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Jeannine Kenworthy's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Jeannine Kenworthy

I'm an artist and I've been going to Italy personally and professionally for 17 years. I've been wanting to take other women to Tuscany for years. Last year I reserved a space but ended up cancelling it. I just didn't know how to get started.

I followed my intuition and signed up for the Experience Product Masterclass. Wiithin just a few weeks, I adjusted the way I was speaking about it to my circle of friends (establishing myself as an authority and speaking to important basic needs instead of just luxury.) I put a few apartments on hold and shared an opportunity to go to Italy with me in one Facebook group. Two women said YES, paid $2800, and before the program was even over, I was in Italy with them, and, I got to stay for a whole month. (I actually came home a few days after the completion of our course.)

I also got 2 exhibition invitations while I was here, and made an important business contact. I've got 6 women interested in going with me next year and am already planning 2 trips for next year. I am so happy I am finally living this dream.