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Gia Parsons's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

Gia Parsons

Something irrevocably flipped in me this Summer. It was almost like my heart had declared my readiness to step up, step out and share my message. No more waiting in the wings. After far too many years of journaling, practicing, planning, course taking and playing-it-safe making – EPM was just the intervention I needed. And what a welcome surprise it was!

Why was it so right for me? I needed a structured framework to help me ground all my years of ideas and skills, and to re-connect with the value I had to share. The contents inside of EPM were the answer to my declaration to make 2017 a year to remember, by drawing a line under the old me, the stuck me, the fearful me. (Major visibility fears held me back for far too long - I was done) And even more important than that, share my message with the women who needed it.

Through Marisa’s genius process of going step-by-step through each element, I was able to speed - tick-by-tick - through the exercises (like discovering my biggest value, writing my story, defining my niche and so much more) 10 times faster than any previous course I have taken.

I created a 1:1 Transformational Intensive to “Liberate and Launch your Life after Breast Cancer” – called Create Your RoBust Life. I am sooo proud of it. Being clear and confident on the contents of my programme, and finally being able to write and share my story with everyone (and give back to those who helped me on my recovery journey), has been beyond healing for me personally too. Ironically, it was almost like the missing piece of my own life launch platform.

Discovering my Super Power – Polish Potential Until It Shines Back – has had me see myself in a different light, and recognise the power within me to polish and nurture that potential in others. This “big game” experience had me really dig deep to uncover the parts that were holding me back, and stopping me being visible. That has been such a blessing to discover and flip upside down to a strength – something I would not have done in the comfort of a lonely D.I.Y course module!

Half way through the EPM course, I realised that I could not rush or push as much as I had been – and I made peace with that, knowing that if I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, I would get there. “Iterate to Awesome” as Marisa says. And I will. In my heart I will succeed in actually launching this time, because now, I have my unique recipe that I trust and believe in.

The difference with this course, has been the level of live interaction, momentum and connection created by Marisa’s team, coaches and supportive community members. It’s been epic and intense! This in particular was the reason I am so proud of how much progress I made; which was more in the last 8 weeks than the last 4 years. I couldn’t have got this far had it not been for the level EPM invited me to play at. It’s Big, Bold and Scary – but it catalysed me to the next level of my life, and business. The excellent processes and technical trainings were the cherry on top. Genius indeed.

It’s not just the progress I made from being inside the EPM experience that has helped me so much – it’s also how EPM has helped me on the outside too. I even finished a fundraising song about my story, that had been in the pipeline for years! And have reached out to people that had been wondering where I had been all this time, and who are now more than happy and ready to support me going forward. So no more hiding on my part! What a gift.

So this was MY VERY OWN MISSION ACCOMPLISHED; Confidence to launch my product (life!) in the coming months, 100% more capable in understanding and implementing the technology (that used to block me) and without a doubt – so ready and able to go out there, and Live My Message! Thank you Marisa and Team, from the bottom of my grateful happy heart xox

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