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Mariella 's Honest Experience Product Masterclass review

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"I did not have enough time to go through EPM this time. Again. And my inner critic was like 'why didn't you go through EPM again?! ""Now you had the chance to work with Debra more intensely"" Etc. But I had to organize my taxes last weekend and realized. Holy f%^. I earned 59.000 in the months Oktober, November, December with my new group (and some extra income from other clients). And they have access to my new online training in Xperiencify. So I guess that means Mission Accomplished. I added a new client last week to this group. So I did not follow a lot of EPM lessons but basically I integrated so many more EPM things that I realized so I thought F&^%^ it of course I hit mission accomplished. And there is another women who is sitting on the fence. The whole EPM team sets the bar so high that i automatically raise my bar (is this a right expression?????) in the way i coach and treat my customers and that pays off. Since i joined EPM my customers keep on coming back. EPM is addictive. It is like a big fat cherry on the pie and the journey just begun. Can you imagine what happens when i actually implementl al the lessons? @Debra @marisa @murray @matthew and all the other coaches thank you for your dedication, passion, professionalism, patience, creativity and innovation. So nice to be surrounded by such pro's that want their clients to succeed. By filling in this form i realized i added soooo many more things that i realized. And Thank you