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Vladimir Chen's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Vladimir Chen

I was struggling with the clarity of my message, it felt like I was all over the place. I tried to launch a course before but it was too broad and not specific. I joined the program and got many realizations and AHAs to help me clarify my message and offering in a structured way. The first sale I closed was the best sale ever. It felt so natural and the person said yes right on the call. I decided to continue with my 1:1 coaching offering to generate revenue, while still refining my message for 1:few coaching program. Using the survey approach and chatterboxing I've been able to generate so far a total sale of $12377 USD and last Friday, I made an offer of $16768 USD for a 1:few coaching program. I have had 174 chats, 36 conversations and made 5 sales. In the beginning of January I decided to increase my 1:1 coaching fee from $2340 to $2940 and I made already 2 sales at the new price. The last person who bought was expecting the price to be $4000 ;) Wow ????!! Thank you Marisa, Coach Jordan and the whole EPM team. As I mentioned to Coach Jordan, I got off the track with my modules at some point a bit because I was focusing on chatterboxing and finishing my book. And she was super supportive! Now I've finished my book (to be published in March) and made a new record high in sales in January. February seems promising with a number of high-ticket offers given already. Yet, I am continuing to do training and preparing for 1:few program. Thank You again!