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Maureen Edgecomb's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

Maureen Edgecomb

Mission Still Being Accomplished!!

When I first saw Marisa's EPM Master Class, I had just scheduled my first Teleseminar. I got so excited, I took notes like crazy, not missing a video. My telephone get-together was scheduled just a week out, so I decided to implement and "experiencify" the whole thing! 8 attendees out of the 26 total signed up for discovery calls--1 rescheduled for another time, 1 was a no show, 1 was a "no," and 5 became my Beta Creatives for my first 8-week, online course!

I was so excited about what I had learned in Marisa's Master Class, that I jumped ahead and scheduled my 8-week Beta course, which began on September 26. So, I've been swamped creating this as I go, sending my weekly emails to my peeps, while trying to keep up with this amazing EPM course that I haven't even finished! I've received wonderful, useful feedback from my students that I can apply to the real deal, which is scheduled to begin January 9!

I've had 3 recent discovery calls scheduled from just my weekly emails (still no announcement about the course! LOL). One person has already enrolled, 2 calls are scheduled for today (I will be late to the celebration!), and my Betas have already asked how they can continue with me. I'm blown away--I haven't even announced the January course, and I'm way behind in our EPM course!!!
So far, I've only made $1,300 of my $2,000 goal, but just one more sign-up for January should do it. I'm still naming my business, haven't created a Web site (let alone a sales page), I'm behind in the course, and I feel SO CONFIDENT that I'm well on my way to helping so many creatives realize their goals in 2017!!

Thank You, Marisa & Matthew!!! You are beyond awesome!

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