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Davina Detrik's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Davina Detrik

My husband & business partner Galen and I are both dentists who had just made two life choices:

The first was to engineer and deliver an info product to other dentists, teaching them about our revolutionary business model. The second was to no longer tolerate a crappy nights sleep and buy a new mattress.

No more than a day after these decisions were made, I got a message in my inbox… it claimed that info products were a thing of the past; the future is an experience!! I LOVED the message.

Now that I had a spunky woman telling me we could apply this to the info course we had decided to create, I HAD to know more. I signed up for the webinar. When it ended, I knew using the Experience Product Master Class was going to be the secret sauce we needed to launch our course in a big, bold way.

I had also just ordered our mattress, which was the same cost as the investment for EPMC. Our budget would only allow for one. So I called the mattress company and cancelled the order, then immediately invested in EPMC. I believed that if I did exactly as Marisa said, it would be worth it. I wasn't wrong.

I was forever the bright, shiny-object girl, and that hadn't worked out too well for me. It was time to change the way I did things, all chips in.

As a company, we committed to implementing everything Marisa taught. As she puts it, "close your escape hatch." Because the program was only 8 weeks, honoring that commitment was doable, even for me.

Being an excitable person, I love learning. The problem is that I love learning so much, I often forget to implement. Marisa shifted this mentality too. She set up a system within EPM that gave us points for every action we took! This was a complete game changer for our business: not only were we learning, but we had a system to make things happen.

EXECUTION became the new name of the game.

We started by creating the mission statement for our experience product: “Dentists will learn, sell, deliver, and market their first direct resin veneer smile transformation and make back their course investment within 12 weeks.”
Then we got super clear on exactly how we were going to get our tribe to mission accomplished and began marketing through Facebook, pre-existing dental relationships and seriously bold asks.

One of those bold asks turned into a partnership with one of the largest, most reputable dental companies in the world! They love our experience product almost as much as we do and have backed us fully! They’re coining it, “The Future of Dental Continuing Education.” That shift and rapid change in our reality only happened because we asked with clarity and with purpose.

Watching how Marisa, Murray, and the LYM Team delivered EPM was an education in and of itself as well. They over-delivered at every stage, setting the standard for blowing expectations out of the water. We knew we wanted to create that for our tribe too.

Within the 8 week EPM, we worked insanely hard, often clocking 16-20 hour days. We built a website with no design background using Heroik; we designed and built virtual modules for our THRIVExperience Masterclass; we got on the phone with complete strangers (even internationally) and had sales conversations; we committed, got comfortable being uncomfortable, and accomplished what we’d never accomplished before. All said and done, we generated $47,413.46 in revenue through our new product in just a few short weeks, and our launch still has 2 weeks to decision day on December 6th!

Oh and yes, we were able to get our new mattress too!

EPM has drastically changed the way we think about commitment… it’s proven to us that a “burning the ships” mentality is terribly essential to extracting the best parts of yourself you didn't know existed. EPM has also given us the confidence to show up unapologetically, as the new face of dentistry. We’re receiving loads of attention for being trail blazers in our industry, and it all traces back to choosing experience over education. Nothing about our lives looks like it did a short 8 weeks ago.