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Cynthia Morillo Llauder's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Cynthia Morillo Llauder

Under a thatched nipa hut in the Philippines, swarms of airplanes were whooshing overhead and I asked my nanny, “What is going on?” She replied immediately, “Those are American airplanes shuttling the soldiers to the mountain where they can practice jungle warfare before they get deployed to fight the Vietnam War.” I was only 10 years old then, but the sad plight of the wounded soldiers flashed in my mind and asked myself, “Who would take care of them when they get wounded?” This impelled me to enroll in nursing college after high school. The Vietnam War ended though after I graduated and I found myself working in the Intensive Care Units, Post Anesthesia Care Units and became skilled in Case Management of patient care. The years spent in healthcare exposed me to appalling sights of deterioration in people’s health. Now I'm confronted not with wounded soldiers but with massive cases of sick people brought about by a combination of industrialized food production, comfortable, sedentary lifestyle and stresses of all kinds affecting the body physically, mentally and spiritually.
I am Cynthia M Llauder RN former CCRN, CPAN, Case Manager in patient care and
certified in Plant Based Nutrition by Cornell University. My family’s lineage is severely affected by Diabetes. Both of my parents and their predecessors perished from Diabetes Type 2. As a practicing nurse for over 45 years, I have had close and long exposure to conventional western medicine, as well as scientifically backed natural interventions. I have been a Type 2 Diabetic for almost twenty years now. I am adept in using natural and thus avoid the Polypharmacy Syndrome which may turn lethal. My modules referenced many health, medical studies, and researches relevant for management and prevention of Diabetes. It is my desire to encourage the afflicted to be diabetic conquerors and not to lose HOPE. I am imparting my nursing and personal experiences as a way of extending my LOVE and SERVICE to humanity.
To lighten up your spirits, I would like to share this story of Stephen with you. ~~~He had been a type 2 diabetic for over 30 years when he developed retinopathy on both eyes, worse on right than on left. Multiple laser treatments were done to control the bleeding on both eyes. His right eye became blind when the retina detached because of bleeding. The eye surgeon who was also his retina specialist attempted to put the retina back in place. One thing led to another and he ended up having a total of 3 surgeries. Second opinion was given by another specialist who established that “the eyeball is like a flat tire and beyond repair.” Later on, the second eye became blind as well due to the same problem. His wife told the specialist that any kind of invasive surgery will be deferred and will restore his eyesight at the cellular level using proper nutrition. During his recovery time, his driver’s license expired. He diligently took proper nutrition replete with glyconutrients in addition to his routinary diabetic care. His left eye eventually healed. From 20/80,000, his vision normalized to 20/60.5. To describe him as jubilant was an understatement when he passed the driving test again. On his last visit, the Retina Specialist told him that his services were no longer needed and that he can go back to his previous Ophthalmologist for follow up visits.~~~ The rest is history and the independence he gainfully enjoyed after is indescribable for himself and the whole family.

What is your biggest takeaway from EPM?
Importance of authentically delivering the products, tips on how to be mediagenic and to serve the needs of the clients.

How did EPM help you become successful?
Discourses during the coaching sessions, learning form the provided modules, videos, inspirations from the group.

How has EPM and your success impacted your life?
With EPM, my life will not be stagnant but rather dynamic for a global cause.

What has been the biggest change in your business?
I do not have a business but perhaps it will catapult me to one! LOL!

What are you most excited about moving forward with your Experience Product?
Salvage diabetics from misery and lead them to a healthy path.