in the mind of the client, in their shoes.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Techniques and methods rekindling passion and creativity

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Hugely - but gotta board a plane right now

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Powerful use of email sequences and funnels.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

New products and ideas

Is there anything else you would like to add?

This has been kinda life changing

Sandra Koenig

I signed up for this course because I knew that in order for my business to grow I needed to learn to like marketing. I was also curious if I could learn something about why when some people went through my branding groups they didn’t launch. I found a lot of clarity around both of these things! Even though I haven’t finished the coursework during the allotted time, I became so clear about what I offer and why it would benefit any business that people were asking to work with me without me even launching my new branding program!

For example, I asked some colleagues for their opinion about the name I was considering for my course, and instead of giving me their opinion they asked me to run a bespoke group for them! I have easily made back the investment for this program, and can see that it could possibly be made back exponentially when I do launch.

A fun sidenote: during the program, in spite of the time needed to get through all of the content, I was inspired to paint every day. I have struggled with feeling comfortable putting my paintings out in the world, but started posting a painting every day on social media. I used some of what I learned about marketing and had a one day sale, just of my January paintings, and sold four!

This was monumental for me, to come out of the closet with my fine art and to begin building an audience, and to start selling my paintings! I never imagined my artwork could be a source of income, but now I’ve got the inspiration and tools to see where this can go :-)

Susan Gambale

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Action learning without doing is a waste get feedback and improve look forward Iterate your way to awesome

How did EPM help you become successful?

Thanks this is the best course I have ever participated in you tell us what to do and show us how to do it more on practical you made it fun

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I feel more energized and excited about the future of my business and how my couse can help others

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I am clear on my mission and my birds eye view the way I am organizing my content and that is big I have people excited about my couse before I was offering free coaching and now I am charging for a course I am creating live

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

People are already saying I know this group or person who needs your course I am not even asking for a referral yet they see the value of knowing this information it is exciting

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am grateful you created this course

Kristina Rogers

I was stuck...couldn't find the next step in my 34 year bricks and morter business. I knew I had to get bigger teaching and had to go into on-line teaching but what I was working on felt small and flat. I had a friend who had done EPM last year and I was really impressed with what she had created. So I was watching for the course.

Once I saw Marisa's first webinar I knew it was for me. I registered. I committed to the program and plugged through all the material...I was overwhelmed! But I kept at it!!

And I made it! I filled my program! I mastered a million new skills and am set up to go forward in creating more on-line products that are alive and exciting to my students!

Thanks to Marisa and all her awsome team! It was an amzing, inspiring experience!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Keep Going!!! Don't give in... The enrollment din't happen til the last day..I had to keep my faith. Often I felt overwhelmed, behind, unable to do wha twas asked of us in the class...and yet when I did it, it became doable and less challenging.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I developed far more faith in myself. I found that I could master new skills, do what I had thought was impossible, and that it's worth being uncomfortable and taking a risk

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I feel excited about what's in front of me. I see lots of possibilities. I know I can make more money, reach more people, and create the life I want.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Well before I was barely making a liveable wage and now the money is coming in. I feel able to charge higher prices and I feel capable of producing great content and making a difference in people's lives.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Thrilled to be creating my product. Excited to pivot it and offer it to a different group. And looking at ways of offering the same information in a retreat setting.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am so glad Marisa is so committed to excellence! We as the student get the benefit. And she's a fine example letting us know , we too can do it!

Michelle Taylor

I had dreamed since 2004 of having an online program. My journals and my computer is filled with half finished ideas. I was floundering as I wasn't sure which was the first step to take. I had bought other programs to grow my list, create a membership site and to make a course, but I never finished any of them and they didnt' get me close to finishing a program, let alone marketing or delivering it successfully. Even though I successfully do face to face trainings, I just couldn't break through an invisible barrier to get an online one happening.

As soon as I heard Marisa talk about Xp's I was hooked and I knew she was onto something. I recognised the chemical in the brain she talked about was the neurotransmitter dopamine.

This is released in experience products as well as people playing poker (slot) machines. Its addictive and feels like a reward to the person. As a Psychologist I know about how people learn but Marisa put it all together in such a common sense way it seems amazing someone else hadn't thiought of it.

I was even away for a month of the program and still got to mission accomplished weeks before the end of the program. Just by doing what she told me to do. I chatterboxed like crazy as I was convinced that this time I would get a great program and I knew people would get transformed.

I have 8 people in my program and I earnt 4,135.00. Not bad and I didn't even have a sales page. I am a customer for life and I feel so confident now I can do it again. I feel like I am finally in the game rather than dithering around on the side lines.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Take imperfect action and just go along with the journey. you can refine as you go. don't be scared to adjust along the way because you will if you listen to your clients. sell before you create. Also starting small is essential as there are lots of little things that go wrong and enquires and if I had more people it would have been a headache. let me go big when I have processes for big.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It's given me my first perfectly imperfect program. I've been wanting to create online programs since 2004. How do I know the date? I looked at my diary on the delivery day last Monday and I savoured that information and felt a sense of accomplishment. It has given me a process to follow but more importantly, the confidence in myself to say I've done it. Its my first of many. I feel successful and therefore I am and my business will go from strength to strength.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has made me walk taller. I feel a confidence that has seeped into other areas of my life and I feel like I talk with more authority now. Doing EPm has been a defining moment for me

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The biggest change is that I know I can do it. I am in the thick delivering my own EP now and it means I'm in the game rather than being on the sidelines.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

That I can do it again and that I trust myself to do things simply first. I don't need all the bells and whistles straight up. That gives me permission to not look like the big guys. I am also excited as I am now listening more my tribe rather than thinking I am the expert and I know what they need.

Sonia Roy

I had been tossing ideas about my business for years now. Running a family of 3 kids (partly homeschooled) with a workaholic husband I've had visions brewing in my head waiting to be organized and manifested. I was patiently waiting for the right time when I would align my desires and when I would find the right coach.

That's when Marisa found her way into my inbox. Her passion and ideology instantly caught me and I am so glad I made the jump. It was a big investment for me/us and I had a lot of convincing to do with my husband. But ever since I opted in it was constantly reminded to me that I had made the right choice.

I loved the approach and the community I was becoming a part of. I loved that I was constantly reminded that it was normal to struggle and feel overwhelmed and to take it one simple step at a time. I loved discovering the power of being a superhero. But mainly, I had so much fun delving into what was to become the manifestation of my dream: launching my singing training program.

Meanwhile, half way through, just as I was about to delve into the marketing part (the most daunting for me), my husband had a car accident and my life was thrown up in the air. No more structure, no more routine, no more assurance of any kind that I would be able to see this through. I just had to trust.

Thankfully, Marisa and her team had make it clear since the beginning that this was to be expected. That when you're on the road to success every possible obstacle can come in the way. Just keep pushing through. Just keep your goal in view.

And I did. I am blown away that I have made it to mission accomplished considering all the challenges I've been through. And they're not over. But at least this victory gives me strength. And now I have the strength and confidence to push through and deliver my product. Yay! What a rewarding experience!

The blessings keep revealing themselves. And of course this is just the beginning. I can't wait to delve into the rest of what this program gives me access to, bonuses and all I wasn't able to get to. I'm gonna take it one simple step at a time and have fun doing it! Sweet as! HUGE Gratitude for the whole LYM team and Marisa's generous and inspiring nature. Sonia.

Sundardas D

I have done many programs in the last five years trying to get online. My offline businesses both the clinic and the seminars were doing ok. I recognised the biggest opportunity was online

I got incredibly frustrated because until everything lined up, I could not take off. This is how I have always worked and I have stopped beating myself up for it. So I spent almost 5 years and almost $100k in programs, airfare and accommodation, and opportunity cost. No online business takeoff.

EPM allowed me to string everything I had done together in one continuous piece. From the types of bonus, to the campaigns, to the nuances of the communication it all came together. I also wanted my EPM product to be the front end of my funnel for all my back end products. While I had all the pieces together, I did not know how to string them together.

As I worked through the modules the static inside my head died out. I can take the same introverted approach that I take to my offline business to my online business. It’s all about who I am and meeting people where they are.

I sold 3 units at $997 before the due date with Chatter Box Campaign. I am gearing up for launches throughout the year and I have so many more events lined up now that the structure is in place.

I have the front-end funnel for all my high ticket back-end products. Now finally after 5 years and almost $100K later, I have a plan, a schedule and a system. The end of madness. My team and I have a one year plan and we can follow it and stick to it. We can create endless iterations of this plan. The way I grew my offline business, only much faster.

I have my life back.

Thanks to Marissa and the team and my Coach Devin for the framework, structure and hand holding.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I can take the same introverted approach that I take to my offline business to my online business. Its all about t who I am and meeting people where they are.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM allowed me to string everything I had done together in one continuous piece. From the types of bonus, to the campaigns, to the nuances of the communication it all came together. I also my wanted my EPM product to be the front end of my funnel for all my back end products. I did not know how to do it before.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Now finally after 5 years and almost $100K later I have a plan, a schedule and a system. The end of madness

What has been the biggest change in your business?

My team and I have a one year plan and we can follow it and stick to it. We can create endless iterations of this plan. The way I grew my offline business, only much faster.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I have the front-end funnel for all my high ticket back-end products.

Tracey Delfs

Over the last couple of years I had a combo of fear of failure and perfectionism stopping me from taking the leap to launch my first online program.

Marisa and EMP inspired and empowered me to just go for it. As a result, in less then 10 weeks, I've launched my first online program with 91 people, made $8827 and I'm having a positive impact in all of my participants lives!

How did EPM help you become successful?

Making my product experiential, having a time line for completion and our weekly coaching calls all contributed to my program becoming successful.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM and the success of my first ever online program has empowered me to believe that I have what it takes to be a successful online marketer and to have huge positive impact in the world.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before EPM I was procrastinating launching my first online program, because I had a combo of fear of failure and perfectionism stopping me. Marisa and EMP inspired me to just take the leap and go for it. Now in less then 10 weeks I launched my first online program with 91 people, made $8827 and I'm excited that I'm having a positive impact in all of my participants lives!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am excited to have broken though the inertia that I felt over the last couple of years that stopped me from taking the risk to launch any programs. I'm also excited to keep making a positive impact in the people that have registered in this program and to use everything that EPM has taught me and launch more programs in the future.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I'm super grateful to Marisa and EPM for giving me the tools I needed to reach mission accomplished and launch my first ever online program, enrolling 91 participants and making almost $9,000 in less then 10 weeks!

Lorna Third

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I love the focus on making it an experience and not just another information product. Love the concept of ' a get started approach ' and not wait for perfect in order to start.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have learnt a lot about myself and learnt allot about business throughout this10 weeks. In this age of online, email and social media communications- you can't beat face to face, especially with the tools provided to help create structure and content and set you up for success. Much appreciated the technical training which will continue to be of use as I build sales pages, websites in the future.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I feel a lot more confident in my own abilities and gained much insights that will be really useful going forward.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

This was a new product for me, so starting from scratch and now have paying clients :-)

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Getting it out there and getting feedback for what is working and what could be improved.

Test bed for other products going forward.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Very professional program. Busy but everyone is rooting for you. All coaches have been awesome- the 'side coaching' is so true as had to watch allot of replays as couldn't attend live sessions. Thank you for everything- I definitely had allot of light bulb moments!

Cliff Sutton

As I was building the Jaguar Effect Sales Manager Success System I found I was getting much clearer at selling other agent products I am working with. The sales in those areas dramatically improved - at least $2,500.00 worth during the program. It has also changed what I am doing with the Jaguar program. It is morphing into more than coaching groups and will be a movement/tribe around what's good for people, profit and the planet.

This will build over the next year! Different path than planned and quicker! Now I know how to do an ongoing campaign it will make all the difference. Thank you Marisa, Kate and Don and Murray!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Get clear on message and focus on experience the client will have. What's important to them

How did EPM help you become successful?

Removing the clutter that was stopping me from taking action.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I can run an ongoing campaign now and know that I will stabilize my business.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I just kept trying things and now I have confidence that I can get a process right and keep applying it.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Building a movement/tribe around what I believe in. We can do good business and take care of people, profit and the planet.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you to Marisa, Kate and Don for all your timely help and patience. There's a lot to this and I know I will be constantly using this valuable info over at least the next year til I get really good at i!

Cathy Raffaele

As an educator and learning experience designer, I'm usually focused on supporting people to succeed. It was really nice to have someone who clearly cares as much as Marisa being there all the way for me.

Marisa is a marketing genius and her energy and enthusiasm was so infectious. EPM was an amazing business energiser and the community was just so supportive. I loved every moment!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Marisa's energy was infectious! And that was the same from people who were successful. I think my greatest takeaway was that you really get what you put in. Your mindset is everything.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Marisa is a marketing genius. I loved the marketing campaigns and Marisa made them feel really doable - even for people who hate marketing like me! :-)

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It's great to get momentum and flow, I feel a lot more powerful.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I really didn't like marketing at all before I started. Marisa was so clearly in love with it that I think that passed on. I feel like my business has a lot more energy and momentum now. It feels more powerful!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm really looking forward to launching and getting to try out more of the marketing campaigns.

Olivia Jade

I knew there was a way to turn my business and the valuable work I do with people into a more fulfilling practice. My business was stuck in a rut, I wanted the next step but had no compass.

Marisa inspired be by her brillance and big heart. It was like she knew how I was feeling a lot of the time. In my heart I felt this was definitely my step into brilliance. Finally someone who could really teach in a way that helped me finish. Of course there were many doubts and realizations along the way. Intense and full of OMG that's brilliant. Then, a yes I can do that.

Then after all of the hard work and I was ready to launch people were excited about what I had to offer. It got easier thanks to the support from Marisa and the team of coaches.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The biggest takeaway is that I have it all in me already. I always felt that i what I had to offer had to be perfect (including myself) and that if was stopping me from moving forward. I also found my voice

How did EPM help you become successful?

Success in the step by step plan, that if followed creates your amazing experience product. I created effective marketing for my training, that changed the way I will work forever. I always felt supported and looked after. Marisa and the team was there to help use every step of the way.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I have realized that I have it in me to be impactful, create a tribe and live a truly realized life.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I have worked with clients one to one for many years. This is great and wonderful but my income is limited because of this. Now like my business is mushrooming, people were waiting for what I had to offer. Effortless marketing by being myself and having fun.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I finally get to accomplish a dream of working with more people, changing their lives. The freedom of a different way of working. The strategic forward momentum.

Bren Ames

Be careful what you wish for. When I was a child, I wished I could explore other worlds -- and I wished for a meaningful life.

Now, I am exploring another world, a world that is no longer the original Earth. I am a chemical refugee from my own neighborhood, and know many others who are now homeless, desperately seeking a place that is nurturing (or even benign) enough for them to stabilize their health and begin a journey of recovering resilience.

Now I am a sentinel and pathfinder for Regenerative Resettlement. My sentinel perceptions are heightened and honed through repeated experiences with chemical injury. My biggest strength may lie in my vulnerability and heightened perception -- I offer my exposome experience lens to help focus and inform research, policies and practices that enhance conditions conducive to wellbeing.

This means leveraging my physical experiences and perceptions to recognize patterns that emerge from systematic monitoring and evaluation of environmental exposures, biological responses, and the experiences of vulnerable populations. We sentinels can be of value to not only exposome researchers searching for links between exposures and human health -- but to the broader society.

Like the grain of sand in the oyster, I am a superb innovative irritant. Irritating not for the sake of it (like my brother), but because change is essential and urgent. My passion is becoming regenerative, growing resilience by pathfinding grounded, root solutions. Envisioning nurturing, regenerative conditions and designing practical paths toward them.

Annalisa Ros

Wow, What a ride the experience product masterclass was!

I found it gave me so much clarity on how to best deliver my years of knowledge in a beautiful package I feel proud to have created. The best part about it is my clients now have simple step by step program to truly create change in their energy. I feel very privileged to deliver this gift to the world and I am very grateful to Marisa for offering the framework through which I was able to create it :)

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I love the concept of an experience product and whilst I got quite overwhelmed with the number of videos, I like the step by step way Marisa took us through the psychology of becoming the owner of something we believe in. I feel confident I will have a great product soon. My biggest takeaway would be the confidence I have gained to create a product!

How did EPM help you become successful?

I feel so much more confidant and I also have a framework to create what I am trying to birth to the world :)

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM has impacted my life in the sense that i have a direction for my message. So the impact is that I know it will take me the next step of where I want to go with my business.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The biggest change would be that my business has a face :) It has something I can claim to help people with and this feel good!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Ahhh this is a great question :) I am most excited about working deeper into my product and tweaking it to best suit my clients. I truly want to make a difference, and it's my dream that the ripple effect of my teachings will make a difference to 1000's of women. I now feel compelled to go back through the experience product masterclass to gain a greater understanding on how to best serve my clients.

I am sure I will enjoy the clarity going through the course again will bring. Moving forward I will focus on this one product and make it really good!!!! I am so excited about this. Thank you Marisa for putting your heart and soul into creating such a great product for us all! Love Annalisa

Carolyn Bragg

Years after graduating from Business College and working for a wide variety of businesses, I went back to college. I became disabled and had to drop out of school just before getting my bachelor’s degree. I lived with and cared for my parents, and they in turn helped me when I needed it. Then my Dad developed dementia.

As the years went by, my health didn’t improve and my hopes for a personal future had dimmed to a flicker. After my Dad’s diagnosis and multiple home disasters, I confirmed that my siblings wanted to tell us how to live, but not help in any way...and all visions I had for myself died. I would care for my parents, of course, but at a little over 50, I had already done it in some capacity all of my life.

This past year a tiny spark reappeared, and within the span of 6 weeks, I went deep into debt (something I promised myself I would never do again) to take online classes from 4 affiliated sources. One of them, the most interesting, was EPM.

I didn’t have a product in mind, but the class is only offered once each year, and I couldn’t live one more year like the last one. So I began a product sales training program without an idea—which went completely against my “research and plan everything” side. My “yay, let’s learn something new” side was thrilled.

After a couple of weeks, I decided on a program that I believed in, and worked hard. I chose a domain name and it wasn’t taken yet, so I worked on a logo and other things. I don’t know how many times I checked the domain name, but I didn’t buy it.

While I was helping a friend look for a product name, I realized why I didn’t buy the domain name...I didn’t want to do that project. I thought I did, but my subconscious had other ideas. I wasn’t fully invested in it! And given the way I had been feeling, I needed big-time motivation.

During those early weeks, I enjoyed one of my favorite unpaid habits... Helping people think about how prospective customers would receive their messages and the information they present. That details matter, that a readable logo is more important than a fancy one, and how to make communication as clear as possible.

All of these years, I have donated my skills and offered suggestions to improve businesses and websites, and continued to learn new things to keep my skills sharp. This is my “work heart.” I just hadn’t found my ideal customers yet!

Thanks to my fellow EPM students, my Facebook help resulted in some wonderful testimonials!

Since I can’t work full-time, I located my state’s disability rules and it will take a couple of months to reach the EPM Mission Accomplished $2,000 minimum no matter how crazy-fast I sell. Always practical, I had hoped to pre-book for my program(s) in time, but I was mentally prepared for reality.

Status: My 1:1 program will be ready in a few days, and a separate 1:few mixed media program will follow soon.

Learning really is one of my favorite things to do, so I look forward to additional fun as I access my bonus content and work to finish my product, then begin the fun of marketing!

The Experience Product Masterclass: (Product Development For The ADHD Entrepreneur)

How to define your business purpose, develop and sell a product, and (nearly) everything between. Plus, how to make the experience a series of celebrations for completing steps, to inject fun and small successes into learning and improvement!

About the EPM Community: In other programs, my experience has been that people with good intentions, talk about helping each other but don’t follow through. EPM is a true community. Maybe it is because so many people felt forced to ask for help and input from fellow students.

Maybe it combined with the intense schedule and we all felt vulnerable. But this is the first group I have belonged to that demonstrated authentic desires by actually helping each other. Not just making idle suggestions, but providing (or arranging to provide) valuable services to help others achieve success.

Everyone that has actively participated, deserves a celebration for opening up and voicing opinions, and many of them for being so generous with their time and skills, and supportive comments and advice (even tough-love).

Special Thanks: Marisa has been an inspiration, and sometimes suspiciously like the Duracell bunny that keeps going and going (minus the fluffy pink ears and tail). Don Crowther is always more entertaining than the subjects warrant. Christine is a brick. The coaches are cool, and I appreciate Murray and the staff...everyone that has been so helpful and patient with me and my quirks. And thank you for helping me learn so much!

Thanks to my friends for your kindness, for the laughs and entertainment, and for letting me bug you about “suggested corrections.” You’re all very good sports!

Allie Irwin

I feel a whole range of emotions about my EPM experience. I am grateful for the amazing amount of high-quality content that was shared during this program. I am grateful for the coaching available through Marisa, Rono, & Don. It was a sprint but I felt able and supported for the challenge.

However, I felt like I was getting green lights through the whole process from my Coach, Pod, and people I was Chatterboxing with as I developed the program. So it was a great disappointment to me that I didn't make any sales.

Amanda Cole

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Oh, SO many.. Don't think I could point to just one. Perhaps the value and support of the fb group was what kept me going on the course at all. And so learning to really point people to using that in my product.. And give them incentives to do so. You did that really well. (And so many other things).

Oh, and I think I finally got that Done is better than Perfect, though I've been hearing that for 2 years! Thanks for saying it in a way I finally got. AND, learning to frame things from your customers' point of view. Still learning this.. but excited..

How did EPM help you become successful?

It hasn't yet, but I KNOW the experience and the wisdom I have gained from the course will propel me forward..

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Just made me very tired so far! And a bit stressed. BUT of course also FULL of ideas and strategies to make things work.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Finally launching my BIG course.. The one I've been planning (and putting off til I was "ready") for 2 years.

Annie Murray

Seriously improved my teaching style. Loved every lesson. I know I will go onto do a million dollars this year. I was slow to release as after learning how to teach better I started re recording a lot of my lessons. Absolute life changing course. Thankyou!

Benta Bye

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Putting things together. Better structuring of the development of the product

How did EPM help you become successful?

Finally setting up an online product, not selling hours

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Moving closer to my overall plans of being self sustained

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Finally creating a product to sell. As opposed to consultancy and scientific research

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Developing more products to enhance each product.

Andrea Haverinen

I'm graduating! and moving on to the next chapter in my life. Thanks to Marisa, my coach Mike, and the LYM team for supporting me during the Experience Product Masterclass.

I didn't reach Mission Accomplished for the second year in a row. It's time for me to rethink what I've been spending my business development time on. I believe my biggest struggle is reach. It's a numbers game. I will be working on reaching more people at a time, and build stronger relationships with my current client list.

Anneka Bowman

I did not hit mission accomplished however I did make a big pivot in offering my services and finding my niche. I hit a wall with showing myself however underneath the wall lies a firm foundation of self confidence so in my case I will build a vet study door and some huge windows to let in lots of light and allow myself to be seen. Thank you!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Keep going.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I will keep going just at a slower pace plus get over the wall.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

More authentic in communications.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

It’s a big pivot still integrating.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I can continue to access the training materials.

Virend Singh

This was an enlightening experience. I have learnt much and am positioned to complete the creation of my online program within the next 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately, I was not able to implement my marketing campaigns in a timely manner to meet the course deadlines.

However, I am not discouraged. I am willing to go through the trial and error process of developing my marketing expertise to find and serve my target audience. The future looks bright!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The 10 steps in the Experience Escalation Plan

How did EPM help you become successful?

I am actually fleshing out the details and compiling the content for my online program.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I am inspired to create multiple courses - one after another.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I am not in a position to implement education-based marketing.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am most excited about making an entry into this rapidly evolving online education industry. The opportunity to serve others, and be rewarded accordingly, is mind-boggling.

Bruny Ocasio

When I lost my job in November of 2008 due to a company downsizing, I thought my world had collapsed. The whole experience was traumatizing and near devastating, but it was also a wakeup call that led to me writing a book about my experience.

In the process of writing this book, I received several job offers that I declined until I finish it (at least that was my plan). Then I was tempted and accepted a job since my "Why" is also helping the patients in my area of expertise. I thought I could help this company market and sell their technology to serve the patients better.

You won't believe what happened next. I was only five weeks on the job when I asked for a week's vacation to attend Message to Money Live to help my husband with his online business. My husband and I were going to combine the trip with our anniversary celebration. When I accepted the job, I told them I had this planned vacation, and they agree to hire me and let me go on the trip.

The very Friday Message to Money Live event took place I received a call at 7:30 am where the Human Resource Manager and my manager notified me that my position was eliminated along with 50% of the sales force. I couldn't believe it would happen to me again! This time I was not devastated. I told them I understood and that if they needed my help, I would be at their service.

The story doesn't end here. Ironically, the reason why I was at Message to Money Live was that I had a dream six months before the event. In my dream, I was speaking to Marisa around a fire pit. When I woke up, I checked her website, since I always follow my intuition, and I saw the sale page promotion for the event. In her promotion page, I saw the fire pit from my dream. That's when I decided to sign up for Message to Money Live.

That day after the call I headed to the meeting. Marisa asked what brought us to the event. I stood up and told her my dream and started crying. I said: "The Universe knew this was going to happen to me and prepared me to be here. I will use all the knowledge acquired to launch my book and help others become the CEO of their destiny.

I believe that what helped me go through this second job loss was joining LYM mentorship program. I learned so much and started setting up my online business. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the program until the end because my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I had to go back to my corporate job since we needed the health insurance to pay for his surgery.

Marisa was so kind to offer us the opportunity to join EPM the following year. And that's what I did! Through the ten weeks of the program, I was able to go back where I have left things and got my passion and business back. In the last two weeks, I have accomplished more than I ever thought.

My website and the Facebook business page is up and running. I'm already having chatterbox conversations with my prospects. My husband also watched all the videos. We have both gain clarity of what message we want to share with the world and the best way to market and promote it. That clarity has given us the momentum we both needed in our business.

I can sleep better now that I know what my destination is regarding my business and also my husband's business. Even if we have to make changes based on the feedback we receive from our tribe, we know we can go back to the EPM course materials and find anything we need to make our business successful!

Thank you, Marisa!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Clarity, Clarity, and Clarity!

How did EPM help you become successful?

Before EPM my husband and I were struggling with what direction should our business take. Yes, I say both since we took the course together. The idea was that I could create a course for my niche and he could do the same. My husband has been working on his niche for five years, but what was holding him back was what should he focus on to make money.

Ironically through EPM we learned that the best way to go at this moment was not an online course but adding a donation page to his website and increasing his speaking engagements since his topic is spirituality. He already has four speaking engagements booked for this year!

For me, my aha moment was finally deciding what would my niche and topic be. I have been stuck for three years trying to figure it out. Once I saw the video Nice Down Profits Up everything started making sense.

I gain the clarity I needed. That gave me the momentum I never had before, and in these last two weeks I updated my website, updated my business Facebook page and started posting. I also am finishing updating book I started a year ago.

The purpose is to use it to grow my list and launch a course that’s related to the topic. I'm on fire! We both needed to go back and forth with the ideas we had with you and my coach Paul to figure out this was the way to go.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I can sleep better now that I know what my destination is regarding my business and also my husband's business. Even if we have to make changes based on the feedback we receive from our tribe, we know we can go back to the EPM course materials and find anything we need to make our business successful!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

My husband is revamping his website to add the donation page and change the format based on the EPM course since he is using his website as his product. For me, I started engaging through the chatterbox campaign to get closer to my tribe.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Gaining clarity on our niche and topic. This clarity has led us to take more action in the last weeks that we have in years!

Cathy Nicoll

I started this course specifically for the experience side of the experience product, which that concept of constant wins really developed, but the most valuable thing for me was to define my niche better than ever before.

Then I met the other EPMers. The relationships have been great, and this is one of the best online communities I have been involved in. I don't think I have ever met such a warm, generous group of people in a business group.

Cornelia Wendt

Before I started EPM, I was trying for over 1.5 years to start my coaching business. I took different online classes and private coaching to make this dream come true. Although I knew my ideal client, my niche and what I wanted to do, I was not getting any clients nor did I have the feeling of having a coaching business. For over two years I was trying to set up a website I loved, and in total, I spent thousands of dollars with only little results. I did a few talks and had a tiny email list.

When the offer of EPM came along, I had a feeling that this would get me really started, and it did! A couple of days ago I signed up for my very first client, I now have strategies in place to reach potential clients, I have a beautiful website I'm proud of, and the best of all: I feel that I now have a coaching business! I have started!

I took the Experience Program Masterclass, worked it step by step, followed Marisa's advice, and within 10 weeks I could start my business! I'm so happy I took the leap and signed up for this Masterclass! Thank you so much, Marisa, and everyone from liveyourmessage.com for all your support and wisdom you've shared with me!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My biggest take away is, that I CAN start an online business! It is possible with the right support and structure!

How did EPM help you become successful?

I had no client and a very tiny list before I started EPM. EPM did help me starting my business at all. With the great structural method, I had a simple plan to follow, step by step, to create a product, do the marketing and start launching it! I've tried for the last 2 years to get to this point. With EPM I did know exactly which step to take next, getting me from "zero" to now have launched my business!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

So far I'm still waiting for the success (I've got only one client today, but I know this is just the beginning!). I'm feeling encouraged to keep going and looking to my future with excitement and happiness.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

That I feel I now have a business at all! Before it was just a wish, a dream. Now I feel that I am a real entrepreneur with a coaching business!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am most excited to know that my clients will really get great results, that I have created a program that can make a difference! And this is wonderful! As a medical doctor I can only tell my patients what to do, but now I can guide them through an experience, which will lead to much more substantial changes in my clients' lives, than only passing on information!

Cheryl Kim

After being a parenting coach for a while, I really wanted to reach more people, and make what I was doing a full-time livelihood. I started to write an online course, but I got discouraged and overwhelmed. There was so much to do. I felt alone. I lost faith in myself as my doubts took over.

In the EPM course, Marisa breaks down the steps to making a course work, so that it's clear what you need to work on when. Her emphasis on "iterating your way to awesome" gave me permission to be imperfect, but to get the bones of the course down and done.

I also loved that she talked about what it was like to be afraid, to be vulnerable, and to need to push through those voices of doubt. I'm not done with my course yet, but I am confident that I WILL finish. And, even if it's not perfect the first time, I will keep iterating my way to awesome. Thank you, Marisa!

Cheryl Peltekis

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Need to spend time now selling to right audience

How did EPM help you become successful?

Taught me power of great webinar and not to fear cideo

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

With structure comes freedom

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Now opening up more options to sell to larger audience

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

See if I can sell in my sleep

Shalyn Yamanaka-wong

I have tried previously to have a business and closed it when we moved, thinking that I was not cut out to be my own boss. After working in a major business, I had the realisation that I had a purpose to help kids develop positive eating behaviours, and am trying again. I have been struggling to get my business up and running for the past year.

I realise I have been putting up my own blocks - fear of failure, discomfort selling, not wanting to be seen, which have all prevented me from moving forward and making the impact that I want to. I was excited to learn more about this program and expected great things.

It hasn't turned out as I wanted...I did not make mission accomplished, but I do have my first client. It is heartbreaking to put in so much effort and have so much hope for it to be deflated by failure, but after hearing all the stories of others and realising its the reality of business, that it takes time, effort, dedication, and even then, failures occur, I have not given up hope. I have a new tool kit of strategies, drive, and a support system to ask help from.

I have been doing multiple courses at the same time, trying to tackle my blocks from different directions so I can move forward, so from my scientific mind, I have too many variables to understand what is doing what, but I have made progress. I have made a great leap forward. This is just the beginning...

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

It takes a lot of work, dedication and effort to put out a product and even with that, there are going to be failures - numerous ones. Everyone experiences them, but you have to get up and keep trying.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have cowered in the past with every failure and believed it wasn't possible. I haven't put myself out there enough to be seen, to give my gift to the world. I now know I have a gift and can make the difference I want to, just have to keep trying until I find what works.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm more confident trying to sell and have a different mind set.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I had no idea in marketing my product, now I have some tools to try to move forward.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I have my first client so that I can try out my program and gain confidence. I think I need to make baby steps, so this is my first step.

Natalie Clare

As an overachiever and avid helper I’d always felt that if I put in as much effort to my own business as I did for other peoples’, I would be hugely successful. I’d had businesses in the past, but as an introvert, marketing and ‘showing up’ had always been a challenge for me, so I returned to the corporate world as a global HR Director, as well as consulting at the same time.

I dreamt of having my own coaching business, but knew from experience that there wasn’t enough demand on a small island with a population of 100k to make it a profitable business.

In 2017 I quit my job after completing a 90 hour working week and seeing so little of my son. I signed up to an online course to launch a product. There was just one problem – I didn’t have an online product. Two weeks before the end, I started to feel overwhelmed, still no further forward in taking action and impending unemployment.

That’s when Marisa’s email about EPM landed in my inbox. I watched the video and it pulled on my heart strings – perhaps this was the course that would help me create and market my product? I signed up and didn’t know it at the time, but it was the best decision I even made.

From the very first interaction on the website, I was hooked, excited and motivated. I knew that if I followed each step of the process, I would succeed.

It took me three attempts to nail my niche and product. My coach was fantastic – she helped me to see through the eyes of a prospective client. The penny finally dropped and I felt confident in my product. It was what I have been doing for the past 20 years – I just didn’t know how to define the value and package my offering.

I kept on top of the programme, although had a few set backs, mostly around the technology. During those times, Don’s Friday sessions were invaluable and I replayed many of them.

The Monday calls with Marisa were hugely valuable and inspiring. Whilst I chose not to speak live on the calls, I received plenty of side door coaching – turns out that there were commonalities in the challenges people were experiencing.

The real challenge came when I reached the marketing module. This was the module I was most excited but apprehensive about. There were many choices and I knew that the Fast Results and Perfect Email campaign would be a challenge for me for three reasons 1) I had no list and had never used social media - not even Facebook! 2) I don’t enjoy writing and 3) I'm not comfortable showing up. I decided to go for them anyway as I thought they would stretch me the most and hopefully deliver the biggest results.

During Christmas I felt like giving up, but remember Marisa saying, “when you’re about to give up, you still have 40% left to give’. I took the course specifically to develop an online business as my local market is so limited - there was no way I was giving up.

I launched my Fast Results campaign with an opt in page and free PDF. I knew I was targeting an online audience that didn’t know me but without a list, the only people I could email were my existing local contacts.

Whilst writing my launch email, I struggled with the positioning – I knew it didn’t feel right, but couldn’t pin point why. Instead of waiting to perfect the email, which is what I would usually do, I took Marisa’s advice and decided to get it out there and iterate based on feedback. Within 24 hours I had the feedback and knew exactly where I had gone wrong…

I had emailed my existing contacts and my online group contacts and had 21 subscribers in the first 24 hours. The split between online and local was about 50/50. Feedback from my online community was that I had given too much information in the initial email – they just wanted the content (the free PDF)! Feedback from my local contacts was that the customer journey wasn’t complete – they wanted a website, contact details and what next.

I knew straight away that I had two completely difference audiences and had blended my messaging. I contacted my coach, who recommended ‘give them what they want’. I set about creating a one page website in Heroic, which meant I also had to go through the legalities of setting up my business.

This derailed me from the Fast Results campaign, but I knew I had to give my local market what they wanted. I also didn’t have enough people on my list to sell to, based on the conversion rates. To ensure I didn’t lose momentum with my online audience (as small as it was), I reverted to a weekly news item, to keep them warm.

I set up my business, launched my website and continued chatter boxing as well as sending weekly emails to the people on my list. Within days of launching my website, I sold one of my VIP products at £997 to one of my local contacts and have just launched campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Whilst I didn’t hit mission accomplished, my action took me down a path I hadn’t intended and as a result I now have a business, website, very small warm list (with no unsubscribes) and a marketing campaign. I even created a video for my website, which has been posted on LinkedIn and Facebook. Showing up has by far been the biggest personal development for me!

EPM has been the most intensive self development programme I have ever completed but it has given me greater results that I could ever have imagined or wished for. It has also been incredible value for money, although I see that as a bonus, in comparison to impact it has had on me and my business.

EPM guided me step by step and showed me the actions to take. It gave me the motivation to get started and the support and accountability to see it through to the end.

It has also given me the confidence to finally be comfortable with who I am. Whilst I may be unique in the tiny island I live it, I’m ok with that. There are lots of like minded people in the world who also want to make a difference and earn at the same time - I just need to find the right people who want what I have to offer.

Thank you so much to Marisa, Samara and the whole EPM team for a truly inspiring and action, fun filled experience. I look forward to meeting you all at Message to Money Live.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My biggest takeaway from EPM was how to create a product, test it and market it.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM guided me step by step and showed me the actions to take. It gave me the motivation to get started and accountability to see it through to the end.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM has given me the confidence to be who I really am. I have realised that whilst I may be unique in the tiny island I live it, that's ok. There are lots of like minded people in the world who also want to make a difference and earn at the same time - I just need to find the right people who want what I have to offer.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The biggest difference EPM has made to my business is actually getting started. I had quit my job just before joining EPM and was unclear how to set up my coaching business and market it. I was not earning anything.

I have now set up my business, am actively marketing it and sold 1 product @ £997. Now that I have the tools and know how, I will continue to iterate my marketing and products!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm excited about iterating my marketing to sign up premium paying clients, so that I can give women all over the world the confidence and motivation to step up in their own businesses or careers, whilst having the flexibility to work when and where I choose, spend more time with my family and make money.

Myra Skelton

Marisa, even though I was not able to sell anything, I learned so much. I'm considering this more of a college class on product creation and marketing. I started with nothing. Not even an idea for a product. Now, I feel that even though I wasn't able to make any sells, I can use what I learned to make a new product. I understand the process.

The coaching sessions with you, our coach, and Don were terrific. This was my first experience with coaching. The tech stuff was all new to me, and the way Don taught made me look forward to the tech classes, not dread them. My coach (Coach Paul) was great at giving pointers that I needed to work on. Watching you coach people so quickly and helping them get to the point of what they were trying to say was amazing! I definitely see the reason why coaching is so important to the success of this program. Thanks for everything you did!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I'm a lot dumber than I realized. I have a lot to learn. Maybe I don't have anything worth sharing after all? I have learned a lot about how product creation and marketing work. If I could think of anything worth sharing, I now think I could do it. Or at least I would know how to start!

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have learned a lot about how product creation and marketing work. I think I could do it again.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I think I now understand a little about the process of product creation and marketing.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I found out that another person, locally and in the Facebook groups where I was trying to market, offers a FREE seminar teaching what I was offering for sale. They offered it the same week I offered my course for sale. SO... I think that maybe I need to find a way to expand where/who I'm marketing to and try this again later, or just change product/market completely.

Mikki Waid

Prior to EPM, I would spend the whole day in a blur: feeling busy but not sure what I got accomplished. I was struggling with focusing and knowing what steps I should take (and in what order). Each day seemed like a repeat of the day before and the lack of making progress on my business was frustrating and scary.

EPM provided me with exactly what I needed: a comprehensive blueprint to help me get my business off of the ground! Not only did I get a blueprint but I also received what felt like unlimited coaching and an amazing peer group that was helpful and engaging.

Where I used to lack focus, I know knew what I would be working on each day. I made more progress in 10 weeks (getting my business started) than I had in the prior 10 months! It was amazing!

I didn't completely finish my course by the end of the 10 week deadline, but I know that I will finish it and eventually make Mission Accomplished! Not only have I been given the steps, to be successful, but I have also been taught what technology to use (thanks to the amazing Don Crowther and Murray).

I am extremely happy that I signed up for EPM and am very grateful for the knowledge and confidence that I have gained... in just 10 weeks!!!

Deb Grant

Over the course of three years I worked on what I knew would be a unique and valuable course, an online-based dance course designed to help anyone who loves to dance to become a much freer and more dynamic dancer through having a personal practice.

Pre-EPM I had the course content I needed (including 24 teaching videos!) and was in the perfect place in my process to move forward with marketing, launching and delivery.

I knew I was stuck as I watched my third self-imposed deadline slog on by with me not budging an inch. Thankfully EPM came through at a perfect time, and I knew I had to take this course.

EPM helped me with exactly what I needed, in order to create the right marketing, languaging and tone to convey what I was offering. The pacing of EMP was just right for me.

I'm proud of my work. I'd be delighted for you to see what I've created here: beyourdance.com

I was unable to stay on the timeline for EPM's recommended launch dates 2-3 weeks ago -- I had to delay the launch until I knew that I could commit to the delivery date due to some life circumstances.

I am currently hard at work, mid-perfect-email-campaign, with my course starting in about 10 days. I wish I could say 'mission accomplished,' and I hope that I can say this by the time I close registration next week.

I'm in that phase of feeling tired and frustrated, but I recognize that I'm exactly where anyone would likely be before the pressure for customers to buy in sets in. I've had a lot of positive feedback and I have 8 registered students to date.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The training videos and step-by-step guides/pdfs helped me to have what feels like a thorough understanding of how to market and implement an experience product. I have the skills I need and feel confident that they are here to stay.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I feel more confident on the marketing side of things.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Copy and approach to writing, client-centric. Before I was focused on what-you'll-get-from-me and now my attention is on what you (my client) will feel, know, be able to do, experience.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Delivery of this product for the first time, and iteration.

Diane Kubal

I have been in business selling the services of other coaches and consultants for 20+ years. Although I have been using my gifts in my business, due to personal family issues, I wasn't able to focus on work as I typically have in the past.

For about 5 years I have been in maintenance mode, keeping my head above water. Now that the family issues have subsided, I was ready to dive back into my business. I needed a way to reconnect with the clients and prospects that I hadn't seen or spoken to in years. I needed a boost!

Several years ago, I started some work on developing a model and coaching approach and worked with several individuals clients. But this idea and service has been dormant for the past 7 years. When I heard about the EPM, I knew I needed to sign up and create a product!

While taking EPM I was re-engergized and my creative juices started flowing. I had to keep a notebook by my bedside because I was generating so many ideas and people to connect with and I wanted to capture them all.

There were some sleepless nights because I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was quite fun to be in this "flow" kind of experience for a number of weeks. As a result, my dormant product idea came to life and it was such fun working on it!

My product is for a corporate audience and over the past couple of months I have reconnected with about 75 of my current and past clients. "Chatterboxing" has been a great way to invite potential clients into a conversation and I now have 4 clients interested in my product.

Because there are a few levels of approval, etc. to get a sale with a corporate client, it will take a bit more time to hit mission accomplished although I am confident that a sale will land somewhere between $30 and $50K in March and likely more throughout the year. One of my clients gave me an idea to adapt my current product offering for a 1 to many audience, so I already have a second product idea to pilot and sell!

I have received so much positive feedback on my product and it is perceived as innovative in my professional space. It will create a new revenue stream for my business, position me as expert and is a way for me to build and strengthen client relationships for my existing business.

I would highly recommend EPM to the consultants, trainers and coaches with whom I work and would love to promote the experience products they create!

Thank you for this class as it is launching my business into a new area that I am excited to grow. I see it as phase 2 for my business for the next 10 years!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Wow! So many, I can't name one, but I'd have to say my product is my biggest takeaway! I loved this program, it clearly kept me motivated to keep on going. I truly experienced the escalation and even surprised myself and finishing more trainings just to get the T-Shirt, which I don't even really care about, but that's how the brain works!

I have such great clarity about my program, love the birds eye view, and the experiencification methods. Seeing how to build an experience product by going through one is truly the best method for learning. Thank you for your great content, role modeling and creativity!

How did EPM help you become successful?

I've been in business for 20 plus year selling the services of other consultants and coaches. Now I have my own product which gives me a great way to strengthen my current client and prospect relationships and another revenue stream. It increases my credibility and sets me up as an expert in a particular area, which I didn't have before.

I have been getting such positive feedback on my product, more than on any other product I have sold to clients. Everyone is saying that I am really onto something! It has gotten me re-engaged in my business and this has been the next step in my own professional growth and development.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has increased my level of energy and enthusiasm for my business. I have been working longer hours, but have been "on fire" in the creative process and really having fun!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I've never had a product of my own before, so this is a big change for someone who has only sold the services of others and my own services.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm excited about getting other coaches up to speed on learning and delivering my product and making a higher profit margin than I do on other products.

Dottie Hager

I was all over the place. I knew I wanted to build a coaching business - 1:1, group coaching packages, creating courses and have a huge list, passive income and do workshops. I had the overview of what is needed for that to take place. I've taken numerous courses and have lots of knowledge but no consistent income or building of my tribe.

I wanted to find a group of like minded people to raise my consicousness and vibration. I want my business to match my vision. So when I heard about EPM and Mentoring, I knew my life and business would change. I found clarity and focus with EPM.

EPM has helped me be able to articulate what I do, step into my power and feel confident about who I am and what I have to offer. The organized lessons, the accountability, the support and the love shared make it possible to have the business I desire - even though I didn't make mission accomplished. I have structures, confidence and a passion to make this happen.

Marisa and her team are great mentors and role models for me to move ahead and build the business I desire. I am so excited that I committed to doing mentorship and seeing what is possible. I love the authenticity and the commitment to serve. Thank you for all you give and all you teach. Dr. Dottie Hager

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

It raises the level of what you have to offer when it becomes an experience. I love the commitment you and your team have and the desire to help us be successful.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I believe I now can truly create the business I want. It helped me put in some structures and be organized with my work. It has given me the confidence I needed to know I have something of value. The words - the superpower, the mission all are helpful to speak powerfully about what I do.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm excited about the potential and reality of growing my business. I have more confidence about what I am doing and love the support and group help.

What has been the biggest change in your business? I have felt like I was putting bricks up with each task I needed to do. I now feel like I have a contribution to make. My energy and vibration have changed. Rather than getting bogged down with the tasks, I see what I am offering to serve.

I can tell now I am open to receive and allow my perfect clients to appear. I'm not so worried about getting it all right, needing to make sure I have it all before I serve.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I love what I have to offer. I need more help with the benefits. I know what coaching does but being able to articulate them to where it taps into their emotional needs. I am ready to create products and build my list. Earn some consistent income.

Tracy Sitton

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Keep going - even when it's not perfect, or complete, it's progress that snowballs if you don't quit!

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM has been a major help for me to stay in the zone of focus and action in my business! I actually did gain a new client who contacted me on their own saying they felt they needed to work with me.

This wasn't for my EPM product or due to my EPM marketing efforts, BUT, I believe at least part of the reason it happened was because I was in the "zone" and that new client was drawn in by it!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

My resolve and foundation are stronger and I feel more grounded in what I'm doing in my business.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before EPM I hadn't put the core pieces of my business in place and now I feel much more prepared to actually work with clients at the level I'm meant to.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm most excited about continuing the momentum with a clear framework in which I can always refer back to!

Edward Erickson

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

How to better organize and present the content.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have a much better idea of how to structure a program now.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

A lot of positive reinforcement has helped keep my focus and helped keep me in a positive mindset.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before, I just had a lot of content. Now I have a much better formula for putting it together and talking about it in a way the prospects can "get it"

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I have a new mindset about creating and marketing my services. Now that I know what to do, I can iterate until it is successful.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

How to better organize and present the content.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have a much better idea of how to structure a program now.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

A lot of positive reinforcement has helped keep my focus and helped keep me in a positive mindset.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before, I just had a lot of content. Now I have a much better formula for putting it together and talking about it in a way the prospects can "get it"

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I have a new mindset about creating and marketing my services. Now that I know what to do, I can iterate until it is successful.

Edith Page

The 8th anniversary of my own business happened to be this January 2018!

What a great gift I offered myself when joining EPM!

When I left my job position end of 2009, I did not know yet what would turn up, but I had faith and knew deep inside that starting my own activity would be the right move. And I never regretted it since then.

When I heard of EPM 8 months ago through a friend of mine, my intuition told me that this could be a new step forward, a way to take my business to a next level by developing a new business model including online.

I found myself in the same type of situation as in 2009, when I needed a new breath. I believe EPM has shown me potential paths that I knew existed but that I did not dare take.

Marisa, Don, Kate, Christine and all the participants I came crossed in EPM have contributed to give me the confidence to implement new ways to make business, to design my workshops, to create my trainings, even to write my emails.

And above all, it fed me with new motivations to chat and listen to my customers and my network even more carefully than before. I am now implementing online follow-ups in my consultancy and training business to make sure to lead my customers to implementation success and impact creation.

Briefly speaking, sky is the limit now and it 's being revealed consciously to me. Thanks Marisa for your great inputs and the wave of inspiration which touched me.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

EPM changed my mind about the way I am doing business as usual. It revived my creativity and my daring.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have now a new approach even to my existing customers. It gives me the motivation to carry on developing the product I imagine and to implement and test online training and coaching methods.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has been very demanding over the last 10 weeks and I spent many evenings on the calls and not with my family. BUT I regret nothing!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was launching a course without checking the audience interest, Now, I start using and benefitting from a better approach to market study prior to product launch, thanks to the chatter box and the use of surveys.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Designing the product and making it real with an online side.

Floortje Blindenbach

Just writing to get rid of my frustrations and disappointments.

10 Weeks ago, I embarked on this mission with all the best intentions. I certainly enjoyed the beginning of the course. I participated in every session, filled out every worksheet (except later on for the more advanced campaigns). I attended most of the sessions live throughout the course, or listened to them afterwards. My treadmill got many miles...

What I was looking for was to finally fulfil my dream, to have a flourishing online business. I teach workshops and coach professionals 1:1. However, that is not why I left academia. I want to enable professionals - who have the knowledge, access, and capital to make things happen - to all lead today's fourth industrial revolution and make the world a better place.

I am not sure what went wrong, but my message does not get across and is not heard. The course did little to change that. I reached out to over 800 LinkedIn contacts, but those are former friends or people I met at conferences. Not necessarily clients. I created three freebies, which were appreciated, but did not result in sales. I went to Legal Tech, to chatterbox.

Yet, there was no lawyer to be seen. Only vendors, desperate to also reach this lawyer audience. I tried to stay optimistic till the end. Worked long days, and even longer nights. Worked weekends, ignored my family and missed important family events. Produced more content than ever. Yet, not a single sign up.

This morning I received your celebration message. I could not open the email. I just did, with tears of frustration and disappoint rolling over my cheeks...

James Bottone

EPM came along at the perfect time. My wife and I knew that we wanted to create something different--something far more engaging and effective than most of the programs we'd purchased over the last couple years. We'd already spent weeks trying to figure out how to move forward with our ideas, but we didn't know where to focus our energy.

We had a niche in mind and a product idea, but it was just raw concepts. I knew that without external direction and guidance we'd probably just stay stuck in the brainstorming phase.

I had some vague ideas of all the things that had to happen to bring a coaching program to market, but I had no idea what do do next. We were spinning our wheels and it was clear we needed some help if we were ever going to get this thing off the ground.

Although I'd become jaded to all the marketing hype and programs for sale out there, as soon as I saw what Marisa was offering it was clear that Experience Product Masterclass was the way to go. It was like she read my mind and had created a program just for me. Pretty wild!

Going through EPM gave me the exact steps I needed to quickly gel my ideas into something coherent and compelling. It cleared the fog and helped us understand what we should be doing (and not doing) at each step in the journey.

This helped us relax into the process and focus our energy where it was most useful. Now I know how to take any idea I have in the future and bring it into existence without wasting tons of time and energy.

EPM helped us move forward quickly and decisively with our product idea. Marisa took the stress out of what to do next and created a clear and fun path to progress from product idea all the way to marketing and selling. I enjoyed the ride and had a few breakthroughs along the way.

The momentum we gained through the early part of the program carried me forward when I ran up against resistance to reaching out to potential clients. Now that I've had the experience of getting out there and talking to people about my product and ideas I feel like it's no big deal.

Marisa really is brilliant--her intelligence and creativity shine through every aspect of this experience. She has given us a powerful example of how to serve and create the ultimate experience for our clients.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

It's better to get something done "good enough", move forward, test it with your audience, and adjust rather than try to guess and get things perfect from the beginning. If you don't get feedback from real people then you could spend a lot of time and energy building something really cool that no one wants to buy.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM helped coax me out of my comfort zone and start connecting with other people in my niche. I was able to meet other influencers in my space and learn valuable insights about how to better serve my audience. I made some new friends and am now collaborating with one of them.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM helped me move forward quickly and decisively with my product idea. Marisa took the stress out of what to do next and created a clear and fun path to progress from product idea all the way to marketing and selling. I enjoyed the ride and had a few breakthroughs along the way.

The momentum I gained through the early part of the program carried me forward when I ran up against resistance to reaching out to potential clients. Now that I've had the experience of getting out there and talking to people about my product and ideas

I feel like it's no big deal. Marisa really is brilliant--so smart and creative. She's given us a powerful example of how to serve and create the ultimate experience for our clients.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before EPM I had a niche in mind and a product idea, but it was just raw concepts. I knew that without external direction and guidance I'd probably just stay stuck in the brainstorming phase.

I had some vague idea of all the things that had to happen to bring a coaching program to market, but I had no idea what do do next. Going through EPM gave me the exact steps I needed to quickly gel my ideas into something coherent and compelling. It cleared the fog and helped me understand what I should be doing (and not doing) at each step in the journey.

This helped me relax into the process and focus my energy where it was most useful. Now I know how to take any idea I have in the future and bring it into existence without wasting tons of time and energy.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

What I'm most excited about moving forward with my experience product is being able to use Marisa's methods to stack the deck in my clients' favor for maximum success and enjoyment of the process. I'm looking forward to watching my clients' confidence grow while having an amazing time on their way to achieving their goals.

Rebecca Scott

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Techniques for how to price and market my product. What questions to ask when developing product.

How did EPM help you become successful?

As above. Staying motivated. Go to help from facebook groups.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

A bit early to tell. Improved my confidence and dialled in my direction.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

To create a product out of nowhere.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

That now I have the tools to use for more product creation.

Granville Edwards

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I have learnt that I should allow my customers to provide input while I'm developing the product. The community I intend to serve know what they struggle with and help they need. I now have tools through EPM to understand the pain points of my customer base.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have not reached mission accomplished but have confidence that it is only a matter of time when this will happen. I am implementing what I've learnt and will soon share my successes.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I have an expectation that I will succeed and the guess work is out.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I'm still a start up but I know that if I follow the blue print provided by EPM, success will follow.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I have a track to run on and I have success stories from my fellow that I can draw from. I have also first hand knowledge and experience on how to connect with the people you serve.

Gitte Engelund

I didn’t reach mission accomplished and that is totally okay because I'm still heading for it … because I have a mission. I really want to introduce online courses in a completely new way to my customers - health care professionals in public health care centres who are no so ready to take professional online courses yet.

However, I want to give them an exceptional experience in using online training because I just know that it is going to be the future of public patient education for people with a chronic illness in Denmark.

However, first I have to get the health care professionals hooked and show them what an experience online product is. They will learn how to create face to face patient education as an experience product in order to create changes.

And when they know what it takes to make an experience product instead of an information product then we can create patient education as an online experience product. That is my goal.

Right now my customers tell me they are not ready yet for an online approach. So I need to do it on my own and their pace. That means a lot chatterboxing. Webinars. Mails. Just educate my customers.

So they become ready for an online experience. And I know they can and will get ready. Luckily there are some first movers who can see the 'light' too.

Then it is so wonderful to have all the tools because I known I will return to them over and over again. I have never ever received so much value in a course - inspiration I can use in different ways and for different purposes. Thank you so much.

Gordana Ross

When I signed up for EPM, I knew it would be a success. Even though I haven't reached my goals as yet, I know that I will be successful very soon. I was fully committed during those 10 weeks, putting in everything I could. I've learned a lot of new things and got a better understanding of others which is very valuable to me.

Prior to EPM, all I really had was my Facebook page and my website RISE TO HEALTH COACHING. Creating a mission statement and bird's eye view was my biggest challenge and yet it forced me to think about my niche and get clear about who my target audience is.

I will probably keep changing it until I'm 100% satisfied but before EPM I haven't really spent time thinking about it. Thanks to Marisa and coach Paul, I nailed my current mission statement and I created my 90 day 1:few online coaching programme THE PEAK ENERGY EXPERIENCE.

Besides, I value the time and effort from the support team and the coaches. Thank you Marisa, Murray, Don, Christine and all other success coaches. You have been amazing, helping us to get closer to achieving our goals. You helped me find clarity in many areas of marketing and gave me directions towards mission accomplished. I haven't achieved mission accomplished YET but I know that it is only a question of time until I will.

I will continue apply the tools provided and I will follow your guidance and strategies until I can make it work. Thanks again for this unusual experience!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I have learned a lot during the process of campaigning, over the past10 weeks of EPM. I've not only learned a lot about myself, I also pushed many buttons, deprived myself of sleep, laughed, cried and experienced frustration and disappointment AND I also realised that not everything can happen for everyone at the same time.

Even though I haven't reached Mission Accomplished, I’m not going to see this as a failure. Instead, I am going to get up, dust myself off and keep going. I decided that I need to change my strategy. I have to use a different approach.

The EPM has showed me different ways of looking at things. Some strategies looked familiar, others were new and I found it interesting to look at things from a different perspective. What I really appreciate and value is the time Marisa spent with the tribe. The support was outstanding and most of the sessions were extremely valuable.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I've grown a lot in the past 10 weeks, personally and professionally. I've listened to feedback and I will try to implement what I have learned in my future campaigns. I wouldn't call myself successful just now but I am well equipped with great advice, a structure and concepts that have been tried and tested and great memories of being part of this amazing tribe.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

So far, I can say it was rather time consuming and at times a bit overwhelming and the success is yet to come but I am very motivated and feel that the things I've learned will help me achieve my goals.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Not much at the moment - I'm still working on it!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Trying all other marketing campaigns that I haven't used in those 10 weeks.

Gwendi Klisa

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

You can do it if you focus on it.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I did achieve quite a lot, because I followed along the modules, but don't feel very successful today.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm starting out on my Brand an Messaging Business, which I'm very happy about.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I want to grow my tribe and launch again with a more engaged list. It can only get better.

Heather Craig

I had a course I knew could help people sell their homes and get me more clients, but I was stuck with the marketing. What I was doing to date just wasn't working and I didn't know what else to do. I knew my course could get people big results but I didn't know how to even get in front of them.

Now, not only do I have a better course, I know exactly how to market it better. I cannot wait to see how this launch goes...it's taken me a bit longer than 10 weeks, but I am so confident that I'll make it!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Clarity around my message!

How did EPM help you become successful?

It has given me the tools to finely tune my course and turn it into something that is more valuable to my clients which is ultimately my goal.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has improved my confidence and taken away the stress around marketing and launching my now improved house selling course.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

How I convey what it is I offer people...how to speak to potential clients better and how to write better copy on my website and around my course.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am so excited to see the potential that this one course has. I had already run it once before, but this time it is better. I marketed it before, but this time I'm clearer on what my strategies are. I'm also excited to see how I can develop further courses based on this one to market at different groups of people.

Heiko Schmidt

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Life is changing quickly and so the way how people communicate and start doing business together. The need to create 15 to 30 touch points to unlock someones money was the biggest take away for me.

I really got it now. Why: There is a larger shift in the society, not only physical businesses are losing to online businesses, people shift their behavior with it. Since Netflix and the "binge" feeling people want to feel that (digital) personal relationship, they became used to it and that is why in the real world, people want to have that too. Problem is: You don't get 15 or 30 personal meetings with someone until he feels comfortable enough to make business with you.

And because people are changing jobs more often, (we are heading to a gig economy), traditional business relationship building processes and "sales" aren't working anymore. The solution you offer with EPM is a foundation for every sales guy in any corp out there today. Your digital way to get "warmed up" with someone upfront, before you meet him first time, is a must have to make business in the real world.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I'm kind of successful with more than 20 companies built on 4 continents and live in Malibu since 10 years aready. But I learned a lot and it was worth it.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

EPM helped to create multiple products for my 30,000 people AI expert tribe and for our healthcare company Z21 Health, with the creation of the MomDoctor Program helping nurses to change their lives, and teaching moms the same program to become the better healthcare manager and make additional income. It took as a bit longer to get there but we do have the experience and the means to scale it up, so this will be a success story in the mid and long term.

Diana Brown

I work with clients every day who struggle to reach mission accomplished. When Marisa offered a three-part video series on experience products and shared how our brains are wired for winning, I knew I could gain great value from the EPM course in order to turn routine encounters into winning experiences.

Once I got started with the coursework, my focus changed quickly to creating a brand new product that I could be passionate about. The challenge was getting to a place where I believed in my qualifications enough to actually offer my product for sale.

I spun my wheels, pivoted, completely changed course.... it was all I could do to make a final decision and deliver a product. Deadlines are powerful and I suddenly realized I just needed to run with it! Less than a week before graduation day, I got on the phone and contacted several with whom I'd been "chatterboxing" with and announced that my product was ready and started setting up appointments for discovery sessions.

I booked seven appointments, but was able to actually conduct five before the deadline. To date, I have sold my 3-month program to three clients. I am super stoked to show them an experience like they've never had before and give them what they want! Although I came up short on my final sales before graduation, the lessons I've learned have been invaluable.

Good coaches are coachable. I need to get out of my own way. Sometimes, you just have to jump! Making the first sale is the hardest... and the most exhilarating!

And, thanks to my coach inspiring me to take on some personal challenges in January, I realized how MUCH even the smallest gesture of caring can mean to someone, and my tribe was waiting on me!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

There are many, but the biggest is actually making a sale based on my skills and expertise rather than a retail product. Huge obstacle overcome when I had my first yes!

My first validation that I could help someone get what they want and also charge for it. ...and what got me to that point was the realization that sometimes even the smallest "I believe in you" can change someone's life. Coach Rono suggested I do Whole30 in January so I did.

If that one little suggestion could mean all the difference to me, imagine what a difference I can make in someones life, just by listening and offering support.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Got out of my own way and took charge, made some calls, scheduled appointments, and eventually sales!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I want to take my business in another direction. Now I believe I can!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Adding a service-based product to my offerings vs retail product. Been wanting to break away from my current business model for awhile now and go where my heart and passion is. Now I feel like I'm well on my way!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I couldn't pin down a product without selling first, so now that I have faces and names and real challenges to help solve, I can take care of my people! I can't wait to offer them an amazing experience and watch them get the results that have eluded them for so many years.

Ileana Kapic

I was wondering about doing trying to launch my business. I had watched a video Marisa did a year ago and loved what she had to say about personal brand and found her engaging.

I have truly enjoyed the experience and the growth through EPM. It's been great to launch my program and learn so much and gain so many tools and strategies.

I now feel confident in taking sales calls. I love the iterate your way to awesome approach. It keeps me accomplishing, moving forward and accomplishing the next task. Tick tick tick! Done really is better than perfect.

I look forward to continuing my journey. I feel I have so much more that I have learned from the program to explore and use still

Thanks EPM team. Thanks a bunch.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Everything. Embracing imperfection and moving forward.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It has made me launch my product and my business. It has given me the tools and strategies to launch and got me advertising and taking my first discovery calls. Some pretty big leaps.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Um I did eat, sleep and breath EPM for 10 weeks. I haven't slept properly at 10 weeks! I have clearer direction and organisation of where I am going. With this clearer plan I am more determined to get there! I am more prepared and on the right path.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I have now launched. I now advertised. I have now gotten myself out there. I have made sales calls. Some pretty big achievements.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

My first sales!

Vanessa Long

I had the dream of redoing my whole business and moving out there into the online marketplace for the last 2 years. But alone with my computer, progress was slow. I didn't know what to do, in what order, how to package it or market it or sell myself.

When I came across Marisa's programme I didn't really want to take it on at that time but I somehow knew I'd find myself pressing the BUY button and I did! My initial thought was "Oh s%$t! How much money have I just spent in the run up to Christmas?" but then I realised if I didn't spend it, I was never going to make any back and move forwards.

But I am so glad I did. I was pushed so much further than my comfort zone. Marisa and my coach were there to shed light, encourage, motivate and give invaluable feedback into, not only on my programme ideas but also my mindset and blocks I was putting up. Without the group coaching and group support from other EPMers it would have been a tough uphill and lonely slog.

Don's tech coaching was invaluable for me and, although it was still a challenge and the tech part of it for a newbie was time-consuming and slow-going all the way, I felt able to implement what he suggested and try out so many new tools and put the pieces in place that I needed.

It became so clear to me in January, that earning back the money in the 10 week deadline no longer mattered as it was putting everything together that has taught me what I need to know for my business to move forwards.

But i now have things almost ready and in place and ready to launch a couple of weeks later than the end date. I have gained a new doula client through chatterboxing in the campaign as well as a lot of confidence in my abilities and I'm excited to see what possibilities lie ahead in the next few months. Thank you so much - all of you have been amazing and I am missing the programme already!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

So hard to name just one really! The biggest takeaway is the shift from not wanting to put myself out there and 'sell' myself to wanting to be more of service and help others - the shift in the marketing mindset.

There are very few women in the west that know what i do and i now feel it is my duty to help new mothers to transition more naturally into motherhood. Another takeaway is just the amount of traction gained in implementing all the tech stuff - from email responders to opt in pages. Its been a huge learning curve but I've come so far in 10 weeks.

How did EPM help you become successful?

As above, a shift in mindset and making me take action and get stuff done that I have been procrastinating over for 2 years! I needed the deadline and pressure to focus on the tasks in hand and the immensely supportive community of help that I have had to ask silly questions and get feedback on things from the coach and the others in EPM.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has made me move in a forward direction, at great speed, which i wouldn't have done (and haven't done), sitting at home on my own. I haven't made the money back - yet - but I know I will soon but I now have a solid base for a 1:few coaching programme, 1:1 upsell and I also want to turn it into an e-course which now all feels so much easier than 10 weeks ago with the marketing and launching help.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before i was in the bottom earning bracket and feeling like it would take something drastic to move out of there. Now I have made a move towards putting myself out there more, both locally and in the online world, it feels like increasing my earnings would not be such a difficult thing to do.

The focus and clarity and the momentum to keep moving forward with a clearer vision and a greater sense of optimism about what is actually possible in life is the biggest change in my business.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Everything! My launch online has been moved forward a couple of weeks as the tech got the better of me and my sales page was not ready.

I have some local workshops booked in in the next 2 weeks and i am excited about going live with everything. I have the tools behind me to launch now and I can't wait to see what will happen in the next few months!

Jill Sussman

So this has been a fun wild ride! You guys have been amazing for sure. I didn't click with my coach but it was ok because there was soooo much other support. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there and I wasn't all the way visible with this group, but that's ok too. I've come really far!

I designed a whole program (that could use a lot of tweaking lol), but I didn't have anything before! I love the way Marisa thinks and teaches. I've learned a ton about marketing in general and will likely do the whole program again soon so I can soak even more in. Thank you all so much!!! This has truly been awesome!

Joanne Toh

I was a far cry from anywhere near being able to launch an experience product. Through the course, I felt that I had gained more clarity about the kind of product I would want, that's huge! I realised that I enjoyed writing and also felt liberated to choose what I wanted to do based on my personal qualities.

Marisa's presentations are very easy to follow, however it was too much for me to 'digest'. I felt that I was not ready to decide on the form of my experience product. I was really stuck as I seemed not ready to make the decision.

I also want to get over the hurdle of getting my website up and running, it was too new with many new things bombarding me constantly so I was overwhelmed. But I was glad to think through many of the stuff in the first 4 modules.

Will eventually plow through all the modules, before the end of the year! Who knows, I believe Marisa has provided all I need and I just need to be confident enough to launch and see the market respond!

Jason K

For at least a few years now, I’ve been contemplating why me (and other people) are unable to finish projects they start. I’ve done the research and know the theory, and while figuring out how to put it together, but not actually taking enough steps, randomly came across EPM.

I joined because I knew I could at least see another perspective on how someone else (Marisa) tackled the problem. By joining EPM, I’ve been able to see a lot of the factors which contribute to mission accomplished in action. My business which I’ve been working on for a couple years now, which has not had a concrete launch or product has grown through EPM, because I have clarity in what I want to offer and what I need to do in order to move forward.

I’ve also gotten a clearer picture on how to boost performance and completion rates of projects, which conveniently is part of my own coaching product. I have not made any sales yet, but am excited to be launching my experience product in the upcoming weeks and feel much more confident with what I have to offer, after having gone through EPM.

Overall, I think the key takeaways for me personally are that I have been able to address and fight the perfectionist in me, and to build habits of doing (a.k.a. getting started choices) in order to move forward and create a great experience product myself.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I've learned that I need let go of perfection and focus on my getting started choices in order to generate momentum and keep going.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM helped me breakdown the steps I need to do in order to run a business and also increased my confidence in my abilities.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I've become better at getting start and letting go of perfection. Consequently, I've become more confident in my ability to finish projects and help others.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was overwhelmed with the amount of different actions that are required in order to start a business. I am still somewhat overwhelmed, but have been able to break it down into manageable steps, and also create more structure and better put it into form.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm most excited about being to able to finish creating my experience product in order to help clients, and also to make money while doing it.

Jeannette Koczela

I decided to take the EPM course because it bothered me that clients weren’t finishing my courses. I knew that I needed to get them more engaged and give them a WOW experience.

Your course was the ticket to success I needed and I am so impressed with all the training that we received. It was a lot of information and intense keeping up with it all, but I was able to keep up with everything the lessons told us to do, and learned so much in the process.

You gave us everything we needed to create a successful program and launch. I even had time to make the first module of my course just so I could see how I could combine all that I had learned in the experience escalation sequence.

Now I feel like I can create programs that have surprises and other engaging activities to keep clients interested and moving through the program. This was truly one of the best courses I have taken and I will definitely recommend it to my network of coaches.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Knowing how to make programs more interesting and engaging

How did EPM help you become successful?

The information and modeling of the information was very helpful. The lessons were very thorough and took me step by step through the process. Everything I needed to know to create the product and launch it was there.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It remains to be seen but I am grateful to have taken the course and now I want to take more time to go back through the lessons and go deeper into them.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was frustrated because people weren't completing my programs and I thought maybe my courses were too dry. Now I have an entry level product to offer that is more interesting and engaging and I know how to make more where that came from.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Doing another launch and get more sales.

Joyce Dias

Once Upon a Time, There was a little girl that dreamed about making a difference. She wanted everyone to be happy, fulfilled safe and living in harmony with each other and this included animals and people.

But she did not know how, she did not fully understand why and she certainly thought she did not have the resources of time, money or team or even influence to do this. She longed for Fairy Godmothers and Princes Charming, but none showed up. Or maybe they did, but she failed to recognize them because she was unaware of their presence.

Well, Life happened along the way and brought valuable lessons and experiences, and from this stormy time she realized she needed to start her own business so she could step into her Purpose driven by her DNA. Again, Fairy Godmothers and Princes were very conspicuous by their absence.

And then with the help of some coaches and valuable mentors (and she had begun to discern who could be trusted and led by example) she began to learn that she was the Fairy Godmother and the Princess Charming all rolled into One.

So she began to wave her magic wand and behold! She landed into a world of hope, of teachers that appeared in droves , to take her by the hand and tell her, The time is Now to make that difference you were born to make. The whispers grew loud, until finally...she jumped!

That little girl was and still is ...Me. I decided I would start where I was and in my employed career as a Project Director, I had earned credibility for working with international multi-skilled professionals across different cultures/languages and time zones and one of my Superpowers being Humour and Compassion, was quickly able to bring harmony and Efficiency to any team I was a part of. Still, I was constrained to the work arena of the company I was employed with. I need to take a bigger Leap of Faith and launch my service into the world, to a larger audience.

I started with teams I volunteered with, world changers, cross country teams unified by a common mission...to make a difference to the world we live in. I realized that to achieve anything of significance we need a team (we can only go so far by ourselves and through our own efforts)

Soon it was time to launch a paid program, My Team Optimization System. Because a team can only function as well as the sum of all its parts and when you are on the team, you cannot see what is and isn't working. (It is like the saying goes, "You cannot see the picture when you are in the frame").

That's where I come in...as an external to the organization team coach, I have been called "the People Whisperer" or the "Team Whisperer" because I can help the team understand the gaps between where they are and where they want to be and help them define, align and implement their goals, shepherding them towards their dream Team and Outstanding results.

But where to Start? How do I reach the people who needed to hear my message? Would I succeed at playing my part with my life and gifts to make a difference? I was paralyzed by fear and the seeming impossibility of it all!

Until I met Marisa and signed up for the Experience Product Masterclass.

I learned that the First step we take towards clarity and bringing our Message to Life is to overcome Inaction and we can only do this if we are willing to Fail. It's Ok. We can iterate our way to awesome. But we can only do this if we start and make a few mistakes. I mean even God made Man first, before He got it right and made Woman! (No offence intended, gentlemen, but just saying!)

Also I tended to get paralyzed by the technical know how I thought I lacked and needed to launch my product. How wrong I was. We already have the skills we need, and the rest can be learned. We don't bring our Message to Life because we are uncertain and afraid.

Once I got past that I started speaking to everyone I met over Christmas and at Pre-Christmas parties where everyone thinks no business is going to happen. Wrong again! (Happily so)

My first client signed up from a conversation started at a Christmas party, followed by a small workshop which led to a biggish 3 month contract.

My second client also came from a connection made just prior to leaving on a short Christmas break... I might not have got that sale had I not followed up, upon my return. And my third client (still under discussion) is coming from a referral from the first one. And that's how we gather momentum.

This Little Girl is seeing her dream come true, of aligning teams to make a bigger difference wherever our path takes us. Wishing the very same for you, dear Reader! Because the Fairy Godmother and the Magic Wand...is You!

Dina Patel

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Packaging a 1:1 Coaching programme using an approach that does not sound "salesy" but which "speaks" to the potential client in a language that draws them in

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have not yet attracted any clients but feel more confident I will

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

In the next 3 to 6 months time I believe i will gain that success

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was attracting no interest but now I have 4 new clients and although have not been successful in selling a 6 week package deal I have gained some momentum.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? Delivering the 6 week coaching and making a difference in peoples lives

Karen Musson

I was at a low point. Having a tech background and the help of some other trainings, I had managed to wing a 'get started' membership site, do a little Facebook promotion and deliver a first on-line product: a different approach to equine partnerships that does not rely on dominance or food rewards.

But after the first 50 students, I realized something was missing. I had some wonderful thank you emails, but something struck me about them - each one expressed a deeper form of transformation than I expected, but in between the kind words they didn't really have enough specifics to implement the practical side of the experience as intended.

My course both over-delivered and under-delivered. I had under-estimated its transformative and in some cases transcendental value and under-estimated the detail students needed to create their own experience more fully. I wasn't sure how to fix it, lost confidence in it and stopped offering it.

Even though I had received good feedback, I felt I wasn't serving my students in the way I had hoped. It just felt wrong to continue without a shift. I had been struggling away for a year or more, while my business continued in a way that did not allow me to expand my reach. I'd figured out some aspects but then I saw EPM.

I was familiar with Marisa's work from her other training courses and knew this was in her genius zone and she had nailed what I'd been trying to pin down - in far more depth. It was a no-brainer.

When I signed up for EPM2016, I hoped finally to create my follow-on offering. But that's not how it went. It was disappointing to find out that despite a lot of care and thought already, it really wasn't where it needed to be to be viable.

I started falling, then decided to stay in the game, pivot and experiencify an existing offering, which was an in-person mix of 1:1 and 1:Few coaching with students and their horses. I made it past mission accomplished, but felt no closer to my real goal of a viable on-line option - yet this strong calling I had to expand my reach had not faded.

My tribe is spread across the globe, rather than in small, regional pockets - so bringing horses together in a live group is often not practical. As the dust settled from the intense EPM "sprint", I realized two important takeaways.

First, my first product was just an iteration, not a wasted effort or failure but an absolutely necessary step along the pathway to awesome.

Second, while I had plenty of experience delivering my offering in a 1:Few setting in person, so it was natural to think I could do something similar on-line, I hadn't truly dialed into some of the real differences between helping someone iterate to awesome in real-time with their horse when we are in person, vs. after an on-line session.

To do this they must a) remember what we discussed accurately as they go out to work with their horse and b) be able to assess their own efforts as they practice. Aha! Smaller steps and clear ways to measure the outcomes were needed. But what were they?

This question led me to focus on "Remote Student" Call Me through the following year. You could say I combined "Give them what they want" and "Chatterbox" within my work with those students. I ran four 1:1 video coaching courses.

This was an existing offer I modified with what I learned from EPM. Instead of just offering video coaching, which students tended to use more like a "life-line", sending in a video sporadically, I enrolled 5 students in a 60 day program with 1:1 coaching and bonus 1:few group sessions in which we shared highlights and insights.

This strategy proved valuable on three counts. First, I gained a super clear picture of the challenges specific to students taking guidance from our coaching call out to their horse vs. working with my guidance in real-time. This was a tremendous feedback loop that inspired the very specifics and details that had left my ultimate offering feeling less than viable.

Second, doing more concentrated, "contained" coaching within the on-line session format hghlighted significant advantages that are not tangible in real-time coaching. It was truly serving in a different, unique way. Yay!

Third, the new program structure inspired more action and more progress among students. Students were finishing asking when the next 60 day series would be. So I ran 4 that year, mostly with repeat clients, which meant they made more progress, and we continued to cover more specifics I needed to dial in. A win, win.

With this "remote student Call Me" phase in hand, I chose to do EPM2017 "The Sequel" with the specific intention of clarifying and nailing down every aspect of my 1:Few on-line course, from the new methodology it embodies, to the course birds-eye view, list of trainings, marketing and delivery plans.

EPM is like doing a degree in 10 weeks, if you fully engage in all the videos, actions and make active use of the coaching. I wanted to walk through and truly "consume" the process itself for a full iteration.

I knew that for me this likely meant not meeting Mission Accomplished within the set time, but my horse-owning clients tend to hibernate in January anyway and preparing content with horses is not quite the same game as writing PowerPoint presentations. A later launch would made more sense for me. I Chatterboxed anyway and enrolled two new clients into existing offerings that lead to my new offering.

I leave EPM2017 with a clear plan for my offering and precisely how to implement it - including key copy and other assets, the exact campaign and even a list of the training video segments I need to create. Meanwhile I now know how to test and pivot where needed to ensure I'm on track.

I have new skills which will continue to evolve and the tools to repeat the process for future offerings. For me this is the strongest What, Why and How strategy I've ever had for my business, along with the sureness that it only gets better from here. No more walking around in the fog!

And one last minute takeaway occurred when Marisa mentioned in the last coaching session that she'd almost given up with EPM. What?!?! What if she had! The answer we were all seeking wouldn't have been here to find. I'll remember that in the challenging moments that are no doubt ahead!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I was amazed how something as "silly" as taking the time to identify our "super power" served as a compass in the layers that followed. It made everything just that bit easier, and helped sort through and anchor developing ideas with more confidence.

Some ideas expressed the super power more than others and it is interesting how this provided a built in guidance system in the challenging process of nailing down a product offering.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I signed up for EPM because it was so obvious that Marisa is operating from her genius zone when it comes to the Experience Product Formula and EPM. I had identified a few of the elements for myself but lacked a well thought out, tried and tested method within a start to mission accomplished business framework.

I had taken other trainings to improve my business skills and gained something each time but only some ingredients, not what you need to actually bake the cake!

EPM delivers rich content covering the entire process in a way that focuses on implementation. I have gained immediately applicable skills and clarity about how to build on these: just return to the EPM content as it will take a few times to consume all the value.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Make no mistake, EPM takes commitment. This is my second EPM. In the first EPM I lost a lot of traction at first. I found myself quickly getting stuck because all the other steps depended on a higher degree of clarity about my offering than I actually had. EPM is a sprint and you can find yourself left behind.

I wanted to stay in the game, so I pivoted and decided to deliver an existing program so I could apply the EPM principles as best I could. I reached Mission Accomplished, but only completed about half Marisa's content, with very little progress on the product I intended to offer.

However, I left clear that although I had delivered my course in person to groups many times, it needed another evolution before it could serve well as an on-line offering. That changed the course of what I did in my business the following year, as well as highlighting some personal blocks I knew needed my focus.

I found what I needed to move those in a course I discovered through Marisa's I'm Powerful bonus. This combo brought me to the right place at the right time to make quantum leaps with my original idea in EPM 2017.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I would say the biggest change to date is that before EPM I always had several ideas, but was never sure if they were "right" for my customers, nor which one to focus on - which inevitably meant a lack of effective action and follow-through.

Having a tech background had allowed me to wing a 'get started' membership site, do a little Facebook promotion and deliver a first on-line product, with the help of some other trainings.

But after the first 50 students, I realized something was missing. I had some wonderful thank you emails, but something struck me - each one expressed a deeper form of transformation than I expected, but in between the kind words they didn't really have enough specifics to implement the practical side of the experience as intended.

The course both over-delivered and under-delivered. I had under-estimated its transformative and in some cases transcendental value and under-estimated the detail they needed to create their own experience more fully. I wasn't sure how to fix it, lost confidence in it and stopped offering it. When I signed up for EPM2016, I hoped finally to create my follow-on offering.

But that's not how it went. It was disappointing to find out that after a lot of care and thought, it really wasn't where it needed to be to be viable. I experiencified an existing offering, which was an in-person mix of 1:1 and 1:Few coaching with students and their horses.

I made it past mission accomplished. But I felt no closer to my real goal of a viable on-line option, yet this strong calling I had to expand my reach had not faded. My tribe is spread across the globe, rather than in small, regional pockets - so bringing horses together in a live group is often not practical. As the dust settled from the big EPM sprint, I realized important takeaways.

First, my first product was just an iteration, not a wasted effort or failure but an absolutely necessary step along the pathway to awesome. Second, while I had plenty of experience delivering my offering in a 1:Few setting in person, more specifics were needed in greater detail and smaller steps when I am not there to help students iterate their way to awesome.

This led me to implement a modified Call Me serving remote students through the following year. I ran four 1:1 video coaching courses, which was an existing offer I modified with what I learned from EPM. Instead of just offering video coaching, which students ended up using more as a "life-line", sending in a video sporadically, I enrolled 5 students in a 60 day program with 1:1 coaching and 1:few group sessions.

This proved valuable on three counts. First, I got a clear picture of challenges specific to students taking guidance from a call to the field to work on their own with their horse vs. working with my guidance in real-time. This was a tremendous feedback loop that inspired the very specifics and details that had left my ultimate offering feeling not viable.

Second, doing more concentrated, "contained" coaching via student videos revealed significant advantages that are intangible with real-time coaching. Third, the new program structure inspired more action and more progress among students and most were asking when the next 60 day series would be.

So I ran 4 that year, mostly with repeat clients, so they made more progress, and we continued to cover more specifics I needed to dial in. A win, win. With this "remote student Call Me" phase in hand, I chose to do EPM2017 with the specific intention of clarifying and nailing down every aspect of my 1:Few on-line course, from the new methodology it embodies, to the birds-eye view, list of trainings, marketing and delivery plans.

EPM is like doing an undergrad course in 10 weeks, if you fully engage in all the videos, actions and make active use of the coaching. I wanted to walk through and truly consume the process itself for a full "iteration". I leave EPM2017 with a clear plan for my business and precisely how to implement it - including the exact campaign, list of training video segments I need to create.

Meanwhile I now know how to test and pivot where needed to ensure I'm on track. I have new skills which will continue to evolve - and the tools to repeat the process for future offerings. For me this is the strongest What, Why and How strategy I've ever had for my business, along with the sureness that it only gets better from here. No more walking around in the fog!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I leave with the strongest What, Why and How strategy I've ever had for my products and business, along with the sureness that it only gets better from here. No more walking around in the fog!

Katarina Bulic

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I learned the HOW and had support

How did EPM help you become successful?

It gave me tempo otherwise I was taking to long and of course the tools

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I learned the discipline and improved on all aspects

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I will see in a couple of weeks

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Making the webinar and start selling and helping my peers

Kelly Daring

I was stuggling to find my niche and signiture product. Then I found marisas EPM program and my clarity and focused became like a LAZER!

I am now able to articulate exactly what my ideal premium clients are looking for, making my service business a big draw and distinguishing myself from the competition.

I'm ever so grateful to marisa for taking the time to develp the framework for EPM and commiting to delivering above and beyond coaching support! Thank you so much!

Komi Agbodzie

Before EPM, i had an idea i knew could help people and change lives but i didnt know how turn into a strutured process that delivers result. I have a few clients but they were all non paying friends who came to me for advice.

EPM helped me get clarity on my mission, my avatar and their pain points, the actions i needed take to get my first paying client. It has been a game changer and now i have a plan that i can continue to execute in order to grow my business

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I can go out there and speak my message and find my tribe.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Prior to EPM I had an idea but didnt have a clue how to turn it into something tangible that I can market and sell to help others

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Life altering impact for me: Being able to create something that another person finds value in and is willing to pay for.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Just being able to turn an idea into a tangible product. I went to $0 earned to $494 in 10 weeks. Thats a huge confidence booster

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I have a path I can follow to improve my service, better understand my client and tailor my service to their need.

Lauri Mckean

Ten months before finding EPM, I had invested $11k in a year-long mentorship program that I thought would teach me the nuts and bolts of creating my online program. And while this program was pivotal in my personal and spiritual development, it did not come close to delivering the practical information and structure I needed to have an online presence.

Thus, when the chance to join EPM came along, I jumped right in, knowing that the guarantee afforded me a safety net. I kept up with the lessons and assignments (partially so I could ensure I'd be eligible for the guarantee) up until the last few weeks when the other obligations in my life encroached.

The day before my last required assignment was due, I considered pushing myself through the night to complete it. However, I realized then that the guarantee really didn't matter anymore. I had so much faith in myself, the process and my evolving product that the money was no longer a primary consideration. I also realized that I had received WAY more value from the program than the $2K I paid.

As the program ends, I am still in the process of finishing my marketing materials - at my own slow pace that fits with the other commitments in my life.

However, I have no doubt that I'll be enrolling students in another couple of weeks and will make at least $2K on the first run of my class. I also know that I'll be referencing the EPM class, structure and materials for years to come.

Linda Fabe

I was basically taking a 2 year "time out" from my previous efforts to create a program that would help me get my message out around how to forgive, accept, grieve and heal.

Actually, some of this was because of having not done the greatest job at the most recent past seminar I led, which was very painful. (Oddly I got back in touch with the sponsor of that training through my chatterboxing for EPM and that contact invited me back to deliver another training! :-)

So ... This year I was ready to pick myself up and have another go at it. And yes, I have been taking stabs at how to get my work out, and have made many different attempts for close to 30 years. Confession, I have been "growing myself" and working my way through some very difficult issues in that period so really, this timing is right for me to now be back working on the Gift I have to give to the world.

Well, now I am in motion using the Front door approach suggested by Marissa, after having made 1 large pivot from an Assertiveness program, to the offering I am still marketing which is a personal development program around Clearing the Barriers and Opening Your Heart Back to Dating and Love, that also included a smaller pivot. I HAVE NOT REACHED MISSION ACCOMPLISHED AND HAVE NO IDEA IF I WILL OR WILL NOT.

I am still in the marketing phase, and am doing a 1/2 day Introductory program in a few weeks, from which I plan to sell the full 10 week program. It feels good to be getting the sign ups for the 1/2 day program, that are beginning to occur (4 so far).

My biggest internal shift is that I need to get up off my butt, and into motion, so I can actually talk to prospective clients, primarily through chatterboxing. I continue to get clearer about what the market wants, and also how to talk about what I do.

I also have a much better idea of how to go about designing and marketing a program that people will want, without going through the work of designing the whole thing in advance!

So... we were told to put our story into the before and after format, but I my story is far from over. I cried when I could see that I would not make mission accomplished, and had to get those feelings out of my system in order to regain my equilibrium, which I did.

Also, my mom died during the course of this class. As recently as 3 days ago, I was asking myself: "What am I doing, doing a front door program when maybe I could apply the EPM principles to offer my Emotional Healing Training more directly to therapists?

So... I am going to simultaneously be applying all that I have learned to this other idea, as I continue to market my current Training! I have been given a process to hang on to as my mind, which is forever full of ideas, is forced to take one - or so- thing at a time.

Thank you Marissa, for all of your giving and your care. You have said that your gift is to "turn essence into form." You are also an igniter who is enabling many change agents, points of light on the planet, to manifest our gifts and transform the planet into what it is meant to be. That is huge.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Many!! Setting a problem in a specific situation, since my superpower and what I want to bring into the world is a greater understanding and use of methods for emotional healing. More specifically, the idea of the front door and the back door, and how to write a strong mission statement, future self picture, and birdseye view.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Many ways! Having a coach was very important re. feeling the personal support, and guidance. Tho I didn't ask a question, listening to Marissa's coaching sessions was very helpful. I felt like this program created a culture, and a different way of thinking that i hope to keep strong around.

Every module helped me become successful, and I loved the niche down, profits up bonus module. Also, the Facebook chat added another place to get input and support. It all worked together.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Just having the 4 sign ups (waiting for payment in the mail) for my Intro workshop, feels supportive. EPM has impacted my life a lot, because it has provided a solid frame of reference for every aspect of business building around my passion and strengths.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I am in new motion around offering training and personal development group. I am in on-going conversations with people about my offering, which I expect to do forever! Before, I was on "hiatus" from actively working to get my work into the world.

In other words, my one on one counseling business has been doing well, and there are other things I am called to do, and this program has jump started the process. I hope i keep up the focus and momentum.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am most excited about refining my ideas, and creating my message - I'm going to MtMLive. I'm referring to my product and ideas around both the "get started choice" of a training program I have been working on in EPM, and the prospect of applying the tools from EPM to teach forgiveness, acceptance, grieving and healing processes more directly. So I am excited about refining my message and products in both areas.

Leanne Johnston

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Learning how to stand out from the crowd and how to add value to a product - and exactly what to focus on and what doesn't matter so much. But the biggest - the product does not have to be perfect in order to start sharing and making money....and I don't have to be perfect!!

How did EPM help you become successful?

Thought I've not launched yet, I feel successful because I have become so much more clear about my message and how I will frame and deliver it. I iterated many times and got a lot of value from the Give them What They Want campaign so that I am designing something that women actually want!

The coaching was also terrific - having a more intimate group to share with was very helpful. Having access to Heroic has given me a lot of confidence that I can easily create something that will quickly make me look credible, professional and visible at last!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I've done many trainings in order to become a health coach, learn about the business aspect and how to market. EPM has helped me so much not just with my product, but also how to approach the technical parts of an online business which are part of what has held me back from really getting started in my business.

Yay for Implementation Fridays - these alone have saved me hours upon hours of research! I am now telling a lot more people about what I have been doing and what I am excited about for my business - I never spoke up before out of fear of being judged as not credible enough, or just not good enough. I now feel unstoppable and don't care about those things!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was floundering without a micro niche and knowing how to design a program that would make me stand out from the competition. Now I am organized, I have 100% clarity and a solid launch plan, and a web presence with online sales and funnel pages with Heroic.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

It is much more realistic for me now to believe that this can be my full-time business within a couple of years, that I can operate from anywhere in the world not just a part-time gig....and knowing that people want the service that I provide Having the EPM framework and materials as a resource for life inspires me that my business can be so much more than I ever imagined before.

Angela Yee

When I started, I didn't really know what I was doing and thought of churning out videos to teach people about leadership systems.

As a result of taking the Experience Product Masterclass, I learned a far better way of teaching people — not only teaching, but coaching them through the process — and making it fun too!

I had hated the thought of marketing, but over the weeks I learned that marketing is not trying to make money off of people; it's really about helping people. And since my primary motivation is to make people better, this helped me see that through what I do, I truly can help people develop the skills and systems to become better leaders!

I love how Marisa is so systematic and has checklists, examples, stories, and practical ways to keep everything engaging and fun. Even though I wasn't able to hit Mission Accomplished due to some unforeseen circumstances that caused some timing issues, I am confident that I have the skills to be successful in the future. I'm not even asking for the guarantee back, because this class was so worth it!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

How to market in a way that doesn't feel like marketing — I can create a quality product with confidence and I am helping people, not selling to them.

How did EPM help you become successful?

The system was awesome — it helped me have a clearly defined path on how to create a quality product — one that I am doing right now and will continue to do so in the future. It also gave me tools to market in ways that are more comfortable to me.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has given me a model that I can use in the future.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Learning online marketing effectively. Before I was sending random informational emails. After I tried to connect with people through my story and through experiences.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Creating more online class experiences in the future. It's fun!

Marci Nault

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

While I'm discouraged by the results having worked nearly full-time on the project since the beginning, I feel that I understand better how to bring the wow to my clients and I have a clear message and method to teach.

How did EPM help you become successful?

The implementation, the naming, and color charts were fantastic, as well as, the coaching. Where I felt things lacked was really how to broaden my market, and I'm still searching for how to create that reach that will give me the ultimate impact and bring in the sales.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It's given me hope for the future, but I'm rather disappointed at this time in the results. Though I'm planning to keep going and iterate my way to awesome. I just feel that there were pieces missing from the course to help me get to mission accomplished.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I feel that I've come to really understand funnels, and course implementation and a way to create the experiences I want for my customers. I just need the how to bring in the real customer base. That I felt was lacking.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm excited to take this further, to really implement the course, and for the day I have the students that I need to really create an awesome experience.

Ada Horn

EPM has not only moved me from wanting to actualize my vision but making it a reality in now having a clear conviction and steps to carry it through.

When I started out, it was a distant, some day idea. Now, having done surveys and chatterboxes, I have live artists who are waiting to get started to whom I can bring value and change their lives.

In the process, I also found that, in the Netherlands, artists are the lowest paid population in the country. That shows me a real need and now, I am excited and delighted that I know the way to reaching them, one person at a time, one chatterbox at a time, to make a difference in their lives!

I'm glad to set the launch date later. The added time will give me greater clarity in my offer which for me, means better understanding of the process I am offering and therefore better engagement and confidence.

What I am learning is that I am modelling what I am teaching i.e. the more willing I am to be uncomfortalbe, the faster I grow, the more alive I become and more of me shows up to create more value for not only my tribe but to all my relationships.

I am amazed by the distance I and my EMP members have traveled and athe miracles of transformation I have witnessed in myself and in many of my EPMers in the past 10 weeks. In our struggles, we bonded as a family. THANK YOU, MARISA, THANK YOU, MATTHEW and THANK YOU, EPM FAMILY. WITH MUCH LOVE AND GRATITUDE. Lets continue to grow together.

Meggi Erman

The biggest success from taking EPM is the clarity I gained throughout the process. The 10 weeks were too short to use the program to build up a new part of my business as I originally intended.

However, I now have all I need to go ahead and do it all over again in my own pace. And I truly love to make my courses an even greater experience for my participants.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I got a really broad understanding of clarifying my message and the benefits, a lot of tips regarding design, what is really needed for a great experience... I will definitely go through the program again in the future. There is a lot in it. Thank you.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Unfortunately it didn't work out as expected and I cannot view it as a success. It was nothing wrong with your program or my program offer... just the timing didn't fit, as there has been a free 14 day coaching program offered in that niche from mid January - end of January and the people were still busy with it when I promoted my offer.

The market in Germany is much smaller and only in the past few months free oline conferences/telesummits have become popular. So many people are busy with these and overwhelmed by the flood of free information available.

My feeling was that a low price point offer and a short term program could have a better chance... Coaching feedback led to a higher price point. It was my decision to take this path and I still learned a lot, which will help me to become more successful in the future.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I am clearer with regards to the various options and strategies. I also saw how much I have been doing "right" with regards to experience products already, without defining it as such. So with this understanding I will start a new branch of my business. Upon purchasing EPM my intent was, to start it already but with the kind of pressure to get to "mission accomplished" or "play along" according to the terms for the refund, I understood that time is too short for this.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Since only 3 people signed up, I will not do this program. However, I a excited to build a whole new line of experience products at various price points that will allow people to move forward and experience their transformation.

Merna Schmidt

For a very long time I knew I wanted to help others become changemakers, and I wanted an online business. The challenge was how to do that. Other online courses seemed like a lonely, boring experience and I knew few finished them (myself included).

Then I joined Marisa's webinar and was intrigued and excited about the prospect of creating a product that people would enjoy and finish. With such a clear end goal, and guarantee, I jumped in with both feet and could not wait to reach Mission Accomplished. I was determined but unfortunately, despite putting in a crazy amount of time, I only made a couple of sales to friends.

However, I am now clear on how to create a mission statement and future self with explicit outcomes. That clarity has been incredibly helpful in creating a bird's eye view, as well as being able to speak about my product.

Through the trainings, my coach, and the support of other EPMers in the Facebook group, I have also gained confidence in my offering and look forward to being able to pursue this niche in various ways to create a business.

I really enjoyed Marisa's teaching style and learned much from her on how to deliver a product, and to keep iterating and pivoting as necessary!

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM helped me focus on what my program is about, with a clear statement of pain point and benefit. It also helped me learn how to create a survey to find out the viability of my idea, engage people, and find out what their challenges are.

I also learned how to deliver a program - create a bird's eye view and iterate as the program unfolds. I was also pushed to chatterbox and although terribly uncomfortable for me, I made myself do it.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Although I did not hit mission accomplished, I now know the process of creating an online product. Since my program did not sell as I hoped, I am left wondering what to do next but if I choose another program to create, I will know the steps. It has opened up possibilities for me in the online sphere.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I had no online product so now I've created my first one, and started an email list, so I have hope that someday I will be able to have an online business. The EPM product is the beginning so now will try to design a business with this as the starting point.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm most excited about creating future online programs, and especially engaging and growing my community so eventually will create an entire online business.

Michael Alf

End of 2011, I bought the "New Money Masters" by Tony Robbins.

Instantly, I was hooked. "This is a different world than the corporate world I know." I had no idea that you could earn money that way like Brendon Burchard, Mike Koenigs, Russell Brunson and all the others were doing.

So, I had to learn this. And off I was on a journey of learning and investing. The results have been disastrous over the last seven years. But I have not yet given up.

I recognise that this whole online education world has become far more sophisticated and advanced. Whilst that makes things more difficult and challenging, it's also a hurdle everybody needs to get over. So having persistence can be a positive thing.

Coming from a corporate background in consulting, general management and a few other things, I thought this market is best suited for me. But, I also learned that this market is not really that advanced with regards to online training. So, I still believe there is a big opportunity.

I have never heard of Marisa before EPM. But I had taken Josh Turner's course and recognised the approach and the software.

And Marisa was promoted by someone I already trusted. Plus I new, I needed to deliver world-class experiences.

So, I decided to sign up. It has been a roller-coaster. I have learned a lot, threw myself fully in and wanted to create something great. It will serve me well for future products because as said, I haven't given up.

Thank you, Marisa and team, for your work and support. It was a different and good experience.

And I look forward to staying part of the tribe

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Two things: 1) The concept and idea of an experience product is powerful. I can see this working for this business or also for the other business with my wife. 2) It's even harder than I thought it is despite all the support. I have done many courses including product launches, expert training, etc. And I was pretty positive that it's going to work this time.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Well, I wouldn't say I am successful yet when it comes to online products and courses. EPM made me aware of what I need to look at to create an amazing experience for my future clients.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Again, the goal was to make enough to get to MA and be able to pay the trip from Australia to LA for M2M. I didn't achieve this. It was very intense, and I invested many hours. I have a view that and how this can work. I also used the thinking and work for some real-world workshops with corporates I was running. And the material was well received there which gives me confidence.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

No big change because it hasn't worked yet. Every effort, we are taking now in regards to online programs will be looked at through the lens of experience product. And we do have more in the pipeline. I will also review my coaching approach, and see how I can build in elements of EPM. So, right now more subtle changes.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Honestly, at the moment the disappointment is still prevalent. I am excited that I have a foundation and it seems there is genuine interest. I take this both from EPM and the workshops I did. So, there is a good opportunity that this turns into something, in particular a product which is supposed to be the entry product for my business.

Michelle Frankel

I am a childbirth educator and hypnobirthing teacher and I have been teaching 1:1 for over 6 years. I found that I was giving amazing sessions, but it took me many hours to teach which meant that I was not getting very well paid. I had seen so many courses like EPM advertised and had spent many months considering enrolling.

I finally plucked up the courage and pressed to button to join. This course has taught me a lot about myself, about the online world and about making my product into an experience.

This course has been hard work, stimulating and informative. Marisa really cares about every single student and puts her heart and soul into EPM. My coach Dominique has tremendous patience and wisdom and carried me through the times when i almost gave up. I am now excited to move forward in my business. so that I can reach more people and make more money to support my children.

Many thanks to Marisa and the team for this amazing 10-week experience.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Helped me to overcome my technology fear and fear of the big bad internet in general. Helped me break through my money blocks.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have not been successful yet, however i am going to keep trying.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I feel more confident and not as easy to give up as i usually would have done,

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I was working 1;1, giving my best for hardly any money, now i want to be able to reach a large audience (world wide) and give group sessions so i can make more money and help so many more people.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am excited (and nervous) to get started teaching groups online.

Marie-jacques Rouleau

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Kicking my butt to actually do this product and market it! Getting myself into action and out of my comfort zone. Learning new tools and actually using them. Creating a new mindset.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It helped me structure myself.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Gives me a persistent mindset: the will to not give up!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Start to create a list and reach them. Using Zoom. I use it almost everyday now!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Making a difference. Empower people.

Maiken Jepsen

I was having the challenge of too many ideas; I wasn’t sure what niche to pick and did not know if there was a market for my plan. I joined the Experience Product Masterclass and discovered the right path to take to create the perfect business that aligns with my purpose and the gifts I wanted to share with people.

I created The Heart Centered Mentorship Program where I will teach how to launch a Heart-Centered Business in 12 weeks so you can start Living the Fulfilled Meaningful Life you Always Wanted with More Freedom, and Time while Making a Difference by Doing Something You Love.

The EPM taught me how to make learning fun; I am incorporating coaching on stress and anxiety relief, and giving away art kits, and bringing in creativity to build the perfect heart-centered business. I am so excited to combine art, coaching, and marketing to make my flagship program, thank you so much!!!

The EPM program is impressive, and I can't wait to see what else is in store. I was so impressed with the EPM program that I am going to the M2M Live to further my knowledge.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I got clarity and figure out the 5 modules, and discover a product that I really believe in and want to make successful.

How did EPM help you become successful?

The EPM gave me structure and is the perfect blueprint to create a dream business that aligns with my passion and purpose in life.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has taken an idea of creating a dream business and made into a reality, and the end result is something I can be really proud of and share with people.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I had a million ideas and was stuck with not knowing what direction to take. After this amazing EPM program I came out with one fantastic idea which shows much promise and I am excited to move forward to see how far I can take this business and built upon it.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

The most exciting thing about moving forward with the experience product is to have the EPM stepping stone to build and grow my business.

Natasha Lockey

My graduation is not super exciting as I am still behind and am not yet where I need to be. However, I am super confident that I have the tools I need to launch the product that I have been working towards for many years. I was inspired by the content and process of the masterclass and really happy I took part in the sprint.

Being part of the experience was super helpful and seeing everyone else go through the same blocks and how Marisa had constructed the content to meet us where we were at at each stage of the process was great.

The lifetime access to the material will enable me to reach mission accomplished over and over again. I may not have launched my product yet but I know how to make it successful! Thank you to the support from the entire team and I am excited to keep working within this community going forward. See you at M2M!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

To iterate your way to awesome. Just get started and keep moving toward the finish.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It has helped me with the process of creating the product. I did not know where to start and this program has given me a way to get started and get finished.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Excited to launch and use this beta product as the stepping stones to other bigger projects that I have. To inspire people to have more fun and perform better and safer.

Nihal Kaur

Before EPM we'd had 4 launches -the first two were exceptional launches based on discovery sessions: 13 participants in each program with a 60% conversion rate - where I spoke with every prospective client personally. It was great, except I was exhausted and bottlnecking our process.

Then we had two leveraged launches where I was largely removed from the sales process - and our results were very disappointing. We realized that we needed our message to be alot more clear, relevant and urgent for people to want to work with us, if we weren't going to rely on my charisma. People would tell me, "I'm doing this because of who you are, but I don't really know what I just bought."

Thanks to EPM, I'm communicating to the heart of my potential clients - I know because they're telling me. I'm getting fan mail back every time I send an email to my list and my email open rate has risen from 15% to 28%. Finally my product outcome is a tangeable result my community knows they need and want.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Biggest takeaway - how to expertly position my offer with my why. Now every time I open my mouth about my services, I connect with the heart of my potential client first.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Clarifying my messaging through EPM has made a major difference in my list responsiveness. My open rate has increased and I am getting consistent fan mail each time I send a message to my list. I've never had responsiveness like this before a launch. I am excited to see the results of this campaign, because my community is hungry for what I'm about to share.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I have much more confidence in my message clarity. For the first time I am so specific when discussing my services that people want to buy what I'm offering, not just because they like me, but because they want the tangible result.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

My email open rate has risen from 15%-21% to 26%-28%. My community is more engaged in the value I'm providing, and they've given me great feedback for my upcoming products.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I can't wait to launch this baby next week and see how our event fills.

Jill Currie

When I started I only had a vague idea of what I wanted to create - a series of simple exercises that allow people to get out of the stress response and feel confident and in control again. What I found in my research is a more nuanced way of looking at stress and ways that address it at the root cause.

How to create this product is very much a work in progress. But after going through EPM I know that it is critical to determine upfront what your potential clients are looking to solve so the product addresses this concern. My first step needs to be connecting with my potential audience to determine what they are looking for.

This has been a major shift for me, but I am so grateful to have it laid out so clearly. This course is by far the best I have seen on marketing. Thanks so much so all the great insight. It really is up to me now to make it work for me.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I learned so much. My entire perspective has changed. I had only a vague idea of what I wanted to create, and in doing research for it I made some dramatic findings. Essentially I am having to go back to the drawing board. My ultimate product will no doubt be better for it. I originally saw my product as solving my issues with stress and

I envisioned my consumers as being similar to me. EPM made it clear that you need to get to know your consumers and what they want; you can't just assume that you already know. So I really need to run a Chatterbox campaign. I am not good with social media, so this might take a lot of work for me.

My entire thought process has changed and I feel that I have much better potential to create a product that others would be willing to buy. The course was outstanding and I come away with a better idea of what it will take to find success, so thanks for that.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM has given a solid foundation on what I need to do if I want to create a program that helps others, which I view as a success.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Success in creating a sellable product would help me improve my financial situation. More importantly, being able to help others achieve their goals would improve my feelings of self worth.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I have a better idea of what I want my product to address. What I need to do now is figure out how it relates to what consumers are looking for.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Creating a truly experiencified product that can help people process stress in a way that will benefit them.

Mayuko Okai

I'd left my career a couple months prior and was searching for direction in starting up my own business. I had no experience and had no idea where to start. A friend told me about EPM.

EPM gave me lots of direction, motivation, and handholding. Throughout the program, I was thinking there's no way I would have been able to figure all of this out in this short amount of time.

Near the end of the program, I didn't think I would get any sales. But I was still happy that I created a program and got so much farther than I imagined. So I was almost OK with it.....

The last day of my campaign I made 2 sales!! I couldn't believe it! It was such a confidence booster. I sold after I gave free sessions so the clients knew what they were going in for - even better.

I now feel a lot more comfortable about selling and marketing. I also know that people want my service. So grateful!!!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

That I cant shy away from SELLING

How did EPM help you become successful?

It gave me the right tools, motivation, lots of hand holding

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I left my career last year without a plan. I knew I wanted to start a business but didn't know where to begin. EPM gave me step by step guidance, motivation, and community to push me towards success. Making sales was a huge confidence booster. Now I know that I can do so much more in the future.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I didn't even have a business idea when I signed up. So having designed, launched, and making 2 sales is a big deal!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Now I have a framework to work with. I'm excited about how this product will turn out at the end of the BETA so that I can create a full on version at a higher price point in the near future.

Patrick Agergaard

I am intrigued by Marisa's ability to create a highly engaged tribe in a rapidly expanding business so I am looking for the key factors to do something similar myself. Following her way of communicating with people through email and webinars is highly inspirational and even though the market didn't respond to my first EP, the creation process is easy to understand and replicate so I am already looking forward to my next attempt so I can implement my learnings from my first time around.

Patrick Willis

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I realised how much I didn't know and online marketing is a difficult nut to crack.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Getting focused on my niche (still a work in progress) and started exploring my copywriting and emailing skills.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Probably don't go here yet.. I'm utterly exhausted - I may look back in a few months and appreciate all I've learned, but at the moment I feel like I've been through the wringer... and this is from a senior professional in the corporate world who has successfully delivered $10million projects!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was making nothing.. and so far I've made $470... lol.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I do really expect success in the future, and look forward to implementing the 10 success steps.

Pete Reilly

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

For me it was experiencing the course itself. Looking at the model that you've created and using some of the best parts of the course design in my own courses. For example, I implemented a secret google group, checkpoint tracking doc, weekly experience point type worksheet, videos, and redesigned my courses to focus on actual workplace experiences instead of information. I also adopted the birdseye view, and constant reinforcement of the mission. My courses are 100% improved because of being in EPM.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Because at this point other organizations market my course the value that EPM provided wasn't in that domain, but rather in the course design, course dynamics area. I also can come back to the video's and worksheets to build my marketing plan later in the year, so that I can expand my marketing scope beyond the organizations that I'm working with now.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

In addition to improving the quality of my course design and implementation, going through the program also reinforced some of the directions I was exploring on my own, and shortened my learning curve by a lot. I also decided early on the course was excellent and that I wasn't going to ask for the $ guarantee. That allowed me to work without pressure to meet artificial deadlines.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Besides the quality and focus of my courses, I would say the biggest changes are yet to come. I think the advice to narrow my offer even more will build a stronger audience. I also know that I can do a lot more with the marketing modules going forward.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I feel like I just scratched the surface of what the course offered and I'm looking forward to going deeper into the material as I iterate myself to even greater success.

Margaret Ohmert

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I learned so much about myself and what was blocking me from identifying a niche, my superpower and putting myself out there! The conversations I had were so enlightening because I was the topic of conversation, not what I do to help others.

How did EPM help you become successful?

The whole experience was so challenging - but I hung in there and now I am creating a dynamite experience product that I know will delight and transform my tribe. I'm on the trajectory that eluded me for years!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I feel liberated! I'm no longer stuck in uncertainty and generalized dreaming about a life in alignment with my values and talents. I know where I'm going and how to get there. The next step is Message to Money Live!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I didn't know what to offer the world although I had plenty to offer - lack of clarity. Now I know what my first Experience Product is and who I'm going to tell about it. I know what people want and how to give it to them.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

The ideas for programs just keep flooding in and I can't write them down fast enough. My confidence that I can quit my day job and so what I'm gifted at and love is soaring.

Shakita Taylor

I won EPM through the Start With You program so I knew upfront that I would not qualify for the guarantee. Even through I had "nothing to loose" I dug deep into EPM because I sincerely believe in my message.

As a result, I created my website through the heroic platform, learned how to create systems that work for my business, was introduced to several platforms that I was not familiar with such as (canva, mailchimp, and calendly), and finally I created my first product.

Unfortunately, I did not sale anything during EPM. I had one person say yes and then later backed out. However, I do not believe the work I did during EPM was in vein. EPM required me to do the work that I would have otherwise put off until "later."

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Biggest takeaway from EPM is how to create systems for my business.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EMP gave me practical step by step instructions on how to create an experience product.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I have applied the concepts learned through EPM to other areas of business.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

My messaging is more clear than it was before.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am excited about actually getting clients and presenting my product.

Ruth Mannshreck

I love my offline, face-to-face Mentoring Business, but I knew I needed an online version of all of my work if I was to reach a bigger audience and make a bigger impact.

I absolutely LOVE the idea of experiencifying a program so that people actually finish it and put things into action. I didn't want a boring program that people would buy and then not finish. So, initially, I came for the idea of improving engagement.

But what I actually learned was far more all-encompassing than I ever imagined. She gave us ALL the tools we needed to get a program off the ground in 10 weeks. Unbelievable. Thank you so much!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

(Do I only get one??) Clarity! 1. On my customers' perception of their problem 2. On my BIG WHY I do this 3. On language that gets their attention But just as big to me - Normalizing Challenges. I had to go back and sprinkle this throughout all my modules. Thank you! for sooooo many examples and tools. Fonts and colors. Just wonderful.

How did EPM help you become successful?

1. Gave me the strategy (and the schedule). 2. Permission to iterate - not be perfect the first time 3. Sooo many examples - cuz I need suggestions

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I can't wait for the next iteration of my marketing! This will be a successful revenue stream to add to my existing business. My first dance into the online world.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I don't think it has shown up yet. I want to add this online portion to help me leverage my face-to-face revenue.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I CAN DO THIS! My next version will be even more successful. My online presence (which I have none now) will be focused and connected. I love face-to-face, but there are time constraints. Online will free up time for me, extend my reach, help me make a bigger impact. Oh, and make more money. :)

Stacey Aaronson

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

It's hard to choose one because I honestly took away SO much from this program. For me, the Experience Formula itself is simply genius. As I built all of those ten elements into my course, I felt so much more excitement for my students and for myself in delivering something truly stellar that would engage them from start to finish.

I can't begin to express how much I love what this did for me and my course!! Brava, Marisa! This alone was worth the cost of EPM, but of course, you knocked it out of the park with SO, SO much more.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It helped put everything into place to build, launch, and engage with my course. Every element was truly there. Unfortunately, after implementing everything and giving my whole heart and soul to EPM, I didn't get a single sign-up. It was pretty devastating; I sincerely didn't expect that to happen.

I know my program is top notch; I'm going to work on building my list and relaunch again in the summer. I really want to help writers with my brilliant book blueprint system!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM has given me amazing tools, and I'm SO grateful for that. I don't know why I had a "failure to launch" when I did absolutely everything I learned with attention to every detail. It's a huge bummer.

But like I said, I have so much more confidence in my program now that I've built the Experience Formula into it, and I'm so appreciative for ALL the wonderful support I received from the coaches and the EPM team (Marisa, you're a genius!). I do believe I'll have a stronger impact story this year ... I just have to get my awesome course into people's hands! :)

What has been the biggest change in your business?

None yet, but I believe it will come. :)

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Knowing that I have a course that's super engaging, with lots of fun incentives and constant wins built into it, and that it will deliver the value-packed outcome I promise. Once I get the outreach to be stronger, I feel super confident in what I have to sell to help aspiring nonfiction writers reach their goals with excellence and integrity. :)

Sharrell Kline

When I watched Marisa during the EPM launch talking about living your message and creating a product based on who you really are, I sat up in my chair. I'm a super shy person, but I'm also very creative and quirky. I had training for managers that will change their lives, their employees' lives and their organizational cultures.

But I wasn't looking forward to teaching the material myself because I thought I had to be a "business professional". I was reluctant but still knew that the success of my training program was critical because it's my family's retirement plan. The more I watched the launch videos and Marisa the more excited I became.

I knew I'd found my tribe and my heart beat faster! I tuned into the six-hour live launch intending to just watch for an hour. I watched every minute and I'D ALREADY PURCHASED THE EPM PROGRAM! The key was that I knew if Marisa could teach me to do what she was doing -- how to "create super sticky programs" and that would get my clients hooked on me the way I was hooked on her -- I knew everything would change for me. AND IT DID!

EPM delivered everything I wanted and way, way, WAY more! In fact, there's so much there I'll be going back to it to "iterate my way to success" a lot in the coming months. On the eve of graduation, I've reached a place I didn't think I could reach on my own.

I have an interested partner waiting to meet with me when I arrive in Los Angeles to attend the M2M live event. He's interested in partnering with me to launch the sale of my product to organizations. I can't even begin to tell you what a big deal this is for me and that I made this happen for myself.

I had a good product but I didn't know how to market it. Not only do I now have a GREAT product, with an articulated vision and clarified secret sauce, I have incredible marketing materials and all the steps and tools that will continue to guide me as I market my product.

The only reason I've not have reached mission accomplished yet is that I pivoted from individual sales to organizational sales at the end of January and put the individual sales on the secondary burner (NOT the back burner). But one organizational sale will equal over 25 individual sales, so I'm on the brink! Thank you to Marisa, Don, Murray, Christine, and Paul from the bottom of my heart.

Sylvain Mailhot

Going through EPM really confirmed + clarified my desire to soon get involved in bringing some one on one + one to few coaching to the market, and I am at peace with my decision to allow more preparation time before coming out with an actual product offer.

I learned a lot more about what goes into the creation of a successful program or business. I realized that my style of learning and preparation gets me to want to study from several well-known teachers what is going on in my field of interest, so I chose to give myself more time.

It was a great inspiration to see how Marisa delivered EPM + I also enjoyed discovering the I'm Powerful coaches (I have gotten some online courses with many of them: CM, BD, BB, DR, NL)!

In a nutshell, my biggest takeaway is that EPM has confirmed and 10x my commitment to study and prepare to get involved in some form of coaching + teaching in the months and years to come!

Liz Parrish

I have spent years taking LOTS of internet marketing, sales, course-building, copywriting, you-name-it courses, from big names and no names and everything in-between, and while I’ve gotten nuggets here and there, I never felt like I had the roadmap to the big picture. You were either up in the ether “be a 7 figure authority” (how?) or down in the weeds “do some content marketing to build authority” (but then what?)

EPM is the first and only program I’ve taken which takes you from wherever you are at – YOUR starting point, whatever that may be – and shows you an explicit roadmap to achieve your goals.

I have struggled for years trying to explain what I do, generate leads, make sales and build a business I can sustain. Ever since completing the Iditarod Sled Dog Race to celebrate my 50th birthday, I have known that the dogs have taught me far more than I taught them, and that my mission was to figure out how to share that with other people.

I have had so many false starts with all the other programs I have joined - it’s been frustrating and expensive (time, money and health-wise). I tried EVERYTHING, from freebies to monthly membership programs to $15k mentorship programs…nothing helped me crack the code.

Until EPM.

Marisa’s program, with Coach Samara’s support, has been so refreshing and revealing. Some of the items were very basic on first glance, but I plugged through them as though I had never been trying to develop a product before, and the results were revolutionary. Clarity and specificity I’d never had before. Support and guidance that gave me what I needed, when I needed it.

The big reveal for me came 7 weeks into the program, as I realized through feedback from Marisa, the coaches and the Facebook group that my approach to my offering was confusing (to everyone except me), and once I realized that, it required a pretty massive pivot and redo in order to bring everything in line with my new direction and positioning.

I am beyond grateful that happened during the program, otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have continued to struggle as I had been for years, until I utterly ran out of time, energy and money.

Thus EPM has given me the gift of clarity and focus, and the tools to fully implement that. Right after my big reveal I fractured my spine, so my EPM development energy has been redirected into healing for the last few weeks of the course.

But that really doesn’t matter – it doesn’t change the trajectory and clarity I’ve gained. Can’t thank Marisa, Coach Samara, and the entire EPM community enough for that! I am truly excited to see where this all goes and how my life, business and impact will be so much different by the end of 2018.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Be clear on THIS step, finish, then focus on and get clear on the very next step. Step by step gets er done. Multi-tasking is a myth, lol.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM is the first and only program I’ve taken which takes you from wherever you are at – YOUR starting point, whatever that may be – and shows you an explicit roadmap to achieve your goals.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Clarity = confidence, enthusiasm, focus. EPM is ensure I am successful, and can live my mission, because following the program does not allow for distractions. Iterating your way to awesome works in all aspects of life!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I spent lots of money and time and had nothing to show for it. Kept going round and round the hamster wheel without any progress. NOW I know I have the clarity to iterate my way to awesome, and serve those I was meant to serve.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Building a vibrant community of those I was meant to serve. Sharing the lessons from the dogs to help drive positive leadership changes so desparately needed in this world.

Stu Goymer

Before starting the course I was just coming to the end of a string of projects that brought in the money, but didn’t not bring me any happiness or fulfilment.

I’ve been meandering on these last few years with the intention of breaking free and ’making it’ while pouring myself in to more and more training in the belief that I needed just a bit more education.

While I fully intended to get launched, my ideas of a launch involved a huge workload and a massive investment of time and energy. Falling victim to procrastination is easy in that situation.

My mentor, with whom I just finished a full on apprenticeship with, brought Marisa and the EPM course to my attention. Not another course I thought! However, there was something different about this one.

It appealed straight away to the problem I too saw with info products and online courses. They lack real appeal and motivation to complete the work and implement what you learn. I can well believe only very few people actually finish these courses. There had to be a better way.

Being able to unpick the frame work and teachings behind Experience Products has really inspired me. Getting me to to question my WHY, really opened my eyes. I’m now on a mission to meet my destiny and start to share the wealth of knowledge I have amassed over the years due to EPM.

Having the framework to translate that knowledge into meaningful experiences that will really teach and help online entrepreneurs to make their businesses successful is extremely valuable.

Marisa is truly engaging and lays it out there in a no nonsense style that cuts through the BS and makes you sit up and take notice. If anything, there is possibly TOO much to go through as you are challenged on every aspect of running your business both on an emotional and practical level.

I will be coming back into the course content often as I start to release my products to the world and build up my own Tribe. There is also a great community of likeminded entrepreneurs that I feel privileged to be part of. It’s really encouraging to know you have people with the same dreams and challenges.

EPM has given me the path to success, I’m sure of that. It’s now up to us all to follow it and implement what we have learned. I look forward to ‘iterating to awesome’ and living my message.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My biggest takeaway is that's it ok to start badly and that everyone else was the same at one point. I'm a perfectionist so find that getting anything out there always stalls. "Iterate your way to awesome" is my big take away.

I also hadn't realised that I'm not so clear won what I REALLY want to do down the line. EPM has made me have a good look at myself and what makes me get up in the morning.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It has put me on the right path to success. 2018 will be my year!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'll wait and see

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I'm now really motivated to get my first products out there and to try and help more people with their funnels

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

That break through feeling when I finally start yo see success doing work I WANT to do

Susanna Tham

I've taken numerous courses to jump start my business but am embarrassed to say that I used to be part of the 97% that never finishes their courses-statistic. Until I joined the extraordinary experience called EPM that is.

When I joined this program, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I thought it would be "the usual online course" and even if I already knew that EPM was taking a different approach, I didn't realize actually how different.

It took about a minute after starting the pre-training and I was hooked, there was no way I would not finish this program, no matter what! So I lived and breathed EPM.

For ten weeks I've not only learned how to create an experience product, but I've experienced the experience of being a student in one at the same time. It might sound strange, but I don't find any other way to describe it.

Apart from the never-ending support and brilliant coaching, this program also delivers on so many levels it's hard to list them all. How to build an awesome program, to find my voice and present it to others, confidence to take action and to believe in my ideas.

That Done is better than Perfect and the invaluable skill of how to focus on one step at the time and finish it before even considering the next. Strategic, visual, personal, self consciously (I'm sure that's a word :) and so many tactics for my business, that after finishing the last lesson I must admit I have a bit of separation anxiety.

But since I'm so much more knowledgeable, wiser, experienced and capable now than I was only a few weeks ago, I know that I've not only gained knowledge but also experience that I will last and serve my customers a lifetime.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

There are so many takeaways from EPM that I'm not sure there is enough space in this form to list them all! :) But, apart from the amazing experience and outstanding quality of Marisa's brilliant coaching skills, my biggest takeaway is that I'm now 100% confident that I am capable of creating an online course, that it will be awesome and that I will do it, not only dream about it.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have gained a solid understanding of what it takes to create a high-quality product, sustainable thinking when it comes to building my business, long-term relationships with my customers and the confidence to do it as well.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I have learned that passion and dedication aren't necessarily two separate things. I've learned to stay focused on one step at the time and to stick till the end. I've also learned not to compare myself to anyone more than myself.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

As I'm still a "newbie" entrepreneur I don't really have a before and after story, however, I know that my business will stand on a pretty solid foundation and I am so happy I found EPM at this point so I didn't have to spend too much time on things I don't need.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm excited to launch, help people feel better about themselves with my program and at the same time make some money so I can save up and hopefully join the mentorship program next year!

Susanne Hemet

I had developed a really great product and taken a handful of people through the Beta version of it but was having a really difficult time gaining traction when I tried officially launching for a second time.

I wasn’t sure what to do. It felt like my marketing materials were missing the mark and I was losing confidence fast. I joined Experience Product MasterClass and was able to really drill down further on who this product would best serve and what they needed from me in order to see that.

I also learned some different marketing campaign strategies that I could use to get the leads that seemed so elusive to me before. I am now well on my way to relaunching my product and feel assured that either one of two things will happen -- either it will be a success this time, or I will have the tools to pivot and reiterate my way to awesome.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My biggest takeaway was to get even more clear on who I serve and the importance of grounding the value of what I offer to a problem that my market is willing to pay money to solve.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM provided not only great training materials but the support and accountability needed to implement what I was learning as I was learning, rather than letting it just becomes "shelf help" like so many other programs before it.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Although I did not launch my product within the time frame of the program, I know that I have the fundamentals and the continuing support of the EPM Facebook community going forward. And if my product isn't a success right out of the gate, I know I can "iterate it to awesome" over time.

Beverley Sutherland

Financially the timing wasn't right, but somethng about Marissa's message spoke to me and I knew I had to take a chance and make the investment if I wanted things to change in my coaching business. The investment was the most I had ever invested in any program and I was scared, nervous and hesitant because I’m great at starting programs but not finishing them and with this much money invested,

I knew for sure I was going to complete this one! Well fast forward 10 weeks and though I didn’t reach Mission Accomplished, I feel accomplished none the less because of how far I’ve come.

Each module moved me closer to seeing my vision slowly come alive and I felt confident along the way knowing I had a blueprint to follow and didn’t have to wonder what step to take next. It was all laid out and reinforced with the weekly coaching calls and support from Coach Will and the members in my coaching group!

My biggest success and take away from EPM is that I now have more clarity and direction for my coaching business and the ‘Experience’ I will be giving my clients. I realize now that ‘you don’t have to get it perfect to get it going’…..you just have to get it going and iterate your way to awesome as you go!

That being said, I plan to keep the momentum going by diving back into the modules at my own pace and fully explore all the tools EPM has inside the program. I know when I do hit Mission Accomplished, my clients will have the best Experience ever! Thank you Marissa and EPM Team!!!


I've been floating around not committing fully to getting off the ground, I nearly launched two programs last year and was rear ended in car accidents each time I started on my story about my product as I wanted to do a speaking campaign. I had done 3 starter level business coaching programs with excellent coaches in the last 4 years which were worth what I paid, then a high level premium mentoring program that although I had a breakthrough left me disappointed at the lack of tangible support and accountability that I expected I would have with 1 on1 coaching.

In all cases I fell short of finishing getting about 2/3rds through and getting lost. I had finally decided to do a very simple get something started program when Marisa's EPM program came along and I knew it was different. I've been following her for a while and knows she delivers. I struggled to come up with enough money from a few side jobs to join, but I was in. I even delayed buying a new pair of badly needed shoes and a new external harddrive.

I was amazed at how professional and easy she makes the information to assimilate and then keyword APPLY to your business, then all the follow up to make sure it actually works. I had 2 dear friends die in the first week I joined , which put me behind but because of the accountability and step by step clarity, I'm on track to launch now and this time there is no going back. I'm in the process of going public and spreading the message as I type this.

I've pulled the trigger so to speak.I've gone deeper into the message I was resisting because it is what is most needed and it is actually the prequel to the other programs I wanted to launch before. I am so gratefuL! I can continue to use this material again and again because there really is a logical sequence you do it it works.

Her information on branding and naming is beyond anythingI learnt at a commercial art school and presented in a way that is so easy to understand and apply..I was floored. I paid all that money when I could of gotten this!

Thanks for demystifying it Marisa and for the immense genroisty of you and your entire team. In EPM I was never alone, never there was always support. To get unlimited email support and group coaching in a group of less than 50 most times under 15 at this price amazing! And the technology calls were amazing.

It is technology that overwhelms me and Don,Marisa and Murray break it down and simplify such complex choices. I do get overwhelmed because I have such a challenging time with focus and I want to do everything but if I go back to the last step I relax because it's exactly what I need and all I have to do is follow it. She never asks me to do more than that. Finally success.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Keep them in the game. Keep them engaged, be committed to their success. Create a specific goal so you can go their together as a group sequentially with tons of support and check in and lots of Ra ra celebration of every little win. Be your wacky crazy self.Don't' be afraid to really niche it down so you can actually be an expert in something .

How did EPM help you become successful?

Clarity and focus on the next step. demystifying technology and marketing sequence. love the mission statement. and the hand holding was essential for me as I have a tendency to hold back and I'm working with a very sensitive subject matter - sexual trauma.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm getting more confidence to restart my business that I walked away from 10 years ago through a combination of debt shame, moving countries and not being able to figure the technology out to stay in touch with my tribe.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I'm putting in regular work time and protecting it from my family.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Actually making money and having an impact on women and their partners lives

Todd Bowler

I had the skills, knowledge and experience to significantly benefit others but I struggled to explain how. Without true clarity I had very little chance of attracting small business clients, let alone signing them up so that I could actually help.

Marisa’s EPM course is engaging all the way through. With her team of coaches, Marisa provided the guidance and support I needed to progress rapidly.

Despite some delays in completing the program (unrelated to the course), I have reached the stage where I can clearly explain the benefits of my products and have taken massive steps towards creating a successful business.

I have developed partnerships which will hopefully provide consistent leads and clients when I’m ready to begin. Looking forward to an exciting few months ahead.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Real clarity on everything related to my product including marketing, course format, explaining benefit

How did EPM help you become successful?

I am building a partnership with a small business coach which should help create consistent leads for my experience product

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I now have the confidence to speak to corporate clients and the knowledge that my services will be very effective in business. With more hard work to come, I’m positive that I can give my family an exciting, prosperous future.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

We now have new partnerships, a couple of large scale potential clients, and a new stream of clients/income (small business).

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Working closely with small businesses to see the best possible results we can get for each client

Tony Chu

I just want to thank Marisa and the coaches for an amazing EPM experience. Even though I did not hit "Mission Accomplished", I feel super confident that it's just a matter of time before that happens. EPM is no doubt one of the best investments I've made in my life!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Building a business and an EPM product is a step-by-step process, and to be successful one needs to follow a proven blueprint like the one provided by EPM.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I feel much more confident about my business and have much more clarity about what I need to do to be successful.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has definitely made me more excited about my future as an entrepreneur.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

It has completely changed my mindset about building a business and made me so much more confident than when I started out. I've also learned a lot of the nuances which I did not know are so important to building a EP-based business.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm super excited to finish the rest of my EPM training and bonuses which I have no doubt will help me become super successful and hit "Mission Accomplished" and much much more.

Tania Farries

When my friend first introduced me to Marisa's work I was really interested but was so busy I didn't have time to look her up. Then a few days later I received an email mentioning the new idea of the Experience Product, it caught my eye and as I read more I realized it was the same person my friend told me about.

As soon as I signed up to the videos leading up to the webinar I was hooked. I had been out of work for 10 years with chronic ill health and now I was ready to step out there again.

The main reason I was hooked was because I knew I needed to get super clear on my message as I had a great product idea but no business and I didn't know how to bring the three areas of my product idea together to make it compelling and profitable.

As soon as the program started I was blown away by the Superpower training, in fact it was probably my biggest takeaway as it literally made me cry because I realized how much I had suppressed the real me for so long.

I have absolutely loved the entire course, I unfortunately couldn't get clear on my mega/micro niche around my original idea because I wanted to position myself in Business and as it was a different approach, so needed deeper support.

So I went with a great get started choice which will definitely be part of my future business and products in some way. Once I had made the simple choice, the clarity and mission statement became very clear and the rest just flowed.

So from this process I know that as soon as I can get super clear on where I really want to position myself I will definitely fly. I didn't make any sales in the time available but I am not giving up. I would love to join the mentorship program and if I don't manage it financially this year then I will be back next year!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The Superpower training - it gave me a huge wake up call as to why I hadn't achieved my full potential in my career before as I had repressed my superpower.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It helped me realize that I am not alone in the world with what I have struggled with in business. That I have had some great ideas over the years I just needed the right direction and a laid out plan to make it happen.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has made me realize that I can be really successful I just need to position myself in the best way and then I will fly.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I don't have a business yet, this was one of the reasons I joined EPM to get clear on what I want to do and Marisa's messaging was expressing the importance of this. I was bed ridden for 7 years and out of work for 10 years, previously having worked as a Clinical Psychologist/hypnotherapist. So it was quite a big step for me.

I am still not clear on what I will be doing, not because the course wasn't great or that I have too many ideas. I only have one idea but I knew from the start I needed to talk 1:1 with a mentor for maybe just 30 mins, to help me get clear on how to best position myself in the right mega/micro niche.

The email coaching was great but I knew I needed a mentor. Then I know EPM would have been a life changing step for me as it was awesome. As I mentioned to two of your team, I had previously been through another course that said I didn't need a business for the course to work and whilst the course was brilliant and I learnt loads, I came out the other side still lost and without direction.

I had made a get started choice for the sake of the course but didn't know where to go next. Unfortunately, I feel the same again now, but that is not being said in anyway against EPM I loved it, I just feel lost again. It was a huge decision for me to join EPM,

I have no income and the only $2000 in savings which were for my heart operation. I also chose to spend them on EPM, over a house that became available, which I had been desperately trying to find to rent, for two years; so I could bring my animals back home (I lost them, when I lost my home due to my health).

I am not telling you this as a sob story, but to show you how much faith I have in your company. I have had a great learning experience and I am actually really sad I can't continue my journey with you. I was relying on making enough money to at least pay for the first few months of mentoring. Never mind onwards and upwards and I hope that one day I will be able to come back to you, I am not giving up :-)

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am looking forward to getting even clearer on the delivery and positioning of the course.

Thomas Sikorski

Months ago I was working with my wife. We were traveling a hundred miles a day to deliver services to two clients. I loved that we were making a positive, permanent difference for people.

I hated that we spent more time on reports and travel than teaching. It dawned on me that if we packaged the methods so they could be made available on the Internet, we could reach an unlimited audience.

I did not want to produce a program to transfer from my shelf to the customer's shelf. I believed I could create something people would actually USE! I worked on writing and recording the material, without a clue about how to market it on the Web.

One day I received Marisa's video in my inbox and was hooked. I realized that an EXPERIENCE PRODUCT was what I REALLY wanted to create. The price was high and I thought this was not the time to get involved. The deadline passed. I was surprised my wife was actually upset. She WANTED me to do this thing! BIGGER SURPRISE. We got a phone call letting us know we could still get on board.

EPM has been a part of our lives ever since. I learned to listen while driving to capture as much of the program as I could. Life happened. My computer locked up. The car transmission went out. I got a pinched nerve in my neck, which cost me use of my right hand.

Meanwhile...with the help of coaching and group input, I realized our branding needed to change. I had several components in place, so this was not fast or easy. I became painfully aware of my lack of self discipline in doing what I should, when I should. I found it SO easy to drown in the complexity of all the "shoulds" when trying to start something new and put it out for the market to evaluate.

Although reaching Mission Accomplished is still a dream, the rungs on the ladder are now much clearer. Unlike many courses I have taken that had no continuing benefit, EPM has given me ongoing access to a genuine roadmap for product creation and delivery.

I was blown away by the quality and quantity of the course material. I am very much looking forward to attending M2M for an "in person" boost to the work which has begun. I am also continuing to focus on getting something basic DONE, then working on perfecting it as I can.

I am hopeful that in the months to come, I just might FINALLY help Caregivers like myself facilitate a better life for the people they love. If I do THAT well, my wife and I will earn the time and money freedom to give MORE, BIGGER and BETTER.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Iterate to Awesome - changes are a part of the process, rather than an indication of failure

How did EPM help you become successful?

Provided a steady stream of knowledge, structure and encouragement to keep moving toward "getting it done not perfect" (yet!)

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

My wife's support for my participation has shown me that she believes in me.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Branding - I showed up with "Low Vision Tips 'N' Tricks" and leave with "Senior Vision Secrets."

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

With access to Heroic and coaching with Murray, I now know how to set up the "Website ATM."

Tracey Souverein

I was having trouble determining who my target market was and how to attract them. After 4 years of working this business on the side, I haven't made any money and in fact am several thousands of dollars in debt trying to figure it out.

I joined Experience Product Masterclass and learned to just pick a market and try something to give me more information about the needs of who I want to serve. I took advantage of a captive audience I had already scheduled and created an experience product for them and now I know my best campaign was offering support and love to young mothers so in the future I will use that campaign in a much stronger way.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I have always said that someone has to experience God before they will believe in one and the entire idea of developing an experience for people to really help them grasp the power of your message really hit home.

So I loved how the course taught me to make my content unique through experiences to not only keep people engaged but to also create a desire for them to want more, to go deeper, to be inspired and really soak it all in. +

How did EPM help you become successful?

Other than the experiencifying components of the course, in the many other courses I have taken over the years, there wasn't any remarkably new concepts. What was so incredibly helpful was the small step by step processes with the homework assignments.

I really gravitated to the security that you talk about that I would know exactly the right step to take each day and it would be something that I could actually accomplish. That in addition to the unlimited emails to an actual coach was huge. I loved Coach Debra and the insights she gave me (even if I did need to hear it from her multiple times:-).

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I feel I have such a better understanding of doing things on a smaller scale first and that it is best to do things live. I also really understand the importance of talking with my target audience and finding out what they need.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

For almost 20 years I have believed that my purpose in life is to create a movement around treating our children like Mary would have treated Christ and my mantra has been What Would Mother Mary Do. Few people ever told me that was a great idea and in fact many said they couldn't relate to Mary at all and I just kept trying to explain how she was God's message to us all that he wants to fill us with his Grace and bring his love to the world through each of us....I think my ideas, thoughts, perspective are just about 100 times deeper than anyone really wants to go.

People want parenting tips and I offer a parenting philosophy so it is not concrete enough for them. I recognize it's not a business unless I am fulfilling other people's needs and I still have yet to grasp just how to share my message about Mary without talking about her...it feels ingenuine and almost disrespectful like her power and importance must be pushed aside again because people aren't comfortable making her important.

I understand the concept of a back door but I think unless people know a little about where I'm coming from, if I use Mary as a back door when she is really the core of my message, they will feel tricked. I can change my target market from young mothers as I have found women over 65 are attracted to Mary but it is not who I really want to serve as my intention is to help mothers adopt this idea of treating their children as Mary would have treated Jesus. I will need to continue to do work on figuring out a new brand or simply accept that it may make a good blog but there is not a good market for a business for it.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I would love to someday give people the experience of freedom, inspiration and love that I have received following a mantra of "What Would Mother Mary Do" but I believe that my experience was most like creating a vision, developing values and have a mission so I will try to teach the impact of having a motherhood mission on my life and use Mary as an example to help others develop their own mission.

Ulf Tölle

Marisa is a rare person, one of a kind. With English being a second language to me, I can confidently say, my English is good enough that I usually can follow any conversation in English, and understand 95% and more of it.

But. when Marisa talks I have to listen up and listen closely, because what she says is so densely packed, and layered with information, that I am eager to not lose a word of what she says to take all of it in.

It is stimulating to listen to her – and then of all the playwrights she quoted Kafka! In a Marketing course!!! (Sidenote: that in itself was a bit kafkaesk) Marisa loves people - amazing. She helps people, she delimits herself, and in that she is phantastic role model for me. (Marisa just stay cool and normal, ok?)

Before EPM, I had a very ambivalent relationship to marketing, I did not like marketing, because I felt like a fraud when I switched to marketing mode, the way I understood marketing until 10 weeks ago then.

And to fake it till I make it, does not help me either as a concept, only deepened the gap that I felt between what marketing people embody and the values that I hold. Because of that marketing courses have never been easy for me.

But here in EPM I could see, feel, hear and experience that I was not sold, was not stripped money and. There was and is a fair exchange – business done in a way I really enjoy. I was respected, people cared for me. I want to be in this group. The people here are cool, even the ones I don't feel so close to are still cool people in their way.

It is amazing how many people Marisa attracts, and from how diverse backgrounds they all come from. It's stunning.

In terms of my own marketing from now on, I am pretty unstoppable, and can't wait to get to my next launch (in 3 weeks from now). I am continually "chatterboxing" (Marisa's term for you sharing and exchanging ideas with people ) and new doors are opening up now that I never dared to dream of before (like e.g. FIFA).

It's a course not only for a sprinters' mentality (but I like sprints) and I experienced it as stimulating and energizing for my business, for my relationship with my partner, and overall a lot of FUN !

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

For the first contact stay short, less words is better, even if the person gets only a blurred idea of what I reaaly would like to convey… Then when there is more interest, I can share more. But I don't have to satisfy my wish to communicate - I have to serve my client and help him (or her) to get what (s)he wants.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Telling me from the outset to chatterbox. Chatterboxing is the most important mindset shift I have to assimilate (still), but it is effective - I actually start to get chatterbox and reach even into FIFA sounds amazing and is amazing.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I talk more with people!. I am better connected. And it's not the networking I dread but it's a lifestyle and a real joy! It's a huge mindset shift for me. Even though I talked with people before, but my drive, my charisma, my knowing what I want is different. (and no I am not running over people and talk only about me, but I also talk an out me and make it a point of balance to also talk about me)

What has been the biggest change in your business?

It still is to find a way to interest people for their own health. One should not think that it is difficult for people to grasp, but it is. People still believe it's not that urgent, but health gives a freedom that only few realize before they no longer have it. Afterwards the freedom that comes with health has gone…

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Promoting it now in the German language - my customer base is much more solid…

Valary Oleinik

I'll admit that I did things a bit backwards. I had just earned $2,000 from my first client and then saw the EPM program and decided to invest my earnings in the program with a view toward getting my side business off to a better start by giving it a good foundation.

I had already committed to giving a small course (which is what I worked on during EPM) to that first client as a bonus item. I had my own requirements for Mission Accomplished looked like to me and by those standards I achieved it and more.

During the program I grew my tribe, got clarity on my message and process, and got offers to submit proposals for my larger program. I also got word that I will be speaking at two national educational conferences in April and now feel 1000% more prepared with an offer for them to continue to work with me after the conferences.

This was also my first time having a coach, and I'm now wondering how I ever thought I could do this without one. Huge thanks to the whole EPM community for being open, honest, helpful, and supportive beyond my wildest expectations.

Victoria Rose

Having spent over $200,000 on workshops by gurus to learn how to grow my business with the only result a bankrupt bank account, I was now in the humiliating position of not having enough money to pay my rent.

So, when Marisa’s email hit my inbox, I laughed. Not another fake guru with glossy promises and little substance or value to offer I muttered.

Here I was, 67 years old with a financial future that sucked. Thankfully, I chose to attend Marisa’s Experience Product Masterclass. Yes, the money back guarantee helped but the words Marisa used to describe the results I could expect were convincing and exciting.

Unbelievably, ALL the pieces of the puzzle around product creation and delivery were presented in an engaging, educational and entertaining way. I saw exactly how to deliver my knowledge and wisdom in my own online program. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Today was the first day of the beta launch of my 5-week online Masterclass: LiveStream Mastery Now. Seven women were engaged, educated and entertained. I loved presenting my material in this new way and can’t wait to develop and deliver my big picture product ideas to the world.

Seems my financial future isn’t so sucky now. Thank you Marisa, you have inspired me.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

All the links in the chain of product development and delivery from the very start to finish and beyond.

How did EPM help you become successful?

By providing a high standard of content delivery, one to aspire to. By walking their talk. By their transparency. By their daring to do something different.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Shown me a way I can deliver my wisdom and experience and have it be heard, which is incredibly fulfilling. And which will allow me to be paid what I'm worth whilst I continue to do something I love.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I struggled to enrol students to my workshops and now I've discovered how to give them what they want in a way that engages, educates and entertains.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

My business has been lifted out of the dark and into the light of possibility, abundance and global success. So now I will create a whole system around my one experience product.

Wanda Ayala

I was not selling anything and knew something was wrong and I was missing something. I joined this program because I saw it had what I was missing. The sad thing is when you go about it alone, you have all these pieces you are trying to put together so I did what all the gurus said you must do, have a website, logo, great design, info ebook, courses, niche was discuss but not with clarity as Marissa pointed out, credibility with certificates cause no one will hire you and on and on an on. It is not what I learn was wrong but it was all at the wrong time.

Marissa explained clearly what is right for your business at the right time so NOW I have no web, logo, nothing - STARTING OVER but Now I have clarity as never before. I learned more here than I did in the 10 years from all these so called gurus that don't tell you the whole story but just a piece here and there.

Until I have a paying client I will not be concerned with web, logo and such matters. Marissa Kudos to you and your overdelivery!!! Excellent is beyond words! I am AMAZED to listen to your genius, really no flattery here.

When I hear you help others with their mission statements you make it sound so easy but yet most of struggle of putting it all together. I know copy and marketing right words is going to take time. However, I just want to say thank you for what I learned immensely.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Narrowing my niche because I really did not know my niche, going through the whole process of creating my method, course, etc.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Knowing in 2 months not YEARS in creating courses that work or don't work. This meant more to me than anything, saving time.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Same answer as above but to add I don't consider what I went through as a failure but a step up in the right direction. Thank you for everything you taught and letting us know what works and what does not work.

You have over delivered in the course and you are a genius in your field. Honestly, I would have paid more, even though I did not make any money YET, I know soon I will.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Not to start a website, create a logo, design or anything unless I really have a tribe that is interested. After this experience I'm starting over but at least I'm starting over with a formula and not trying to figure it out all by myself.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I have knowledge the know how to move forward. I'm certain I will take this with me with my next project.

2017 FACEBOOK<,h2>

Heidi Andersen

I have been a super slow doer based on internal mind shift stuff. I held my first online class in feb with 3 paying people and 2 friends so I just barely made mission complete.

I just relaunched it with a mix of live and online and have 8 people- yeah!!! - just wanted to share my celebration and offer inspiration that it can be done in different ways ( half live) and not perfect! Xoxo

Gil Peretz

When we met Marisa Murgatroyd last year, we shared our dream to have Nili deliver a TED talk. Now I feel so blessed to share with you my wife and partner Nili's TEDx talk.

Enjoy the wisdom behind the success of so many Israeli entrepreneurs using the Positive Chutzpah.

Feel free to share with your friends to make the world a better place.

Valary AOleinik

Hi! I love seeing the latest wins that many of you are having as a result of EPM. I just thought I'd share one of my recent wins which is that I was interviewed by a leader in the gamification of learning space for the Gamification Talk Radio podcast.

I'm sharing how we rocketed engagement of a course in the most unlikely of places - a law firm - and had tremendous success. The interview is a lead-up to Gamicon in October. Have a listen.

Victoria Rose


After the beta launch of my EPM product, I've teased that content out to LiveStream Intensive, LiveStream ABC, LiveStream Mastery NOW AND LiveStreamLegends 🤣🤣🤣

Now launching LiveStream Intensive as a 4-hour masterclass for busy women in business on Facebook. Here's the link to learn what's involved http://bit.ly/LiveStreamIntensive (If you've only done a few LiveStreams, you'll get a lot from this masterclass as will those who've not started yet.) The investment for LiveStream Intensive is AUD 147. Going by today's exchange rates, that's just USD 111

Do you need to do this? Who do you know who needs to do this? So ... please register and/or please SHARE ♥️

I'm on the path to awesome ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you to those fabulous EPMers who took my beta masterclass and/or gave advice and/or testimonials xxx

Diane Kubal

Hey EPMers, good news! I just sold my first pilot of my CAREER essentials EPM 2-month course for $25K to Schneider Electric for a group of their millennial high potential talent! Bosch and another large electric company are interested in the 3-month version of my program, so much bigger $$ for the 2nd pilot in September- November!

Rachel Romaine

One of the things I love about this group is seeing the multitude of ways the teachings are being implemented. Here's a gold star testimonial in action. I decided to share post haste so we all can continue to learn. Here's what I picked up instantly. Let me know what you see?

1. The medium matches the course material. 2. the student loved the 'experience' so much she took the teacher to dinner. 3. play/fun was obviously the by-product of the course. 4. I understand the biology behind the gold stars but it still amazes me they work with adults. Yet, I attest that tracking is a good thing!

Ulf Tölle

I am so happy because the point Marisa made on using the website as a tool to have people schedule a call really works - the first person is taking me up on that offer and scheduled a call with.

Cynthia Zhai

Look what I’ve got in the mail today! Today also marks the end of my EPM Product, 60 Days to Voice Mastery. What a great timing! I had graduation and celebration ceremony with my students. 86% of the students achieved their goals and in the 14% that have not yet, one had a family emergency and had a pause on the program.

I even incorporated the gaming element in my workshop today and the participation rate was very high! The students were having sooo much fun in the workshop and I enjoyed the workshop 😂😂😂

The process works if you work the process, guys!

Debra Greene

I've gotten more out of 5 days with Marisa in this program than 5 months of private marketing coaching! Thank you!

Michele DeLima

Thank you Marisa!!! I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your 'finding your superpower' video. It triggered quite a big unexpected emotion I was unaware of, even before 'Rocky 4' 😃. I could so relate to the repressed qualities as a child and can see where my superpower has got me in trouble with family/friends, but has been my amazing strength when used appropriately and in the right environment! So an awesome win, huge release and an even bigger THANK YOU ❤️

Maryann Candito

Hi all , I just want to say thank you Marisa Murgatroyd and Murray for the very thorough Email campaign module. I am beginning to send them out tomorrow, but I took your advice beforehand and used your Subject line tips on one of my Newsletter style emails.

I got 18% open rate, that's almost an all time high for me. They usually average around 14% . I used the Subject line: "Sitting like HOW increases your Confidence Level?" Thanks, you make marketing FUN!

Pamela Washington

Drum roll, please..............

Yesterday I got my first sign-up for the new (and dramatically more expensive) 2.0 version of my 'signature' program. It went from $540-$1411, and I am SUPER stoked about this proof of concept.

I've been super visible lately doing Facebook Lives, Challenges, posting on LinkedIn and YouTube and scheduling a ton of assessment calls. The new signup came from an assessment call 🙂

The marketing campaign I now have in full swing is the Email one, and I have a tone of bonuses that expire this Sunday to give them urgency. Wish me luck! Thanks Marisa Murgatroyd, Don Crowther, Will Crowther, Christine Dunn, and ALL the EPM tribe.

Can't wait to meet you all in LA!

EDIT to original post: Just got another sign up! Woooohoooo

Maryann Candito

My Visibility Project Modules Infographic. I fianally feel like I am making some progress and have more clarity than I thought I'd have. Thanks EPM'ers and Marisa Murgatroyd and Coaches!

Jen Wisdom Schepers

So needed this! Thanks for the encouragement! Marisa Murgatroyd you have changed the entire course of my book, which is what my course and coaching are based on, by making things as easy for my people to consume as possible and transform in the process! Thank you sooo much for sharing your knowledge with us!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

How to teach in a way that people get results!

How did EPM help you become successful?

I clarified what I do, completed my first book, and am now confident in doing what I believe God put me here to do!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

More confidence.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

You name it! I have been in the process for over 2 years now, and finally feel that I have the tools I need to help people transform their lives!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Seeing people get free!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanks so much! I really have enjoyed this course!!!

Victoria Rose

I'm so glad I signed up for this AMAZING masterclass! You don't have to add this stuff, but you do. Thanks for doing all you can to support our success.

BTW, I got off that call today to open up my email and there it was ... my second enrolment. Fully paid for and very, very keen

Vanessa long

Marisa Murgatroyd Thank you so much for this - as always perfectly timed. I have learnt sooooo much on this programme and have done more even in the last week (regular 7a.m - 1 a.m working on this!) than in the last 2 years. Whether I achieve my financial goal in 2 weeks or not, matters not at this point. I am pushing myself out there because not many people know the stuff that i know and the world needs it! Thank you

Sunny Rose Healey

I did it! Mission Accomplished. It was ridiculous. Marisa isn’t kidding about leaving no stone unturned. This launch felt really tough. At cart close I had 3 clients which was only half way there. I reopened the cart a week ago and left it open until this morning (program starts today). 1 person signed up a couple days ago, 1 late last night and 1 this morning (cart was supposed to be closed forever at midnight but I was sleeping of course so it stayed open).

Man people really wait til the VERY LAST MINUTE. And if I’d closed it last night at 10 as I was considering I’d have missed out on 2 clients and hitting MA. Crazy!

I’m exhausted and happy. Thanks for all of the support and encouragement

Lauri McKean

I may be slow but I am tenacious... I have finally launched my online class for women entrepreneurs and leaders and have my first two registrations! I also had a great discovery session with a third woman today and expect it to convert. I'm SOOOO excited that it is actually happening!

Annie Murray

I’ve done the webinar and sales are rolling in with 7 more days till cart closes. $21,000 already and I’m really hoping to crack the $100k or more in the next 7 days. Wish me luck!

Cynthia Zhai

Woohoo~~~ This coming Monday will be Week 5 of my Experience Product, 60 Days to Voice Mastery Masterclass. I have students from 7 countries across 3 continents! Today, I'm also running a jump contest for those who are falling behind! It's been a great process seeing 90% of the students engaged in the past 4 weeks.

Thanks to EPM! 😘 If you have started your program and want to know how I did it the low tech and high engagement way, 😆 don't hesitate to send me a message, and I'd love to share with you!

Deborah Hardee

I just gotta say, one more time, how much I appreciate everything you've taught us Marisa Murgatroyd. I AM a raving fan! For example, just the idea of the swipe file is so awesome!

I've been a photographer my whole life so writing ALL THE TIME is a very strange experience. The swipe file know how has really saved me and I'm starting to think I'm good at writing. A big improvement from thinking I was a HORRIBLE writer!

Even if I'm swiping, I'm at least getting good at that. And when I adapt it to my message, it doesn't seem so swipie. Ha! Four days left of marketing for me and I'm starting to love that too. Who knew? Much gratitude to the tribe and Coach Rono.

Vicki Suiter McNickle

Hey fellow EPMers, just had to share the amazing news...

Have been doing chatter box, and and did 1 webinar yesterday AND... just hit $15K.

Thank you for all the support throughout this journey!

Patricia Cove

I appreciate Marisa for the mighty lessons she gives daily on being our own Super-Hero, to reach for more than how our limiting beliefs have been obstacles in the past holding us back, and encouragement to step up and level up.

Diana Brown

Ka Ching!💰Made my FIRST SALE! I’m offering my BRAND NEW $597 3-month program for half price in exchange for a testimony at the end of the program. I have six spots left at $297 to hit MA. Add’l Discovery sessions booked tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday. May not cash in by Monday but gonna try! 💥 Getting Great response putting out phone calls to some of my favorite clients.

My Breakthrough: for the first time, I’m charging not for a RETAIL PRODUCT, but for my TIME!

Gordana Ross

OMG - I'm in shock! Marisa, you set the bar so extremely high with the quality of your EPM training that most other training courses can't reach.

I've signed up for Christian Mickelsen's 'Kickstart Your Coaching' training programme and I'm extremely disappointed. There are no videos, no presentations, only audios with a very poor sound quality and a beep sound every 20 seconds. There is so much background noise that I can't focus on what's been said.

I just wanted you to know that quality of the EPM programme is first class in every possible way. It certainly is the most exclusive experience I ever had with an online training programme and I've done a few. Congratulations and well done for this amazing experience.

After EPM, I will find it very difficult to find other programmes that meet my expectations, now that I experienced EPM.

Michael Namkung

I have learned SO much in this class and I am so grateful for being a part of this community and witnessing all the learning and all the transformation that's been happening in everyone ever since our first days back in November. So many of you in this group helped me refine my ideas and gain clarity and inspire me to be a constant learner and to keep iterating my way to awesome, and I truly hope I've helped some of you do the same.

My mission is to inspire artists and closeted artists of all kinds to stop hiding their true selves so they can step up into the power of their creative gifts that their soul and the world have been waiting for them to claim.

Thanks to an inspired wake-up call from Marla Mattenson, and OF COURSE with the inspirational example that is ALWAYS being set by Marisa Murgatroyd to model the behavior she wants to see in her students,

I found the courage to stop hiding and finally do what I'm afraid of, and get my face out in front of the camera, and step up into my OWN power and stand in the VALUE of what I offer to the world. Because, WHY NOT? https://www.michaelnamkung.com/work-with-me/

Joyce Dias

Chatterboxing to Beyond Mission goals

Sometimes you do it, sometimes they do it. Mission accomplished: 83,500 so far (Client#1 - $53,500, Client#2 -$30,000)

Lunch with a client coming up on Feb 9th: Guess who got me the connection... Client #1 through a referral, because they are already beginning to see the value in my early engagement with them... it's called chatterboxing via referrals!

My web page is not ready, my emails are messy, time is of the essence in everything I do, my contract is simple and straightforward... I am so a work in progress. None of my ducks are in a row, but By God, they are turning into beautiful swans right before my eyes.

Just start taking action folks, however clumsy and unprepared you feel you are. Open your mouth and don't be afraid to chat. Be sure you are talking to your targeted qualified audience/prospects.

Step aside Houston, we ain't got a Problem. #chatterboxingtosuccess

Mayuko Okai

Today was the last day of my BETA offer and I made my VERY first sale at 7pm!!! It's $297, not M.A. but I'm sooooo excited about it :) My email list is very small - mostly my friends. I did 4 free sessions this week - 2 were friends and 2 were friends of friends.

The sale came from a friend of a friend who I'd never met and at the end of our free session she told me she couldn't go through with it financially....so I'd given up on her. I was actually feeling okay whether I hit M.A. or not since I got good practice and

I could see possibility in future. So this was a pleasant surprise. I didn't realize we still have until Feb 12 so I might come up with another way to bring in more clients. Even one sale, converted from a free session gives me confidence since this is my very first time delivering. Very grateful <3

KitTin W Volcano

I have taken one thing from the trainings it's how many times Marisa Murgatroyd said $2000 in 10 weeks or less. Except every time she said it I would automatically say $50,000.

I have a confession to make. I haven't kept up on the trainings. I've just followed my heart and kept repeating the 50k in 10 weeks or less.

Happy to report WE'RE ON TRACK. Got 100+ in our challenge (which is our lead magnet). If we convert at our usual 20% we will make it!!!


Cathy Nicoll

Marisa Murgatroyd, you have done a great job of NOT leading us into the buzzword trap. Thank you.

Carol Parker Walsh

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Got my 3rd sign up today and that helped me to reach my minimum goal. My target is 5 and my stretch is 10 AND THERE'S STILL TIME! I used chatterbox, give them something they want, fast results and am currently in the perfect email campaign. I will continue to engage in ALL of these campaigns until my cart close date of Jan. 31st!!

Thank you Domonique Bertolucci, Christine Dunn and Marisa Murgatroyd for your help, guidance and support in this process. You provided an exceptional model for how to create an amazing course that yields results!

Patrick Willis

Hi All... this is like the BEST group ever - I love the level of support and engagement... I'm already feeling a bit sad for when it will be over - lol.... BUT, to my point.. If you have a spare moment, could you please pop over to my new FB page and "like" it... (assuming you do) - I'm using it as a gateway to extend my research and really nail my offer - this will help my external credibility a little, and in the longer term, help my advertising. THANKS!

Ghandolff The Grateful

OMG! Great news....We have consolidated all of our research and marketing assets into a new program specifically designed for Albuquerque Entrepreneurs. We put together an ugly little piece of marketing to weed out the tire-kickers, event-hoppers, and samplers, that attracted a dozen serious entrepreneurs for a slideshow/workbook combo workshop with 5 worksheet/exercises to introduce the program

The workshop flow was so smooth that I didn't even get butterflies at the offer and we had a 50% conversion of new leads and 50% upgrade commitment from existing members.

Live classes for our 18-week biz dev program starts Monday and we are allowing free attendance so new people can come and experience the content and decide if this is the right development program for them! This is 1-to-few in action.

Now, we can put the whole workshop into a webinar for 1-many evergreen and record the classes for the greater market outside of Albuquerque. After that, we will write scripts for a true PLF sequence which should be ready by the end of the semester.

David McGlennen

While I hadn't completed during our time together, I did launch a program and made $1,000 from the launch. It was small but a starting point. I learned so much through it and will launch same program with updates and upgrade again soon. Still learning and iterating!

Carolyn Bragg

I don’t have my business set up yet, but I have been doing copywriting and editing for friends on the side as I have time… This week Koms Agb had his SECOND article accepted for publication and I am gaining more confidence in my abilities, as I buff his writing so it shines.

My biggest stride has been embracing my progress and good work! (Accomplishments were not often a positive thing in my past.) I’m having a blast doing the work I seem meant to do, I’m heading in the right direction (however slowly), and I’m making plans for times when I can get some traction under my proverbial wheels. Win, win, and win! Every little win counts!

Priya Khajuria

I had a second article published in Mike Dooley’s TUT magazine. And a third article got published last week in Positively Positive. I launched my first Law of Attraction Game Book on Amazon, which is a playful eBook game on Love. I decided to offer my EPM Love Game as eBooks for each Level and am working on that too.

I just launched a live game on self-confidence in my FB group. This game goes along with daily use of one of my Enchanted Meditations. I had this amazing fun idea to launch that as a different series of eBooks called The Law of Attraction Enchanted Game Book series. I’m working on that right now. I’m launching a mini online course on Lakshmi, the Vedic Goddess of Wealth and Beauty. I’m in the middle of preparing it right now.

Michele DeLima

So excited to welcome several more clients into my world since my initial launch, helping them write hot copy that attracts clients they love!

KitTin W Volcano

Had our first live event and took everyone who came on a roller coaster. (Literally) Opening cart on our challenge tomorrow. Crossing my fingers to hit 150k!

KitTin W Volcano

At $75,000 and rising!

Cathy Nicoll

I've now run two editing training courses: one to prepare editors for industry accreditation, and the other teaching a comms area in a department how to edit. The first was scheduled already, but the second one came from my improved sales pitch thanks to EPM. And, my sales blurbs/emails are now so much better.

Nihal Kaur

Whoop! Mission Accomplished! At the end of March, we made $2,700 from tickets to our retreat. But that's not all. At the retreat itself we sold $12,000 in programs.

AND in the launch wrap up, we've sold another $16,500 and counting. Yes, that's over $31,000 and we're not done yet. Thank you Coach Samara

GwendiK lisa

I’ve run my programme once and my clients got amazing transformations. Am doing a challenge this week to enrol new students!

Jennifer Randive

Hi Awesome Folks, I am a novice with the EPM. it's Brilliant and I received so much from it. On the 5th of May I was Invited To Speak to A Group of CEO'S and shared what I experienced being a CEO Myself. Yeah CHANGE. One of the CEO's who heard me speak came to me and wanted to know more.

We met and she is Now my Client. USD 2750 Per Month for 6 Months. Thank You Marisa Mike Christine And Everyone in Between! Grateful for Everyone Contributing

Sunny Rose Healey

I just keep getting busier with 1:1 clients who are committing to longer programs and Ashby and I are collaborating on a couple of projects which is going to be really fun I’m sure. Feeling really good about how things are going. I can’t handle growing too quickly so this is just perfect.

Sheila Griffith

I reached mission accomplished a few weeks ago -woot woot woot! and am developing my programs out to be ready to support 1:Few instead of 1:1. Having a blast and excited to start to fine tune my close rate - I know there is another name for it, reach more people, develop my mktg and longer programs.

Lauri McKean

Thanks for the encouragement and wisdom. I don't expect that I will reach Mission Accomplished by the end of the program BUT I fully expect to by M2M. I feel like the extra time I'm taking will serve me in the end as I have gained more and more clarity in the past couple of weeks. Feeling good about how I'm growing, learning and expanding!

Michelle Anne

New neural circuits are made with all the new things we have done and I know I have taken a quantum leap in confidence and it's like my world has expanded

Shalyn Wong

Thank you Marisa! I love the part on focusing about what we have to give. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

Dottie Hager

I love all the reassurance you give us about trying even when it's not quite there. Thanks for being keeping the bar high but giving us all we need to live our dreams. Thank you.

Amanda Cole

CELEBRATION: I just reached 100 people in my chatterbox chart! Not actually 100 conversations, but 100 individual emails, PMs, LI messages or website contact form fill-outs. OMG!! I did it!! Still haven't made MA yet, but am celebrating the massive action I have taken and the plan I have stuck to, if not in the exact timeframe I had in mind!

Actually, it's 187 emails, because the 100th one was to 87 people on my mailing list lol... but it only felt like one.. I have made 2 sales and need 3 more for MA. And want a total of 10. Wish me success?!

Amanda Cole

Thank you, everyone. In case you didn't see my separate post, I did make MA! 5 full-paying and a couple of stragglers.. And still talking to people this week and next. The fun continues

Fabian Vizcaino

He Asked Me, Do You Offer Monthly Payment’s? A curious entrepreneur contacted me for a $397 Strategy session today. He started the call at 9am by asking how to increase his prices for his products. I asked him what assets he had in his business. He persisted asking about increasing prices. I told him he was focusing on the wrong thing.

After he described his assets within the business, I asked him if he would agree with me that the assets are worth about $1 Million in sales to HIS clients in perceived value. He took a long pause and said “I started this conversation thinking that I only had about $126k in assets.

After listening to you, Fabian, I realize that it is 10x higher, so what should I do now?” To which I replied, “Invest $10k in your business with my program now, so you can make 10X more money this year.” And he said: “do you offer monthly payments?”

We start next week

Nicole Coutts


I actually reached this several weeks ago however was not seeing it for what it was. I was seeing what I hadn't achieved and focusing on that. Here are all my EPM program details - Holistic Weight Loss Masterclass online delivery, 1 bonus live face to face full day workshop (delivered this 2 days ago and they loved it and want to do it again so I've decided to include another face to face workshop or event at the end of the 12 week program).

Also includes physical products (supplements and essential oils) 1:few Beta program pricing. I decided this time around to not charge for the actual program and only the physical products (supplements and essential oils).

This was the challenge for me as based on actual sales I was well and truly over mission accomplished, however commission/profit on physical product is much lower and I've just scrapped in with actual $ in my pocket being the mission accomplished

$2,000, 9 new full members totally $9738 AUD in physical product sales over the course of 3-4 months depending on when they registered. I also had what I'm calling half members. Clients who were already using the products and interested in the program I decided to gift them the program also.

They have all increased their product spend over the course of the last 2 months due to being in the program (even though the program only just started 1 week ago, not sure at this stage how much profit this has been)

My intention was not so much short term profit but more create something that would lead to long term product use and referrals for the program. As well as create a program which would be evergreen eventually and have continual, rollover registration with minimal delivery requirements from myself.

My minimum goal was 13 new members so with 9 I have fallen a little short of this. I can now see however that I have well and truly shown proof of concept with this program first time around. People want this and are willing to invest in it. I still have a few hours remaining until registration closes. Who knows.

I used free session. chatterbox, email, sales page, 1 talk, referrals. I don't think I had anything from chatterbox, 2 from free session, 1 full registration and 2 halfs from talk, 2 clients from my clinic 1from a FB post an actual friend 3 from referrals

I only decided to do a last minute sales page because the 3 referrals actually signed up just from the referral of their friend about the program and I only emailed them the program outline pdf. I offered a free session initially but didn't hear anything back so I decided to send the pdf outline with a deadline and pricing and all 3 emailed back saying they wanted to register within 24 hours.

Once the program is completed I will decide if I will add a fee for the actual program also. This will depend on the longer term product sales of participants being long term users.

I have learned so much over the course of this 10 weeks and am amazed at how much I have achieved. Now it is time to continue with the delivery of the program and deliver the results.

Thank you to everyone who supported me in this program with feedback and your knowledge. I couldn't have done it without you.

Lydia Lightman

500+ people from various countries and professional backgrounds jumped into EPM. We each had a dream in mind, and most of us believe it can still come true.

The main feeling I take away from EPM is that Marisa allowed us to share in and watch this process through her eyes. I felt she held nothing back and gave her best. She was generous with useful bonuses that will continue to help us improve the products we build.

Yes, it's really difficult to create and market a product. And it's rare to find someone who offers all the nuts and bolts, in a clear and concise manner. As I revisit modules and videos, I'm discovering gems I missed the first time. It's clear Marisa was trying to anticipate our needs.

EPM got under my skin and helped me discover strengths I had underestimated. It helped me focus and push past my inner critic. This alone has made EPM worthwhile.

High tech companies hold a "post-mortem" following a project. It's a teaching moment for future endeavors. This discussion asks, was Marisa too optimistic? Could such a large international group, with varied skill sets clear such a high bar in a short time? Perhaps there's food for thought.

But, there's no doubt that Marisa cares about her students. And she has done a lot to minimize any negative impact by providing a guarantee and great bonuses. For me, it was wonderful to spend 10 weeks with a big dreamer and a high achiever. Marisa has integrity. She stretches beyond what's comfortably possible. An extended elastic band never contracts to its original size.

Gabriele Reign

Mission Accomplished! I had seven discovery sessions, working on my website, yet 5 clients signed up, YAY! I'm really excited to have been able to create an experience product, EMP rocks! I think I posted this on my fb page (still getting used to fb), working on the techie stuff!

Patricia Cove

I totally appreciate everything that everyone has contributed (especially about the failed attempts, the last-minute frenzy, the efforts, etc.) as this created much encouragement and much needed sustainable momentum for me (and I am pretty sure I am not the only one who benefited from these posts).

As a result of working away from home for 12 hours a day (with no access to wifi or my computer), taking on other big projects at the same time (not wise), technical challenges (self and equipment), I did not believe it was possible that I would attain my mission.

As well, I continued to be bogged throughout with the experience of people not wanting to hear my information as they did not want to change, even though I know their health and quality of life (even their life!) depended on it. I even had quit that pensioned 30-year career a few weeks ago as I was not allowed to say a word about what I knew would be most helpful to clients.

To say I am passionate about my mission would be an understatement as I feel it to my marrow. That is the problem – giving unsolicited information. I am thankful that I felt compelled to leave that job, as this allowed me to focus more on developing the presenting program by starting all over (several times).

Since I have issues with dyslexia and ADD, and my printer is not working, I had a lot of problems organizing the valuable information and felt overwhelmed feeling flooded with no differentiation (as the individual pages were not coded). When I recoded everything, I was able to proceed more fluently. I realize I am only at the bare minimum of knowledge, but that gives me so much optimism for what can come.

When I saw what Marisa initially presented in her email campaign, after the 6 years of me attempting to find ways of getting out this valuable information that would change people’s lives (if they would only be able to hear it and act on it- lol), I knew instantly that is what I needed to do. I had to challenge myself to change my mindset and skill set to be able to have others hear.

Some of the challenges included the way that I see myself as offering information is out of scope – as I am constantly humbled by the many esteemed experts on this valuable information and I am just the translator and messenger. The problem was that I had too much information, and the personality type that felt others really needed all the information to “get it”. The truth is that people need only to hear how it applies to them.

As I appreciated Marisa, Don, Christine, Mike, and other member’s contributions, I was able to gradually pare down what the other’s experience is. It is not perfect yet, but a work in progress. I am definitely open and really want critical feedback to consider alternative perspectives. I reduced my original format to working 1 on 1 online, so I had time to compile my abilities with the computer to do webinars. It is more work but more doable for my mind.

The good news is that I did achieve Mission Accomplished today – even with my website not completed. I had 2 sign on from asking for more information after the survey; 2 from chatting online; 2 from groups I had posted in; 2 from my Chiropractor’s office; 2 from the community advertisements; and another from a new group I joined in the community. I am so excited and humbled to being on this journey – with developing and growing as I go.

Yesterday, I became a Chairperson for a struggling group in my community called Tapestry of Women with a mandate for intercultural interaction. I am looking forward to practicing what I am learning to support the people in this Town (and surrounding area) that I live in, plus many online.

I appreciate you all from my whole heart ~ especially to you Marisa, for stepping out there and Living Your Message!, being there and being available, and for showing others how to do the same.

Rob Turner

2 things, first up, I have hit MA! With my product Traffic Lab. All by chatterbox. I am just starting writing my perfect email campaign and making a sales page now. Next up I’ll start Facebook and Google ads. Along the way I pivoted, well not so much a pivot as when I got to a fork in the road….. shall I turn left? Shall I turn right? I took both roads and added a 2nd product, a completely new one, The International Coach Registry – https://business.facebook.com/InternationalCoachRegistry.

2nd thing, I can’t recall ever asking for testimonials, certainly not in the last 20 years. Never quite had the courage I guess. Thanks to EPM and MM, I took the plunge today and so far I have emailed 3 people asking for a testimonial. About to ask a few more. I got one back almost immediately, from one of our long-term digital agency clients and it blew me away.

It was from a very smart, analytical business owner client, she said: “Working with Robert has opened a whole new world of understanding of online marketing and website SEO maximisation . He has filled the much-needed gap in the management skills of the Company and directly influenced an improvement in the turnover of the business.” She doesn't know it but I have a whole new bunch of ideas for her business that I'm about to unleash, should be a good year!

Thanks Marisa for giving me the impetus to ask for a testimonial. I've just arrived in LA, really looking forward to M2M. See you there I hope

Iris Stallworth Grayling

I'm soo excited. At the eleventh hour I reached Mission Accomplished. I'm too tired to share more than to say EPM is AMAZING! Thank you's to all of you, Marisa is high-end quality who attracts quality. Hope to see you at M2M Live

Patrick Johnson

Iterating my way to awesome!

Yesterday I held two captive audience events in the same city to promote my 1:Few Masterclass. This is my first Masterclass. I do a good deal of public speaking so I was pretty confident going in until...

Breakfast - 0% signed up on the spot. There were lots of great buying signals after the event as people came up to me to ask questions but nobody bought. So I pulled aside a couple of people and we went through the presentation slide by slide over the next hour. I made lots of adjustments.

Launch - 50% signed up on the spot! Wow!

Here's what I learned: 1) Shorter is better. We cut the presentation down by almost 40% by deleting slides and not going into so much detail. 2) Simpler is better. We shortened some slides to make them simpler and easier to understand. 3) Get people to ask tough questions. Because I had ample time because of a shorter presentation I asked this question, 'What's the tough question you are struggling with right now as you think about how this applies to your church?" And then I waited.....

"Will this work for a small church?" "How much time will this take over the 8 weeks?" "I'm not good with technology so will this work for me?" "What happens if it's not for me and I want to quit?"

Allowing people an opportunity to vocalize their doubts which I'm sure others felt and then being able to answer them was a big win for all of us. BTW I've started a Chatterbox Campaign today for everyone who didn't sign up. Plus we've got emails going out next week. So my goal is 50% conversion for breakfast and 75% conversion for lunch.

This "stuff" just got real! Grateful for everything I've learned thought EPM.

Patricia Lemieux

I’m at MISSION ACCOMPLISHED just on Chatterbox alone! Which is good, because I vapor locked on the creative marketing pieces. I have the artist client who’s bartering two classes with me ($680) – and I’ve been a student of his for 5 years so this is REALLY valuable to me.

Four students for my beta tech class ($97 each) – 6 weeks over the shoulder website building, weekly group Q&A. One small business that’s hired me to teach their employee how to deal with the technology they have, help them finish their website and to do a little tech writing on the side (establishing templates they can use) for $997 for six weeks work (one day onsite a week). Yay! Love this Masterclass. Thank you everyone for all the help and encouragement!

Pamela Washington

"Mission Accomplished:

Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun (that's the theme music) LOL. Marisa Murgatroyd wanted me to post and let you all know that I have accomplished my mission.

PLEASE don't feel like you have to congratulate me again though. Everyone's been so nice, I feel very special, proud and happy. So, if you're not sure you can do this - the answer is; YES YOU CAN! I (and the whole EPM team) are cheering you on towards the victory line and can't wait to help you.....

I have a whole boatload of bonuses (valued at $3670) that expire this Sunday at midnight so I'm hoping to get at least 5 more signups currently have two, so I'll keep you all updated here.

Then, next week I'm going to run a "refer a friend" promo and would LOVE to get 5 more. My goal for the launch was 50 (I'm nowhere near that), but I'll keep chugging along. I'm still really pleased with my progress :-)

Thanks to everyone for your support! Especially, Will Crowther, Don Crowther, Christine Dunn, Murray Gray, and Tom Manning!"

Kristin Dwan

Celebrating my first $497 sale for my 4 week program "Blue Moon Manifestors- Make 2018 your most magical year YET!" I sent my copy I wrote to my VA to create the website page and get it on there, and she replied, "Save one of those 10 spots for me...how can I say no to this?"

You really can make sales EVERYwhere!

KitTin W Volcano

Just had our first $10,000 day!

Edit: First 15k day! Norma Stratton 1ST ITERATION: I work with female Real Estate Agents - the ones who are wedded to their work. You know, the ones that are stretched so thin…and feel like they’re sacrificing sooo much for way too little and are beginning to pay the price. They're overwhelmed and overcommitted...but don’t know how to stop the insanity.

So I teach them how to take control of their business, mend their frayed relationships and become a whole lot happier without sacrificing income. 2ND ITERATION: I help Female Realtors learn how to build a great (thriving) business by combining their heart and soul with effective selling…and do it with integrity So they can attract great clients, have more free time and do so with integrity), and live the life they want without sacrificing income.

In other words, while it seems like it's all about the numbers, it's not…and to stop there is limited thinking. I help agents thrive in all areas of life. AND THE FINAL: I Mentor women in real estate helping them create a thriving business that generates 6 figures comfortably without sacrificing their personal relationships or feel like they’re on call 24/7.

WOW!!! What a long road...I want to thank Marisa, from the bottom of my heart, for all her help. Having this clarity helps me have the conversations with my peeps without their eyes glazing over ;-) Thank you Marisa!!

Michele De Lima

{WOOHOO!} Thanks to all the amazing guidance I've received from you Marisa Murgatroyd, Rono Smith and wonderful EPMers, just got my first client for my new Best Clients Ever program! I've known Terry for a while, and we've been keeping up, and somehow,

TODAY I knew it would be this way. I felt SO CLEAR in relating my promise and what's included, that in my journal yesterday and today I wrote "I'm claiming Terry as my client when we talk!" And Terry responded to my promise "That's EXACTLY what I need." This was the easiest, happiest enrollment ever for me. Recognition (OMG that's me!) about 3 minutes in; sale made--15 minutes

Anne Schroede rDucroquetz

First Paying Customer for my Experience Product!

Cornelia Elise

I made my very first sale yesterday!!! My very first in my whole, entire life!! ...it was a friend who, after my webinar, did send me an email saying: "I want to do your program!". We met yesterday, and she bought the program! I've offered her the program for half price, it did not feel right for the full price. Turned out it was the right thing to do, as she otherwise would have not been able to purchase!

I'm so proud!!

Thank you, Marisa and everyone for supporting me on my mission!!

Cynthia Zhai

Hi everyone! How are you doing~~~

I just launched another online program after the successful first launch back in January. The last time it was 60 Days to Voice Mastery Masterclass and this time it is 90 Days to Be Heard Voice Masterclass! 😄 Personally I felt the result is much clearer to the potential clients.

This time I have much less pressure, knowing the process, and knowing the marketing mindf****😁 The registration closes tonight and I've got almost the same number of participants as last time, just 1 pax less, considering it was 7 months ago from the last launch, I feel not bad. 😉 (Update! One more just signed up after posting the post! Now I have the same number of students for the new program as of the last one!)

It took me less time to prepare and write the marketing material, as I had templates from the last launch. 2nd launch feels a bit of easy peasy. 😊

Hope you are all still practicing what you've learned in the EPM! Cheers to your success too!

Thank you again Marisa and the team!

KitTin W Volcano

$2000 away from $50,0000 my stretch goal!!

Update: now at $100,000! Experience Product Masterclass Reviews from the class of 2018

Angela Anderson

Before EPM, I had just experienced a "failed" launch for a group program, with zero enrollment after following the advice of another coaching program. As soon as the doors for EPM opened, I watched Sales for Superheroes, and the Chatterbox training as soon as I could, then implemented the Give Them an Experience Campaign. Those trainings alone were enough to give me the tools to confidently share the benefits and value of my program in ways I had never been able to do. Even without a sales page or a single email sent out, I enrolled 6 clients ($10K in sales/6 months) within 2 weeks.

Now, I'm gearing up for an even bigger launch for the next iteration of my program next month, thanks to what I've learned in EPM. The impact on my business has been tremendous, because now I know if I can do it once, I can do it again. I can continue to help more women live their purpose and make money doing it. My biggest gratitude for Marisa, Christine, Kate and the team.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Focus on marketing campaigns that work for where you currently are in your business, not what all of the internet marketers are touting online as "the" magic solution.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It helped me systematically approach improving a product (that I had previously created in an earlier EPM), and gave me step-by-step guidelines for how to create the marketing plan, the marketing language, and the tools to talk about my program in a way that shares the value and benefits with potential clients so that they buy.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM has given me the tools I was missing to serve more people without feeling salesy or smarmy. It also gave me my first over $10k launch--without a sales page or even a single email. Amazing! And it's increased my confidence in selling my program without selling my soul.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The biggest change has been a growing sense of ease that offering my 1:few program doesn't have to be as stressful (and painful) as it has previously. Before EPM, I had just experienced a "failed" launch, with zero enrollment after following the advice of another program. As soon as the doors for EPM opened, I watched Sales for Superheroes, and the Chatterbox training as soon as I could, then implemented the Give Them an Experience Campaign. I enrolled 6 clients (over $10K in sales) within 2 weeks. Now, I'm gearing up for an even bigger launch for the next iteration of my program next month, thanks to what I've learned in EPM.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm most excited about creating an even bigger, more consistent income stream by genuinely being in service helping other women reach their potentials.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

EPM is a stellar model for WHAT to do in your own courses and business. From coming up with an idea, to selling the product, and even for creating a phenomenal fulfillment experience for your clients or customers, EPM is the whole package.

Mary McLendon

In conjunction with my story from SWY, this is a continuation of a journey to start a business from scratch for the first time after leaving a corporate job. Along this journey of EPM, I got stuck in the "holy crap what did I do?" mud of making a change so significant in my life. I doubted everything - from my decisions on what product to use to what color my logo should have in it. I was really spiraling and fell off the grid a number of times during the program. It was the community and coaching that helped me see that I was not alone, I was able to do this, and that I had really made great progress. I took the last few weeks to really push and drive over the finish line. I stepped into a chatterbox campaign that terrified me. I really struggled finding my voice, but as soon as I got out of my head and just started talking - I got a lot better at it. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Without EPM, I am confident I would be back on the job hunt and playing small - hiding my light from the world again.

Anthony Matchem

I am having a problem to have any amount of online marketing success. I joined the experience products masterclass hoping to get a better understanding and finally have success in the online marketing world. At times I felt the course and projects very overwhelming. I work very hard at every assignment and task that we were asked to complete. I completed every assignment but I still feel there is still a lot to learn and discover before I can truly be successful in my dream and passion of an online health and fitness business. I am determined to be successful and I will continue to work hard until I can live my dream.

Christiane Mohr

All my professional life I’ve been switching between marketing and IT projects. I’m easily bored and I love to learn and grow. Thus, projects are a great way to have all of this. 18 months ago, my longtime marketing client had to shut down their business and my work was reduced to IT projects. Over the years I had done several courses to bring more clients and more creative work into my day, but none of it was successful for me. I either got stuck with niching or acquisition.

EPM changed that for me. The reason why I bought the course was the massive promise for personal support. And I was not disappointed. When I got stuck in the same spot again, my coach Kate helped me to overcome it. Whilst working on my target group I got stuck again in the acquisition phase, and I got help too.

Did I have moments where I just wanted to quit and kiss my investment goodbye? Hell yeah, but Kate just send a few encouraging words and the right questions – and then we worked through it. The level of dedication from the coaches to get us to mission accomplished is amazing.

I always believed that I was an acquisition idiot, but with EPM this changed. I now know how I can talk to a prospect and give them value just doing a discovery call. They might become clients, right away or later, but it feels good to just know that my expertise helps them in some way immediately.

I’m confident that I will use a lot of the strategies I learned long-term, but the one thing, that made the biggest change for me, is to have been forced to put my knowledge and my work with my clients in a signature system. It guides me, as well as the clients, and I get an unknown clarity from it.

Raquel Devillé

I’ve been struggling with marketing and making money since I’m in business. I wasn’t sure what to do to overcome my fear of talking to people about my activities. Or market them. Or sell anything. The word marketing had me shivering in terror! I had a business and I didn’t even had a niche. I joined EPM and I got clarity. I’m at ease. I’m making money. Again, I have clarity. I have a business to develop, I know how to do it and I know where I’m heading.

It wasn’t like this in the beginning. As I wouldn’t be going to M2M, I didn’t care about being on the leaderboard. Then, on Saturday morning, my name was tagged in the Facebook group. I looked for my name in the end, the last places. I wasn’t anywhere. I searched… and there was my name, first place! That changed my way of doing things. I started to work. Mind that I’m not competitive. I decided I wanted to be on that leaderboard all the time. It made me work. Then I decided (well, my husband offered) to go to M2M.

I was in my senior year in college when my life changed. One day, as I was having breakfast, it struck me, like a bad awakening: my father was sick. Really sick. My father provided us with a very comfortable life, but he worked too much, he smoked and had to deal with too much stress. He had not been well in the previous days, but in that morning everything collapsed. He burned out. Almost simultaneously, we found out he suffered from heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. A very unhappy period of my life began. And I had never been unhappy before. He died 6 years after that morning.

What I lived in seeing my father’s struggle and suffering, while dealing with the burnout after-effects, could have motivated me to become healthier, start exercising and quit smoking. But it didn’t. Instead, when he died, I was a heavy smoker dealing with work issues. Because of the financial crisis, my job basically consisted in firing people. I was almost in burnout myself. 5 months after my father’s death I had the opportunity to move from Lisbon to Brussels for a short period of time. So I took it and moved to Brussels. In Brussels I met THIS guy. We fell deeply in love and I moved to Belgium permanently. We got married and had two wonderful kids. We’re still married, working on making it “happily ever after”.

My daughter was born in 2007. I had always been thin but I gained a lot of weight after giving birth. Along with the extra weight came lack of self confidence, which made me struggle every time I had a job interview.

Long story short (it’s really long, trust me), I decided to start my own business. I had many different projects. Never made any money. Did a lot of business and marketing online courses. Good ones. No help. By the end of last Summer I had my aerial yoga studio to develop. Offices and consultation rooms to rent... How would I find people? Attract them? I revisited all of my previous marketing online courses. Not enough.

One day I stumbled on Marisa’s Experience Product. Looked good. Looked fun. Looked really good. Reasonable price. I felt tempted... Would another marketing course be the way to go? I had tried it before with no results. Then I saw EPM’s Facebook Ad for the second time. Clicked. Felt tempted again. Felt like that could work. I had the money, thanks to my aerial yoga classes. I needed to make more money. To market my offices. To market my aerial classes better. I enrolled.

EPM hadn’t even started and I was already so full of clarity! I found my niche in less than two hours. Something I had never managed before! I found out I could sell. I could be good at marketing! As my separate activities didn’t match all of EPM criteria, I decided to create a weight loss program for EPM. As I got asked (a lot) to help with weight problems, this was the perfect opportunity to share my knowledge with others. With a product I could make money with.

Just after launching it I got really frustrated. Cried. Vented on Facebook EPM group, feeling I was doing it all wrong. Nobody subscribed my program. So I decided to try and sell the whole package to another professional, a nutrition coach that rents one of my offices. And guess what? I did it! Then two persons enrolled on my program. Then some more. And then the last place to my Et puis mince program was taken! I accomplished my mission with the program I created for EPM!

I had accomplished my mission with my other activities, while creating the program and using all the things I learned with EPM. I made more than 6000€ thanks to EPM, that’s almost $7000. My goal is to make a steady 2000€/month this year. I’m already developing more experience products so, for next year, I’m raising my goal for 5000€/month.

This is my story. My products story. My EPM story. This is what EPM has done for me. Click for the video version, the one I made for EPM Partner Mastermind.

Karalyn Brown

Before I did EPM I was stuck. I had been working away on developing an online course but secretly suspecting that nobody would complete it because I had made it too hard. Hell, I would not have done what I produced alone (and I am pretty motivated) so why would I expect other people to do so??

The other challenge I was facing was that I wanted to serve my customers in a way that would make a true difference to them. Customers were coming to me for a CV/LinkedIn profile - but what they wanted out of it was a new job.

The service I was offering - writing a great resume or LinkedIn profile - was super helpful, but people still kept job searching by applying online - a method that big data shows is the least effective. So my clients were getting something new (a wonderful marketing document) but using it in an old ineffective way.

I was frustrated and wanted to give them something different. I wanted to give them something they would actually do in a step by step way that took all the guesswork out of what they were doing.

So Marisa, Debra and the team really helped me position my new experience product in a way that captured the pain point of my clients, and turn that quickly into a tangible, credible result - one where my clients could see themselves crossing the finish line. This process has been transformative in so many different ways.

My new experience product - Straight to Shortlist - is a product my clients need and will transform their experience and put them on a path to success. For my network of people who refer clients to me - they can now sell my product more easily as they can describe a tangible outcome.

I will have success stories I can share that my blog audience and potential clients can connect to – helping more people on a broader scale. For me the actual process of doing EPM was transformative as I could actually not only see but understand my own self-limiting beliefs in the way I worked and offered my service to the world. So that was an eye-opener for me.

There are many many things that are great about the program. I made mission accomplished - $2485 and counting. I have the prototype of a product that works. I have much more confidence. And I am now pivoting my business.

Thank you all so much!

Sarah Janes

I had a business I loved for 25 years and was not looking for any big changes. I saw Marisa's webinar and everything changed overnight! I realised that although I was engaged and passionate about supporting my students, I was so busy working on the business that I wasn't 100% in the business. I started making changes even before the full program began and began to really engage at every opportunity directly with each and every client. Sometimes it is the small changes that have the power to make the biggest difference and I achieved mission accomplished in the first couple of days simply by truly listening and engaging with my students' needs.

EPM has changed my outlook and my business, I have so much more that I will be doing but I am not trying to do #allthethings but rather be focussed and meaningful in the changes that can lead to a positive experience. What a journey, and it's only just begun 🙂

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Make every connection count. You don't need a huge list to succeed, you just need to communicate on the same level as your clients and hear them!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

The success is not from the financial gain although nice, it is that reconnection with my clients and celebrating new ways to help them reach their goals and dreams

What has been the biggest change in your business?

personal engagement

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

developing more experience and ongoing relationships with my clients

Elaine Gibson

Before I joined EPM, I was running my business "shooting from the hip!" I know I am really good at what I do, however, I had not figured out how to deliver my content and how to run a real business. For several years I have been producing fabulous workshops, always sold out, unique and loved by participants. I would have requests for discovery calls and I could not bring myself to even follow up because I didn't have a clue on what to offer other than private coaching. Even that was suffering because I always felt inadequate and not ready for the success I knew was around the corner. My clients always have wonderful success yet I was paralyzed.

Now, everything has changed! EPM came across my path at the perfect time...the student was ready. Clarity led to confidence and I have a skip in my step now. During EPM, I earned $12,000 from 3 clients; 2 were 3 month programs and 1 VIP DAY. It was like magic, as soon as I was clear, doors opened. In addition, I sold $3,000 in technology product. Crazy. With my renewed clarity, confidence and Marissa's training, I am positioned to make the impact I believe I am here for.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My biggest takeaway from EMP is that there is a proven path to create the road map for others I am called to share.

How did EPM help you become successful?

First, my coach, Samara, helped me understand how to create a front door that my ideal client can connect with and want to enter. I came to EPM with an in person live 1:1 and 1:few program. In the past it has been challenging to find a way to simplify and clarify the language that will attract prospective clients. Next, the example of how EPM delivers content for the program is a huge and powerful model to follow. Then, there is the part about my gaining confidence and finding a voice describing what I am here to share.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Where do I begin?! This is exactly the missing piece that is often what can paralyze me. I know I am really good at what I do, however, I have not found a way to create and deliver in the premium way that I find important. Absolutely love the joy and celebrations built in.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

My confidence and clarity have empowered me to take a stand for the extraordinary women I work with. Now that I am able to have the prescription that is exactly what they need, they see it. The $12,000 I have made is from 2 clients at 3 months and a VIP DAY. Same content. Before EPM I was getting the same $ for 6 months!! In all honesty, the biggest change is that I KNOW I am on the path to great success and this is an energy shift. No more hope....absolute certainty!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Launching my online group program. YAY!!!! A dream come true

Becky Lord

I've been developing my offer for about a year and needed guidance on marketing, but got a whole lot more --

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Provide support to keep people engaged, and pushing through the common stumbling blocks

How did EPM help you become successful?

Push through block (that felt personal - but was apparently common!)

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I have the template for multiple future products/launches.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Didn't have a business (just an idea) - now it's a business

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? iterating to awesome

Riikka H;nninen

I've had my business as a singing teacher for 10 years. Yet most of the time I've felt that I'm Goddamn great professional with way too few clients. I have struggled to create courses with clear goals and wondered how to market them so that it would ignite the passion of my prospects. All in all my business has felt messy and too small.

I took EPM because I wanted to find the tuning of "Yes, that's exactly what I have wanted!" both for myself and for my clients. Easy, simple, super-inspiring. Those were my key words for my EPM product. I also had quite a little time for the marketing as it was in the middle of my weekend courses around Finland.

And boy, how shamelessly easy, simple and orgastically inspiring it has been! Both Marisa's EPM program and creating my own Songtamer online course. I've never been more inspired than now creating a whole new online course in Marisa's clear step-by-step guidance. And in the middle of travelling around and teaching I managed to make $2500 and have my first beta group. Who knows what will happen when I can really put my time and resources in launching?! My self-confidence as an entrepreneur has grown so much. And as I've learned the magic of experience products that's the way I want to learn things and teach people: Keep it simple, have fun, keep on having little wins over and over again until you realize that you've built the whole house brick by brick!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

It's wonderful how much we can achieve when the process is cut in little pieces and tasks you can do one at a time. And the spirit of Marisa and the whole EPM team is awesome!

How did EPM help you become successful?

I got huge amount of trust with my product and that gave me courage to call people and ask them to purchase after the discovery session. "It's easier than you think. Just do things one task at a time. Just get started and don't wait until things are perfect. And have fun!" That's how I'd sum it up, and that helped me most.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

The greatest advice with time was to strictly mark another half of day to important business. Since I've done that, things have been fabulously easier. Three hours with one thing/area, and wow, how I achieve things and it makes me feel rock star!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I have much more self confidence and that means I ask for help and make straight offers much easier. It already has affected my cash flow.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Before I was uncertain what to include in my courses and how to talk about them. Now I'm sure and everybody I talked with were totally impressed about my course. Even those who couldn't take it this time because of their schedule.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you - the whole team so much for your support in many tech and other issues! Thank you for your patience!

Judy Bradt

I was stuck. Again. I had struggled for the first 12 years in my business as a strategy consultant for federal contractors because I didn’t have a clear offering that could help them grow their government sales. In 2015 I teamed up with a partner to fix that. Together we created what became a $9,997 offering that, over the next three years, appealed to over 60 companies who said yes to me.

But I was stuck by three problems. First, my whole business depended on people stepping up to one big-ticket product. I had no lower-priced offering to step up from, and no appealing next step when they finished. It was challenging and exhausting…and lonely and discouraging and stressful…to make the hundreds of individual sales calls, proposals, and follow up to nurture the relationships to sell that flagship product. Second, I had no integrated product creation and marketing strategy or vision for a product escalation in my business. In 2017, I exhausted my energy, resources (and profits) with trial-and-error experiments.

I invested in a mishmash of ideas, tools, services, books and databases from at least five other online marketing "gurus" and consultants. I didn't know how to connect those ideas and couldn’t see whether I had learned anything. My only goal was "figure out a write-once-sell-many to make more money than 1:1 service." I had NOT ONE DOLLAR OF PROFIT on six figures of revenue. All that effort sucked out the time and energy and enthusiasm and optimism I needed for consistent, focused work making sales calls. I was hurting.

In early 2018, I was determined to try again. New package, new offer…sold just two 1:few of something I hadn’t built yet. Instead of giving up, I decided to deliver via what I now know is live product creation, and then I’d have new assets to try again for the next iteration. I was getting things together for the October 2018 launch just when Marisa’s Fast Freebie on the Escalation Experience got my attention.

In seven days in October, by implementing just the urgency ideas that Coach Sofia gave me while I was still getting ready to sign up for EPM DOUBLED my personal best efforts of online course marketing – helping me bring in almost $16,000. The typical sales cycle for my flagship product had been months or even years. After I joined EPM, just *one* use of the "Sales for superheroes" enrollment conversation led to closing my next $9,997 program in four weeks and three conversations with a client I love who practically walked in the door without effort…and a lot of joy on both sides.

And the hard work and marketing of EPM helped me create a $9,443 miracle. In late January moving full speed ahead to my EP launch, fresh with hot skills from the EPM lab, I heard from a friend who had just hit a difficult situation…and a light went on! What if I could do a little detour from my hard-charging efforts for me, and take a few days to drive some revenue for her? In eight days, my team and I created a small 1:1 offer laced with “EP” elements, a sales page, bonuses, urgency, a script and a surprise offer to 200 people who attended a live webinar. We aimed to sell 10 packages for $497. We sold 19. And I gave my friend almost twice as much money as I had hoped.

My biggest internal shift was to understand the power of focusing an offer to achieve a defined result – both for myself, and for my clients. My experience in EPM – of setting a goal and moving towards it with small steps and constant wins – showed me how I could create a similarly transformative experience for my clients, who struggle even more than I do with the long sales cycle and endless frustration in trying to win federal contracts!

What did I do? I got vision for both where I was, and where I could go. I could see the “10x” elements in my current program, know why they work well, how to add and further intensify and evolve what I know is already good.

I’m launching my full EP program, and also looking ahead to transform EVERY ONE of my business offerings. We’re building more intense, sticky, learning experiences that I have every confidence will result in greater client engagement, results, renewals, and referrals. My energy and confidence in being able to reach people I can help has skyrocketed. I'm now on the path to creating an "ALL-EP" product escalation family that is giving me the scalability to grow my business that I had not been able to figure out how to do. as I discovered that I can be good at marketing; I had despaired for years that I could ever be.

By transforming my business based on the Experience Product & Marketing principles, I have given new purpose to my business, changed the trajectory of its growth, opened up new levels of creativity and collaboration, realized my passion for creating and strengthening community in my field of practice, and I’m having more fun in my life and my work than I have had in 31 years.

Oh, yeah, and EPM showed me how to intensify the peak emotional experiences (and thus create more “sticky” learning) in the (admittedly already kickass) indoor rock climbing class I’ve been teaching for 12 years!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

People LONG for experiences and connection with each other, and EVERY service I offer can be experiencified.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Creating extraordinary, results-driven learning experiences has become my company's core mission as well as my differentiator in a market saturated with information products, database subscriptions, lobbyists and consultants who don't deliver results, and death-by-powerpoint non-interactive webinars.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Shown me an extraordinary way to walk my talk and live my message, and given me the theme for my year: COMMUNITY. To create community, contribute to community, and encourage others -- clients and colleagues -- to do the same.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I am transforming EVERY ONE of my business offerings to build in more intense learning experiences that I have every confidence will result in greater client engagement, results, renewals, and referrals. The before and after is still coming. By some accounting, I am still making back my ROI in new web infrastructure that has been in the works to for the company as a whole and is needed to deliver this product. But the most I ever made from a single offering of a small group course was $8,000; with the assistance of your coaches JUST AS I WAS REGISTERING for EPM, and FIELDING MARKETING for a course I was building and am now experiencifying, I generated nearly twice that -- almost $16,000 -- And with ONE use of the sales for superheroes enrollment conversation, I closed the most painless $9,997 program I have ever won. It took a couple conversations, but the business nearly walked in the door. I have the confidence to raise the price (and improve the experience through restructuring and rebranding) of that program to $14,997 for 2019.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm having more FUN creating not just "product" but being in deeper connection with my clients as we work together, and finding new team members who can complement what I can do to support my clients

Mariko Hirakawa

I had this old limiting belief that you had to work yourself ragged to earn and survive. So that was the reality I lived. I taught 30+ sessions running around the city, and by the end of the day, I was exhausted, and I had no time to enjoy life outside of work.

My biggest external shift is that now I feel comfortable offering High-Ticket programs and guide my clients through a progressive series of steps within my System that allows them to feel the forward momentum and get them results. The internal shift that allowed me to step into my new reality is the awareness that I had to be the living embodiment of what my clients wanted - ease, grace, and honoring everyone's intrinsic worth.

My big aha during my enrollment conversation was that these conversations are not about manipulating people into buying. For me, it wasn't so much about the words I said what I embodied as I said them. When I focused on holding the space for them to be fully expressed, and my commitment to being of service no matter what, these conversations felt effortless and enjoyable.

Another huge external shift is that I held my very first webinar where 56 people registered, and 30 showed up live! I was very intimidated about holding a webinar, but once I got rolling, I actually enjoyed it very much. This was just a couple of days ago, and I sold one unit of my group coaching program. I learned that by setting a date and inviting your tribe, you put a stake in the ground and take a stand for your work. Then...no matter how scared you are or think you can't do it, you show up and pull through because your Mission depends on it!

My self-confidence has grown SO much because of this, and I feel I trust myself more with bigger things. I hit Mission Accomplished in week 2 of EPM by speaking with a friend who wanted guidance. By week 8 I had earned $11,247 with three private clients and one group coaching package sold.

One of my big WHY's for embracing the entrepreneurial path was to be able to afford more family get-togethers with my family, which is scattered in Japan, India, East and West Coast. This summer, I'm definitely going to invite my parents to join me for a Bucket List trip!

Theodosia Southern

I was a 'digital newbie' never having engaged or sold to people online, even though I had a pretty successful leadership development company offnine for the past 22 years. I was getting too comfortable and not challenged enough creatively.

EPM forced me to get out of my comfort zone and jump into the fun, learning 'discomfort' zone! I never enjoyed feeling 'uncomfortable as much! The games, the on-going inspiration, support and encouragement made all the difference! Am still in the beginning of my digital journey but am learning a lot and growing my online presence with gusto!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

connection, connection, connection! building momentum one small step at a time

How did EPM help you become successful?

NEVER give up; don't believe the mindfucks! GRATEFUL for the ongoing support and the brilliant materials! and the fun games! Note: am still not as successful as i intend to be, but am enjoying the ride, the learnings, and hope to connect more with the community at M2M

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Still too early to say. Small wins but growing...

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Creating a digital presence; engaging and selling through a page. Used to be all off-line!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Creating a solid marketing strategy that i feel inspired by and works wonders; not there yet I was a digital newbie!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! For the unwavering support and encouragement, the amazingly well designed course, the inspiration, the great coach (Kate!).

Micki Lewis

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The marketing and getting out there asap!

How did EPM help you become successful?

Just do it!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Strengthened my believe I can do this

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The online portion and online marketing.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Have lots of programs to get out there!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

This is just the beginning!

Laurence Ignace

I really wanted to start organizing group coaching and doing an online course, but I had no idea how and I was constantly postponing it. Also, I'm trained to be a relationship coach, but given the privacy of the subject, I didn't fully assume and didn't dare to talk about it outside of my newsletter or to write it black on white on my website.

Thanks to my coach Sheena and EPM, I dared to create a program dedicated to single and highly sensitive women (starting my group coaching even without having prepared it - wow for me ... I'm such a perfectionist usually!) and I managed to sell it to 6 clients. So it's gone for a new adventure ... and I'm very happy!

In the end, I know that I am capable and I have transformed the love life of my clients in the past (clients who did come to me for a professional coaching but shifted ;) ). All were happy with my work but there is something in me that blocks and prevents me from owning it. Once again, thanks to EPM I was able to overcome those fears and just do it!

Also, in addition to the 6 clients registered for my new program, and thanks to my perfect email campaign, I had new requests for individual sessions and also a new client for my VIP 1:1 program. This is my best month! I had never generated so much money with my coaching business. It's the beginning of course, and I'm still far from being rich, but it gives me so much hope!

Thank you EPM!

How did EPM help you become successful?

By being active everyday and overcoming resistance. My coach Sheena has been amazing and extremely available. I've also improved my copy and my sales page. But mostly, thanks to EPM I've dared to create a new program on love and talk about it in my personal environnement which is a huge step for me.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I finally feel available to receive help and to be assisted in my project. I'm usually a lonely wolf ;) And it really feels good + I made a good new friend in EPM and we talk about starting some projects together. So, yes, I feel more connected and hold.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The change of focus: from personal development and self-actualization in "business" to focusing on love and belonging.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm really excited to get to the point where I can surround myself with a team. I'm excited (and frightened) to develop my leadership in a group coaching program. I'm excited to create a system and being able to repeat it (previously, I was only doing 1:1 and adapting the sessions to each client). I'm excited to create my program "on the go" and let it go... (perfectionism,...)

Thank you! :)

Milenka Sharovikj

I've been in the internet affiliate marketing for quite some time now, however, from the beginning I realized that the only way to have a stable and continuous income was to create a product of my own. The only problem was I didn't know what about. Personal development has been my field of interest more than 20 years now so that should have been the reasonable choice, however I felt like imposter in even thinking to do something in that area.

Nevertheless, my interest and commtmment.in PD for personal reasons have contributed to my overall transformation, including physical. People were interested in my story, however, again, I didn't feel like I belong in the fitness world when product creation was concerned. Having this challenge I wasn’t sure what to do. I had a burning desire to create a product of my own and leave a legacy behind... yet I didn't know what would that be.

I was following Marisa for few years, had great respect for her and her uniqueness, but never really got to work with any of her programs. The promotion for EPM reached me through one of her affiliates and instantly I had this gut feeling "This is IT!!!"

I joined EPM and from the start, when I listened to the very first lesson and "saw" how Marisa was merging personal development with product creation... it struck me that I could do the same thing and combine the two seemingly very different worlds - Personal Development and Health & Fitness.

After nearly 4 years... the chaos came to order. Not just that I now know what product to create with the Learn-while-you-earn approach, even more, I have found my life purpose and meaning in sharing my story and making people realize that the age is just a number. You can be old in your 20ies and young in your 60ies, 70ies and beyond. Now, at 46, I feel and look better than in my 20ies... and I want to help as many people as possible to feel the same. Marisa and EPM have brought me the enlightenment and the clarity and I can't think of a greater benefit to my soul than this.


Blue skies,

Milenka :-)

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Finally create product of my own, something I wasn't able to do in the past 3 years.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It got me thinking, self-evaluating and most importantly - DOING!!!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I feel empowered and creative... and I am thankful to all my pitfalls that have brought me where I am now. Everything is a lesson... or a stepping stone - it's for me to decide. There is good in every bad... if I am aware, open and patient enough to find it and receive it... and then make a good use of it, for myself, and others.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I feel empowered and creative... and I am thankful to all my pitfalls that have brought me where I am now. Everything is a lesson... or a stepping stone - it's for me to decide. There is good in every bad... if I am aware, open and patient enough to find it and receive it... and then make a good use of it, for myself, and others.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

That I will be able to share my story and make transformation in other people's lives so they can live fully regardless of their age. "The idea is to die as young as possible, as late as possible"

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I can't wait to see how the rest of my life will unfold :-)

John Sorflaten

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Be brave and ignore the torpedos!!!

How did EPM help you become successful?

The positive psychology and professional approach by Marisa and the coaches greatly inspired me to emulate their inspiring methods.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I am now embarked on a career as a digital marketer, online course consultant, and agent, as well as producer of my own course on scientific maximization of personal luck.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The chatterbox technique was adopted with vigor and success. Getting ideas from my clients!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Moving from the workshop format to the online course format.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I loved the course and will look at the materials for the next year!

Morgan Leigh

I was busy “living my message,” but I had reached a point in my work where I radically needed to change what I was doing to generate more business or I would be headed back to working in the community as a therapist which I did NOT want to do. I had never done any marketing before and all of the clients and students I worked with came to me exclusively through personal referrals. But I also knew that the work I was doing had value so I wasn’t ready to give up just yet. And then, I joined the Experience Product Masterclass…

Although I really had no clue what to expect from EPM when I first signed up, my goal in taking it was to learn how to package and market my work to new target audiences. I thought that if I were able to do that at the end of the course, then I would have considered it a success. Little did I know that achieving that goal was just the tip of the iceberg. Marisa’s EPM course has been a total game-changer for me. In fact, I was able to reach Mission Accomplished using only the first of the many marketing campaigns that were presented! I can hardly wait to see what is possible when I implement the rest of my marketing plan.

Moving forward, I will never be able to approach my work in the same way again. My internal shifts are considerable. Each day I focus on what my clients and students say they want and need, and then how I can deliver it in a way that will adequately experiencify it with constant wins. I am so excited about the marketing tools of empowerment I have been given, and the unlimited potential they have for expanding what I am already doing in my business, as well as the new experience products I will create from here on.

I am eternally grateful for Marisa and the work she has brought to the world to help entrepreneurs live their messages. The value that she and her support team bring to her students is immeasurable. I can’t thank her enough for all the gifts I have received from taking the EPM journey. You Rock Marisa!!!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Really? I honestly don't even know where to begin with that question. EVERYTHING I have taken away from EPM has been BIG. However, there are a few things that have left an especially big impression on me: 1) the importance of focusing on what the student's perceived wants and needs are instead of pushing what I think is important or relevant for them, 2) the myriad of tools and methods available to help promote my business, and 3) the impact and potential that a membership site has--if only I had been utilizing that little gem all along, what a different world it would be!

How did EPM help you become successful?

Although I really had no clue of what to expect from the EPM course when I first signed up for it, my goal in taking it was to learn how to package and market my work to new target audiences. I felt that if I were able to do that at the end of the course, then I would have considered it a success. Well I am here to tell you that achieving that goal was just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to being able to achieve my main objective (which was monumental in itself), one of the other things that EPM has done to help me become successful is continually focusing on the principle that DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT, and that there is no reason why I can't be earning an income at any stage of my product creation. I know well from the delivery of the classes I have created over the years that they get better every time they are delivered with my continued tweaking of the content and graphics...but I never considered that I could promote and launch an experience product before it was actually developed. But I know from personal experience that it is true...I always have whatever I am planning to deliver done at the time when it is expected...so it goes without saying that it applies equally to something you are creating for the first time as it does with something you have already done that is being tweaked.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

To be honest, I had reached a point in my entrepreneurial work where if things didn't radically change in terms of generating new students, then I was going to be headed back to working in the community as a therapist which I did NOT want to do. Up until now, I always generated new students via word of mouth only, but I wasn't reaching anyone outside of the circles of students I already knew, and new referrals were naturally diminishing over time with those I was reaching. On the other hand, I knew that there was significant value in what I was doing because almost all of my students who started paying $1500 for each class continued taking the classes over a 5 year period for a total cost of $12,000 to complete the entire process, and they wouldn't have gone that distance if they didn't perceive that they were getting sufficient value from it.

So although I reached Mission Accomplished, I haven't even begun to see the success that will be generated from it in monetary terms. In fact, I still haven't implemented 98% of what I have been learning because I am still in the process of tweaking it. However, despite that, it is a total game-changer. I now have the tools I have been needing to achieve my goals in ways that I couldn't even have imagined was possible; and even bigger in terms of success is that I have a new lease on life and I am soooo excited I can hardly stand it sometimes!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I can't identify ONE thing that constitutes the "biggest" change in how I am doing my business...it's ALL BIG...and it's even harder to identify at this stage because I haven't even begun to fully implement the changes I am making. However, I would say that the biggest changeS at this point are as follows: 1) establishing a marketing process to reach potential students, 2) the way I

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

In addition to the excitement about everything I have mentioned already, there are a couple of things that I am especially excited about. I think I am mostly excited about two things: 1) FINALLY having the tools of empowerment that I have needed for literally decades to significantly impact my business in positive ways, and 2) the unlimited potentials for expanding what I am currently doing with the classes I am already delivering, as well as creating and delivering new experience products for other target markets. There is literally no end to what I can create using the methodology I have been learning in the EPM course.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am eternally grateful for you, Marisa, and the work you have brought to the world to help entrepreneurs live their messages. The value that you and your support team bring to your students is immeasurable. I really don't know how to thank you enough for everything I have received from taking the EPM journey. I truly appreciate who you are and what you do. You Rock!!! .

Shane Fielder

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

You can do more with the right push and support.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I joined EPM with the sole intent to build a specific time management program. EPM helped me see a more clear vision where the time management course became one component of my birds eye view. The result is that I created a leadership course that I have been thinking about for over five years. EPM helped me see my ability to create a signature style program which I can now deliver and continue iterating my way to a bigger foundation.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Taking the learning and feedback from my first delivery and expanding that into my next launch of the program in later 2019.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I enjoyed the different levels of coaching support from Marisa, Don and my coach Samara. There was a lot to choose from, but the value gained from those sessions was incredible. I feel the current levels of delivery in this area was just right.

Daniel Rial

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Marketing Campaign vs Marketing Tactics. Thinking in terms of campaigns and seeing how a little bit of planning can go a long way.

How did EPM help you become successful?

A fresh perspective on marketing and development of a marketing mindset.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

More hopeful and excited about my journey.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

A clearer vision.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Having a clearer and faster way to iterate my way to awesome!

Justin Baeder

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

What it really means to create an experience product. My best-selling product up to this point did six figures, but did not really create a transformative experience for people. It's just content—good content, but not as transformative as it could have been.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM equipped me with specific strategies and examples every step of the way. Experiencing an experience product was incredibly powerful.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It's given me the confidence to persist, even when initial results weren't as encouraging as they could have been.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before, I didn't have a top-dollar front-end program; people had to have already made a great deal of progress in their careers before they were ready for my high-end program. Now I have a high-end program I can sell to new leads right away.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Reaching more people!

Julie Claire Guenette

I have been wanting to expand my local business online for many years but the jump seemed soooo big! EPM allowed me to realise that this was in part due to not having a super clear game plan and knowing how to write clear and compelling copy that is grounded and 'perceivable' with all your senses.

Over and over again my message would fall flat when i tried to expand to online clients... Just this is such a huge takeaway for me! I now know how to talk about my services in a way that is clear and compelling, using the future self vision as a honing tool to hook them on the possibility of who they can become once they get over the hurdle they face.

With deep soul healing this is not always easy to put into 'grounded' words! I finally started reaching out and one of the funny things I realised is that fear of strangers only lasts as long as you don't talk to them! Lol I ended up upselling 3 out of 6 women I spoke to into 1:1 work at 997$ each. I haven't even launched the program and I'm already working with them individually!

All I can say is 'stop being afraid of strangers - they're all potential friends once you open the communication channel! I had so much fear of being judged or misunderstood and it was all internal... 3 out of 6.... that's a 50% conversion rate!!! WOOHOO!!!

Thank you EPM!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

So much... feel like Ive barely scratched the surface of it all... years worth of videos to rewatch!!!

How did EPM help you become successful?

Get way more clear on what I do and how to word it! Wording is everything!!!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was only comfortable working with local clients via broadcast marketing. Now I've faced the fear of getting on calls with strangers, who turned out to not be strangers for a long time! :) One conversation lasted an entire hour and she ended up deciding she wanted a package of private sessions for double the price and we've already done 2 out of 5 of them! My local clients pay me 120$ CA for a 2 hour sessions. My price is now 200$ US when 5 sessions are bought at once... That’s very nice, especially with the currency exchange :)

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Iterating my way to awesomeness... this is going to be a flagship intro course that will be sold for years to come!

Evakarin Wallin

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The honesty, clarity that Marissa and LYM stand for. Understanding where I am in my business building. Understanding what makes a course stand out.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I was chasing points :-) I always compete with myself. Not give up. It is easy to plan but then when it is time to do the work it is easy to get busy doing other things. All the support that was in the program was amazing. i did not ask many questions but all the calls I listened to gave me a lot. I did not sell any of The Confident Business Woman programs. But the intent för that program was to warm up people that were new to me to upsell them to my yer long program. And thank to the chatterbox and the emails I talked to people and could sell them directly into the yearlong program. I actually turned down two people to my shorter program and one of them might attend the yearlong one.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I feel more self assured in my delivery of what I am already doing. I know I can make it so much better.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Add more experience to my yearlong program

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Happy I joined and would love to be an affiliate next time she delivers this program.

Claudia Graf

I had no idea how to start creating an online product. But now I did it! And I loved the process: being guided by Marisa and the coaches step by step was awesome. Unfortunately I was only able to sell my product to existing customers and didn't attracted new customers online. But I learned so much and I am optimistic that next time I will also be able to attract new online customers. Marisa gave us so much incredible valuable information I would love to continue to learn from her :-) Thank you Marisa!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The mission statement and the experience Formula: To make it fun for the customer!

How did EPM help you become successful?

It helped me to find the mission and the front door problem, which was not very easy!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It helped me having more fun while creating my product and marketing and having so many good tips and resources available helped to unstuck! The videos from Marisa are just phenomenal and incredible helpful!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before my offer was way to broad and now I have a front door and a product mission.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I want to learn how to attract more customer from online. All my sales came from chatter boxing with existing customers.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am very glad that I have invested in the program! Marisa .... and the team ... you are all very awesome in what and how you delivered all this amazing content! Thank you very much! You are really the real deal!

Kris Vallin

I was stuck, paralyzed by fear of not being able to do what is really meaningful to me, following my passion. I had tried marketing that I had been taught in other programs to little success. The normal "how to" steps just weren't working. I was hugely stuck in my niche, my languaging, and my skills to market. It felt heavy and I nearly gave up. Then I happened upon EPM. Through more exposure to marketing magic, the genius of Marisa and the EPM team I began to absorb the how and why of EPM. I brought a product to market with a clearer understanding of what I was doing, who I was serving, my mission, the pain points I solve and the benefits I brought to the table. I got through my block of I have to be perfect.

I fully understood for perhaps the first time in my life, iterate your way to success. Despite knowing that consciously, I got it on a whole new level with EPM. I had no idea how my perfectionistic tendencies were standing in my way, particularly in my marketing of providing a much needed service to help others. My passion has been unleashed and clarified. Creative juices have been injected into my business, I'm so excited to watch it unfold as I make consistent steps forward! Thank you Marisa!

Deborah Hurwitz

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

There were so many little nuggets that helped me tweak my very young group program (I launched the pilot group of 8 people in Jan 2018), from pricing to mission statement clarity to just the outstanding level of training, presentation of content and sheer production values offered in EPM. I'd say my biggest takeaway was the Mission Accomplished Renewal program, which I completely re-formulated during EPM - I took it from an amorphous continuity program to a solid 6-month package, properly conceived, priced and marketed. I sold over $30K on renewals alone, almost 25% of my total revenue for the launch!

How did EPM help you become successful?

Honestly, I had already heard/learned/gleaned a great deal of what Marisa trained on during this course as I am an experienced entrepreneur, but the total package of EPM is IMPECCABLY designed, organized and delivered. I've never seen an online community or membership site like this, and LYM delivered 100% on the promise it made. Plus, there were many gems along the way, and lots of fun! So throughout my launch, even though I was not on exactly the same schedule as the EPM calendar (for example I was selling as early as November), I felt that added boost of support, clarity and accountability that pushed me to do better and better. Including the private clients I signed up during this period, it was a $156K launch all told! I'm thrilled!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM become my gold standard for group programs, clearly!!:) I got exactly what I wanted, which was a peek into the world of Marisa's coaching and community, and oodles of seriously valuable, powerful business training. I now have an arsenal of tools, from spreadsheets to timelines to blueprints galore, and I know I will be referring back to the trainings and materials many times as I iterate forward (to awesome, obviously;)).

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Thanks to this launch, my fledgling coaching business now feels like an empire in the making! I was a full time career artist (TV composer and Broadway music director) for 25+ years, and turned to entrepreneurial pursuits online in an attempt to create long-term financial freedom, independent of the entertainment industry and its many foibles. In 2017, I produced my first summit, enrolled my very first "civilian" clients and earned about $70K in private coaching income with eight people. Just one year later, I have a thriving community of almost 40 high-end clients, most of whom are in my Mission Accomplished program. 2018 turned out to be my first $250,000 year and I plan to make AT LEAST $300K in 2019, with a stretch goal of $500,000. Here we go!!!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am most excited to scale, build a team and explode the Mission Accomplished community! I'm seeing how Marisa managed to provide an extraordinary amount of personalized support and individual attention to 600+ participants, using a team of coaches, a beautifully executed platform and her own time, judiciously. I want to take what is currently an all-live program, primarily delivered by me, and build out the pre-recorded trainings and coaching team so that I am out of most of the day-to-day support, without sacrificing quality or results. It really feels like the sky's the limit on this program! Oh and also, I'm excited to add that "Experience Product" certification. I'm a sucker for great credits.;)

Karen Tankersley

I have been an online course creator for about 5 years and have about 15 courses that I sell to school teachers on how to improve their teaching and relate to their students in more effective ways. I have a lot of experience in this area having been a school administrator and School Professional Developer for the past 15 years. My courses up to this point are popular with students and receive what I considered "good" reviews. The courses had the typical type of curriculum that teachers would find in an online college class since my first experience in the online world was in fact, creating online university classes.

In my old courses, there were a few videos, some discussion boards, stuff to read and some practice-based activities to do. While I used module objectives to guide the content, designing a mission for the course and for each module was more inspiring and motivating. During Marissa's training I realized that although the course had meaningful information, and I tried to change it up by using several modalities, it could be a lot more fun by designing in some points of unstoppable momentum. I am now designing a totally new course and using what I have learned in the EPM course to make the modules more focused on the module mission and future self vision. I think the new design will provide peak emotional experiences that will keep my students wanting to keep learning new content from week to week.

During the course, I couldn't wait for Tuesdays and Thursdays to see the new content that Marissa would provide. I want to create courses that people can't wait to open and work through just as I did with EPM content. I feel that I can now create exactly that kind of course for my students. The only overwhelming thing for me now is how to find the time to now go back and recreate my 15 older courses in the same image! But not a bad problem to have, I think! lol

I also learned new ways to approach marketing - the one biggest area that I most dreaded in my business. I had seen people use many of the techniques that Marissa taught us in Module 4 but I never really understood how to implement those ideas in my own work. I gained a lot of good insight from module 4 that I can use to expand and grow my business.

I am looking forward to our live event and hope to continue gaining great ideas that I can use to build and grow my business. I have totally enjoyed EPM and what we have learned in this course! Thank you, Marissa for a great learning experience!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I really liked how Marissa blended static slides with video and made it fun to learn the information. I took another course from another provider that basically said fill up each module with a bunch of videos under 10 minutes each. I was not interested in watching their information and did not find it fun to learn. With this class, I looked forward to getting to my computer every Tuesday and Thursday to see what new information I would get. I also liked the Friday Tech sessions.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It motivated me to finish the learning modules and put together a new and much improved course. I have developed over 15 online courses in the past and they have sold well and been popular but none of them have the special "pizzazz" that I believe my new one will have. It has taken me twice as long to produce this one since I am creating meaningful videos but when I finish, I want to go back and experiencify my other courses to make them better as well.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Same as how it helped me become successful. I don't have the course completely ready to deliver yet but I have written all of the scripts so now it is just a matter of creating the presentations and putting together the videos. I have already sold some spots in the course and I am hoping that when my current students see the new course, they will tell many, many others.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I am creating a new website on Heroic. It is not finished yet because I am working on developing the product but I think it will be good once I get it set up and start sending traffic there. I appreciate the chance to use this new tool.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Seeing how students respond and where I will need to make revisions and iterate the product to awesome. I think it is shaping up pretty awesomely already so I hope my students will think so too. I am looking at course development in an entirely new way now and have lots of ideas on how to improve my old course collection.

Sue Massimo

Before EPM, I had my idea for a course, but I knew it was missing something regarding engagement and keeping my students involved. I originally joined the Experience Product Masterclass because I wanted to make my future programs more fun and engaging for my students while they learned their material. I wanted to know how to add aspects from gamification to my ideas for the course I was developing especially because I would be working with young teens and their parents.

Well, Marisa’s course not only taught us about adding engagement and fun to our programs but took us all through our own “experiences” along the way. During EPM, I experienced those “wins” myself and two big ones stand out the most.

My first big win was learning how to make sure all my students have small wins along the way and not just at the end of a long module. Plus, that a win wasn't just checking off a box of completion at the end of a lesson but that an actual action took place, and at least a small accomplishment was achieved. Adding the elements of engagement and wins also made me much more confident in the program’s value but also in my confidence to promote the course to my community.

My next big win concerned how to market my course. Before EPM, I wasn't sure what my best marketing efforts would be, but I assumed it would be the typical online marking efforts that are popular now like FB ads, building a large email list, getting a lot of followers and likes on the social media platforms, etc.

However, during EPM, I discovered I didn't have to do all that but that I had other simpler options to start with. That was a big game changer to realize that I didn't need to spend a long time building a list and a big following on the social media sites. I also learned to fine-tune my message so I could better reach my audience which helped me choose my best marketing plan. Then, I was able to confidently take my message and began making personal contacts and presenting the program to my community.

My biggest win, I suppose, is that upon graduating from the Experience Product Masterclass, I genuinely have a product that is fine-tuned down to the messaging and marketing and that I’m proud and confident to release it to my student and their parents.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

So many! I came here to learn how to add gamification to my ideas for a course especially because I will be coaching young athletes. However, by going through all the steps, it helped me break down every area and fine-tune my message so I better reach my audience. Plus, I really needed the marketing training that you offer which fit my model so much better than most internet marketers promote.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Again, so many! I think fine-tuning my message down to one concise statement really helped my marketing. I have been able to use it in all kinds of marketing efforts that I have never used before.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I guess the main way has been giving me the confidence to promote my program and to charge what my program is worth in the future, even though this is a Beta program at a Beta price, mainly to make sure the young athletes can navigate through the Thinkific platform.

What has been the biggest change in your business? Before EPM, I wasn't sure what my best marketing efforts would be but I assumed it would be the typical online marketing efforts that are popular now like FB ads, building a large email list, and other social media marketing ideas. However, during EPM, I was able to solidify my message and began making personal contacts and presenting my program that way to my local community. That was a big game changer to realize that I didn't need to spend a long time building a large list and a big following on the social media sites. I made a great sales page in Heroic which will help reach cold traffic which will lead to a consultation where they can get to know me better.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience?

I have it all dialed in moving forward except hopefully Thinkific will be adding some gamification to help my students stay excited and engaged throughout the program.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I have paid for many programs in the past and still didn't have a business nor clients. Now with EPM, I have both!!!

Tommy Guidroz

Not only have I been able to create a thriving lifestyle business online, but I've also learned the "EPM" secrets to helping others do the same and it feels amazing! Now im able to help shortcut others peoples success to avoid the rough road I had to find my lifestyle bliss and it wasn't an easy path......

Until recently, I could only fall asleep if I had a few drinks…mostly tequila. On the outside it looked like I had it all together, but internally I was physically and emotionally being ripped apart with the demands of my management job, that was sucking the life out of me. I would put on a happy and confident exterior but really, I was pissed off and uncertain about what to do next because I knew I couldn’t keep this up for 30-40 years. Something didn’t feel right….wake up...punch a clock...trade time for money….come home...stressed and anxious….take a few sips of tequila to ease my anxiety…..fall asleep….wake up...punch a clock…. Etc…..

Something had to change… So I could have gone back to school, but didn’t have $100k to toss at the traditional education system. Feeling anxious and ambitious to create a better life for myself, I was then introduced to Adventurprenuership.

During this adventure into entrepreneurship time flew by….

I spent 18 months trying to create a remote wealth machine, I spent ALOT on attending events, courses, masterminds and various software products to try and “figure it out”

I was determined to wake up to that “One Day” dream.

“One Day” I will:

-Have more time and money to travel the world creating new experiences/memories

-Have a steadily growing savings account to safeguard from a “day of disaster” or unplanned expense

-Get rid of lingering credit card debt

-Have a fridge filled with organic superfoods and guilt-free tasty date nights with my wife.

-Have plenty of free time in the day to still take care of my body , keeping it strong and functional for daily tasks

-Enjoy comfortable living in an ideal location

-Be Surrounded with a group that supports my dreams and encourages me to stay focused.

-Prove to myself and my parents that entrepreneurship was the right choice

The vision of that ONE DAY was so vivid in my mind I could taste the fresh foods, see my wife smiling on our luxury vacation getaway, and hear the congratulations and admiration of friends and family complimenting me on a job well done. But I would be lying if I said that quitting didn't cross my mind.

However, I had met and seen so many others finally make it work for them using the internet. I knew I was just one big breakthrough away from making the ONE DAY happen for my life… As the months ticked by Id continue to clock in and clock out, becoming short with family, distant to my wife, dreading the questions anyone would ask about my business attempts, and just feeling like a complete FAILURE.

But I finally found success in 2017 and my business was off zooming and booming! I tried to teach others how to do it but I never had any success… I’ve always seen myself as a soldier on the front lines - not the general leading the army… I couldn't teach anyone anything! But that was then, fast forward to now, in 2019… I’ve been paid $2,000 to $10,000 for my expertise and coaching!

I'm no longer worried about our future because I've created a business that fits my needs 100% and didn't break the bank to start. Friends and family are eager to learn what I do…. Doubters still doubt but I don't care…. My wife tells me she feels like we are in a suspended state of honeymoon bliss. (which makes me feel SUPER PROUD)

So what changed?

Well in late 2018, I found EPM who had cracked the code to turning "Ideas into Offers" So with a little bit of disbelief I listened as she explained how this is possible and the steps that you need to do to make it work and it all made sense once I was shown the whole process. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. A wave of emotions washed over me as my gut sunk to my butt! This was it! I had found the solution that my future needed. And I'm not the only one. I know this all might seem a little crazy but I'm here to tell you it's possible because this is my life that I'm living now and if you're reading this post you're here for a reason.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

That making small steps towards big wins is a good progressive model for success

How did EPM help you become successful?

It simplified the process from imagination to manifestation of an idea to offer

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It’s given me a framework to apply to my other ideas. I wanted to use EPM for my travel passion but it was to low ticket and I felt overwhelmed so using the calculator of scoring importance, impact, and income I say the value in changing my direction while still using the same framework.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before i just had ideas and would let them bounce around and talk myself out of doing anything with them but now I have a go to framework for taking my ideas and creating immersive experiences that I know people will enjoy

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

To purge out more offers and experiences

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am looking forward to moving through the course again, are we able to be apart of the next class but have the whole course unlocked?

Dawn Harding

When I heard Marisa talk about creating an experience product that got students to course completion, I got excited. I am a lifelong learner and have invested in courses over the years that I never finished. Often I was overwhelmed with too much information, no clear path to implement, and was bored and not engaged with the training. I have had a course in my head for a couple of years but never put it down on paper. I think my subconscious was telling me "why bother spending time and energy to build it if no one was going to get the transformation because they didn't complete the program", after all my track record for completion was low and industry statistics confirmed I was not alone.

Experience Product Masterclass changed everything for me and I actually finished the entire program, all the core and overachiever lessons. I was engaged throughout the whole product creation process. The gamification, coaching, and community kept me moving forward instead of stopping when I felt resistance or stuck. I got excited about finally putting my own product out in the world and be able to do it in a way that learning will be fun for my students.

When I signed up for EPM I made the decision to go all-in with the training. This carried over to being all-in with my business and life dreams. EPM is not just about creating and marketing an experience product, it is also a guidance tool that helped me get clarity about my business and life as a whole.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The gamification motivated me to stay on track, finish all of the training, and utilize my coaching sessions.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I was engaged throughout the whole product creation process. This kept me moving forward instead of stopping when I felt resistance or stuck.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

When I signed up for EPM I made the decision to go all-in with the training. This carried over to being all-in with my business and life dreams.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

EPM is not just about creating and marketing an experience product, it is a also a guidance tool that helped me get clarity about my business as a whole.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Watching how this product is changing the lives of my clients and students.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for this incredible experience, and I will forever be grateful!

Natalie Hill

I had a great online program that people loved. It's Called HIPS, or High Impact Program System. When I asked for their testimonials my students were delighted to give them to me. BUT, when I asked who'd sold their program, who'd actually made money from the HIP they created, no one had anything to report. I felt like I'd failed. Yes, they loved what they learned, loved taking my program. But for me, if no one got results from HIPS, what good did it do?

EPM showed me how I could offer a bold guarantee, set people up to succeed with a point system and incentives along the way, give them coaching to help them create their own programs, and most importantly, get them out there into the world offering their gifts and delivering their brilliance.

I wasn't at all sure it would work. I had this fear that half the people would claim the guarantee and I'd have to pay back thousands. I'd even set up a savings account so I'd be sure to have the money. But what happened instead blew me away. Out of 20 students, 19 were totally engaged in the program from start to finish.

Some made money on their business for the first time ever. Others switched from a 1:1 model to working with groups. One woman came out of retirement and last I heard, enrolled 7 in her $1997 group program. An executive coach changed his niche from business to personal development and reported that he'd made $24,000 on his new 1:1 program.

One woman created a program to help isolated men, get back engaged in life. Her program generated so much buzz, women asked her to create the same program for them!This time, by just making a few small switches to experiencify a model that was already working, my students took courageous action and got results that were elusive before. I realized that the courage and action-taking was in my students all along. They just needed a little nudge, in the form of a plan, the tools and the support to make it happen.

And EPM gave ME the plan, tools and support to learn how to do that and to implement it in my own online programs. Now I've got 2 experiencified online programs. But what I've done won't stop there. Because what I've learned in EPM is so impactful, so effective at helping my students get great results, I can never go back to the old way - without using the 10 Experiencification keys.

I'm an EPMer for life!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Simpler is often better. It was the simple 1:1 methods that converted.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM helped me become successful by providing the tools, training, support, motivation, rewards and timeline to launch and deliver a program in a compressed timeframe. Plus it was FUN!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM has helped me witness that if I want something, I can make time for it and I can succeed at it.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before EPM, my entry-level online program was just about creating a high impact program (HIP), but not about selling it and getting it out into the world. I didn't know all the ways that experiencifying my course could inspire, motivate and empower my students to be successful at not only creating their HIP, but also at marketing, selling and delivering it. Knowing what I do now about the 10 ways to experiencify my programs and products has already boosted my confidence, results and the results of my students. The ripple effect of this into the future is nothing short of magnificent.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? I'm most excited about putting all I've learned together in more diverse offerings. I'll bring the 10 Experiencification methods into workshops I lead, into my private coaching - everywhere!

Tamra Fleming

I've spent my entire career in instructional design and teaching, and yet, my courses were not selling. I had "launch fatigue," and was losing hope that the online university I wanted to build was a bad idea until this course. EPM gave me an invaluable structured roadmap to online course creating like no other.

For the past year and a half, I've done 6 program launches and none of them met my enrollment expectations. My recent launch using the EPM way, reaped the most students I've attracted to date in one program. I tripled my income because of this course and I'm now really excited to build my online course empire with EPM wisdom in my hip pocket.

The biggest thing I learned was to connect and listen to my clients at a deeper level. This got me out from behind my computer and connected and in relationship with those who will engage with my programs.

I'm aiming for my first 5-figure launch now, and I'm confident that I can do it, thanks to Marisa and the EPM team.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The structure for creating an experiential course and marketing it.

How did EPM help you become successful?

The road map, the validation and the core elements of making and marketing an online course were steps above what I have been doing. It was a great refinement of strategy, instructional design and how to bring people into the program successfully.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has reignited my passion for creating online courses. This latest launch is my 6th launch in a row. I've learned more with each one, but this time, I broke a sound-barrier and NEW people joined my course instead of just my loyal followers. EPM has given me the roadmap and the validation that when using the methods, you can and will be successful.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Adding new people into my community and growing my followers. I have loyal followers who buy almost everything I have, but I need more people to make the programs really successful. With simple strategies like the Chatterbox campaign, I got out from behind my computer and connected with people, this was a game changer for me.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

The instructional design model is right up my ally. I've been in the Learning & Organization Development profession (lastly as the head of training for Starbucks) my entire life and was on the forefront of accelerated learning instructional design in the 90's. Marisa is right on track with how she creates, delivers and promotes courses. I am very grateful to have this reconnection to something I love... helping people truly learn and feel good about it!

Kathryn Lowe

I had a burning desire for several years to create an online educational program. But I didn't know where to start or how to do it. And for that matter I didn't even know what the class was going to be about! But through EPM I was able to get clear on what I'm passionate about and who I want to serve. I became a Certified Financial Coach, and I now get to coach and train women to master their money and build financial security and wealth while staying true to who they are.

Through following Marisa's directions, I was able to create a marketing campaign anc course in 10 weeks. It now longer felt confusing and it was clear how to do it. And by the end of EPM I was inviting people to join me in the beta launch of the my new online class. It's the class I always wished I had when I was struggling financially.

On my way to launching, it wasn't always easy. Writing marketing copy was like learning a new language. It was challenging! It turns out I really enjoy it, but it was a stretch and it didn't come naturally at first.

And then when it came time to launch my marketing campaign I was so scared! Seriously. I wanted to quit. To give up. I felt too afraid to go through with it and my mind was begging me to quit. "Don't bother" my brain said. "No one will sign up for it anyway.'' "You'll suck at it and no one will like what you have to say anyway" my mind screamed. I was becoming convinced it was best if I gave up on this dream, because it sure would have been more comfortable!

But I didn't. And I sent the invites. And I told my friends and colleagues about the program I was offering. And you know what, people registered for the class! 11 of them! And I just lead the first lesson of the 8 Week Money Fix program today to my new students. What an incredible feeling! I already got great feedback and I'm so grateful I stuck with it, even though I was afraid. I'm so proud of myself and I'm so excited to guide these wonderful students through my new program.

The support I got in EPM kept me going, and now I've been able to fulfill a dream I've had for a long time. Now I get to help make a difference in people's lives, while getting to teach from anywhere in the world where there's an internet connection.

Thank you so much,

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM? So many takeaways! I'd say the biggest is that I didn't even know my niche when I started! Now I'm clear what I want to do and who I want to work with. That is HUGE!

How did EPM help you become successful? EPM walked us step by step through the process of creating a product. Because everything was broken down into bite-sized pieces it took the overwhelm out of the process. Also, the importance of the coaching cannot be overstated. We had so much support! I knew I was never alone.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I have been wanting to lead an online program for years, but I didn't know how or where to start. It felt mysterious and overwhelming. By doing EMP and being successful in creating and launching my first program, I have a level of pride and amazement at my accomplishments I haven't experienced before. While the steps to do this became very clear through this program, I experienced real fear as I put myself out there and asked people to pay money to take my program. But I pushed through the fear and I have grown tremendously as a person. It's hard to put into words how this feels. I feel courageous and proud of myself!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I started it! In 10 weeks I went from not knowing what my business or niche would be, to being clear on what I offer and launching my first group program. And I went from making zero to making $2000 in that same short amount of time too. Cool!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? I have wanted to create a program like the one I did while in EPM for a long time. Now I'm doing it! And it will become the flagship offering for my business. So I'm excited that I'm creating the foundation of a successful business that will make a difference for a lot of people.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I'm so grateful I enrolled in EPM! Really, it's the best course of it's kind I've ever done! Thank you.

Denise Gosnell

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

From EPM, my biggest takeaway was learning the importance of including the 10 experience escalation factors into all my future program offerings to make them more engaging and fun to complete.

How did EPM help you become successful?

The structure of EPM held me accountable to making progress, and made me even more excited to continue moving ahead. I also loved how EPM gave so many options to allow you to iterate your way to awesome even when you didn't have everything figured out.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I've been a successful entrepreneur for decades, and this is the first program I've completed all of the lessons for in years. That is very telling to the very point you made in your launch campaign - about the power of engagement. You made a believer out of me and I will never look at the delivery of training programs and coaching the same way. Thank you for opening my eyes to a much better way of engaging with your clients that is a whole lot more fulfilling! I still have a lot to finish, but now I know what is possible.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The biggest change has been in how I view the creation and delivery of my programs. Related to what I said above, the fact that this program is the only online program I've fully finished in years because of how engaging it made the whole process - that makes me view my business differently. I'll forever be working on including these same elements into all my future offerings.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm most excited about finishing the Experience Version of my program and membership site in March 2019 and keeping the momentum going. I already had a venture capital company reach out to me to ask if I'd like to sell my company, and that is very exciting to already have the attention of those kinds of companies with what I'm doing.

Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Before EPM, I offered my first small group online coaching and training program. While it was mostly a success, some students struggled with staying engaged and I didn't know how to inspire them to turn it around, I also offered too many modules and had to extend the program by two weeks just to give them extra time to be coached on and integrate the material!

I wasn’t sure what to do to make my program more compelling and set my students up to win. I joined EPM because I could feel that "experiencification" was the key to solving my issue. I also liked the idea of being authentically myself as I marketed and sold my product and wanted support in making my marketing as clear and grounded as possible.

I got way more than I expected out of EPM. Not only did I create a much better product this time around, a 12-week online small group coaching and training program for women called The Permission Program: From Pleaser to Pleasure, but I also was able to talk about it much more clearly about it to people and create a gorgeous sales page. I'm so much clearer about my niche and can talk about it in such a way that people say, "Oh yes, I know someone just like that who would benefit from your program!"

Thank you to Marisa and the team for an outstanding course!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The beauty, fun, and magic of experiencification! And to keep things simple to start. I chose not to do a webinar and extensive email campaign because my list is small, focusing instead on conversations. And the importance of making the problem, the results, and the future self super grounded and clear so that people can see themselves in both.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It systematically walked me toward creating a great product and also creating clear and powerful marketing for it.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I feel more confident to deliver a great program and also to talk about it with people. I'm more clear than I was before about who I am as a coach, who my ideal client is, and the results I deliver.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

While I made about the same amount of money when I offered my previous online coaching circle, it had too many modules and some people got behind and didn't fully participate. I feel way more prepared to create the conditions for more engagement and a deeper level of transformation this time around.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm excited to deliver a great product and keep iterating my way to awesome!

Christine MacCarroll

I had a name and basic outline of what I wanted to do with my program, but I was super stuck around getting it launched AND I wanted to create an amazing experience for my clients. I knew I had just a few months to really get my program off the ground so I could start serving more women and lead and create the tribe I dreamed of for my clients. I had a consistent word-of-mouth business, but knew I could do more and serve more than the 1-1 work was allowing me to do. EPM forced me out of my comfort zone, but also provided me with all the tools and resouces I needed to succeed... plus a strong dose of motivation and encouragement! I got my hormone-healing program (The Bitch Fix) off the ground, blew my mission accomplished goal out of the water, and feel super confident that I'll be able to repeat the process later this year when I launch again.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Not getting hung up on making everything exactly perfect in order to launch...I will always remember "iterate your way to awesome!"

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM kept me on track, focused, and making progress. The guarantee, the weekly coaching, the points....everything WAS a great experience that totally kept me engaged instead of letting this go and letting myself off the hook for actually COMPLETING my goal.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life? I launched! This is the first stop on what I expect to be multiple iterations of this product, and I'm so jazzed to get going!

What has been the biggest change in your business? Step one in helping me reach a bigger audience and stopping reaching my limit with 1-1 work. What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I can envision a future where I am spending most of my time creating and delivering, and living in alignment and flow!

Gwyndolyn Morasko

Right before I heard about Marisa's EPM program, I had decided that I needed to settle down and start implementing all that I had been learning in 2018 after I left my 34 year career in the Aerospace industry. I knew at my core that I didn't want to ever have to go back to a traditional corporate job. It had hurt my health, and ultimately led me to becoming a Holistic Health Coach and Certified High Performance Coach. I had some great business training courses under my belt, but none of them actually put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. How was I going to make a name for myself when every other post I saw on social media was my competition? Did I have something new to say? How could I stand out? I started to lose my confidence.

Then I heard about EPM. I first signed up for it because of the great guarantee, but even when life got in the way and I couldn't meet a few of the milestones, I didn't worry. I had already received such great coaching and feedback about my course idea, how to name it, and how to stand out in a noisy space, that I didn't care about the guarantee. It was worth every penny even if I DIDN'T launch on time or make my money back in the time frame. But once I started applying her marketing strategies, everything shifted for me. I found my voice, renamed my business page, and started reaching out to my followers.

Then the miracle happens. While following the strategies taught in EPM to drive people to my website and e-mail list so that I could share about my upcoming webinar and $347 six-week program, people started reaching out to me. By trusting my voice and believing in my value, I added a page on my website about my one on one coaching. A potential customer for my $347 program asked for the free strategy call that I offered, and ended up signing up for my $2500 one on one 12-week coaching package in order to dig even deeper than what I was offering during the 6-week course. That wouldn't have happened if I hadn't followed both the marketing advice, and had the confidence to broaden the scope during the free strategy session based on listening to the client's pain points.

I will still launch my planned 6-week one to few group coaching program in mid-February (Focus on Health Eating), and I have 3 people signed up so far even before the free sales webinar. I will follow that quickly with a $497 six-week signature course called Sugar Rehab, because this process and the response to my free reports and blog posts is telling me that there is a real need for Sugar Rehab.

This program, the coaches, and the supportive private facebook group have really shifted my internal belief in myself and in my programs. I will now feel even more confident in my high ticket one on one private coaching for both high performance health and high performance mindset, and plan to create a marketing strategy to fill my calendar with $2500 to $4000 private coaching clients, When I feel that I am very comfortable with all aspects of my private coaching packages, I will create "one to few", and then "one to many" versions of them to free up more time on my calendar. I'm definitely happy that I took this course, even with the challenges of life getting in the way a few times. I'm so excited to be able to apply what I've learned to my future program launches. The sky is the limit!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Do not limit myself. During a free strategy call, a potential client decided she wanted a complete transformation. In all areas of her life.....not just health. So she became my first ever paying client at a $2500 price point for 12 weeks of 1:1 coaching. It also helped me not be bashful about my capabilities.

How did EPM help you become successful? It built my confidence that I do have value to add to the world. It inspired me to market myself with several of the marketing campaign strategies. It helped me write out a plan for my next programs at various price points. I'm excited to go back and revisit the lessons for my original planned product "Sugar Rehab" .

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm more confident to continue on this path and not give in and go back to being a rocket scientist. I can see how I can go back to the modules and learn more for.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I got my very first paying client, and a vision and belief that there will be many more. I feel more professional in my approach. And I came up with a succinct way of describing what it is I "do" when people ask. "My super power is reacquainting people with their vision of their best future self, and then I guide them on their journey to making that vision a reality"

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Leveraging what I learn on this first launch for my next program that feels even more heart centered. I just had too much on my plate to set the date for that one, and I didn't want to make my "learning curve" mistakes on the one that I want to become more well known for.

Ron Wypkema

During years of recovering from a car accident and concussion I often felt limited and constrained in making much, if any contribution to others. I felt a powerful urge to be service to the evolution of human consciousness during the remaining time I have on this earth. I was to do this by synthesizing the insights and techniques for accelerated transformation that I’d discovered during the 38 years since my first spiritual awakening. Once my body and brain had recovered enough to begin effectively working again, I wasn’t sure how to best position myself, or which audience might be most receptive to the program I was being called to create. And I’ve felt that in this time of chaos, rapid change and uncertainty each of us is being invited to evolve into one of the new Highly Aware People™ that life now wants to emerge on the earth.

So, in service of my life purpose, I joined the Experience Product Masterclass and realized that gifted and talented healers, coaches, counselors, therapists, thought leaders and other transformational experts might be open to what I had to offer. After all, so many, if not all of us, on these paths want to be less reactive, and are always looking for new highly effective ways of expanding our consciousness, and accessing ever more of our higher potential, so that we can feel happier, deeply at peace, fulfilled and in balance in all areas of our life as we make our contributions to others and to humanity.

In the Experience Product Masterclass, I’ve created a program based on my new approach for the accelerated evolution of our consciousness. I call this new modality Aware Growth™ because it is based in the higher awareness beyond the intelligence of the mind. It is distinct from the many approaches of Personal Growth and improvement we have been diligently working on for so many years.

In my simple initial marketing for my beta test of the Aware Growth Masterclass™ I have already attracted some wonderful people for the program and generated $6000.00 in sales. Even more importantly, there is now a deep internal knowing that I have the brilliant teachings and trainings of EPM as a powerful foundation for expressing my life purpose with those whom I am here to serve.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The vital importance of stepping out of my comfort zone and implementing EPM product creation to take my impact, influence and contribution to levels beyond what I have previously experienced.

How did EPM help you become successful?

The sheer brilliance of Marisa's trainings. Marisa's clarity and teachings about how to navigate through the ego's objections and patterns so that we are no longer in their grip.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has given me a fresh and inspiring view of product creation and marketing. Continuing to learn and implement EPM has given me confidence about business I never had before.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

With this first experience product I actually now have the foundation for business. Prior to this, I was in delusion about what I called "my business."

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

With this product I've already generated more income than I have in the last four and a half years since my car accident and traumatic brain injury. I now have a remarkable model to follow and to continue my learning, and implementation.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

EPM has opened me to a whole new world of possibility!

John Stoker

I have been training and speaking for 20+ years. Unfortunately the market for live events has been changing. The younger folks who are being promoted no longer seem to see the necessity of holding live events. Consequently, I am learning how to reinvent myself and my business.

The EPM class was just what I needed. It helped me to understand all of the elements that I needed to consider in taking steps to building an online business that would sell the materials that would help individuals to develop themselves personally and professionally. Although I am just beginning I was able to hit mission accomplished and sell a number of people to take the online course. I will keep working at developing a way to market online more effectively and expand my reach.

Thanks Marisa for all your hard work!!

Phyllis Horner

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

There's a WOW! and an UGH! The WOW! The energy you put into the language, niche, testing, sales and marketing of an experience product is worth it! And the experience aspect hands down made me feel much more "stellar" vs. ordinary - this gave me a lot more confidence. The UGH! So much work beyond the course design that sometimes it's overwhelming. I think without the experience format, and my catching up for the red Tribe t-shirt, the overwhelm would have put me "underwater".

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM - I cannot say enough good about it! There are 3 main ways though: 1) Marisa's energy and her team of talented "Product Sherpas!" I could always reach out to them and the group for support, and I knew if I "went dark" someone would notice that. 2) The transparency of EPM's journey. When I was low I rewatched the story of the "crickets" response Marisa had a few years ago and I realized two things from it - first, she made our challenges "normal" by sharing that story, and showed pivoting and learning can bring eventual massive success. And second, she showed me that being transparent isn't scary, but actually empowers my tribe. 3) The direct feedback on my copy at all stages - Headlines, Sales Page, Module Missions, descriptions and Future Selves. This was super hard for a while till I caught on, and now, well I am excited to do more with it!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm on my way to create a great series of Experience Products over the next couple of years! An amazing ROI for a 10 week investment. Thanks Marisa, Murray, Christine, Don, Devin and the rest of the team!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Now, I'm ready to think bigger, be more innovative, build excitement into my products, and pivot as needed. Before, I was still hesitant on what would be a good strategy and what was chasing "squirrels"! I trust Marisa and team to be "a voice in my head" any time I need it.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

More, More, More!!! And changing other's lives for the better.

Cynthia Heather Stringer

I was burnt out and tired and I was worried that I was not living my full potential and serving in greater ways. I was on auto pilot in my business and life and had kind of dropped out. After being involved with EPM I realized I can be vulnerable and receptive and take care of myself and build a profitable and expansive business. By telling my truth it opened the doors to accepting and integrating my past accomplishments into this current focus. This was a turning point in how I see myself as a business woman.

Diane Przymus

Before EPM, I was coaching healers and heart-centered entrepreneurs on an individual level. I rarely did any marketing and almost all of my business was word of mouth. I knew I wanted to expand my business and increase my impact and income but felt overwhelmed by and resistant to the idea of marketing my services. I had been thinking about starting a group coaching program for the past 5 years and EPM gave me the inspiration, structure and support to finally create and launch my program.

I loved the amazing content and substance that Marissa provides in her modules and I was so enthused about what I discovered and created up until it was time to launch. I knew I had an amazing program that would help healers finally increase their impact and income but ironically, I hit my own wall when it came to putting my program out there. I felt paralyzed for days and for the first time in the course, I had serious doubts about my ability to reach mission accomplished.

Fortunately, I was determined to move past my marketing fears and with the help of Coach Matthew and my own inner guidance, I was able to find a path forward. I reached out personally to former clients and other healers I knew and was delighted that everyone said YES - and felt that my Full Practice Formula program came at the perfect time. After 5 years of germinating, this program is emerging into the world on March 4th! I learned that if I hide or delay sharing my message and programs, I am doing a disservice to my tribe. I also got to experience the exhilaration that comes from leaning into your fear and moving beyond it.

There are always gifts in every struggle and one of the gifts I received from my personal challenge in the program was a clear process to help my ideal clients move past their resistance and fear around marketing. My next step is to implement some of the other EPM marketing campaigns and reach a larger audience for my next program. Not only did I reach mission accomplished, I broke through a limiting mindset and now l know I can make a bigger impact in the world! Thank you Marissa for this amazing program, Coach Matthew for your authentic support, and the rest of the team and EPM community for everything you've done to help us achieve success!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The importance of dedication and resolve coupled with leaning into my fears. Also letting go of what doesn’t work for me, being true to myself and finding a path that that can move me forward when I am stuck.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have been talking and thinking about launching a group program for over 5 years. EPM helped m actually do it!!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I now feel confident that I could successfully design and sell and program so it gives me more enthusiasm for my business and the possibilities.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I was offering only 1:1 coaching, Now now have the capacity to help more people, make more money and offer my clients a more affordable price point.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

The experience and success I’m going to create and encourage for my clients.

Ken Blackman

"There is no more respected relationship expert in my circles than Ken Blackman..."

"I learned as much in that one session as I had learned in a year of group classes…"

"He is a role model for standing up as a grown-up successful male in our culture…"

"Ken Blackman understands women’s bodies better than most of us do ourselves…"

I'm good at what I do. That isn't the problem. The problem is, for most of my career I've been spared the need to ever market, sell, or even talk about myself. There were always others filling that role, and I could just focusing on coaching and teaching.

Which was a good thing, because I was comically, in fact famously, bad at it. As good a coach and instructor as I was, when I would participate in the marketing events, sales would drop. Training and coaching is simply a different skillset from marketing and sales.

Well, five years ago I separated from my business partners and took matters into my own hands. I'll tell ya the learning curve has been surprisingly slow and difficult. I've done decently, purely through referrals and reputation, and I feel good about that. (Again, others doing a much better job at selling me than I am at selling myself!)

But when it became time to scale, time to create a consistent, thriving business, I didn't seem to be pulling it off. And I couldn't identify why. I couldn't figure out what it was I wasn't getting. As a coach I can recognize when something is more of a mental block than anything else. That didn't mean I could just mindset my own way out of it, alone.

What's amazing about Marisa's Experience Product Masterclass is how thorough and complete it is. For other participants, those who needed to identify what it was they were bringing to the world, and EPM helped them with that. For me, the work we did on messaging shifted everything for me. So did the simple, highly effective, high-integrity marketing approaches. I didn't have to do anything other than what already comes natural to me, and yet I feel like I know what to do.

And as for the program I'm offering, I was able to take it far beyond good content. What makes a great design? What brings about a feeling of flow among the participants? What leads to high success rate on their part? What gets them to their goals? These are all things I learned to take my program from good to fantastic.

This is a system I can replicate. I now feel like I know how to design, market, sell, and host any kind of program I feel called to offer. I have so many ideas, I'm excited for the next one!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Oh there are several. If I set aside the embarrassment of riches of all the components we learned how to do... I'd say, again and again and again, it was the reminder that it wasn't a forever choice, just a now choice. That it was going to shift and change, and that part of the process of getting to the improved version I aspire to is to run with the current version I have.

How did EPM help you become successful?

1. By including all the components, all the necessary ingredients, and doing such a good job explaining each one. Most programs are either broad and have modules that are hardly more than placeholders... or they do one topic extremely well. EPM doesn't take on anything it can't explain really well, but it includes everything necessary.

2. The ordering of lessons didn't make sense... until it did. And then it was brilliant. Very well designed in that sense.

3. It modeled what it was teaching.

4. Plenty of support was available to make sure I got my questions answered, but even more importantly, to get the feedback I needed on what I was doing to really dial it in. Key for me personally, because of my big imbalance between my extensive experience running workshops and my lack of experience in marketing, was module 4.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I feel confident that I can replicate this. I feel confident that I understand everything that's needed. There used to be an ambient doubt, a kind of standing I-don't-know... or even worse, I-don't-know-what-I-don't-know... that's no longer there, and noticeable for its absence.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I believe I have the basis for consistency of income. That allows me to turn my attention to the long term vision of what I want to create, what I want to bring to the world, rather than always focusing on the urgency of firefighting and managing the immediate term fluctuations.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? Ten couples fundamentally shifting how they think about their own relationship, and stepping out into the world as examples for others of what's possible.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Big thanks and bravo. And also, thank you for setting an inspiring example as a messenger bringing something to the world yourself.

Bill Porti

As an Independent Educational Consultant, I've worked with high school students to develop a Plan for College, for over 8 years. During this time I've been quite successful as a 1:1 coach but I've always had a limit on my earnings potential due to the number of hours available to coach; especially since the students are in high school during the day.

While completing the course, I've been forced to "organize" my coaching. This has helped me to improve the structure and content of my 1:1 coaching and will help me be a more effective coach. My new online membership site is allowing me to go beyond my immediate geography and work with more students in the same hour of time.

Adam Guthrie

I was having a challenge growing my business because I was afraid of marketing. I didn't feel comfortable doing it, I felt like I was annoying people when I sent them an email or told them about what I offer. I joined the LYM program and learned how to speak with people about my business in a way that is enjoyable and that people are excited to hear from you. I've come to now realise that if I don't let people know about what I do then so many people would not have the opportunity to learn a simple and powerful way of eating and living that can improve their health and life.

A life where they now have the energy and clarity to experience more and live a life they love. I started chatting with my audience more and offering them tremendous value, education, and inspiration, and as a result, my audience grew. I also listened to what my audience really needed. Then created an experience product event that people are super excited to attend and to be part of.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

To focus on promoting my business

How did EPM help you become successful?

Taught me to listen to what customers want and need and to then communicate in a way that lets them know I can help them with that.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

More enthusiasm and confidence that I can repeat the process to continue building my business to help even more people improve their health and life.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

More activity promoting the business to find new customers

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Developing a new online product

Abby Rohrer

EPM was an answer to my prayers. As a spiritual healer with my own proven method, I was struggling to voice my work in a tangible way and to get my work out into the world in a bigger way. I've taken a lot of programs, had a lot of coaching, and I've developed and run many programs before. But marketing was very difficult -- I had a tough time finding the words to describe my powerful healing method, especially with people new to the concept. I was also looking for a way to keep people engaged in their own healing for a longer period of time.

EPM gave me a tangible process to go through to find and voice the words I needed to connect my experiential work and connect with my audience. It also gave me a way to add pieces to hopefully keep my students engaged for a much longer time so they can really experience more and more transformation and freedom for themselves.

Every single piece of the program was brilliant. All along the way I had aha's and new insights on how I could present my work and improve the experience for my audience and for me. Ultimately, before the program ended, I was able to market and bring in 20% more than my highest stretch goal and still have a 5 days before my cart closes!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Clarity! Marisa's process got me crystal clear about my mission and how to verbalize what I offer.

How did EPM help you become successful?

1. Helped me get crystal clear and verbalize what I do--this had always been a challenge before.

2. It was super motivating--yes, it was great to check the boxes and hear the sounds!

3. I met incredible people and we helped each other wholeheartedly. This was so special--hard to describe how incredible this experience was.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm willing to be even more "all-in" and play a bigger game. It's helped me to see a real path to doing that going forward.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I would gather a small group and run a program and run out of steam. Then I'd recuperate and regroup and start again almost from scratch because I couldn't see a real path to gain momentum. This has gone on for many years and it was exhausting. Now I see how a clear path to build my business and to keep my momentum going.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I think it may be the most exciting, relevant programs I have developed to date. I've never had an under $500 program before or a wide-open start point for my funnel. I'm VERY excited about it before I've been able to prove a chunk of my funnel right during the program.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

This is the BEST program I've ever done--though I wish it had been delivered over a few more weeks.

Susan Rumack

I was coasting for 12 years, totally stuck without any direction or even any idea of how to turn my beloved life coaching business into a real money making machine. I'm brilliant at attracting the sad story down and outers who really need help but can't afford me! There's something soul growing that pro-bono gives me that my high roller clients don't! My biggest challenge is that life coaching was supposed to be my retirement career but it seems I couldn't grow it beyond being the very expensive hobby, my accountant calls my business.

I wasted so much money and energy on other sure-thing marketing programs and gurus, always expecting them to be the solution, that when Experience Product Mastermind 2018 came along, I totally held back! But Marisa's coach kept after me,showing me benefit after benefit, for 3 days running until she convinced me that this was the magic pill that would get me to the finish line and make back my investment before the 10 weeks was over! Seriously, right into the last moment of the last day, I kept talking myself out of it, and then flashed my credit card and said YES a few seconds before the midnight deadline!

I was sure it was another $2,000 wasted! I really needed that money to pay back a debt. The guilt and fear gnawed at me and my daughters reminded me I'd have to stay focused for 10 whole weeks. It wasn't looking good and I hadn't even started. I joined Experience Product Mastermind and learned how I'd been on the right track just didn't have the finishing touches like learning about how to sell using Core Experience consciously to get the YES I needed to close the sale or how to use Surveys to build value and curiosity, or how to use Bonuses strategically.

I built a new program and rebranded myself as the Therapist's Coach, I found the market who needs and wants it. I also found a new business partner and we are building a membership group for a different buying group, BUT most importantly used Marisa program to find a 1:1 client who is buying my customized program worth 6 times my investment in Experience Product Mastermind. Pretty good for 10 weeks! Thanks Marisa Murgatroyd!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Structure was the biggest piece lacking in how I have developed my programs in the past. Experiencifying makes doing this work much more fun for me... and that reflects in the energy my clients are bring to joining my programs and buying my programs. Core experience was something I intuitively used, but now knowing HOW and WHY and WHEN to use it, even is simple surveys will make all the difference to both my marketing AND building my future programs.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Since I had done all the Origin Stories, Mission Statement for myself, my clients, and my product... I don't even know how many stories and missions I found, for myself and my product, I felt very confident quoting the highest prices I have ever asked for the work I do, when I pitched the 1:1 client. I also felt very confident in NOT offering a refund policy or guarantee of outcome. In my quote, I had built out the module framework but not fleshed it out because each session with this client will lead to the next as he is ready to move forward. He and I know the direction, the monthly topics and the milestones we need to hit and when we need to hit them in order to meet his deadline... but sessions will be built weekly and focused on his most pressing need within that months topics. We have had our first two sessions, with very positive outcomes and forward movement at each.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

My original intended program took up the first 5 weeks... and has not yet launched. I got to the survey, got 200 responses, with 71 email addresses, and have been nurturing them with results and reports. Through Chatterbox, I got a speaking gig, and got 21 more emails addresses who ALL wanted my Bonus... The Bonus was way too ambitious BUT built a 30 lesson program that I'll launch in the next 2 months... AND I pitched and won my 1:1 client that 6X'd the EPM $2K in 10 week goal... with a different product. On top of all this, I partnered with another EPMer and we are working on launching a membership program with related 2:few group workshops, and 2:1 VIP coaching. My next year is loaded with potential money making ventures AND now I have the tools to at least make a decent start that will bring in income while it's all building. I'd say EPM is a better than average 'good' investment if you are willing to do the work full time.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I love 1:1 coaching, AND I love doing what it takes to support each client. I've done 1:few groups in the past, and enjoyed them and was good at them, but never grew them because once I got past finding the group and delivering the training a few times, I didn't have a full menu of everything I needed to repeat and grow my success. For the first time I have REAL tools, REAL process, and a REAL understanding of the WHY behind doing each step. I have new excitement.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Building this 1:1 experience product is helping me to refine the tools that will work best in helping others who suffer as badly as this one extreme PTSD victim. I've worked with PTSD victims before... always with successful outcome, but this one has the potential to grow into a much larger program with more than 7K participants in just one country alone.

I'm most excited about this Experience Product because I can actually see HOW to move it forward even as I'm working each week with my 1:1 so that by the end of the 5 months, I will have a whole program ready to fly for 1:many. At the same time I'm embarking on a structured chatterbox campaign to find supporters, and affiliates and oh yes... clients... to make it fly by Summer and start officially in the Fall. All this is very exciting... I hope I can keep up with it all!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I came into EPM skeptical that I'd be able to maintain the pace, or use the tools, or not get turned off by the sidebar marketing for the next phases beyond EPM. I was challenged by all the heavy duty marketing for M2M, but learned so much from watching HOW Marisa markets with determination and added value all the way along. I'm grateful to have been more than just a fly on the wall in this training, and am grateful that I will have lifetime access to all these tools.

Thank you Marisa and to your incredible team of dedicated coaches and support team. Thanks to Murray and Marisa for Heroic and the 12 month membership which I plan to use extensively and for Thinkific. I would never have tried either but even at this early stage in all 3 of these new products, feel that there will be great streamlining of my marketing with these two advantages. FYI I'm turning 70 year old this summer, and in 4 weeks, I pack my home into a pod, put it in storage and travel the world for 4 months, coaching, building, marketing and chatterboxing all the way. I'll let you know how it goes, if you are interested. Maybe 2020 for the next M2M.

Hazel Wagner

I am partly retired. I like to keep busy teaching, sharing my years of experience and wisdom gained. I didn’t know how to do that on my own instead of through other companies. This program gave me the tools and motivation to build my own unique version of a company that sells experience products.

Heide Lambert

We've been successful direct sales business owners for many years. When we made a shift to a virtual office we realized that operating without a brick and mortar location was such a relief. 10 years later after we sold our previous business thought it would be easy to get into an online business. The technical was a huge obstacle but looking back it was moreso a lack of mentorship. We got involved in an affiliate marketing business through a friend and learned about a duplicatable automated presentation and purchase system.

That was $4,000 USD. It took 3 years to get through trying to master that business model only to learn that the leadership seemed to move from one opportunity to another, which was about another $12,000 USD "lesson". Understanding that, we were totally turned off and decided to go back to our roots and create our own product based on how we made over $50M in direct sales. That took about 8 months and our beta class was very well received and opened up some one on one coaching opportunities.

But still not where we wanted to take this business. Now we had the issue of facebook advertising which we'd taken a course on $500 USD. Fast forward another year we came across Marisa and EPM. By then we were fairly jaded to "courses" but something Marisa was saying drew us into taking another roll of the dice.

After taking the EPM we have a working salespage, thank you page, payment system, follow up PDF material ready to download, an autoresponder is set up with our initial nurture series setup, we have a survey and a plan for our launch. The course had amazing tech coaching available that taught me too many things to list! All of this after 4+ years of stumbling around buying other courses!

Thank you EPM and Marisa for putting together this "real training" course to seriously help those who want to build an online business, help themselves.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I'd say messaging. It was daunting but there were so many exercises in the beginning focused on it, it made it very comfortable by the home stretch building out the marketing materials.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM gave us accountability, within direction so we knew what we needed to do. We trusted the process.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

We now have a real online business, we've seen money come through our sales page and into our bank. It's an empowering experience.

What has been the biggest change in your business

We have a whole new course that now has students enrolled! Before we second guessed what we should be doing and now we are moving forward with confidence.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

We'll continue to improve and our knowledge will help us to create more as things evolve.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Marisa is brilliant and I very much appreciate this course, the work and the support EPM provided.

Melva Johnson

More hope

Rosalind Cook

I was on the isial piano teacher treadmill of seeing talented and potentially talented students practice less than they could have as they became complacent about what piano could offer them as an artform, recreation, and a wholistic challenge that is very rewarding. One thing with piano is that it is a long-term, often a decade-long project to become very proficient, so a powerful start is essential.

EPM gave me a powerful new pathway to pile on the requisite skill-building and content without losing the overall quality of the music making. Just because students are beginners doesn't mean that they can't play beautifully, and EPM showed me how and why to think about harnessing that love for the beauty of the piano and for music making, in a way that made my client desire more and more piano, not as little as they could get away with! Thank you Marisa and team!!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

That the death spiral was affecting all of my existing piano students, no matter how well that they were taught because I never focused on the why

How did EPM help you become successful?

I connected with their why and I gave them a taste of bing a musician. Every one of them was able to read and write music with remarkable speed in the time frame.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Never the same again!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The way that I promote this year will be completely experiencified! I hope also to arrest the drop-off rate in practicing piano at home, because the kids in my new programme practice a lot and outdid the ones who have learned for a year or two, dare I say. My income probably is the same, as if I would have taught them the old way 1:1, but I have so much more in the way of fast results to promote in the future, and can keep my fees high. I can also share this with other music teachers. There are definitely business opportunities there peer to peer as I am an experienced teacher who is learning new tricks!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I would like to watch the videos again and again, and not just listen to them, as I had lots of internet speed issues in our tropical location due to colonies and flooding. I would like to share with others who teach.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Love your work and thanks to coach Tiffany who did her best for me before I got flat out with senior students exams, reporting at a local school, music summer school, and holidays!

Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

I have achieved it. What do I mean by 'it'? A big shift towards having a location independent, laptop lifestyle. And also a lot of movement towards being more valuable for my tribe. I am getting more superheros along. Focusing on creating more leaders. The clarity in terms of messaging has vastly improved. All this is putting me in a unique situation which will help me big time to increase my revenue and profits and grow every month.

Wendy Petties

I had been in business since 2005 always on the side, always in the shadows, working full time and doing my business in my "Spare Time". I wasn’t sure what to do to move my part time hustle to my full time joy, even though that is what I teach others to do. I joined EPM and realized that practicing what I preach is my key yet success. I created a pilot and sold 10 spots in it and am never looking back. Over $8,000 later I now have a plan to build even greater success by being exactly who I am, doing exactly what I want to be doing and helping others to do the same.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

That with simple changes I can make what I do such a better experience for my clients.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM helped me become successful by laying out a simple plan for success.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I now KNOW I can take care of myself fully with my work.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was just doing this on the side and now I know I can do this and fully support myself.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am most excited about getting better and better at this and making the experience for my clients unforgettable.

John Roney

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Outstanding methodical structure to take action in building my business. Still have a long way to go, alot more to learn, and even more importantly alot more to put into action!

How did EPM help you become successful?

Gave me the format and structure I needed to make progress in growing my business.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Providing increased confidence that I can do this!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I do plenty of work with a colleague for his business, but now I've landed my first solo client for my business!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Help in establishing my own business website!!

Kristian Borglund

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The importance to focus on a specific mission.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I got a specific offer/product in place.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I've got more confidence, and am taking the first important steps to move my future in a new direction.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was procrastinating about putting together an offer that would take my business into a new direction. Thanks to EPM I have taken the first steps to transcending my business career.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? Experience a new future for myself, where my revenues comes from activities I'm more happy about doing.

Jelena Radovanovic

I started the EPM with a product idea on brand building I was passionate about, but not completely clear on, and the first challenge I hit was DARN IT Marisa is actually the best in the world when it comes to branding, how can I ever compete?

It took 4 iterations of the product and a lot of soul searching to discover what it is that I can be the best in the world at, and now I've created an amazing program exactly because I was challenged to really dive into my talents (something I've always been too lazy to do). The best learning experience ever!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

1. Focus on what you do 120%

2. Take action, even if you don't feel like it, because that changes everything

3. Discovering the FUN in iterating, pivoting and experimenting

How did EPM help you become successful?

Focus, for one. Community (including the EPM team and the students) helped me go through a challenging process of discovering what it is that I have to offer to the world, and to NOT give up when I felt it was all for nothing.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before, I wasn't very clear on what my business actually is and what's my place in it, and now, with so much focus on this product and why I am THE person to deliver it, I've found a lot more clarity and confidence in my own abilities to serve the world my way.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? 'm super duper excited about delivering it! I've created something I believe is truly amazing, and I can't wait to share it with my students.

Ray Strohl

Here is my story of my adventure to MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I had ideas on how I could help people improve their lives. I created a website using Wordpress. The problem was I had no idea how to market it. No idea. No help. I was told the best way was an email list. I had no contact list. No email list. I was a complete novice.

I was receiving webinar invites for high price do it yourself courses. I needed more than that. Other webinars spent most of the time pushing upsells by known people. I had no idea who Marisa Murgatroyd and Murray Gray were until a first time invite came. I listened. No upsells at that point. I came aboard for marketing. I did not have any cash available for the course. I had no client base.

In college, I ran away from some psychology courses, unless they were required for my degree. So no coaching business like others. Ivette and I talked about the 9 pay. I was given a lot of leeway on getting the first payment together. Thank you, Ivette.

In retrospect, I believe it was divine intervention that sent Marisa, Murray, Don, Coach Samara Stone, Christine, and others to me. I put my faith in my G-D to lead me. I believe he did. I was late starting. Then came Coach Samara, who pushed on me hard at times. I know I pissed her off a couple of times. Out of the trainings came my product title, a very unique one. Getting me to concentrate on relieving stress. I haven’t forgotten my other concepts. Only that I’m going to feed them off the concept of reducing stress and anger first.

I had no clients. No contacts for chatterbox campaign. Then about a month ago, Coach Samara yelled at her group do something to get started, whether it is good or bad. She scared me. That night, I decided that my best way to get out into the public eye was a Facebook business page. My chatterbox. It went live the next day. Since then, it has exploded.

My next step is a more structured chatterbox campaign, giving the public what they need, less stress, less anger. Then my course that I designed, Relieve Stress - The Kabbalah Way. Marisa and the LYM tribe was greatly helpful to this very green novice Today, I just hit the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED amount.

Thank you, Marisa, Murray, Don, Christine, Ivette, and the other members of LYM team for your support. You, all, were heaven sent to me. Thank you once again.

Joseph Umidi

Before EPM I was stuck in making assumptions about my niche and what they needed. I had created several online products that were never launched. As soon as I was captured by the videos and the interactions on the coach calls the scales seemed to fall off my eyes and I realized that I could approach my marketing future with a whole new enthusiasm!

With a combination of Chatterbox and Application I was able to recruit my original goal of 12 to become certified facilitators to carry my training beyond my limited borders and discretionary time frame. Then I realized I could focus on my speaking platform and jumped in on the Heroic site that matches who I am. This will truly become my most creative season as I move forward with what I have learned and with what I will continue to learn as I stay part of this great community!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The spirit and culture of EPM is a powerful river that carries you forward. By keeping the main thing it enables us to not caught up in the backwaters of perfectionism. The system works as we work the system and we work the system because the system itself is a boredom buster.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I am forever changed by the process of doing the Milestones and wrestling my niche and my Product Mission to the ground. Now, I have the right approach and questions to all my future products.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I am amazed at how many people I have already helped by my coaching them to think and focus in the way EPM has helped me. My questions are clear and the responses are quite amazing. Of course, it is not just the questions but the heart behind them which has been modeled so well by all of the EPM staff. It is what I call a "culture of honor".

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was targeting only professional coach training but now I am able to target professional conversation training. The expansion of my market and the lowering of my price point has opened up my marketing vision and plans for a robust business going forward.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am excited about offering this product to even narrower niches; parents/teens, etc. I am also excited about building on this foundational course to training of Conflict and Reconciliation training. Finally, I am opening up a membership site that will emphasize Ambassador quality Communication and Influence skills that will use this course as part of the benefits. See www.goresearch.me/ambassadorsassociation

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I want to be an affiliate for EPM and spread it globally.

Vincent Oppong

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

No matter your skill or experience in Life, you have something to offer.

How did EPM help you become successful?

By equipping me with the KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING on how to package my skill and expertise into a business to help others achieve their dream.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Its given me the confidence and zeal to know and experience what is possible in life

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I didn't have an online business before but now I do. It’s just a matter of growing it by repeating it over and over again.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Am excited about what is possible going forward.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Am just grateful to God for his grace to pursue this dream and helping me to see the desired results after almost 3years in this online space. God bless Marisa, and all the team behind the scenes, the coaches (Team Coach Uwe) and all my fellow EPMers for their Zeal, Commitment, Persistence and Perseverance in the pursuit of their Dreams.

Brad Reed

Brad Reed, creator of the Veteran PTSD Symptom RELIEF Experience I have 18 years of experience with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping) and had been trying to start a business around that on and off for years. After 8 years of beating my head against the "internet marketing" brick wall, I had completely given up and walked away from following pretty much anything IM related. I even went back to college at 55 years old to earn my Master's in Clinical Mental Health so that I could actually work in an industry where I could use my experience and Tapping skills to help people release their trauma.

I was applying for Counselor and Therapist jobs when I ran across Marisa's EPM email one Sunday afternoon. I dove into the sales content, watched videos and recognized that EPM was the piece that I was still missing...even after investing 8 years and close to $75K in coaching and training programs. Then I saw the program guarantee - do the work and make back the program cost, or Marisa would bridge the difference - and I pulled the trigger and purchased. I knew I was committed to doing the work, and the guarantee was just the safety net I needed to spur me into action after 3 years away from ANYTHING IM related.

So I followed along and consumed the content while taking the actions needed to achieve Mission Accomplished...one module at a time. Content creation was never a problem for me, it was the marketing part that always tripped me up - but this time...things were different. Originally, I was focused on helping couples with their relationship (especially 'nerd couples' since my BS is in Electrical Engineering!) but I had trouble figuring out how to reach them. So I pivoted away from what "I thought I should do" and focused on what I wanted to do - help Veterans release their PTSD symptoms using Tapping interventions. Once I made that change, it all flowed smoothly, and I was authentically able to run my Chatterbox Campaign without feeling sleezy and like a used car salesman!

I was Chatter boxing at a MeetUp event shortly before Christmas and telling everyone at the table about my EPM product - the Veteran PTSD Symptom RELIEF Experience. I had just mentioned that I was planning on charging $100/per person to attend and hoped to get 20-30 people to attend this Beta group, when the guy across from me, whom I'd never met before said, "I want to sponsor the event so the Veterans don't have to pay anything!" He went on to say that he would provide the venue where the event could be held, would pay for snacks, and would also be able to arrange for finding the Veterans to attend as well. I was speechless! My Chatterbox campaign had actually worked! And the result was WAY better than I could have ever imagined! I just have to show up and present the experience event!

The big challenge has been timing. With the holidays closing in, (along with all of the germs that get shared by everyone who is traveling) Mark, his team, and others have been struggling to all be healthy enough at the same time to complete the planning so we can deliver the event. And there have been interesting developments in the interim - a second target market has emerged, and they come with a big built-in budget too (more in a moment!) The big realization that came with Mark's sponsorship is that Mark isn't the only philanthropist interested in helping Veterans! What that really means is that I can use the success of this first event to show other philanthropists what's possible from an event like this. And in so doing, enlist their help by sponsoring additional events in other parts of the city, the county, the state, the region, the country, and around the world!

Oh, and that second target market - Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services personnel - all are exposed to horrific and traumatic events that can haunt them for years. I can help all of them too. It only takes their attendance at this 4-hour event. And the second-best part (the best part is helping them) is that all of those emergency services departments all have big annual budgets to help their personnel with self-care and trauma relief! It is already in place waiting for a proposal of service!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I don't have to sell to my audience (Veterans with PTSD) in order to help them. I can sell to a philanthropic sponsor for the event and get paid while helping the Veterans relieve their PTSD. Additionally, in talking with Coach Jennifer Rada, she shared some insider information with me about Fire Districts having big budgets to help their people with self-care and trauma relief. She told me about a $30K proposal she saw for a Yoga class for 17 fire stations worth field personnel! My second target audience will be helping Police, Fire, and EMS personnel to relieve their PTSD and traumatic memories. I've spoken with some police officers, and they've seen some really F'd up stuff that haunts them for years.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I helped me change my product focus, target audience for delivery, and especially my sales target audience to a sponsorship model, rather than an individual sale model. This means fewer sales calls needing to be made, resulting in bigger paydays, and helping more people with trauma, and doing it all more easily.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I knew I wanted to help people with trauma histories and PTSD in particular. (That's why I went back to school to earn my Master's in Clinical Mental Health at age 55!) I've known that LOTS of Veterans fall into that category, and yet the ones who need the help the most are often the ones who have the least ability to "buy a solution." Shifting to the sponsorship model, has massively shifted may ability to succeed - both in terms of sale, and sales dollars, as well as the number of people who can benefit. Plus with the second tear focus on Police, Fire, EMS personnel, the ability to quickly and easily identify potential customers has exploded, and my personal success will follow. I've wanted to teach this 'on the road' and now it looks like I will have that opportunity in a different way than I had previously envisioned.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Shifting the focus from the marketing grind of finding individual buyers to focusing on philanthropists for event sponsorship means a 100x increase in impact with an equal decrease in the number of sales conversations needed.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Getting paid to not only do what I love, but to create a massive positive impact and change in the lives of Veterans and their families.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would love to hear any suggestions others may have for philanthropic sponsors to contact, as well as suggestions for other "audiences with trauma" who could be easily identified and served. Lots of individuals have trauma histories, and yet they don't tend to self-identify by being a part of an easily identified specific "group." Suggestions are definitely welcome!

Risa Gaull

Finally, after years of struggling, I have created a program that feels authentic, which I am passionate about offering! I didn't really know how to package my ideas into a program or how to position it in the market. EPM really helped me get clear on what I have to offer, and who I am meant to help:

I help professional women in midlife who are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed or exhausted... experience greater peace, replenish their energy, accomplish more with greater ease, and love their lives again!

With slogans like "Done is better than perfect", and "Iterate your way to awesome", EPM also helped me move past "perfection paralysis" and finally put myself out there! My program is called, "Tame Your Tension" (TameYourTension.com) I'm excited to finally be able to pursue my passion and my soul's calling, while building a sustainable business!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

How to make programs engaging and experiential

How did EPM help you become successful?

Helped me put my ideas into a signature system (which I'm sure I will iterate!)

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Helping me move past "perfection paralysis". "Done is better than perfect" and "Iterate your way to awesome" are two of your mottos I keep in mind! It's a good first step to packaging what I have to offer, helping me get clearer on what that is- putting into tangible form, and putting myself out there!

What has been the biggest change in your business? Before, I didn't really know how to package my ideas into a program or how to position it in the market. Now I have a viable product which I am offering, and will iterate upon that.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Finally having a product that feels authentic, that I can feel passionate about offering!

Rochelle Kalisch

I had reached a wall in my Brick and Mortar Business. I no longer wanted to be tied to a store that had rigid hours. I wanted a new and easygoing lifestyle. I knew that the only way to do it was to create an online business. This terrified me. I am such an online illiterate that the prospect of selling online was daunting!

Until I joined EPM. Marissa seemed to fuse the human aspect with the online convenience. It was easy to reach people online, although I am still scared it is not as unfriendly as I had thought! It really took me a long time to unfreeze and get started. The encouragement and validation of my idea was super important and helped me move forward. I am actually really excited at the prospect of helping "my designers" achieve their new understandings and new knowledge based on my course teachings. I could never have done it without the help of EPM!!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

You can really start small and build on that. The chatterbox campaign saved my life! I am not so adept with the online digital world and knowing that I could do it with the personal touch helped me actualize my dream!

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have never sold anything online and was not convinced that I could. This has helped me break the ice...so now I can try again and do better next time!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

My dream of building an online business is one step closer. I had done brick and mortar ALL MY LIFE.. This is so different...BUT I have finally proven to myself that I can do it!

What has been the biggest change in your business?I am less anxious about reaching out to people online. It is easier to "cold call" for me online, now. I have turned many people into prospects that I wouldn't have otherwise! Prospects mean sales! Sales means income!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am excited about reaching and helping people that I may not have reached otherwise! I am happy about being able to reach people all over...no limitations. Not tied down to my store anymore!!

Joanne Pearce

Before EPM I was wanting to create an online program and I didn't have a clue where to begin. I was getting so frustrated trying different programs which didn't give me what I needed at all and as a result I was beginning to lose hope. Life as I knew it had fallen apart on a major scale and I was somewhat reluctant to hand over money, yet again, for something that may not be what I was looking for.

I watched the introductory videos Marisa sent out and something about her message gave me hope and I had a very strong sense that she had what I was looking for. I joined the Experience Product Masterclass on a leap of faith and it was the best thing I could have done. I knew from the moment I logged in I had made the right decision.

Every step of the way, the Experience Product Masterclass team of Coaches and Marisa herself gave us guidance and structure. I was stuck initially on choosing my niche market and as I learned in the program this is a very important decision. Having this piece alone was a tremendous breakthrough. It took about a week of reviewing some of the material to assist me in making this decision. Once that was established a big shift took place within me. I now had clarity on the direction I wanted to go in and this changed everything..

I am a Life Coach, a Consultant with Proctor Gallagher Institute and I've been a National Educator in the Spa industry where I did quite a bit of educating usually through live events. I wanted to take the reach I experienced back then and leverage myself through my own program which I've been teaching for over 10 years on some level, working in small groups or 1:1. I came to understand very quickly that there is a definite way to build an online product properly and it takes lots of planning, and lots of strategies to get it right. It is both an art and a science and Marisa has masterfully woven both into the course content.

The Experience Product Masterclass helped me to get very clear how I want to work and that I can have a bright future creating online programs. I have all the pieces I need to do it over and over again. My Niche market is a broad one and includes Health and Wellness and Personal Development. Looking forward I am thrilled to launch my first Experience Masterclass Product and many others that compliment the first one. I'm at a stage in life where I've done a lot of working away from home being on the road and I'm looking very forward to this new chapter in my life in writing programs.

What I accomplished in the 10 weeks that the class ran for was more than I could have imagined doing in half a year. It was a complete roadmap from start to finish and no details were left out of the program. I was also in need of a website and I'm thrilled that there is an opportunity to set up a fabulous site with Heroic and an online school with Thinkific . I'm working to get both of those set up. Without Marisa's program I don't know if I would have ever gotten to where I am now, never mind in 10 weeks. This program was truly incredible and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I couldn't have asked for anything more or better. Thank you Marisa and thank you to Coach Mike and all the EPM team. This was exactly what I needed!!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My biggest takeaway was the incredible order and structure involved to create a product properly. There are so many components involved and each segment is important. There is so much involved and I never would have figured it out on this level alone. Thank you!

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM brought clarity where there was confusion. It laid out the complete foundation on how to do this with a no fail attitude and as a result I hit my goal. The guidance and Coaching from everyone was extraordinary, the system was exceptional and I'm so glad I took a leap of faith and joined the program!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM has given me hope again. I wanted to create something online and was getting more and more confused trying different programs that weren't what I needed. Now I feel confident in moving forward and I can create as many programs as I like with the EPM formula! This will open up a whole new income stream while impacting the lives of many.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The biggest challenge in my business before EPM was not understanding how to get from where I was to create an online program. I wasn't earning anything from anything other than one on one coaching and now it is looking very exciting with the potential although I chose to do a small group for the first run and earned $2485.00 for the first run.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am sooo excited to launch my product using the EPM formula which will enable me to work with more people than I have been able to work with in the past. I'm also excited about adding on additional modules or "part 2" etc for continued learning.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The EPM program went beyond my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can't say enough about the Professionalism, quality of information and I loved the option to use Heroic and Thinkific. I didn't have a site which was a stuck point and now I'm building a site too.

Lynda Buitrago

In 2017, I was struggling in my functional nutrition practice for five out of the past six years. My Master’s program didn’t teach us a thing about marketing or running a practice. I joined a small clinic and hoped for the best. I read all the business websites, blogs, books, etc., I could get my hands on, but it felt like I was drinking from the firehose of entrepreneurial knowledge, and it was super overwhelming. I’d start down one path after another, only to abandon it before I’d gotten anywhere. One year I got lucky and I found one star client who did all the services I had to offer. If I had just two of them, I would have reached six figures!

At the end of 2017, I was tired of the ups and (mostly) downs and I was all fired up to start all over again and strike out completely on my own instead of as a contractor in someone else’s clinic. I spent November and December visioning my business, my life, and my best self. I was inspired! I was ready!

Then in January 2018, my dear Dad took a turn for the worse in his 10-year battle with cancer. After a valiant effort to stay with his beloved family, on February 3, he passed away.

My 100-year-old Grandma, who was like my second mom, took the news of her son’s death hard. A few days later, my sister and I became her full-time caretakers after she had the first of a few strokes.

The next day, my Mom left town to be at her own mother’s bedside. Nine days later, my other Grandma “crossed the rainbow bridge.” My two grandmothers had been friends for 75 years! My husband stayed in town to support us even though his father went into the hospital with a brain hemorrhage (he pulled through and is still with us). All this and February wasn’t even over yet.

Over the first three months of being Grandma’s nurse at home, I lost the few steady clients I had. She was finally admitted into a nursing home, and I went there a few times a week to supervise her care. So we could sleep again at night, but my mind was so not in business mode.

It wasn’t until then (in April) that I could even think about doing my parents’ taxes and making all the final financial arrangements after Dad’s departure. Then there was attending and planning all the funerals.

During all of this, my husband’s mother was struggling with dementia. In August, just 5 days shy of her 101st birthday, my paternal Grandma joined her son in the afterlife. Two weeks later, my husband’s mother joined the growing family party in the Infinite.

Just one more funeral to plan and one more to attend. I felt like maybe the rip tides that kept pulling me under every time I caught my breath were finally over. This all would have been tough enough even without the specter of poverty looming over our heads since I only made four figures in 2018 and my husband had a lean year, too.

I was determined but also desperate and almost completely broke. Somehow, Marisa’s EPM program appeared in my inbox from a JV partner and I was drawn to watch the entire promo video series. I was convinced this is what I needed, but I hesitated. Was this the way I should spend my last $2000 of credit? At the last minute, I went for it.

I dove into the lessons and stayed up late every night that first week. Bad idea. I made one sale for $297 in November, before the flu knocked me down for a week. Just when I thought I was fine, some other weird bug took residence in my body and for 3 weeks I struggled through the EPM lessons. Finally in the last week I had to give in and stay in bed and focus 100% on healing. For someone who normally doesn’t get sick, this was not only frustrating, it was alarming. I started to wonder if my subconscious was doing this to me, as if I really were so afraid of success that I decided to make myself ill.

In the home stretch at the end of January, I made one 1:1 sale for $1794 and I’m claiming this toward Mission Accomplished because this is someone who wanted to work with me on an even deeper level after learning what I had to offer during our discovery call. I wasn’t expecting a Hail Mary play in the end, but it happened!

I wouldn’t be here without Marisa and her wonderful team. I’m still planning to market some more during February and to begin the course in mid-March so I’ll have more than two students. I’m more than happy with the results and I would recommend EPM to anyone who’s struggling with their business! Thank you so much!

Lisa Duerre

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Clear missions and engagement steps make for a much better experience and word of mouth referrals

How did EPM help you become successful?

Showed me how to bring more of me into the process and got me to think strategically about the experience from pre-game to post-game.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Proud Word of mouth referrals Two new clients as a result of the retreat. Thank you!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I have two high ticket clients as a result of their experience. It was an easy yes from them both. Increased traffic and likes on my social medial posts from attendees as well. More visable and more engaging since EPM.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

So many ideas from low hanging fruit to much larger group coaching program ideas.

Rachel Theriot

I was having major issues around sales to make my plans for a coaching business reality. I wasn’t sure what to do because coaching was a completely new industry for me, and EPM was a big investment because I had just been laid off a couple of weeks before it started from 16 years at a Fortune 100 company (my whole career!). Despite the pain and uncertainty, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and had to shortcut the learning curve. It was critical that I do everything possible to get on the path to replacing my income and be able to provide for my husband, 3yo son and 1yo daughter.

I joined Experience Product Masterclass and discovered everything I had been missing – entrepreneur community, accountability and superhero hacks! In the course of the 10 weeks, I went from $0 and 0 clients to $4,188 and 4 clients. The journey was truly transformational. Although I thought I knew my niche very early, I didn’t nail it until the very end of the program. It took dozens of customer conversations with folks I thought were NOT my ideal clients to really hone in on what was most valuable about me to other people (and I was so stubborn that it took me weeks to make the shifts that eventually brought me success.)

I also have the guarantee and tech issues to thank for reaching Mission Accomplished; I had succumbed to the Marketing MindF#$% and given up hope. I had one sale relatively early that got me halfway to mission accomplished, but after that things dried up. At 3pm on the absolute last day to claim mission accomplished, I thought I had pulled out all the stops. I had sent emails, held over a dozen discovery sessions, more chatterbox conversations, and I just didn't know what else to do.

I resigned myself to not achieving MA and had already hit the Graduation button. I was working on my materials to submit for the Guarantee to get the other half of my tuition back and realized that Zoom had overwritten the recordings of my latest discovery calls, so I was a few short to qualify.

In desperation, I reached out to a few people 1:1 and asked them to let me give them a free session and record it for my class. These prospects were not my ideal customer (I thought), and I went into the conversations relaxed and not attached to the outcome. Much to my surprise, all 3 of them agreed to become clients!!! More than 75% of my final sales came in at the very end and from people I had talked to half a dozen times about my product… but never before had asked them for a sale.

While the amount I earned isn’t enough to replace my corporate income, I’m confident now that I CAN DO THIS! And create my ideal life for myself and my family without having to sell my soul back into the corporate world! I also am humbled by my new understanding of "Never Give Up" and "Don't take your tribe for granted (by not even recognizing them!)"

Lissa Sandler

I was having a problem getting my 1st course off the groud. I didn't have a framework. And I kept putting it off. I didn't have the momentum I needed to make it happen. I wasn’t sure what to do. I knew that if I could create another form of income, something that I could eventually turn into an evergreen funnel that my business would start to feel like I could get traction. Always doing one to one work was getting overwhelming and I was buring out. Plus I had a ceiling on how much I could make because of the fact that I could only do so much one to one work. I joined EPM and I learned the exact steps I needed to follow to create and market the program that I had always dreamed of creating. And now I am starting my first beta round of my course in less than a week.

Being in EPM gave me the support and the timeline I needed to get it done. I am motivated by working in a group. And I also loved the group coaching calls. I learned so much from the questions other people asked. I am super excited. I am already at $3976, 8 students and I am just ending the early bird phase of my launch. I am really hoping a few more jump on during the cart open the next four days. What's more exciting is the potential I see with this program. it is really limitless and that is so exciting to me.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My biggest takeaway is that by letting the students know from day one exactly what the goal of the course is, and then by building small wins in that they can check off, you will create momentum. And the students will have a better chance of finishing the course.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Paul was really key in me launching my course. He had great advice along the way. He was so knowledgeable at marketing and sales. he made it feel very doable and always encouraged us to do what was right for us, versus a blanket marketing strategy for the whole group. He really individually looked at each person and helped you decide the right path for your product and situation. And it was those smaller weekly calls where I got most of my value.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Right now, even though my launch was small, I do see the opportunity that could be created if I had a much bigger list. So once the course is created, I am going to put all of my time into creating momentum in creating my voice, narrowing my niche so I can connect better with my audience. I felt like EPM was a really holistic view at creating courses and I appreciated being taken through each step you need for success. I am sure I will be returning to these trainings over and over. And there are some I just didn't get to, so I am planning to go back to those when I can.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I have a new income stream. And I actually launched my product. I just don't think I would have gotten that done with the momentum of EPM.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am planning to create an evergreen funnel with my experience masterclass. And I am planning to host joint venture webinars throughout the year to move people through the funnel.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The whole program was really quite incredible. I can tell how much everyone on the team cares. It was really refreshing to have such an engaged coach leading us. Marisa is really powerful and a great leader. It was just a wonderful experience.

Bonnie Mincu

I’d been in business as an ADHD Coach for 19 years, and had created a membership training program, “Productivity Pathfinder: Step-by-step system for ADHD self mastery" almost two years before EPM. Although it was growing nicely (300 members), I knew that only a fraction of the members were highly engaged with the training. I got discouraged whenever members would cancel due to “lack of motivation” to open the material. In fact, it turned out many never even entered the membership site at all after they bought the program! Since my target audience was ADD / ADHD adults who would buy on impulse and get bored quickly, it was a particular challenge to keep them motivated.

I was attracted to join EPM primarily to learn how to make my program more experiential and stimulating. Right away, I learned some things I had been doing wrong. A big eye-opener for me was the realization that I’d been turning off members right from the start with a long “required” introduction to the program. I immediately chopped up the long Welcome web page into short segments that introduced each element with colorful graphics and a “next” button to move people forward.

I also was able to see my membership site with new eyes and realized that the navigation had been overwhelming for many people to figure out. I did a live Orientation webinar for new members that served as an easy way for people to navigate through the training and bonuses. Perhaps I should have focused my time in EPM on improving and marketing my membership program. Instead, I created a new 5-module online training program, Productivity Jumpstart, that could serve as a launchpad into the membership program once it ended.

Unfortunately, the process of creating new content for that program to launch mid-January – combined with keeping up with the existing program – was so time-consuming that I couldn’t continue giving the EPM lessons as much attention as I had in the beginning. So my lesson learned is that I can’t focus on three major projects at the same time and give all of them my full attention! (Darn, I’m not superwoman!)

As a result of EPM’s marketing training, I was able to feel comfortable about launching my 5-module program using emails and a live webinar… and didn’t feel guilty about forgoing the 3 videos + webinar funnel that I’d been taught was so important. There’s still a lot of improvement I could do on my email copy. I’m looking forward to going over Marisa’s email training again once my program is over.

BOTTOM LINE: I got 35 members into the Jumpstart training program at $297, so made over $10K on the program. I’m hopeful of converting 60% of them into members of the membership program at $47 a month.

I think the biggest impact of EPM for me is yet to come. I want to continue to add more experiential elements into my membership program and spend some quality time improving the entire membership experience without the pressure of being in the middle of a launch. So I think this is the year to go evergreen and perhaps continue to promote the Jumpstart training just once or twice a year. I expect the impact for me will be members who are more engaged, stay longer and recommend the program to their ADHD friends and family.

If a better membership program gets 300 members to stay on average 3 months longer at $47 a month, that would be an extra $42,300 this year… not a bad return on $2000!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I got the most out of learning how to experiencify my training and membership program. I'd already had a long-term membership training program ("Productivity Pathfinder: A step-by-step system for ADHD self mastery")running for the last two years. I realized how I was deadening the experience for my members right from the start with a long introduction that they were "required" to take before getting into the first training module. In the new product I created for EPM, I incorporated much more engagement in the live webinars, plus added quizes.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I felt less pressure than before to have to do the "perfect launch." I learned that it was possible to launch without the traditional funnel of 3 videos leading to a webinar that were so much work to do. I also learned (and saw from example) how more conversational and even silly emails could be more effective than the ones I'd been sending. I got insight into what may be turning off my existing members (too long in required introduction).

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm confident that my membership training program will get more engagement right from the start using the techniques I learned in EPM. I'd already been reaping the benefits of having a recurring income program (not having to panic at suddenly needing to pay for a new roof because I knew the money would come in that month!) EPM pushed me to create a short-term training that used experience techniques, added an extra $10K in January. This training gave me a group primed to feed into my long-term membership program.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I'd been making around $10K/month with my membership program. The new training program might pull in $1000/month more if 60% of training members join the membership program. I anticipate the biggest impact will be felt in the future as I create better experience features and get more engagement. I believe people will remain in the membership program longer and will be more likely to recommend it. I also think creating more built-in experience features will allow me to go evergreen more easily; I won't likely pull in as many members as in a big launch, but they'll stay longer.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm looking forward to being able to spend real time and attention on creating experiences within my membership program. I'll repeat the 5-week training I created for EPM once or twice a year, and will use it as a feeder into the membership program, priming people for the more in-depth training that they'll get over time.

Anne Heisinger

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

EPM's Birdseye view of the process completely changed my understanding of everything related to being an entrepreneur and product development. After spending thousands and thousands of dollars in my transition from Chief Nursing Executive to successful speaker ad coach- I was at my wit's end when I joined EPM. I even called to discuss the course before signing up. This course changed my life and how I view myself and my customer and our success!

How did EPM help you become successful?

Understanding the process, myself and customer.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Give me my own Blueprint for success that I will now follow thanks to all I've learned from Marisa and team!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

$$$$$ ad process

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?


Is there anything else you would like to add?

I love all of you and so many thanks to all!

Angela White

Before I started EPM I had been trying to work for myself, which I knew was what I really wanted to do. However, I wasn’t sure how to do this exactly. I had run workshops for a range of people, and really loved this experience, but it always seemed hard to get people to come, and organisations were constantly cutting back, so I was not sure what to do or how to do it.

I had tried several courses hoping that this would help me to work out what I wanted to do, but after an initial spurt of enthusiasm it all just felt like more of the same and I was left wondering why I could not do what others seemed to find so easy. I really could not put my finger on what it was, it just felt like something was missing from everything I started and I never really got far before self-doubt overwhelmed me. I was constantly stuck in the “research” phase, building information products that just looked like a million other things and I would feel dispirited.

I tried to talk to friends and family but although they tried to be understanding, I could tell they did not get it. I felt like I was speaking a foreign language. Then I saw Marisa talking about EPM and discussing why information products no longer worked. She spoke from the heart and sharing her experience of working so hard only to realise she had overdone it really gelled with me.

I enrolled in EPM and have loved pretty much everything about the course, except that I could not do it all in the time I had – there is so much offered. There have been many times when I have felt overwhelmed but there have been so many messages from Marisa and the team, and the Facebook community that have kept me hanging in there. So much fabulous content was provided which really helped keep me on track, built clarity and answered many of my questions, and we were always reminded to give it a go.

The bits that I have loved the most though have definitely been the experience itself. Hearing about other people’s challenges and successes has been great. Marisa is amazing and I have treasured seeing her answering so many of our questions with dexterity, kindness and eloquence. She is a smart lady and gives everyone a chance, and offers so much – it has truly been a blessing to watch her in action.

I have also gained so much from the coaching experience generally as it really has provided an opportunity to work through the course, ask questions and get feedback – so thanks to Devin. I did get lost a bit along the way but he graciously hung in there with me till the 11th hour which was so helpful and got me to this point of graduating, even if I did not hit Mission Accomplished. I am left feeling positive and empowered and that is a success in itself. Looking at the next step has also allowed me to connect with Christine, who has helped me to further clarify where I am and to feel excited about the next step, rather than ashamed about not being as good as others – my usual position.

This course has really showed me that there are so many ways to make this journey and finding your own path is crucial. Whether you hit Mission Accomplished or not, it feels like everyone has accomplished so much that is worthwhile. I know I have. Congratulations to all who have tried, and thank you to all who have helped me progress on my journey.

Nicole Larsen

At the beginning of the year I decided I want to work from home. I purchased a $2,000 course about digital marketing. It was like the freaking library of congress hit my inbox. I didn't make it past the first module. I thought maybe I'm just not good at online learning. Out of desperation I purchased another $2,000 course that included live coaching. Like a good student, I attended all the sessions but didn't implement. It was like there were holes in the training we received, and we were left hanging at the end of the 6 weeks. My classmates and I haven't heard from that "business expert" since.

Enter EPM... I thought, OK, I'll try this one more time. I had never heard of Marisa, or an experience product, or Live your Message, but more than anything in the whole world wanted to make this thing work. I mean what I’m about to say with all my heart. What I received as an EPM student is easily worth 10x the price. But so much more important than money is that I received legitimate, practical, actionable steps, and tons of support from real people who care. I now have a plan, no longer feel stuck, and no longer feel alone as a result of joining the program.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM helped me become successful because the training was easy to digest and implement and broken down into mini missions within the bigger mission so that I could experience the joy of completing a course!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I now know that it doesn't have to be complicated and I don't have to be 'perfect' in order to be successful in business. I feel relieved knowing that I don't need a whole huge system in order to reach people and change lives.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I purchased two courses before EPM. I thought there must be something wrong with me because I didn't implement. Thanks to EPM, I've now made a get started choice and am going to iterate my way to awesome!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

What I'm most excited about as I move forward is delivering a fun, life changing experience for my tribe, because that's what it's all about!

Gretchen Asher

I was struggling with a membership business that just wasn't taking off. I did a beta launch with 25 paid members. My members enjoyed the content of my monthly guest experts -- the experts were ah-mazing! I didn't know what was missing until Marisa's launch videos for EPM came across my inbox. I watched all 3 plus the live event and couldn't wait to jump on the phone with the EPM customer support. I loved what I saw but there was still something I didn't understand about my struggling membership business...until I spoke with Sophia about EPM.

My membership business is a "continuity" program with no beginning -- middle -- end for participants, no mission accomplished, no end result. That realization hit me like a ton of bricks. Yes, that was the problem exactly. I signed up for EPM right then and there.

I eagerly jumped into the course to learn how to create something valuable for my audience -- and how to make it compelling with a powerful mission accomplished. As goes the William Faulkner quote (I learned in EPM), "You have to kill your darlings," I am closing my current membership business, the continuity program and launching a powerful course that I learned to create through EPM. This year will be a great year for me, thanks to EPM!


BeFab Revolution What is your biggest takeaway from EPM? How to experiencify an educational product. PRICELESS! How did EPM help you become successful? It took me step by step through all of the pieces to be successful. In addition, I received HOURS of coaching from my group coach, Marisa and Don which was invaluable. How has EPM and your success impacted your life? It has put me on the path to creating something that is needed for my audience and made me become laser focused. What has been the biggest change in your business? Through EPM, I got clarity on a "darling that I must kill." I learned the William Faulkner quote of "You must kill your darlings." Sad, but true in my case. I am letting go of those things that don't (1) provide the most value to my audience and (2) that don't provide reliable income for me. What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? I'm excited about serving my demographic with a program that empowers them and clearly gets them across the finish line.

Heide Lambert

We've been successful direct sales business owners for many years. When we made a shift to a virtual office we realized that operating without a brick and mortar location was such a relief. 10 years later after we sold our previous business thought it would be easy to get into an online business. The technical was a huge obstacle but looking back it was moreso a lack of mentorship. We got involved in an affiliate marketing business through a friend and learned about a duplicatable automated presentation and purchase system. That was $4,000 USD It took 3 years to get through trying to master that business model only to learn that the leadership seemed to move from one opportunity to another, which was about another $12,000 USD "lesson". Understanding that, we were totally turned off and decided to go back to our roots and create our own product based on how we made over $50M in direct sales.

That took about 8 months and our beta class was very well received and opened up some one on one coaching opportunities. But still not where we wanted to take this business. Now we had the issue of facebook advertising which we'd taken a course on $500 USD. Fast forward another year we came across Marisa and EPM. By then we were fairly jaded to "courses" but something Marisa was saying drew us into taking another roll of the dice.

After taking the EPM we have a working salespage, thank you page, payment system, follow up PDF material ready to download, an autoresponder is set up with our initial nurture series set up, we have a survey and a plan for our launch. The course had amazing tech coaching available that taught me too many things to list! All of this after 4+ years of stumbling around buying other courses!

Thank you EPM and Marisa for putting together this "real training" course to seriously help those who want to build an online business, help themselves.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I'd say messaging. It was daunting but there were so many exercises in the beginning focused on it, it made it very comfortable by the home stretch building out the marketing materials.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM gave us accountability, within direction so we knew what we needed to do. We trusted the process.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

We now have a real online business, we've seen money come through our sales page and into our bank. It's an empowering experience.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

We have a whole new course that now has students enrolled! Before we second guessed what we should be doing and now we are moving forward with confidence.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

We'll continue to improve and our knowledge will help us to create more as things evolve.

Nancy Rose

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

That I can do this, now that I have better tools and understanding of marketing.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Helped me move past my fears of getting out there. Lots of tools and examples to help me see clearly how this works. Great process and people to help get me there and clear my mind on how all this works better.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm more confident in what I'm doing. For the first time in my life I'm excited about how I talk about a program and my sales page. My sister even wants to join my course after reading my sales page.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I've put myself out there in more places than I ever would have. I do videos. I'm getting better responses.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

That I can help more people in a better way that they can understand and feel great about themselves.

Hazel Wagner

I am partly retired. I like to keep busy teaching, sharing my years of experience and wisdom gained. I didn’t know how to do that on my own instead of through other companies. This program gave me the tools and motivation to build my own unique version of a company that sells experience products.

Patty Hanson

For years I was having a problem with explaining what I wanted to do for the dental profession. I had so many ideas running around in my mind that I couldn't see straight. I feared if I took one path, it could be wrong,so i would go in another direction, but feared that could be a wrong decision. Soon, I gave up and stopped actively working on my dream. But I didn't give up on the idea of creating something that would matter to the dental profession and our patients.

My ideas would never leave me. I just kept them to myself. I don't remember the exact way I received information about EPM, it could have been email or Facebook, bit I do remember how I felt when I watched Marisa's webinar and the support I would receive from EPM. I'm a collaborative person and I knew with the kind of support Marisa was offering in the Masterclass I could get very clear on what I needed to do and how to get noticed in the market. I loved that I would have 1:1 coaching and email support.

As of this writing I'm placing my copy on my website(something I struggled with for years and learned in EPM) and I didn't lose sight of my ideas. I learned how to chose one offer to work on. I didn't have to let go of my ideas, they're part of who I am.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Today, in this time of my life, how I feel, is my success. I feel more inspired to engage in my business and make a good living doing what I love to do.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I knew I had something more to do, something important to say, to teach. but I wasn't sure where to start or what to do. Making a difference meant that I had to invest time and money into doing something differently.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Today I feel like a game changer, this is where I'm meant to be. Excited about finally getting my years of experience into the hearts and minds of good dentists that want to bring positive change to the profession.

Joanna Martin

I am a Certified Holistic Health/Wellness Coach. We are trained to sit and listen to the client and plan each session after the session before it. To focus on the goals of the client. That is great, but there is no clear path and so no one really knows what we do or what we are offering. So having a thriving practice is a real struggle. We have so much useful information and no real way to market it. People know they may want a change but have no real idea how or why.

So with the Experience Product they get a real life picture of the adventure of getting well for life with clear direction and creating their goals and getting to Mission Accomplished! This is my plan for my coaching practice in the future. I have had no success with getting clients up to this point. They just don’t see the value in having a health coach by their side to help them. Let alone pay for one. But now that I have the experience product template I can create a path for them to follow that makes sense to have a guide on the side with them to hit mission accomplished.

I had to go back to working a job for now but am still developing my product and learning all the way. I am so grateful for this training and opportunity to be surrounded by “like minded” people... it is truly a blessing to be here. I think about creating experience products around many things in my life and even my current job is an experience product in itself. So fun. Being involved in one myself is like being in the matrix of a game with constant wins all day long that keep you very engaged to keep going. Thank you so much for this experience Marisa, you are truly brilliant!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I love the idea of an experience product! I understand the brilliance behind the concept and am working on other platforms for this concept.

How did EPM help you become successful?

This is an amazing way to help people Win in all areas of their lives. It changes everything. I just need more time to develop my concept and approach in regards to health coaching.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

This gives my so much passion to get my client engaged in this type of product and feel the constant wins to actually accomplish their goals and desires in their lives with a clear path, change constant wins and simplicity.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The whole direction of my practice is going to change... I am just not sure how yet! My clients will have clear direction. I was trained to let the client decide the direction of the session but that can get lost and fogged over. Clear direction is better and they get all the goodness of the experience product all the way through their time with me.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? Helping people to truly succeed in their lives and have fun doing it. A place where they feel loved and supported to be well, and not be confused by all the crap out there. To know they have a guiding light that will help them cross the finish line with real understanding of winning for life!

Carla Brown

From Stuck in the same old mess to my new Experience Product. In my coaching session on Wednesday January 9th I said I had more than reached Mission Accomplished based on the model of done for you QuickBooks rebuilding and then moving on to business coaching. By the next week I realized that I was going right back into the same pattern of working with business owners with big bookkeeping messes. This was what I wanted to get out of but I realized that I had no way to transition from being the do it for you clean up person to do it with you business consultant. I can find this type of client any time I want. I had already moved in this direction with a gym owner and a church finance person.

One of Marisa's trainings had talked about a student who got started in the health and wellness niche. She made multiple changes and finally realized that what she liked most was business coaching for people whose work was in this area. Marisa explained that the woman realized she wasn't working with the tribe she most wanted to spend time working with - it wasn't her tribe. That woman's story stayed with me through my EPM journey because my past is filled with settling on the who based on what I knew I could do. After 20+ years doing business books, I knew that I wasn't going through EPM to be stuck with the same kind of messy clients.

Experience Product Masterclass is exactly what I needed to give me the courage and confidence to say not again, not on someone else's terms. I loved hearing what other people were doing, their ideas and sharing through their process to moments of clarity on their idea, their tribe, how they wanted to incorporate their life into their work. Students in my coaching group were telling me they would stay in touch because they needed help with this finance and structure aspect of running their business.

EPM was like having the seeds planted, fertilized, watered and start growing. For me I could finally see a path to get started with my product idea, to market it so that I could test interest and adjust as I heard perspective on my mission. On a Facebook post of mine a comment of oh you do bookkeeping let me know I still had work to do on the mission to mission accomplished. The teachings, bonus trainings, the live coaching and the Facebook interactions with other students all contributed to changes in my mindset and realizations about my why. The exercise that Marisa took us through about our Selfish Why and our Altruistic Why were so helpful to me and so was going back to the earliest Niche Down Profits Up video #2. I came to realize that I wanted to have a strong sense of belonging in my work life too.

If dollars were the only measure, I could have claimed M.A. but I knew it wasn't from the product I wanted to create for this next season in my life. My get started product is Solo & Side-Gig Finance 101 Bootcamp this is iteration #12 I believe, and I came up with it yesterday Feb. 4th as I was working through my graduation questions. Yes, I will be going back to the many great lessons I have access through EPM and marketing my first product, iterating it to awesome as Marisa so famously told us all through the process. I am so looking forward to applying all the tools, resources, tips and encouragement contained in EPM. I have made some decisions around my pace, my season and goals especially as several people shared their journey. As with all graduations now it's time to put all this learning and growing into action and iterate my way to an awesome new experience - I know that I'm in for a wonderful adventure.

With gratitude for all that EPM has done in my life.

Carla Brown

2018 EPM'er

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Marketing is part of the service and perspective is everything as you develop your product, marketing and delivery. The thing that runs through my head is from early in EPM training.

How did EPM help you become successful?

The word that leaps to mind is clarity.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM has given me confidence to grow a business that is new and unique to me. Marisa's teaching, training and especially her live coaching sessions were such confidence builders for me. She showed me a way that I can deliver my product live to multiple people and yet address their particular needs. The modeling that Marisa did for me through the whole EPM process is priceless. To Marisa and the whole LYM team Christine, Don my coach Jen and Murray, plus all the others who were part of making this class an amazing experience, you have my deep gratitude and thanks for the impact you've made on my life that I know will only multiply going forward.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

In my coaching session on Wednesday January 9th I said I had more than reached Mission Accomplished based on the model of done for you QuickBooks rebuilding and then moving on to business coaching. By the next week I realized that I was going right back into the same pattern of working with business owners that I wanted to get out of - this wasn't the new experience product that I wanted to create. I went back to revisit my mission to mission accomplished with more revision work. By our January 16th coaching call I knew I still had work to do. I fired what I thought was my M.A. client, I was determined not to get lost in another business mess.

Daniel Warren

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Hear it's NOT here I am - it's THERE YOU ARE. Applying that perspective every step of the way is huge as you work to zero in on the Mission to Mission Accomplished product, plan, marketing and delivery.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Clarity that I have something unique to share through the creation of my product within the framework of a marketing action plan.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It’s been encouraging to see that others care about my mission, being a reclusive person living in the middle of nowhere, my social life seems to be restricted to the internet. I have touched base with a lot of fellow EPM students who share a similar outlook. Its been very refreshing!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Helping Children to win in life, I know I can make a massive difference, but getting the word out there has been a very long expensive exercise, which to date has failed on every front. I feel confident now that I will achieve my life's purpose. And in the Near future!

Rouan Kruger

My name is Rouan Kruger, I am Board Certified Pharmacist, who was looking for a way to transition from working full time in the corporate field to becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur. This journey began buying many courses on social media marketing, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and digital publishing. This involved spending hours learning, however never really making much progress from a business point of view. The typical shiny object syndrome. The idea of creating my own experience product was something that I did not consider doing until my lifestyle brand was well established.

I have a big following on Instagram and came across the Experience Product Masterclass, on a webinar hosted by Marisa. I was intrigued by the differentiation aspect of the program, creating a unique experience for your ideal customer. What was different as well, was the idea of building your own product first, then building your brand around that. This was the opposite to the conventional route of building your brand first and then creating your own products or services.

The learning process involved many hours of going through training videos, technology coaching calls and coaching calls with your personal coach. When you learn and implement with a clear system, it gives you clarity about the next step. These constant small steps and wins along the way were the difference that makes the difference.

I was able to build my first Experience Product for Instagram. The Product was a 6-week program, on how to use Instagram to create your own passion-based business. This involved learning the skills of marketing, technology integration and rapid imperfect production creation.

I can truly say that this program has transformed me from dabbling to becoming a laser-focused product creator, able to use complicated marketing campaigns to scale my business.

Alicia Mazari-Andersen

I was stuck in my business. We tried PLF and all of Callan Rush's trainings. We attempted a 2 launches 3 years ago and we got NO RESULTS, we sold NOTHING through these launches. We were going to close our company when I found EPM, and I decided to try it out.

We have never sold one program online, and although I have a full time job, I woke up one morning with a purpose. I am a University Professor, it is easy for the University to get students. Getting my own students is a different story. I am originally from Mexico, although I live in Canada.

EPM has allowed me to move out of my comfort zone. I have made very special connections in these last 10 weeks. We have 5 new affiliates, and I gave a program to a family who has a tribe of one million people in Latin America. They will try the program, and if they see it fits, they will help us promote our program. This is just the beginning of something that might have exponential growth.

I am also, as promised, educating people in the most remote and poorest regions of Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. I will be able to get to these families in need through the migrant workers that come and work in Canada.

This journey with EPM has impacted me personally, and I can just imagine what Living My Message will be able to give to the WORLD! Let's change these statistics together: "Mexico has the highest children obesity in the world." "This is the first generation of children that will live less than their parents."

Thank you Marisa for getting me where I am right now. Thank you Murray for your help with Heroic, I truly love "your baby." Thanks Christine for all the silly questions you answered for us. Thanks to the most amazing and brilliant coach, Samara Stone, and to my tribe. I wouldn't be here without you.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

AND everyone has the potential to create a unique product and become the super hero to their tribe IF they will take ACTION and talk to people about their idea to get them interested and excited.

How did EPM help you become successful? and personal development mega niche and creating a tribe of solo business owners through my micro-niche.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I knew I was close but I was not there yet, I was not conveying what I needed to in the mission yet. Marisa gave me another opportunity for feedback on her last Monday call. After the powerful first 30 to 40 minutes I wasn't sure I was ready but I had vowed to get Marisa's feedback. It was so helpful but so much for me to process during and after the call.

Alicia Willoughby

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

How to take my content that I deliver in person through my clinical practice and transform it into an online format. I learned methods and options that I never would have thought of on my own given I've never done this before! Ways to make the program an experience and set my students up for success.

How did EPM help you become successful? -

Clarity that my product can be based on my experience but can be a new way of working with people around business finances - not just being a bookkeeper. EPM helped me define my product's mission and get more excited about the expertise that I do have, helped me step into being the expert I already am with more confidence. It's helped me show up more in my clinical practice already and in my social media content.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM has given me more confidence and drive to make my product really happen

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I felt self conscious that I wasn't enough of an expert to make and market a product and now I feel confident that I am absolutely and expert whose product needs to be out there

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I'm excited about actually getting it done 😉 The tech components have been a big hurdle for me because I don’t have the bandwidth to learn a new skill so I'm asking for help and outsourcing so I can get this thing out to the world

Andrea Herran

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The biggest change in my business is creating an experience product that will give me a mission and method that will impact more people and grow my tribe. It's my determination that I will create a product that is done with solo business owners instead of developing around done for you controller work. I can see my product leading to the creation of an on-going network of solo owners who met through the initial product and stayed to have an owner's network group.

Barbara Ingrassia

I was overwhelmed and discouraged. I knew that what I offer is important, but I couldn't find the people who knew it was important AND were willing to pay for it. What was I doing wrong? I was always looking for "the answer, the system;" I was a victim of Shiny Object Syndrome. I was afraid to charge what the results were worth because it was so difficult to quantify the results; every client was different. I loved facilitating workshops and teaching, but those weren't generating business. Should I just "pull the plug" on the whole business--save my time, energy, and money?

I took one of Marisa' free webinars that described EPM. Hmmm..."adding experiences with rewards along the way" made sense to me. The components of the program were puzzle pieces; they were all important. There was not one "magic answer." And there were steps to follow; don't try to skip some. The module content, worksheets, live coaching on Mondays and Wednesdays, FB family, and Get it Done Fridays--with milestones and due dates and rewards along the way-- provided the structure I needed.

I have a well thought-out plan, mission, direction, steps, and the skills to complete them. I can identify various other products that can compliment my main offering. I am moving forward.

Thank you!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

1. Give Them What They Want (Survey) Campaign (tweaked. Added "gift" for leaving email address)

2. Application Campaign (developed the application from the survey "gift.")

How did EPM help you become successful?

The components and steps laid out in EPM helped me clarify my idea and develop my program step-by-step. I knew what to focus on at each point. It moved me from "overwhelm" into "action." Action is more important than perfection. EPM provided the all-important components to consider to "experiencify" a product. I feel more confident about asking people what they want. EPM is a living example of how to apply the EPM components!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

EPM has helped me focus on the steps needed. I have learned so much from "Get it Done Tech Fridays." Those skills are enriching all aspects of my life. Thank you!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

BEFORE I was floundering in "overwhelm, perfectionism, and doubt" ready to give up. NOW I have a clear mission and future self statement to guide me in the development of my products. I have the steps and tools I need. I now can visualize different products at different price points that serve my target audience at their various stages/needs.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Completing the essentials (sales page, etc.) and launching. I learned from the coaching and FBook community that people do understand the mission and are interested in the program. THEY DO EXIST!

Linda Beeker

On January 1, 2018 I became purposefully unemployed. I took a leap of faith, and with my meager savings and my 401K as my only seed money, I quit my job as a physician assistant at the end of 2017. Using what I had learned from 23+ years in medicine, I had developed a 5-step process to teach people how to maximize their body's buillt-in energy systems, and thus their health!

However, I had no business experience, and I made every mistake in the book trying to get my business up and running. Ten months later, I had spent far more than I had earned and still felt like I was wandering in the dark.

Then a friend forwarded me the email about Marisa's webinar on the Experience Product Masterclass and all of that changed! I joined her program and within 2 weeks, I became clear about my niche and the mission for my product. Within 5 weeks, between the bonus material, the weekly content and the coaching sessions, I already felt like I had hit "mission accomplished". The value of what I was learning and the mind barriers that were being broken, were worth so much more than $2000 I had paid for the program!

Six weeks into the program, life threw me some curve balls. My mom came to live with me for a bit and my life got a little complicated. But Marisa's consistent message throughout this program is "Never give up!" So, even though my plans for how I was going to do this program were altered, I kept plugging along, and I reached the finish with over 75% of the modules done!

Yes... I am one of the people who did not officially hit "mission accomplished" by the end of the program. So, why do I still feel that this was one of the best and most successful programs I have ever invested in?

I now have a full outline and framework for my experience product I have a marketing plan I have full templates for the timelines for launching and running my experience product! I have lifetime access to all the content of this program so I can keep learning and creating!

All of the above was promised when I joined, but because of this program, I also now have: a more dynamic business name; a more authentic logo; the tools and knowledge to build a killer website; the support of an incredible tribe of fellow EPMer's; a pending trip to Message to Money Live and last, but most definitely not least, the ongoing influence of the very gifted Marisa Murgatroyd!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

To make my classes experience classes with constant wins and building momentum to keep people engaged and encourage completion.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM taught me tangible ways to keep students engaged and create an email campaign.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has encouraged me to not give up and to push further and longer than I normally would have.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was focused on giving my students content and now I am focused on giving them an experience.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? I'm most excited about not giving up. When I began EPM it was with a commitment to my program, my husband, and myself, that I would do everything (plus some) in order to meet the requirements of the guarantee. I thought that this would ensure my reaching mission accomplished and I am sad that it did not.

Due to our current financial situation and my commitment to my husband, I did have to submit a claim for the guarantee. I put my heart and effort into EPM and met all of the milestones and while I appreciate EPM I need Marisa to have my back like the guarantee promised. Since this is the case, I completely understand if graduation is null and void, but I thought I better submit for graduation in case my guarantee claim is not approved or graduation is still allowed.

Dondrea Beth

On January 1, 2018 I became purposefully unemployed. I took a leap of faith, and with my meager savings and my 401K as my only seed money, I quit my job as a physician assistant at the end of 2017. Using what I had learned from 23+ years in medicine, I had developed a 5-step process to teach people how to maximize their body's built-in energy systems, and thus their health!

However, I had no business experience, and I made every mistake in the book trying to get my business up and running. Ten months later, I had spent far more than I had earned and still felt like I was wandering in the dark.

Then a friend forwarded me the email about Marisa's webinar on the Experience Product Masterclass and all of that changed! I joined her program and within 2 weeks, I became clear about my niche and the mission for my product. Within 5 weeks, between the bonus material, the weekly content and the coaching sessions, I already felt like I had hit "mission accomplished". The value of what I was learning and the mind barriers that were being broken, were worth so much more than $2000 I had paid for the program!

Six weeks into the program, life threw me some curveballs. My mom came to live with me for a bit and my life got a little complicated. But Marisa's consistent message throughout this program is "Never give up!" So, even though my plans for how I was going to do this program were altered, I kept plugging along, and I reached the finish with over 75% of the modules done!

Yes... I am one of the people who did not officially hit "mission accomplished" by the end of the program. So, why do I still feel that this was one of the best and most successful programs I have ever invested in? I now have a full outline and framework for my experience product. I have a marketing plan. I have full templates for the timelines for launching and running my experience product!

I have lifetime access to all the content of this program so I can keep learning and creating! All of the above was promised when I joined, but because of this program, I also now have: a more dynamic business name; a more authentic logo; the tools and knowledge to build a killer website; the support of an incredible tribe of fellow EPMer's; a pending trip to Message to Money Live and last, but most definitely not least, the ongoing influence of the very gifted Marisa Murgatroyd!

Mainebob Oconnor

At the age of 68 I have had a long and eclectic background and since 1987 I have worked from home on China Lake where I raised 4 children. For many years I have worked with one major client having created databased backed websites starting in 1998. My discontent accelerated in 2017 my second marriage was challenged along with an arduous 3-year long process of negotiating with my 11 brothers and sisters on the sale of the family property after both of my parents passed. In the meantime, my 17-year client who I maintained the website had health challenges and was in decline...

One highpoint was to win a $5,000 speaking academy spot by creating a 4-minute video that spoke to the ask... my Environmental work with the Pachamama Alliance as a facilitator for the Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream Symposium. This Speaking Academy led me to the 90Day Experiential Health Challenge. This was a very complete mindfulness and hunter-gatherer based program. It lead to stopping my high blood pressure meds and the disappearance of my joint pains and Ben and Jerry's belly. This all came about by my going back to a real human diet. I loved this program so much that I decided to become a Coach.

During the coach training, I felt I needed my own product. But What? EPM was the answer and even though I have "stocked" (followed) Marisa's work going back to the first time I heard her name and recommendations from Dan Hollings. (Ask me about my involvement with "The Secret" movie). Back to my story... EPM was to help me create my own program AND I was already in the Coach Training program. So I have NOT completed my own EMP program, THAT WILL COME. In the meantime, I have a plan to do my first training class in March and complete my certification and build my Health Coaching and Tech Consulting Business. So, I Graduated EPM with the knowledge but not the product,... Yet! Looking forward to Message to Money LIVE! Story to be continued. Thank YOU!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

The concept that people want, beyond the knowledge, The Experience and the Transformation.

How did EPM help you become successful?

The ongoing detailed calls, coaching and encouragement.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It has helped me become CLEAR about my Vibrant New Life and how to share that with those people open to hear my message.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

ME! and the distractions of life, my divorce, my eleven siblings and the challenging sale of "Heirship" property. 2018 has been a slow and transformational year for me.

The big learning is to stay focused, be forward looking and uplifting of all those I come in contact with. Looking to take my Ikinomics Entrepreneurial Archetype ALTRUIST and avoid the Kryptonite that has prevented me from developing a Financially THRIVING Business.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am most excited about building a thriving business that can engage people to hear my message about living a Vibrant New LIfe.

I am excited to be coming to Message to Money Live in 9 days and meet Marisa, Murry and the Team and the like minded Tribe WOW! I am expecting an Exciting and Productive Experience!

Charisse Tyson

When I received the email from Marisa about EPM, I was done purchasing programs that were going to help me build my business. I was on her mailing list because I’d watched a few of her videos and liked what she had to say about living your message. But, I had sworn off taking even one more online course. I’m too embarrassed to tell you how much money I’d invested in programs that didn’t work by the time that email showed up in my inbox.

It wasn’t long into Marisa’s video message that I started thinking, “Maybe this is the one?” I almost closed the browser during the video on more than one occasion. “Quit watching!” I told myself. “If you continue you know you are going to want to buy this program.” But I couldn’t turn Marisa off. She struck a chord with me and my struggles. Then she made the guarantee offer. That’s when I hit the purchase button. Yes, many other courses that I spent big bucks on promised a guarantee. But they were wishy, washy, half-assed guarantees. The two that I attempted to collect a refund on both turned me down because they said I hadn’t worked the program. Neither of them had a clear-cut list of objectives. I despised the teaching techniques of one of the instructors, and I told him as much, albeit in a courteous fashion. I got nasty emails from his people when after a couple of back and forth correspondences I told them that I would challenge the charge with American Express. I’m still sorry that I wimped out and didn’t contest the charge.

With a guarantee that sounded like something I could take to the bank, I slapped yet one more online class on a credit card. Boy, am I glad I did. The courses first video with corresponding PDF’s told me that I’d hit the motherload. This was the course that would change the trajectory of my business. The clear and concise goals in place and the cha-ching that came along with checking off the box of a finished assignment was just what I needed. I’m very goal oriented, and when they are laid out in a way that I can understand, I will get them done.

The amount of coaching I received in EPM was astronomical compared to the other courses I’d tried. The weekly sessions with Marisa, Christine, Don, and Paul with bonuses thrown in from Murray about Heroic were priceless. I learned more valuable, usable information in the ten-week course than I ever could have imagined.

I was not able to hit mission accomplished by the due date, but I would never consider asking for my money back. I have no doubt that I will achieve my coaching goals because of this valuable course. I’m excited about what the future has to hold because of EPM. I gained direction, marketing skills, technological knowledge and so much more. I will be hugely successful and help hundreds if not thousands of people because of the EPM training.

Thank you, Marisa, Murray and all of the fabulous team members. You are making a difference in the world and helping others to leave their legacy’s too. I will be forever grateful for EPM. I can’t wait to experience Message to Money Live. I’m sure that when I leave there, I will be able to say, mission accomplished.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Success doesn't always mean that you reach the intended goal. Despite not being able to hit the "Mission Accomplished" goal button, which I so wanted to do, I've taken away so much valuable knowledge that EPM can only be called a success for me. I will use the tools from this course forever and will make back my investment. I may not have pulled it off in the allotted time frame but I KNOW that I will do it soon.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM helped me to build a group coaching experience that I will use to help many women find the peace and joy that I am now experiencing. Even though I didn't hit mission accomplished I am completely at peace about it because I know that I am a success. I will use all of the tools in the EPM toolbox for years to come and they will drive my future success to amazing heights.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I learned how to offer an experience product and despite not getting any takers for my course I believe in what I have to offer. There are people out there that need my help and the knowledge and experience I gained from building a course, marketing it, and staying true to it will impact everything I do in my business from here on. My course was supposed to start tomorrow and even though not one single person showed up for my discovery call, I had two no-shows, I continued to market it today. I wanted to quit but I didn't. I didn't reach the right people at the right time but they are out there and I will reach them somehow.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before EPM I knew I wanted to help women through coaching, but I wasn't really sure how to go about it. I had a website that offered one-on-one coaching as well as my free discovery session for about two years with no takers. My website was built to promote my memoir in 2015 and needed a rebuild to reflect my new mission. However, I didn't even know where to start. I paid someone to build my Wordpress site and was so technically challenged that I had to pay someone to make changes every time I needed one. I paid for the Done-for-you website build through Heroic for my course before taking part in Murray and Daves webinars that showed me how easy it is to work in Heroic. I am in the process of moving my website to Heroic and building one that reflects my coaching goals. I am now equipped to make my business flourish.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? I'm very excited to find out how to build on everything that I learned in EPM at the Message to Money conference. I believe that before I leave MTM, I will be able to say, mission accomplished. I'm excited to meet the people that I came to know through EPM there. I'm excited about watching all of the beautiful people I met through the class making a difference in people's lives and getting paid to do so. I'm thrilled that I will always have access to the course because I know that I will refer to it again and again.

Caroline Ashbourne

What an incredible journey! I've gone through so many different emotions since the start of EPM. I started out with a naive enthusiasm that I was going to create a hugely lucrative 1:Many product that was going to be done easily by Mission Accomplished time. How wrong was I. After hitting overwhelm the moment I got to the part where we were to go out and talk to people in the Chatterbox Campaign, I realised I wasn't so ready to create the next blockbuster product after all. Well needless to say the humbling experience and emotions I went through, all resulted in me having a more grounded approach once I was out the other side. I can see so clearly now how starting small is best, and also the quickest way to get there.

I didn't hit mission accomplished, but what I did do is address my shortcomings and build in a consistently highly productive way of working on my business. I am so close to launching now, in fact it's going to be within the next 3 weeks. This is after the EPM programme finishes, but you know what... I feel like a winner! I'm so close now. I've done so much. I have all the info to hand. I'm gonna do this and do it right. Thanks Marisa and all at EPM. Great job! I really feel like an entrepreneur now... for the first time ever!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I have all the tools I need to launch my product. I'm feeling confident to do this now, so despite missing mission accomplished, I'm happy as I know will hit mission accomplished in my own pace, in the next few weeks

How did EPM help you become successful? It made me realise where I had to do some hard work to catch up to where I wanted to be. I did major work on my credibility, by completing my Level 2 Fitness Instructor course.. BUT that took up more time than anticipated, meaning I lagged behind in EPM. I'm glad I did it though, as for me it was important. I realised that I'd decided to do an experience product on something I wasn't yet ready to do. But I'm there now and doing all the work outside and inside of EPM has forced me to establish consistent and highly productive work habits. I've achieved so much over this past 10 weeks

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It made me realise where I had to do some hard work to catch up to where I wanted to be. I did major work on my credibility, by completing my Level 2 Fitness Instructor course.. BUT that took up more time than anticipated, meaning I lagged behind in EPM. I'm glad I did it though, as for me it was important. I realised that I'd decided to do an experience product on something I wasn't yet ready to do. But I'm there now and doing all the work outside and inside of EPM has forced me to establish consistent and highly productive work habits. I've achieved so much over this past 10 weeks

What has been the biggest change in your business?

It's actually getting done now. I had no product, just an idea. I'd been stuck in that mode for several years. I now have all the marketing wording in place, info from the respondents of the first survey, some emails from the survey, 2 partners I can now work with via my Chatterbox Campaign. These partners both have followers in social media who fit my ideal client group and have offered to send out my updated survey. EPM has provided me with the steps and all the info I need to run my Perfect Email Campaign the moment respondents start filling out this survey. I feel ready to start my product launch now that I've been through all the EPM course material... and now that I've tackled the overwhelm I felt when first trying to do the Chatterbox Campaign, which was before I was ready.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? I now know where I am and where I'm going with this product, but also within my online business as a whole. I can't wait to launch now. I feel sad I didn't manage to hit mission accomplished, but I can see clearly that it all went exactly as it was meant to, and that I'm way ahead of where I was when I started. It has been an incredible journey. Thank you!

Charles Matthew

I had been trying to do Internet marketing for many years, I believe about 19 years. Around two weeks before cart closing, I discovered EPM. The experience part is what I had been doing for several decades in person. The EPM program is the first I remember talking about teaching and doing experiences on the Internet. Though I had a very full November and December, I changed my scheduling and registered.

Almost immediately there were huge blocking issues for me to overcome. I was unable to log on the membership website for four days.. Before registering, I had move my personal schedule from the first week, to week four. Then I had other technical problems like finding the Milestone form, on Google forms. I pushed myself very hard in weeks two and three, and got some kind of mild illness mid November; that in mid-January I discovered was a flareup of an old health issue. While I was a somewhat functional, I got very, very much better within a week in mid January.. I thought I always had a problem with technical issues, and I was determined to learn from those technical issues and be better than before. My personal issues were smack in front of me, and using simple energetics I cleared and resolved and transformed all the old stuck energies for my highest and best good. The confrontation of these issues was gentle and fantastically huge for me.

The result, I completed my FIRST webpage complete with pictures and different colors on Heroic. Not only did I think that I could do Internet marketing now; I actually completed my first webpage. All the technical barriers that I had put up there, seem to be gone. Of course I will be testing if they are there over the next few days and weeks. And I am internally convinced that those previous limiting issues are gone.

I now have the choice to do less travel and influence more people. And to put my knowledge, techniques and modalities on video with transcriptions. EPM, thank you for this wonderful gift and everything else.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

That I can and have done a website (web page) all by myself on Heroic with pictures, color and great copy.

How did EPM help you become successful?

Huge personal issues were brought up in front of my face I continued on, and used my techniques to clear, resolve and transform the previously stuck energy for my highest and best good. I have attempted to do Internet marketing in various ways over the past 19 years. I overcame the previously limiting issues about technology that were like concrete and steel barriers. I also had to change my content. To match my content wording for the niche.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I know that I can do internet Marketing. In fact, I have personally completed simple Internet Marketing - a website page for an offering with a CTA. I have stopped the day dreaming, and moved into the planning and doing. Plus I got over a relapse of a long term health issue that has stopped me in many ways before. This is extremely significant. Thank you.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Too early to tell. I was retired, and was coming out of retirement to continue with my mission of: "Bringing the tools of Spirit onto earth to improve the quality of life, now". Less future travel with webinars and easy, simple Internet Marketing. Also, It has been confirmed by me that my dream of having my information and methodology on multimedia while not east is simple and doable.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I have been teaching and doing experiences in person for many years. I have the choice now of traveling less and doing more. Meaning reaching more people. I can also spend time putting videos and transcripts together with the extra time. Christine Lutley

While I didn't make Mission Accomplished by the deadline. I have learned a lot, especially by actually following the instructions and doing the launch. While the hard work, crazy working hours creativity and resourcefulness are mine, I owe a lot to the program, especially for the coaching. I now have the confidence that I WILL have a successful 1:many programs soon. I am finally comfortable that I can and will succeed in doing this. I had to actually do a launch to get to understand the process and also get the sense of how I can make it work for me. Not only is EPM an Experience Program, but it is also experiencial learning by doing.

Doing the launch also made me ready to accept doing a 1:few program for this launch and to be ready to postpone the start date to make that happen. I don't have to say why; it doesn't have to look like a failure any more than my offering a Scholarship to my own program to those who need it does. I also realize that I can do other launches for the same program over different timeframes, with different amounts of coaching to make it less expensive. I can record both the long and shorter versions and sell them along with a reduced amount of coaching for much less to appeal to those without money.

I can revise my message and advertising plan and figure out how to appeal to those with fibromyalgia with discretionary money. That might require a Premium LinkedIn account and joining lots of groups. I need to hunt where the clients are. So, I think my next offering of the extended version will be a combination of Facebook and LinkedIn. I can also package and market an Exclusive Private Package and even a Fibro Retreat

The failure to make mission accomplished by the deadline has inspired me to make alternate program lengths and record the live delivery. Then, I can offer a variety of recorded options with different amounts of my "live" coaching and different price points to serve the needs of the market and to help the largest number of women with fibromyalgia possible, having much more Impact.

This core program can serve multiple markets with multiple options, all part of the Signature System and worthy of the original logo as part of their branding. This multiple options plan will become part of my Signature System which has lots more potential for modification. I'll market it to suit people with other chronic pain and fatigue illnesses. Then, another version can help entrepreneurs with chronic illnesses to improve both their business and their lives. It can take off on another branch to serve people with chronic illness to start a business. It can be repackaged again to serve people wounded in early childhood who now have developed illnesses and disabilities, also people like me.

I see practically unlimited potential for growth by keeping my core program and my core message, just modifying it for different audiences and that excites me. I have lots of management and team building experience to bring to a scalable business that employs other-abled creatives and salesforce.

My launch's failure to reach Mission Accomplished has uncovered details of my future successful and scalable business. I will keep working to build my followers and to build a list and gain lots of social as I progress though stages of growth. I see lots of travel to any place, other than the US , in the near future, then back to Hawaii as a welcome visitor.

See you at your Live Event after June 15, 2023 as a very successful businesswoman, over 70, with a really great story to tell and a successful book that tells it.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I am definitely ready to start doing this and stop just learning how to coach and market. I know the needs and characteristics if my niche intimately. The fact that they are spread out globally is a challenge. It will take time to find the best ways to reach them so I am in front of them. I believe Facebook and Google ads are the solutions to the global issue.

How did EPM help you become successful?

I now also understand that chatterboxing is a much bigger method that I first understood. It can be done in social media, particularly in Facebook Live. I know that because EPM pushed & encouraged me to do it. It took a lot of practice with deleted videoes and I finally became acceptable at it. That will improve with time.

My branding is improved on my website, Facebook pages and Facebook Groups. I have carried my branding over to my Facebook Lives by consistently matching my theme colors in the background and clothing (fortunately my favorites). Next stop is YouTube for branding and videos nicely branded on my website,

How has EPM and your success impacted your life? Life?

I haven't had one other than EPM and other classes I am also committed to since mid-December. I haven't had one since the marketing videos were dropped. I have been working day and night, every day, trying to get in front of my people.

I believe my success is do-able, inevitable even because I have had 4 top business coaches tell me, over and over, that it is. Marisa has been the most energetic and passionate about driving home that message. Inevitable it is!

I thought that working virtually, I could stay in my comfortable and safe, introverted and socially withdrawn space. I am not staying in my comfortable introverted and invisible place. I have stepped out to become known and visible. I have put myself, my name and images, and my beliefs, talents, skills, and opinions out there very publicly for all to see, and then I shared what I had put out even more to wider audiences for all to see. It was scary and I worked compulsively to practice, learn, and do.

I even bravely defied EPM coaches recommendations and advertised on Facebook because I knew that to reach my global market. I needed to do bigger, broader chatterboxing by doing facebook ads. I figured it is still chatterboxing, especially if I do it with video. It took several attempts before I was ready to do a Facebook Live video, but I did and it isn't bad at all.

So, I now know I can do the marketing part because I am doing it. I know that I can do the coaching part. I know I don't need to commit to a platform until I know how many participants I will have. I know I can do this, even though I haven't made my first sale. I will keep chatterboxing socially and doing paid chatterboxing with advertising boosting my better FB Live broadcasts. I will act on every interaction to invite people to like and then follow my page and join my group where I can warm them up with love and free content.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before EPM I had only been training before EPM. EPM got me to pull the trigger and launch my program. That is a big deal. I had been trained to coach, I had a program, a message and an idle website prior to starting EPM. I had no list and no followers. I knew how to create a lead magnet to get prospects to take some action. But, I didn't understand what to do to get a lead magnet or an offer out there to my global audience.

After EPM I improved my message. I improved my branding. I got inexpensive logos for my business and for my product and additional graphics through Fivrr. I felt comfortable in explaining my message and desires to the designers and I had been foggy with what I wanted for branding before.

I feel more like I have a real business since I pulled the trigger by officially launching a marketing campaign with start dates and end dates. I needed the push to pull the trigger. I took responsibility for my business and acted on my intuition to do Facebook advertising regardless of anyone advising me not to. I had no previous training and just went in there and did what I knew needed to be done.

I became an Entrepreneur in the midst of a circle of others doing the same. We are open for business and inviting the world in a chatterbox style via social media and paid ads. I even went out and bought career dresses to go to local networking events. If I can talk to North America and beyond via internet, I can talk to my local peers, regardless of their income and success.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am most excited about actually making my first sale and getting to mission accomplished on the timeline demanded by my market. I am excited about getting paid to do what I feel I am here to do.

Chantal Couve

I had already launched an online program 5 years ago without much success. I was convinced by Marisa's webinar that The Experience Product was what was missing for me and I enrolled in EPM in November 2018. I was straight away hooked by the quality of the content, the integrity of the team and the constant wins. I built momentum and felt really good about my progress working on a new program to empower children. Then came the dreaded marketing module where I got stuck. I am so grateful for the amazing content and the sales bonus training.

I realize now that enrolling in EPM requires more than following a great training and being part of a great support community, it requires breaking through personal limitations. So whereas a lot of participants will claim a certain amount of money in their success story, for me my biggest success is to have grown out of my comfort zone and started planting seeds even if I cannot see the result in dollar amounts yet, these seeds are planting a trail for my reputation in my local community and once people feel my passion for what I have to offer, my program will attract the right parent and child at a local level and that will give me the boost I need to go bigger and online.

The journey of growth never ends, and by being connected to my EPM tribe, and able to access the training over and over, I am confident I will make the impact that I came here to make! Thank you to all!!

Chris Vogt

I really had no idea how to get my business off the ground and was happy to join the EPM program to get some ideas. The trainings were good and I feel that I learned quite a bit that I’ll be able to implement at some point. I decided it was best to take a step back and shore up my back office before plunging ahead with sales so I haven’t made any money yet, although I have taken steps to set up a real business so I won’t have legal or IRS issues. Mainly it’s been a shift in mindset for me and I feel more confident talking about my business, so that’s something.

Daleen Ambachtsheer

For the last 4 years, I was dreaming of starting my own business. I was a professional who landed in the wrong career. I studied for 6 years and practiced my career for 5 years. But then I turned my back on it all and walked away. Suddenly I found myself drifting on a sea of nothingness with no purpose at all.

I didn't quite know what to do with my life. People thought I was crazy. I was looking for the answer everywhere. Why did I hate my career so much? Why do others seem to thrive in the same career? This lead me on a journey of discovery and research and finally, I happened on the answer. So the last 4 years I was researching talent and motivation extensively but I was too afraid to take the next step. I did not think I was good enough, that I knew enough, that people would actually pay for my services.

Then I found Marisa's program, Experience Product Masterclass, and I realised I had to take a leap of faith. In ten weeks I put together my first Experience Product and launched it to the world. How exhilarating, and utterly terrifying at first, but then the new reality of who I am and where I was heading took over. And Marisa's mantras to "Iterate your way to awesome" and "the path to clarity is through action" changed something, life could never be the same procrastination exercise again.

Thanks Marisa, for launching me into the world. I'll be forever grateful.

Catherine Darras

I was working hard and getting burnt out but never getting ahead. I knew I need to create an additional stream of income but didn't know exactly what it would be or how to go about creating and activating it. Through EPM I was given step-by-step training on how to take my product live so that I can't fail, even if the first iteration isn't an immediate success.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

This is an amazing program that delivers over and above what it promises, which is rare.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM showed me the necessary steps to take my product live. I would not have known all that was involved otherwise.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I know I can do this now - it's not a vague hope.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Adding a new offering that takes what I do 1:1, and allows it to be shared 1:many.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Passive income.

Daven Rosener

Before EPM, I had spent many months just thinking about the content of my online course, never really able to get it out the door, much less to the door. I was convinced that I had to have all the content complete and perfect before launching it into the world. I had not invested quality time into how I present, talk about and market the course to potential students. The structure and lessons helped me drill down on these important areas.

These areas, in the end, have helped me reframe and strengthen that content I had spent so much time thinking about. Now, my course is definitely at the door and ready. EPM has helped me do this. Now, I'm motivated to not only make it a strong course for my students, but also an amazing experience.

Deatra Davis

I learned of EPM at a time when I had grown weary of run-of-the-mill shiny offers and tactics that promised huge rewards for list building and product creation programs. I was drawn to Marisa's big picture perspective with the Birds Eye View framework and process to create a real experience for my clients. A product that would set me and my offer apart from the crowd, and boy, did she over-deliver on that promise.

The analogy that "you can't see the forest for the trees" is where I was living before EPM — stuck doing tree work without a framework. I had created products that I wasn't proud to offer. I had a website that I didn't want anybody to see. EPM provided me with a systematic process to design, market, and deliver experience products that appeal to my ideal customer and fit the stage of my business growth. I gained the confidence I needed to price my product for its value and method of delivery.

While it wasn't always easy to conceptualize and document the steps, I learned a valuable skill set that I can apply to every future product I create. A key takeaway was the realization that marketing methods need to match the growth phase of your business. It's easy to get sucked into strategies that are popular, but not necessarily right for your business.

So, I ended the program with a signature weight loss masterclass for women over 50. A product that I'm proud to own and proud to offer my clients. Thank you Marisa, Murray, Tiffany, Christine, Don and the EPM community for a rock solid program.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Realizing that my marketing methods need to match the growth phase of business. It's easy to get sucked into tactics that are popular, but not necessarily right for your business.

How did EPM help you become successful?

In 14 weeks I learned how to create an experience for my product; how to market my product in the right way; and actually launched a marketing campaign.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

As I created the Birds Eye View, Features and Benefits of my product, I realized the true value of my offer. The exercise gave me the confidence to set prices based on value and method of delivery. This is a priceless skill set that I can apply to every future product that I create.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was following every product to market shiny object that came before me and getting nowhere fast. But now I have a systematic process to create, market, and deliver experience products that appeal to my ideal customer, fit the stage of my business growth, and products that I can feel proud to offer.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Completing the marketing campaign and making money from it.

Debbie Inglis

Before EPM I had been struggling with the focus for my business. I’d spent 14 years delivering coaching and training to leaders and their teams, firstly in the private sector, then niching in the education sector (my background before setting up my business).

Recent years have seen my market becoming flooded with people who offer the same service, including more people with a similar USP to me. As I tried to respond to needs, I lost track of what I was about, and found myself running ragged trying to offer more and more bespoke services, spreading myself and my offerings too widely, which was extremely time-consuming and mentally exhausting. My income was also dropping. I felt lost, and suddenly realized that I desperately wanted to become proactive again and take control of where my business was headed. I needed to gain my identity back and gain real clarity about my services and my ‘why’.

With this in mind, I attended several webinars, chosen because they all sounded like they would fix my problem. These led to signing up for online trainings, costing $1,000s, but without any results. Most of the time I didn’t even complete the trainings. What’s worse … this was having an increasingly negative impact on my home life.

Feeling frustrated (and slightly desperate!) I thought I’d try one last webinar before seriously considering getting a ‘normal’ job again. This webinar turned out to be the pre-EPM launch webinar (2018). I’d say it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

What worked particularly well in this program were 3 main things:

The step-by-step approach the program offered. The ‘wins’ (points achieved from taking actions) – this became addictive! Having a coach who became my accountability partner. It’s not been plain sailing. I lost a close friend around the time of the start of the EPM program, and have spent lots of my spare time supporting the family. However, my determination to keep going with the trainings have meant I’ve still been able to graduate, and proudly so! My gains have included:

A $700 sale from my first marketing campaign conversation. Greater clarity and focus for my products, along with excitement about what’s possible. A big dose of self-belief and confidence for the future. I feel like I’m finding my ‘Why’ again, and gaining ENERGY back by being more congruent. This is huge for me.

Huge thanks to Marisa, Kate, Christine, Don, Murray at the rest of the team! Your apparent endless supply of positive energy has been amazing!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Oooh, there have been so many! ... I can't choose between the following 2:

1. Seeing my products as 'experience products', instead of information products

2. It's motivated me to get super-focused on my business again, and helped me realise that I DO have what it takes to make it the success it can be. Need to continue to be authentically me!

How did EPM help you become successful?

The XPs and XXXPs have been a HUGE motivator! Doing the work is the key, and the XPs (as well as reporting my progress to my coach) have been the motivation (and accountability) I needed to keep going ... one step at a time!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Given me confidence again, when I'd started to struggle with my focus. Was getting a little 'lost' with what I was offering; lacked clarity. Still feel there's a little way to go, as I now look at the bigger picture of the business as a whole. Need to nail this. The impact on my life has been more energy and clarity.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

There hasn't really been a change on my income. If anything, I've taken my eye off the usual marketing I do, whilst I've been working on this programme (e.g. LinkedIn posts, weekly newsletters, etc.)

I suppose I've realised that with a clear head around what I offer, and being able to talk about it with more focus (Chatterbox it!), I've seen how I can earn more than I have been. i.e. the $700 gained from my 1st Chatterbox conversation is proof that it works!! So you could say I'm $700 better off! There's still time to earn more as I progress with my program.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Seeing the fruits of my labours, getting to enjoy marketing, and applying what I've learned to other experience products.

Deborah Milotte

When I first made the decision to begin a business all things changed for me. I knew that this was not only what I wanted to do but honestly, I felt that it was what I was designed to do. Even though I did not know what I was going to do or how to do it …I felt so nervous and ‘lost’ because I had to work on my business quietly and privately (nobody in my circle really supported my “ideas”). I was ready to give up on what I wanted to do; leave my dreams behind me; and maybe, just maybe one-day I would revisit it again …That is, until EPM.

I watched Marisa’s webinar and something happened! I could feel the passion that she has for helping others to achieve their goals and getting them to Mission Accomplished. And then Marisa’s promise of her continuing support and that of her team – well, that is what won me over. Through EPM, I now have a clear vision of what I am creating; how I am promoting; the perfect ways to market and deliver; and to eventually get to my Mission Accomplished.

Although, at the time of this letter, I have not made Mission Accomplished – I know that I will. Please, allow me to repeat – I know that I will. Regardless of any outcome – I have succeeded. I have a proven process to follow. I have a new level of confidence. I now have a path -with such clarity- that I am a different person than I was 10 weeks ago.

To Marisa, the entire EPM Team, and the EPM community I am so Grateful for your support, guidance, and never ending encouragement! Thank you.


What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

That I am not alone. There are SO Many ways to gain awareness. That Chatterbox is the 'Real-Deal'. That I can do this!

How did EPM help you become successful?

Through the support of everyone (LYM staff & community) encouraging each other through each and every process. There is no way to not be successful with the support and encouragement like that. This is something that simply does not exist within other communities or programs. EMP has it Mastered! Thank you.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Confidence. Even when I feel nervous about launching or promoting ... my new-found confidence rings louder than any nervousness I might be feeling.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

The biggest change in my business for me is ... that I now have a business. Until 10 weeks ago, I only had a dream of a business. Now, it has become a reality. Before, I had a dream and a hope of perhaps "one day". Now, I have a business. (it may not be out of the gate - but I have one!)

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Being able to help make a difference in others and being able to do that with integrity and confidence is what excites me most about moving forward with my Experience Product. Knowing that what I can offer will make a difference to someone else that is going to in-turn help another ... it is a beautiful cycle!

Deirdre Harter

I am so excited to have taken this training. Before taking this course, I was waffling around, procrastinating and struggling to even get a blog post out…let alone an entire coaching program.

Because of the Experience Product Master class, I have been able to take a previous coaching program I put together and taught to Amazon Merchants a couple of years ago that had lots of hidden “gold” buried in it and redefine it from a long drawn out “course of study” to an Experience Product. I have been able to clarify my ideal students, hone my message and have a blueprint to follow for marketing, instead of just winging it and hoping it works. I am really excited about the new format and the increased success that I know my students can now have following the EPM outline.

During the program, I faced a couple of serious challenges. The first was that I was having my best year ever during the Christmas rush for product selling on Amazon ( my main business). My husband was a huge help, but my other paid help backed out at the last minute, so I was taking up the slack every day instead of working through EPM as I had planned. The second challenge came when we discovered the walls of the home we were leasing were filled with mold and rather than fix the problem, the owners released us from our lease. We had to find a new place to live and move our entire home and business, along with tons of inventory during December. I got off track during this time, but was able play catch up here in the last couple of weeks of the program.

I still have some work to do for marketing and sales and I am about 4 weeks away from launching, but I have my first two students already lined up and ready to go and I have only done a small amount of word of mouth on facebook and in email to my very small email list….wohoo!

This is only the beginning and I have about 50 more ideas that I want to try out once I nail this one first. The EPM course has helped me really focus and stop trying to get it perfect and to iterate my way to awesome. Thank you so much!!!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

It doesn't have to be perfect...it just needs to get done. I can provide value and expertise while I am perfecting the program.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It helped me take a massive project and break it down into bite sized chunks with actionable steps all along the way. It became "doable".

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I have so much more confidence now and I am super excited about my coaching business again.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I was tinkering with the program, avoiding social contact until it was "perfect"...I was basically just using creative avoidance. Now I am back

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

The ability to use this blueprint and method for any training idea that I have - and to know that my students are going to be able to win every time and that I was able to provide a platform that will help them achieve the results they are seeking.

Donna Loeffler

For three years I have been seeking the 'magic formula' to grow my business. After spending a LOT of money on a lot of different courses, I had very little to show for it. One day I decided to write down every course I had purchased, and truthfully, I was shocked at the list. Way more than I remembered. Some of the courses I barely even looked at. I realized that the self-study concept didn't work for me. I was at the point of giving up, or maybe transitioning into a non-profit, or a different business. I was at a crossroads and didn't know what direction to go in.

I'm not sure how I came to find Marisa and EPM. I think someone had sent me her webinar. It looked intriguing, but I vowed to not purchase one more program until I completed all the others. As I watched Marisa on her webinar, everything she said made so much sense. It seemed like the missing piece to my complex puzzle. I loved the idea of accountability. I didn't think it was even possible to create the program and system that Marisa has created. I was willing to take one more chance. So I signed up. From the get-go, this course was different.

The celebrations at every turn really motivated me. The regular online meetings with Marisa and the other coaches were invaluable. I thought I had a well-defined target market and program idea but soon came to realize that I was trying to do way too much. I saw how much I was jumping around, from one subject to another, and never taking my ideas to completion. Because EPM breaks everything down into doable, manageable steps, I was able to really focus. The one thing that was a real game changer for me was the focus I developed. To really concentrate on one, simple program and not try to include everything and the kitchen sink! And it worked.

When I got to the marketing section, I'm not gonna lie. I was a little overwhelmed. But I continued on day by day, working on it, because by golly I was going to FINISH this thing! The good news is that I now have my own, fully functioning website through Heroic, which is something I have been trying to accomplish for YEARS! And I know how to update it at any time. I also added a call to action so my website can really work for me. I added my EPM program too, so people can go there to register. I also completed an online sales funnel that I had started before EPM. And lastly, I created a lead magnet online quiz that is connected to my funnel. I am super proud of myself for accomplishing all of this in 10 weeks. I had paid literally thousands of dollars and never even came close to this.

So even though I didn't hit 'mission accomplished' in the 10 weeks, I did make my first sale into my program, which is the hardest. And I am fully ready to launch this week, with my program starting on March 1st. I'm excited to see where this will take me, and what I will accomplish next. I can't wait to attend Message to Money Live to learn more. This has been a fabulous experience. The best part is now, I have a model of an amazing, effective program to model my own program after. Thank you SO much! I am grateful to all of the EPM gang!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My biggest takeaway is that I have EVERYTHING i need to succeed. Everything is in place. What I need to do now is take massive action to get my information out there about just this ONE program. I am ready to launch my online funnel today, and have a plan to chatterbox with anyone and everyone on my contact list, 5 contacts per day, focusing on just this one program. In the past, I have jumped around from one idea to the next, with very little results. I have now embraced "Missus Midlife" as she is ME, and that is my focus. Thank you for helping me get to this point of laser focus, that's really what I needed most!

How did EPM help you become successful?

I ditched my old website (and it's marketing guy), and built my very own heroic website. I've gotten rave reviews from other web developers, so I am super happy about this. Very much needed. Also, to develop laser focus on one product and my branding was exactly what I needed to do. EPM helped me put more fun into my program, for sure.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I now have a focused mission that I truly believe in. What could be better than that? Absolutely nothing!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before I had a sporadic message, now I have a clear, focused message that I really believe in and live by myself every day. I am genuine. The focus has been the biggest change, which is huge. I know I am now on a path to reach my goals and way more.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am most excited about meeting and helping amazing women to better their lives. To help THEM reach Mission Accomplished! I'm also excited about all of the other products that are sure to come.

Doug Van

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

Stick to Getting Started Choices. Done is better than perfect. Just get your best effort out there, and see what happens. The only way to forward progress is actually moving forward.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It drove me to action. I was familiar with a lot of the ideas in the program. But until EPM, my knowledge never translated into a product I could sell.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life? More than anything, it's just driven me and my partner into action. We stopped thinking too hard, made some Getting Started Choices and hit the ground running. It hasn't been perfect or smooth, but we are learning and growing faster than ever before in this arena. And something about hitting new challenges invigorates us, because we know that's bridging the gap to the next level of our business.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before, I was getting stuck in the paralysis of analysis. Trying to find the perfect solution before getting started with anything. Now, we're taking more bold action, knowing that's the only way forward.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? We have such a greater understanding of the market, the audience and this type of (online) delivery method. We know there's a huge audience for our product, so now we're excited to build a larger audience and get this into the hands of more people.

George Massey

After 4 years of a membership site that had too much on the menu, I wasn’t sure what to do, Nobody was getting involved in it...I can only guess that it was overwhelming. I joined EPM and it really helped shine light on major product. I finally owned my authenticity and my one main product that my clients loved and benefited from the most. Because of that, I decided to lean into it and make it my signature product.

Emily Quinn

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I'm not sure. I'm a little bummed I wasn't able to hit MA during the program but maybe I just didn't have the time available to make it happen. It was a good program and I learned a lot but I'm not sure how realistic the mission is.

How did EPM help you become successful?

It motivated me to keep taking action. I'm definitely feeling more confident in growing my business.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

It's continued me on my path of wanting to make more of an impact on my world and making more money for my family. It's helped me learn to prioritize work that isn't my "normal work" and to see that vision a little more clearly.

What has been the biggest change in your business?

Before EPM I didn't have a clear idea of a next-step to growing my business but now I can see that one product can be a next step.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I just want to get it out there and help people feel the excitement and confidence I felt from getting a grasp on my personal finances.

Ricki Lane

Is your mission to provide your customers with an experience they’ll always look back on as the big turning point in their lives, their peak experience, their epiphany, their big “aha”? You can best deliver this for your customers if you’ve had that experience yourself.

If you’ve been focused only on providing knowledge and information in your courses instead of delivering dynamic experiences and wins ... and have consequently found your customers losing their initially wild enthusiasm for your program... and maybe even disappearing off your roster...you will appreciate why Marisa’s mission is to help her tribe of entrepreneurs by SHOWING them how to actually deliver the WOW.

I was one of those entrepreneurs who had grown lukewarm in my enthusiasm for developing my business – coaching kids to read at their grade level in 10 weeks or less - over the two years that I struggled with knowledge and information overload. I knew I had a good program to offer and my business ideas got off to a great start in my first year of my training while with Neurogym...learning brain science stuff about how I could change my old beliefs and habits to transform my life...

The mindset training was valuable...but I felt a huge sense of disappointment at the end of most other courses and webinars that took me all over the map and did not help me to move forward with the right actions in the right order. I paid lip ser