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Jennifer Parker

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

My biggest takeaway was on my niche : articulating my skills into a product with a market need. Also it organised 10 years of content I had amassed, into viable attractive products. I also learned to self-direct my own strategy and action plan.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM gave me the confidence to know that not only I have a strong potential to reach exponential success, but the step by step 'iterate to awesome' model has grounded me to do just that!

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I have more confidence in my niche and feel very much more assured going forward to unleash my genius in a way that serves the greater good. Also, I feel at last, like an experienced marketer, and no longer a newbie!

What has been the biggest change in your business?

I have more confidence in my niche and feel very much more assured going forward to unleash my genius in a way that serves the greater good. Also, I feel at last, like an experienced marketer, and no longer a newbie!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product? iterating it to exponential!!

Going back over everything and refining each stage over and over. I feel far clearer now than when I started!

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Robyn Landis

I have included 2 Facebook posts below this story, one that I shared the morning of the final course day when I reached Mission Accomplished, and the other from a couple days ago when I joyfully delivered my first session of my first Experience Product! In some ways, I think they tell the story real-time, better than any narrative…

But the background is that when I showed up for one of the live webinars during the EPM launch, actually registering for a program was the furthest thing from my mind. I only went because I liked some of Marisa’s other live hangouts—one on websites I remembered that I got value from.

I like free events that actually give you real value and learning, and Marisa’s are some of the few that do. I signed up for a lot of these things because I WANT to learn everything I can for my business, am hungry for knowledge, but most of them are so disappointing, so salesy or poorly done or formulaic that I turn them off with a sigh two minutes in. And then I get super burned out on all the emails I keep getting, even though I know I'm the one who signed up for them!

But Marisa’s emails are irresistible to open and fun to read so I opened them and the webinar sounded intriguing, so I hopped on. And stayed on. For two hours. Till the end. I took 13 pages of notes. I got excited. I got jazzed. I got giddy about my own business possibilities. And by the time I was over I had signed up for the course. Eve though I didn't have the time and was feeling burned about courses and money.

Part of me thought I ought to wait till made back the money I had lost on this other program. Part of me knew I couldn't wait. Knew that this was THE ONE. I had been looking for over a year for a course that would fill the gaps and bridge me from where I was to offering something online—in a way that felt authentic to me. And because it was so easy to see that Marisa was DEMONSTRATING what she was going to teach right there on the call—and I could SEE it working on me—and the value seemed huge, the bonus sounded juicy and the guarantee was a no-brainer—I wanted in.

I had been slowly building my way back into a business I left behind over 20 years ago, and I felt like it was “go time.” In the 90s when I was just in my 20s I had two bestselling books with Warner books, teaching people how to fuel their bodies—and how to THINK about food and health.

I taught my own live workshop for a few years…and then I stopped. I don't like to say I “quit” but I just didn't, in that era, and at that age, see a path forward for myself. There was no social media or online marketing and I had no mentor. So I pursued other interests, becoming moderately successful as a performing songwriter and always quite comfortable and successful as a freelance marketing-communications pro.

My approach to healthy living continued to deepen and evolve, however, and was probably the most important part of my life even though I wasn’t doing it professionally for about 20 years. People still looked at me like this was my superpower—to live it and explain it—and as the gap between my real age and “guessed age” widened people really wanted to know what I was doing.

Most of all, I saw as much suffering as I had 25 years earlier, and I couldn't stand by and do nothing, just enjoying my own ease and peace and clarity and happiness and health, while other people continued to be so confused, overwhelmed, stuck and struggling.

So in early 2015 I made a commitment to bring my voice back into this arena. I wasn't sure in what capacity. Teacher, speaker, blogger, coach. I felt daunted by it. The space had EXPLODED since I was a young health author. Gurus, books, programs. Social media, marketing. Science and technology. I felt unsure how to give my gift, how to get heard or seen, how to differentiate myself in a vast sea of Instagram stars and wellness moguls. I felt resistance to the new methods of marketing—ironically, even though I made a good living helping others with their writing and design in that area.

The idea of doing 3 launch videos and a sales page made me want to go to sleep. I wanted to share my approach and my material, I felt deeply called and certain there was some place for me, but there seemed to be so many options and steps, I didn't know what would make sense or be the right way to make it a business. I tried things. I got a website built and started blogging, started building my social presence, making small inroads.

I was feeling my way forward. I knew there was a place for me and my voice, my approach. I was making some progress, slowly. I just knew that I needed some guidance to do some basic building blocks to get myself and product out there. I took a few different courses, some by very respected teachers (including Bill Baren) and all moved me a bit forward (I got some health coaching clients, speaking engagements etc).

But most were either too focused on one area, or not focused enough, or meant for someone who was further along than me in business, or personal development that felt remedial.

When I watched the EPM webinar, I knew that this was it. And the cool thing was, it ACTUALLY WAS. It didn't disapprocess of moving us toward that one very specifoint. It was brilliant the way, through the pic mission statement goal, it filled in so many key business foundations along the way.

At least for me. It was both specific AND general in all the right ways. It was the exact right blend of expertise/experience, focus, structure, support—the EXACT kind of direction I had been looking for for two years to guide me in my next steps, and not finding in any other course. Also the right balance of content and personal development.

I can’t say that I had any particularly dramatic breakdowns and then breakthroughs during the course. I loved it, I grooved on it, I blabbed about it to everyone. I had some moments where I felt a little stuck or unsure or a little abandoned or envious or fearful or whatever, but it never lasted long, and I never stopped regardless and that was the key. (I probably redid my Future Self Mission statement about 45 times; I was like a dog with a bone.)

And the community was ALWAYS amazing and supportive. I also loved that the course actually MODELED what it was teaching all the way through. And that I just LEARNED *SO* much and created so much stuff. To me it seemed really that it was set up so you could not lose. You learn and create boatloads of stuff and then if it works, awesome; if not, you've learned and can pivot, so awesome too.

I think the most interesting and dramatic thing in my case is how incredibly well the experiencification worked on me. I SAW it working on me and I loved that. I didn't mind that I felt kind of addicted to it — as addictions go, this seemed like a reasonably healthy one.

Engagement is probably a better word—I'm always pretty driven, but I became even more so. I was “addicted” to working on my business and product, to creating the best material I could, to supporting the community, to the games, to the word crafting… and it was all FUN. (Okay, the tech stuff near the end wasn’t so fun. ;) But the rest of it was. It stoked creative fire.

Even though I was studying for my personal trainer certification the entire time (I passed, near the end of the program!), juggling private health coaching clients and freelance writing clients, and a book Indiegogo, and traveling between Seattle and Tucson—I STILL managed to attend all but one training live, and all but one coaching call. That’s INSANE.

And then near the end, I added in running several marketing campaigns including a full email campaign with a free opt-in gift, new Heroik pages and nurturing + sales. And, I still cannot BELIEVE it did it! I mean, I’ll take a little credit. ;) But EPM gets a lot of the credit.

I had taken a program right before this one where the teacher was perfectly lovely and the launch videos polished and inspiring, but once inside there was just nothing engaging. Meh materials, 5 meh modules and zero Facebook activity. Even though I am more likely to engage, I just couldn't go get it.

So, I had made $2200 as of that last Monday morning 5 a.m. With 5 people in at that time. I ended up with 7 people and my target goal, and one committed to February cohort. Two came from my perfect email campaign to a list of nearly 100 that was built with a Fast Action Campaign.

The rest: I had 2 people in about midway through EPM, and three came as I soft-launched my sale page just sharing personally and on social media—I had been nurturing the opt-ins list and had not yet done sales emails.

It was all a bit rushed and imperfect, juggling all the technology and learning and intensity of new campaigns in the crunch before the course was scheduled or start. Yet I still feel I did well, and can only imagine when I've had more time to integrate and plan.

In 8 weeks I've brought into being a new product I've dreamed of offering; gotten the pieces in place to market it online; and put into place so many important foundations for my business along with way—like spackling holes in the foundation that I knew were there and just didn't know quite how to fill.

I know that I have a lot more to learn but this model of “earn while you learn” and “iterate your way to awesome” seems like a smart, practical way to grow your business solidly, and with the heart and love and authenticity that are SO important to me.

And I love how I can use all this knowledge and this process over and over on new products and to keep iterating this one. I remain SO excited about my business and its possibilities, and about the authentic way that business and my call to service do NOT need to be separate things.

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Carmen Moretti

Your Mission Accomplished Story
I didn’t make it by the deadline but I kept going - one foot in front of the other. I’m still hoping to get more before it begins but happy with 3.

My story:
I’m a clinical Hypnotherapist with advanced training that helps me to really help move my clients from upset to goal achieved. I’m good at what I do but have not been good at growing my business except that I nurture my clients and build connection. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t yet have a website. This will change soon.
I have private practice where I’ll get a few new clients every month who generally buy packages of 6 to 10 sessions. When that’s done, they either renew or move on if they’ve gotten what they want. I’m forever having to find new clients and I’ve not been able to grow. I’m just getting by.
I’ve just enrolled my third client into my program making my total almost $3000 which was my middle goal. I know this is going to get the ball rolling for me and help me to move into this model of doing business. I haven’t arrived by any means but I’ve got my compass pointed in the right direction and I’m on my way with more clarity and much more confidence speaking about what I do because I now have a mission statement. It only took me 4 years of taking other online classes, and some programs I didn’t even start yet as well as joining a year long mentorship program until finally landing here. The structure of this program is the reason I can now speak clearly and confidently about what I do and who I help.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
There’s so many. I’ve come further with EPM than I have in the past 4 years. I’m so much more clear in my wording with clients and potential clients. I have more confidence because I have something tangible. That’s huge. I know I have a ways to go before I’m clear on all this marketing stuff. But. To leap forward like this in just a few short months compared to the number of years of just moving from one thing to the next not feeling sure of what or how to do it is amazing. I plan to be a customer for a long time to come.

How did EPM help you become successful?
The guarantee kept my attention focused on doing everything when it was due and to keep up to the best of my ability. That and the contests and community and 3 touch points every week except break weeks are what kept me in motion. Without them, I would’ve procrastinated and lost nterest like I have in the past.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
I have a direction I didn’t have before. My vision is clearer and I know I can do it. One step at a time.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
Its having something besides session packages to sell. Like I mentioned above. It’s tangible. It has a name and it’s a product I sell that anchors someone to their future self. It’s everything.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
To run my first group through my new program and to fine tune it and deliver the wow and then to do it again and create more programs and to just continue to expand and grow and reiterate my way to awesome.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
This is 100% not a complaint but I do want to give feedback on the marketing segment. I felt like this was the only place that the consistent touches and due dates got looser. I needed it be tight the whole way through to keep me engaged. I know it was my first time though and I am going through chronic health issues that have kind of rocked me and my brain function at times and the marketing part got confusing to me and a bit overwhelming. I know why it was delivered the way it was but for me personally, I would’ve benefited from keeping it the same as the rest of the program. And perhaps more detailed instruction with each training. I found myself (it could totally be just me though) not understanding a lot and then having to go back over the trainings repeatedly. And then there’s the marketing mind fuck too. Ha! So I’m unsure if it was simply a combination of things messing with me or if the trainings and delivery could’ve been tighter and more detailed. I’m not an expert and am fully aware that I don’t know what I don’t know. Please take this with a grain of salt and know that I LOVE EPM and everyone in it. So grateful.

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Jennifer Dondero

I have been in business for 10 years. I've grown really slowly and that's been OK up to now. After all, only three years in I had my first child and that drastically changed how I could work. But last year I was finally ready to really start focusing on my ability to scale up, specifically to make more without working more hours. I had actually been trying to adjust my business for a year with no change.

EPM completely changed how I think about my business and what I need to do. I haven't launched my experience product but I'm already making more money by adjusting how I deal with the other services I was already offering. I am also adjusting how I get work out the door, as a solopreneur that's a big deal because there's no one to pick up the slack. All of this was due to the support and side-coaching from EPM.

I've also discovered that I need to come out of my shell and talk to more people. I know what people in my niche want. But those people are like me and I got to be a professional because I couldn't afford to pay a professional. I'm a terrible potential client! If I want to find great potential clients, I need to find out what THEY want.

This has been a huge revelation for me because I always made the excuse that I didn't have time for pro bono, in-person interactions although I absolutely love what I do and would keep doing it even if I didn't have to work. I now see how vital some of my "unprofitable" ideas are because I'm totally missing out on learning about what may be my biggest source for clients.

It actually took me most of EPM to realize this and I would never have come to the realization on my own. Early on we had an assignment to create a survey to validate our product idea. I got over 200 responses to my survey in less than two weeks and it completely validated my idea. Major success, right!

But the longer I thought about the results, the more I realized what I really learned was I had no idea how to target the exact market I needed to target. The problems and struggles people were having were essentially universal within my niche but within it, there were very distinct groups of potential clients. They varied from those with sufficient skills not to need me to those unwilling or unable to pay what a professional is worth. I also discovered an untapped source of clients, those who didn't even understand what I was talking about (i.e. I was talking over their heads unintentionally).

My survey was extremely successful but it was the most useful in the ways it failed. Without EPM I probably would have skipped the survey but I certainly wouldn't have realized it's true worth. The support you receive in EPM makes even the failures beneficial. I felt supported and excited to interact. I've NEVER had that reaction to a program before.

EPM has really helped me see how I can actually help more people (and for free) while also making money to live the life I want to live. I'm really excited for this next year as I launch my Experience Product and restructure my business so I focus on the right things and have the right focus on other things.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I need to find out what my customer wants and target a higher price point (I know what the people who want something for nothing want so these are very related).

How did EPM help you become successful?

I've gained a lot of confidence about launching and also really rethought my business. It's more obvious to me now what will be a good business idea versus what is a popular idea (I always have too many ideas).

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

I'm far more positive about my business and feel more like a business woman rather than a stay at home mom with a side hustle (I never thought it was a side hustle so I'm surprised at how I do feel different).

What has been the biggest change in your business?

So far there hasn't been one. I haven't launched yet due to some health issues plus some technological changes related to my product. This has highlighted even more that the change I was looking for with EPM really is necessary.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Although I've had to delay the launch until after EPM ended, I actually feel this is a good thing. I've had to really think about my marketing and my target audience due some technology changes related to my product (i.e. the cost for the same results could be going down for some consumers but my price can't go down so I need to niche down even more for the people that won't reap those savings from technology because they need more personalized help).

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Facebook Nov 29

I delivered the first module of my experience product (the nine-week Nourish U), tonight on Zoom and I have to say it felt SO freaking awesome! (Even though I was on 2 hours sleep—total freak thing, nothing to do with the course), I was still so uplifted. I had a total blast and am so happy with how it went! And so excited for the whole thing to unfold! Four of the 7 who were there live, and were absolutely lovely.

It feels AMAZING to have actually not only created and started to deliver an online product but to have run a whole marketing campaign at the same time (actually several campaigns, but I am especially pleased that I actually ran a whole email campaign from nurture to sales—although i've actually done that for others as a copywriter, there was something about doing it for myself that was super powerful).

I am so grateful for the structure, expertise, insight, accountability and experiencification (I love that word) that moved me through SO much creative work and content development to produce so much tangible stuff in so short a time!

And allowed me to express my gifts and use my skills—CHANNEL them, focus them—in the way I was yearning to. It's incredible that in early September this course wasn't even a glimmer in my eye (and the idea of taking something else on seemed insane), and here a couple months later I have a free gift, opt-in page, sales page, emails (and integration!), two Facebook groups, a (small but real) new email list, my course ONLINE, and participants! (And one already committed to my February cohort!) (And about 100 pages of other copy ;) ) Wowza! THANK YOU <3 (P.S. I made target goal! But that's so pale honestly compared to the joy of "creating and shipping" as Seth Godin puts it...)

11/21/16 - Monday morning—MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I feel exactly like a kid at Christmas. That's what this whole weekend felt like, two days before Christmas and then I get up on Mission Accomplished Day and it's like Santa came! The whole weekend was magical. I worked like 30 hours but it didn't feel like work.

So much FUN sharing my flawed/work-in-progress yet (I came to realize) still beautiful sales page, which is imperfect yet is enough. Sharing the page on social. Making personal invitations to people that felt so natural and authentic. Writing and sending nurture mails, and welcome emails. Planning delivery, corralling ideas. (While juggling holiday visitors and other clients!)

I felt such a natural rush of love and authenticity sharing this stuff I've created. Marketing has NEVER felt so...NOT like marketing. DEF not like "sales." I was like: this is what it can be like! Light and joyful. Sparkling with the extra buzzy energy of "the final push" weekend (which to some outsiders I guess could sound weird, like "salespeople making quota"—but it wasn’t like that at ALL, as we know, just in fun, gamifying, and look how well it win win because "making" us do things we probably wouldn't have otherwise, pushing us off our butts—but pushing us to what? To share what we love and want to give. That's the best.

I got to 3 people on Saturday (10 mins after my first page share!), 4 on Sunday, and as of Monday a.m. my 5th! Which feels like a perfect little group (think I'll cap this beta at 10 anyway as that's as much as I'd want to handle first time). My head is swimming with details and ideas and to-dos for delivery (while still in marketing—I haven't even STARTED my "perfect email" sales sequence yet which was to run Nov 25-28!) And the little cherry on top was Sun eve I got invited to a speaking engagement I applied for months ago and forgot about.

There are always ups and downs—always, always will be. I know not to take circumstances too seriously—it's what we DO, no matter how we feel or what circumstances are, that counts in my book. That doesn't mean it isn't lovely when nice things do happen. :) Relishing! Mostly I feel SO....loved. And appreciated. By all my various communities, in here and the other ones I've reached out to. It's like...seeing my passion and work reflected back to me. I feel supported, lucky, excited, blessed, privileged.

This has been an amazing course, process, journey, group. To palpably see so much come to fruition from taking step after step is so gratifying. And this community has such heart. I felt the power of everyone's genuine care and encouragement of one another pulsing here all weekend. It's remarkable. Thank you!

Yowzers is there lots to do but isn't it fun when it's fun to work! OMG, I so need to chill out and sleep though. 8)

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Kim C Djupvik

Your Mission Accomplished Story
I actually talked to my Boyfriend about offering this program to a company he has as a client and he talked to the HR director and some of the managers and they agreed to do a trial, so I got to bill them 2100 USD already in December, I didn't understand that I had hit mission accomplished already then since I was not delivering until late January. It was Coach Uwe that pointed it out to me. Her I was all the time thinking I had to change my target market and mission in order to finish the course and do an other marketing campaign launch, since I already had sold my course. LOL

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
It helped me get real clear on my mission and my inner motivation to do what I do

How did EPM help you become successful?
I am much more motivated and positive. believing that I can do this and also later make a living of online sales

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
I know what to do now and have a plan I am positive will get me to where I want.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
Experiencifying my product.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

Is there anything else you would like to add?

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Juliana Nahas

My story begins in 2012, when I started following every internet marketer in the US. One of them was Marisa Murgatroyd. I wanted the so called "freedom" that they portrayed online, yet I could not figure out how to take my skills and talents into the virtual arena. I am a doctor, with extra training in energy modalities and integrative medicine, and have always practiced one on one. I honed in on my niche in Marisa's Start with You course 2 years ago, but when EPM came at the tail end of it, I wasn't ready to leap.

This year, I took the offer, and I did all the modules in EPM 2018. I gained more nuances on how I too, could experiencify my offer to my clients. I learned about marketing methods that help enroll clients. I learned about simple and complex technologies to experiencify my course delivery. I learned what to do and what not do. I learned how to design a course, how to name it so it grabs attention, and how to outline it so the content is easy to formulate and deliver. I learned more in 10 weeks of structured teaching and coaching, than I have by myself in 9 years of watching others do their marketing before me.

I always joked that maybe I have marketing dyslexia, that something inside me just doesn't get it ! But Marisa, coach Jen, Don Crowther and Christine, Murray and my fellow EPM students showed me how to get past my hang ups, believed in my course offerings, and encouraged me to get as far as I have in 10 weeks.

Now, I have all the tools, and the canvas to create my beta "masterpiece" on. I have clients asking for the course, and willing to pay for it. I am close to launching my course ,and a new career soon after, which could not have happened without Marisa and her team in EPM.

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Darlene Rojas

I had been struggling with the question "What do you want to do when you're done with school?" Before that, it was "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I never knew the answer. I did many exercises (in class and out) to try to figure out what type of work would fill my needs. With both of my parents being entrepreneurs and working in their area of passion, I knew I didn't want to settle for just any old job. I wanted to LOVE my work. And I wanted to be my own boss.

Taking Spanish classes in high school was fun, I enjoyed learning Spanish, but it was just a class, I never thought it could bring in income for me. I wasn't good enough. I love snowboarding. I liked having a horse, trying to train it and bring my friends out for trail rides. I took a sign language class in high school also, which I really had fun with, but again, didn't think

I could be good enough to where I could work in that area. My hobbies are sewing, crocheting, drawing, and doing other crafty things. But I couldn't figure out a way that any one of these things would become what I do for a living. I kept hoping I would just wake up one day and it would come to me. No luck there.

I let the flow of life just tumble me along, not especially liking any of the work I did. I moved to Nicaragua in August of 2016, working as a Virtual Assistant for two graphic designers. One day in a work meeting with one of those graphic designers, she told me about this Experience Product Masterclass that was going to be launching soon.

I wasn't very interested until we talked about it a little further. Since I had only a 5-10 hour workweek and was getting bored doing nothing while my husband worked 12-14 hour shifts, I finally realized this class would be the perfect thing for me. It was starting at just the right time.

I joined the class, and just going through the pre-module Choosing and Validating Your Niche had a huuuge value for me. I know now how I can be my own boss and work with a passion. I learned that sitting around doing nothing is not going to bring me places.

Being in the class made me take action. I've sent out several surveys, made phone calls and sent emails, perfecting my sales pitch as I learn. And I'm still going. I have not earned any money from my product yet, but I am on my way to a wonderful creation. I'm very excited about my future.

The Experience Product Masterclass has given me a very special gift. I know what to do to live the life I want. I can finally answer the question of what my career will be. I no longer have to worry about the possibility of working at jobs for the rest of my life that are just bearable. Now my future is on a roll and I'm sure I'll be letting you know very soon that my Experience Product is out there and "bringing in the bucks."

Thank you Marisa and the rest of the team!

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Heather Law

Your Graduation Story

I started the Experience Product Masterclass with the goal of partnering with my husband in his bar preparation course. But, in the end he decided that he needed to focus solely on his law practice at this time. So, when it came time to put together the marketing materials and actually sell the product, we paused. I continued to watch the videos, and I learned so much that I will be able to use when he's ready to pick it up again. I have an idea of my own for an experience product, so I want to go back through the course and apply it to a product that I can move forward with on my own.

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Julia Niven

Being a freelancer was a dream of mine, working from home, being able to spend time with my family and earning a consistent income. Who wouldn't want that? However, my days were productive but unfulfilling. Something was missing. Then I realised I wanted to find a purpose and give back to the community. Parents I spoke to would tell me how brave I was to freelance and that they wouldn't know where to start - Eureka, an idea was born…..but that was 2 years ago. The truth is I struggled between finding time to create a worthwhile product and knowing where to start.

But then I signed up to Marissa's Experience Product Masterclass. A program that was only 10 weeks long and took me through product conception to product completion! It was a no brainer. Now, I have designed my product, learnt how to construct my message to create the biggest impact and how to find clients. This training takes you to a much deeper level and makes you work out your why, this then spurs you on and motivates you to continue.

I am excited to be working with parents new to freelancing, to gain the experience I need to be able to reach more people in the future. This 1:1 is my beta version and I am confident that I have the tools to create more products in the future. I now have a future self that I truly believe I can step into. The content in this course has inspired, challenged and changed me. But the biggest change for me since starting the program is that, now, I have a business.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I have had a lot of stretching in this course. I have been trying to figure out autoresponders for 7 years, and I finally was taught how to do it properly in EPM. I didn't understand any of the marketing implementations, and I have accomplished many new steps in this course. My biggest takeaway is that, with the right teacher and action steps, it is all possible !

How did EPM help you become successful?

I have an outline to my course, I can pre-launch, although I prefer to have the content done before I launch. I have a marketing strategy, a beta price point, and people asking me for the course ASAP ! just need to figure out a few more tech connections in the background, and start creating my modules. I feel like I am on the verge of a huge turning point in my life and career !

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

Having my milestones document completed, I have a road map to follow to create a long awaited course that I have had brewing inside of me for many years. I didn't know what I was going to include in my course, but with EPM, I gained the clear vision, and the road map, the why, the how and the what of the course. Now I just have to color by number to create my masterpiece, and everything I need is ready for me to grab and go for it !

What has been the biggest change in your business?

If I shift to the group visit model in my practice, I can change the way I see ADHD patients. Now they come in by individual appointment, at all times of the day, and all days of the week. I repeat myself at each appointment, and it is very tiring. With the group visit model, I will be able to give a lesson to a group of 15-20 patients, then quickly answer individual issues in private after, while allowing the folks waiting to bond and form fellowship and accountability partners. I will remain more energized, and can help take some of the responsibility off my shoulders and allow my patients to take more ownership of their healthcare needs.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

I am most excited about finally being able to deliver my course and hearing about my clients' success stories !

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