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Elissa Ashwood (class of 2018)

What a great group of people with whom to learn. Yesterday #drj and team helped me determine whether a big change that would push out my launch was fear or an ‘iterate to awesome’ moment.

When I shared my thinking I anticipated polite discouragement to change so radically but instead my group jumped in with both feet and engaged and encouraged and made me feel completely safe about discussing it, as well as having a bunch of great ideas. Thank you Marisa for attracting lovely thoughtful people into this group!

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Lou Ignace (class of 2018)

I got my first client for my new group program! Celebration time... and... a question ;)

What type of email did you send to your customers when they register if you didn't have the time to prepare a module or a video,...? Thank you and huge success to all of you!

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Christine Rosas (class of 2018)

The biggest gain from this course is the confidence to own who I am, my message, and how I wish to deliver it. Through a chatterbox campaign at a social gathering someone asked if I did private 1 on 1 mentoring and I said no, and shared info on my upcoming online training.

Sure I could’ve offered a package and most likely ticked mission accomplished. But it wouldn’t have matched who I’ve become through this process. Excited for the future and honoring the future self I’m creating today

."Before I felt like I gauged business success solely in dollars. If I didn't reach my financial goal, I questioned if I was even capable of being a business owner.

Now I am the embodiment of Thomas Edison's quotes: ""I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.""

However, I know with having the knowledge from EPM, it won't take me 10,000 tries. ????"

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Ashby Underwood Garner (class of 2018)

Hey EPM TRIBE, I'm grateful for you. I am in the Wellness Retreat Business and have just met my goal! I have my 3rd annual winter retreat in two weeks (yes, I will miss M2M Live *sniff* and I've been and it's incredibly inspiring!) I am headed with 19 clients to the sunny SW Pacific in Oaxaca, Mexico! SO, my goal was to add ANOTHER retreat just two weeks later AND I filled that one too with 18 clients! With combined gross sales of $39,950- I am currently adding on to our home which has been a 10 year dream for my family. ** BIG SMILE OVER HERE **.

We do and can make it happen. YES, we are powerful. Dig deep and find your grit. My Mission Accomplished for working with Physicians is just about to fulfill- not on-time for Feb 5, but RIGHT ON TIME for the abundance in my business. Every action we take is heard and the universe truly is responding to our constant desires to be of service to the world and to be paid well for it. Have fun in L.A. and stay positive!!!!

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Raquel Devillé (class of 2018)

I also realised that every cent spent here with LYM's team and Marisa is one of the best investments I have made in my life. Not that I didn't know this before, but reassurance about your good decisions feels always great.

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Nicole Larsen (class of 2018)

Sales for Superheros bonus was the missing piece for me. Before the training I was like, "what the heck am I going to say on the call?" Now I know exactly what to say! Yay! Thank you so much Christine Dunn! What a relief!

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Kelly hall (class of 2018)

Celebrating a win! I’ve been going big with my chatterbox campaign. And yesterday, I had the opportunity to be interviewed on a local show where I got to talk a lot about my program. It’ll be aired this week coming up! ???????????? RussellBurck-190121

Just taking a moment, Marisa Murgatroyd, to say that your output in all these modules is, well, the word, "phenomenal" isn't big enough for it.

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Holly Gillen (class of 2018)

Sales page nearly done (just need to add bonuses). My marketing campaigns are in full effect and I can’t wait to come back and report big news. This course has been amazing and I am posting to keep myself fully accountable to following through and completing this with a bang.

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Kimberley Szuta (class of 2018)

UPDATE: So, I launched a little too early...and my course delivery starts TODAY! :D

I had one sign-up 2ish weeks ago and one sign-up 19 minutes before enrollment closed...last night!! OMG…

I AM ON TRACK AND FO REAL DOIN' IT. TOTAL SALES: $994 CAD <-- this is 100x incredible!!

I keep thinking, "OMG...I made this money because of the trust others have put in ME (not a corporation but MEEE) share with them how they can succeed on their journey of dating and self-love..." (feels super surreal) Sure, it's not my minimum target goal but it's all about perspective! This is my very FIRST STEP on a new path in life!! WHOA.


* I had no email list.

* I've never created or sold anything in regards to dating and self-love (what my course is all about).

* I put my IT career on hold & my lil'spiritual art biz on hold to pursue EPM and this new path that felt more aligned with my heart-center (thanks again Tiffany!!)

* My main marketing consisted of regular chatterboxin' primarily with close friends & sharing on my social media...instagram and facebook pages regularly (where I have only a small exposure <400 people)

* I had 2 acquaintance-friends that seemed interested but the timing wasn't right for them...

* I, a natural 99% turtle-introvert, courageously reached out to some FB "friends" that turned me down and I didn't die as a result (OMG, Right?!) Although it was VERY scary to reach out to people I haven't talked to in a long time...I feel proud I could even do that!

What Marisa, and EPM as a whole, has taught me is that:

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU DECIDE YOU CAN DO...AND IF YOU TAKE ACTION ON IT YOUR PATH WILL BE REVEALED MORE CLEARLY TO YOU ~ not to mention, I feel further confirmation that the Universe will only give you what you can handle...even if it means you start out with baby steps ~ because I wanted 12 students but I only received 2.

And, honestly, it's the perfect size considering my entire course still is still being created bit by bit, none of it is automated, and all the support + coaching will come from me.

So, super longggg story short: Thank you! I am stoked and can't wait for how my course evolves and when I do the next iteration of it...I hope to get in on some Mentorship! :D

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Abby Rohrer (class of 2018)

Less than an hour ago posted my free Money Karma Diagnosis offer in 3 places on facebook. I have 5 signups so far! :-)

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