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Debbie Inglis's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Debbie Inglis

"When Covid hit, all my clients put our work on hold. I had nothing in the diary anymore, and like many businesses, my future was uncertain.

My clients are mainly schools, and they wanted to wait until 'things got back to normal' and I could continue delivering my coaching and training face-to-face.

As time went on, I realised that 'normal' wasn't coming along any time soon, so I decided to put all my energies into creating an online version of my business.

This wasn't easy, and my difficulties were around getting clarity on my message ... how has this changed? How can I get schools to buy into my fabulous offering, when they can't see past getting through each day, and just dealing with the constant government updates on safety, learning, etc.

I know I learn and develop best, and faster, when I'm working 'live' with someone ... and then Marisa's EPM program came along.

Perfect timing! It was a no-brainer, and ticked all my boxes ... the access to a coach, the live weekly sessions to help sort out your ongoing struggles AND share and celebrate each others' successes.

I particularly loved getting the XPs, the points that showed me I was making progress, even when this was slow ... It became addictive and highly motivating!

My biggest wins from Marisa's program, and the coaching support, were:
- getting real clarity on my message
- summarising my product in 6 simple steps that I could use in lots of different marketing areas
- completing my first email campaign! Woohoo!

I've always struggled with what to write, and how to not sound too 'formal'. Feedback from Coach Jordan really helped me get my email campaign sorted and resulted in a huge boost in my confidence in this area. Now that I've done it once, it will be soooo much easier the next time!

My biggest surprise? ... Hitting my STRETCH GOAL - just from talking about my service!

This 'chatterboxing' marketing strategy wasn't part of my marketing plan, as I was struggling to get hold of school leaders. Nevertheless, when I did have contact with them, I kept mentioning it anyway.

Result? I have 9 participants on my online 'Coaching Skills for Leaders' course, and have smashed my stretch goal by over £2k.

I have lots of plans to expand my online business now, and have managed to get my online course accredited with 2 professional bodies here in the UK.

Bring it on! ... And a big THANK YOU to Marisa, Jordan and the team!