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Denise S Toffey's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

Denise S Toffey

Your Graduation Story
I've actually made an incredible growth spurt during EPM. There was a final heave ho that needed to happen for me in order to get past an internal struggle that had been holding me back. I got to feel the exilleration of Owning my tribe even if I receive some push back.

The people who challenged my choice to work with women helped me become clear in so many areas about owning my boundaries and being ok with my own choices.
It turns out to be exactly the support my women come to me for and always have. We have Super Powers that others don't understand.

My whole journey last year was claiming that to my family and only allowing people who accept me even if they don't ""get"" me. And those are the women coming to me now. Without apologies. So, that's an enormous internal Ownership of my Soul that took place during this time.

Another thing that has thrilled me to no end is Fridays with Don. Although I'm a deeply spiritual healer ... I'm a glorious geek and Don made me so happy. Hee hee hee Everybody on those calls interacted and seemed to learn so much.

Computer stuff calms me down. I've been kind of cramming in an effort to complete and make Mission Accomplished so I didn't use my time yet to work with Murry on my Experiencify. (I just got it this past week) That's my reward this week. :-)

I also want to say, skill wise, I'm blown away at how much you've taught me about copy writing. I've always done it . I've always done all of these things I've accomplished here actually but there were important pieces missing that fell into place for me.
This exercise was very clever on your part. I felt bad when I started writing because I wasn't ready to reach the money part of Mission Accomplished.

However, right now I'm seeing clearly what a ROCK STAR I really am. All of the amazing pieces that did come together and are fully in place now will serve me incredible moving forward.

I really did keep up my momentum and get so so much accomplished during this EPM and have tons to show for it, both internally and externally.

Thank you very much to the entire team of Super Stars that delivered this EPM. Samora was amazing for us on Wednesdays and Jordan kept our calls running smoothly so you,Marisa, can do your thing so brilliantly.

Blessings to all. I look forward to seeing you at Live you Message Live!

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
My value is really important

How did EPM help you become successful?
By keeping me in the game to get so much of my business tasks done while teaching me so specifically what I needed to know in order to do it all

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
That's still being worked out. My guess is that I have more long term success now because my foundation is firmly in place

What has been the biggest change in your business?
I'm much more focused with a clear mission to keep coming back to.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
I told you before I'm a total geek. This style of teaching is right up my ally. Now being able to have this product formed in this way and apply technology to it. I'm thrilled with the number of women I'll be able to help because of the way I'll be delivering my services.

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