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D’vorah Lansky's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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D’vorah Lansky

Yeah - I did it!!!! I spent weeks and weeks debating and deliberating about what product I should bring to market and my target audience was changing. My awesome coach Samara pinned me to the wall, lovingly, and suggested that I stop vacillating and just pick a product to run with as I could always use the strategies in future products.

My experience product is called, "Get Heard, Get Seen, Get Sales." It is a 4 week hands-on program that focuses on teaching authors how to get comfortable and gain experience in online speaking.

One of the biggest joys of this program is to see how much interaction and how many deep friendships have been made between the participants. I believe that many of these friendships will continue to grow into the future.

To promote the program I primarily crafted an email campaign and offered killer bonuses. My previous course was promoted via six, two hour webinars, over the course of two months. The interesting thing is, we had the exact same number of registrations (53) in that program as in this new experience program - and I'll tell you it was a whole lot easier sending out 5 emails than it was to conduct six webinars, each one requiring 1/2 dozen follow up emails.

I believe that Marisa has discovered the secret sauce and I'm SO glad she's shared it with us.

Here are my numbers...

A. 53 people enrolled in the level one of the course yielding: $4,553 in sales.

B. Two people enrolled at level two, yielding: $4,697 in sales


My sales goal - big step goal - was $12,500 and I am well on my way. THANK YOU Marisa, Samara, and Team!

My biggest takeaway from this program is the incredible power of infusing FUN into the mix. Being part of the joy and fun that Marisa and the coaches experienced while giving so much has helped me become a better teacher and coach.