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Ashby Underwood's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Ashby Underwood

17 years experience in yoga. Doing online programs for 2 years. $1000 client immediately. From Naive and Nervous, to New Horizons! I arrived on the scene to EPM with total baggage around my 17 year career as a yoga teacher and massage therapist, with a dead list of subscribers but a budding 1:1 practice.

What I have to offer, my experience, my insight, my talent are all at their peak, and I am truly ready to get my message out. I have been investing in programs for about 2 years, hoping to give myself a degree in online marketing.

When I first heard Marisa's voice on an evergreen webinar, I was immediately excited. I bought her program Message to Money which fell short of my expectations, however Marisa & Murray stood behind their product and won my trust. When Call to Adventure was launched I jumped on it. The interaction and engagement level of CTA resonated with me so deeply, I wanted to re-create it.

When Experience Product Masterclass was born, I started a journey to create not only a program, or product, but a more meaningful business. See, what I have learned is that if you don't have a way to communicate with the people that you are meant to help, then stifle begets stagnation. And that's where I was, for sure.

What I have learned here at EPM is the Art of Revealing. I am an introvert, that is why I chose to work in the "introspective" healing arts. But messages don't live when kept inside you. They need to breathe, just like a living being. Marisa has taught us how to exchange with others, reciprocal and relevant communication.

SO. Mission Accomplish-ing. In Progress. Status: Hell Yeah, I've got this! This program has been a total jam! Out of all of the training calls, coaching calls, and laser coaching calls, I have only missed one! And I have gained confidence, so much so that I manifested my first $1000 package client!

Last night I had a dream, literally, where I fell into a peaceful, blissed out deep dive into my psyche. And in this dream...integration arrived! I saw the light: my business was creating itself out of the needs of my people.

So....I woke up this morning and created a product, a coaching program, fast-action, let-me-follow-that-up-with-a freebie, product. Not the BIG BIG Product. The one I was working on through the course that, honestly, had me a little choked.

I launched a 3-Week Source Your Self-Care into 2017 Coaching Package with only 4 Seats Open. (A coaching program that can easily lead into the BIG BIG program by Jan called Deeply Nourished). I did so without fear of rejection (well, it's trying to stick it's head up a little). I did so with curiosity to see what my list wants. And I did so, knowing that if this list was truly "dead", then I can create another list, or another, or another.

What I learned is that my momentum is not defined by any one experience. And I learned to be confident in my revealing my vulnerability, my "im-perfectionism", and my honesty. I learned that I am NOT my business, which sure does take the pressure off. And as we speak, emails are flowing into inboxes with my offer! And I know what to do next. No more naive and nervous. Thank you for everything.