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Natasha Ralyk's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Natasha Ralyk

I had only a vague idea what to expect when I started the EPM course. Being a life long academic I have never been in business and did not know where to start. Together, these two things filled me with apprehension. From the very first module, Niche Down – Profits Up, I began creating clarity in what I needed to do to get my business going. One of the most valuable things I found was that the modules really are bite-sized pieces that do not overwhelm the novice. As the course progressed, it became clear that the pieces fit together in a way that would help me get to a product launch. Perhaps my greatest AH-HA moment was recognizing the value of the “iterate your way to success” approach. All of my academic trainings told me that a thing must be as near to perfect as possible before it sees the light of day. But the paralysis that comes with creating perfection would never allow me to get started. I have run a Chatterbox campaign and have enlisted one of my former students in a Beta course that I am delivering to her in Mongolia. I am building my email list and will launch my first product after the New Year holidays. I am so grateful to Marisa for her unwavering positivity and all the support resources that are available to me. Being able to talk with Coach Deborah and hear the advice she provided to others brought clarity to the lessons and crystallized many amorphous thoughts. I know that I will reach mission accomplished in the coming weeks.

EPM gave me a framework within which I began to organize my business and my campaign. It showed me where to start and how to think about the things that I was not familiar with. I have shed my analysis paralysis and now have a starting place and a path forward.
I now have a business model that I believe will be successful, and I know what I have to do to implement it.