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Michelle Bongiorno's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Michelle Bongiorno

EPM arrived in my life as "exactly what I needed and was waiting for" -- but definitely at the "wrong time". How many times has that happened? And how many times have I made the wrong choice, either by jumping in or holding back.

I'd wanted to work with Marisa for a long time and here was the chance. In my own work I hold the same belief-- that people are looking for experiences in life and my passion is creating those experiences, especially in live events. To hone my abilities through EPM and to learn further how to 'experiencify' all aspects of my programs, I knew Marisa was onto something.

At the same time I was really overscheduled with way too much on my calendar than any one person can reasonably create or pull off with any degree of quality. I didn't need one more thing begging for my time and attention. On top of this I had been in an accident and was suffering from a concussion. It was taking a long time to return to normal. In fact the symptoms were getting worse, not better. Part of that included having ZERO energy--ZERO! This was something I've never experienced before.

I was trying something novel when I committed to taking care of myself and rather than overriding my own needs--a rare focus for me
.My spirits were high, my creativity active, but I was running on empty as my body healed.

Then along came EPM. I could feel the pull of wanting to do this perfect-fit program and feeling like I wasn't in shape to do even begin. At this point I had an epiphany moment. It didn't have to be either/or.

I could say YES, and enter with my fullest possible YES given the realities of my life at this time. I could give it my all, even if my all might not be what my all might be 6 months from now. I could say YES, and accept that I might miss some beats along the way, I could say YES and accept that my performance might not be stellar in every moment. I could give a whole-hearted YES, and be willing to embrace the program without having to do it 'perfectly' or create the first time round the most wonderfully effective experience product. I could just say...YES! Free of all those constraining conditions. And so...I did, and in that YES, so MUCH happened!

I rearranged my schedule to be able to attend the EPM events that took place daily. I missed some of the team coaching sessions which took place only one day of the week and on my heaviest client day. But I showed up, and listened to recordings, and went through the program.......with such a satisfaction that I was showing up.

I watched myself feeling I couldn't ask questions because I hadn't done x or y, and saw how 'off' that kind of thinking was, raised my hand and asked a question during the Q&A and got so much authentic support and encouragement from Marisa. I took the week off to really catch up. I allowed all the efforts to motivate me to do just that ! I watched myself take care of myself AND show up for the beautifully and satisfyingly...IMPERFECT.

This was a huge one for me....great learning and even with that...I reached mission accomplished.

At the close of the EPM program 1PM I'd made $8,000. Mission Accomplished on that front and so much more to come! At this point I have made $14K More to come but it's midnight