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Alison Anderson's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Alison Anderson

I have been looking to create an on-line course for the past year. Not knowing how to do this, I bought a program but was disappointed to find that it did not guide me through every step. I was very stuck and procrastinating trying to find my niche and that program did not assist me. I was very intrigued by the EPM program and watched Marisa's free introductory webinars with great interest. She presented clear practical information and was generous with what she taught. I could tell that she truly cared about her students and believed that she would lead me through the niche problem and probably any other problem I would encounter along the way. I was thrilled to sign up to EPM! Once in the program I was even more thrilled to be guided through every session so thoroughly and with warm quirky humour - I loved the video interrupts. The coaching, side coachings and the tech Friday sessions have been very valuable. The course format of including videos, transcripts and worksheets together with the Google fill-in document really suited my learning style. Just maybe I have got over my perfectionist streak thanks to Marisa. Now I can sometimes do “imperfectly perfect”! Yes! And the addictive “ker-chings” is sheer genius! Marisa’s generosity is just awesome - I can refer back to all the content and will get round to seeing some of the SuperTrack and bonus modules. I now have everything I need to launch my MPV and I have Marisa to thank for that. And today I find another 3 day free training from Marisa in my inbox - this is a course that keeps giving. Thank you for being so inspiring Marisa!