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Dr. Barbara Birsinger

Your Mission Accomplished Story

I have invested tens of thousands of dollars over several years, joined almost all of the “old marketing guru” programs (Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker, etc!…) and several Masterminds of newer women gurus to the scene, over the more recent years. I vowed in early 2019 - after breaking my ankle requiring surgery and not walking or driving for over 5 months - to not take another program until I had earned back a good deal of the investment I had made. I HAD to make some of that money back or I would never believe that I could, no matter what “new, shiny object” showed up.

I had a pretty good 1:1 coaching/counseling practice, and also an online course that I created for Licensed Professionals who treated clinical eating disorders in a method that I developed, tested, and proved effective for recovery, called “The Behavior Decoding Method™” It was a hit initially, but I didn’t know how to get it out to more people, to build my list and message my program. There were always huge tech issues, and how to get everything I needed to make it all work while continuing my practice.

I had opted-in to Marisa’s emails a year or two ago, through another program I was taking (JV Partner). I watched the videos, and thought… ""maybe I’ll do this course next year when I am operating in a comfortable profit zone”. Well, that still was not happening. I was getting closer, yet still felt something was missing. I kept opening and listening to Marisa’s messages. Then one night (while my husband was out of town), I watched the cart close. I felt a deep disappointment. My rational mind said, “Good, now that is over; You didn’t buy yet another program, Yay”. Yet my heart felt broken like I really missed out on something special…and my rational mind said, “That’s okay, you can get it next time around”.

I had gone to bed, and I slept for a few hours then awoke about 1:00 am and could not go back to sleep. So, I got up to get a head start on my emails and project I needed to do the next day, and I saw in my emails: “EXTENDED deadline for the EPM” (Last Chance for the European time zones)"". It was 1:30 AM, and I watched and read the last message, and suddenly I clicked “YES! I want in” (something like that)…I paid the fee, and felt, I did the right thing! And also, Uh-Oh, “you promised yourself you weren’t going to do yet another program”.

However, this one felt different from the get-go. No second thoughts, only excitement! If I had not been alone that night, I may not have given myself what feels like the opportunity I had been waiting for. The stars lined up and I was ready. I dived into the material. I finished every single lesson, including the overachievers, and I was on the leader boards. I was learning as fast as I could.

Because Marisa and Murray had brilliantly put together a complete program, from inception to naming, building a mission, marketing, sales strategies and experiencifying their program, I was able to model this… to breathe life into my (old) program it, and made about $14,000 in sales by mid-December, through my messaging, sales conversations and delivery of the Licensed Professionals Program.

Then, I turned my attention to the BRAND NEW Program I had been wanting to do for years, with similar content, an online program for Coaches called “The Food and Body Code™ for Coaches - Lasting Transformation of Your Client’s Eating and Weight-Related Behaviors” (combination of a program I developed for women called the Food and Body Code™ for Women - Finally and Forever Feel Free with Food and At Peace in Your Body” and the Behavior Decoding Method™ for Licensed Professionals).

I had all of the tools to jump-start this program in January. And I did, with a Beta Group coming from the Transformational NLP Training Center (NLP-Marin) where I received my Masters Level Certification and beyond, and Teaching Assistant over the past dozen years or so. My programs are infused with T-NLP experiences, and I wanted the NLP experienced coaches, trainers and counselors' input on what I created for other coaches going forward: Executive, Life/Health/Wellness, etc. in my 2.0 version of the course later in the year.

I have earned $4,994 in the past week, and CART CLOSES at the end of this week still!

Earnings total $18,988 since starting EPM in late October - also right when my husband and I decided to do the home remodeling we'd planned for years (after our youngest moved out) and the contractors finally available, we went for it. We’ve been living through the huge distractions of this (while still living in the home…don't do that!). Lots of added stress and discombobulation…(where is all of my stuff?...and dirt, dust, no kitchen, minus a bath, everything boxed up and in bins...somewhere...still lots of decisions, investments, and uncertainties for the next 2+ months, Ahhhh).

And still...I felt like I stepped into a newer version of me…with an increased capacity to really go for my dreams. I had the professional credibility, I had risen to the top in my field, being asked to speak at international conferences (unpaid), and elected President of a Non-Profit organization to provide training and support to professionals and those in need of scholarships. I had proven that my system worked - by the gold standards of research in science - yet, I still couldn’t get my programs out to the masses, and help more women and girls to free themselves from the chronic dieting and poor body image ravaging their lives.

What I have done in the past few months - and what I am about to do and have in the coming weeks - I accomplished because of the final push of the EPM. I know that for some it might be the initial push (lucky) and I am grateful that I was able to mobilize my resources, time and energy to complete the course, Mission Accomplished, surpassing my Stretch Goal of $10 K, I feel that I now have the all of tools to continue this trajectory. I hope to be able to continue in the Mentorship Program to reach even higher goals and finally write the book I have known is in me since a teen! Thank you to Marisa, Murray, all the staff at LYM, and the students in this 2019 cohort. See you in the FB Group, M2M, and beyond!

-Barbara Birsinger, February 3, 2020

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
The start-to-finish steps for creating ANY Experiencified Product! I can duplicate this over and over again!

How did EPM help you become successful?
Brought new insights, mindsets, techniques, and Re-energized what I already knew, with actionable steps, with proven methods, with step-by-step instructions for maximal sales, productivity, experiences for clients, profits for biz.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
Greater confidence in all areas of marketing and delivery; ability to generate significantly more income in a short amount of time; greater belief in myself and what I can accomplish

What has been the biggest change in your business?
Adding the Coaches' Course to my Online Courses offered which I believe will go viral this year, and boost my revenue and get me into the Big Profit Zone!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
Getting my programs into Xperiencify (quickly) and building a new website in Heroic.
MOSTLY: The positive effects Coaches will have with their clients! Greater reach for me in creating a movement to help more people.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thank you. Deeply Grateful.

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Marie Elizabeth Mal

Sharing a HUGE win! I made my first sale today for my program at $1997! Almost to mission accomplished!

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Patricia Lemieux

I’m at MISSION ACCOMPLISHED just on Chatterbox alone! Which is good, because I vapor locked on the creative marketing pieces. I have the artist client who’s bartering two classes with me ($680) – and I’ve been a student of his for 5 years so this is REALLY valuable to me. Four students for my beta tech class ($97 each) – 6 weeks over the shoulder website building, weekly group Q&A. One small business that’s hired me to teach their employee how to deal with the technology they have, help them finish their website and to do a little tech writing on the side (establishing templates they can use) for $997 for six weeks work (one day onsite a week). Yay! Love this Masterclass. Thank you everyone for all the help and encouragement!

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Paul Mukai

Another sale confirmed! Total at $ far. Looking for at least one more sale to get to Mission Accomplished! ????

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Cindy Howes

Your Mission Accomplished Story

I had originally signed up for EPM in 2016. I know Marisa brings brilliant thinking to her products and she comtinues to iterate her way to grater an greater awesome-ness.So when I had an idea for a new product, I wanted to see how EPM had evolved. I particularly wanted to see how she had designed 6 easy-to-use marketing campaigns. I got that much and so much more.

I had just moved from Philadelphia PA to Savannah GA. I was missing the in-person Executive Coach Mastermind that I had been a member of for 10 years and I wanted to start my own online version of that group. I had learned so much practical information and felt a part of a supportive community. I knew i wanted to Experiencify it so coaches would stay engaged and inspired.

First I worked through Nail Your Niche even though I already had my program idea. As a result, I got crystal clear on why this was the program for me. But when it came to Experiencifying my product, I found myself working on how to Experiencify my individual executive coaching clients instead of my Mastermind. Then I applied that learning to my current client which i believe kept her engaged and influenced her to sign up for another 6 months of coaching with me. I especially credit being clear about her future self and emphasizing her constant wins--including making ca-ching sounds with each new win--with producing this result which was a real change from previous engagements.

So while I still have to launch my Mastermind for Executive Coaches, I got to Mission Accomplished with the $2000 I received from my executive coaching client. This has given me greater confidence in my own coaching and encouraged me to build my coaching practice with individual clients calling it: Lead to Greatness Executive Coaching while i also reach out to experienced executive coaches to fill my Mastermind.
I will have a great foundation for marketing these two products with all the materials from EPM 2019 plus Heroic and Xperiencify will give me the amazing tools to represent Millennial Consultants to the world!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
Iterate your way to awesome--get it out, get it done ,and make it better

How did EPM help you become successful?
Simple ways to market your product

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
Encouraged to keep moving forward, I can do this

What has been the biggest change in your business?
Clarity about two products and no more or less

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
i really felt encouraged to keep moving forward despite many personal challenges like breast surgery and continued construction on our house which meant living out of suitcases.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
EPM 2019 along with Heroic and Xpereiencify is a really complete solution. I haven't had a chance to watch Don Crowther's sessions or many of the optional trainings, but I feel like there is enough for another 10 weeks of learning. i am so looking forward to completing my website and finally representing my business the way i want to. Thanks for all you do to support your clients.

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Heather Fox

Your Mission Accomplished Story
All I can say is that Marrisa DELIVERS!!

I have been a solopreneur for five years working in a small semi-rural area and have been struggling trying to put together marketing messages for my courses and struggling to find a way to engage my students in a way that would help them do their homework and see results. I have taken other courses but just couldn’t get any forward momentum (and I consider myself to be a self-motivated individual!). I was hesitant to spend another $2000 US to take yet another course that would provide great information but at the end of the day, just be words on a page. Despite my reticence, Marrisa’s marketing message was compelling. So, with great trepidation, I signed up for the Experience Product Masterclass.

Marrisa delivered right from the start. The entire course was paced so that the content was easy to consume. Action items were linked with each video and you were given lots of incentive to do the work. No more reading and thinking “I’ll get to this later”. Group coaching support was provided and I got personalized feedback from the coach on my work; I can’t put a price on how valuable his feedback was to me. When the time came to put together a sales page for one of my classes, it took me 15 minutes using all the material from the homework assignments. Nothing I have done in the past prepared me to create a compelling marketing message and 7 weeks into this course, I wrote my best message ever!! I now have enough skill to put together a professional marketing message for my other course offerings as well.

As for improving my student’s experience, Marrisa has provided me with everything I need to 10x how I provide value. I had been delivering a small ‘wow’ experience and now that I have completed this program, I will be able to deliver a gigantic ‘WOW’ experience.

THANK YOU Marrisa. You have a client for life! As my business grows, I fully intend to continue my professional development journey with you.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
Just one :-) I will narrow it down to two! Learning the importance of talking to and most importantly listening to prospective clients (I use to 'save time' by doing email interactions only). Both the importance of improving the experience for my students and how to do that.

How did EPM help you become successful?
A few years back I took the Product Launch formula and while the content was amazing, I could never get traction. I kept trying to create an Avatar, trying to get a lead magnet but was totally stuck. At one point, you mentioned that this was an advanced strategy. When I heard that I felt a weight drop off my shoulders. EPM provided me with what I needed to move my business forward right from where I am. The two key components were building a marketing message and experencifying my content.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
I have the tools now that will help me grow my business.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
Increased focus on my clients "you can have anything in life that you want if you help other people get what they want"!!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
Delivering even better results for my students.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thank you

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Becky Staubach Lord

Sharing a HUGE win -- First Sale today!!! On my very first call! So I'm 100% conversion so far!! $1997 (so not quite technically Mission Accomplished, but I think I'll make it ???? . . . now going for "a whole lot more"!)

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Rachel EStone Theriot

First sale for $997! Halfway to mission accomplished!! #superpod. Some thoughts: The call was my first "Start with an Experience" session and was one of about 4 different session titles I put out there. While I've spent most of my time and energy on "Mama Sleep Makeover" aimed at helping professional moms get more sleep, this was with a single professional guy with no kids who responded to my "Double Your Energy Now" session offer that I put out almost as an afterthought since my first session title wasn't generating bookings for me. (I didn't realize that he had no kids).

The Sales for Superheros script REALLY WORKS!! OMG Christine Dunn thank you!! Part 1 of focusing on his future self was all I needed. I felt awkward and weird asking him over and over in different ways what the future looked like for him and how his life would be different with more energy, and I'm pretty sure I flubbed the script a few times since I was frazzled from tech issues getting on the call. However, I focused on listening and trying to peel back the layers of what he shared, and he ended up asking me what I'd charge to work with me before we got to parts 2 and 3 of the script.

Sooo now I need to hustle and pivot a lot of my Marketing since apparently my offer isn't appealing to the niche I thought I had chosen, and I have a few more sessions with professional men who may or may not have children and responded to the same "Double Your Energy Now" offer. I'm confident I can do it, and it actually feels more comfortable to be serving this way since energy is what appealed to me more than sleep.

Even if you're not fully launching, I highly encourage you to get out there and talk to people... I thought I was being proactive and chatterboxing, but the customer problem focus of the Start with the Experience session was what really made it come together for me and generate this sale!

Thanks for the help on the last call this week, Kate Wan!!

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Agnes Knowles

I've been online for 5 years now. I've paid for some pretty expensive coaching and I've been fairly focused on what I wanted to offer. Then I turned 60. I didn't do so well with that... which came as a complete surprise because birthdays had never phased me before.

I kept showing up in my business but my focus was down, I felt muddled - I wasn't organizing, I wasn't sorting, I was stirring. It didn't help that my expensive trainer seemed to think I was slack-assing off. I turned to my favourite big-name online inspirational leaders for help. I read their books, I watched their videos... and slowly but surely their words became louder than the voices in my head.

Then one day I received an email from a trainer I had followed for a while and he recommended a training series a colleague of his was organizing. I checked it out, and that's how I met Marisa.

Her personality was mesmerizing and I knew instantly I had found the trainer I had been waiting for. I hung on every word of her webinar and, at the end, when she offered a special deal for her upcoming training I didn't hesitate for a moment.That training was focused and effective and I was hooked.

Next she offered 2 tickets to her Live event in L.A. I called a friend/colleague who was struggling in her business too and told her she had to come with me, no ifs, ands or buts! That was February 2016. Of course an amazing Mentorship Program was show-cased at the live event. I was struggling with the expenses of a large house I hadn't been able to sell the year before so there was no way I could afford it. My friend did.

For months I listened with mixed emotions to the direction my friend was gaining in her business. She had found her true calling, the business that fit her like a glove... and I was so excited for her... but the longing inside me was tangible.

And then the email I was dreading finally arrived. Marisa was offering a new course. And it was everything I was worried it might be. By then I had sold my house but wouldn't be closing for another month. The expenses around moving were looming and I was concerned about affording them, let alone Marisa's course. I felt sick, I wanted it so badly. I even emailed Murray with a convoluted plan that was probably the longest shot I had ever attempted in my life. Which made me feel slightly sicker because I'm not "that person".

Pulling out all the stops I called my financial advisor. She was out of town. I asked to speak with her assistant. She was out of town with her boss. The woman on the phone must have heard my desperation because she offered her assistance. I told her I needed some money. She said she would do what she could but by the time it would be processed it would be Monday.

Monday was too late for Marisa's course: it was open for registration until end of webinar on Friday. I accepted the Monday money realizing it would at least remove the stress of moving expenses. I guess I'm a bit of a "bugger for punishment" because I was on just about every sales webinar Marisa offered that week. She'd finish, I'd shut down... and look longingly at the wine bottle!

Then it was Friday. I could taste my disappointment. I went on the webinar yet again. Ever the optimist I opened my banking platform. The webinar ended. Marisa answered questions. The clock ticked down. I tried Paypal one more time but the don't-pay-for-6-months option still wasn't available for Canadians.

I went back over to my banking tab to shut down...AND THERE IT WAS!! The transfer had completed mere minutes before. My hand was shaking as I transferred a chunk of cash into my Paypal linked account, clicked through on Marisa's Buy Now button, and sent one more email to Murray rejoicing in my new SuperPower: finding money at the nth moment before the clock wound down to zero.

I realize that lead-in is about the longest one ever. I think it sets the scene appropriately. Now EPM is over. It was everything I was hoping it would be. It was the Connect-The-Dots training I needed. After 5 years online I had finally decided on my dream business but after a year and some of muddling, I couldn't find the focus I needed.

Training after training, week after week, I pulled my scattered thoughts into the blueprint I needed to have an organized, well thought out course. Marisa's hook said $2000 in 8 weeks but the guarantee was moot for me. I had a move to get through, I was caring for my young grandson for 10 days, I was house- and critter-sitting for a friend for 2 weeks.

The guarantee didn't matter a bit to me because I got what I wanted: The Experience Product Masterclass. It is a Master Class! My organization has returned. Hurdles I couldn't see over before now tumble as solutions present themselves. I have clarity, I have excitement, I have confidence.

Did I make any money in 8 weeks? Not from my business. I didn't expect to. My master plan will unfold at my behest... based on my personality and design. That design is coming together though. It's coming together thanks to Marisa's training and guidance. Everything I had hoped Marisa's training would be, it is. Every expectation I had of Marisa as a trainer has been lived up to. My big picture life plan continues to grow and gain clarity. I am eternally grateful the stars aligned again and again.

Thank you, Danny Iny!

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Abby Rohrer

I hope to find some time during my launch to officially claim Mission Accomplished! Current sales so far: $11,770!

WOO-HOO!!! Thank you, Marisa Murgatroyd and EPM!!

Oh, and thanks to me for clearing my own money karma--the internal shifts from that have been amazing

Thanks, Marisa! :-) The EPM structure helped me to have more clarity, and to reach and appeal to more people. The Bird's Eye View concept is so brilliant--fyi I never really went through your launch. I saw your BEV and pretty much bought EPM solely from that alone. You were brand-new to me

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