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Dr. Barbara Birsinger's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Dr. Barbara Birsinger

Your Mission Accomplished Story

I have invested tens of thousands of dollars over several years, joined almost all of the “old marketing guru” programs (Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker, etc!…) and several Masterminds of newer women gurus to the scene, over the more recent years. I vowed in early 2019 - after breaking my ankle requiring surgery and not walking or driving for over 5 months - to not take another program until I had earned back a good deal of the investment I had made. I HAD to make some of that money back or I would never believe that I could, no matter what “new, shiny object” showed up.

I had a pretty good 1:1 coaching/counseling practice, and also an online course that I created for Licensed Professionals who treated clinical eating disorders in a method that I developed, tested, and proved effective for recovery, called “The Behavior Decoding Method™” It was a hit initially, but I didn’t know how to get it out to more people, to build my list and message my program. There were always huge tech issues, and how to get everything I needed to make it all work while continuing my practice.

I had opted-in to Marisa’s emails a year or two ago, through another program I was taking (JV Partner). I watched the videos, and thought… ""maybe I’ll do this course next year when I am operating in a comfortable profit zone”. Well, that still was not happening. I was getting closer, yet still felt something was missing. I kept opening and listening to Marisa’s messages. Then one night (while my husband was out of town), I watched the cart close. I felt a deep disappointment. My rational mind said, “Good, now that is over; You didn’t buy yet another program, Yay”. Yet my heart felt broken like I really missed out on something special…and my rational mind said, “That’s okay, you can get it next time around”.

I had gone to bed, and I slept for a few hours then awoke about 1:00 am and could not go back to sleep. So, I got up to get a head start on my emails and project I needed to do the next day, and I saw in my emails: “EXTENDED deadline for the EPM” (Last Chance for the European time zones)"". It was 1:30 AM, and I watched and read the last message, and suddenly I clicked “YES! I want in” (something like that)…I paid the fee, and felt, I did the right thing! And also, Uh-Oh, “you promised yourself you weren’t going to do yet another program”.

However, this one felt different from the get-go. No second thoughts, only excitement! If I had not been alone that night, I may not have given myself what feels like the opportunity I had been waiting for. The stars lined up and I was ready. I dived into the material. I finished every single lesson, including the overachievers, and I was on the leader boards. I was learning as fast as I could.

Because Marisa and Murray had brilliantly put together a complete program, from inception to naming, building a mission, marketing, sales strategies and experiencifying their program, I was able to model this… to breathe life into my (old) program it, and made about $14,000 in sales by mid-December, through my messaging, sales conversations and delivery of the Licensed Professionals Program.

Then, I turned my attention to the BRAND NEW Program I had been wanting to do for years, with similar content, an online program for Coaches called “The Food and Body Code™ for Coaches - Lasting Transformation of Your Client’s Eating and Weight-Related Behaviors” (combination of a program I developed for women called the Food and Body Code™ for Women - Finally and Forever Feel Free with Food and At Peace in Your Body” and the Behavior Decoding Method™ for Licensed Professionals).

I had all of the tools to jump-start this program in January. And I did, with a Beta Group coming from the Transformational NLP Training Center (NLP-Marin) where I received my Masters Level Certification and beyond, and Teaching Assistant over the past dozen years or so. My programs are infused with T-NLP experiences, and I wanted the NLP experienced coaches, trainers and counselors' input on what I created for other coaches going forward: Executive, Life/Health/Wellness, etc. in my 2.0 version of the course later in the year.

I have earned $4,994 in the past week, and CART CLOSES at the end of this week still!

Earnings total $18,988 since starting EPM in late October - also right when my husband and I decided to do the home remodeling we'd planned for years (after our youngest moved out) and the contractors finally available, we went for it. We’ve been living through the huge distractions of this (while still living in the home…don't do that!). Lots of added stress and discombobulation…(where is all of my stuff?...and dirt, dust, no kitchen, minus a bath, everything boxed up and in bins...somewhere...still lots of decisions, investments, and uncertainties for the next 2+ months, Ahhhh).

And still...I felt like I stepped into a newer version of me…with an increased capacity to really go for my dreams. I had the professional credibility, I had risen to the top in my field, being asked to speak at international conferences (unpaid), and elected President of a Non-Profit organization to provide training and support to professionals and those in need of scholarships. I had proven that my system worked - by the gold standards of research in science - yet, I still couldn’t get my programs out to the masses, and help more women and girls to free themselves from the chronic dieting and poor body image ravaging their lives.

What I have done in the past few months - and what I am about to do and have in the coming weeks - I accomplished because of the final push of the EPM. I know that for some it might be the initial push (lucky) and I am grateful that I was able to mobilize my resources, time and energy to complete the course, Mission Accomplished, surpassing my Stretch Goal of $10 K, I feel that I now have the all of tools to continue this trajectory. I hope to be able to continue in the Mentorship Program to reach even higher goals and finally write the book I have known is in me since a teen! Thank you to Marisa, Murray, all the staff at LYM, and the students in this 2019 cohort. See you in the FB Group, M2M, and beyond!

-Barbara Birsinger, February 3, 2020

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
The start-to-finish steps for creating ANY Experiencified Product! I can duplicate this over and over again!

How did EPM help you become successful?
Brought new insights, mindsets, techniques, and Re-energized what I already knew, with actionable steps, with proven methods, with step-by-step instructions for maximal sales, productivity, experiences for clients, profits for biz.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
Greater confidence in all areas of marketing and delivery; ability to generate significantly more income in a short amount of time; greater belief in myself and what I can accomplish

What has been the biggest change in your business?
Adding the Coaches' Course to my Online Courses offered which I believe will go viral this year, and boost my revenue and get me into the Big Profit Zone!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
Getting my programs into Xperiencify (quickly) and building a new website in Heroic.
MOSTLY: The positive effects Coaches will have with their clients! Greater reach for me in creating a movement to help more people.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thank you. Deeply Grateful.