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Marina Dean's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Marina Dean

I literary sprinted into my MISSION ACCOMPLISHED finished line at 11:59! So I am going to call it my 11:59 response moment... It was truly significant ...

I did it through the CHATTER BOX and EMAIL. As I was following up my email to a few people this morning, one of then had been trying to call me to follow up with what she called my "weird email." I sent them my sales campaign letter last Friday with the subject line : "I need your help very badly .... please read attached document and respond asap."

In the body of the email I just said: "Will explain the details later ..."

Where Marisa's letter that she sent to her list few years ago was sweet and long sweet, mine was as brief as a few lines. Not Not because I write that way but because of fear and not knowing what to say in such situation --- when you are pressed to sell, to ask for that sales, even knowing I had something amazing to share with them...

I expected my emails to be ignored and I actually consigned myself to the group needing a longer time to set their carts up and themselves to Mission Accompli$hed. But I must have aligned my energies with that of the universe than I realized because I asked and it delivered. I am so happy and grateful. it brought me to the MA line!

I cried later when I realized the great trust and patience of the people who respond to me in the way they did.

I will continue the writing of this later after I am physically rested and assimilated and celebrated all the things that brought me to this point. in the EPM journey. What a journey it was ...

Congratulations to all those that reached the MA line too, who had sold more, earlier and faster....will be adding my stories to yours in the coming two day :)