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Timothy Smith's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Timothy Smith

"I have suffered from perfectionist syndrome for years! I have consistently thought about all the details of a jet plane version of my online course offering. I have contemplated which tools and resources to use, stressed about how much content that i had to produce, worried about having all the resources to do a full film production level operation, only to consistently talk myself out of taking action allowing the fear of the unknown to be my excuse for not living up to my potential.

When I first learned about Marisa's MVP approach my eyes were open to a new perspective. I was convinced that I had to have all the answers before I began, only to realize that with Marisa's method, this was the only true way to get started and to successfully develop an online course or suite of products.

When I decided to reach out of my comfort zone, and take action with surveys and participating on FaceBook and LInkedIn Groups I met my peers and potential customers and learned so much more in the process than before when I would do hours of google searching and downloading without taking action and communicating with potential customers to get their feedback.

The result was an awakening and I have started my MVP launch, but now know how to continue to work on the jet plane while I am also flying my MVP too!