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Paul Lee's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Paul Lee

Prior to taking the Experience Product Masterclass I had problems with figuring out: exactly what my product was; who my target market was; and even more challenging problem: how to find them. But with the help of Marisa, Coach Uwe, Emily, Matthew and the incredible community of fellow course participants I engaged with, I was able to overcome those barriers to create a "Clear, Concise and Compelling" vision of my message to a clearly identified market. I made my first sale and am confident of more due to the simple, effective techniques that this course has introduced. The level of engagement from the coaches has been beyond all expectations. The energy, the laser-like focus and the genuine interest in my success has blown me away. I can only say thanks for helping me solve problems that have dogged me these last twenty years or more.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
I have great energy and enthusiasm for the training I offer, but I've had great difficulty in finding markets and selling. I wasn't focussed on customer engagement or satisfaction, alway chasing new business. Those issues are now very well addressed in the course and I feel confident that I've overcome the issues.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
For the first time in years I'm hopeful of growth and success in my business and in life. This certainly looks like the path that leads me to my goals.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
Connection with my audience is the number one issue to solve. That is the most clear message of all.

What is now possible for you because of your Experience Product?
I now have targets to aim for. These targets are clear and identified.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thank you so much for all the incredible efforts of you and your staff. I'll definitely be here for the long haul.