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Holly Gillen (class of 2018)

It's happening. People are responding. I am coming out of the MMF cloud and just got a shot of excitement to push me through.

Doors closed. Getting ready to kick things off and dig into the real work. Sold 3 spots. Didn’t exactly hit my goal but so proud of myself.

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Riikka Hänninen (class of 2018)

Wow! I just had my first coaching call with my beta group and what a feedback I had! "These exercises help me tremendously!" I'm so so so happy because I see so clearly how it all arises from EPM and Marisa's great teaching! When I can create my whole business like that... oooooh.... Waiting for the mentorship program!

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Raquel Devillé (class of 2018)


This week I'm not on the leaderboard, I forgot to click the extra points button. Why? Because I've been distracted and busy reaching mission accomplished and totally forgot about it. I'm a little frustrated with myself but... who cares? I got there, I got to mission accomplished and not even with my EP. How?

I decided to create a weight loss program as my experience product. With this program I could check all the criteria mentioned in module one, unlike the other ones. In the beginning of this training,

I was so happy and pumped that I want to create three products. Then I dropped two, it was two much. These other two were offices to rent (my main source of stable revenu) and web design.

Well, I reached mission accomplished with the offices and thanks to EPM, even if I dropped it as en experience product. I'm using everything that I'm learning here to talk with prospects, people come and stay.

(edit: forgot to tag my great coach Mike Inchalik) #missionaccomplished #mmm

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Lou Ignace (class of 2018)

OK, so I have 3 clients who paid full price and should have 3 extra who will join at a discount price in exchange of feedback every week. It's not what I dreamt of, but still, not so bad! My little group of 6 people :) Now... I'm super stressed to start on Monday, because I haven't prepared anything yet! :D

Thank you very much EPM for helping me to get out of my comfort zone and starting a group coaching program. I never thought I would dare to do it so quickly, without it being perfectly prepared! New adventure!

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Alicia Mazari Andersen (class of 2018)

After watching the 3 hr celebration and next steps, I am moving today SOOO fast!!! I have 2 new affiliates to our program, people are advertising big time in their feeds, and I made 2 more sales!! WOW!

I cannot believe myself... moving out of my comfort zone... thanks to the entire EPM group for this personal transformation... moving through the mindfuck sales with ease.... :)

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Abby Rohrer (class of 2018)


I've passed Mission Accomplished for the (Clear Your Money Karma) Entrepreneur's Abundance Experience and on my way to my stretch goals! YAY!!

Super excited about offering the program and so are the people who are joining in! I had 3 great conversations today and so far 2 out of 3 of those signed up! :-)

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Hilary Parry Haggerty (class of 2018)

My first pre-launch email went out yesterday, to my list and to the people that provided their email address during the Give Them What They Want survey campaign. I feel like I'm sending out a hybrid of the Perfect Email Campaign and a little bit of the Fast Result campaign... sharing the 3 biggest challenges the survey respondents told me, and solutions to all 3 in an email sequence.

It's here if you want to read the first one:… So I sent it out yesterday afternoon. And woke up this morning to my former business mentor's email saying "This is a GREAT sales letter. DAMN. How'd you get so amazing?" I said back, "Maybe I'm born with it, and maybe it's the EXPERIENCE PRODUCT MASTERCLASS!"

My bestie wrote me saying "I just got the biggest tingle goosebumps reading this!!!

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Nyota Gordon (class of 2018)

Look what happened!!!! Thank y'all so much!!

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Judy Bradt (class of 2018)

just wanted to let you know I love the “sale superhero enrollment conversation“ script. I am getting so much better response than I’ve ever had from sales conversations about my current program when I use it every time. Thank you! Dollar figures on sales is pending. But we are talking tens of thousands of dollars.

Also, Marisa, the paradigm of describing the steps in terms of the benefits people get up and not the process is also transforming conversations I’m having with my prospects. I can hardly wait to overhaul my marketing materials about my current program as well as create for my new one.

This weeks content is what I’ve been waiting for and I couldn’t be more excited! Furthermore I am absolutely noticing the power of the experience you are creating for me, and loving every minute of it.

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Kris DeFoer (class of 2018)

I'm finally launching my product! My husband is a video editor, and my CMO (Cheap Marketing Officer ????)

We did a series of 5 videos last week, for some free workshops I'm doing, and for my sales page and thank you page. I wanted to share them with y'all, SO happy with how they turned out!

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