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William Song's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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William Song

"(Before I share the story, I wanted to mention the price info above didn't allow for different pricing options. The regular pricing was $2700 on up, and there were discounts available to a small number of people, too. Now to the story.)

I struggled to finish my course, and I felt I needed a different type of help. I joined EPM after learning about EPM's philosophy about creating more fun and engagement in learning. I resonated with that message because my program was going to be fun and engaging, too. But I just wasn't finishing my course on my own. "

What specifically did you do to experiencify your program? Give us an example of a core experience you implemented in your product.
"We played a role-playing game I created called ""Spy Game."" Each player chose a character name, and they were told they worked for the CIA. But they'd all been on a mission, something exploded, and they all had amnesia. So they don't remember who they are, what skills they have, etc.

So, they're all going on a mission in a support role, to help jog their memory. And in the game, wild situations happen, each player has to react, plan, ask questions, and make decisions.

And over time, each week they play the game in class, they are shifting deep beliefs about who they are. And in that process of playing, they end up shifting their identity. But they're doing it in a very enjoyable manner. They don't even realize that they're ""working"" on themselves. It just feels like a game."

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
I'll admit, as I mentioned to my EPM coach, that I did just a little of the pre-work in EPM. I don't think I even finished all of the pre-work. Though I didn't do much of the EPM curriculum, the one thing that stuck in my mind was the importance of students having fun and being engaged. So that message really resonated and helped guide my finishing the course creation and doing the launch.