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Rachel EStone Theriot's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Rachel EStone Theriot

First sale for $997! Halfway to mission accomplished!! #superpod. Some thoughts: The call was my first "Start with an Experience" session and was one of about 4 different session titles I put out there. While I've spent most of my time and energy on "Mama Sleep Makeover" aimed at helping professional moms get more sleep, this was with a single professional guy with no kids who responded to my "Double Your Energy Now" session offer that I put out almost as an afterthought since my first session title wasn't generating bookings for me. (I didn't realize that he had no kids).

The Sales for Superheros script REALLY WORKS!! OMG Christine Dunn thank you!! Part 1 of focusing on his future self was all I needed. I felt awkward and weird asking him over and over in different ways what the future looked like for him and how his life would be different with more energy, and I'm pretty sure I flubbed the script a few times since I was frazzled from tech issues getting on the call. However, I focused on listening and trying to peel back the layers of what he shared, and he ended up asking me what I'd charge to work with me before we got to parts 2 and 3 of the script.

Sooo now I need to hustle and pivot a lot of my Marketing since apparently my offer isn't appealing to the niche I thought I had chosen, and I have a few more sessions with professional men who may or may not have children and responded to the same "Double Your Energy Now" offer. I'm confident I can do it, and it actually feels more comfortable to be serving this way since energy is what appealed to me more than sleep.

Even if you're not fully launching, I highly encourage you to get out there and talk to people... I thought I was being proactive and chatterboxing, but the customer problem focus of the Start with the Experience session was what really made it come together for me and generate this sale!

Thanks for the help on the last call this week, Kate Wan!!

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