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Holly Gillen (class of 2018)

YAY!! I just closed my first sale to my brand new experience product. I can't thank everyone enough for the support, encouragement and accountability, Marisa Murgatroyd, #teamwin and a special shoutout to Barbara Decker for helping me get off the pot and start selling.

I am now $603 away from my Target Goal. I have 19 more seats left to sell and I have high hopes that I will get it done and have an amazing group of students who I can help achieve their video goals. Here's the sales page - (not complete - still very much a work in progress, but I'm going with it.)

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Natalie Hill (class of 2018)

I DID IT! Hit MISSION ACCOMPLISHED last night with sale #5 for my Next Chapter Best Chapter group program. ($497)

Seeing so clearly now that if I'd just followed Coach Paul's advice and held a simple Start With an Experience conversation launch, it could have been soooooo much easier.But I s'pose we can't always see the shortcut until we get to the top and look back down at the gnarly road we took.

And notice where we could have turned off onto the shady, grassy shortcut instead of crawling on our knees over rocks and stickers, mud splashing onto our eyelashes.

Ah . . . the mud-free clarity of hindsight.

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François Sauro (class of 2018)

Hello everyone! I'm so pumped as I just had the confirmation of a major sale success that made my MISSION Accomplished for the program DONE!

I sold my program to 130 people for 2019 for a whopping $180,000 CAD. After 9 years in business, it's the first time that I was able to sell to such a big group in one company… in this format! WOOOOOWWWW... I'll need help to make it happen.

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Marie Elizabeth Mal (class of 2018)

Sharing a HUGE win! I made my first sale today for my program at $1997! Almost to mission accomplished!

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Paul Mukai (class of 2018)

Another sale confirmed! Total at $ far. Looking for at least one more sale to get to Mission Accomplished! ????

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Becky Staubach Lord (class of 2018)

Sharing a HUGE win -- First Sale today!!! On my very first call! So I'm 100% conversion so far!! $1997 (so not quite technically Mission Accomplished, but I think I'll make it ???? . . . now going for "a whole lot more"!)

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Rachel EStone Theriot (class of 2018)

First sale for $997! Halfway to mission accomplished!! #superpod. Some thoughts: The call was my first "Start with an Experience" session and was one of about 4 different session titles I put out there. While I've spent most of my time and energy on "Mama Sleep Makeover" aimed at helping professional moms get more sleep, this was with a single professional guy with no kids who responded to my "Double Your Energy Now" session offer that I put out almost as an afterthought since my first session title wasn't generating bookings for me. (I didn't realize that he had no kids).

The Sales for Superheros script REALLY WORKS!! OMG Christine Dunn thank you!! Part 1 of focusing on his future self was all I needed. I felt awkward and weird asking him over and over in different ways what the future looked like for him and how his life would be different with more energy, and I'm pretty sure I flubbed the script a few times since I was frazzled from tech issues getting on the call. However, I focused on listening and trying to peel back the layers of what he shared, and he ended up asking me what I'd charge to work with me before we got to parts 2 and 3 of the script.

Sooo now I need to hustle and pivot a lot of my Marketing since apparently my offer isn't appealing to the niche I thought I had chosen, and I have a few more sessions with professional men who may or may not have children and responded to the same "Double Your Energy Now" offer. I'm confident I can do it, and it actually feels more comfortable to be serving this way since energy is what appealed to me more than sleep.

Even if you're not fully launching, I highly encourage you to get out there and talk to people... I thought I was being proactive and chatterboxing, but the customer problem focus of the Start with the Experience session was what really made it come together for me and generate this sale!

Thanks for the help on the last call this week, Kate Wan!!

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Abby Rohrer (class of 2018)

I hope to find some time during my launch to officially claim Mission Accomplished! Current sales so far: $11,770!

WOO-HOO!!! Thank you, Marisa Murgatroyd and EPM!!

Oh, and thanks to me for clearing my own money karma--the internal shifts from that have been amazing

Thanks, Marisa! :-) The EPM structure helped me to have more clarity, and to reach and appeal to more people. The Bird's Eye View concept is so brilliant--fyi I never really went through your launch. I saw your BEV and pretty much bought EPM solely from that alone. You were brand-new to me

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Heide Lambert (class of 2018)

We've been successful direct sales business owners for many years. When we made a shift to a virtual office we realized that operating without a brick and mortar location was such a relief. 10 years later after we sold our previous business thought it would be easy to get into an online business. The technical was a huge obstacle but looking back it was moreso a lack of mentorship. We got involved in an affiliate marketing business through a friend and learned about a duplicatable automated presentation and purchase system.

That was $4,000 USD. It took 3 years to get through trying to master that business model only to learn that the leadership seemed to move from one opportunity to another, which was about another $12,000 USD "lesson". Understanding that, we were totally turned off and decided to go back to our roots and create our own product based on how we made over $50M in direct sales. That took about 8 months and our beta class was very well received and opened up some one on one coaching opportunities.

But still not where we wanted to take this business. Now we had the issue of facebook advertising which we'd taken a course on $500 USD. Fast forward another year we came across Marisa and EPM. By then we were fairly jaded to "courses" but something Marisa was saying drew us into taking another roll of the dice.

After taking the EPM we have a working salespage, thank you page, payment system, follow up PDF material ready to download, an autoresponder is set up with our initial nurture series setup, we have a survey and a plan for our launch. The course had amazing tech coaching available that taught me too many things to list! All of this after 4+ years of stumbling around buying other courses!

Thank you EPM and Marisa for putting together this "real training" course to seriously help those who want to build an online business, help themselves.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?

I'd say messaging. It was daunting but there were so many exercises in the beginning focused on it, it made it very comfortable by the home stretch building out the marketing materials.

How did EPM help you become successful?

EPM gave us accountability, within direction so we knew what we needed to do. We trusted the process.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?

We now have a real online business, we've seen money come through our sales page and into our bank. It's an empowering experience.

What has been the biggest change in your business

We have a whole new course that now has students enrolled! Before we second guessed what we should be doing and now we are moving forward with confidence.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?

We'll continue to improve and our knowledge will help us to create more as things evolve.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Marisa is brilliant and I very much appreciate this course, the work and the support EPM provided.

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Patti Kessler (class of 2018)


I am so excited to teach my first live online class in 3 weeks called Dolphins of Atlantis: Multidimensional Dolphin Journeys! Here’s my story…

I have been working on creating an online class for almost a year. I have taken several online classes to teach myself how to do it and have 10 ideas for classes in various stages of development, but could not pull it all together. I was paralyzed by perfectionism, resistance and self-doubt.

I love teaching and coaching to live audiences and have had success with many groups over the past 20 years in my healing and coaching practice. I really enjoy the personal connection with my students and clients and do not wish to let that go. I love seeing the joy on my clients’ faces when they see and feel their true essence for the first time! And… I want to reach a bigger audience. I know if I am to help others embody their magnificence, I need to live that. Staying small and hiding is not an option.

I read about Marisa’s Experience Product and immediately knew I wanted to create one for my healing and coaching business. I remember thinking, “This is how I taught elementary school, gifted education students, and college students in my Education Methods classes.

This is how I teach healing and coaching classes! I engage my clients and students in experiences that ‘show’ them what they are capable of rather than throwing out a lot of information for them to digest. This is what I want to do with my online programs!”

The EPM masterclass was the piece I needed to overcome my reluctance to let go of teaching classes live in person and to pull everything together that I needed to make it really happen. I am so excited to teach my first live online class in 3 weeks!

I love the idea of teaching the class live on Zoom and having the capability to reach a larger audience and still engage my students with group coaching, Q & A, and group meditation and healing experiences. And, my students will have the videos available to download and listen to as often as they wish.

The added ideas to gameify the class adds to the appeal and fun. It’s got to be fun in my book. Learning and life should be celebrated, should bring joy!

Thank you, Marisa for a fun class filled with challenge, celebration, excitement, and loads of practical ideas to make it all happen! What fantastic value and generous sharing of your expertise. I can’t wait to work again with you!

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