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Susan Ross's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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Susan Ross

In fall of 2019, I decided to make a little website for my successful but non-monetized coaching business. I started in, and met up with Covid as it changed our entire world mid-Feb 2020. Realizing that working locally "live" was no longer viable, I embarked upon a pivot that took longer than anticipated, as I searched for the right path forward. A number of mentors provided valuable but highly specialized training - trying to put all the tech/methods together was frustrating & expensive. I then met Marisa, a master of motivating & supporting our success, immediately felt at "home" & joined Experience Product Masterclass! I still haven't conquered tech, but find her innovative thinking on experience based education is the "secret sauce" that works for me - AND being so well served by she and her team of coaches has been wonderful!! I'm now building on all I've learned about resilience through this crazy past year, and so happy to be continuing on this journey with Momentum!