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Jeannine Kenworthy (class of 2016)

I'm an artist and I've been going to Italy personally and professionally for 17 years. I've been wanting to take other women to Tuscany for years. Last year I reserved a space but ended up cancelling it. I just didn't know how to get started.

I followed my intuition and signed up for the Experience Product Masterclass. Wiithin just a few weeks, I adjusted the way I was speaking about it to my circle of friends (establishing myself as an authority and speaking to important basic needs instead of just luxury.) I put a few apartments on hold and shared an opportunity to go to Italy with me in one Facebook group. Two women said YES, paid $2800, and before the program was even over, I was in Italy with them, and, I got to stay for a whole month. (I actually came home a few days after the completion of our course.)

I also got 2 exhibition invitations while I was here, and made an important business contact. I've got 6 women interested in going with me next year and am already planning 2 trips for next year. I am so happy I am finally living this dream.

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Margherita Vondrak (class of 2016)

I just followed Marisa's teaching, making myself a flow fountain going up towards my goal, (instead of the funnel that goes into a hole). I reached $3000, which is 50% above the goal of the Experience Master Class. I am happy!

Margherita Crystal Lotus

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Marina Dean (class of 2016)

I literary sprinted into my MISSION ACCOMPLISHED finished line at 11:59! So I am going to call it my 11:59 response moment... It was truly significant ...

I did it through the CHATTER BOX and EMAIL. As I was following up my email to a few people this morning, one of then had been trying to call me to follow up with what she called my "weird email." I sent them my sales campaign letter last Friday with the subject line : "I need your help very badly .... please read attached document and respond asap."

In the body of the email I just said: "Will explain the details later ..."

Where Marisa's letter that she sent to her list few years ago was sweet and long sweet, mine was as brief as a few lines. Not Not because I write that way but because of fear and not knowing what to say in such situation --- when you are pressed to sell, to ask for that sales, even knowing I had something amazing to share with them...

I expected my emails to be ignored and I actually consigned myself to the group needing a longer time to set their carts up and themselves to Mission Accompli$hed. But I must have aligned my energies with that of the universe than I realized because I asked and it delivered. I am so happy and grateful. it brought me to the MA line!

I cried later when I realized the great trust and patience of the people who respond to me in the way they did.

I will continue the writing of this later after I am physically rested and assimilated and celebrated all the things that brought me to this point. in the EPM journey. What a journey it was ...

Congratulations to all those that reached the MA line too, who had sold more, earlier and faster....will be adding my stories to yours in the coming two day :)

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Kate Wan (class of 2016)

With just one product and one client I made more than ever before on a package in over 10 years of business.

It sounds so easy when I write it in one sentence, the truth is it really was a turbulent ride. I started the EPM journey full of hope and ambitions - actually so much so that I decided not to only make one product but my whole product suite, Marisa had advised us to focus on just one. As much as i know she is the expert I also had people asking for different products so I decided to buck the system and try to create two.

Through out the process my brain felt scrambled. I had post it's all over my office walls focusing on 1 product one day and the other product the next all whilst still working with existing clients on another program. PLUS I am a mother of 3 young children and I only work in school hours. This program, my existing business, school volunteering, grocery shopping, my exercise and general life needed to fit into less than 25 hours a week. I'll be honest - creating the programs was overwhelming, time consuming and confusing. Thank fully we had the guidance of a coach - Kataka was amazing at helping me keep focused and in line. Any time I felt i was on the verge of giving up I would have a coaching session with her and get straight back on track. To be 110% transparent i should also let you know i am in Marisa's mentorship program so I felt i had a good head start on this project as well.

Just when I got to the point of having 2 birds eye views, product names, program stories and logos being created on 2 programs I had a potential client contact me and ask to set up a meeting to work with one of his employees.

The big problem i faced was I could not manage to get him to tell me what work they needed before we had the meeting - I did not know what program I needed to complete before speaking to them. The meeting was in 2 days time, I was anxious yet also had a feeling of inner confidence that I had enough information on both of these programs that i could go to the meeting and feel i could answer any questions and offer a service... and that I did!

The most interesting part of the meeting was the senior leader wanted one program and the potential client wanted the other. After discussing their needs in detail and answering all of their questions i went home and called them back in an hour with a proposal of a VIP package that included both of the original packages content and cut out the parts they did not require. I was able to act fast and fill the clients needs plus upgrade my offer. They said "yes" on the spot and arranged to pay $7400 in full immediately.

I like the quote by Zig Ziglar

"You can have everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want"
With Marisa's genius guidance and listening to what the client truly wants, I believe there is no reason this can not continue to grow beyond my wildest dreams.

Mission Accomplished!!

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Linda Vorthman (class of 2016)

Five years ago I retired from a career in administrative and computer support for a university. I left behind my ginormous community of friends and moved to a tiny, quiet town to start life over with my new husband. It was the culmination of a sleeping beauty love story that began when we were 14 years old, interrupted by 42 years apart and reawakened with a 2-week whirlwind engagement after he located me on Facebook. I felt a veil lift, reminding me of our innocent soul love, revealing him as my authentic soul mate. Bill was my first kiss, and now my last. If you ever meet him, please do yourself a favor and ask for the details of how he openly carried a flame for me his whole life. I’ve witnessed many happy tears in response to hearing our love story.

By all standards, I should have been happy and content. I had 60+ years of living tumultuous stories in my personal life, set against the backdrop of always having a steady career as an overachiever. I was a super Mom to two beautiful children, three grandsons and my first great grandchild. On Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs I was now nested strongly on the top rung.
I presented at my naturopath as she described just “barely present”. She told others I lived on the couch surfing TV shows with a bit of drool spilling over the corner of my lip. Not a pretty picture. She didn’t realize I was severely addicted to Candy Crush video games, and active in the online community helping others struggling to level up. She weaned me off a long list of psychoactive medications and I began to reawaken. She cried a tear as I shared the short version of haunting memories, including the night I was held hostage by a serial murderer on the run while he shared the minutia of his current crime spree. She applauded my victory as a courageous survivor of incest, since my perpetrator spent years in prison and we subsequently reconciled through unconditional forgiveness.

I didn’t have any money to call my own. I was feeling a tiny bit more like myself again, so I spontaneously registered for a Hell Yeah business builder conference in Vegas. Thud. My loving hubby’s jaw dropped and we had an abrupt “come to Jesus” meeting with my doctor. Flipping from depression into mania was NOT welcomed with open arms. I started getting twinges of entrepreneurial feelings, exciting possibilities and difficulty narrowing to a niche or taking any action towards business. I stayed safe in ninja stealth mode, which meant my ideas didn’t see the light of day.

Slouched on my couch, Marisa rode a ray of sunshine onto my laptop screen and a new day dawned in my existence. She looked me right in the eye and promised she would take a stand for me to be a winner. Cupid’s arrow struck. When “perfect daughter syndrome” held me hostage with inaction. Fight, flight or freeze. Marisa’s “iterate to awesome” mantra arose my secret energy. EPM awakened my college student memories. Studying, engaging, exploring, dreaming & connecting. The intensity drowned out my gaming addiction overnight. I was hooked on ChaChing points now. I lay awake contemplating the success of my new EPM tribe friends. I raced around studying, hand holding, researching ideas to share. To spread the love, I gave honest feedback to other budding entrepreneurs, putting my fears aside. “Um, respectfully, your product sucks and you have typos. Will you still love me?”

If I had known the personal development power of becoming an entrepreneur, I swear I would have started eons ago. Psychiatrists, medications, counseling, crying on friends’ shoulders held little transformative power when compared to the 8-week EPM pressure cooker. As I awoke to my deepest superhero powers through EPM training & friends, I gained a brilliant new clarity about my purpose on Earth. The EPM Ikinomics revealed I’m an ambivert. My extravert social butterfly flits around in support of others’ success. My introvert keeps my emotionally tender business aspirations safely secret, behind the proverbial smile to mask the pain. This is an old worn out coping mechanism of incest. While you abuse my body and murder my soul, my inner sanctum keeps my true essence a secret. EPM shifted this cognitive dissonance through constant, loving interactions among 400 people with a shared goal. Surprise! It’s nonviable to build my business in secret.
My first experience product is a culmination of my life, my being, one of my superpowers – supporting others in sharing their memoirs (or even confessions). Life is uncertain. Don’t die with your story secret inside.

Did I create a web site, a large public marketing campaign, an autoresponder and squeeze page for a large list? Nope, not yet and I will thanks to extensive tools from Marisa, Coach Kataka and bonus mentors (especially Don Crowther).
October saw death of a family member and a couple gatherings where I openly shared with close friends how I’d swapped my gaming addiction for an experience product learning addiction. With my business no longer secret, I earned $3,500 through this informal Chatterbox campaign. Four customers have my signature on the back of a napkin promising to fulfill my sales after Christmas. Mission Accomplished (though I do feel a couple may have been a pity payment). Oh well. ;-)
[Hint: Now I need Marisa’s Hidden Story Power program]

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Kelly Morgan (class of 2016)

Over the last four years, I'd spent $40,000.00 on many different programs to build my brand and reimagine my business.. All of what I learned has been valuable, but I have really struggled to implement the training much less earn back what I'd invested. I credit EPM as the tipping point.

FINALLY, I've been able to earn more than I spent on a class. Four weeks into this Masterclass I used what I I'd learned in this program to sell out a new class I would not have offered otherwise. I earned back my initial $2000 investment. FIRST GOAL ACCOMPLISHED. Plus I earned $500 for a private coaching session with someone I met on the EPM Facebook page. SECOND GOAL ACCOMPLISHED.

One of the new students in my new mini class signed up for a discovery session for a private $3000 coaching package. I am also using what I learned to set up my winter schedule and will be able to charge more because of what I've learned about copywriting and marketing. What worked? I AM ON MY WAY TO ACCOMPLISHING MY “GO-FOR-IT GOALS” AND BEYOND within the next two months. Thank you.

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Cindy Wagman (class of 2016)

I knew what my mission was coming into the Experience Product Masterclass - I want to help charities realize their dreams by teaching them to fundraise. I know what the charities need to do, but I was completely lost on how to deliver a program that would get them enrolled and engaged.

Marisa's Experience Product Masterclass sold me right away. I knew I wanted my information product to be engaging and meaningful, exactly what she created with her EXPERIENCE PRODUCT. She and her team walked me through step by step on how to turn my idea into reality, focusing only on the things that were important.

I had some major crisis of confidence throughout the program and my coach was there to talk me through them and refocus me on moving forward and not getting stuck. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes get bogged down in the little details, slowing and sometimes halting my progress.

With EPM, I really internalized that done is better than perfect (and is still really good) and to iterate my way to success. Things really became real for my on my webinar. I thought I would be calm and collected but I was a nervous wreck.

I have a small list of about 200 people and I had 70 sign up for my webinar - most of whom were new to my list. Of those 70, 30 showed up LIVE! I couldn't believe it. I was literally shaking the entire webinar (it was my first), but followed everything Marisa taught us. I got through it with incredible feedback.

One customer said she does a ton of webinars but this was the only one she actually paid attention to! In the follow up emails, I sold 10 registrations, double my goal of 5! I earned $3,500 and have people lined up for my next launch.

Reaching my mission accomplished OF $3,500 was so exciting! But what's more exciting is that I have the tools to deliver real, meaningful content to charities to teach them to fundraise, in a way that can change their organizations and the communities they serve.

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Marla Evans (class of 2016)

I really don't remember how I stumbled across Marisa and the Experience Product Mastermind, but somewhere along my Internet travels I saw an ad for her introductory webinar on the class and decided I'd listen in.

And I'm SO glad I did!

I recently graduated from nutrition school and am just launching my practice. I had an idea for a class I wanted to develop and eventually take online, but I had no clue how to do it.

My “plan” was to go all-out and develop beautiful, professionally designed materials then talk to everyone I know and get folks sign up. Yeah! That’ll work. I hope..

After all, if you build it they will come.


After taking the Experience Product Masterclass I now know what a DISASTER that would have been! I would have spent weeks, even months, developing a class that did not meet the needs of my audience. The likelihood of getting anyone to sign up would have been slim and those who did try it probably would have been disappointed.

And on top of not meeting the needs of my clients, my “guru on the mountain” approach likely would not have resulted in transformed lives.

Now I understand how to create unstoppable momentum in my classes. I understand the importance of developing and reinforcing the Future Self Vision in order to keep clients focused on their goal. I’m making a conscious effort to include constant wins in every class. And I’m incorporating all the other positive escalation techniques into my classes.

So far I’ve only delivered my bonus pre-module and first live class. Before the course even started I received the following note from a participant:

“I received the bonus module and I am working on it. I was surprised at how Activity 2 ‘Your Future Self’ is really helping me to clarify the changes I want to make”

So using the techniques I learned here, lives are already changing and class hasn’t even started!

I have not yet made it to my “Mission Accomplished” goal of $2000, but I did earn $600 by the time the class ended and another $450 about a week later.

I implemented several of Marisa’s marketing strategies and had very good luck with them, given the very tiny reach of a brand-new business:

Emailed my list: I only have 68 subscribers on my list. The first time I emailed about my course I got 1 signup. Industry standard is about 1% if I remember the lesson correctly, so my 1 sign-up is actually above average.

Public Talk: Gave a 1 hour talk at Natural Grocers. Only 6 people attended, but 1 signed up. That's about a 20% conversion. Right about industry average.

I'm posting on Facebook: I'm posting pictures and videos. I even did 2 longer 20 min FB Live broadcasts to my personal page, business page and 2 nutrition group. My first ever FB Live has nearly 300 views since Sat. WOW! I don't even have that many friends/followers so that really surprised me.

Freebie Campaign: All this posting/chatterboxing/emailing I've been doing has resulted in 19 sign-ups for my report. My audience is growing.

Newsletter sign-ups: I haven't been promoting my main business/site, but I had 3 new subscribers this week (normally only 1 every few months)

Web Site Traffic: According to Google Analytics, visitors are staying on my sales page for about 1 minute. That's enough to give it more than just a quick skim so it seems they’re interested in the content.

Thanks to the skills I learned in the Experience Product Mastermind I'm on track to a very successful practice. Even more important, I now have the techniques necessary to truly have an impact on my clients’ health, both through group classes and in private consults.

Thanks, Marisa and team!

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Raglan Tribe (class of 2016)

The CEO Growth Club helps mid-size technology corporations get back into growth again.

There are 3 tiers of membership:

• “done-for-you” strategy development

• a coaching club

• training only and monthly conference calls

(Level 1) is priced on a time and material basis, (Level 2) is $10K per month and (Level 3) is $2K per month. I've now won three Level 2 customers at $360K per year and have stopped the marketing to get the right focus on delivery and development of teaching resources.

Mission Accomplished! I thought it would be useful to share my experience with you on how I fell behind and then miraculously pulled through to mission accomplished just days before the 21st November deadline. In fact, I cleared the hurdle by miles with $120,000, but I'll get into the details later.

In late October, I was steaming ahead with 83 points which put me in the top 10 at the time. However, it was getting increasingly hard to keep up as the exercises were proving to me again and again that my proposition was just not going to fly.

The EPM market tests were valuable as they prevented me from making a big mistake. Therefore, once I realized it was hopeless, I went back to the start with a new proposition in a different market. However, this major pivot was only a few weeks before the mission accomplished deadline.

My original concept was to do business model training for high growth technology start-ups to help them get funding. I wanted to charge a high fee and so I needed high-potential start-ups that were attractive to Venture Capitalists. The income was going to consist of a modest upfront fee with a larger back-end that was dependent on funding success.

The survey results were promising, I got 290 respondents and over half were interested in starting a business. However, most respondents wanted to start a lifestyle business and had no interest in raising funds from Venture Capitalists. Analysis of the survey results demonstrated that I was never going to cover my advertising costs.

Therefore, I had to quickly resort to Plan B which was closer to my existing business model. Currently, I do Management Consulting for large corporations. However, I personally deliver each assignment on a "done-for-you" basis. Really, I am a glorified freelancer whose earnings have maxed out because I can only do one job at a time and the client has strict limits on acceptable day rates.

I had overcome these limits in the past by recruiting my own consulting associates, but I caught a cold in the recession with high staff overheads and now I prefer the freedom of acting alone. I had often tried to offer my clients online training courses so that I could generate a residual income, but there was no interest in my information products

So here comes the twist that was inspired by Marisa's approach: I ran through the EPM course with my new proposition which was a mix of business strategy training + coaching for mid-sized corporations. I didn't have time to go through all the marketing sections of the course because of the looming deadline.

Instead, I took the outline and EPM approach to one of my past Automotive clients and they signed up straight away for $120,000 per year for me to coach and train their staff through their annual strategy cycle. The experience focus is what clinched the deal. I have now taken the same concept to the head of a division of an even larger $30 billion company in the defense sector and they would also like to start a program.

So, thank you Marissa for inspiring my new strategy service that hopefully will disrupt the consulting market!

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Agnes Knowles (class of 2016)

I've been online for 5 years now. I've paid for some pretty expensive coaching and I've been fairly focused on what I wanted to offer. Then I turned 60. I didn't do so well with that... which came as a complete surprise because birthdays had never phased me before.

I kept showing up in my business but my focus was down, I felt muddled - I wasn't organizing, I wasn't sorting, I was stirring. It didn't help that my expensive trainer seemed to think I was slack-assing off. I turned to my favourite big-name online inspirational leaders for help. I read their books, I watched their videos... and slowly but surely their words became louder than the voices in my head.

Then one day I received an email from a trainer I had followed for a while and he recommended a training series a colleague of his was organizing. I checked it out, and that's how I met Marisa.

Her personality was mesmerizing and I knew instantly I had found the trainer I had been waiting for. I hung on every word of her webinar and, at the end, when she offered a special deal for her upcoming training I didn't hesitate for a moment.That training was focused and effective and I was hooked.

Next she offered 2 tickets to her Live event in L.A. I called a friend/colleague who was struggling in her business too and told her she had to come with me, no ifs, ands or buts! That was February 2016. Of course an amazing Mentorship Program was show-cased at the live event. I was struggling with the expenses of a large house I hadn't been able to sell the year before so there was no way I could afford it. My friend did.

For months I listened with mixed emotions to the direction my friend was gaining in her business. She had found her true calling, the business that fit her like a glove... and I was so excited for her... but the longing inside me was tangible.

And then the email I was dreading finally arrived. Marisa was offering a new course. And it was everything I was worried it might be. By then I had sold my house but wouldn't be closing for another month. The expenses around moving were looming and I was concerned about affording them, let alone Marisa's course. I felt sick, I wanted it so badly. I even emailed Murray with a convoluted plan that was probably the longest shot I had ever attempted in my life. Which made me feel slightly sicker because I'm not "that person".

Pulling out all the stops I called my financial advisor. She was out of town. I asked to speak with her assistant. She was out of town with her boss. The woman on the phone must have heard my desperation because she offered her assistance. I told her I needed some money. She said she would do what she could but by the time it would be processed it would be Monday.

Monday was too late for Marisa's course: it was open for registration until end of webinar on Friday. I accepted the Monday money realizing it would at least remove the stress of moving expenses. I guess I'm a bit of a "bugger for punishment" because I was on just about every sales webinar Marisa offered that week. She'd finish, I'd shut down... and look longingly at the wine bottle!

Then it was Friday. I could taste my disappointment. I went on the webinar yet again. Ever the optimist I opened my banking platform. The webinar ended. Marisa answered questions. The clock ticked down. I tried Paypal one more time but the don't-pay-for-6-months option still wasn't available for Canadians.

I went back over to my banking tab to shut down...AND THERE IT WAS!! The transfer had completed mere minutes before. My hand was shaking as I transferred a chunk of cash into my Paypal linked account, clicked through on Marisa's Buy Now button, and sent one more email to Murray rejoicing in my new SuperPower: finding money at the nth moment before the clock wound down to zero.

I realize that lead-in is about the longest one ever. I think it sets the scene appropriately. Now EPM is over. It was everything I was hoping it would be. It was the Connect-The-Dots training I needed. After 5 years online I had finally decided on my dream business but after a year and some of muddling, I couldn't find the focus I needed.

Training after training, week after week, I pulled my scattered thoughts into the blueprint I needed to have an organized, well thought out course. Marisa's hook said $2000 in 8 weeks but the guarantee was moot for me. I had a move to get through, I was caring for my young grandson for 10 days, I was house- and critter-sitting for a friend for 2 weeks.

The guarantee didn't matter a bit to me because I got what I wanted: The Experience Product Masterclass. It is a Master Class! My organization has returned. Hurdles I couldn't see over before now tumble as solutions present themselves. I have clarity, I have excitement, I have confidence.

Did I make any money in 8 weeks? Not from my business. I didn't expect to. My master plan will unfold at my behest... based on my personality and design. That design is coming together though. It's coming together thanks to Marisa's training and guidance. Everything I had hoped Marisa's training would be, it is. Every expectation I had of Marisa as a trainer has been lived up to. My big picture life plan continues to grow and gain clarity. I am eternally grateful the stars aligned again and again.

Thank you, Danny Iny!

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