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Diane Berie's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Diane Berie

I have had an integrative psychiatry practice for 19 years. All those years I have searched for "that thing" that would really transform my patients which also lined up with my Zone of Genius (although I did not know it was called that until recently). After searching high and low, I realized that I was meant to teach people an easy way to connect their feelings with underlying needs, manage their emotions, and use universal truths to communicate their feelings and needs effectively and peacefully. For as long as I can remember, I would hear people interact in ways that created unnecessary pain because they were never taught basic empowered communication skills. Teaching online classes would be a huge pivot for me compared to the 1:1 format with which I was accustomed. My first round of EPM in 2020 yielded a successful class (by my standards), Transform Your Fiery Emotions of Frustration and Anger. The bar was low. Enlisting 10 patients was an incredible result for me. I marketed this product under my private practice name, Mindful Medicine, Inc. My goal, however, was to develop and market my online courses to NON-patients under Emotionally Powered 4 Life, LLC. These are skills that most people have not learned and would create much more ease in their lives. I needed another course with front door needs that would appeal to the general public so I could address these back door needs. I needed another round of EPM. The Live EPM was starting, which I had not experienced in 2020, and two of my friends were also signing up, again. I joined EPM 2021. During these 12 weeks I learned to have compassion for myself and the process, especially when I had to delay the course delivery date until March 8th. I learned that I need to be more proactive in carving out time for this new product and for marketing. I learned that I need some business coaching and a healthcare attorney for clarity about providing non-psychiatric services and a proper consent. I learned that I still have a lone-wolf mentality and would have gained more benefit by embracing the EPM community for feedback. I learned the value of repeat students as my first sale was with a student from my last class. I learned that earn while you learn model is not the best fit for where I am in my product development. I learned that the power of chatter-boxing even in a small way with the right person can lead to an unexpected sale. I learned to pick and choose the videos to watch-- not many-- and how to focus my time for the results I needed now with the time that was available to me.

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