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Carolyn Mosier's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Carolyn Mosier

Your Graduation Story
Marissa Marin and I originally had planned to create Momentum Mastery a 6-week program for ""online course junkies"". We created a survey to find out the need etc. When we got the surveys back we found that whether they completed all their courses or none of the courses they signed up for they still had the same underlying issues that were creating stress in completing their course work. So, we began developing our modules based on those issues. However, two weeks before we were to launch Momentum Mastery we held a group Pro-EFT™ tapping session for our fellow EPMers that were feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. The results for those who attended, and the synergy created by tapping together on a common issue we so positive that we decided to move in a different direction that was closer to our hearts: our ""True North"". We stopped our sprinting, took a deep breath, and then began a new sprint with Chaos to Calm and our product became 90-minute Pro-EFT™group live online tapping sessions using Zoom to facilitate it. We are also offering a ""Bring a Buddy"" special and an option for 1:1 coaching for those shy about group sessions. We will eventually, after our beta classes when we have garnered more testimonials offer group packages to businesses for their employees.
I shared this with my doctor at my annual check-up at the Meridian Clinic for doTERRA International's employees and she is arranging for me to do a large Tapping for Stress workshop for Doterra employees. She also asked for my business card to pass on to patients that she feels could benefit from tapping. One of the nurses has already asked for a Discovery Session.
I also used the Chatterbox campaign so set up a Discovery Session which resulted in a 3-month agreement for 1:1 coaching.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
The value of finding your True North and going at the pace that is right for you. We really did Sprint clear to the end, but when we changed direction we decided to move into "Miler" mode. Marissa has two young daughters and I together my husband and I have 10 children and 32 grandchildren.and 5 "greats". God, family and service to humanity are my first priority. And nights with not enough sleep were wearing on our families and I personally was having symptoms of a previous serious illness and knew that if I did not back off and slow down having it come out of remission could be critical. So we are are still meeting almost daily nd will still launch in February and probably make our $2000.00 by Message to Money but decided that as long as were were meeting each day via Zoom ( I am in Utah and she is in Sweden) and taking one step everyday to keep our Momentum that we would achieve what we want in due time.

How did EPM help you become successful?
At 75 I already felt successful in many areas of my life but EPM helped me look at things at many different angles. The greatest success for me has been to be able to say Done is better than Perfect and mean it. To be able to not have to have everything perfect before presenting it to the world. Also, the Chatterbox and Sales for Super Hero’s was very helpful with the scripts.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
I am far more confident in the Social Media aspects of. things and I know that I have the tools I need to keep moving and creating any product I want. Marissa and I are still going to do the Momentum Master program but just as a slower pace after we have the Chaos to Calm workshops in place and functioning at the level we are comfortable with.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
We went from a 6-week program to a 90-minute group coaching format that we will eventually offer to businesses as well as individuals. These will lead to 1:1 coaching for those who need more but will not be our focus. We realize that we will always want to do 1:1 coaching but the synergy of the group coaching is what we really enjoyed and want to do. We have other fellow PRO-eft tapping coaches that we trained with that might be willing to take some of the groups as we grow our program. This is after we move through the Beta Phase.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
Just the process itself and knowing that we can duplicate it again and again one product at a time. Another thing I am excited about it that my husband and I are taking Robyn Uwin's Video Branding course to develop a Youtube channel like our grandchildren have been asking us to do. I am sure EPM skills will be helpful in developing and launching our channel. This is a pretty big deal considering I was terrified the first time I did a "live" on my Facebook page to put our survey out there.