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Casper Frederiksen's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Casper Frederiksen

"I was struggling with figuring out what to focus on and what to sell, I had taken so many online courses, read so many books and even helped people prior to EPM as a freelance consultant with great success. But I wanted to free up my time without compromising the results my students got and after I joined the Experience Product Masterclass I realized that it was absolutely possible.

I simply got out of my own way and stopped thinking I was so instrumental for the success of my students which led me to launching a 1:few group coaching program that is going to give my clients massive results and freeing up my time. I launched a beta program and got 4 enrollments at $2500, so I’m essentially getting paid $10.000 to create my program and making sure it’s a success by getting feedback from these beta testers and iterating my way to awesome. So that I can do a big launch and show the world what I’ve learned and how I can help struggling home based business owners learn their own Unique Business Building Blueprint, so they can effortlessly recruit more, sell more and become their own guru as they hasslefree grow their home-based business.