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Julie Claire's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Julie Claire

Woohoo! Really feel like I'm almost there with my preambule/mission statement/future self vision!! I hope a lot of you are also feeling less despair and more clarity, wow that was a very intense process (and as Marisa said yesterday, the most important part and totally normal that it takes many tries and tribulations!). Would love comments from ths who resonate with the message (I know my program is pretty specific to 'spiritual new age ish' micro niche...

The world is undergoing a massive mid-life crisis, and it is literally ripping us apart. Most cope by distracting themselves with sensory overload and shallow connections, numbing their pain with all sorts of addictions. But a special few are not willing to live a superficial life, following society’s madness and letting the world define their purpose here on earth. How about you? Are you done letting the world manipulate you, tell you what to do, how to be and what you’re worth? Are you ready to do more, feel more and be more?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spend 5 weeks with me mastering powerful shamanic energy tools and inner journeys that will give you the skills and insights you need to deeply reconnect to your Soul and reveal the unique and profound meaning and purpose of your existence, so you can discover the true power and build a life worth living and remembering.

Name : Reclaim your Soul ? Unleash your Purpose