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Daniel Rial's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Daniel Rial

kaaaaaBOOOM - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! ????????????

I’m in the core track and I have been falling waaaay behind with all the tech stuff. I’ve also been going back and forth between two products - a Dating program and a Confidence program - and I’ve ended up with two almost complete programs that, if I may say so myself, are super awesome! ????

Haven’t had any other campaigns going (yet) other than ”Chatterboxing” but thanks to the Bird’s Eye view I been able to up-sell two clients from my normal ”organic coaching” into my programs (both Dating and Confidence) and where I normally would have made $5500 I now made $9500 instead, a 4k ”profit” which technically would be my target goal for EPM but I’ve had this thing where it felt like ”cheating” since they weren’t new clients.

Today I finally signed up a brand new client putting me at a grand total of $10500 and I’m hitting the button feeling pretty darn good about it!

I MASSIVE thanks to everyone in this group for your willingness to support and give feedback, you rock! ???? I will focus the reminder of EPM on delivering and developing my programs but also try to get more of my tech ready (domain email and sales pages mainly) so I’m hoping for your continuous support, which I also hope we can keep going in this group long after EPM has finished - I’ve begun to see this group as a ”virtual team” and I’d hate to lose it.

A special thanks to Debra Lindegren for your relentless willingness to support and find solutions to any challenge - it’s been GREATLY appreciated and you are a FREAKING ROCKSTAR! ???? #coachdebra

Keep going guys, stay confident and focus on your strengths - y’all got this! ??????????

PS Murray and Marisa - can’t thank you guys enough for Heroic, first time I’ve felt that I may be able to turn my achilles heel of technology into an advantage.

Stay epic!