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Inga Lightley

Well, it just HAPPENED - I got my first client enrolled into my Weight Loss Unlocked group coaching program and collected the payment!...????????????????I know it's only $197 but it's a START! My program will be $297 but this week I decided to do an Early Bird pricing and it helped the potential client who was still sitting on the fence about it after our Zoom call to take the plunge ????

I was really happy and dancing around the house on the high of the emotion, but then in dawned on me - I will have to run the program now, ready or not!! No going back! ???? So much to do still! ????But I know that deadlines really motivate me to get myself into gear

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Cindy Wagman

I knew what my mission was coming into the Experience Product Masterclass - I want to help charities realize their dreams by teaching them to fundraise. I know what the charities need to do, but I was completely lost on how to deliver a program that would get them enrolled and engaged.

Marisa's Experience Product Masterclass sold me right away. I knew I wanted my information product to be engaging and meaningful, exactly what she created with her EXPERIENCE PRODUCT. She and her team walked me through step by step on how to turn my idea into reality, focusing only on the things that were important.

I had some major crisis of confidence throughout the program and my coach was there to talk me through them and refocus me on moving forward and not getting stuck. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes get bogged down in the little details, slowing and sometimes halting my progress.

With EPM, I really internalized that done is better than perfect (and is still really good) and to iterate my way to success. Things really became real for my on my webinar. I thought I would be calm and collected but I was a nervous wreck.

I have a small list of about 200 people and I had 70 sign up for my webinar - most of whom were new to my list. Of those 70, 30 showed up LIVE! I couldn't believe it. I was literally shaking the entire webinar (it was my first), but followed everything Marisa taught us. I got through it with incredible feedback.

One customer said she does a ton of webinars but this was the only one she actually paid attention to! In the follow up emails, I sold 10 registrations, double my goal of 5! I earned $3,500 and have people lined up for my next launch.

Reaching my mission accomplished OF $3,500 was so exciting! But what's more exciting is that I have the tools to deliver real, meaningful content to charities to teach them to fundraise, in a way that can change their organizations and the communities they serve.

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Mayuko Okai

Today was the last day of my BETA offer and I made my VERY first sale at 7pm!!! It's $297, not M.A. but I'm sooooo excited about it :) My email list is very small - mostly my friends. I did 4 free sessions this week - 2 were friends and 2 were friends of friends. The sale came from a friend of a friend who I'd never met and at the end of our free session she told me she couldn't go through with it I'd given up on her.
I was actually feeling okay whether I hit M.A. or not since I got good practice and I could see possibility in future. So this was a pleasant surprise. I didn't realize we still have until Feb 12 so I might come up with another way to bring in more clients. Even one sale, converted from a free session gives me confidence since this is my very first time delivering. Very grateful <3

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Holly Gillen

YAY!! I just closed my first sale to my brand new experience product. I can't thank everyone enough for the support, encouragement and accountability, Marisa Murgatroyd, #teamwin and a special shoutout to Barbara Decker for helping me get off the pot and start selling.

I am now $603 away from my Target Goal. I have 19 more seats left to sell and I have high hopes that I will get it done and have an amazing group of students who I can help achieve their video goals. Here's the sales page - (not complete - still very much a work in progress, but I'm going with it.)

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Natalie Hill

I DID IT! Hit MISSION ACCOMPLISHED last night with sale #5 for my Next Chapter Best Chapter group program. ($497)

Seeing so clearly now that if I'd just followed Coach Paul's advice and held a simple Start With an Experience conversation launch, it could have been soooooo much easier.But I s'pose we can't always see the shortcut until we get to the top and look back down at the gnarly road we took.

And notice where we could have turned off onto the shady, grassy shortcut instead of crawling on our knees over rocks and stickers, mud splashing onto our eyelashes.

Ah . . . the mud-free clarity of hindsight.

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Marla Evans

I really don't remember how I stumbled across Marisa and the Experience Product Mastermind, but somewhere along my Internet travels I saw an ad for her introductory webinar on the class and decided I'd listen in.

And I'm SO glad I did!

I recently graduated from nutrition school and am just launching my practice. I had an idea for a class I wanted to develop and eventually take online, but I had no clue how to do it.

My “plan” was to go all-out and develop beautiful, professionally designed materials then talk to everyone I know and get folks sign up. Yeah! That’ll work. I hope..

After all, if you build it they will come.


After taking the Experience Product Masterclass I now know what a DISASTER that would have been! I would have spent weeks, even months, developing a class that did not meet the needs of my audience. The likelihood of getting anyone to sign up would have been slim and those who did try it probably would have been disappointed.

And on top of not meeting the needs of my clients, my “guru on the mountain” approach likely would not have resulted in transformed lives.

Now I understand how to create unstoppable momentum in my classes. I understand the importance of developing and reinforcing the Future Self Vision in order to keep clients focused on their goal. I’m making a conscious effort to include constant wins in every class. And I’m incorporating all the other positive escalation techniques into my classes.

So far I’ve only delivered my bonus pre-module and first live class. Before the course even started I received the following note from a participant:

“I received the bonus module and I am working on it. I was surprised at how Activity 2 ‘Your Future Self’ is really helping me to clarify the changes I want to make”

So using the techniques I learned here, lives are already changing and class hasn’t even started!

I have not yet made it to my “Mission Accomplished” goal of $2000, but I did earn $600 by the time the class ended and another $450 about a week later.

I implemented several of Marisa’s marketing strategies and had very good luck with them, given the very tiny reach of a brand-new business:

Emailed my list: I only have 68 subscribers on my list. The first time I emailed about my course I got 1 signup. Industry standard is about 1% if I remember the lesson correctly, so my 1 sign-up is actually above average.

Public Talk: Gave a 1 hour talk at Natural Grocers. Only 6 people attended, but 1 signed up. That's about a 20% conversion. Right about industry average.

I'm posting on Facebook: I'm posting pictures and videos. I even did 2 longer 20 min FB Live broadcasts to my personal page, business page and 2 nutrition group. My first ever FB Live has nearly 300 views since Sat. WOW! I don't even have that many friends/followers so that really surprised me.

Freebie Campaign: All this posting/chatterboxing/emailing I've been doing has resulted in 19 sign-ups for my report. My audience is growing.

Newsletter sign-ups: I haven't been promoting my main business/site, but I had 3 new subscribers this week (normally only 1 every few months)

Web Site Traffic: According to Google Analytics, visitors are staying on my sales page for about 1 minute. That's enough to give it more than just a quick skim so it seems they’re interested in the content.

Thanks to the skills I learned in the Experience Product Mastermind I'm on track to a very successful practice. Even more important, I now have the techniques necessary to truly have an impact on my clients’ health, both through group classes and in private consults.

Thanks, Marisa and team!

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Gladys Marie Clancy

Your Graduation Story
As a professional educator, organizing my ideas and writing a curriculum comes easy to me... but marketing not so much! Over the past few years I taken many courses to learn the mysteries of online marketing. Each was a stepping stone, each opened my eyes and deepened my understanding... but I still did not launch. When I found EPM in my inbox it was really a fluke that I opened and read the email... but something was different here. As Marisa explained the Experience Escalation and Downward Death Spiral, I felt understood. I felt more accepting of my own challenges... I felt she could help me move forward so I registered and never looked back, despite the blocks on my path. (website development mess, my mom's health was weakening, etc). As stuff came up, Marisa seemed to be encouraging me to keep going. I was focused and really enjoyed learning all this through Marisa's unique style of presenting. Many nights I stayed up till 3 or 4 am because it was quiet and I had no responsibilities in the middle of the night to distract me. Along the way I used what I learned to develop some great materials. I wrote an opt-in PDF and had it turned into a beautiful e-book... I created a very interesting survey... did a venn diagram infographic of my Bird's Eye View... and another of the Two Love Mindsets, inspired by one of Marisa's examples. The only problem was that my website issues only got worse and $3000 later I had no website to house all these great pieces I had created... and I couldn't collect emails without an opt-in... or use my survey without being able to redirect to internal web pages... or even do an email campaign... I had learned so much but now I couldn't use it. BUT it was time for an even bigger lesson... I had to learn to pivot, to think creatively, positively... What was there that I could do. I could do the Chatterbox Campaign... I could write individual emails and attach my calendly, a paypal link... I could do Free Discovery Calls to help people find clarity around their desire, and the gap between where they are and where they want to be. I could build trust and find customers organically. So that's what I did. I started late, so I haven't reached Mission Accomplished yet, but I hope to by Feb 5th. Regardless I now have hope based on all my new knowledge, not just wishful thinking. And I know I can continue with my launch, and my website development, and that I will get there... because I have a plan. I'm so appreciative of the wisdom and guidance provided by Coach Mike! That was also an amazing part of this program... having contact with a real person to help. And thank you Marisa for being not only a terrific teacher... but also a terrific role model for what real integrity online looks like. You are truly a superhero!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
Just one?!! This is the most profound training I've taken... (and I've taken quite a few) It's common sense on steroids... Each of the 10 Core Experiences were explained with such nuanced discernment and insightful wisdom of the human condition... especially neutralize challenges. "When you show your customers that you understand the journey that they are on and take the time to talk about the challenges and normalize them as part of the journey, they feel more prepared and relieved... your customers experience the feeling of cared for... you've taken the time to support them through the rough patches. Instead of denying how they feel, you're validating them, while encouraging and sometimes challenging them to keep going." As an educator I know that the part of the brain responsible for learning will shut down when someone feels judged, or criticized, or wrong, or headed for the humiliation of failure. This simple REFRAMING of setbacks as a normal part of progress forward, keeps the neuro-pathways flowing!

How did EPM help you become successful?
I felt like Marisa was talking directly to me... addressing my challenges, encouraging me to keep going. Somehow everything she taught was presented in a way that made it feel completely in context with my personal mission. It was like she was one of us on the path... just further along, and we could trust her to show us the way... because she had been there... because she cared about our success and she understood our challenges. In doing that, she MODELED HOW TO BE the kind of leader I want to be for my be for my ONLINE clients. I've been teaching my program in person 1:1 and in small groups. And I was wondering HOW I could translate this FEELING OF PERSONAL CONNECTION to an ONLINE experience. Marisa nailed it!!! And showed me, how to do it too.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
I now have a clear understanding of how to move forward. I have a process I can repeat with confidence... Despite all the courses I've taken (and many were good) I never really understood the difference between great content and great marketing of that content. I now have a grasp of the specific elements needed to communicate the profound value I offer... to build the trust of strangers who don't yet know me... to create curiosity and a sense of urgency. I understand the importance of helping people move from a nebulous longing for something more... to a clear picture of what they want and where they stand right now in relation to that desire, and what's blocking their getting it. Now that's marketing from the inside out! This has changed the way I view marketing... not as a necessary evil, but as a giving energy, a giving of the gift of clarity. And that concept has even changed the conversations I have with my grown sons and my husband.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
I feel like I have a system... a defined path, and that gives me hope that I can have the huge impact I desire to have.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
I have some wonderful JV possibilities just waiting for me to be ready.

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François Sauro

Hello everyone! I'm so pumped as I just had the confirmation of a major sale success that made my MISSION Accomplished for the program DONE!

I sold my program to 130 people for 2019 for a whopping $180,000 CAD. After 9 years in business, it's the first time that I was able to sell to such a big group in one company… in this format! WOOOOOWWWW... I'll need help to make it happen.

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Pam Vredevelt

Your Mission Accomplished Story

I held a beta group 2 years ago with a group of women that went very well - I was present, and met live with the ladies using slides to teach the group. I then invested a chunk of $$$ to have professional videos produced of the teachings. Then I tried 2x in 2019 to launch the course as an evergreen product on Teachable. I only made $1000 all last year. After taking Ryan Levesque's Masterclass on surveys, and conducting a large survey with 600 respondants, my hyper-responsives confirmed that my language and content in the course was spot on with people's felt needs. I figured that something was missing with my marketing and possibly my format. In Live Your Message I tried a 1 to Few in person group coaching format which uses the videos/pdfs/ and my presence Live with the group. Thankfully, I was able to secure 5 group members at $497.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
Recognition of my need to be present with people using this program, to help carry them through the process. The topic requires a lot of 'being with' those in grief. I also experienced a much higher conversion rate by speaking with people on the phone, than when I leaned on emails which had previously been my go-to method.

How did EPM help you become successful?
I almost gave up after 2 1/2 years of trying to break into the market with my evergreen course and seeing very few sales. EPM taught me new ways to consider formatting my campaign, and has given me hope that all the work I've put into creating my program can make a positive difference.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
It has given me hope that I can be successful at converting sales with online courses.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
My approach to marketing using an Application strategy, with a time sensitive offer.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
Launching more groups with the resources I've designed, and creating new resources for focus groups with an 'easier to sell' high interest topic!

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I sure hope the conversion/sales closing process gets easier. I worked so hard, talking with people on the phone and via email to close the 5 who joined....4 others....just dropped into cyberspace somewhere along the way, even tho they said they were 'highly interested.'

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Raglan Tribe

The CEO Growth Club helps mid-size technology corporations get back into growth again.

There are 3 tiers of membership:

• “done-for-you” strategy development

• a coaching club

• training only and monthly conference calls

(Level 1) is priced on a time and material basis, (Level 2) is $10K per month and (Level 3) is $2K per month. I've now won three Level 2 customers at $360K per year and have stopped the marketing to get the right focus on delivery and development of teaching resources.

Mission Accomplished! I thought it would be useful to share my experience with you on how I fell behind and then miraculously pulled through to mission accomplished just days before the 21st November deadline. In fact, I cleared the hurdle by miles with $120,000, but I'll get into the details later.

In late October, I was steaming ahead with 83 points which put me in the top 10 at the time. However, it was getting increasingly hard to keep up as the exercises were proving to me again and again that my proposition was just not going to fly.

The EPM market tests were valuable as they prevented me from making a big mistake. Therefore, once I realized it was hopeless, I went back to the start with a new proposition in a different market. However, this major pivot was only a few weeks before the mission accomplished deadline.

My original concept was to do business model training for high growth technology start-ups to help them get funding. I wanted to charge a high fee and so I needed high-potential start-ups that were attractive to Venture Capitalists. The income was going to consist of a modest upfront fee with a larger back-end that was dependent on funding success.

The survey results were promising, I got 290 respondents and over half were interested in starting a business. However, most respondents wanted to start a lifestyle business and had no interest in raising funds from Venture Capitalists. Analysis of the survey results demonstrated that I was never going to cover my advertising costs.

Therefore, I had to quickly resort to Plan B which was closer to my existing business model. Currently, I do Management Consulting for large corporations. However, I personally deliver each assignment on a "done-for-you" basis. Really, I am a glorified freelancer whose earnings have maxed out because I can only do one job at a time and the client has strict limits on acceptable day rates.

I had overcome these limits in the past by recruiting my own consulting associates, but I caught a cold in the recession with high staff overheads and now I prefer the freedom of acting alone. I had often tried to offer my clients online training courses so that I could generate a residual income, but there was no interest in my information products

So here comes the twist that was inspired by Marisa's approach: I ran through the EPM course with my new proposition which was a mix of business strategy training + coaching for mid-sized corporations. I didn't have time to go through all the marketing sections of the course because of the looming deadline.

Instead, I took the outline and EPM approach to one of my past Automotive clients and they signed up straight away for $120,000 per year for me to coach and train their staff through their annual strategy cycle. The experience focus is what clinched the deal. I have now taken the same concept to the head of a division of an even larger $30 billion company in the defense sector and they would also like to start a program.

So, thank you Marissa for inspiring my new strategy service that hopefully will disrupt the consulting market!

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