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Deborah N Hurwitz's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Deborah N Hurwitz

Celebrating a major win: I have officially closed the doors of my Jan-June 2019 program launch with a total contract value of $160,000+ and December cash in the door of over $30,000! It was my intention to use EPM to "iterate my way to awesome" in this relatively new 6-month group coaching program (first launched Jan 2018 - this will be my 3rd round), and I can honestly say that the training I've received in EPM so far - especially crafting a renewal program that re-enrolled 2/3 of my current group - greatly informed my positioning, messaging and sales of the new program.

Further, my confidence in what I am now creating for delivery over the next six months (and beyond) through EPM is through the roof and I am truly excited to be serving this growing tribe of clients! Interestingly enough, the name of my program is Mission Accomplished (TM application filed - and named well before working with Marisa;)) and I'm happy to declare Mission Accomplished in EPM! Thank you Marisa, Murray, Don, Christine, coach Devin and the whole Live Your Message team! Next stop, Jump contest T-Shirt.