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Rose Haywood's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Rose Haywood

I was a semi-retired practitioner, looking to increase my income, but not wanting to take on more patients. I considered creating an online program but had no idea where to start. I was introduced to Marisa's program and heard her speak. I was very impressed, and despite being nervous of the cost, I decided to join. It was a wonderful decision. I learned so much about marketing, technology, and, importantly, about overcoming my own self-limiting beliefs. Despite multiple challenges that caused me to get behind, I made it through the program, and even before I was actually at the point of taking the Chatterboxing session, I talked to people about my course and one signed up!

I was having a problem with confidence. I wasn't sure that anyone would want to take my program. But when I completed the Features and Benefits milestones and then created the Launch Plan, I realized that the program was a great value! I also was having a hard time imagining myself doing email campaigns or, worse, Facebook Live presentations, as I had such aversion to social media. Equally, though, I was nervous to talk to people, even though I'm somewhat extroverted because I didn't want to talk up my program and then not be able to deliver. Nevertheless, I began talking to people. I hadn't even reached the chatterboxing session of EPM, so I had no proper script - and yet there was a lot of interest. This was encouraging, but I still held back on mentioning price! Finally I talked to my physical therapist about my program, and she wanted to sign up! I made a sale, without having done the chatterbox session, and without one word of content written! I never would have believed it possible.

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