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Allison & Michael Jendzurski's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Allison & Michael Jendzurski

"With more than a decade of experience working in the health industry, we had generated numerous ideas for seminars and trainings, but we did not have a process for taking that knowledge and putting it in a usable format to attract an audience. We joined the EPM and discovered that it is easy to overcomplicate a startup process. Rather than expecting perfection the first time, we committed to the progress over perfection mindset. We followed the EPM Flight Plan and worked to meet the weekly milestones and create the unstoppable momentum that would take us to graduation, mission accomplished, and beyond.

Although we have not officially made our first sale, we have spoken with the directors of a nursing professionals group to be contracted as the lead training officers of the nurses they hire. We are very excited for the opportunity to be considered for this role which could earn us our first sale, prove our idea sale, and a whole lot more! To be continued..."