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Gia Parsons (class of 2016)

Something irrevocably flipped in me this Summer. It was almost like my heart had declared my readiness to step up, step out and share my message. No more waiting in the wings. After far too many years of journaling, practicing, planning, course taking and playing-it-safe making – EPM was just the intervention I needed. And what a welcome surprise it was!

Why was it so right for me? I needed a structured framework to help me ground all my years of ideas and skills, and to re-connect with the value I had to share. The contents inside of EPM were the answer to my declaration to make 2017 a year to remember, by drawing a line under the old me, the stuck me, the fearful me. (Major visibility fears held me back for far too long - I was done) And even more important than that, share my message with the women who needed it.

Through Marisa’s genius process of going step-by-step through each element, I was able to speed - tick-by-tick - through the exercises (like discovering my biggest value, writing my story, defining my niche and so much more) 10 times faster than any previous course I have taken.

I created a 1:1 Transformational Intensive to “Liberate and Launch your Life after Breast Cancer” – called Create Your RoBust Life. I am sooo proud of it. Being clear and confident on the contents of my programme, and finally being able to write and share my story with everyone (and give back to those who helped me on my recovery journey), has been beyond healing for me personally too. Ironically, it was almost like the missing piece of my own life launch platform.

Discovering my Super Power – Polish Potential Until It Shines Back – has had me see myself in a different light, and recognise the power within me to polish and nurture that potential in others. This “big game” experience had me really dig deep to uncover the parts that were holding me back, and stopping me being visible. That has been such a blessing to discover and flip upside down to a strength – something I would not have done in the comfort of a lonely D.I.Y course module!

Half way through the EPM course, I realised that I could not rush or push as much as I had been – and I made peace with that, knowing that if I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, I would get there. “Iterate to Awesome” as Marisa says. And I will. In my heart I will succeed in actually launching this time, because now, I have my unique recipe that I trust and believe in.

The difference with this course, has been the level of live interaction, momentum and connection created by Marisa’s team, coaches and supportive community members. It’s been epic and intense! This in particular was the reason I am so proud of how much progress I made; which was more in the last 8 weeks than the last 4 years. I couldn’t have got this far had it not been for the level EPM invited me to play at. It’s Big, Bold and Scary – but it catalysed me to the next level of my life, and business. The excellent processes and technical trainings were the cherry on top. Genius indeed.

It’s not just the progress I made from being inside the EPM experience that has helped me so much – it’s also how EPM has helped me on the outside too. I even finished a fundraising song about my story, that had been in the pipeline for years! And have reached out to people that had been wondering where I had been all this time, and who are now more than happy and ready to support me going forward. So no more hiding on my part! What a gift.

So this was MY VERY OWN MISSION ACCOMPLISHED; Confidence to launch my product (life!) in the coming months, 100% more capable in understanding and implementing the technology (that used to block me) and without a doubt – so ready and able to go out there, and Live My Message! Thank you Marisa and Team, from the bottom of my grateful happy heart xox

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James Mayfield Smith (class of 2016)

I began my Experience Product Mastermind in the middle of my first online product seed launch. My BreakThrough Circle program trains heart-centered entrepreneurs to nurture breakthroughs in their emotional lives so that they can serve the world in a bigger way. My cart was initially scheduled to close in late Sep, but in order to pay for EPM, I kept my cart open until Oct 3. Yet even with keeping my cart open an extra week, I still had only 4 paying clients totaling $3,889. I was short of my goals and needed to figure out a way to enroll more clients so that I would have good video footage from the course to use for creating the next iteration of my Experience Product. I also needed to earn more revenue to keep my cash flow from drying up before my next launch. I wasn't sure what I needed to do to enroll more clients.

Then in 10X Strategy Module 1, I heard Marisa say that “In 99.99% of the time, Information-based products, programs, and courses don’t take enough time to paint the most detailed picture possible of their customer’s future selves and it’s a big reason why they struggle to enroll people in buying.” I realized that I needed to get clearer on the mission and specificity of my offering. Then Marisa taught us the “Give Them What They want” campaign and the power of asking my clients what they wanted. I took this idea and went back to my prospects who didn’t buy. I gave them a clearer picture of the benefits of the program and also walked them through a baseline data survey that rated the major strategies of the BreakThrough Circle program that they were already using. Scores were very low, as I anticipated. Then I helped them connect the dots to what would be possible for them if they began to consistently use these strategies. This opened their eyes to the future self possibility of joining the program. I enrolled 3 more paying customers for an extra $1,494 (and $149 Superbux) that I would not have earned otherwise. By following up again with my non-buying prospects and employing an adaption of Marisa’s survey-oriented strategy, my post-cart close telephone campaign was a success.

I was busy delivering my 7 week program during EPM and chose not to participate in most of the Experience Points motivational contests, but I did watch most of the live trainings and coaching calls. The Experience Product Masterclass is the most comprehensive course strategy, design, and launch program that I have ever seen. Marisa really has a knack for bringing the teaching down to the very practical level in ways that other teachers I’ve studied with were unable to do. I am re-launching in January and expect to earn $15K-$20K for this second launch. Thank you Marisa and team!

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Janae Bower (class of 2016)

My heart and my desire for my business flat lined. Too many heartbreaks while trying for 14 years to get my lucky break with my products stopped me from taking any action for months. I felt dead inside as I ran out of money, time (as my three boys are now all in school full-time) and all excuses that I created around sales and marketing. I had to make a pivotal decision to either finish strong or be finished.

A sign of life fluttered in my heart when I heard about Marisa’s Experience Product Masterclass. She broke the barrier from her flat-lined product sales to skyrocketing them with her new experience products. Could this happen to me? It felt like this could be divine intervention because it was exactly what I needed and it was launching on my birthday.

My mom made the decision for me by gifting me with this class for my birthday in hopes that I would once again give birth to my dreams. As my heart beat with hope and hands trembled with fear, I hit the register button.

From the moment I entered the EPM race, I wholeheartedly committed to SPRINT toward mission accomplished and do my best NO MATTER WHAT. As this class finishes, I’ll be 1/3 of the way FINISHED with DELIVERING my first experience product hosted on a membership site!

I’ve trained hard for 8 weeks with many set-backs along the way, but with the help of Marisa’s expertise, my success coach Kataka’s encouragement and the EPM team and members support, I am proud of these gold-medal moments on my way to mission accomplished:

- Going from zero (no marketing to my email list for a year) to superhero (by the end of the year I’ll have created 100 marketing, sales and content videos in just one quarter).

- Getting over my artistic tendency to create what I love over and over again to developing a product that my audience really needs based on the “give them what they want campaign.”

- Designing a valuable freebie on my time-bending formula that is a magnet for opt-ins.

- Sprinting ahead of the class’s schedule to market and launch on Nov. 9 so that I could finish delivering my experience product, a 45-day Breakthru to Inspired U Sprint (to achieve your #1 goal), before the holidays.

- Breaking through the resistance of wanting to quit due to only having a week to market and sell, competing with the political races during the final days of my launch and all the other fears and excuses that resurfaced.

- Getting over the hurdle of disappointment from trying so hard, yet only reaching ½ of the financial goal ($1K) for my first run at this.

- Iterating my way to awesome by already designing my next marketing campaign using what I learned from EPM and relaunching another product I’ve created one week after this class ends.

- Envisioning plans for my future Finding IT Institute suite of experience products.

- Seeing the power of my students sprinting toward their own mission accomplished just like I did!

Thank you for reviving my future dreams! Once again my MY HEART BEATS FROM THE FEAT that I accomplished from this class.

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Jennifer Peake (class of 2016)

I have been working as a paediatric dietitian for over 12 years now and I love what I do. Since having my kids, I realised that no matter how fulfilling this job was, I wanted to be able to spend some time at home with my kids which was not going to always be possible with the job I had. I have worked doing 1:1 consults with parents of kids over the past 6 years but not only felt that this was not necessarily going to give me the ability to leverage my time but I always felt that I never had enough time with the parents to really help them with their kids nutrition and feeding issues. For this reason I decided to start, my own online nutrition business with the ultimate aim to develop online nutrition programs for families.

I have spent the last 12 months learning wordpress and social media and lead magnets and email lists....the list goes on and on. I have invested in courses over the time which have greatly helped me to move my business forward. The next stop was going to be to invest in a course about designing online programs. I had almost signed up to a couple of different ones, but something stopped me. Not sure if this was fear or concerns about money, but there was something holding me back from moving my business forward.

I must confess, I had never hear of Live your Message before and it was an affiliate email that caught my attention and I signed up for the 3 part video series that Marisa had created. I was hooked right from the start and even though I had not planned on spending much money on a course about courses, once I sat through the first webinar that Marisa ran I was in. I was one of the first 20 people to sign up and I NEVER had any doubts about what I could learn from EPM.
I cannot even begin to explain the amount of work I have achieved in the past 10 weeks. I have designed my whole program and have even had a few people sign up for it. Without EPM there is NO WAY I would be this far along with my online program. If I had signed up for other programs it is likely I would have watched a few videos and then gotten discouraged. EPM has been different, the EP points and the support from Marisa, Murrey and the Coaches as well as the other EPM members has been amazing and has really helped me to work the hardest I have in a long time to enable me to complete my course.

Did I reach "Mission Accomplished"? Not yet, but I don't care, I am starting the beta version of my program with real people next week and I truly know that the next time I launch this course I will well and truly achieve my stretch goals. I also know that I will now have the ability to successfully help many more struggling families with their kids eating and allow their kids to grow up to be healthy and happy.

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Juliet Le Breton (class of 2016)

Did I accomplish my mission? Not yet. Do I feel certain that I'm on the road to success? Yes, yes, yes.

Confession time. I've been a wannapreneur for two years. Two long years on that emotional rollercoaster. Two years of hoping, praying, needing, pushing like h£ll to get to success, of relentless enthusiasm, of exhaustion, of burnout, of desperation, of fear - and at the end of it, all I have is a five figure debt and a broken heart.

For days now I have got up - full of bubbly excitement, rushed to my desk to begin to have an impact - make sales, share my message and genius with the world. Some days I have succeeded in doing this. Most days I've allowed myself to get pulled off track. And there have been many, many days when I have been furious with myself - I know I can do it. I want to do it, I can help people, I have helped people before, all I need to do is figure out how to do a tiny shift of what I was so successful at before and I'll find my tribe, my genius, my success. And there have been days when I've felt so bleak I didn't want to get out of bed. Or so excited as I invest another crazy sum of money I don't have and am secretly not sure I can make - on the latest magic bullet solution to all my problems. Each time my hopes spiral to the stratosphere as I think I have found "the answer".

And the irony is, that I've known the answer all along. "The answer is within," so the gurus say, as many of them (not Marisa) gleefully extract charge another 4 figure sum from credit card. "You know what to do, I'm just breaking it down for you - making it easy. All you need is my super duper wooper secret success formula which hypnotises your clients into buying your service and gets them screaming for more." The crazy thing is, in my heart, I knew most of them wouldn't work. I don't want to hypnotise anyone into buying my service or product, nor do I want a formulaic business in a box.

Actually all I want is impact. And when I say impact, I don't mean a million dollars in the bank. I'd much rather make a difference to a million lives - help lift people of poverty and despair. You see, I'm lucky. I may have a five figure debt, I may be living on the edge of burnout, I may be frustrated and stuck - but I have a house, and food on the table, a beautiful garden, and my health. And I live in a country where over 90% of people don't. And they are the ones I want to help.
So then one of those days when I was so frustrated with myself, and my choices and fed up with not making an impact, and not having success and not being able to make ends me - it struck me. I'd actually rather go broke than that run a business with the same morals as many I have seen around me. I have no desire to feed off people's fears and bamboozle them into parting with their hard won last resources. If that's what it takes to run a successful business, screw that, I'd rather go broke. And so that's exactly what I'd done. Oh crap.

And the worst thing was - I'd been a success in the past. Go back one more year to three years ago-- I was making 6 figures a year as an independent international development consultant, working with the United Nations and governments to help their citizens make good healthcare decisions so that they wouldn't put themselves at risk of diseases such as HIV. cholera, malaria etc. I'd invest 20 years and worked in 26 countries trying making a difference, and had got disillusioned when so much of my best work had been mired down in government bureaucracy, or political wrangling, and very little of it implemented. And I realised that the best way to develop a country is empower women entrepreneurs - people with a small business are already striving to improve their lives and development data shows that women invest 90% of their income in their families, communities and nations which leads to an upward spiral of development and growth.

So that's how I identified my target niche for my new social enterprise two years back. It had an incredible vision of working with mid level women entrepreneurs, helping them to develop their enterprises beyond subsistence to sustainability and growth, and then empowering them to turn around and mentor/coach their peers to follow in their footsteps. I wasn't just going to change a few lives. By the time I'd mapped out my vision trained women entrepreneurs were supporting each other, consumer campaigns where urging the public to buy products and services that were made by women-owned companies, even the governments were coming on board to support the plan. In my head, at least! I couldn't just change a few lives, or even a country, I could revolutionise women's lives all across Africa. And perhaps even beyond. OMG. This became my new raison d'etre.

And even though I am incredibly shy and loathe the public eye, I realised I was going to have to be a leader. And leaders are visible. So I screwed up my courage and did a TEDx talk - it was the first public speech I'd ever done. In for a penny, in for a pound, right? If I've got to make a leap, it might as well be a huge one. So I started with a TED talk and I was made a Global Ambassador for Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 the week before and I was so excited to launch my new business on Women's Entrepreneurship Day, two days after my TED talk, with a fanfare of pride and delight. Hundreds of people signed up to come to the opening workshop. I worked all night to perfect the training materials, and rushed to the venue early to set up.

Long story short, not a single person showed up. Apart from the caterer, with a bill for $400 and lunch for 20 people. On the way home, I got stopped by a police officer who fined me erroneously for not stopping at a Stop sign - I did but the line was so far back from the corner of the road that I then had to creep forward to see if the road was clear before making my turn. That was the great and glorious start to my new enterprise.

And two years later, as I learned about the Experience Product Masterclass, my enterprise had held a number of training events, which barely broke even, given away a lot of useful training material and advice, consumed every waking hour, and was still not able to make ends meet. A business-to-business company I consulted for through my husband's company had just increased their revenue by a factor of ten based on some marketing advice I'd given them - so I knew how to do it. I just wasn't doing the right things in my enterprise. In my head that made me a fraud, a fool, and the world's worst entrepreneur. And so I'd kept searching for the answer, kept signing up for webinars to see what I could find. I'm on about 400 mailing lists. I was drowning in good intentions, half completed projects, and debt. Despite my big smile to the world. I was miserable.

And then EPM came along. And it made so much sense. A revolutionary way of teaching, to make it fun and motivating to students so that they will actually watch all the training and a way of incentivising them with fun rewards so that they keep on showing up and doing the homework. I'd done a course with Marisa before - Call to Adventure - and had been deeply impressed with the quality of her training, depth of her insight, and her ability to make things fun. And this offer, well it cut through my cynicism. This was something different - not run of the mill internet marketing hype. This was a new way of learning, of teaching, of sharing and of helping confused and stuck entrepreneurs (like me) break through, get results and finally, finally shine. And there was a no-brainer guarantee. Make your money back or we'll give it back! Who offers that?! Only someone with deep integrity, someone who totally believes I can get the result she's promised. No switch and bait here, no phoney claims of incredible results, no default option to blame me if I don't get the results even if I had done the work. Finally, a person of integrity. Offering something of huge value, with all the extra support I needed.

I signed up and committed fully to the course. The classes ran til 1am my time, but I was doing them anyway. I did what it took. And yes I procrastinated, and got sucked into fear and perfectionism and distraction. But I kept showing up. Kept doing the work. Did my best. Emailed the coach, even though I hate asking for help (I used to say I was culturally impaired to ask for help - I think its true, but if you don't ask for it you won't get it. I had to get over that as much as possible. And I had a great coach who instantly got the measure of me and made me feel comfortable - thanks Mike!)

Nine weeks later, here I am - an impact entrepreneur. I finally have confidence, direction and momentum. I honestly have more progress in 8 weeks than I have during the last two years. I have tested an offer, developed an opt-in, done a high ticket offer to potential clients - something that I know they will love, and I'm so thrilled to deliver. And the biggest difference is in my mindset. I've always known I can do it - I can make a difference - and I can have this huge world changing impact I've dreamed of. I've never been afraid of hard work, and I love to work all night to meet a deadline and then feel proud of myself for not compromising my exacting standards doing it. (Excellence drives me - another reason I was attracted to work with Marisa!). But now I believe i can do it. I've figured out how I can offer something of incredible value to people I already know - and use that to help the people I want to help who can't afford me. I had an idea of how to do this before - but now I'm actually doing it. I have practical strategies that I can follow - and adapt - and the clarity and confidence of knowing how long to keep going and what criteria to evaluate whether a new service or offer is going to work or not a good fit with my new market segments. It has a been a long journey to get here but I know success is within sight. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

The biggest lesson to me is that I can't change the world on my own. I knew this of course, which is why I'd worked with UN, and governments and aid agencies for so long - I thought they were the best lever for eradicating poverty and bringing about sustainable development. But for me they take too long. The best lever is through working with entrepreneurs. And the irony is that I get to combine my two weirdly disconnected worlds that I can expertly navigate and bring them together to create a revolutionary new kind of service and to make revolutionary changes to people's businesses, and lives around the world. I get to work with high level entrepreneurs - women I love and look up to -who have successful 6-8 figure businesses, and I get to link them with women back home in Africa who are trying to get by, trying to survive an incredibly hostile business and social environment - trying to take their business to the next level. And through this process I get to help business leaders around the world discover how to tap into their longheld dreams of changing the world - of making their own huge world changing impact for a social or environmental cause they love. And this makes my impact so much more than I could ever do - ever dream of - this is way beyond little old me. It's a revolution. for business. For lives. For social change. For the world.
And it all began with the EPM.

You'll laugh because "Oh crap!" has become my new rally cry. I say it every time I go into the fray, as all my excuses fall away and I know I'm going to have to do whatever it was I've been worrying about and putting off. If I want to make a difference, and make a dollar, if I want to increase my impact, my influence and my impact. I'd better get on with it then. And every time it gets a little easier. I just smile, saddle up the war charger, shout my rally cry and off I gallop, superhero cape streaming behind me and my clients, coaches and entrepreneur besties (BFs) beside me. Or so I'd like to think. We're allowed to have fun when changing the world, right?

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Karen Musson (class of 2016)

In 2015 I ran my first on-line course for conscious horse-owners 3 times. I received excellent feedback, yet struggled with the follow-on offering. I dedicated months to it. It was hard, a grind and I had that feeling of no traction. I wondered if I should throw in the towel.

In the EPM launch, Marisa spoke to several insights I had had during that struggle, yet offered so much more too - and a clear strategy about how to weave them together. Marisa talks about living in our “genius zone” and clearly with EPM, she is. I took the leap.

Genius Zone, Flow State and Why We Truly Must Deliver

As I watched Marisa breezing through hours of live Q & A, I found myself oddly resonating with her state of flow – odd because, as her student, I was in border-line overwhelm! It dawned on me that I recognized it from my own work with clients. It was a moment of clarity. What if she hadn’t followed through and delivered? I’d have missed finding this vein of gold I was seeking. Not delivering due to the dulling force of overwhelm leads only to holding back answers sought by others.

Aha! The Problem

EPM helped me see that my first course, or “front door” offering -which had proved to be a transcending experience, as hoped – was not grounded in a lower layer in Maslow’s hierarchy. My follow-on course had been a challenge because the first course also did not have a clear enough pathway to a predictable, tangible and measurable outcome to follow on from!

Sometimes Seeing is Believing

I smiled as Marisa showed us her unruly mind map of EPM and how that evolved into the course it is today. I had a similarly unruly one, sitting stagnant on my hard drive. I dusted mine off along with a Venn type model I had also set aside, with renewed faith as I shared it with some closer students.
“The last thing you learn is the first thing you need to know” (Ray Hunt)
Eventually it became clear that the follow-up offer I had been planning was too big to do within the 8 week time-line – and probably just too big. I was getting stuck, falling behind on the course and sliding into overwhelm. What could I do… right now to kick back up into a clear path forward?

And... Action!

I upped the EPM Factor in a video-coaching program I was already running. It was FUN. Surprise! This led to clearer feedback and accelerated my understanding of the specifics students really needed.
Next, I decided to offer a small group program in person. I’ve done many, but this felt like The Right Product at the Right Time. My goal was to exercise the EPM factor to better nurture these clients, meet my income goal and test-drive my Bird’s Eye Framework in a One to Few setting, live with the horses. This was the surest way to observe how it was received, how easy it was to DO and tune it up on the fly.

Mission Accomplished!

After a short email campaign to a regional group of students, five students signed up to bring their horses on November 4-6th for $495.00 for a total of $2475.00.

The Proof and Truth is in the Pudding

I “boldly” ran the whole event from my (newly dusted off and revised) Framework and coached my students with Mission, Future Self, Constant Wins, Feedback Loops and Community in mind. For 3 days solid. It was Fun and recorded on video.

I used rough cut (done is better) clips from the clinic to better serve existing clients in my video coaching program. Then in a live webinar, I shared more insights in an EPM inspired format. The recording of that is now ready to split into 10 min nuggets for future use.

The Final Impact

Marisa delivers, in volumes and through an experience that has a way of staying with you ;)
I accomplished the EPM Mission as well as gaining clarity about what and how to implement my next offering – and I have yet to complete the last module! I am stoked to discover what gems I will find.

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Karol Clark (class of 2016)

I have been an implementer all my life...BUT as an employee or helping others. However, I have always dreamed of "doing my own thing" and spent a great amount of time creating my goals, my logos, my plan and creating content. However, I was always p a r a l y z e d when it came to committing to MYSELF and I just kept thinking, planning and creating but never taking the MOST important step (we are talking for over 10 years).

In addition, I always want to HELP so I never want to charge what I am worth...I am committed to getting results for clients but hesitant when it comes to pricing...enter Marisa and her dream 8 week program that spoke directly to me and challenged (FORCED) me to further clarify, create and confidently act so I could launch not 1 but TWO new programs in 8 weeks...The clarity of the trainings, coaching and support was second to none and the content delivered just as I have dreamed of doing myself - providing a serious challenge and yet a safety net for "no one left behind" mentality. I have risen to the occasion and have a new found confidence, clarity of action and efficiency about me and best yet - I feel great!!!

I have two campaigns running for programs to launch January, 2017. Although I haven't made a lot of money yet (although I do have a new consulting gig), I am not afraid because I know not only my goals, but how to attain them. I have a clarity that will carry me through to additional breakthroughs and a knowledge base that is ACTIONABLE. The sky is the limit. are my 2 programs: for a course offered by myself and Liz Lawless for our company Your Best Seller Book – selling our new course $1,997 called 30 Day Publishing Accountability Course for my Weight Loss Practice Builder consulting business. The course is called 90 Day Profit Plan to Add 96K to Your Bariatric Program. Cost $7,997

I am over my fear of action, my fear of charging what I am worth (almost) and ready for this new chapter in my life. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

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Kat Walters (class of 2016)

Marisa's teaching realWhen my friend told me about EPM I had just spent the last 3 years trying to grow a product based business. It had been hard going and I had not been making ends meet at all. I had invested in LOTS of courses and coaching and none of it was really making any difference. I even just spend £2500 doing a trade show in July with NO sales at the end of it!!

I was super hesitant to do "another" course. My savings were nearly at rock bottom and I decided that this would be the last thing I would try. If this failed I don't know what I would do.

I know I have lots to offer and had always had lots of ideas of businesses and courses I could teach but as a creative I found it hard to decide what to do.

Well I can tell you that EPM has changed my life completely....

As soon as we started I knew this was something special and different to everything I ly resonated with me and I just lapped up every training, going back through each video several times to make sure I had got everything she was trying to get across.... and I followed her instructions to the letter.

The first couple of trainings were incredible.... I now FINALLY knew EXACTLY what I needed to do.

EXACTLY what I should be offering as my first product and EXACTLY what my new business was going to be. I am so excited about the future, this business is actually something people NEED and WANT and I LOVE doing it!!!

Because of Marisa's trainings I have now created a product and business that is EASY to sell..........

It's just so much more fun and enjoyable to be working on this and I feel like I can finally start making a difference and supporting my children properly and everything is going to be OK. I mean it wasn't that I wasn't working hard, I was working my butt off for 3 years with no results. And now I can work hard and get AMAZING results....

I don't have a website, I don't have a list, I am starting from scratch and I now have a new business and I have literally just made $2500 in a week from just posting a couple of posts on facebook in different groups..... it's insane the amount of response I am having. I love the fact that EPM teaches you to start making money straight away and iterate your way to awesome and do your website later once you are making money, it's just so clever....

Yesterday I just put one post in 2 groups on facebook and got 46 people onto my email list in 24 hours!! And this is all because I now have all the elements of a great business in place and that is ALL thanks to Marisa's EPM..... seriously I'm blown away.

Things are looking so positive right now I'm very excited.... :)

And I am ONLY just beginning, wait until I have a website and more products in my suite.

Now I don't have to say no to the kids every time they ask me if we can do something. We can start to have a life again.

Thanks Marisa you have changed my life in 8 weeks.

Kat x

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Kat Walters (class of 2016)

My name's Kat Walters. I'm from lincolnshire in the UK and I'm doing Instagram makeovers.

Well my work matters because I love creating things and being an entrepreneur hour I get to create stuff every day and really enjoy what I do. So that's that's really cool. I get to make a difference by you know helping people better bettering their businesses which gives me a lot of satisfaction. I'm actually making a difference to people.

Our issue is for you. Promoting. Have you been trying to start a business group. Did you use. Well I've been in business for about three years already before I started doing epm and I had a product based business.

And it was getting really really hard going. So I wasn't really making ends meet. And I was really struggling. I had invested a lot of time and money into other courses and coaching. And that it just hasn't really got me anywhere.

It was like yeah I was almost thinking should I even stop doing this and just go and get a job. You know well I wasn't really thinking that but you know it was almost at that point.

Well actually a friend of mine found epm found that about it and she told me about her. But I was. When she first showed me I was like There's no way I'm doing another course. Absolutely not. As I've just actually even just the year before that I had just been doing a course for a whole year that cost me four thousand dollars and it had made no difference in my business at all. And this is from a really top person out there that you know the course so yeah I'd done a lot of causes already now was a bit feeling a bit burnt out and I was just wasn't really happy to do another course. But and also I had had did have hardly any savings left. And so I didn't have much money so I was really worried about spending. The money on the course. But you know.

Well the thing that drew me to it was the fact that it was going to be creating it was going to help me create a product that was going to really stand out in the marketplace and be something different. And I liked the fact that he was a guy that I was going to make back the money by the end of it. But I had invested in. Which was important to me. It was going to be practical it was going to get me going to make money straight away which is what I needed to do because my financial position wasn't good at that time.

Well epm was brilliant as soon as it began for me. I just just love the way Marissa teaches her all her modules are just so easy to follow it's all laid out step by step is just you know if you just geeky like me and you just follow things to the letter then you're going to just it's going to be so easy. But so even at the beginning Marissa has this amazing training that helps you figure out what she should do and what your business should be about.

Which I absolutely loved and it helped me so much because I'd spent the previous three years doing this other business plus kind of pivoting now to a new business but not quite knowing where to focus on because I'm a creative and I have loads of ideas so it was hard to choose which one to do. And this this changed everything for me when I did this training of mariss at the beginning and I have picked the perfect thing to focus on and to do. And since then things have been going so well for me just even getting I would have even done epm just to do that bit.

Another great thing is that Marie's just gets you doing the things that you need to do in your business. Now it's going to make you start making money and start actually having a business that is a functioning business.

Well my biggest break through in epm is the fact that I now have a business that is functioning that is earning money and I have the potential to do amazing things we can do so well and I didn't before epm like epm has changed my life so much.

Yeah. Well my faith that the products I created during epm I got five people signed up during the eight weeks and I made 3000 dollars because I had it at a cheaper price just to be to test it and launch it at that first which I was really happy about. So I made back all the money plus a little bit more that I'd invested in epm which I was really happy about. And since then I have been doing minimal marketing really because I've got such an amazing product. All I have to do now is post in groups about it and I get people signing up to work with me and to go on to my. So I've actually done any proper marketing yet I've just been doing very very low key marketing and that's meant I've actually earned sixteen thousand dollars since I did epm which I'm really happy about which is believe me a lot more from my end of the year before when I was doing my other big and as well as being able to earn enough money to support my family pay the bills and do all that.

I’ve already been I've been featured on podcasts I've been interviewed by people and I've probably about three or four times and this is just within a few months and I haven't even been hardly doing that much marketing yet. But my business is massive potential because I'm totally on the right track and my product is isn't really really good and I'm actually creating V2 of my experience products at the moment which I'm launching in August which I'm really excited about.

Well the best thing about having an online business for me is the fact that I can work around my kids so I can I can be fully present with them when they're home from school and they got homework or whatever with them and I don't work when they're around. I'm focussed on them. And then when they're not there I focus on work so it means I can live my life how I want to and I get to do really cool stuff every day.

Yes. Well my kids love what I'm doing they're really proud of it. And they tell all their friends and they are actually a little mini marketing department for me so they are like because I told them what I was doing when I was doing epm and they would help me come up with headlines. Mommy you should market it like this or you should do this so it's really cool. Yeah. They get involved as well. They're very supportive.

And since epm I am so confident in what I'm doing my business has got so much potential because I'm on the right track and I just know what I'm doing now. So I think epm gives you so much more than you think it's going to give you. It teaches you what to do. It teaches you how to do it to a really high standard and it teaches you how to function in your business and what to focus on.

I'm so excited. Yeah. Every time I every time I do anything like I tell anyone about my product is just like wild. It's like it's just like sparks going off because I've got such a great product now and people are really really into it. So it's just such a joy for me because I'm doing something that I'm getting such a great reaction from.I've

No question worth. What would you say. To them. I would say don't don't hesitate just do it because if you want if you're somebody that wants their business to actually start making money and wants to create an online product.

That people are going to really enjoy and that's going to be one of the best out there then there's no other choice really for me. Are they all the courses I've done. Hands down. Epm has been the best thing I've ever done.

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Maria Kellis (class of 2016)

Maria’s testimonial:

I got into this class to make money from my *online* experience product and somehow I also opened other new avenues of revenue that were closed to me before. This is not only a class about a product, it is a class about building a whole new business. There is so much depth to what Marisa is teaching I feel that it is so far the best class I have ever taken and I am already recommending it to all my friends.

I had been saying that I will teach internet classes for a few years but it seemed such an impossible task that I simply was avoiding it. Then a few months ago I decided that I had to do it. So I started taking classes that people were saying were the best out there. I spent thousands of $ and I was feeling that I was getting nowhere fast. I was spending endless hours working on stuff that people promised was doable and I was getting really confused and discouraged. Then one day I was working late at night and I got into a webinar Marisa was giving to take a break. In about 30 sec I started waking up. Who was this woman? What was she talking about? She gave an iron clad guarantee: $2K or your money back. I had already taken so many classes I decided to take it simply because of the warranty - how bad could it be?

Then the first week of the class I realized that I was taking a different kind of class. The team was so involved in my success it felt that they actually cared. Was that even possible? Every step of the way was drawn out. There was no longer the guesswork of what to do. Everything was there. Marisa was starting her teachings at level 1 going all the way to level 10 or 100 and somehow all was possible with a lot of hard work. The steps were clear, the path drawn out and all I had to do was walk. I was so impressed that I made this class my full time job and my work became what I do in between. I wanted with all my heart to create a new revenue stream and I was ready to work as hard as was needed to create that. I had worked hard before with no results. I realized that if I followed the steps that Marisa was highlighting then I was getting amazing results.

Marisa kept repeating “good enough” and “iterate your way to perfect” and I started repeating this as a mantra in my head. I am so impressed, truly impressed at everything I have accomplished in such a short time. I have worked hard. Yes, I truly have worked hard. I have gone through the entire program 3-4 times already as the class was happening and I plan to continue until it is a real part of me. I feel that Marisa has a magic way to help us navigate the complex world of internet business. I am truly happy that I got to be a part of this journey.

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