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Kate Wan's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Kate Wan

With just one product and one client I made more than ever before on a package in over 10 years of business.

It sounds so easy when I write it in one sentence, the truth is it really was a turbulent ride. I started the EPM journey full of hope and ambitions - actually so much so that I decided not to only make one product but my whole product suite, Marisa had advised us to focus on just one. As much as i know she is the expert I also had people asking for different products so I decided to buck the system and try to create two.

Through out the process my brain felt scrambled. I had post it's all over my office walls focusing on 1 product one day and the other product the next all whilst still working with existing clients on another program. PLUS I am a mother of 3 young children and I only work in school hours. This program, my existing business, school volunteering, grocery shopping, my exercise and general life needed to fit into less than 25 hours a week. I'll be honest - creating the programs was overwhelming, time consuming and confusing. Thank fully we had the guidance of a coach - Kataka was amazing at helping me keep focused and in line. Any time I felt i was on the verge of giving up I would have a coaching session with her and get straight back on track. To be 110% transparent i should also let you know i am in Marisa's mentorship program so I felt i had a good head start on this project as well.

Just when I got to the point of having 2 birds eye views, product names, program stories and logos being created on 2 programs I had a potential client contact me and ask to set up a meeting to work with one of his employees.

The big problem i faced was I could not manage to get him to tell me what work they needed before we had the meeting - I did not know what program I needed to complete before speaking to them. The meeting was in 2 days time, I was anxious yet also had a feeling of inner confidence that I had enough information on both of these programs that i could go to the meeting and feel i could answer any questions and offer a service... and that I did!

The most interesting part of the meeting was the senior leader wanted one program and the potential client wanted the other. After discussing their needs in detail and answering all of their questions i went home and called them back in an hour with a proposal of a VIP package that included both of the original packages content and cut out the parts they did not require. I was able to act fast and fill the clients needs plus upgrade my offer. They said "yes" on the spot and arranged to pay $7400 in full immediately.

I like the quote by Zig Ziglar

"You can have everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want"
With Marisa's genius guidance and listening to what the client truly wants, I believe there is no reason this can not continue to grow beyond my wildest dreams.

Mission Accomplished!!