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83 Honest & Unedited Experience Product Masterclass Reviews from the EPM class of 2016

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Davina Detrik (class of 2016)

My husband & business partner Galen and I are both dentists who had just made two life choices:

The first was to engineer and deliver an info product to other dentists, teaching them about our revolutionary business model. The second was to no longer tolerate a crappy nights sleep and buy a new mattress.

No more than a day after these decisions were made, I got a message in my inbox… it claimed that info products were a thing of the past; the future is an experience!! I LOVED the message.

Now that I had a spunky woman telling me we could apply this to the info course we had decided to create, I HAD to know more. I signed up for the webinar. When it ended, I knew using the Experience Product Master Class was going to be the secret sauce we needed to launch our course in a big, bold way.

I had also just ordered our mattress, which was the same cost as the investment for EPMC. Our budget would only allow for one. So I called the mattress company and cancelled the order, then immediately invested in EPMC. I believed that if I did exactly as Marisa said, it would be worth it. I wasn't wrong.

I was forever the bright, shiny-object girl, and that hadn't worked out too well for me. It was time to change the way I did things, all chips in.

As a company, we committed to implementing everything Marisa taught. As she puts it, "close your escape hatch." Because the program was only 8 weeks, honoring that commitment was doable, even for me.

Being an excitable person, I love learning. The problem is that I love learning so much, I often forget to implement. Marisa shifted this mentality too. She set up a system within EPM that gave us points for every action we took! This was a complete game changer for our business: not only were we learning, but we had a system to make things happen.

EXECUTION became the new name of the game.

We started by creating the mission statement for our experience product: “Dentists will learn, sell, deliver, and market their first direct resin veneer smile transformation and make back their course investment within 12 weeks.”
Then we got super clear on exactly how we were going to get our tribe to mission accomplished and began marketing through Facebook, pre-existing dental relationships and seriously bold asks.

One of those bold asks turned into a partnership with one of the largest, most reputable dental companies in the world! They love our experience product almost as much as we do and have backed us fully! They’re coining it, “The Future of Dental Continuing Education.” That shift and rapid change in our reality only happened because we asked with clarity and with purpose.

Watching how Marisa, Murray, and the LYM Team delivered EPM was an education in and of itself as well. They over-delivered at every stage, setting the standard for blowing expectations out of the water. We knew we wanted to create that for our tribe too.

Within the 8 week EPM, we worked insanely hard, often clocking 16-20 hour days. We built a website with no design background using Heroik; we designed and built virtual modules for our THRIVExperience Masterclass; we got on the phone with complete strangers (even internationally) and had sales conversations; we committed, got comfortable being uncomfortable, and accomplished what we’d never accomplished before. All said and done, we generated $47,413.46 in revenue through our new product in just a few short weeks, and our launch still has 2 weeks to decision day on December 6th!

Oh and yes, we were able to get our new mattress too!

EPM has drastically changed the way we think about commitment… it’s proven to us that a “burning the ships” mentality is terribly essential to extracting the best parts of yourself you didn't know existed. EPM has also given us the confidence to show up unapologetically, as the new face of dentistry. We’re receiving loads of attention for being trail blazers in our industry, and it all traces back to choosing experience over education. Nothing about our lives looks like it did a short 8 weeks ago.

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D’vorah Lansky (class of 2016)

Yeah - I did it!!!! I spent weeks and weeks debating and deliberating about what product I should bring to market and my target audience was changing. My awesome coach Samara pinned me to the wall, lovingly, and suggested that I stop vacillating and just pick a product to run with as I could always use the strategies in future products.

My experience product is called, "Get Heard, Get Seen, Get Sales." It is a 4 week hands-on program that focuses on teaching authors how to get comfortable and gain experience in online speaking.

One of the biggest joys of this program is to see how much interaction and how many deep friendships have been made between the participants. I believe that many of these friendships will continue to grow into the future.

To promote the program I primarily crafted an email campaign and offered killer bonuses. My previous course was promoted via six, two hour webinars, over the course of two months. The interesting thing is, we had the exact same number of registrations (53) in that program as in this new experience program - and I'll tell you it was a whole lot easier sending out 5 emails than it was to conduct six webinars, each one requiring 1/2 dozen follow up emails.

I believe that Marisa has discovered the secret sauce and I'm SO glad she's shared it with us.

Here are my numbers...

A. 53 people enrolled in the level one of the course yielding: $4,553 in sales.

B. Two people enrolled at level two, yielding: $4,697 in sales


My sales goal - big step goal - was $12,500 and I am well on my way. THANK YOU Marisa, Samara, and Team!

My biggest takeaway from this program is the incredible power of infusing FUN into the mix. Being part of the joy and fun that Marisa and the coaches experienced while giving so much has helped me become a better teacher and coach.

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Ashby Underwood (class of 2016)

17 years experience in yoga. Doing online programs for 2 years. $1000 client immediately. From Naive and Nervous, to New Horizons! I arrived on the scene to EPM with total baggage around my 17 year career as a yoga teacher and massage therapist, with a dead list of subscribers but a budding 1:1 practice.

What I have to offer, my experience, my insight, my talent are all at their peak, and I am truly ready to get my message out. I have been investing in programs for about 2 years, hoping to give myself a degree in online marketing.

When I first heard Marisa's voice on an evergreen webinar, I was immediately excited. I bought her program Message to Money which fell short of my expectations, however Marisa & Murray stood behind their product and won my trust. When Call to Adventure was launched I jumped on it. The interaction and engagement level of CTA resonated with me so deeply, I wanted to re-create it.

When Experience Product Masterclass was born, I started a journey to create not only a program, or product, but a more meaningful business. See, what I have learned is that if you don't have a way to communicate with the people that you are meant to help, then stifle begets stagnation. And that's where I was, for sure.

What I have learned here at EPM is the Art of Revealing. I am an introvert, that is why I chose to work in the "introspective" healing arts. But messages don't live when kept inside you. They need to breathe, just like a living being. Marisa has taught us how to exchange with others, reciprocal and relevant communication.

SO. Mission Accomplish-ing. In Progress. Status: Hell Yeah, I've got this! This program has been a total jam! Out of all of the training calls, coaching calls, and laser coaching calls, I have only missed one! And I have gained confidence, so much so that I manifested my first $1000 package client!

Last night I had a dream, literally, where I fell into a peaceful, blissed out deep dive into my psyche. And in this dream...integration arrived! I saw the light: my business was creating itself out of the needs of my people.

So....I woke up this morning and created a product, a coaching program, fast-action, let-me-follow-that-up-with-a freebie, product. Not the BIG BIG Product. The one I was working on through the course that, honestly, had me a little choked.

I launched a 3-Week Source Your Self-Care into 2017 Coaching Package with only 4 Seats Open. (A coaching program that can easily lead into the BIG BIG program by Jan called Deeply Nourished). I did so without fear of rejection (well, it's trying to stick it's head up a little). I did so with curiosity to see what my list wants. And I did so, knowing that if this list was truly "dead", then I can create another list, or another, or another.

What I learned is that my momentum is not defined by any one experience. And I learned to be confident in my revealing my vulnerability, my "im-perfectionism", and my honesty. I learned that I am NOT my business, which sure does take the pressure off. And as we speak, emails are flowing into inboxes with my offer! And I know what to do next. No more naive and nervous. Thank you for everything.

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Lizete Morais (class of 2016)

I can not tell you the leaps and bounds I am making through your program. After spending easily over 100K, in the last 2 years, learning how to market my presence online with the likes of Lisa Sasevich, Callan Rush, Eben Pagan … I have never ever made such progress and had such confidence that I can really do this. You are changing lives sweety! I just wanted you to know that. You are changing my life! I know that you want us to focus on 1 product, but my other products and process are getting a boost from this training too. I can't help to start applying some of these core concepts to my other brands too. It's making total sense why what I was doing was either not compelling enough, not complete enough and not selling! This is the BEST €2000.00 I have ever spent, TRULY!!! You know … I almost didn't do it.

Thankfully I have a six figure business that I've grown over the last 4 years through word of mouth alone in corporate businesses and with all the training I've done, I haven't made a single dollar on the net. Not 1! Either there were too many other pieces missing or it was so exhausting I couldn't complete the product. But that's all about to change! I would love to join you in Marina del Rey but I'm already giving training those days and they were booked for 6 months already. Wishing you every success and thank you, thank you, thank you … for all you have done! Big Love, Lizete

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Dr Maharaja Sivasubramanian (class of 2016)

My goal in repeating the whole program was with the intent of how do I breakthrough to the next level. Yes, I have hit it, and now my target is to go to the next level. which also includes maintaining my growth at a more consistent level than as a one-off factor. And that is what I have been able to achieve big time. The mindset is set, the momentum created, and now it is all about keeping the flow.

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Kat Kim (class of 2016)

I had been sitting on my program for years. I was confident that I have good content and I desperately wanted to share my message to the world. However, I had become overwhelmed with the increasingly high number of programs that seem to be out there these days. I had purchased many of them, and either never finished them or did not receive value from them.

I didn't want to create a product that would just sit in someone's inbox, never touched. I didn't want to add to the overwhelm that I know my clients are already feeling. I wanted to make a real change in their lives!

When I heard about the Experience Product Masterclass, I instantly knew this class was for me. It spoke to all my concerns and desires for wanting to create something that was really meaningful and impactful. This program is beyond any program I have ever taken. I have learned so much, and YES I reached and surpassed my goal! I made $3,900 during the program, and I've only just started!

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Joyce Dias (class of 2016)

There is something about Marisa!
I had been dabbling in various programs on how to create a course and taken a few high priced courses from some notable instructors without having lifted a finger to actually do the work. Many thousands of dollars later and nothing to justify the expense, I pleaded with my husband to let me invest in the Experience Product Masterclass. He sighed “THAT sigh” and gave me THAT resigned look as if to say, “there she goes again looking for the next shiny new course” to solve the problem of procrastination. Guilty as charged – until now!

But then something strange happened as I began to enter into the Experiment of the Experience. I learned not to worry about getting it perfectly right, realizing I never would.

The experience of the contests and fun prizes and the support of my fellow students suddenly gripped me, like a child trying to be good to earn presents from Santa Claus.

By the third week I realized that this was a completely different experience from the other courses I had taken. I was gripped by a fever to complete watching the videos and taking action every step of the way, however uncertain I felt and sat on my perfectionist dictator while I took incremental imperfect actions.

It was the mission and future self statement exercise that got me talking in a more cohesive focused way at networking events, that got people to sit up and take notice (and I thought I was developing a headline for my sales page). I began to tell my Origin story that had brought me from where I was (a very unfulfilled compartmentalized existence as an employee) to where I am today (a flourishing expanded business owner who is able to share herself, heart and soul with the world).

Having developed a more coherent system to take my clients through discovering their gifts, identifying with clarity what they were looking for and then transforming their lives, career and business choices to be in harmony with what they have to uniquely offer the world, I gained the confidence to tell my story from stage and captivate the audience sufficiently into getting 3 sales at $3000 (third sale happened today) each for my 3 month Coaching program , “ Born to Shine” that I begin in January 2017.

That is a freaking $9000 without having got all my perfect little ducks in a row, but flying in formation!

I always knew I could do it, but was so very slow in taking action, until I did. Thanks Marisa, I jumped and took the leap, and thank you for helping me build my wings on the way up!

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Michelle Bongiorno (class of 2016)

EPM arrived in my life as "exactly what I needed and was waiting for" -- but definitely at the "wrong time". How many times has that happened? And how many times have I made the wrong choice, either by jumping in or holding back.

I'd wanted to work with Marisa for a long time and here was the chance. In my own work I hold the same belief-- that people are looking for experiences in life and my passion is creating those experiences, especially in live events. To hone my abilities through EPM and to learn further how to 'experiencify' all aspects of my programs, I knew Marisa was onto something.

At the same time I was really overscheduled with way too much on my calendar than any one person can reasonably create or pull off with any degree of quality. I didn't need one more thing begging for my time and attention. On top of this I had been in an accident and was suffering from a concussion. It was taking a long time to return to normal. In fact the symptoms were getting worse, not better. Part of that included having ZERO energy--ZERO! This was something I've never experienced before.

I was trying something novel when I committed to taking care of myself and rather than overriding my own needs--a rare focus for me
.My spirits were high, my creativity active, but I was running on empty as my body healed.

Then along came EPM. I could feel the pull of wanting to do this perfect-fit program and feeling like I wasn't in shape to do even begin. At this point I had an epiphany moment. It didn't have to be either/or.

I could say YES, and enter with my fullest possible YES given the realities of my life at this time. I could give it my all, even if my all might not be what my all might be 6 months from now. I could say YES, and accept that I might miss some beats along the way, I could say YES and accept that my performance might not be stellar in every moment. I could give a whole-hearted YES, and be willing to embrace the program without having to do it 'perfectly' or create the first time round the most wonderfully effective experience product. I could just say...YES! Free of all those constraining conditions. And so...I did, and in that YES, so MUCH happened!

I rearranged my schedule to be able to attend the EPM events that took place daily. I missed some of the team coaching sessions which took place only one day of the week and on my heaviest client day. But I showed up, and listened to recordings, and went through the program.......with such a satisfaction that I was showing up.

I watched myself feeling I couldn't ask questions because I hadn't done x or y, and saw how 'off' that kind of thinking was, raised my hand and asked a question during the Q&A and got so much authentic support and encouragement from Marisa. I took the week off to really catch up. I allowed all the efforts to motivate me to do just that ! I watched myself take care of myself AND show up for the beautifully and satisfyingly...IMPERFECT.

This was a huge one for me....great learning and even with that...I reached mission accomplished.

At the close of the EPM program 1PM I'd made $8,000. Mission Accomplished on that front and so much more to come! At this point I have made $14K More to come but it's midnight

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Ed Oakley (class of 2016)

When I signed up for Experience Business Mastermind, my intention was to make sure I created the optimum experience for my clients. That certainly would be worth the $2k investment. One good referral from one of my delighted clients would cover that!

What surprised me is all the aspects of marketing we were given long before talking about what makes our products a great experience. I knew this was very important, so I engaged big time. I experienced the training, got some personal coaching from Marisa, utilized the Facebook Group wholeheartedly, both giving and receiving great feedback, and got some team coaching.

I really had fun using my energy measurement abilities to give people feedback. I even cleared a few stuck people of their key blocks in private FB Message sessions. I’ve never had more fun just giving for the sake of giving.

The greatest breakthroughs for me in using Experience Products came very early, though there have been many more. The early breakthroughs were the clarity of who my ideal client is and what I do for them – my product mission and promise. My ideal client is the 2nd Career Entrepreneur who wants to make a difference and is a bit stuck. I get them unstuck and in the FLOW in 7 weeks or less. And they get a one-minute tool for keeping them there.

That clarity alone changed the game as I traveled to a conference and got to share what I do with several dozens of people, as well as followed up with some old prospects with the new context. And when I started talking to prospective clients with this terminology, it resonated with their needs. With that clarity and connection, I closed $23,964 of business in about two weeks.

To say the least, that gave me breathing room to implement other EPM strategies in the delivery side. The result is a rock-solid experience for the client and my ability to sell it through Experience Sessions. I’ve closed substantially more business since then, at least twice that, and I’m now writing the book: 2nd Career Entrepreneur: 5 Steps to Assure Your Success, Freedom and Health

Blessings to Marisa and the whole team! You rock!

Hi I'm Ed Oakley, St. Petersburg Florida
I wrote the book Enlightened Leadership decades ago. Sold two hundred ninety five thousand copies and developed leaders from 67 different countries and now I'm doing the serious work of my life and what that is is unleashing the Second Career Entrepreneur.

What I what I do is take them from struggling to thriving in what they're doing within 12 weeks. There's a tremendous amount of stress in their lives and because of all of that, their relationships tend to be affected. They're struggling in their relationships. And as some of that--I'm trying to think what to pick back up--and sometimes, particularly with the second career entrepreneurs has some age on them. They've been working in the corporate world for a couple of decades or maybe even longer and they are starting to have even some health issues potentially.

So I help them deal with the emotional baggage, the belief systems, the mindset, the thoughts that they're having and the consciousness, all of those three things impact who they are and what I do is within 12 weeks. Get them to who they were intended to be to begin with when they came on this planet. When they were born, they had a purpose. And I get them ready to live into that purpose. That's what I do. That's wonderful. That's really great.

So what was your inspiration in going into the business?

I had to get really sick and in the process of getting sick, I was so sick--first of all, medical doctors couldn't tell me what was wrong with me. It was just an autoimmune disease they said and what you need to do is you need to take cortisone shots so that you will just ease the pain and the itching that you're having from this autoimmune disease. Well I knew if I did that, that was it would be a decision to just kind of have my life you know get worse and worse and worse until I was gone.

So that didn't make any sense for me. And so I challenged that situation and had a tremendous spiritual experience which told me that I had a tremendous opportunity at this point in my life. That this was a wakeup call.

When I started seeing the launch of EPM, it fascinated me. First of all, I was attracted to Marisa and who she is and where she comes from and I knew there was something special about her. I knew it wasn't just about marketing. I knew it was more about who she is and I knew it was the kind of person that I wanted to work with.

And so I started watching the launch videos and what appealed to me is I realized it was true from all of my leadership development years, I knew that the experience you provide the client is critical to the effectiveness of the work you're doing. And so I said OK that's that's an area I haven't focused on in this online environment so much and so I'd probably have to pay some attention to that.

And you know what if it just a couple of people that goes through my work, because I've made it a great experience, if just a couple more people referred me to other people. They would easily pay for this work with Marisa, so why not. So I never questioned it, jumped into it and haven't looked back. It was a phenomenal experience. I bought the course and the experience because I wanted to be sure that I gave my clients a good experience as they went through my work.

But that was that was very powerful when we got to that part, but what I didn't realize is the first whole half of the course, I think it was like 12 weeks long something like that, the first five or six weeks were not about the experience. The first five or six weeks were helping me get crystal clear about who my ideal client was and what their needs and what their desires are. And that was hugely powerful.

I am sure I went through entrepreneur, old entrepreneur, mature entrepreneur and then second career entrepreneur. Now let me tell you how I knew that was the one because within two weeks I had closed twenty four thousand dollars worth of business out of that clarity and out of talking to the right people.

So wasted a lot less time and I'm getting to the right people. And it's also taking me to the right conferences where these people are. The right meetings, the right ups and so forth. And so I did a little 20 minute presentation at a meetup just the other day and I've already gotten clients out of it. Out of clarity of who I'm talking with that.

My favorite part about EPM is the breakthroughs. However, I think if I look back at it, think through it, after I had done sort of my homework and went on to live sessions to get specific coaching from Marisa and the other coaches, to get feedback because when I get the feedback it was always another lightbulb came on.

Oh another subtle shift, another subtle change and a better understanding of who I am and what I'm really all about. And so I think it was that was probably the ideal that either getting clarity and then being able to talk to live to someone and get that feedback.

The business after EPM has been it's just kind of easy to find clients and close clients. I thought that it was going to take me a couple of months to pay for the course after the course was over. Well in the third or fourth week I got crystal clear on who my client was that second career entrepreneur. So my conversations were different, I was going to different meetings and conferences and I was closing business easily. And so it paid for itself right away.

This is like, three or four weeks and probably two more weeks. That's when I had closed twenty four thousand dollars in probably six weeks from the time it began. So it paid for itself before it was even over. That's never happened in any other marketing course that I've ever had. [49.6] Having an online business is very exciting to me because at this stage of my life I want flexibility. Here's my vision, I want to be able to market online to people say, in Barcelona Spain area because Barcelona is where I'd like to spend some more time.

All right. So I market to them and we plan a three day event and I go to Barcelona and do a three day event and Mary, my life partner goes with me, so we're going to make this a whole life experience, we don't just spend three days, in that three days we find out of these hundred people how many of you would like to work with me over the next month and fundamentally transform your life and business? Okay let's say 20 people raised their hand.

Then we stay another month or six weeks, we transform their lives, they become our new best friends. Some of them even become certified in the work that I'm doing so that they get to have a bigger impact, a leveraged impact on the world. And we just have a great time and we will get to experience the fullness of Barcelona which is a phenomenal city. I already know.

And then you know what? Maybe we take a break and come home and just relax a bit and go spend some time by the water which we enjoy and the concerts around, all the many arts, the festivals that go on in St. Petersburg, we just enjoy life here again and we decide, well where do we want to go next? Do we want to go to Thailand maybe? Let's do the same thing. So the online environment offers that opportunity.

You know, I am so proud to have served some amazing people who are my clients and are having huge breakthroughs. Phil originally called me because he was afraid that he had destroyed the relationship with his wife. He was really upset. Well we had handled that within a week or so. He was backed into the relationship with his wife within a week. And so then we switched to work in his business.

And so now it's several months later and he calls me says Ed since I've been working with you my business has doubled, I've got better quality clients, the relationships I had with the clients are awesome. And he said and there's tremendous more opportunity even within these clients without even having to do any more marketing. And he said Ed you know the relationship with my wife is awesome. And he said Life is good in general.

He said that there's just one issue and if you could fix this, you'll be my hero for life. And I said, what is it Phil? And he says well my right knee and my right hip are killing me. A pain of like six or seven on a scale of 10. Wow. He says it's hard to get in and out of the car, if I sit more than 30 minutes, it's hard to get up, it's very painful and can you help me with it? I said, Phil look, you know I'm not a medical professional in any way, I do not diagnose anything. The only thing I can do is let's take a look and perhaps release any emotional issues and beliefs and if there's any consciousness issues we can deal with those. And let's just see what happens.

So 20 minutes later we had figured it out and done the process. And I said get up and walk around. He gets up he walks around, he comes back, he's on Skype and he is chuckling as he goes back to the computer and he says OK the pain is now two or three, I can't believe it. In that period of time. And I said look this is a physical issue, all we're doing is releasing the emotional stuff. So it might take some time, let's see what happens over the next few days. Text me any change you have.

The next day I got a text that said one to two. The next day zero point five to one. Three days later he said the last three days in a row zero pain. I talked to him the other day, six seven months later, no pain. So that is tremendously satisfying to me. To see someone's entire life, their business, their relationships their health all turned around.

My days are a little bit varied. I wake up and I usually wake up with some new insights and I right away got to get on capturing these insights. I'm also during the day at different times, I am also doing the work that I do with my clients. And so I do that in a period of time. I just do it when it's appropriate to do it because I don't have to be talking with them on the phone.

So I didn't do office hours right? I don't have to be on Skype or had a zoom. I just do it and they know that I'm doing it for a period of time. And so I do that kind of work. And I do a lot of creative work because I'm just getting more and more insights all along on what we can do to really impact the world in a major way.

But meanwhile, you know maybe it may have rained yesterday and I was stuck inside. And today it's a beautiful day, so I might say Mary, let's take a bike ride. And we'll take off and do an hour or hour and a half bike ride or something. And along the way, we might run across something interesting to do and we might do that for a couple of hours and come back and all right, it's time to get to work again. But getting to work might be sitting on a park bench at the marina. You know, I love to watch the birds and the boats around the marina.

OK. What would you say to someone who is considering EPM?

You know if someone is considering EPM, I would say simply, if you've got a pretty good idea of what your talent is and how you're going to make a difference in the world and there's any question about who you should be working with and how to address them how to approach them how to market to them and once you've marketed to them how to deliver the services in the most powerful ways, then you absolutely should work with Marisa and EPM.

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Jennifer Holbus (class of 2016)

Today, I issued my first ever invoice - $4,000 for my first week as a Lean Transformation Coach!! And I feel GREAT!! It is what I am here to do ... my purpose .. my super power!!

My Story ......
How I won my first corporate contract ~$100k (6 months) .. doing "ME" ????

So .. I went through a period of high stress and depression which lead me to taking a sabbatical from corporate (GE) ~18 months ago. I walked away from a very successful career to start my lean six sigma training business where the "big" money is really in working with corporate clients.

While, I have sold several individual training products ... I haven't been able to win a corporate contract till now.
I totally credit this program for boosting my confidence to be able to do this.

I realized I was focusing on the wrong thing ... I really don't like core six sigma due to it being such a rigid methodology nor do I really enjoy implementing financial systems and I think prospective clients were able to pick up on that. I was always drawn to the common sense process improvement approach and the team based problem solving side of work. That's why I was successful at GE. I would do my day Job during the day and then at night.. I would focus on improving all the processes and consistently exceeded my managers expectations.

With Marisa's program, I discovered my true superpower which is "turning chaos into greatness" using a common sense approach.

So, my new (5 times pivoted) product is now "KaizenProductivity" - Learn How to kick start your process improvement efforts, know which problems to fix first & continuously change for better.

I help individuals and businesses become masters of their process improvement efforts and help them to continuously change for better by teaching them to plan and launch process improvement workshops, generate improvement ideas that everyone believes in so they can start fixing them.

This is where the story gets great .....

After joining the EPM program, I flew to Virginia to interview for a permanent job with one of the largest software companies in the world. My job was going to be a presales consultant that would present the functionality of the software to finance managers with the goal of closing a sale. After spending most of my career implementing financial systems, one would think this is the greatest opportunity in the world ... but why was I so nervous and why did the interview feel so forced.

I realized that I was interviewing only because I needed the money ... after 18 months of being an entrepreneur, I certainly did not want to go back to full time corporate work. And I sure did not want to do financial systems sales for that matter.

That was only one of several interviews for permanent roles where I was just going through the motion with no offers (except the one I turned down because I was being underpaid ... and now i know I probably would have said no even if it paid what I was asking. I was just not getting excited about these roles).

While away for the that pre-sales consultant interview, I logged into Live Your Message Academy and I watched Marisa's training on finding your Niche and your Super Power. I was so convicted by this lesson.

Following the lesson, I updated my Linked in profile - my headline now read : "Become a Master of you process improvement efforts and continuously change for better" and I updated the summary section with my new product mission.

I changed my current title from "Oracle Functional Consultant" to "Lean Transformation Coach". Since I had done a little of each type of work, I wanted my profile to reflect the type of work I was interested in.

Upon returning home ... my phone rang. It was a consulting firm that wanted to place me with a potential client as a Process Improvement Consultant to to do Lean Transformation Deployment & Coaching. He came across my LinkedIn profile ... he told me.

While talking to the recruiter, I spoke openly about my newly discovered super power, I even told them about my new upcoming product launch. We laughed on the phone ... they could feel my excitement and my passion in my voice. They fell in love ????!!

They liked me so much, they decided ... instead of placing me with the firm ... they would hire me directly to come in and "kick start" their own internal improvement efforts!!

And I said "YES!" Start date November 14th.

Hopefully, I can turn this around from 1:1 to 1:Few soon!! Feeling so blessed!! Thanks for reading ????

Note: I literally spent my last 2k on Marisa's program and crossed my fingers. (Teary eyed)

Today, I issued my first ever invoice - $4,000 for my first week as a Lean Transformation Coach!! And I feel GREAT!! It is what I am here to do ... my purpose .. my super power!!

Thank you Marissa ... the last 18 months of feeling defeated and going through the motion brought me to an email from Josh Turner which led me to your program and now I am right where I should be!! I remember opening that email and watching the interview between you and Josh and me saying to myself ... I think my prayers have been answered!!

OK. My name is Jennifer Holbus. I'm from Atlanta Georgia. My business is Professional Edge Training and Consulting and my product is Kaizen Productivity.

What was your inspiration go into business?

My inspiration for going into business was to get out of corporate. I worked with GE for 12 years. And I was really passionate about my work but it would never promote me to management because they thought I didn't have executive presence but I realized that they just did not want to get me out of doing because I was so passionate I was good at what I do. They wanted to keep me doing. So I decided I would start my own business do my own thing. And have more impact working with, you know many different clients. So there's one employer. [37.4]

So why does your work matter to you?

Having an impact--that's the biggest part for me. I value that more than money. Just being able to go into an organization and change what they do so much that they can see immediate impact.

So what was your business like before EPM?

Before EPM I had a training business that was primarily training videos and you know, it was not experienced type training. And it was just blah.

80% of my students did not make it through my training. And I was looking for a way to actually make more students complete the program. And then I came into--I came upon Marisa's program and she was talking about the experience product and I was like oh my goodness this is what I've been waiting for.

That is the reason that I joined EPM. It was to create an experienced training product for my students.

So were you concerned about investing in EPM?

I was, only because I had just spent 18 months trying every training out there and 90 percent of them I did not complete. So yeah I was skeptical. I did literally give Marisa my last $2000 and crossed my fingers.

So tell me about your experience in going through EPM.

It was good for me. I liked the collaboration. I like the fact that Marisa did not leave any students behind. She rewarded those people that participated. She motivated you to want to complete the program. So I did like it.

My favorite part was discovering my super powers and I went through the process that she used to help us figure out what our ikigai was and mine turned out to be transforming chaos into greatness.

What was your biggest break down in EPM?

The program was just really fast paced and I wasn't able to keep up. But I did get through it because I just developed my own pace and I just went at my own pace. So I didn't try to do what everybody else was doing. And it was OK to go at my own pace.

What was your biggest breakthrough?

My biggest breakthrough was finding my niche, finding my tribe and discovering, you know, my story, my wounds and base on my wounds discovering the tribe that I wanted to work with because I want to work with people who had the same wounds like I did. And so you know I was thinking back to when I was nine years old when I had a lot of abandonment in my life and that came through my life as making me feel like I was stupid all the time like I wasn't smart enough. And I realized that there are people out there that are just like me who experienced the same type of wounds. And those are the people that I want to work with. You know the people when you talk to them and tell them your story and they're like, "oh my gosh where did you come from? You're just like me." So I discovered my story and through that, the tribe that I wanted to serve.

So how did you like working with Marisa?

I love Marisa. She is a powerhouse. She knows her stuff. She cares about her students and she always over delivers, you know? And she always comes up with more and she doesn't just put a program together and go lockstep through the program. As she's going through the program, she surveying the students seeing what's needed and she's adding and changing the program as she goes along. And it's just great.

So what is your business like after EPM?

After EPM my business just took off. Essentially, I went from you know not making any money to having clients that, you know, respect me and want to work with me. I'm not afraid to show up to work, I'm not afraid to speak up, I do have leadership skills even though my company didn't think I did. You know I'm coaching executives and they respect me and listen to what I have to offer. So it's beautiful.

So how has your mindset changed after EPM? [8.7]

After EPM, you know, going through EPM I discovered that my self didn't matter. Nobody cares that I have an MBA and that I'm a lean Six Sigma massive black belt and you know nobody cares. They just want to know what can you do for me. And so that was a big turnaround for me because I spent a lot of time talking about myself and how good I am at what I do. But I never focused on what I can do for the client you know. And that's really all they care about. You know what can I get for my $2000 eventually.

How much money did you make during EPM?

During EPM, four weeks in and I signed my first client and that was $100,000 for six months.

And after EPM?

After EPM, I was able to get that up to one year and added another $150,000. So from zero to six months, a quarter mill.

And how do you feel about that?

I feel great. I love it.

Cool. So what was the most incredible thing about having an online business?

The most incredible thing about having an online business is that the world is my market. You know there are so many people online every single day and every single one of those are a potential client. There's many people on the internet who have similar businesses like mine or they're going through the same struggles as mine. Having the groups that Marisa put together the camaraderie and everybody supporting each other, it's just a great place to do business. And you know there are no walls.

Can you describe your lifestyle a little bit?

My days are pretty uneventful. I work a lot and even though I have my own business now, I still put a lot of hours in. You know when I was working in GE, I worked nonstop for 12 hours every day. I didn't see my child and my husband had to take him to his doctor's appointments, my husband took him to all his paren-teacher conferences, soccer games--I didn't see him at all. And now, you know. I'm able to--I can take him to a soccer games, if I can take him to doctor's appointments and make my own calendar and we're able to do a lot of things that we couldn't do before. You know so we like going out to eat, taking long road trips, going on vacations. So, yeah. I need to answer this--her kids are supposed to be with my--let's see if she's messaged me. Let me see if this is urgent because I think Nate's with her kids.

The next question was how's your family supports you?

My family's very supportive. My husband's--Okay. So my husband is very supportive, very supportive. When I have to travel for business he jumps right in. He picks up the slack and he's just very supportive. And my son, I mean he's maturing, by me not being home. You know, when I was home I was beating him a lot. So I mean he's also benefiting from from me not being home he's stepping up and making dinner and doing things. And they support me. just moral support. is telling me how great I am and you know, keep up the good work and stuff and they're proud of me. My son I think they forgot I'm shooting.

Tell me about the impact you have with your clients.
My clients. It's just amazing. You know, right now my client is like for 400 million dollars in revenue. And coming from a company like GE that has, you know, close to 200 billion in revenue. I bring a lot of experience that they've never seen, a lot of things that they, you know, most people in that firm has been with the firm for 20 years and they have never experienced the things that I have. So I'm able to bring a lot of value and a lot of tools that I've used over the years and I'm able to have immediate impact with them.

How do you feel about that?

I feel great. I feel good knowing that I am having such impact, that my customers are happy, I'm happy.

Last time you mentioned something like--you mentioned something you know, that you are happy to do. You want to see your customers happy, if only you don't have to pay bills--

I'm having, you know, a lot of impact. Like quick wins you know they're they're just little things that I do that can turn things around for them real quickly. And to me it's nothing big but to them, it's huge. And I really love what I do--so I'll do even if I don't have the experience in it, I'll do a lot of research and I'll find the answer for them and they just love it. My clients love me. I love what I do. And yes I'll do it for free if I didn't have to pay my bills and you know, if my husband would let me, I'd do it for free.

That's wonderful. So what would you say to someone who's considering EPM. [4.4]

Go for it. It changed my life. You know it gives you everything you need from beginning to end to launch a product. Tools that you can apply, you know, you're applying as you're learning and you can earn as you learn. So I say go for it.

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