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Shona Garner's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

Shona Garner

Your Graduation Story
This has been a story of ups and downs!
I already had already set up a beta test of a course designed to support new or aspiring yoga teachers to understand what to do to build a really successful, thriving and steady income from teaching yoga - as I have already done. I had this bigger vision - that if I could help other yoga teachers build successful businesses and communities from their teaching, then indirectly I would have impacted more people in the world to the benefits of yoga.
Whilst other programmes out there focus on developing online yoga businesses, I felt passionately that, for most new teachers with little marketing experience this was learning to run before they could walk.
When that beta programme sold reasonably easily (for $97 and $197) I thought I could scale it up/increase price to $397 and make it evergreen.
It failed miserably!
Enter EPM!
EPM has:
* Made me really dig down more into my message .
* Opened up the concept of experiencifying my content - because the truth is - even at that low price - of the 15 students who bought only 3 finished it and gave a testimonial.
* Helped me understand a process for outlining an improved version of the programme which I can and will sell at a higher price.
* Helped me realise I was trying to scale too early - as Marisa said on a coaching call - I had beginners luck. I DO know my target market reasonably well - and the initial strategy of offering for free if they could listen live was a good draw - and helped to create an easy upsell - BUT I knew the training was worth more than that - I'm literally helping yoga teachers make anything between $500 and $5000 a month teaching no more than 9 classes a week! charging $197 or even $397 for that does seem generous! Especially when yoga teachers spend over $3000 usually for their yoga teacher training - which doesn't help them make money at all!!
* I worked through the first trainings really well - because I knew I was travelling over the whole Xmas and new year period and that things would get tough in terms of keeping up - and it was hard.
* Marisa's mindset stuff is absolutely priceless - feeling the marketing mindfuck like crazy....and struggled trying to overhaul the whole programme - took far longer than I thought - even the planning stage - I've genuinely tried not to design the whole thing - just the birds eye view - but even that took a long time . But those last trainings were just what I needed to hear - and I've realised I need to cut myself some slack - it's not that I don't take action - I do - but sometimes I push myself too hard - and it did get on top of me.
* I spent a LOT of time in the marketing/prep for launch weeks trying to create a launch for the sale of the old programme and creating noise/interest for the new programme.
That took a lot of energy/focus away from launching the new product - perhaps a bad idea - and whilst I got some engagement from the e-mail campaign - and some interest - no-one bought from the sale.
That sent me on a nose dive down...and then struggled to sort the new launch whilst I had all the work for January teaching in the off line side of my business...totally lost momentum and clarity about what to do next.

I wanted to come to LYM live very much - but couldn't justify it when I hadn't recovered the investment - and I understood this was how to build on what we've done here - and mine isn't ready yet! Need to focus on that before I move on I guess...

My biggest struggles?
* Planning the new product overview - just took a lot more time than I thought - maybe I'm overthinking it...
* Organising the mammoth amount of work needed for the e-mail campaign for the sale - which didn't work!!
* Overcoming pricing mindset issues - and how best to deliver a more premium priced programme
* Did feel it all got a bit overwhelming towards the end.only just picking myself up ready to pick it back up...

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
Soooo many - impossible to narrow down to one but these stick with me in particular:
1) Getting started versus forever choices - such a helpful mindset mantra when I'm trying to make a decision!
2) Keeping it simple - realising I was trying to scale FAR too quickly - when I hadn't really mastered 1 -1 or even 1 to few. That's where I need to focus.
3) The realisation that Seeing how Marisa teaches - that's how I want my students to feel - the whole experiencify model is a model I want to emulate.

How did EPM help you become successful?
Don't feel successful - yet - but this has re-invigorated my desire to create something that really helps people and helps me reach my own personal mission - to reach thousands of people with the benefits of yoga through helping other yoga teachers teach!.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
Had lost mojo and sense of direction pre EPM. EPM has re-invigorated this.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
The direction I'm taking - aiming for higher priced programmes with more support for my students.

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
Making my first high offer sale!

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