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Jennifer Elizabeth E Masters's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Jennifer Elizabeth E Masters

I previously joined a program to build a kickass funnel, paying 8,500 for it, only to discover to my dismay that funnel building wasn't part of the course experience. I have paid others to build funnels that really didn't achieve much success. As a coach I have been coaching for over ten years. My income has been pretty flat the past two years, just under 100,000. I wanted to do a group coaching program but wasn't able to break into that market. I tried several times with my email list putting it out there.... to no avail. Marissa's depth and crystal clarity helped me from the start of the EPM program. I didn't realize my niche was Heath and Wellness. As a trauma coach, sure I help[ped people with health, but as an adjunct. I didn't realize that was my niche. I had been straddling Soul Purpose, Relationships, and one other niche. No wonder I hadn't hit my stride! After over ten years, I finally had the clarity I had been missing! No one had broken the Mega-niche and micro-niches down as Marissa did. I had heard to develop a narrow but deep niche that meant nothing to me. Can you imagine being a professional coach for ten years and not even being clear on what I did? You can imagine that my clients wondered even more than I. I found the EPM course detailed, with such clarity of what was expected of me in every video. I am launching this week and expect to have at least three sales. I plan to go back over my launch plan and redo the chatter boxing. I had my thirty conversations in a Daughter's of Narcissistic abuse before I got kicked out of the group for giving someone help in the group.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
As soon as I signed up for EPM I landed two Beverly Hills clients who stayed with me for about 2 months. I felt this was due to my decision to do EPM with Marissa! Strangely at the very end of December, an 8-year client left taking her husband whom I coached as well and in January I found myself without a single client. It was the first month in over ten years I had absolutely NO BUSINESS at all. I see this as a beautiful opportunity to re-vamp my business moving into working with groups and very high-end clients. I am certainly much more motivated then I was a month and a half ago! Funnily enough, I raised my prices to $300 an hour without a client in sight and have been invited to speak at a large Telesummit on February 8th for Academy For The Soul and also this Thursday, February 2nd to a large community on Instagram. The host is very excited to have me on, as he was fascinated by the way we met. I stopped by his live video and chatted with him before and then later. I didn't stay to listen to his entire live call. I have started doing more webinars. I did two in January and promoted an older course bundle that I will be adding to Experiencify soon.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
I've had ample opportunity to watch Marissa and the way she works. The detail in each of her videos is incredible. I would say, that I have stepped up my game as a result of watching her. Marissa modeled exemplary expertise and patience with people on the coaching calls. The compassion and aplomb that Marissa handled each person with was inspiring. Severe trauma affected my brain and cognitive function. My brain doesn't operate with the clarity and organization that Marissa has. I see that I need to have someone read my work and go behind me to ensure that what I write for my modules sessions is crystal clear and organized. Seeing what Donovan put together for a pdf also highlighted the disparity within me. The lack of orderly thinking is a large part of what has been missing in my writing and course building. I tended to gloss over the details wanting to keep things succinct.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
Details! Details! Details! Onboarding is important. Emails are important. This is a big thing that I have not done a good job at. Marissa sent emails every day (or her team did). They all had a happy little video in them which made them a joy to receive. I have learned a lot from this EPM course. Planning is important. I have been flying by the seat of my pants for far too long. There is always room for improvement. I am working diligently on improving my content, organization and delivery.

What is now possible for you because of your Experience Product?
I have had programs on Kajabi, on QuicktoLaunch, and one other platform prior to Kajabi, that I now forget. Having courses that my clients will receive instant feedback and Cha-ching! Points to keep them riveted. I see that I need to deliver in a variety of ways to keep people engaged. I now see the connection between the type of course offered and pricing. I also see how telling my story in a much more compelling way is imperative for people to want to engage with me is imperative. I have a signature system. I need to capitalize on it by using all the details of the EPM course, and I plan to do a Coaching Certification Program after I get this Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program generating the income I see as possible. Helping people in a bigger way is what I see as the end result. I can reach a higher caliber of clients with a much better product that guarantees results with a future self vision!

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Coach Matthew's origin story had me captivated. It made me cry when I heard it. I am inspired to re-write my Origin story for this call on Wednesday.

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