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Rafael Rivas (class of 2022)

EPM has been a very changing experience for me, Before I was stuck, I was always thinking on how to give my loved ones a better future, procastination was killing me and I didn't even notice it, I was constantly frustrated and giving out excused for everything that wasn't working. One day I joined Marissa's webinar and said this is for me. I joined EPM and started to re-learn from A to Z how create and sell a experience product. I began an incredible adventure and put together my training program. It's been amazing when you have a team and a coach, it's unbevievable all you learn and the support you recieve to stay focused and continue. In 12 weeks I went from 0 to having graduated, launching my training and having 1 sale almost closed.

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Barbara Gregory (class of 2022)

"I previously taught high school back in the UK over 20 years ago, prior to relocating to the US with my husband and two children My 6 year old son and my 3 year old daughter, who by the way was adopted, I had no idea at the time that she was Autistic. I was forced to put my teaching career on the back burner to advocate for her.

I took a sideway move in to the health care arena, over the years I worked in the clinical field with Autistic and Special Needs youths and children, direct care, behavioral health, job coaching and support coordinating. I have worked as a caseworker providing support and advocating for parents.

Prior to receiving the email from Marisa I completed my TESOL certification and was about to start teaching English online. When I started to follow Marisa I was trying to understand all that she was trying to teach us, her approach, her honesty of pass failures, her unique course structure, never ever saw her unique method of delivery. I began to
believe her story, I quickly realized her unique strategies.

When we were given the opportunity to pay for the course I really was not in the position to take on this course, time wise or financially, I was ""trying to pay of my daughters college fees"". Thankfully my husband believed that this was an answer and payed for the program. I got on the course literally at the last hour.

After getting unto the course I had to realign my mind and my thinking, I was determined to push through all the challenges including working long hours and sleepiness nights; struggling to keep up with the Milestones.

My only assurance was that ""My previous pain and suffering had already given me my Credential to this EPM Program and that My Story was my Divine Purpose to help other Parents in a similar situation.

Gods divine timing and I am so Grateful!!"

"At first I was having problems understanding the dynamics of the course and was struggling to pull it all together, understanding the different terms, the milestones, timelines the # tags to be sent to Facebook group and all the information sent through emails. I was able to over come all my challenges by being determined, including the name of the product, the price point, course design and onboarding plans.

Thankfully I was able to meet with the Principal of a Special Needs school who are prepared to open their doors for me to use the school for my Summer Program. And the possibility to run other programs in the future. The biggest problem I had was managing my time. I had to wait until the whole family was asleep to work on the Milestones. Chatter Boxing Milestone was one of my greatest challenges, but I over came my fears, of talking to others, then doors began to open as a result, I am a better person today moving forward. Thank you Marisa Coach Carolyne and the entire Team I received all that I anticipated and much more. Again Gods divine timing and I am so Grateful!!

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Diane Morris (class of 2022)

I was having major disappointments with attracting my audience and I continued to procrastinate with so many do-overs. I became confused. I realized this program is a minimally viable product and just start. My clients will tell me what I need to provide my valuable content to transform their lives. I now have a solid program, purpose and a fabulous program to share with a solid foundation..

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Dina Crawford (class of 2022)

I was struggling with marketing the group coaching program I was offering. I wasn't sure how to present it in a way that would connect with more people. I joined EPM and finally realized the value of a more specific niche. I am now presenting my offer to a more specific group of people and am finding that they are looking for support that is not available to them elsewhere. They are interested and I have made my first sale.

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Sherryn Bowers (class of 2022)

I had a ton of ideas and experience but lacked clarity of messaging and product match. I didn't know how to distill my options into one core course that could deliver one core outcome (without overwhelming my client by packing too much in!). I joined Experience Product Masterclass, learnt how to survey the market and language what I do in a way that speaks to my client's most important wants (versus what I think they need) and structure a course that delivers on that one key component, trusting it will open doors for further support as we continue together and they have proven results with me. Having completed the outline of my program I took a person through the discovery sales conversation, all the way up to the point of making an offer (and holding the silence)... while she didn't say yes now due to some competing commitments, she wants me to check back in with her in a few months because once things have settled she's keen to work with me. I'll take that as a win!

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Roger Persaud (class of 2022)

I was having challenges with my micro niche I could not establish the pain points corporate leaders have in dealing with diversity,. I joined EPM to learn how to make a course and learned it was about a whole lot of stuff i never considered. However I pivoted and now hoping for the best.

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Gladys Martinez (class of 2022)

"I was having issues with my product because i felt i was so general, Marisa and the team helped me see that even as a generalist I could niche down and expand. I wasn't sure that was possible but seeing others do the same, i gained confidence. I joined because I know I have something to offer, I have been searching for help for some time and though I am not where I want to be, I am farther along and have a better plan to keep refining the program and create new ones. I am still perfecting my product but have a better understanding of how to do so.
I loved our coach and most of all i loved Marisa's knowledge, input and quick wit and thought process.
Currently I am offering my product one and one and hope to expand soon to one to few to make a bigger impact - I will use the tips and lessons learned to help me move forward and hope to join her advanced group in the future for further clarity and assistance.
We all have something to offer - small and large, and I am happy that this program takes this into account. "

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Sabita Adhikari (class of 2022)

I previously launched a course in another niche, I had several students purchase the course but the students were not completing the course. I wasn't sure what to do with lack of engagement. I joined Experience Product Masterclass and realised that more content doesn't mean more value or transformation. I learnt in EPM that the students get overwhelmed by the the content and adding gamification to get that dopamine flowing for them so that they can complete the course, and go through the transformation.

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Guillaume CHAU (class of 2022)

I have never created a program before. I felt lost and overwhelmed because I didn't know what to do and in what order. EPM met my need for guidance and gave me so much more. My coach gave me advice and support and helped me step out of my comfort zone. I now have a coaching program ready to launch, and I am so proud of it. Thank you, EPM team, coach Lucas and my Pod #BringItOn for all your support! I am now ready to fly!

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Teresa Wagstaff (class of 2022)

I was thinking pretty negative about getting anywhere and my focus was off. I was focusing on getting my money back because I felt I couldn’t afford the program in the first place. I changed my mindset thanks to Marisa and I knew for sure that my first program was going to be so successful.

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