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Sheila Young-Mercado, MD (class of 2022)

I joined EPM to help me get the message right for my target audience. Half way through module 2, I decided to change my focus after talking to a few more folks in my medical community about some of the products I was working on. So many folks were interested in the topic of finding a mate so I decided to switch topics early in EPM.

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Cortnae del Valle (class of 2022)

I was having a difficult time implementing a business plan. I wasn’t sure what to do to really get my business off the ground. I had some clients and done this type of work for them, but nothing was very structured and I really wanted to establish a program so that I could have something concrete to market and then customize it for each client. I joined EPM because I loved Marissa's energy and point of view on how to move my business forward. I have learned a lot about breaking down my offering so that it can be consumed in small parts and then have all of that other stuff become a different offering. I had to face my massive fear of failure and inadequacy in order to continue to move forward -- and I realized that I have to just get things done and not procrastinate as that will never get me to the place that I imagine for my business and myself. Although I have not sold my program yet - I feel that I have a much better plan as what needs to happen next and some concrete work done towards reaching my goal. I am going to push to get a sale in the next two weeks so that by LYM Live I will have some successes to point to.

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Joseph Janiczek (class of 2022)

We knew we wanted to create one or more experience product masterclasses to go along with the smartphone app we created and successfully patented. The problem was, while we literally invested in a state of the art studio to put great content together, we lacked the guidance needed to put together and market/sell a course that truly was/is the perfect compliment to our continuity product (app with ongoing subscription). EMP provided the exact guidance needed to elevate this part of our product experience to where it needs to be. Thanks Marisa and EMP Team

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Chantal Moreno (class of 2022)

I joined the free days from Marisa by coincidence and thought the info was very interesting. I didnt had a business and i didnt even know what i wanted. The only thing i knew is that i wanted to start a business only how, with what, about what, for whom i didnt knew and i was procrastinating starting or even thinking about it. After the 5 days i also joined the day which talked about EPM i think it lasted 12 hours and i saw everything. Eventually i decided the last 30 minutes to join without knowing what to expect. I only knew that i was feeling very excited about the idea of joining. Now 12 weeks later i know what i want, who i will serve and how to do it and i feel so proud. I have learned so much and still have a lot to learn as i didnt see all the videos yet. By mistake i missed one milestone and you know what, its fine! I have enjoyed my POD calls, met very interesting persons and love my coach Sharell. I love the way the course is developed and how it progresses. The fact that i have lifetime access gives me the peace to continue on my own pace and complete watching the videos and replays. I am so much further and clear about where i want to go and what i want to accomplish than 12 weeks ago and i know i will get there. I feel confident and proud and launched my business and now i am chatterboxing to everyone i know and one day i will have my first sale and than many more. The most important thing i learned progress over perfection. Thank you so much i am very grateful and happy!

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Roxanne St Clair (class of 2022)

"It had not been my intention to start a new training programme, however, there was something that Marisa said on her webinar that made me press the button.

Right from the word go I was encouraged to get into action, whether it was introducing myself to other EPMers or setting my goals, but the ring of the kerching had me in motion. The getting started week was full of great advice from the coaches, so it felt as though we knew them even before the programme officially started.

Talking about coaches, my assigned coach, Paul, was a wiz motivator and wordsmith. Our weekly POD calls were both fun and helpful, there’s something to be said for the power of “sidebar” coaching. I learned as much by listening to the advice and support given to other members of our POD as I did from receiving my own guidance. The clearly mapped out milestones kept me on track, even on the weeks when I wondered whether I would get everything done.

Thank you Marisa and the team for designing such a comprehensive programme that allowed me to look at my topic in new ways. I’m still getting used to chatterboxing.

Creating a MVP version of my course helped me to get it done, as I did not have to add the bells and whistle, the aim was to produce a course that I know will help my target audience. As time passes, and I receive feedback, I can launch the next iteration, and the next…."

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Mariette Argelery (class of 2022)

"My coaching business was stuck, I was getting frustrated and was losing momentum day after day. I wanted to leverage my business somehow, but not sure how to. I gave myself a last chance and joined The Experience Product Masterclass. Little did I know that it was going to help me change my mindset too. I learned the Minimum Viable Process – the perfect antidote for my perfectionism – and discovered that creating a rockstar course did not have to be complicated. I realized that the teachings coupled with personalized coaching was exactly what I needed. And…. Eureka ! ... I have my course! and made it to Graduation. EPM saved my business!
Thank you Marissa for the excellent experience, coach Emily for all your support and patience and all the team for your backstage work!"

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Delia (class of 2022)

It is good to complete the modules and graduate.

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Jana Wilcoxen (class of 2022)

"I was looking for ways to invigorate my reflex therapy practice and provide another level of service for my clients. In addition, I wanted to augment my income. I was also suffering from a lack of confidence that kept me from ""putting myself out there"". So I had the desire to grow and wasn't sure how to make this happen. The result: stagnation and waaaay too many excuses that kept me from moving ahead. In fact, I was actually looking in another direction for answers.

But then I happened to read an email about the Crack Your Course Idea Challenge and signed up on a whim. I'd previously tried to make a course related to reflex therapy before the pandemic but had gotten stuck at the ""build your email list"" phase. CYCIC was just what I needed, and I gained so much momentum and inspiration that I knew I couldn't stop, so I absolutely said yes to the Experience Product Masterclass. Marisa Murgatroyd completely convinced me of her vision, wisdom and integrity, I couldn't walk away from learning more from her.

I feel like my path to coming to EPM was so serendipitous that I sometimes pinch myself that the opportunity literally just came my way. EPM has taught me that progress is better than perfection. It became my mantra as I pushed through the modules and milestones to reach graduation. I did it! And every time I go back through all my texts, they get better and better, and my Experience Product gets clearer and clearer. Now I truly do feel ready to go out and Live My Message (imperfections and all!)."

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Minh Pham-Costello (class of 2022)

I finally completed my program - this will kick off my business

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Nobantu Kalake (class of 2022)

"I was having a problem with starting a coaching business after investing in life coach training and attaining my accreditation. I was not sure what to do and ended up enrolling in some course creation programme which I never completed. I then enrolled in yet another one which I also abandoned half way when I realised I was getting even more confused. I then came across the EPM programme which I am glad to say I have managed to complete the required modules to graduate, despite all the challenges of having to juggle with the 9 to 5 and the different time zones. This was made possible by the way the programme is designed and delivered, i.e. the different layers of checks and accountability
and the numerous shared experiences for guidance and encouragement. All these ensured participants stayed on course. "

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