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Ivana Brutenic's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Ivana Brutenic

"I was having a challenge scaling up the business I have with my sister Kristina (who joined EPM with me). I knew creating a product beyond 1:1 and 1:few consulting is the way, but procrastinated it for a few years. I wasn’t sure what to do technically, did not make time for it and was unsure how to sell to a completely new global audience.

I joined EPM having a 6 figure business, but wanting to have bigger impact on global level. As we are Europeans, there is a lot to solve tax-wise. So we did not even start a proper campaign yet. Because we are figuring out systems for European taxes. Even with this challenge we managed to make 9808 dollars BEFORE starting a real campaign.

Just a bit of chatterboxing on LinkedIn and with 5 LinkedIn posts we made 9808 dollars enrolling 4 clients to our EPM product and selling high-end workshops using EPM strategies as a side result :).

And this all happened just 5 days before the deadline to claim MA. Now I know, we can create a high quality product fast. We have a system to follow to increase our impact globally and ensure that our clients stay for life.

I have had 1 sales convo for 30 minutes and the client said yes. Others bought just through LinkedIn post.

I am so excited to see where this campaign will go when launched on scale.


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