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Jeffrey Brown's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Jeffrey Brown

Your Graduation Story:
After retiring from my work as a professional life coach 14 years ago, I entered a role in a primary healthcare organization but I just wasn't finding fulfillment in my work. I wanted to return to coaching but I didn't know how to stand out in what had become a very crowded field. I joined EPM and discovered that the work I felt called to do did have a place, and it would be in the form of an Experience Product! I committed to the process of EPM during my free hours after my full time job, tackling homework in the evenings and on weekends. I have since created my own Experience Product, begun offering it to individuals who are in life transition, and started enrolling clients in the very program which only three months ago I had only dreamed of creating!

Do you feel that? That’s my MVP roaring and preparing to launch!

Three months in the making, and I never imagined I’d accomplish so much in such little time.

A year ago, when I was considering my next step professionally, I came across an idea which became the fuel for my journey in the Experience Product Masterclass - the idea that the time had come for me to build something that would sustain me in living the life that is mine to live, aligned with my values and highest priorities while allowing me to do good work in the world.

Little did I know where that idea would lead me.

I made it to my MVP Launch in the next to the last week of the program when I had a conversation with an old acquaintance on a fishing boat in the middle of the San Juan Islands while fishing for shrimp.

I shared my Experience Product concept, had a short conversation about the idea that fueled it, and got my first sign-up for the program.

That was less than three months from my first day in EPM.

I joined EPM after participating in a webinar with Marisa where she explained the unique design of EPM and Xperiencifiy.

When I heard Marisa’s invitation to begin this journey, tears flowed. It wasn’t what she said. It was the way that she said it that resonated so deeply in me. It felt deeply aligned with this idea of building something that would sustain a life of value, contribution, and well being. I knew that there was something in what she was offering that sounded like the right fit for me.

You see, it had been 14 years since I walked away from my previous professional life as a life coach facilitating deep change in the lives of others.

Other commitments required a big change in my life - where I lived and how I served.

But I never actually stopped coaching and guiding people toward their best life.

It was simply that my journey, and therefore how I served others, had shifted in its form.

And now, today, I am back on my path.

EPM showed me how to take my heart’s vision and translate it into form.

It gave me the tools to create a dramatically more impactful way of serving others in navigating life’s big transitions.

As I worked my way through EPM, I began to understand the value of creating an MVP version of my program idea, and saw how the most important steps to take in the creation of my program were actually simple, if I would just stay focused on completing each step as described by Marisa in EPM.

And I did.

I designed my MVP Experience Product based on my vision for a program that would support others in navigating the very types of major life transition I myself had recently been through.

I learned how to language my offer so that it would reach the right people, those who were looking for support and guidance as they navigate their own big journey of life change.

I learned that I didn’t have to have it all “perfect”, and that progress over perfection was the mindset that would help me overcome the hurdles that had stopped me in the past so that I could actually bring my MVP Experience Product to market, and do it within a very short period of time.

I learned how to set my MVP Launch Date and enter Delivery Dates into my calendar in a way that would allow me to progressively realize my goal without getting caught in concern of not having the right systems in place to actually deliver on my program’s promises when the time came. This was of tremendous benefit to me.

I found that EPM was designed in such a way that it delivered the very information that I needed at the time I needed it as I went through the process of creating my MVP. And my weekly Coaching Pod calls with Coach Uwe helped anchor what I was learning as I clarified the issues I was struggling with by carefully listening to others and working directly with Coach Uwe during our weekly calls. I found these coaching calls so useful that i only missed one (and it was the one that took place while I was on that little boat fishing for shrimp!).

Having clarity around the design on my MVP allowed me to find the right words to say in the Chatterbox Marketing process, and this is what led me to have a series of conversations, including that impromptu conversation on a fishing boat in the middle of the San Juan Islands, and ultimately the successful launch of my MVP!

I’ve gone from inspiration to creating my MVP Launch Blueprint to launching my own MVP Experience Product in just under 100 days.

And now my program is beginning to roar.

Can you hear that?

Mission Accomplished!

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