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Raquel Devillé's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Raquel Devillé

Yesterday I had an awesome "I nailed it!" moment. I made my first or second sale. #mmm I'm creating a losing weight program for EPM. I had other products but this, adapted from the first idea of mixing aerial yoga and weight loss, was the only one respecting all the criteria (others failed on the 10000 people interested). My other products were web design and offices to rent. Also, I tend to stay as local as possible (personal values).

I created two surveys, one about weight loss and a second one more general about well being. I paid one month of Typeform to integrate it will Mailchimp and also paid 10€ to advertise it locally on Facebook. I had a total of 102 answers from this, 50 to one survey and 52 to the other. Then I decided to ask people I know to share among people they know. I got 10 more answers to each survey. Not much. But this is where the MAGIC HAPPENS.

Three persons contacted me to check out the offices. I think one is coming with a nice project and she's sharing it among her students (professionals and non-professionals). The second person contacting me is coming! I presented my project SO WELL, it a clear speech, objectives, the perfect marketing talk. Really, I couldn't believe how naturally it all came to me.

I'm selling one product that I'm not even developing here with EPM thanks to my experience product. I asked my fabulous coach Mike Inchalik to develop three EPs in the beginning. He told me it would be ok as long as I'd stick to only one if things got too hard. I dropped two one week after. But now EPM is working for everything. It's pure magic.

I got so pumped with this and then being again in the leader board that I told my husband about M2M where, of course, I wouldn't be going. I have to fly all the way from Belgium to LA, I'll spend the same time travelling as the duration of M2M. But as I was talking to my husband (who is a physicist with a wall to all these things), I got him interested. He end up looking up for flights, without me asking, and telling me he thinks that's it totally crazy to go to LA for 3 days but why not?

All this to say I got my M2M ticket, plus the VIP (I'll get to talk with Marisa Murgatroyd!), plus the hotel. I'm having some kind of trouble with flight reservation but I'll manage it. It's Christmas!!!

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