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Joyce Dias 's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Joyce Dias

Once Upon a Time, There was a little girl that dreamed about making a difference. She wanted everyone to be happy, fulfilled safe and living in harmony with each other and this included animals and people. But she did not know how, she did not fully understand why and she certainly thought she did not have the resources of time, money or team or even influence to do this. She longed for Fairy Godmothers and Princes Charming, but none showed up. Or maybe they did, but she failed to recognize them because she was unaware of their presence.

Well, Life happened along the way and brought valuable lessons and experiences, and from this stormy time she realized she needed to start her own business so she could step into her Purpose driven by her DNA. Again, Fairy Godmothers and Princes were very conspicuous by their absence.

And then with the help of some coaches and valuable mentors (and she had begun to discern who could be trusted and led by example) she began to learn that she was the Fairy Godmother and the Princess Charming all rolled into One. So she began to wave her magic wand and behold! She landed into a world of hope, of teachers that appeared in droves , to take her by the hand and tell her, The time is Now to make that difference you were born to make. The whispers grew loud, until finally...she jumped!

That little girl was and still is ...Me. I decided I would start where I was and in my employed career as a Project Director, I had earned credibility for working with international multi-skilled professionals across different cultures/languages and time zones and one of my Superpowers being Humour and Compassion, was quickly able to bring harmony and Efficiency to any team I was a part of. Still, I was constrained to the work arena of the company I was employed with. I need to take a bigger Leap of Faith and launch my service into the world, to a larger audience.

I started with teams I volunteered with, world changers, cross country teams unified by a common make a difference to the world we live in. I realized that to achieve anything of significance we need a team (we can only go so far by ourselves and through our own efforts)

Soon it was time to launch a paid program, My Team Optimization System. Because a team can only function as well as the sum of all its parts and when you are on the team, you cannot see what is and isn't working. (It is like the saying goes, "You cannot see the picture when you are in the frame").

That's where I come an external to the organization team coach, I have been called "the People Whisperer" or the "Team Whisperer" because I can help the team understand the gaps between where they are and where they want to be and help them define, align and implement their goals, shepherding them towards their dream Team and Outstanding results.

But where to Start? How do I reach the people who needed to hear my message? Would I succeed at playing my part with my life and gifts to make a difference? I was paralyzed by fear and the seeming impossibility of it all!

Until I met Marisa and signed up for the Experience Product Masterclass.

I learned that the First step we take towards clarity and bringing our Message to Life is to overcome Inaction and we can only do this if we are willing to Fail. It's Ok. We can iterate our way to awesome. But we can only do this if we start and make a few mistakes. I mean even God made Man first, before He got it right and made Woman! (No offence intended, gentlemen, but just saying!)

Also I tended to get paralyzed by the technical know how I thought I lacked and needed to launch my product. How wrong i was. We already have the skills we need, and the rest can be learned. We don't bring our Message to Life because we are uncertain and afraid.

Once I got past that I started speaking to everyone I met over Christmas and at Pre-Christmas parties where everyone thinks no business is going to happen. Wrong again! (Happily so)

My first client signed up from a conversation started at a Christmas party, followed by a small workshop which led to a biggish 3 month contract.
My second client also came from a connection made just prior to leaving on a short Christmas break... I might not have got that sale had I not followed up, upon my return. And my third client (still under discussion) is coming from a referral from the first one. And that's how we gather momentum.

This Little Girl is seeing her dream come true, of aligning teams to make a bigger difference wherever our path takes us. Wishing the very same for you, dear Reader! Because the Fairy Godmother and the Magic You!